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Milupa Baby Cereal with Milk, Whole Grains and Fruits - Good Night, 400 g

Delicious bed treats for sweet dreams

Baby Cereal with Milk, Whole Grains and Fruits - Good Night

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Features & Advantages

  • Age: 6 months & up
  • Whole grains & fruits
  • Free from added preservatives and colours

Item no.: MM-154135, Content: 400 g, EAN: 4056631002834


  • 37,2% Cereals
    • 32,2% Wheat [1]
    • 1,5% Rice
    • 0,7% Rye
    • 0,7% Oats [1]
    • 0,7% Spelt [1]
    • 0,7% Millet [1]
    • 0,7% Buckwheat
  • 26% Skim Milk Powder
  • 17% Demineralised whey powder (from milk)
  • Vegetable oils
    • Palm Oil
    • Rapeseed Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Sunflower Oil
    • Soy Lecithin [2]
  • 5% Apple Powder
  • 2% Banana Flakes
  • 1% Pear Flakes
  • 0,3% Orange Fruit Powder
  • Mineral mixture
    • Calcium Carbonate
    • Ferric-III-diphosphate
    • potassium iodide
    • Vitamins
      • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
      • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
      • Vitamin A
      • Vitamin D
  1. Whole grains 34. 4%
  2. Emulsifier

Contains gluten.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per 100 g powder Per serving [1]
Energy Content / Calories1779 / 425 kjs / kcals888 / 212 kjs / kcals
Fat11,7 g5,9 g
  from Saturated Fats4,8 g2,4 g
Carbohydrates4,8 g30,6 g
  from Sugar (contains natural sugar)61,1 g15,3 g
Protein16 g8 g
Fibre5,3 g2,6 g
0,27 g0,14 g
  1. 50 g powder + 150 ml water


Ingredients Per 100 g powder Per serving [1]
Vitamin A420 mcgs210 mcgs
Vitamin D6,5 mcgs3,3 mcgs
Vitamin C44 mgs22 mgs
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)1,1 mg0,56 mg
Sodium109 mgs54,4 mgs
Calcium501 mgs251 mgs
Iron8,9 mgs4,4 mgs
Iodine91 mcgs46 mcgs
  1. 50 g powder + 150 ml water

Milupa - Preparation Instructions for Baby Cereal

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How breastfeeding is undermined

Free materials promotion

Free supplies were restricted by the International Code and finally banned in all parts of the health system by the World Health Assembly in 1994 (resolution WHA47.5). Despite the ban, companies continue to use free samples and promotional materials as a means of promoting their products. Giving bottles to newborns interferes with lactation. If a mother stops producing milk, she is forced to buy the company's products as soon as she leaves the hospital, and this is no longer free. IBFAN has been campaigning on this issue for years and is raising awareness of the promotional nature of free trials. nine0005

In July 1996, Nestlé was reported to be supplying infant formula free of charge and at low cost to hospitals in the Kunming province of China. Save the Children said in a public statement: “ Nestlé made Lactogen widely available at six hospitals in Kunming, where it was given to healthcare professionals both free of charge and at a discount. This helps create an incentive for healthcare professionals to not only use formula in hospitals, but also to actively encourage newborn mothers to use it. Lactogen has been put up for sale in some hospitals. A report prepared by our Chinese staff and local medical staff stated that consumption of Lactogena has increased while the proportion of breastfeeding has decreased.” nine0010

The International Association of Baby Food Manufacturers (IFM) companies committed themselves as early as 1991 to working towards the goal of ending free and low-cost supplies. However, the 1998 IBFAN monitoring report Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules shows that in 19 of the 31 countries studied, there were cases where stocks of infant formula were transferred to health facilities. There were also donations of follow-up formulas and complementary foods. nine0005

Monitoring conducted by the IBFAN group in Pakistan and published in the Feeding Fiasco report in March 1998 revealed that free samples were widely distributed. A former company spokesman describes in the report that hospitals get free supplies and doctors are "buyed by companies ... after which the doctor or hospital will definitely recommend the company's mixture."

Norway does not promote artificial feeding of infants, and 98% of mothers leave the hospital while breastfeeding. After 3 months, 90% continue to do so.

Unacceptable language

Article 9.2 of the International Code of Practice requires labels to be in the language of the country in which the product is sold.

IBFAN monitoring finds many countries where this is not observed. One long-standing case concerns Malawi in Central Africa. Both Nestlé and Wyeth have been featured in Breaking Rules 1994 years" for violating this provision of the Malawian code. Both claimed that English was the appropriate language, although Nestlé had previously said:

"Due to cost constraints associated with small print runs, it was not practical to change languages ​​for specific export markets. "

A few years later, while reviewing the situation, IBFAN received a letter from the Malawi Ministry of Health stating: “The Ministry discussed the need to include Chichev. – [national language] – with Nestlé… in the middle of 1994… got no response… nothing happened.” Government statistics show that of those women who could read, 43% could not read English, the language in which the label was printed.

Occasionally, companies include booklets under cover in other languages. But the booklet will only be read after purchasing the product. Even parents who choose to breastfeed need to understand the warnings about the risks of breast-milk substitutes in order to make an informed choice.

Using "humanitarian aid" to create markets

In emergencies and emergencies, it is important that babies are breastfed if possible. Artificial feeding under these conditions is difficult and dangerous, and can lead to increased infant mortality. Basic resources needed for artificial feeding, such as water, fuel and sufficient breast milk substitutes, are rare in emergencies. In addition, breast milk substitutes donated as humanitarian aid often end up on the local market and can adversely affect feeding practices in general. The baby food industry has mainly used emergencies to promote its products and has used "humanitarian aid" as a way to reach the emerging markets of Europe and the former Soviet Union. nine0005

• A large amount of baby milk has been provided by the European Union to the countries of the former Soviet Union. The banks were marked with the name of the company, the EU logo and the inscription "Gift of the European Union to the people of Russia". It looks like the product is approved by the EU.

•German baby food company Humana donated baby milk to polyclinics in Russian villages. The boxes had a picture of a baby and the words "like breast milk", which is a violation of the International Code. nine0005

•Kazakhstan rescuers got so much free infant formula they used it in their coffee!

• Dr. Anahit Demirchyan, coordinator of UNICEF's Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Armenia, said that “the distribution of breast milk substitutes as a humanitarian aid has almost destroyed our breastfeeding programs”.

IBFAN works actively with support and development organizations on infant feeding in emergencies. nine0005

For information on the IBFAN publication Critical Aspects of Infant Feeding in Emergencies and Emergencies, please see the reference sheet.

This jar was distributed in Russia as an aid from the European Union and bought on the open market in Estonia. IBFAN supports universal labeling (i.e. non-branded labels) on products when they are really needed.

Breastfeeding prevention labels

Article 9.2 of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes requires labels to be in the appropriate language and contain specific text warning that breastfeeding is best for infants and that products should only be used on the advice of a healthcare professional. Also, there should be no images or text that could idealize the use of infant formula.

Article 9.1 states that labels must not prevent breastfeeding. nine0005

Nestlés Bona, distributed in Russia, has demonstrated that it is possible to idealize the use of infant formula without using pictures of the baby.

Nestlé added to the text of the label "Important notice": "Infant formula can be used from birth when breastfeeding is not possible, or as an adjunct to breastfeeding." But unreasonable supplementary feeding interferes with normal lactation and increases the likelihood of early cessation of breastfeeding. The instructions for use on the packaging stated that mothers should continue to use the formula "in the absence of breast milk." nine0005

Promotion for mothers and pregnant women

Companies violate the International Code and Resolutions using the interests of mothers in various ways:

• Advertising

• Free samples

• Discounts

• Hot lines and Parental Clubs

• Visit at home or in health care facilities

• “Educational” materials on infant feeding.

• Hospital posters, brand names and logos on equipment, pens, notepads, etc. D.

• Information on other products

Some examples from IBFAN's 1998 'Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules' monitoring report:

• All major manufacturers were found to have provided mothers with samples of infant formula.

• Posters, calendars, clocks and stickers with product names were placed in medical facilities. It seems that the health system approves these products. Increasingly, companies are donating materials to healthcare facilities that bear only their company name or logo. This may be a concession to the International Code, but it is nevertheless a way of using the medical institution to advance. nine0005

For example, a calendar issued by Coberco Omefa distributed in Bangladesh featured an image of a package of infant formula and follow-up formula, with the slogan "Nutritious food for young and old." Source: Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules Report 1998

• Sales representatives of all major companies have been reported to have contact with mothers or pregnant women. In the Philippines, Nestlé hired nurses as "health educators" who visit pregnant women and mothers at home to promote Nestogen infant formula. When on July 19For 1997, this was reported on television, Nestlé threatened to withdraw its advertising on the channel.

• In 1997, Nestlé received a business award for being creative in undermining the breastfeeding promotion program in Denmark. Nestlé created a "Parents' Club" and ran quarterly advertising campaigns in supermarkets across Denmark. Information about baby food and the club was placed in hospitals and maternity hospitals. In less than a year, membership has increased from less than 10% of Danish parents to over 75%. nine0005

• Advertisements for infant formula still exist in some countries, but companies are more likely to advertise other products, such as formula for later use. Often these products have the same name as infant formulas and therefore effectively advertise formulas 1 and 2 as well.

Promotion among health professionals

Incentives for health professionals are prohibited by Articles 6. 2 and 7.2 of the International Code of Regulations and the information provided must be limited to scientific and factual matters. nine0005

In 1996, the World Health Assembly adopted resolution WHA49.15 calling on States to take steps to ensure that financial support for health workers does not lead to conflicts of interest. Article 7.5 of the International Code requires that any funding provided by a manufacturer or distributor of breast-milk substitutes be reported. Healthcare professionals are an important target for advancing the baby food industry. If the company succeeds in persuading the healthcare professional, it could influence many mothers' choice of infant feeding. nine0005

Companies continue to give gifts and sponsorship to health care professionals and their professional organizations.

• In August 1997, the International Conference on Nutrition in Montreal, Canada was sponsored by Nestlé, Wyeth and Abbott-Ross. In his speech at the conference, the Deputy Director of UNICEF commented: “Frankly, UNICEF is uncomfortable with these international meetings . .. some of which are funded by baby food companies. I wish it were different." nine0005

• Many companies donate calendars, posters, pens, notepads, and growth charts with company logos and often brand names or product images.

• Conferences are held in luxurious surroundings. For example, Milupa entered the baby food market in Mauritius in November 1993 and gained the support of medical professionals through a series of meetings in a 5-star hotel.

• Nestlé organized a conference on a cruise ship for Brazilian pediatricians at 1993 year.

• SMA, part of Wyeth, distributed a special card at the Royal College of Midwives UK conference in May 1997. It offered midwives beauty products if they met with an SMA representative and a chance to win a £100 prize if they provided the mothers' personal details - their place of work, work contact address and phone number.

Undermining the implementation of the International Code of Practice for the Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes

Member States of the World Health Assembly are encouraged to apply the International Code of Practice and the WHO WHA resolutions as part of their national responses. Here are some examples of how baby food companies opposed this process.

Philippines - 1989 . Some manufacturers are lobbying the government to oppose a bill that would encourage mothers to breastfeed and sleep with their babies, the Cohabitation Act. nine0005

• Pakistan - 1992 and 1997 . Nestlé lobbied to remove baby milk and baby food from the state drug list in 1992 so that sales would not be limited to pharmacies, but could be sold at any grocery store or market. In 1997, Nestlé opposed many of the provisions of the Pakistani bill.

India - 1995 . After being taken to court, Nestlé files a written petition against the Government of India challenging the provisions of the Baby Milk Substitutes Act, under which it is being prosecuted. nine0005

Guatemala - 1995. Guatemala is being pressured by the US government to allow Gerber to use baby photos on its packaging.

• Russia - 1996. Nestlé proposes to translate weak British regulations on infant formula and follow-up formula as the basis of legislation in place of the WHO International Code of Practice and Resolutions.

• South Africa - 1997 . Baby food companies in South Africa set up the "Commercial Speech Freedom Foundation" to campaign against advertising regulation. nine0005

• Sri Lanka - 1997 . Nestlé opposes the revision of the Sri Lankan Code, which will bring it into line with the 1996 Resolution of the World Health Assembly.

• Zimbabwe - 1998 . Nestlé is threatening to withdraw the investment unless Zimbabwe lifts its strict law.

• Europe and the UN - Ongoing. Industry attempts to prevent the use of the International Code of Rules and Resolutions as the basis for international trade standards. nine0005


Translation: Victoria Palagushina, breastfeeding consultant.

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