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Weeknights just got a little easier. Sprout Organics is now serving up Mealz — organic, heat & serve bowls for the big kids in your family.

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Bring on the veggies, the fruits, and the essential grains! Sprout takes pride in ALL the ingredients within our products, which is why we are proud to remind you we always choose organic.

Every. Single. Ingredient.

Organic Baby Food Pouch

CoComelon Apple, Oatmeal, Raisin & Cinnamon (12-pack)

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Organic Baby Food Pouch

Purple Carrot, Apple & Blueberry (12-pack)

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Organic Baby Food Pouch

Carrot, Chickpeas, Zucchini & Pear (12-pack)

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Organic Baby Food Pouch

Harvest Vegetables, Apricot & Chicken (12-pack)

Regular Price $25.45

Organic Baby Food Pouch

Smoothie with Strawberry, Banana, Yogurt, Veggies & Flaxseed (12-pack)

Regular Price $22.95

Organic Baby Food Pouch

Veggie Power with Green Veggies, Pineapple & Apple (12-pack)

Regular Price $22.95

Organic Baby Food Pouch

Apple, Banana & Butternut Squash (12-pack)

Regular Price $21.95

Organic Baby Food Pouch

Pumpkin, Apple, Red Lentil & Cinnamon (12-pack)

Regular Price $25. 45

Organic Baby Food Pouch

CoComelon Yes, Yes Veggie (12-pack)

Regular Price $23.95

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Made with all organic ingredients—Every. Single. Ingredient.


Variety Packs

Exploring new flavors has never been so easy with Sprout Organics Pouch Variety Packs. Packed with organic fruits, veggies, and (sometimes) grains. Try some of our best-selling pouch flavors and find new favorites with your little sprout.

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Sprout and CoComelon have teamed up to make munchtime for your kiddo funner than ever!

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Powerful Proteins

Beef, chicken, turkey, and plant-based options to help pump that iron. No dumbbells needed.

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Happy 4th from all of us at Sprout! 🍉 🏖️ ☀️


Apple Kale Puffs in @xellysbelly's cup! 🍎


Love exists in all kinds of families, no matter what they look like. 💓


Whats even better than one Dad? TWO cool dads! 🙌 🌈


That moment when you find your favorite Wafflez @Walmart! 🤗 🧇


Squishy vibrant #SproutCrafts for simple sensory playtime! 


That look after finishing off a pouch of Sprout goodness... 😀


A childhood fave: fruit and veggie stamping for #SproutCrafts! 🎨 


Frequently Asked Questions

All ingredients we use are organic. Not some, every single ingredient! This isn’t something that all baby food companies can say. Sprout Organics has been around since 2008 and we’ve been gaining parents’ trust ever since. Whenever we do something, we ask ourselves if it lines up with our 3 promises: Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it fun. 

What “organic” means to us

What’s in a name? Here at Sprout Organics, organic is everything. As in, every single ingredient is organic. Just check our label! It’s not always easy to decipher exactly what’s in the food you’re buying—and what’s not. Sprout makes it easy: 

Every single meal and snack product we sell is made with ingredients that are grown and processed according to strict federal guidelines. These regulate soil quality and prohibit synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  

None of our products contain ingredients that are grown or handled using GMOs.

What we offer

Sprout Organics offers a range of products that make mealtime and snack time easy and full of nutritious ingredients. For your little family members 6 months and up, we offer snacks, puree pouches, and meals. 

Did you know that we were the first baby food company to introduce pouches so parents can feed their babies on the go? Seriously, that was us! 

Don’t be caught empty handed! Explore our wide variety to add to school lunches, have on the playground, and for whenever you’re on the go. Wafflez are an easy and delicious treat made with Stoneground wheat flour and fruits, packaged individually for convenience. Or try our Crinklez or Curlz for fun self-feeding finger foods your child will love. 

Sprout Organics also provides Toddler Meals make getting whole, organic ingredients easier than ever. Every single one packs in a full serving of vegetables and flavors that wow. 

You may have seen our partnership with CoComelon. In line with our mission to keep it real, keep it simple, and keep it fun, we are so excited to hear how much you have been loving our lineup of organic pouches and snacks featuring your favorite CoComelon characters. 

A new look

Have you recently noticed different packaging? Sprout Organics is currently refreshing our brand to keep it real, simple, and fun (if we do say so ourselves). We’re still using the same organic ingredients you trust and your little one loves. Keep an eye out at your local grocery store for our new look!

From 6 months and up, Sprout Organics offers fun ways to introduce new flavors to your baby with a variety of simple pouch flavors and baby snacks like puffs!  

Here at Sprout Organics, we know that kids move at their own pace (AKA baby led weaning!). On every label, we provide recommendations on what age is appropriate for our products, but it’s up to you and your little one to explore a world of texture and flavor. And if you ever have any questions, always seek professional advice from your pediatrician. 

And Sprout Organics is here for parents every step of the way as your little sprout grows and is wanting more. We offer a tasty (toddler panel approved) lineup of toddler snacks and meals. Try fan-favorites like Crinklez, Wafflez, and Crispy Chews. 

How do I know how much to feed my baby at mealtimes?

When you begin, you are introducing your baby to the idea of eating something other than breast milk or formula, more than supplementing your baby's diet. For that reason, it is not necessary at first for your baby to eat a certain amount. Your child should show readiness signs that they are ready to begin solids (discuss these with your pediatrician), and one of those signs is the ability to turn their head. This ability enables your child to signal you by turning away from the spoon.  

Babies differ so much in their preferences and their readiness for solids that it's difficult to make hard and fast rules about the consistency, amount, and type of solid foods to offer. You and your pediatrician should discuss your individual child's needs as they grow and develop.

What are the 3 “stages” of baby food?

When it comes to baby food, there are three common “stages” based on the texture and flavor complexity. Here are the basics: 

Stage 1 is for 4-6 months. It typically has one ingredient with a light consistency 

Stage 2 is for 6-8 months. These foods include a few ingredients, and the consistency gets a little thicker. 

Stage 3 is for 9-12 months. These foods include blended purees and softer finger foods. 

Stage 4  (AKA Toddler) is for 12 months and up. Your toddler will be a self-feeding pro with Sprout Organics snacks like Wafflez and Curlz. Plus, they’re ready for tasty options like our Butternut Mac n Cheese and the Burrito Bowl.

According to the most recent USDA Dietary Guidelines, 90% of children under 2 years old are falling short of their daily recommendation of vegetables (about ¾-1 cup per day). Here at Sprout Organics, we know that getting your kiddo to sit and eat a whole cup of vegetables every day isn’t always reasonable.  

We are here to help fill that gap: over 50% of Sprout Organics pouches and 100% of meals are *veggie-leading*. We have entire collections dedicated to getting babies and toddlers full servings of vegetables, including our Veggie Power pouches and all our Toddler Meals. 

You betcha! Sprout Organics snacks were born to be on-the-go, just like you and your family. Individually wrapped snacks like Wafflez and resealable cans of Curlz are great options for your family.  

When it comes to bringing our puree pouches in your carry-on, TSA’s website says “baby/toddler food (to include puree pouches) in quantities greater than 3. 4 ounces or 100 milliliters are allowed in carry-on baggage and do not need to fit within a quart-sized bag.” 

Shipping Information & Tracking

Unlock FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50. 

Orders on ship via UPS Ground and Surepost. 

Right now, only ships within the United States. 

A shipment notification email will be sent out to the email address included within the order including a tracking number when your order ships. 


Our #1 goal at Sprout Foods is to provide you and your family with the highest quality products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, please notify our customer service team at [email protected] or call us directly at 1-877-704-8777 (toll free) within 30-days of receiving your product(s). Sprout may issue a replacement product or credit to use on future purchases.

Sprout does not accept food item returns. Instead, we recommend donating to a friend, family member, or your local food bank!

In the event our product is delivered with a quality concern or past the expiration date, please provide the following details to our customer service team: 1) online order number 2) description of issue 3) images of defective product and lot code information (normally found on the back or bottom of product).

If Sprout determines that a refund is in order, refunds are processed within approximately five to ten business days of your notice to our customer service team. Your refund will be credited back to the same payment method used to make the original purchase on the

How do subscriptions work?

It’s simple. Go to any product page, select your delivery frequency, and complete checkout! We’ll take care of the rest. 

You will save 15% on every subscription order PLUS if the subscription total is over $50, each order will receive free shipping. 

No sneaky refills, you will receive an email 3 days before each subscription fulfillment.  

Want to make changes? Easy-peasy. You can set up an account to manage and update the details of your subscriptions all on your own. We’re here if you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know how much to feed my baby at mealtimes?

When you begin, you are introducing your baby to the idea of eating something other than breast milk or formula, more than supplementing your baby's diet. For that reason, it is not necessary at first for your baby to eat a certain amount. Your child should show readiness signs that they are ready to begin solids (discuss these with your pediatrician), and one of those signs is the ability to turn their head. This ability enables your child to signal you by turning away from the spoon.

Babies differ so much in their preferences and their readiness for solids that it's difficult to make hard and fast rules about the consistency, amount, and type of solid foods to offer. You and your pediatrician should discuss your individual child's needs as they grow and develop.

When Should I Feed What?

Starter - 1st Stage - Single Ingredients

It is recommended that parents try new foods one at a time for 3 to 5 days to test for allergies to any food ingredient while the baby is still primarily breast or formula feeding. Some parents like to add baby's usual breast milk or formula to a 1st stage food to ease the transition and add a bit of familiarity to a new experience.

Intermediate - 2nd Stage - Simple Combinations

These recipes are combinations of two or more ingredients. Nutritionally, these foods are designed to complement continued breast or formula feeding as your baby is exploring even more foods and flavors.

Advanced - 3rd Stage - Meals with Texture

These recipes are designed for children comfortable with more texture in their foods. These recipes also provide more balanced nutrition including more protein and calories for babies eating more food and less breast milk or formula.

Toddler - 4th Stage

Our Toddler Purees and Snacks are designed to accompany, or to be served in between, your little one's mealtimes. Blends of superfruits, nutrient-rich veggies, creamy yogurt and ancient grains make the perfect snack for your growing big kid.

How Do I Know My Child Can Have Them?

Allergies to spices are uncommon, and the quantity used in Sprout Baby Food per serving is very small. Different cultures incorporate spices into their babies' diets earlier than others. A child's familiarity with spices will vary depending on things like how "spicy" and varied the diet of a breastfeeding mother was, or if the child was primarily formula-fed.

If there is any history of allergies to a particular ingredient in your family, you may want to exercise caution and do a 3-5 day allergy trial, as you would with any other food. For example, you could add a sprinkle of cinnamon to any one of the Sprout Baby Food Starter recipes your baby already enjoys, before trying it in a combination.

What is the best way to serve Sprout's recipes?

Sprout recipes that come in "squeezable" pouches can be squeezed onto spoon or into a bowl to serve younger babies. Older babies and toddlers may enjoy holding the pouches themselves for self-feeding.

Where should I keep unopened pouches of Sprout Baby Food?

Unopened pouches should be kept at room temperature, like in your cupboard or pantry. We don't recommend exposure to freezing or excess heat. Freezing is unnecessary and is not recommended because it can cause changes in texture, or separation. Refrigeration is not necessary unless the pouch has been opened and then the pouch must be refrigerated and then discarded after 24 hours. See the above question about serving from the pouch and storage.

Kitchen in an anthill - msk.zhzh.rf - LiveJournal

The name speaks for itself - the ants' kitchen is a place for cooking. The basis of nutrition of ants - reapers are seeds. They are stored in the warehouses I told you about. There, the grains are constantly carefully examined, sorted and checked to see if the grain has begun to germinate.

For a long time, scientists could not understand how ants manage to store seeds in an anthill all winter and avoid germination. It turned out quite recently. It turns out that the seeds are simply not allowed to germinate. When grains germinate, enzymes are released that convert starch into sugar, which ants love so much. As soon as a small sprout appears, the ants immediately gnaw it off, feasting on sweets. By the way, it was precisely because I kept trying to photograph an ant with such a grain that I did not release a story about the kitchen for so long. nine0003

I confess, I even tried to germinate these seeds myself and treat them to ants. It turned out like this. See this look?

The germinated seed was taken to a landfill. And they looked in my direction so reproachfully that I am still ashamed. ..

However, I still caught an ant with a grain beginning to germinate

Do you see a small sprout? I shoot with Olympus, my camera has an electronic teleconverter, it is thanks to him that I can shoot so large, with an acceptable depth of field. Seems to be visible, right? nine0003

But it's true. Dessert.
Reaper ants feed on seeds. In the warehouse, ants select grains that will be used as food. The big worker ant chooses a convenient place and starts cleaning the grain. This can happen anywhere in the anthill, before entering the kitchen is still far away.

He cleans the grain for a long time, often he even needs the help of other ants

When the grain is peeled, the soldier ant gives it to an ordinary worker. He takes it to the kitchen

Pay attention to how carefully the grain is cleaned! And they didn't cut off a single piece! That is, the ant responsible for cleaning - only cleans, does not eat!

The anthill is very clean. All husks are removed immediately. Rubbish in the landfill!

If an ant cannot cope alone, they will definitely help him

It happens that the cleaned grain is too hard. Then the ant takes it from the kitchen and takes it to the wettest part of the formicarium. There are always a lot of workers there, they take the seed and keep it for a while so that it gets a little wet. The worker hangs upside down, holding the grain in the air. From time to time, inspectors come up to him, feel the grain, and when they decide that the grain is ready for eating, they take it to the kitchen. nine0003

And in the kitchen, ants are hanging upside down holding food in a canopy. One ant holds, the rest come up and little by little pinch off a large piece.

A well-fed ant goes about his business, and if he meets a hungry one, he regurgitates a drop of food, which the hungry one licks off.

Separate food is prepared for feeding the larvae. Large workers grind pieces of grain into the finest powder, essentially turning it into flour. Then they add their own saliva, rub it and feed the babies with the resulting mixture. But they themselves also don’t even mind eating at all

By the way, the larvae are also fed eggs, so to speak, of their own production. Simply put, the workers themselves lay the eggs and immediately take them to the kids

This is a very fast process, it is quite difficult to see it, the ants are somewhat bashful in this matter. I talked about this in more or less detail in the material "Nursery". But the feeding process itself looks like this:

Sometimes ants indulge in such a delicacy as canned food. Some of the eggs laid by the queen become true preserves of nutritious, delicious food for the entire colony. nine0003

The larva grows for a long time, it is taken care of in the same way as children

Here you can clearly see the difference in size

This is how ants cook their food)

Traditional 2-minute video (link to video)

The video took a lot of energy from me this time, all the time it seemed that something was wrong. Everything changed the music written by my favorite reader of my LiveJournal, blogger simart . Now I like the video, I hope you appreciate it!

And share your impressions about this report, okay? The next one will be about kindergarten)

Shot by Olympus OM-D Е-М1 and M.Zuiko Digital ED 60 mm 1:2.8 Macro lens

All reports about the anthill here

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    Open Day

    From 1 to 7 September, the "Children and Youth Center" opened its doors for boys and girls!

    Aug 29

    Youth Center announces admission to the Creative Associations

    Summer is the time for active holidays!

    “I wish that little stars continue to be born in the Rosinka camp!... children's voices continue to ring!... I will definitely come back here next year!... The Rosinka camp is the best!” Such were the wishes of the children on the last day of the shift at the Rosinka camp, which worked from June 26 to July 15 on the basis of the Children and Youth Center. They actually felt good, because for the children and adults of the Rosinka camp, the rest was really active, fun and unforgettable. nine0003

    Jun 26

    Opening of a summer day camp for children "Rosinka"

    We are celebrating the summer holiday.
    Festival of the Sun, Festival of Light!
    Friends are coming to camp!
    Together we are one family!
    Holidays are a happy, carefree time of childhood! Time for games, adventures, vivid impressions. 40 boys and girls of our village will definitely not be bored this summer. On the basis of the MOU DO DYUTS, on June 25, the day camp "Rosinka" began to work. nine0003

    On June 1, the Yard Practice project was launched in the Shatkovsky District

    Summer for children is a time of fun, laughter and infinity, but also a world in which every child must find a job of interest. During the holidays, you can go to the river with your friends, relax in the camp or come to the park, where you can have fun and interesting time at Yard Practice.

    "Nizhny Novgorod Sirius" (regional shifts for talented and gifted children)

    Results of the competitive selection for the shift "Atlas of Professions" (2018)

    Creative report "Journey through the planet of creativity"

    On April 15, 2018, a creative report called "Journey through the planet of creativity" was held at the Children's and Youth Center. The event was attended by students of creative associations: Pinocchio, Path to Creativity, Fly Model, Sprout, Souvenir, Artisan, Teapot. net", "Ashihara karate", "Woodcarving".

    Apr 20

    Graduation in "Krokh"-2018

    "Nizhny Novgorod Security School - Zarnitsa"

    Every year in our district there are competitions "Nizhny Novgorod Security School - Zarnitsa".
    They are held with the aim of instilling a sense of citizenship and patriotism, the moral and volitional qualities of the personality of young people, and the formation of a conscious attitude towards issues of personal and public security.

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