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Ian Stevenson



Our 5 month old is currently on the…

Our 5 month old is currently on the hipp organic first milk, now I will say he seems to take this milk much better than other brands, the only issue we have is the bloody box the formular comes in, it's absolutely terrible, it's so much hassle, takes longer to make your bottles and your constantly spilling it within the box or over the work top, why ruin a brilliant milk with such a poorly designed box? Also the leveler on the box will break, the milk comes in 2 bags, why not just put 1 large bag that has a press seal to reseal the bag instead of a piece tape, that I would assume like us most people wouldn't even bother using anyway, my partner said you can purchase a plastic container on there website, now why should you have to pay extra for this, also this would make additional work because surely this would need to be sanitised if it was to come into contact with formular. Change your box and stop using the claim your being environmentally friendly.

Date of experience: November 23, 2022

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Vanessa De Oliveira




Ordering from the HIPP Shop is a joke. I received 8 boxes of cereal for my 7 month old, with a shelf life of 3 months. Not to mention the thick layer of dust on the product. What 7 month old is going to eat that much porridge within that time frame?
The manager of the shop refused to arrange a free collection and to issue me with a product with a decent shelf life. This is unacceptable in this day and age and I would absolutely recommend NOT buying from them.
The concern is clearly for their pockets above the wellbeing of your children.

Date of experience: February 23, 2022


Vanessa De Oliveira



Following on from a really poor…

Following on from a really poor experience, the customer services manager really stepped up to resolve the matter. Although they were unable to supply me with what I'd originally ordered, I received a full size pack of body care baby products which are delightful.

Date of experience: March 08, 2022


Shaun Knight



We made a genuine mistake and brought…

We made a genuine mistake and brought the anti reflux milk as opposed to the normal Hipp 1 milk, we wrote to Hipp and Joanna from the customer services team contacted us back the same day and gave us vouchers towards further products. We are extremely grateful and can’t speak highly enough of this brand and the milk is brilliant too, only one our son will take.

Date of experience: February 02, 2021





Out of stock again of the Growing up…

Out of stock again of the Growing up Baby milk 3 ready to feed bottles - we rely on this for our child and not the first time it has been out of stock on the website, very annoying. Usual response held in customs etc, but just order more and have larger stock.

Date of experience: January 31, 2022





The only anti reflux formula I would buy.

My little one was suffering from reflux so was advised to try anti reflux formula. Hipp was amazing and my little one put on weight and is now thriving on first infant Hipp organic formula. I love the concept of the cows being fed organically with no nasty's. Animal welfare means a lot to me.

Date of experience: December 16, 2020


Beth Leightley



Prompt customer service

Had recent problem with Hipp shop regarding my milk storage box however received a prompt and detailed email from customer service team which was extremely well received and brilliant customer service!

Many thanks again for resolving this issue.

Date of experience: February 15, 2021

We are sorry to learn of your disappointment with the service provided . Jan, our Customer Services Manager will be in touch with you to resolve this issue.





The hipp first infant milk is sold out…

The hipp first infant milk is sold out everywhere we tried every supermarket even online! We rely on this milk, how can the stock be so poor?

Date of experience: February 04, 2022

Tihomir Raychevski



Terrible experience,ordering formula…

Terrible experience,ordering formula milk online,my order was processed for more than 20 days,then cancelled for unknown reason,no response from Hipp

Date of experience: December 07, 2018


Nooshin Dzurianik



The ugly truth about HiPP baby food

We have traveled with our 10 months old son to Sri Lanka, Croatia and Slovakia so far and every time we were mistakenly delighted to find HiPP baby food in the supermarkets!

Unfortunately the sad truth is that for some reason HiPP company doesn't believe that the babies who live in Eastern Europe deserve healthy, nutritious food! Or maybe they don't believe that the Eastern European mothers deserve to take a break from cooking without worrying about harming their precious babies! I have been shocked to find the HiPP baby food in Croatia mainly consisting of potato and starch in general and the ones in Slovakia to be also full of salt!!! This is unfair, cruel and against human rights!

HiPP has been the only food brand that I have bought for our son so far but I refuse to do so going forward! I refuse to create profit and advertise for a company that can be so cruel, that can bring themselves to feed garbage to innocent babies.

I truly hope for a day that there is more equality in this world.

Date of experience: October 06, 2017






We tried almost all formulas on the market. This one is definitely the best one!

Date of experience: May 17, 2020





Ordered baby bath products from there…

Ordered baby bath products from there shop, all items arrived quickly.

Date of experience: June 21, 2020





Fast fuss free delivery with tracking…

Fast fuss free delivery with tracking for my baby milk
Thank you

Date of experience: May 29, 2021

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Hipp Organic Baby Food Review


Ethan is 9 months old now and we feed him a combination of homemade meals (where they’re suitable to be blended and fed) as well as jars/sachets. Over the past month or so, he’s become a little fussier with his jarred baby food, probably because he’s becoming more accustomed to blended homemade meals.

But sometimes you just need something that is quick, convenient and healthy too, so I’m always trying new ones with him and making a note of his favourites. Hipp Organic asked us to review their baby food jars, so we’ve been trying those out over the past few days.

We were sent 8 jars, which included 2 breakfast ones. It’s the breakfast ones that I was particularly interested in as it’s the mornings when we tend to be in a rush and need to get something balanced, filling but quick inside the little man.

So the Creamed Porridge Breakfast and the Banana Yoghurt Breakfast were our starting point for Ethan’s taste test!

Breakfast Time!

An empty jar speaks volumes!

We use the baby porridge oats you make up with formula. But when in a rush, it’s less than ideal so we usually also have a stock of pre made breakfast baby sachets.

I tried Ethan with the Banana Yoghurt breakfast from Hipp Organic as his first Hipp taste test!

His verdict?

Well, he polished off the lot and was looking for more afterwards too!

We had the same result with the creamed porridge the next day too!

Dinners and Lunches

The other ones we’ve tried over the course of the week so far have been lunches and dinners. He’s tried:

  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Penne with tomato and courgette
  • Sweet squash and chicken
  • Mediterranean vegetables with aubergines
  • Buttered vegetables

He’s polished them all off with the exception of the buttered vegetables which he was a little less keen on.

But, on the whole, he has been looking remarkably pleased with his food this week!

We’re sold on Hipp Organic

So jars have a few definite benefits over sachets. For a start, it’s easy feeding without a bowl. Second, they end up in your garage filled with screws or bolts or similar. Very handy 😉

I find the sachets easier to heat up. It’s super quick to just stand them in hot water. But our son has enjoyed his pre-made meals more this week than he has in a few weeks. So we’ll definitely be buying some in.

The breakfasts were the highlight of the week for us. The Hipp Organic breakfasts both appeared to go down better than other breakfasts we’ve given him and it’s so quick and convenient too!

Add to that the fact that Hipp Organic is the only organic range of baby food jars in the UK and the ingredients are all carefully chosen for a healthy meal, and I have perfect peace of mind feeding these to my son.

All in all, a winner in our household!

Find Out More

You can find out more and join the Hipp Baby Club at https://www.hipp.co.uk/hipp-organic/food-drinks.html.


Press release | HiPP Organic

HiPP is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of organic baby food. For more than 120 years, mothers around the world have trusted HiPP quality, with each jar of our food undergoing over 260 quality checks.

Over the past few years, according to Euromonitor research, HiPP has been recognized as the No. 1 brand in organic baby food in the world!*

All HiPP organic products do not contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives and other ingredients prohibited in the production of baby food according to Russian legislation and the requirements of European legislation EU-BIO. nine0003

HiPP ensures that organic farming ensures that "only the best of nature" ends up in baby food jars and that the production process is environmentally friendly. Children need healthy foods that taste good and don't contain any unwanted ingredients. Thus, organic food is the right choice for babies. There are clear legal requirements for the process of organic farming and processing of raw materials, while strict control over compliance with these requirements is carried out. nine0003

HiPP's own test laboratory, which is one of the leading analytical laboratories in Europe, plays a decisive role in producing exceptionally high quality products. A testing lab can detect a pinch of salt in an Olympic swimming pool 2 meters deep, 50 meters long and 25 meters wide.

For young children, the most important thing is that the food offered to them is tasty. But their parents are more interested in the origin, production characteristics and quality of food. With HiPP products, they can be sure of science-based nutritional value, age-appropriate formulations and strictly controlled organic quality. “We attach particular importance to the selection of raw materials and their diversity. It all starts with the choice of soil and seeds, which, of course, are not chemically treated. In this way, fruits and vegetables ripen at a natural pace for better flavor development.” nine0003

When developing new products for our little consumers, we take into account their tastes and present to the market not only the traditional range of products for first foods, but also unique products to expand the diet of babies:

"White Carrot" and "Corn" - low-allergenic purees for the first feeding, HiPP Cream Soups - the perfect solution for lunch. Their composition includes rapeseed oil - a source of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help the proper development of the baby's brain and nervous system. In addition, HiPP organic soups are served pureed, which is the optimal consistency for feeding crumbs up to a year. nine0003

The company also introduces the HiPP Combiotic category of breast milk substitutes, known in the market for its unique combination of live lactobacilli L.fermentum®, specially isolated from breast milk, and prebiotic dietary fibers similar to those found in breast milk.

Sustainable use of resources, environmental protection and animal welfare are our priorities. HiPP stands for sustainable production. HiPP jars are recyclable for 98% and 70% are made from recycled materials. Cardboard packaging elements are also made from recycled materials. In 2021, a special label will appear on HiPP products, which will display the rules for disposal and the degree of recyclability of each type of packaging.

The philosophy that originated more than 60 years ago with organic farming is now practiced in all areas of the company: respect for the environment and natural resources, respectful interaction with each other and the highest quality. These are all important conditions under which HiPP has grown, and with which the HiPP name is closely associated. nine0003

HiPP – organic more than just natural!

*Source: Euromonitor International; research on healthy foods; retail sales in value terms.

HiPP: the highest quality organic baby food

We know that many mothers cringe at the thought of canned baby food, preferring zucchini, broccoli or bananas from the nearest market. But what do you know about store-bought zucchini, "farm" broccoli and "bio" beef from even the so-called "eco" meat department? Are there any guarantees of quality when the Russian market is simply in trouble with organic vegetables and fruits? nine0031

The choice of the first feeding method is always up to the mother. Yes, baby food standards are now strict in Russia and are met by all manufacturers. Despite this, baby food standards allow the use of chemicals and pesticides in minimal doses that are not considered to affect the baby's body. Organic baby food means that the ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth hormones.

In the case of HiPP baby food, this also means that each jar passed 260 checks along the way. Two hundred and sixty! But first things first.

HiPP: over 60 years of experience in the production of organic baby food

For more than 60 years, HiPP organic baby food of the highest quality has been produced in the Bavarian town of Pfaffenhofen. It all started even earlier and literally with crackers - in 1899, Josef Hipp in his HiPP confectionery made the first children's porridge from crackers, milk and water. Over time, the brand has gradually become the market leader in baby food in Germany: still a family business, the HiPP group under the leadership of Dr. Klaus Hipp and his son Stefan has become the No. 1 brand in organic baby food in the world. nine0003

In Russian reality, HiPP and its production facilities appeared much later. In 2007, construction began on a plant in Mamonovo, 60 kilometers from Kaliningrad. Five years after the opening of the enterprise in 2014, a food embargo struck, and production was on the verge of closing. Read more about how HiPP in Russia survived the hard times in the report by Natalia Paramonova.

Currently, the 11,000 square meter facility in Mamonovo, certified according to the European standard, produces HiPP organic baby food, which is then shipped throughout Russia and Belarus. nine0003

Where do carrots come from?

To call a product organic, it is not surprising that organic raw materials are also needed - in the case of HiPP, these are vegetables, fruits and meat for mono- and mixed purees. For organic products, the land for sowing is carefully selected, fruits and vegetables ripen naturally without the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides. The same care is taken with the animals whose meat is used for the production of HiPP organic menus. All animals - turkeys, pigs, cows or chickens - are kept in the natural environment for each species, they eat organic food. If desired, the origin of each animal can be documented. nine0003

In addition to the benefits for babies and the peace of mind of mothers, one cannot but note the value of organic products for nature - over 8,000 farmers produce organic quality products for HiPP, annually 80,000 hectares of soil and groundwater are not treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

At the moment, vegetables for Russian HiPP production are supplied from Poland, Germany and Austria, fruits from Italy, Spain, Germany, South Africa and Costa Rica, beef is grown in a certified farm in the Kaluga region, potatoes go to Kaliningrad with organic farm in the Tula region. Produced in HiPP's own factory in Hungary, fish "dishes" are sourced from the North Atlantic, certified by the Marine Resources Council (MSC), and the "Responsible Fishing" label on the packaging ensures that the fish are caught in a sustainable manner. respect for the environment while preserving the natural resources of fishing. nine0003

For the production of baby food, frozen vegetables are used, since shock freezing retains all the useful properties and taste, while allowing you to increase the shelf life, and, accordingly, the shelf life of the finished product.

See packaging

How do you know if a product is organic? Are there any special labeling requirements?

Euroleaf (European Union) means that it is a certified organic product, i.e. methods of obtaining raw materials, production, processing, storage and transportation and quality characteristics of the final product meet the requirements of the EU organic standard. nine0003

HiPP ORGANIC means that HiPP has even more stringent requirements for the production of organic food than prescribed by EU legislation and organic standards.

When choosing a product, also pay attention to the age recommendations of the manufacturer and the degree of grinding of the product: the words “homogenized”, “wiped” and “coarsely ground” indicate the degree of grinding of the puree: a homogeneous consistency or with pieces.

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