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After This Woman Shared A Picture Of Her 'Food Baby', People Joined To Support Her

Have you ever had a big meal and then your bloated belly got so big that you looked pregnant? If so, this thread that one woman started on Twitter, is for you. Fatimah, a young Londoner, posted a photo of her with a big food baby belly captioned: “I can’t be the only one that gets extremely bloated and starts imagining myself being pregnant?” As it turns out – no, Fatimah, you’re definitely not alone with bloated stomach, as hundreds of Twitter users have responded with their photos of ‘food babies’ and the thread gained a status of a legitimate support group.

This weekend, London-based influencer Fatimah, shared a photo of her with a “food baby”

Image credits: itsjustfatimah

Image credits: itsjustfatimah

She probably did not expect that the thread would go viral so quickly – hundreds of women (and not only them), responded with their ‘food pregnancy’ pictures

Image credits: valeriesolorios

Image credits: hailayyy16

Image credits: mackenzieg___

Image credits: nellamtongana

People were glad to know that they’re not the only ones doing this and that bloated belly is nothing to be ashamed of

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Image credits: shefrmroundaway

Image credits: nauticauzumaki

Image credits: unclecyd

Fatimah later shared a photo of her post-food baby body

Image credits: itsjustfatimah

By sharing so many playful photos of their food baby bellies, women (and men) on Twitter remind us that bloating is not something to be ashamed of because it is all too common. “I’m so glad bloating is being normalized,” Fatimah tweeted on her viral thread. We’re definitely glad too!

And said that she loves the replies from people on the thread

Image credits: itsjustfatimah

People were joyful to see such a fun thread and for some, it even helped them feel more confident

Image credits: toefet

Image credits: ibukunoluwaaji

Image credits: BoyItsBvbyE

Image credits: BlaqNaa

Later, Fatimah told the media: “I had just finished eating a bunch of wasabi while watching anime and I realised how bloated I was and I thought it would be funny to share how bloated women can get. ” She also added: “It’s 2019 and I feel like more women are becoming more accepting about the ‘flaws’ in our bodies and we’re embracing while also making light of it as well and I love it.”

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Autumn Cake by Ashley Baxter


Recipe and more photos on my blog.

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Pink Tea English Tea by Esra Noir


I consider myself to be a passionate photographer & videographer.


My enthusiasm for photography started off as a natural flair of capturing my everyday surroundings in my own unique perspective.


A friend posted this on her instagram and said "Just had the biggest meal of my life! Now my belly aches, damn you Katee!!!"

YES! YES! YES! by FoodBaby Collection


shes holding her foodbaby one of my favs

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Nice and tight

2Z7A7618 by Michael Faisca

oh yea! by FoodBaby Collection


my foodbaby no big deal :p


can you feel it? by FoodBaby Collection


one of my friends trying to feel her girl friends foodbaby kick

2Z7A7740 by Michael Faisca

Products from which the stomach becomes larger |

Some products will make even the most slender person fat


Sometimes it doesn't matter at all whether you eat healthy food or not. Because after eating, heaviness appears, and you feel as if you ate a balloon. And there is nothing surprising in this - such sensations can appear even in the case of seemingly “correct” products. And about those that have nothing in common with them, and there is nothing to say.

Products that frankly spoil the figure can be conditionally divided into two categories. The first is responsible for a temporary visual effect that disappears in a few hours. Such food will not add extra pounds to you, but it will make your waist noticeably wider. The second category of products will increase volumes confidently and for a long time.

Together with nutritionists, we have analyzed why some foods "inflate" a person and what food will do it the fastest.

The white bread we most often use for sandwiches and sandwiches is made from 100% refined wheat flour. It does not carry any nutritional value to the human body, but it leads to an increase in blood sugar and insulin levels, which increases the stomach. In addition, baking contributes to the increased formation of gases in the stomach.

You can’t live without bread – choose whole grain


— We have an intestinal microflora that does not like when it receives a lot of yeast and fast carbohydrates, roughly speaking, flour , - says a nutritionist-nutritionist, sports medicine doctor and exercise therapy Tamara Kramcheninova. Once in the intestines, these products begin to be digested enzymatically. If there are too many of them, they will not be able to be completely digested. Fermentation processes begin to occur, and this affects the formation of gases in the intestines, the violation of the composition of the microflora and metabolism, primarily the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Tamara Kramcheninova — dietician-nutritionist, sports medicine and exercise therapy doctor, nutrition consultant, author of courses on nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, hematomonitoring and detox, master of sports in deadlift . In people who cannot imagine food without a piece of bread or a bun, a whole cascade of reactions is triggered over time - from elementary malabsorption to metabolic disorders. And this is excess weight, deterioration of the skin, acne and hair problems.

- Enzymatic activity is reduced in many adults in order to process pure milk. Therefore, when they start drinking milk, especially fresh, bloating occurs, this affects the volume of the abdomen. And that's not counting the fact that there may be problems with the stool - diarrhea and the like. Just because of milk sugar. Vegetable types of milk will not cause such a reaction, says Tamara Kramcheninova. - In addition, milk and dairy products contain milk sugar, lactose. Many people are lactose intolerant.

If you “get fat” after a glass of milk, this is a reason to see a doctor


increase. And this is not normal - such a symptom suggests that it is worth thinking about the health of the gastrointestinal tract: an absolutely healthy person will not have such a reaction. Unless, of course, he overeats and drinks two liters of milk a day and does not eat a pound of cottage cheese. In the case when such a reaction occurs even when drinking a small amount of milk (for example, 100 ml), you need to consult a doctor and think about treatment. First of all, these can be enzymatic disorders, problems with the pancreas and, perhaps, with the intestinal microflora. In any case, only a specialist will make an accurate diagnosis. Ideally, if you do everything according to the rules, it is better to undergo an ultrasound of the abdominal organs and pass tests.

This category includes both soda and supposedly healthy mineral water. The use of any water enriched with carbon dioxide leads to the accumulation of gases in the stomach and, as a result, to a temporary increase in its volume. A swollen belly will be with you from an hour to three. But if mineral water has only a temporary effect, without adding kilograms, soda (like other industrially produced sugary drinks) will give extra weight for the company.

- Gases, which are present in large quantities in drinks, adversely affect the condition of our liver. Secondly, the amount of sugar, carbohydrates that is added to sweet carbonated drinks (and there are a lot of them) will also affect excess weight, says Tamara Kramcheninova. - First of all, fat is deposited on the abdomen - this is visceral fat. But along with this fat, in parallel, the weight will grow. Many do not think about it and drink sugary drinks instead of water.

Carbonated water will not only make you fat for a while, but will also add real weight


— From carbonated drinks, you can leave only mineral water. Because everything else is simple carbohydrates, there is a lot of sugar. Plus, this is wildly addictive, says Kristina Korolkova. - All these additives are flavoring, enhancers act on the nervous system, so addiction begins. Why does the usual food to a person then seem tasteless. This is not because something is wrong with broccoli - it is because a person drank soda and ate chips before broccoli. For such people, then even a piece of beef will seem tasteless.

Kristina Korolkova — certified fitness trainer, nutrition correction specialist, sports nutrition consultant.

By the way, addiction to sugary carbonated drinks fades with time. It works like this: when we eat too many harmful foods, the receptors in the oral cavity begin to hypertrophy and require more of such food. Then, after an average of three weeks, everything returns to normal, and we crave that kind of food less. Also, do not forget about the dangerous food "friendship" of soda and fast food.

- This is a dangerous food neighborhood. First of all, it leads to inflammation of the gastric mucosa, gastritis occurs. And gastritis, inflammation of the gallbladder, duodenum 12 - inflamed organs of the gastrointestinal tract are unable to properly absorb food, says Tamara Kramcheninova. - As a result, this leads to a metabolic disorder, which is accompanied by weight gain, an increase in the volume of the abdomen.

We have heard about the benefits of fiber more than once. For example, it absorbs excess fats and simple carbohydrates, slows down absorption and reduces the total calorie content of the food eaten. But you can forget about the benefits if you eat too much fiber. According to the National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, an adult needs 20-30 grams of fiber per day to avoid problems with digestion and intestinal microflora. For children, the daily allowance is 10 grams (+1 for each year of life). Too much fiber in the diet can lead to bloating, bloating, gas, and constipation. The bonus is poor absorption of trace elements and other nutrients. So it doesn’t hurt to find out which foods are rich in fiber and which ones contain the minimum amount. The least fiber is in Savoy and sea cabbage (0. 5 and 0.6 grams per 100 grams of product, respectively), the most is in wheat bran (43.6 grams). Also, do not lean on cabbage and other products of the cruciferous family, legumes, raspberries, bananas, apples.

You will get the most fiber from these foods


Some diets allow you to drink a glass of wine with dinner, but this is the maximum you can afford. Yes, the calorie content of alcohol is relatively low (the coefficients vary depending on the strength and the specific type of drink), but these are completely different calories.

“Despite the fact that it has a completely different calorie content, different from the same food, and everyone thinks that alcohol consumption is fast, nothing like that,” says Kristina Korolkova. - Because alcohol retains fluid in the body. You may burn calories, but you will still have liquid. In addition, alcohol is a multi-carbohydrate. There are a lot of carbohydrates, and simple ones. What is most alcohol made from? From the same yeast, sugar, all kinds of additives, and these are simple carbohydrates.

All listed products work the same for everyone without exception. If some other food makes you bloated and temporarily enlarges your stomach, this indicates an individual intolerance and clinical history. In addition, it should be borne in mind that most often nothing happens temporarily. Unless the water leaves the body naturally, the rest will stay in the body.

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