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A small and funny kid eats porridge from my mothers spoon in the open airMother feeding babyYoung woman tease with a cookie her beautiful little son at the table and baby boy watching into the camera and then take the cookie and trying to feed his mother close up view slow mo video in 4KCaucasian kid wearing in white t-shirt have fun.Hand feeding baby pigChild feeding slice of watermelonBeautiful small toddler boy at the table take a cookie in his hand, eating it and watching into the camera close up view slow mo video in 4KHand feeding baby pigVideo with mothers hands feeding the baby with a spoon, giving him healthy food. Family care. Baby care.

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Mother Feeds Porridge With Spoon To BabySitting In Child Chair And Play With ToyYoung baby in white high baby chair and fathers hands with a spoon and bowl, while he is feeding the baby, who eats and makes funny grimaces Father wipes the babys face with a tissueBeautiful child dance and sing at lunchtime outdoorsBeautiful toddler boy sitting at the kids table, watching into the camera and then reaching for it close up view slow mo video in 4KCloseup of young baby in white high baby chair and fathers hand with a cake, while he is feeding the baby, who eats making funny grimacesMother feeding baby with puree at homeYoung bearded father, and a cute baby with bib, in high baby chair, are sitting at the desk with laptop on it Father fools around feeding baby with spoon Baby makes funny faces Slow motionCaring grandfather wipes his little grandsons mouth with a paper towel. Family breakfast with baby, happy familyAdorable cute caucasian blond toddler boy eating tasty vegetable soup in chair at kithcen indoor. Mother feeding baby healthy food with spoon. Natural children nutriotion and dietCloseup of young baby in white high baby chair and fathers hand with a spoon, while he is feeding the baby, who eats and makes funny grimaces White walls on backgroundBaby girl reaching out from high-chair, wanting to eat. Mom feeding baby with fruits. Cute baby sits on high chair and needs eating. The discontented toddler isFeeding babyCloseup of young baby in white high baby chair and fathers hand with a cake, while he is feeding the baby, who eats making funny grimaces Father wipes the babys face with a tissueMom feeds the boy with a spoon and hand, family food and parenthood concept. first complementary foods and self-feedingA white cow with dark spots and big eyes is walking on green grass against a green sky with a cloud and sun. Looped cartoon with drawn flat character.Goat herd walking and grazing on a meadow and eats grass.Black cat milk feeding six newborn kittens close-up shooting, little kittens drinking milk from the mother's nipples catsYoung Mother Feeding Her Twin Babies Sitting On Hair Chairs. Baby Food Concept.Childrens hand feeding rabbit with a carrot. Fat fluffy bunnys eating carrotsThe child eats sitting at the tableCute child eating. Baby girl eating healthy food herself.Pigs walk on the road in the countrysideOstrich farm. group of big ostriches are sitting on the ground in the paddock, yard of poultry farm outdoors. Ostriches farmingVideo. Mothers hands feeding the baby with fruit puree sitting at the special table for children and looking carefully at the camera. Baby girl. Healthy meal.Close-up portrait of a baby girl eating food with tomato sauce and sucking fingers. Baby messy.A horse feeding on a pasture grassBaby eating with mobile phone gadget. Funny Kid eating. Little boy having breakfast in the kitchen.Closeup plate flakes with milk mom feed young baby in white feeding up high chair, kid is trying to eat himself, child with food stained face, little Girl eating porridge with spoon. dairy productsHappy little girl running with strawberry basket in garden. Home-grown fruits and vegetables in the countrysideYoung mother and father feed 10 months of son. Have fun, next to their favorite dog. Happy young parents with kid, baby foodYoung Mother Spoon Feeding Her Baby GirlFirst kittens feeding. Little kittens drinking milk from the saucer Two cute kittens first time on their own try milk from a plate under the supervision of mother.Boy eating cottage cheeseAsian parents Feeding the little daughter's lunch At the dining table in his own house Happily. Family happy moments.Proboscis Monkey in rainforest of Borneo, MalaysiaCute orange bunny rabbit munching grass in the garden.Little hungry child eats porridge.Proboscis Monkey in rainforest of Borneo, MalaysiaA beaver crawled out of the shelter eats food left by the ranger strolling through the aviary to the Kiev Zoo. Prores 422Children feed animals, relaxing in the park, deer, horses, family on vacation, are playing in a contact zoo.Little girls feed a cute deer.Cute girls. Kids feeding deer.Infant boy eats with a spoonLittle girl child eats ice creamFat fluffy bunnys eating carrotsFunny goat on the farm. Herd of goats on nature pasture. Wildlife and ecology.Father acting Mom feeding his son baby 1 on chair in the house. Fathers dayCloseup of young baby in white feeding high chair, kid is trying to eat himself, happy child with food stained face, little Girl eating porridge with spoon. High quality feeding up breakfast inChicken farm white leghorn eating seeds bugsLiltle attractive caucasian boy with big blue eyes eating cheese while c the kitchen. Young mother and cute beautiful son in grey shirt cooking toghether. Family making pizza.Closeup mom feed young baby in white feeding up high chair, kid is trying to eat himself, happy child with food stained face, little Girl eating porridge with spoon. High quality breakfast in kitchenThe child eats sitting at the tableMonkeys are feeding and drinkingYoung happy mother feeds his son baby porridgePerson is feeding monkey from hand, another monkey is closing.


Cute little girl is amused by the ducklings walking on the bird farm backyardPortrait of a child who eats baby food with his handsMom feeds the boy with a spoon and hand, family food and parenthood concept. first complementary foods and self-feedingCouple Of Scarlet Ibis Birds Feeding BabiesWind blows the hair of a little girlMother cat with her kittensYoung mother feeding cute baby with a spoon of porridge. Baby sitting on the bed and stares cartoons on the tablet PC. Tiny one yearLittle baby girl eating porridge in the kitchen.Dolly shot. Mother feeding the charming baby boy in a baby chair.Mother cat cleaning her kittens. mom feline licks the waste of her kids from the urine and feces. Motherhood in cats. Animal behavior. love animals. pets, pet. paw, kitten. wild nature, wildlifeGoat herd walking and grazing on a meadow and eats grass.Newborn kitten sitting near the cat mom. Video 25 framesMother cat nursing her babies kittens, Mother cat nursing her little kittens.Baby eats with a fork in his handLittle girl sitting at the tableFunny baby drinking bottled waterChild feeding slice of watermelonElephants stand in a enclosure at an elephant farm in Thailand, PhuketBoy sits at a tableThis ia a video clip of feeding goatAsian baby eats pizza, sits on the babys feeding tableParent Zebra Dove Feeding Baby Bird, and Baby Bird trying to ask more and more!!Ducklings searching for food in a lakeLittle piglets eat from trough and jolly run on farm yard. Funny pigs. Young baby piglets play in yard. Feeding of little pigsBaby girl playing with a ratMother holds the baby in her arms and feeds her boy with a spoon. family, food, child, eating and parenthood conceptBaby with bottle in countrysideOne girl small caucasian child toddler sitting at the table at home eating food alone using plastic fork childhood growing up and development concept copy space healthy eatingMom feeds the boy with a spoon and hand, family food and parenthood concept. first complementary foods and self-feedingAsian mother feeding a noodle to her daughter in restaurant, Feed with caution due to hot food.Panorama of small domestic pigs run in large pigstyFunny girl eat porridge with spoon and hands sitting in baby feeding chair.Curious little orange kitty playing close to his mom and feels protected. Playful and replete baby kitten after being breastfed by the mother catBaby girl with dirty mouth after eating making funny face at cameraVideo 1920x1080 - Mother Dog Grooming and Scolding her PuppyA group of parrots having a fun time eating rice early in the morningBlack cat milk feeding six newborn kittens close-up shooting, little kittens drinking milk from the mother's nipples catsAsian parents Feeding the little daughter's lunch At the dining table in his own house Happily. Family happy moments.

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Baby Tricked With Fried Chicken in Funny Video, They Give Her Food Instead Whenever She Opens Mouth

  • A short clip showing an adult feeding a child with a funny deception of an outstretched chicken has got people talking
  • To get the baby to accept her food, spoons of her meal are quickly deposited into her mouth just as she is expecting the meat
  • Parents who commented on the video spoke about their kids and how they were once fussy eaters who do not take food easily

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The video of a kid being fed her food with a funny trick has gathered massive reactions and views on LinkedIn.

In the clip shared by Richard DiPilla, a fried chicken lap is placed in front of the baby. Whenever she opened her mouth to eat the chicken, another hand scoops her food in her mouth.

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The baby was spoon-fed instead of the chicken. Photo source: LinkedIn/Richard DiPilla
Source: UGC

It really worked

The trick worked each time it happened in the video. There were people who said that the baby may have trust issues when she grows up.

Some people said it was cute, adding that the baby does not have any idea she is being cheated.

Watch the video here.

The clip has over 68,000 views as at the time of writing this report. compiled some of them below:

Moin Ahmed said:

"This is why people have trust issues."

Tr. James Kimila said:

"This looks like what most governments do to their citizens."

Alka Talwar said:

"Richard DiPilla..ha ha ..I recall doing this with my son..distracting him and then spooning in the food that he was avoiding as he was a real fussy eater as a baby."

Dr. Ajaz Ali Shah said:

"Really funny best way for feeding..."

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A kid and his banana

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a video of an unnamed kid eating a banana has become a viral sensation online.

Despite the fact that the little boy was not talking, many just could not help admiring him. In the short clip, the kid focused his attention on his fruit and at short intervals looked at the camera.

After almost every bite, he made faces at whoever was behind the camera with meaning-packed expressions that may mean that he was enjoying his meal and not ready to share.


10 videos with funny children's meals

Eating for babies is extremely interesting and exciting. There are so many things you can try for the first time! And if parents allow you to eat by yourself, then in general - expanse and pasta all over the kitchen, beauty! There are a lot of videos on the Internet with how children are funny trying to have lunch on their own or trying a new dish. After all, they have such direct faces and such sincere emotions: joy, surprise, disgust and even fear. nine0003

We have collected 10 short videos for you in which children eat and react emotionally to food. Happy viewing!

Child tastes lemon

YouTube is full of videos of children tasting lemon for the first time and their “sour faces” while doing so. But we decided to show you one of the few videos when the kid liked this fruit. He even asks for more and laughs out loud. Don't believe? See for yourself!

First life bacon

Bacon - maybe not very useful, but very tasty product. It is less popular in our country, but in the West it is often included in a traditional breakfast along with scrambled eggs and beans. Therefore, there are videos about how children first begin to absorb these fried pieces of meat. This kid liked the bacon, however, this is not surprising!

What is a steak?

Let's continue the meat theme. This toddler was offered to try a piece of steak and his reaction was recorded on video. At first, this seemed suspicious to the child, and he didn’t really want to risk himself like that, but in the end he decided. And he liked it. nine0003

Suspicious candy

Warheads are popular in America. These sweets are either terribly sour or terribly spicy, in general, something very much for everyone. Eating them very often comes across on YouTube, so it’s quite difficult to get past this topic. Here, three-year-old Briden tastes these candies with a surprise. But he was warned!

The most disliked food

But food is not always delightful, of course, much more often children recoil in horror and think: “What is this?!”. Toddlers don't like many vegetables, but broccoli is at the top of the "I won't eat that" list. Remember how Riley from Inside Out tried to feed her? And here parents treat a very small baby with this green mass. nine0003

Craving for something salty

We've already tried sour, we've tasted delicious, it's time to move on to something salty. In this video, the kid tries pickles and reacts very emotionally to this new taste. True, there is while continuing.

Child and avocado

Sometimes food can cause amazement or even horror, as in this case when a child is fed avocados. Of course, he obediently eats, but in his eyes is all the pain and suffering of this world. After all, for the first time parents deceive a child, they said that it was delicious! nine0003

Sleep watermelon

This video is not about a child trying something new. More like something old. For the umpteenth time already. And he was tired. He is tired of this life and this watermelon, but he continues to eat as long as he can. If you can't put your baby to sleep, try watermelon - judging by this video, it helps!

We are ourselves!

Just a video about how children eat on their own. They're not that bad, right? After all, this is the first time that mom gave them a spoon and said: "Now by yourself." And this spoon also has two sides, how to figure out which one is? nine0003

Horrible beet

We saved this video for last, because you must have seen it. And if not, don't be scared - it's just beets that the children decided to eat without the help of mom and dad. They obviously scared each other by this, but it’s quite difficult to keep from laughing while watching.

Bon appetit!

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Breastfeeding is a very special time for a mother and her newborn baby. Together with the feeling of closeness and affection that feeding brings, understanding its nuances cannot but raise many questions, including the question of how to help an infant spit up. Regurgitation in a newborn is by no means always the result of a simple pat on his back. nine0013

In this article, we'll talk about the basics of helping a newborn spit up, as well as other questions you may have about spitting up.

Why do babies spit up?

Let's get it straight: Why do newborns need to burp in the first place? During feeding, children usually swallow extra air - this is called aerophagia. Spitting up helps prevent this air from entering the intestines, as well as vomiting, gas, and crankiness in the baby. To avoid the return of milk after feeding, you should give the baby the opportunity to burp more often. nine0003

How to help a newborn spit up?

During the first six months, the baby should be kept upright in a column for 10-15 minutes after each feed. This will help keep the milk in his stomach, but if the baby occasionally burps anyway, parents need not worry. While carrying your baby in an upright position, you can put a baby diaper or wipes on your shoulder to keep your clothes clean.

We've already seen why spitting up is important, now let's find out how to help your baby spit up. Parents should gently pat the baby on the back with a hand folded in a handful until he burps. Folding your hand into a handful is important because clapping with a flat palm may be too strong for an infant.

Every baby is different and there is no one right position for spitting up. To get started, you can try the following options:

  1. Sitting position with the baby on the chest. In this position, the parent puts the baby's head with his chin on his shoulder and with one hand supports the baby under the back. With the other hand, you can gently pat the baby on the back. This method is most effective in a rocking chair or when the baby is gently rocking. nine0133
  2. Holding the child upright on your legs. With one hand, parents can hold the baby by the back and head, supporting his chin and placing his palm on the baby’s chest, with the other hand, you can gently pat him on the back. At the same time, it is important to be careful: do not press the child on the throat, but only gently support his chin.
  3. Holding a baby on your lap while lying on your tummy. Make sure his head is above his chest and gently pat your baby on the back until he burps. nine0013

Here are some tips on how best to help your newborn spit up:

  • Let your baby spit up during feeding. If the baby is restless or has swallowed air, it is worth giving him the opportunity to burp during feeding, and not just after.
  • When bottle feeding, let the newborn burp after every 50-60 ml.
  • When breastfeeding, let the baby burp at every breast change. nine0013

It is important to let your baby spit up after eating, even if he spit up during feeding!

If your baby is gassy, ​​spit up more often. Also, if he vomits frequently or suffers from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), have him spit up after every 30 ml bottle-feeding or every five minutes while breastfeeding.

How long should a baby be held for it to burp? It's different for everyone, but generally keeping a newborn upright for 15 to 20 minutes after a feed helps the milk stay in the baby's stomach. nine0003

Minimize the amount of air you swallow. Gas production and regurgitation result from aerophagia during feeding. The baby will inevitably swallow air, but there are ways to prevent it from swallowing too much. Whether you bottle feed your baby or combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding, the Philips Avent anti-colic bottle with AirFree valve is designed so that the nipple is always filled with milk without excess air, even in a horizontal position, thus preventing the baby from swallowing excess air during feeding. nine0013

Reducing the amount of air your baby swallows can help reduce your baby's risk of colic, gas, and spitting up.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful time to strengthen the bond between parent and baby. Every mom and every baby is different, so learning to help your newborn burp properly can take time and practice.

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