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Despite being easy to use and clean with minimal parts, we do not recommend this blender due to a black residue we observed

Credit: NutriBullet

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Price:   $70 List | $55.99 at Amazon

Pros:  Reasonable price, easy to use, simple to clean

Cons:  No cooking feature, black substance under extractor blade, misleading cleaning information

Manufacturer:   NutriBullet

By Molly Bradac ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 1, 2021

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#7 of 10

  • Puree Quality - 35% 1. 0

  • Ease of Use - 30% 7.6

  • Health/Safety - 20% 8.2

  • Ease of Cleaning - 15% 8.0

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The Skinny

This is a product we cannot recommend despite some compelling features. The NutriBullet Baby consistently created smooth purees in our tests without the hassle of multiple parts. With a blender system, you can forget about the cleanup or descaling an all-in-one product. Besides two blender sizes, additional accessories include storage cups and a freezer tray, making baby food production more manageable. Unfortunately, while testing, we noticed an unknown black substance under the extractor blade. This black substance concerns us and leaves us wondering if it might be able to get into the baby food. While NutriBullet told us that "the black residue is not mixing with the pureed food" one Amazon user review disputes that, and says they observed it getting into the food (with a photo). We're just left uncomfortable with what we observed, and as a result, we would not in good faith recommend that a friend buy this product, nor will we use it ourselves to prepare baby food.

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Pros Reasonable price, easy to use, simple to cleanGlass, easier cleaning, above-average performance, and user-friendlyQuality puree, easy to clean, inexpensiveMinimal, small in size, compact, lid included, easy to clean, inexpensive, portablePortable, fairly easy to clean, low-cost, free from BPA and PVC
Cons No cooking feature, black substance under extractor blade, misleading cleaning informationLoud on highest setting, trapped food chunks under bladeDoes not cookBelow-average puree quality, small amounts, requires effort, lid may pop-off, stainingDoes not grind all foods, blade is dull, liquid can leak, and grinds small quantities of food
Bottom Line Despite being easy to use and clean with minimal parts, we do not recommend this blender due to a black residue we observedA blender that performs decently and features a Boroclass pitcher that is durable and healthier for babiesSimple, inexpensive, and versatile, this unit makes baby food in a snapA travel-friendly, manual food maker that mashes, but does not puree like machinesA no-frills baby food maker that is good for those seeking portability at a low-cost
Rating Categories NutriBullet Baby Oster Pro 1200 Blender Sage Spoonfuls Pure. .. OXO Tot Food Masher Green Sprouts Fresh...
Puree Quality (35%)
Ease of Use (30%)
Health/Safety (20%)
Ease of Cleaning (15%)
Specs NutriBullet Baby Oster Pro 1200 Blender Sage Spoonfuls Pure... OXO Tot Food Masher Green Sprouts Fresh...
Capacity 2 oz Single-Serving Storage Cups, 12 oz Short Cup, 32 oz/4 cups Batchbowl 6 cups Not Listed for Food Processor, N/A for Immersion Blender Not Listed 1 Cup
Footprint Small Large Small Small Small
Steam No No No No No
Settings Puree Blend, Puree Blend, Puree Blend, Mash Blend, Puree
Special Features None None None None
Included Accessories (1) Easy-pop batch tray with lid, (6) Date-dial storage cups with tip-proof tray, (1) Short cup with lid (1) 6 cup Pitcher, 24 oz. Smoothie Cup with Lid HomeMade Essentials Package Available with (1) Recipe Book, (6) Glass 4oz Storage Jars, (60) Labels, (1) Immersion Blender with Food Processor Attachment and Pocket Guide (1) Lid None
Available Accessories None None Sage Baby Eco Steamer, Sage Spoonfuls - Simple Recipes, Healthy Meals, Happy Babies; Sage Spoonfuls Pocket Guide, Assorted Storage Jars, Pouches, Snackie and Munchie Bag Sets None None

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The NutriBullet Baby is a subdivision of Homeland Housewares, LLC. The company produces several Bullet versions under different names with slightly different takes on the original Magic Bullet. The company's primary goal is to make your life easier with everyday products for your home of good quality and value.

Performance Comparison

The NutriBullet Baby is easy and quick to use and produces top-notch purees.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Puree Quality

We tested various foods ranging from soft to rough to evaluate performance and puree quality, including raw items. Although the NutriBullet Baby consistently produces smooth purees, it has a significant drawback that hurts its ranking.

The NutriBullet Baby pureed all the foods we tried with relative ease. While this blender had difficulty with kale, this ingredient was challenging for most of the competition. But, overall, the machine's purees consistency was predictable, and most foods were smooth enough for a baby's first foods.

The NutriBullet Baby comes with one blade.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Since this machine will only blend and puree, you will need to pre-cook most foods before blending, but we think stovetop steaming is often easier to manage with fewer parts to clean than an all-in-one baby food maker.

Blueberries.Partially frozen peaches.

If the food is thick or lacks enough liquid, you will need to remove the cup or bowl and shake it to finish the puree. The motor can run for 60 seconds without a pause.

Peas.Sweet potato.

During testing, while following the user manual directions, we noticed black residue. We don't know the source or makeup of the black substance, and we are concerned that there is potential for it to end up in the baby's food. Other users have observed the same issue and, in some cases, more severely than ourselves. To get more information about this mystery substance, we contacted NutriBullet for comment (see quote below).

"At NutriBullet, we take product performance seriously, using a dedicated team of professionals to ensure the safety and functionality of all products within the NutriBullet family. Our product team can confirm the black residue is not mixing with the pureed food within an undamaged blender. The NutriBullet Baby Blender was tested and evaluated extensively both internally and by independent labs such as UL before being released to consumers. All food contact surfaces are constructed of FDA-approved materials, and the product is safe to use for pureeing baby food. Should consumers need further assistance with their NutriBullet products, please contact our Customer Service team, which is available to answer any questions."

Photograph of the black residue underneath the extractor blade. Although it is not substantial, we believe it should not be occurring.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Amazon User Reviews Observe a Similar Black Residue Issue

There are user reviews on Amazon of the NutriBullet Baby that cite a similar black residue issue, and some include photos that illustrate a more severe issue than we saw ourselves.

Currently, the Top Review on Amazon for this product as of July 1, 2021 is very negative verified review, 1-star rating, posted by Joshua in Nov 2020, and includes photos of the issue and also includes this statement:

Safety is important, especially when it comes to our babies and what they put into their body. The black part pictured began to deteriorate and rub against the fitting that spins. This created a black rubber powder that just gets everywhere.

The next verified Top Review on Amazon for this product at this time, is also very negative, 1-star rating, titled "Rubber Gear of nutri bullet baby melts", and also includes photos:

Rubber Gear of nutri bullet baby melts and mixes with baby food . We have been feeding our baby for the past 10 days without realizing that rubber was melting and getting into the food until today where we saw sweet potato turning black in color .
We definitely do not recommend this as we have been feeding baby with harmful chemicals .

It is worth noting that the above user review says that they observed the material "getting into the food" and seeing "sweet potato turning black in color". This contradicts that statement NutriBullet sent us that stated, "Our product team can confirm the black residue is not missing with the pureed food within an undamaged blender."

Ease of Use

We consider how intuitive a product is to use and whether you will need to review the user manual for this metric. Among the competition, the NutriBullet Baby ranks high.

The machine is easy to assemble and straightforward to use, requiring only a few parts to create baby food. It also has one setting, so do not fret over choosing the wrong setting or cook time.

The blade is interchangeable with either container, batchbowl or short cup.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

The product includes one blade and two different-sized containers for pureeing (a 32 oz. batch bowl and a 12 oz. short cup). The blade is interchangeable with either container. So, add food to the container of your choice, twist on the blade, and blend away. Keep in mind that each container's maximum fill line is less than the marketed capacity amount, roughly about half.

The blender includes six date-dial storage cups with a tip-proof tray and an easy-pop batch tray with a lid.The included accessories make the process of storing baby food easy.

The NutriBullet Baby comes with an easy-pop batch tray with a lid, six date-dial storage cups with tip-proof tray, short cup with a stay-fresh resealable lid. The user manual also includes some recipes. However, keep in mind that the date-dial storage cups are not freezable.

Health and Safety

The NutriBullet Baby earns a higher score in health and safety.

We did not experience any residual non-food taste in the food, and the container is BPA-free plastic. However, given the potential of leaching chemicals, we prefer to use glass over plastic, especially when it comes to baby's food, but there are not many glass options on the market. We suggest making food and feeding it immediately to your baby as we believe this is better than letting food sit in plastic for an extended period. You can also purchase glass storage containers for any leftovers.

Most of the NutriBullet Baby's parts are exposed and open, making it easy to check for cleanliness. Plus, it has no steam tank, so there are no concerns for steam-related burns, descaling, or hidden areas for mold, rust, or other potentially harmful things to grow.

Most of the NutriBullet Baby's parts are manageable and easy to wash by hand.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Cleaning

The NutriBullet Baby earns a high score in this metric as you can easily take it apart; the parts are manageable to clean by hand, and with no steam tank, you can avoid descaling, mineral deposits, or inaccessible areas for mold to grow.

While testing, we observed a marketing and user manual discrepancy. The NutriBullet's website states, "All components are dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup." However, the user manual states, "Do not put the Nutribullet Baby blades and other plastic parts in the dishwasher. Hand-wash with warm, soapy water."

A photo of NutriBullet's website, which mentions that the blender's components are diswasher-safe.We noticed a difference between online marketing and the user manual regarding if the product is dishwasher-safe.

We believe parents should be able to trust company marketing, and if a user manual differs from that marketing, we believe this diminishes trust. We requested a statement from NutriBullet regarding this cleaning inconsistency, and they did not comment. Therefore, to err on the side of caution and prolong product usability, we recommend you hand wash the components of the Nutribullet, despite marketing claims.

The motor base doesn't require much cleaning, but liquids can leak into the base and activator buttons.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

The manufacturer mentions that the motor base doesn't require much cleaning, but liquids can leak into the base and activator buttons, and we suggest using a damp rag to wipe down the inside and outside. For stubborn clean-up, fill the container halfway with soapy water, and blend for 10-20 seconds. This process will help loosen dry, stuck-on ingredients.

Manufacturer Video

Should You Buy the NutriBullet Baby?

In our opinion, no.

While there is much to love about the NutriBullet Baby, the black residue issue we observed, which is also cited in some Amazon User reviews, is just a deal-breaker in our opinion. We just aren't comfortable with that black residue issue, and given there are so many compelling competing products to choose from that have no similar issue, we would not recommend a friend buy the NutriBullet Baby.

Molly Bradac

Nutribullet Baby review | TechRadar

TechRadar Verdict

The Nutribullet Baby is a handy and compact blender that comes into its own when you’re prepping food for baby weaning. With six cute storage cups and two blending bowls, it's great for batch-preparing food to use at a later date.


  • +

    Choice of two blending bowls

  • +

    Comes with handy date-dial storage cups

  • +

    Great for batch blending

  • -

    Doesn’t take hot liquid

  • -

    Not as large as a standard family blender

  • -

    Plastic design (although it is BPA free)

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One-minute review  

Nutribullet is best known for its range of personal blenders that feature to-go cups so you can make smoothies and other drinks that don’t require decanting. However, the brand also offers some of the best blenders that can blitz larger quantities of fruit and vegetables. 

Now the brand has added Nutribullet Baby to its line-up. Marketed as a ‘complete baby food-making system’, the appliance can create super-smooth fruit and vegetable purees for babies who are six months and up, along with more textured meals, such as blitzing oats and grains into fine cereal for children aged one and over. 

  • NutriBullet Baby at Best Buy for $55.99


Nutribullet Baby price and availability



Should I buy?

There are two blending containers; the 32 oz / 909ml batch bowl, which is large enough to prepare more than one baby meal in one go, so you can freeze the rest ready for later in the week, and the 12 oz / 340ml short cup, which should be used for blitzing smaller portions.

Just like a Nutribullet personal blender, fill both containers with the ingredients, push and twist onto the blender’s base and start blitzing.

The Nutribullet features a pastel blue and white design, which instantly transfers you to the cutesy ‘baby zone’, while the six storage cups come with smiley faces on the side. These have been designed to make food more attractive to babies when it’s offered direct from the cup. While it won’t stop your tot from throwing their food around the room - we can but dream - it will ensure food prep and the clean up is as smooth-sailing as can be.

If you already own a large family blender, we don’t think the Nutribullet Baby is an essential buy, but if you want a machine that is dedicated to pureeing, crushing and smoothing food for your tot, it’s definitely a blender to consider.

Nutribullet Baby price and availability

  • List price: $59.99 / £59.99

The Nutribullet Baby is priced at $59.99 / £59.99 and is available in the US and UK from the Nutribullet website and Amazon for £59. 99 / US $59.99. At time of writing, it wasn't available in Australia. 

In the US, Nutribullet also offers the Nutribullet Baby Turbo Steamer, which can warm pureed meals and eggs, or sterilize bottles for $29.99, along with the Baby and Toddler Meal Prep Kit, which includes a range of fun on-the-go packaging so you can feed your children home-made dishes even when you’re out and about.  

(Image credit: TechRadar)
  • Choice of two blending bowls 
  • Baby-friendly design
  • Six freezable storage cups  

Aesthetically, the Nutribullet Baby blender is designed for new parents as its plastic Tiffany blue and white body won’t look out of place next to all the other paraphernalia that comes with a newborn such as a sterilizer, bottle warmer, and nursing pump. Each storage cup comes with a cute little face on the side, and a date dial so you can see exactly when you made the food so it can be conveniently stored in the fridge or freezer for a later date. Should you wish to feed baby direct from the pot, no doubt the smiley faces will entice your child. 

While the design is eye-catching, what it lacks is longevity - with such cute styling, it’s not an appliance that you’ll want to keep on show beyond the weaning stage. At  10.6 inches / 27 cm high and 11.8 inches /  30 cm wide - it’s small and easy to store or fit discreetly on the corner of your countertop. 

Setting it up ready for use is simple and all you need to do is choose from the two blending bowls – either the 32 oz / 909ml batch bowl or the 12 oz / 340ml short cup - twist them onto the base, plug in and use. There’s a removable section in the lid of the main batch bowl so you can add ingredients as you go, but the lid itself is a little harder to remove. 

The blender comes with a booklet that offers hints and tips on baby weaning, but for recipes, you’ll need to head to the website, where you’ll find lots of inspiration including creamy potato and corn soup or an apricot and oatmeal breakfast.  

(Image credit: TechRadar)


  • Starts instantly as you push the bowls on the base
  • Tackles a range of soft and hard ingredients 
  • Cooled ingredients only 

On test, the Nutribullet Baby impressed us with its ability to puree both soft and harder ingredients.  When we blended steamed butternut squash, cauliflower, peas and carrots, we found it  took a while for the blade to pull the ingredients down, so we added a little liquid via the removable cap on the main lid to cap to encourage the ingredients to combine. After a minute of blending the vegetables were smooth, with only a few chunkier pieces remaining. It’s worth noting that this model won’t take hot ingredients so you need to ensure they are cooled down before use. 

Once you’ve inserted the ingredients you simply push down anti-clockwise to click the bowl into place and the motor immediately starts. This was a little off putting at first as we weren’t expecting the motor to start so easily. But we soon got to grips with starting the blend with a simple push, and stopping it by moving the bowl clockwise and gently unclicking it. 

To find out how well the mixer could puree a single vegetable, we also used it to blitz some butternut squash chunks that were par-boiled to soften them slightly. We needed to give the blender a shake halfway through to try and encourage the majority of the ingredients to puree, but we managed to blend just under half a bowlful of butternut squash in around 50 seconds. The results were very smooth and ideal for baby weaning. 

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Our next test was to see how finely the blender could grind dry ingredients so we added large pieces of white bread to the batch bowl and turned it on to create breadcrumbs. This test worked particularly well and the bread was demolished in under 20 seconds.

Our final test was to see how well the blender could handle both frozen and fresh fruit. To find out, we added some frozen berries and chopped fresh bananas to the short cup pressed down, and clipped it into place. Within seconds the mix had blended and in under a minute we were able to serve up a chilly fruit puree pudding to baby. While the blender performed well in each of our tests, it’s worth noting that it is quite noisy – ramping up to 90 db when pureeing the steamed vegetables, for example.

The Nutribullet Baby is easy to clean. While it doesn’t come with a brush, if you run a hot tap on the blade straight after use you can dislodge any ingredients from the blade effectively.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Should I buy the Nutribullet Baby?

Buy it if… 

You want a useful tool for baby weaning
Whether you’re pureeing single fruit and vegetables or combining a range of hard and soft ingredients, the Nutribullet Baby can tackle a range of ingredients.  

You want to plan ahead
The blender comes with storage cups with date dials so you can freeze them and easily know when the batch was made. These cups come with a smiley face on the side, which comes in handy if you’re serving them to baby and want to entice them with a gimmick.  

You want a compact blender
The Nutribullet Baby weighs just 4.6 lb / 2.07kg and is easy to move and store. 

Don’t buy it if… 

You already own a family blender
Unless you want to keep baby’s weaning food completely separate from your dishes for the rest of the family, there isn’t anything the Nutribullet Blender can do that a standard blender can’t.

You want a stylish blender
This design is very much designed to blend in with your existing baby gadgets, and will stand out like a sore thumb once the toddler years are over.  

You want to blend hot and cold ingredients
As we’ve already mentioned, the Nutribullet Baby can only blend cold ingredients - if you want a blender that can pure hot food as well then this is best avoided.  

First reviewed: June 2021

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Food Processor NutriBullet 600W (id 75828663)

The NutriBullet is no ordinary blender because it uses its own unique food grinding technology. This device crushes the seeds, grinds the stems and rips open the skin to get to all the vital nutrients. The resulting drink is called Nutriblast - it contains an explosive mixture of vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids! All this is absorbed much better than just eaten fruit or vegetable. A thick foamy refreshing vitamin cocktail is also very tasty!

Have you ever thought that you are not getting more nutrients? The reason is that your body is not able to get to them when you just chew your food. But the good news is that if fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are thoroughly chopped beforehand, your digestive system will easily absorb the best they have to offer.

Fortunately, now you can put it into practice - with the Nutri Bullit food processor!

Many of the most important elements in food cannot be accessed by juicing, grinding or simply chewing them. In order for us to get to the nutrients inside the seeds, skins and stems of the plant food we eat, it must be completely broken down. And when this is the case, we get significantly more nutrients, even if we eat the same foods. With NutriBullet, you can make a drink filled with easily digestible nutrients that would otherwise just pass through your body without any effect.

Why the

NutriBullet Food Extractor Food Processor is worth buying now:
  • This appliance has a unique combination of 3 functions that deliver exclusive extraction technology that can turn your food into a super-nutrition.
  • The
  • Food Extractor is equipped with a powerful 600W motor to extract, crack, pulverize, crush and squeeze out all the goodness you can find in food.
  • The user manual and recipe book are packed with delicious and nutritious drink recipes to help you rejuvenate your body and feel much better.
  • The appliance comes with two reusable freshness lids that fit directly onto the low and high bowls.

Top reasons to love Nutri Bullitt:

  • Grinds food to extract beneficial nutrients at the cellular level;
  • Cracks seeds, cuts stems and grinds even hard foods (like carrots or nuts) to get to hidden nutrients;
  • Rubs, crumbles, grinds;
  • Helps a healthy lifestyle;
  • Reduces time spent in the kitchen;
  • Powerful motor 600W;
  • Specially designed blades move cyclonic;
  • BPA-free construction;
  • Neat;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Small and compact - will decorate every kitchen;
  • Universal - perfect for everyone;
  • Regular use of Nutriblast improves sleep quality;
  • May prevent acute pain such as migraine;
  • Improves overall health.


  • Power: 600W
  • Blade speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Dimensions:
    Base diameter: 13. 5 cm
    Base height without bowl: 20 cm
    Large bowl height: 17 cm
    Small bowl height: 12.5 cm
  • Type: Stationary
  • Weight, kg: 3.04
  • Contents:
    Powerful Motor Base
    Large Bowl (0.7L)
    Small Bowl (0.5L) + Convenient Seal with Handle
    Small Bowl with Handle (0.5L) + Convenient Seal
    Flat Blade (for chopping)
    Double blade (for extraction)
    Reusable lids for keeping food fresh 2 pcs.
    User manual and recipe book

NutriBullet Rx BLACK {1700W, 12 accessories included} food extractor (id 61958774)

Specifications and description

Meet the new super powerful food NutriBullet RX 1700W! The world-famous brand NutriBullet will provide your family with vegetable and fruit smoothies, juices and purees with the maximum content in them, while now you can whip hot foods and get warm creamy soups.

If you prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle, then you know very well that proper nutrition should be its main component. Freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and other healthy goodies are quite expensive in cafes and restaurants. But now you can cook all this right at home. The NutriBullet RX Food Extractor will help you with this!

The Nutribullet Rx is the most powerful model in the entire NutriBullet series, suitable for making various soups, purees and baby food, which will greatly help new mothers. The HANDS-FREE AUTO START/STOP technology starts the extractor automatically when the bowl is turned. After 7 minutes of continuous operation, the food extractor will automatically turn off.

NutriBullet is a system with proprietary food grinding technology. The extractor crushes the seeds, grinds the stems, grinds the nuts and herbs to a homogeneous mass. It is an extractor, and not a blender, because it does not just mix the ingredients, but grinds them as much as possible, and they are absorbed much better than just an eaten fruit or vegetable.

Nutribullet Rx combines the functions of a juicer and a blender, and at the same time exceeds the capabilities of both.

Why you should buy the NutriBullet Rx 1700W food extractor right now:

  • The NutriBullet RX has a power of 1700 W, which means that its powerful motor and super sharp blades grind any food into a raft to grains much faster.
  • A large 1.5 liter bowl is added to the package, in which you can prepare cream soups, baby food and various sauces. Also included is a tall bowl 900 ml, medium bowl 750 ml, small bowl 450 ml.
  • Also included in the package is a convenient lid for a bowl with a cork, which allows you to take the finished drink with you, for example, to work or for a walk.