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Postpartum abdominal binder

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BabiesRus Baby Girls 18 Months Romper Short-sleeve Turquoise & Yellow Daisies

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BabiesRUs yellow and white striped one piece, hat, and bib set. Size 0-3M

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BabiesRUs Newborn Brown Sweatpants

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Babies R Us white long sleeve button down

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Two Babies R' Us Onesies

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6-9 Month BabiesRUs Purple Flower Tie Shirt

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Purple zip up jumpsuit

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BabiesRUs Winter Bunting Snowsuit Jumpsuit Hooded Newborn Baby Boy

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Babies R Us maternity support belt

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Babies R Us Freezer Food Trays Total 16 2oz Cubes 40 Labels Instructions NIB

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2pcs Baby Girl Patriotic Outfit

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2pcs Baby Girl Patriotic Outfit

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Babies ‘R Us Muslin Car seat Cover

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Vintage babies r us baby onsie gender neutral 9 months bear footsie button snaps

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New Babies R Us Deluxe Soft Changing Pad Cover

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Babies R Us Side Crib Rail covers. Gray. New in package

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Babies R Us Infinity Nursing Scarf - Black

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Babies R Us Sleeper & Hat Set

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Babies R Us Christmas Baby Blanket Santa Claus Red Fleece Satin Trim Koala Lovey

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Koala baby Receiving Blanket Thermal Lovey Stars Red Blue Tan Green Cotton 2010

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6pc set - long sleeve onesies, top, 3 pants

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Babies R Us Comfy Jersey Knit Grey & White Chevron Pattern Crib Sheets

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Bath Tub Toy Bag with suction cups

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5/$25 Purple Polka Dot Romper

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BabiesRUS Button Down Shirt Tank Top & Shorts

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BabiesRUs Boys Hooded Fleece Jacket

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Wooden Girls Room Decor Art

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BabiesRUs Fox Lovey Security Blanket Soft

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Babies R Us Footed Snowman Pajama Size Newborn

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BabiesRUs Safari Light Up Canvas Wall Art

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BabiesRUs Hooded Romper Snowsuit Pastel Blue Polka Dots Size 3 Months

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Babies R Us Toddler Holiday Bathrobe with Hood Red Moose Size 4T

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🍁2/$7🍁BABIES R US White with Pink Cherry Polka Dot Romper

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Baby Pink Tutu Dress

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White Wood Letter Y

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White Wood Letter O

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White Wood Letter B

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Babies r us 18 month fleece snowman pajamas

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KIDS R US • blue denim straight jeans 2t

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NWT- Babies R Us Daisy Swimsuit -Size 3T

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Striped baby boy one piece with collar

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6m Pink Bunny Snowsuit

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Boys super cool outfit size 18 months ! Bundle 🎁

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Breastfeeding Report Card | Breastfeeding

This year’s report highlights select breastfeeding support indicators that can help families reach their breastfeeding goals, including supportive maternity care practices, state paid family and medical leave laws, and early care and education (ECE) policies.

Evidence-based maternity care practices that support breastfeeding are critical in the first few hours and days to help mothers establish breastfeeding and reach their breastfeeding goals.5 Maternity care practices in the United States have improved slightly. National scores on CDC’s Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC) survey increased from 79 in 2018 to 81 in 2020. Hospitals implementing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative’s Ten Steps help ensure that mothers have the information, confidence, and skills necessary to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding their babies, while reducing medically unnecessary formula supplementation. In 2021, over 1 in 4 babies were born in Baby-Friendly designated hospitals. Breastfeeding support in the maternity care setting continues to improve, but variations in care from state-to-state indicate that more work is needed.

Although a family’s breastfeeding journey usually begins in the hospital, supportive policies and access to continued, coordinated support in the community can help families continue breastfeeding. Once families leave their birthing setting, breastfeeding rates drop slowly but consistently, which suggests that families may need additional types of support that facilitate exclusive breastfeeding and a longer duration of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding support is especially important for mothers taking leave from, and returning to, the workforce. The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding (CTA) identified a lack of paid maternity leave as a significant barrier to breastfeeding, especially for employed mothers with lower incomes, who are also more likely to experience racial and ethnic disparities.6 To reduce the impact of employment on breastfeeding disparities, the CTA calls for efforts to establish paid maternity leave for all employed mothers. Child care centers can also support breastfeeding for employed mothers; the CTA encourages states to adopt and enforce national standards that support breastfeeding mothers and caring for breastfed infants.

Two new support indicators related to employment are included in CDC’s 2022 Breastfeeding Report Card:

Paid family and medical leave (PFML) refers to partially or fully compensated time away from work for specific and generally significant family caregiving needs, such as the arrival of a new child or serious illness of a close family member, or an employee’s own serious medical needs. The PFML indicator identifies whether a state has enacted legislation to create a PFML insurance program, whether the program is currently paying benefits, and the number of weeks of paid parental leave benefits that can be claimed by eligible employees (for the care of a new child by birth, adoption, or foster care). As of May 2022, 12 states had enacted PFML insurance legislation. Eight state programs are currently paying benefits, and 4 have not yet begun paying benefits. Among states with enacted PFML insurance legislation, the number of weeks of paid parental leave benefits (i.e., that can be claimed for the arrival of a new child) available to eligible employees ranges from 5 to 12 weeks within a benefit year (Table 2).

The State ECE Licensing Breastfeeding Support Score indicates the extent to which a state’s licensing regulations for child care centers meet the Caring for our Children’s standard to support and encourage breastfeeding best practices.7 To fully meet the standard, a state’s ECE licensing regulations must provide comfortable accommodations (e.g., dedicated, private space; comfortable chair; electrical outlet) for mothers to express milk and/or breastfeed their children on-site and recommend feeding of breast milk by parents or caregivers during normal operating hours. State breastfeeding support scores range from 30 to 100. In 2021, 9 states had licensing regulations that fully aligned (score = 100) with the breastfeeding support standard, 37 states’ regulations partially aligned (score = 70), and 5 states’ regulations did not address the standard (score = 30) (Figure 2).

Bird feeder / Events / Kindergarten / Kindergarten Solnyshko

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Municipal preschool educational institution combined kindergarten "Solnyshko"

Bird feeder

"Feed the birds in the winter - they will serve you in the spring" - says a Russian proverb. That is why since ancient times in Rus' people have made feeders for wintering birds. If you hang feeders on the site in winter and feed the birds, in the summer they will thank you a hundredfold.

In December, our kindergarten held an environmental campaign called "Bird Feeder". Parents were invited to make a feeder with their own hands. Parents gladly responded to the offer to help the starving birds, and for a while they became architects, builders and designers of "bird canteens". All feeders were made with soul. It can be seen how the parents showed their creativity, imagination and skill. The material that was used to make the feeders is varied: waste material, plastic bottles, wood, juice and milk bags…

The children brought feeders to the group with pleasure and even pride. Everyone wanted to share their impressions of how they made feeders with their parents.

Feeding troughs were hung on the territory of the kindergarten. Educators, together with the children, put food for the birds every day and watch those who flew in for lunch in their "bird canteens". Seeds, bread crumbs, grain, pieces of bacon, millet - this is the menu that we offer for birds. teach children kindness. Teach them to take care of the birds, watch them, experience the joy of knowing that you can save the birds from death. To give children basic knowledge about what birds are fed in winter.

And maybe there will be more sonorous singing near our houses, and the world in which we live will become a little better.

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      It's high time for bird feeders - Internet magazine "Lyceum"

      The "Feed the Birds in Winter" campaign has been sweeping the country for several years. And this is exactly the case when the project can and should be repeated annually, it will certainly benefit both nature and the children who take care of it.

      Teachers from the village of Novoe Mashezero, Belomorsky district of Karelia, share their experience.

      “It's hard - oh, it's hard for the birds in winter! They are looking for somewhere to hide from the cold, from the terrible winter wind, but they do not find it and perish.

      SOS! SOS! SOS! Save me from death! For help! Build warm houses for the birds and arrange canteens! (V. Bianchi "Forest Newspaper")

      Winter is a difficult time for birds. It is known that only two out of ten small birds remain in severe winters, and birds suffer more from starvation than from cold. If a bird does not eat for six hours in a row in winter, it may die. The second half of winter is especially dangerous, when most of the fruits growing on trees have already been eaten.

      Did you know that:

      • One feeder can save up to 50 tits from death during the winter.
      • One tit saves up to 10 trees from pests per season.
      • One small tree provides oxygen for three people.

      So if you haven't built bird feeders yet, now is the time to do so. Material about the environmental action "Feed the birds!"

      A bit of history. For the first time the action "Feed the birds!" was held in the Irkutsk region in the winter of 2002-2003. It was initiated by the publicist Anatoly Sosunov and the largest regional newspapers in memory of the writer Yevgeny Nosov. In January 2003, Kursk, the birthplace of the writer, joined the action. At the same time, the people of Irkutsk proposed to include November 12 in the Russian ecological calendar as the Autumn Day of Birds and consider it the beginning of the all-Russian cultural and environmental action "Feed the Birds!" The Russian Bird Conservation Union fully supported this initiative.

      The main goal of the campaign - is to educate environmentally literate and humane environmentalists through the organization of studying the characteristics of bird life in the winter season, their protection and feeding.

      The action is designed for students aged 5-16. For practical work, children and parents can be divided into small groups of 3-4 people.

      Manufacture and installation of feeders by children with the help of parents and teachers

      In our school in 2016, this stage took the period from January 15 to February 1.

      At the technology lessons, the students got acquainted with various types of feeders and the technology of their manufacture.

      The children learned the basic rules:

      1. The feeder must have a roof, otherwise the food may be covered with snow or rain.
      2. The hole in the feeder must be wide enough so that the birds can easily get in and out of the feeder.

      At home, with the help of their parents and at the lesson, the children made different types of feeders from various waste materials: plastic bottles and cans, juice and milk boxes, cups, cardboard, plywood. We got original feeders of unusual shapes and colors. Needless to say, the guys and their parents showed their imagination one hundred percent.

      In the kindergarten and school areas, on the streets of our village, in the yards of their houses, the children hung feeders. Older brothers, teachers and parents helped to hang and install canteens for birds.

      Having calculated how much and which feeders are manufactured, we reflected this data clearly in table 1.

      Table 1. The number of feeders by type

      Types of feeders from various materials 91 Number of feeders produced 1. Strong (plastic bottles and jars) 6 12 3. Beans from dried fruits and berries, pieces of fat and meat 7 4. Sustainable, strong (from plywood and wood) 5. Squares on land 1 During the campaign, were made and hung on the territory of the village: 29

      , woodpeckers.

      Bird feeding and observation. from February 10 to March 15


      During the observation of feeders and birds, many drawings and photographs were taken. The students identified the main types of bird behavior: lack of activity, rest, avoidance of danger, manifestation of aggression, etc. Bird watching is an exciting, but not always easy, activity that requires certain knowledge and skills from the observer.

      As a result of the observations made, children learned to:

      • feed the birds with various food;
      • observe and keep a diary of observations.

      Children of found out:

      • which species of birds stay wintering in our area and which ones come to us for the winter;
      • how to distinguish birds by color;
      • which feed do the birds prefer;

      Based on the results of the work done, the students came to the conclusion :

      1. During the observation period, we noted a large variety of birds living in the village.
      2. Having made a series of observations, we noticed that in winter such birds as sparrows, pigeons, tits, bullfinches and woodpeckers fly to our feeders. Crows and magpies live in landfills and garbage dumps.
      3. Birds become more visible and more active when the weather gets warmer: the brighter the sun shines, the warmer it is, the more birds there are, the more active they are. Birds do not fly on windy days.
      4. To analyze the food preferences of birds, different types of food were offered: bread crumbs, peeled and unpeeled sunflower seeds, whole grains of cereal plants (oats, wheat, barley) and cereal flakes.
      5. Feeding birds in feeders is of great importance for birds. This confirms the analysis of their behavior. During the life of the project, the birds have become accustomed to receiving food, so feeding should be continued.
        1. After we hung out the feeders, we decided to issue a stand-report on our work (February 1). The stand contains information about the wintering birds of Karelia and the Belomorsky region, about the types of feeders, tips on how to make them, as well as about the types of food and advice on feeding birds. Over time, drawings and photographs of the guys appeared on the stand.
        2. In the course of the action, an exhibition of handicrafts was organized, the most diverse technologies were used: figurines of birds from salt dough, pyrography paintings, embroidered birds, a composition made of natural materials.
        3. The guys became interested in the theme of the action, and we decided to organize an exhibition of fiction and popular science literature for the purpose of education.
        4. A drawing competition “Wintering Birds of Our Region” was held among primary school students, the best drawings were placed on a stand report.
        5. At the lessons and outside of school hours, they held a quiz “Do you know wintering birds?”, conversations “Help the birds, they are our friends!”, “Birds in the Red Book of Karelia”. Pupils picked up poems of different poets, proverbs, sayings, riddles, crossword puzzles for these events.

        Working with parents (newsletter)

        1. In order to inform parents about the campaign, a newsletter was issued: rules for making feeders, recommendations for feeding birds and proposed competitions for the Feed the Birds in Winter campaign.
        2. Parents together with their children were asked to observe the birds: to study the features of their behavior, habits, take into account the number of birds, their species.
        3. By the end of the school year, prepare baby books on the theme “Our Feathered Friends” together with their parents, present them at extracurricular reading lessons.
        4. Together with parents, create a sketch of a birdhouse and present it at technology lessons.

        Results of the campaign

        During the Feed the Birds in Winter campaign, both children and adults realized that they were doing a good deed, helping birds to survive in the most difficult time of the year. We are participating in such an action for the second year and decided to make it a tradition, instilling love for all living things in children, hoping that "their hand will not bring sorrow or pain anywhere and to anyone." Parents and children called this action lessons of kindness, which are so lacking in our lives.

        Learn more