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Tea Party Baby Shower - Gift of Hospitality

A tea party theme is an adorable way to celebrate a baby shower. I’m sharing menu and decor ideas, as well as games to play!

I recently threw a Tea Party Baby Shower for my friend Kelley, who is having TWINS! Like many, she and her husband’s journey to being parents was not easy, and they are so grateful to have a double blessing coming this fall.

I landed on a “Tea for Two” tea party theme. Afternoon tea is such a fun activity with the girls, so I knew this would be perfect.


I highly recommend setting the table the day before the shower. There’s nothing like trying to match silverware when there are guests on the way and food is in the oven!

So I set the table the day before so I could concentrate on the food on the morning of the shower.

For the table, I used the following:

  • My Auntie Carol’s 1970s wedding china
  • My Grandma’s silver
  • A simple white tablecloth from Target
  • Peony napkin rings—I got mine at Crate & Barrel and they have been discontinued, but these napkin rings are similar.
  • Blue cloth napkins from World Market (I’m loving these lighter blue fringe napkins, too!)

Tip: World Market has one of the best deals on good-quality cloth napkins ($10 for 6), and they come in a variety of colors (like pink for a baby girl shower). They wash really nicely and require just light ironing, or maybe even no ironing if you take them out of the dryer in a timely manner, which I do not. 🙂

Baby Shower Menu

The nice thing about a tea party is that you don’t need a main dish. A variety of food comes together to create a meal.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to make everything from scratch, so I used a few store-bought options to fill in.


Scones are traditional for English tea parties. I used my white chocolate and orange scone recipe and tweaked it to create two flavors: chocolate chip and lemon blueberry.

While a “proper” scone recipe does not include egg, this recipe creates a slightly more moist scone than the crumbly British ones.

For the lemon blueberry scones, I used fresh blueberries in place of the white chocolate chips, and lemon zest in place of the orange zest in the scone recipe.

For the chocolate chip scones, I simply replaced the white chocolate chips with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, and left out the zest.

Tea sandwiches

It’s not a tea party baby shower without tea sandwiches! I used my recipe for cucumber sandwiches, but topped them with another slice of pumpernickel and cut them into triangles.

I also made ham and pimento cheese tea sandwiches with Sara Lee very thinly sliced white bread (you can find it in the bread aisle in a white package), thinly sliced ham, and store-bought pimento cheese spread.

Tea party food tends to be on the sweeter side, so a few dozen Quiche Lorraine-influenced frittata bites balanced out the menu nicely.

To make the mini frittatas, I stirred together 7 eggs, ½ cup of shredded Gruyere, 2 slices of cooked and crumbled bacon, and a few slices of chopped deli ham. I baked them in mini muffin tins.

Fruit salad

The fruit salad is a mixture of halved green grapes, sliced strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. I tossed the fruit with a simple syrup made with sugar, mint, lemon zest, and vanilla.

Cucumber appetizers

To add some veggies to the party, I piped Boursin cheese between two cucumber rounds, and then piped a little more on top.

As soon as everyone found out that it was Boursin, they flew off the plate. What is it about that amazing cheese that makes it so irresistible?

Chicken salad in puff pastry cups

The hit of the party were these Chicken Salad Puff Pastry Bites.

It’s store-bought chicken salad (thank you, Trader Joe’s) in homemade puff pastry rounds. Get the how-to on that here!


Dessert was a mixture of homemade + store-bought. Trader Joe’s carries amazing French macarons in the freezer section. I also picked up a few boxes of Trader Joe’s flower-shaped chocolate mousse cakes.

They were darling alongside homemade bite-sized Lemon Bars (the recipe is from Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering


I served them all on a big round glass platter.


The Tea Party Baby Shower was on a warm June day, so everyone passed on drinking hot tea. But that was undoubtedly because my friend Jackie made some amazing mocktails and cocktails!

She made both Watermelon Mint Mocktails/Cocktails and Grapefruit Rosemary Mocktails/Cocktails. Both recipes have an option to use either sparkling wine or sparkling mineral water, so it was nice to have both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic option.

Jackie brought a set of champagne glasses and we used my inexpensive set of toasting flutes so everyone could try both of the beverages.

The flutes are great to have on hand for parties (particularly baby showers or New Year’s Eve parties). And at $10 for a set of 12, you can’t go wrong. They can go in the dishwasher, too!

Baby shower game ideas

It’s not a baby shower without games! My friend Stephanie selected a few activities including “guess the baby food”. If you’re looking for a challenging game for your guests, this is it!

Take off the label from each jar and label the jars with numbers. Give guests a mini plastic spoon for each jar, and a piece of paper and a pen to write down their guesses.

Heads up: the chicken and gravy baby food tastes terrible. 🙂

With the mama-to-be’s permission, we also played “how big is mommy’s belly?”. Each guest received a long piece of string. The goal is to cut the string to the exact length around of mama’s belly. The person who is closest with their string wins!

We passed around a few pairs of scissors in order to play. Hilarity ensued as many of us were VERY wrong in guessing how big her belly was!

Finally, we played an animal match game, where you match the animal to the name of their babies.

It was such a lovely day of celebrating the mama-to-be’s double blessing.

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An Afternoon Tea Baby Shower

It almost seems like a cliche to write about a shower in April, but I had to share a few details from a recent celebration that was a long time coming.

This afternoon tea is also another chapter in my sister’s story, and since you’ve already joined us virtually for the winter engagement, the West Coast wedding, and the backyard reception here on the homestead, it’s only fitting we tie things up with a baby shower.

Now this joyous event had originally been planned to take place back in November, when my sister, Miranda, was six months pregnant, a comfortable stage of the pregnancy to travel from her Halifax home.

The invites had been sent, Miranda had purchased a plane ticket  – and then my nephew was born early. Almost 2 months early.

Since he weighted a mere 3lbs, 4 oz and was making his home in the NICU, all baby shower plans were postponed – until now. Of course every baby shower and every new life is incredibly special, but we had extra reason to celebrate Alfred (Alfie) James considering his adventurous start.

{Side note. Why do people have to give their opinion on such matters? I had more than one person tell me that they never heard of a baby shower after the baby is born – as in who does that? Let there be no right or wrong, black or white for celebrating life, be it the first baby or the fifth, pre or postpartum.}

So celebrate we did! With tea and scones, sandwiches and pickles, Pimm’s Cup punch and a tableful of sweets shared among friends and family. Read on for details on the full spread, then be inspired to host your own tea! Mother’s Day is on the way, after all…

Some time after serving that famous outdoor buffet in a canoe, I decided the baby shower must be considerably more civilized. A while back Miranda and I had spent some time in London together, including a most memorable Wolseley afternoon tea, and the charms of that occasion inspired this present day event. We’re also half British (my dad is from Lancashire), so spending the afternoon chatting over Eccles cakes and scones feels perfectly natural to us.

We started with Pimm’s Cups, because it is the spring cocktail in the UK, and very complementary to finger sandwiches. I served it up in punch form for practical reasons (no need to stand by and play bartender). I played around with my recipe a bit, but based it off of this version from Serious Eats. If it’s good enough for J. Kenji, it’s good enough for me!

While guests arrived, found a glass of punch and made little Alfie’s introduction, my two shower co-hosts (Alfie’s grandmothers) and I piled hot scones and sandwiches onto tiered trays.

I am currently enamoured with finger sandwiches, cut into lengths rather than triangles, and with the crusts removed, of course. They are ever so dainty and a perfect three-bite accompaniment to a cup of tea or a glass of Pimm’s punch.

We served:

  • Chicken salad, which my mother-in-law cleverly assembled with one side of each white and wheat bread.
  • Cucumber & cream cheese – a classic!
  • Smoked salmon & radish on rye – which I served open face, with a sprig of dill and a smear of creme fraiche.
  • Cream cheese & red pepper jelly – tangy cheese and hot/sweet jelly make for an unexpected and delicious bite.
  • Herbed avocado egg salad & onion sprouts – another classic, dressed up for tea.

I could have added even more to this list, as my Sandwich board on Pinterest hints (avocado! radish & butter! pickled carrot & Brie!) but I restrained myself. I almost always go overboard in the food department and I wasn’t sure how enthusiastic our guests would feel about, well, plain old sandwiches.

As it turns out, I shouldn’t have worried; the sandwiches disappeared in a twinkling, along with several pots of tea.

Oh hey, look for my egg salad recipe to make an appearance here on the blog next week. I made it without mayonnaise, and instead I used smashed avocado for a creamy binder, which worked out really well. Update >> it’s HERE!

We need to talk about scones. I may have obsessed over finding the perfect British-style recipe, testing variations from Jane Hornby, Pippa Middleton’s book, Celebrate, and many more. We ate a lot of scones, but there was no complaining from the kids!

The absolute best recipe I found was from cookbook author, Claire Ptak, who owns the Violet Bakery in Hackney, East London. Her sweet cream scones graced the cover of Saveur magazine a few months ago; fortunately you can also find the recipe over at Saveur along with the story of their evolution.

It’s worth noting that I was hunting for a classic scone, with no additions whatsoever. I do love my Triple Berry Scones in the summertime, Cranberry Orange Scones for the winter holiday months and Cheesy Irish Soda Scones to accompany a pot of soup any day of the week. But for afternoon tea, the scones had to be inspired by London tea rooms: the classic cream.

After nibbling on all the scones and sandwiches we could, we took a bit of a break for – you guessed it! Games. And gifts, too. And Clara took the opportunity to break away from the festivities and rip around the sopping wet yard in her party dress and stocking feet. Gracious me. Apparently she can only behave like a lady for a few hours before the tomboy urges take over.

When we had wrapped up an intensely competitive game of Nursery Rhymes Jeopardy, it was time for sweets. I kept most everything bite-sized, so guests could sample one of each.

  • Eccles cakes, in tiny, two-bite servings.
  • Buttermilk pound cake, my mother-in-law’s excellent recipe.
  • Vanilla and toasted coconut marshmallows.
  • Cream cheese cut-out sugar cookies, in little teddy bear shapes and dressed up with royal icing and sprinkles.
  • Strawberry cream puffs. Janice’s recipe, with strawberry jam swirled into the cream and a strawberry slice, too.
  • Lemon-glazed lemon madeleines. A basic version of these beauties.
  • Chocolate truffles, because chocolate is essential.

I boiled the kettle yet again and made a fresh pot of each English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea. Everyone lingered over the sweets for some time as the sun slanted through the trees and the afternoon slipped away.

Guest of honour Baby Alfie seemed unruffled by the attention; a handsome little man in a room full of women.

Motherhood certainly suits my sister, who is a glowing new mama. Her sweet boy is now triple his birthweight and has just started laughing out loud. Their whole little family has relocated to the Greater Montreal area, so we’re going to get to see Alfie grow up.

Here’s to many more special occasions shared between our two families and our wider extended family. Here’s to babies, and here’s to afternoon tea!

TOP-10 snacks for children or what to feed a child for an afternoon snack - Cooking

When a child turns one year old, any mother tries to diversify his diet as much as possible. But after some time, many moms are faced with the fact that they no longer have enough imagination for new recipes and “the head is spinning” on the eternal topic: “What to cook ...”

Afternoon snack - a light meal between lunch and dinner . In Russian kindergartens and health camps, it is a mandatory meal, held at about 4 p.m. or some time after a quiet hour.

We offer you 10 most popular snacks for children , add to bookmarks - let this be your tip. Many recipes are based on cottage cheese, because children need the calcium contained in cottage cheese for the growth of teeth and bones. It is a well-known fact that calcium is better absorbed in the afternoon, so curd dishes for an afternoon snack are ideal!

So, TOP 10 popular snacks for children.

Cottage cheese casserole

The classic of the genre - cottage cheese casserole . Both adults and children love her, they feed her for an afternoon snack in kindergarten, and they also serve her in schools. It is delicious both warm and chilled. In addition, there are many recipes for cottage cheese casserole for every taste, you can add various fruits and dried fruits, syrups and natural flavors to it - the taste of the casserole will “sparkle” with new colors.

We offer you several recipes for cottage cheese casserole:

  • Cottage cheese casserole with condensed milk
  • Diet cottage cheese casserole

Cottage Cheesecakes

Small Cottage Cheesecakes - An interpretation of the cottage cheese casserole in small molds. They are especially convenient for children to eat, besides, they can be baked in small interesting molds in the form of animals or funny figures - this is especially attractive to children.


  • Cottage cheese roses
  • Cottage cheese muffins with pear

Bun and kefir

Another classic kindergarten afternoon snack - bun and kefir . It can be any bun, for maximum benefit, it is better to serve the child with cheese or a cheesecake with cottage cheese. It is better to replace kefir with bifilin, it does not contain fermentation alcohols and is softer for children's stomachs.

Cookies and milk

Bright taste from childhood - shortbread flavor with milk . Crunchy biscuits can be washed down with milk, for kids, a great option is to soak the biscuits in milk. Great snack for an afternoon snack! Cookies will be even tastier if you bake them yourself, for example, according to these recipes:

  • Barney Bear Gingerbread Cookies
  • Favorite shortbread
  • Curd pretzels

Crepes with cottage cheese

Who doesn't love freshly baked pancakes ?! With melted butter or condensed milk, honey or sour cream. And if you add the filling in the form of cottage cheese and fruits to them, you will lick your fingers! Or in the form of meat and rice - then the husband will be subdued)

Fritters or pancakes

Warm pancakes are eaten with pleasure by the whole family for breakfast, but they are also good for afternoon tea! You can also experiment here. Layer pancakes cottage cheese mass with fruit for toddlers, or for older children, serve pancakes with ice cream and chocolate, before you blink your eyes, the children will “sweep” them off the table.

Here is our recipe for pancakes that are great for kids:

  • Oatmeal pancakes

Curd dessert

Curd is an amazing product! Crumbly, pasty, granular. You can do whatever you want with it. The simplest, but at the same time, no less tasty, curd mass with various fillings. To do this, it is better to take pasty cottage cheese and continue to include fantasy. Add banana, honey to cottage cheese, beat in a blender - you get a sweet and satisfying afternoon snack, add ice cream and berries to cottage cheese - a refreshing healthy dessert. Various fruits, dried fruits, toppings, dozens of options! Most importantly, hurry up! And here are our options:

  • Cottage Cheese Chocolate Pudding
  • Berry-curd dessert

Apple/pear baked with cottage cheese

It's no secret that apples are a very healthy and affordable fruit, they contain a lot of vitamins and microelements. But not everyone knows that when an apple is baked, acid evaporates, and pectin is produced - a very useful substance that brings great benefits to the human body, improving its health. And the evaporation of acid from an apple is more suitable for babies with still fragile stomachs. Introducing Recipe baked apples , which will serve as an ideal afternoon snack for both you and your child.

  • Baked apples with cottage cheese

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is a very light and tasty snack that will appeal to both children and adults. There are a huge number of recipes for fruit salads. For salad preparation, children are advised to use seasonal fruits and berries. We have selected 5 interesting options for fruit snacks:

  • 5 fruit salad recipes for the whole family


Ingredients. To prepare a cocktail, you can add fruits, berries, cocoa, even a little cottage cheese to milk, which will completely dissolve in milk, but at the same time provide the drink with a pleasant consistency. Another little secret: for greater satiety during cooking, you can add a little steamed oatmeal, which, after the blender has worked, will not even taste, but will bring benefits.

Let's prepare delicious and at the same time very healthy milk drinks together at home.

  • 5 milkshake recipes for children and adults

We hope you and your little ones enjoy these recipes!

Bon appetit!

Published: 03/04/2016
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