Ishra ff baby feeding

AN ISHRA FF: Main Kaun Hoon - her cranky babies

AN ISHRA FF: Main Kaun Hoon


An Ishra story , Ishra pov after leap of seven years Its all about ishra passion and desire for eachother

#anger #emotional #intense #love #passionate #romance #wattys2017 #प्रशंसकसाहित्य

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After sending her kids to school

Ishita pays her attention towards her krish baby and how can she forget her raman baby

Ishita shut the door and gave krish to raman by facing very hard time as krish is getting very demanding

Ishita bring food

( all the time raman is not looking at ishita directly but he has his eyes on her each and every movement)

As soon ishita sat on bed with food in her hands krish rush to her to enter in her arms

but raman hold him back in nick time

Ishita: krishu baby

mumma ko krishu ko ek bahut important baat batani hain

(Mumma wants to tell something very important to krish)

krish got alert with his mom's words

Like a serious conversation is going to happen and he is a mature individual

Ishita knows she has to distract krisshu from her to something related to her like her talks and she succeeded somewhat. ...

Ishita continuing her talks with krish

Forwarded a morsel of non-teekha aloo paratha in krish mouth and krish have it

Ishita again break a morsel dipped in dahi and feed to raman

But raman did not open his mouth

Ishita gestured him to have food but he stares at her

Ishita: raman

Have naa baba

Krish whimpered as ishita is not talking with him

Ishita tried to make him calm down by feeding aloo paratha but he is throwing that from his mouth and take his mouth towards her breasts

Ishita make krish lie down on her shoulder and patted him and talk with him

Listening ishita voice and her talks as if understanding her krish stops his whimpers

Ishita looked at raman

And raman stood up from bed and went in bathroom

Ishita panicked

What happen and why raman is not having food. ...

Is he ok

Here to get krish calm

Ishita is facing very hard time

Ishita moved food plates from bed and settled herself in bed and make krish lie down in her lap and opened her blouse

Take out her breast and insert her breast nipple in krish's mouth making krish stopping his cries

Raman came after 30 mins

He had shower and finished his morning chores

Raman avoids her

Ishita : raman aap theek ho
(Raman u ok)

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Why? An ISHRA OS After 7 Years - Australia: At Ishita's place - Page 5

Why? An ISHRA OS After 7 Years


Raman side of story mature one

#completed #fanfiction #love #romance #sad #प्रशंसकसाहित्य

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He just went to his favourite spot and hold her nipple from his mouth bt there is something a miss

Wts that his favourite aha his feeder is in his mouth what is a miss then ih yeh. ...

He roamed his hand around in search of her free hand and make her hand rest on his head and moving her fingers in his hairs while he is sucking her milk.......

This give him feeling that he is her baby and she is feeding him ..

He sucked both of them equally by taking long time and then sucked her waist for long time..

Then remove her saree and petticot from her body ... he already had removed her blouse from her body while calming down his hunger the blouse was already in side of her

He throw it so hardly like punishing him how dare he come in between his milk and him. ....

Than he removed his clothes her inners and made love to her in passionate way making compensate her his seven years pain loneliness.

Ishita was allowing him to do whayever he wanted to bcoz she equally want that we all know they are mad for eachother

They made love with eachother many times in night ofcourse with raman getting his dose from her time to time u know naa babies dont let their mothers sleep at night they need to be feed many times at night same goes with ishita this baby also and they slept raman on her bosom
Her nipple in his mouth while sleeping..


Ishita opened her eyes first and feels something on her breast and hardness on her nipple and saw raman in his baby position holding her tightly from waist and she tried to take out her nipple from raman mouth waking up raman and thus making him suckling her nipple again in hunger and like a baby . ... her nipple starts paining bcoz of his teeths hurting them she starts pacifying raman by roaming her fingers in his hairs and patting his back like a baby to relax him

And he relaxed on her bossom leaving nipple from his mouth tears flow down from his eyes on her breast
Keeping his eyes closed

He sobbed and asked







BT THIS TIME RAMAN MAKE SURE SHE WILL NOT LEAVE HIM he made her give him a promise that she will breastfeed him daily as per his wish like mother feeds her baby and never ever leave him alonr wherever she goes he will come with her

And she accepeted that with her KUCH BHI.......

raman: meri dose ka time ho gaya hai an do
Ishita: raman abh toh itni jldi
Raman: haan toh and he starts drinking milk again

Aftr few hours ishita went to living room after taking shower and informed mani and kids abt her and raman patch up they bcome happy meanwhile raman also informed everyone specially pihu who is super excited bcoz going to meet her mamma.

Raman came down and ishita was reading a book on sofa raman came and put his head on her lap and says i m hungry ishita: raman food will be ready in some time i was waiting for you . I will just prepate it
And raman : madraasan saat saal se bhooka hu tujhe itni asaani se nh chodne wala mera food toh hamesha hi ready rehta hai and so plzzz u all shud leave now its raman's feeding time......

I dont know hw the story is
Its just that regular reader of ishra stories and love all the writings on them specially mature part and i like when author emphasize on husband wife breastlove dnt know y so thought of writing something..n .

Srry if i hurt someone feelings just
This is my first story

Plzzz comments are welcomed bt plzz dnt assume any thing abt my character or dnt abuse me plzzzz

I m a simple girl yes modern bt still immersed in my roots of morals and principles. .....

Indicators of child development

How does a child grow in the first year of life?

In the first year of life, the baby grows rapidly and gains weight. During this time, he manages to grow about 25 cm and triple his weight. His teeth begin to erupt - by the year a child usually grows 8 teeth, and a full set (20 teeth) appears by 2.5 years. From a helpless creature, unable to hold his own head, the baby turns into a fidget, who actively moves around the house - at first crawling, and then on foot.

In the same period, there is a rapid development of the neuropsychic sphere: emotions, intellect, speech. By the age of one, the child already knows many names of objects, toys, names of loved ones, distinguishes between geometric objects, and is even able to start a game with a certain storyline. Some children at this age begin to pronounce their first words.

Is it possible to speed up the formation of a child's speech?

Parents are able to accelerate the formation of a child's speech. To do this, in the period from 0 to a year, it is important to talk with the baby as much as possible, reinforcing the words with facial expressions and gestures. The development of speech is helped by special games and exercises for training the muscles of the lips and cheeks. More complex and varied activities help develop the speech of a child of 1-2 years.

It also happens that despite all efforts, the child's speech remains slurred. It is very important to find out the exact cause of speech disorders: after all, it can be based on defects in the structure of the speech organs, hearing impairment, brain damage during childbirth, and mental retardation. In order to correct speech in time, it is important to contact a speech therapist as soon as possible.

What to do if a child has been diagnosed with mental retardation?

If a child has been diagnosed with mental retardation, you should seek qualified help from specialists - a psychotherapist, defectologist, psychologist, speech therapist. Parents should not panic - after all, children with a temporary delay in development are by no means mentally retarded. With timely correction, most of them gradually catch up with their peers and can successfully finish school.


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Squadron 42 beta will not be released in autumn 2020 — DTF 9 games0001

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Developers won't name new release dates, even approximate ones.

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The head of Cloud Imperium Games, Chris Roberts, stated during an AMA session on the company's website that there is "quite a lot of time left" before the beta testing of the single player campaign of the space simulator Star Citizen. Squadron 42 itself will be released "when it is ready."

Apparently, the start of the "beta" was again postponed and will not take place in the near future. The last time it was planned for the third quarter of 2020, and the launch was originally scheduled for 2016.

According to Roberts, work on the game continues, but the studio does not want to give even approximate dates, so as not to rush to certain deadlines. But in the near future, Cloud Imperium will still show a roadmap, from which it will be clear how development is progressing.

You're not really asking what exactly we're working on for Squadron 42, you're just wondering when it will be released. The best answer to your question is: Squadron 42 will be ready when it is ready, we won't release it to meet a certain date. The release will take place when all the technical and content parts are ready, polished and playable.

I don't want to jeopardize the creation of a game that I believe in with all my heart and soul, even if everyone (myself included) wants to get Squadron 42 as soon as possible. It would be disrespectful to everyone who is working hard on the project, and to you who want to get something really cool.

The new roadmap will show how we are moving towards the goal. And the closer we get to the completion of the work, the more accurate it will be.

Chris Roberts, Head of Cloud Imperium Games

The head of Cloud Imperium emphasized that Star Citizen is a large-scale project, and due to the specifics and unpredictability of game development, it is very difficult to give exact dates. Roberts noted that other AAA games of this caliber have been rescheduled multiple times, so that's par for the course.

You can never give a clear forecast for the future, because in the development of video games there is always an element of unpredictability, especially when the game is very ambitious and sets a high bar for quality.

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