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Husband and Mother-in-Law Dragged for Making New Mom Go Hungry: 'Ashamed'

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Members of a popular internet forum were shocked after one new mother was left starving by those who were supposed to care about her most.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/Got50977 (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) said she made the decision to bring her infant to her own mother's house after her husband and mother-in-law made sure to feed themselves and nobody else.

Titled, "[Am I the a**hole] for taking my newborn son and going to my mom's house because my husband and his mom didn't save me any food for dinner?" the post has received more than 17,000 upvotes and 4,000 comments in the last eight hours.

"I...gave birth to my son 5 weeks ago," OP began. "My husband's mom has been camping in the living room ever since."

Continuing to explain that her mother-in-law has been inviting people to her house and causing chaos in general, the original poster said she feared her husband would scold her about being ungrateful if she complained, so she remained focused on her newborn.

The original poster also said that, although her mother-in-law is less than helpful with the baby, she had been cooking regularly and keeping the family fed—until recently.

"Last night, I was in the bedroom breastfeeding my son. I knew I was late for dinner but I thought that my husband and his mom saved a plate for me," OP wrote. "As I was walking towards the kitchen, his mom loudly said that she didn't save me any food.

"She simply said, 'Well, we didn't see you at [the] dinner table so I thought you weren't hungry,'" OP continued. "I lost it and yelled that I was feeding my son [so] OF COURSE, I was hungry. I was actually starving!

"An argument ensued and I...packed a small bag for me and my son, called my brother to take me to [my] mom's house and my husband blew up at me as I was making my way out," OP added. "I told him I couldn't take his mom anymore [and] he said I should be ashamed of myself for talking about her like that after she literally put her life 'on pause' so she could help ME out. "

After months of pregnancy and hours—if not days—of labor, it is imperative that new moms receive as much assistance and extra care as possible, while also allowing ample time and space for recovery.

Naturally, the brunt of this responsibility should fall onto the other parent and in 2019, economists at Stanford University concluded that when fathers are given paternal leave and flexibility at work, the postpartum health and mental well-being of recovering mothers improves drastically.

However, with any form of paid parental leave coming at an extreme premium in the United States, around-the-clock assistance from a partner rarely lasts more than a few weeks.

For new parents struggling to keep up with the demands of a newborn, Stanford Medicine recommends enlisting an additional pair of hands around the house, whether that be a paid home care provider or willing relative.

"A family member such as the new baby's grandmother or aunt may be able to come for a few days or longer," the Stanford Children's Health website reads, with a disclaimer.

"Whoever you decide to have as help, make clear all the things you expect them to do," it continues. "Communication is important in preventing hurt feelings or misunderstandings when emotions are fragile these first few weeks."

But while an aunt, grandmother or other relative can provide much-needed assistance for parents in need, they can also make life much more difficult, as was the case for the original poster.

Mother holding infant. Members of Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole forum were outraged after one mother revealed why she went hungry, despite her mother-in-law and husband eating plenty. MangoStar_Studio/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Throughout the comment section of the viral Reddit post, fuming Redditors lambasted the original poster's husband and mother-in-law for failing to consider a new mother's needs and questioned their understanding of the physical and mental stress that OP is currently under.

"Breast-feeding while on an empty stomach," Redditor u/yeznag wrote in the post's top comment, which has received more than 22,000 upvotes. "That's like going into debt.

"There should've been heaping mounds of food waiting for you," they assured.

"The bottom line is that it shouldn't matter what time you decide to eat," they added, in a separate comment, which has received more than 7,000 upvotes. "There should be food in the house for you."

Redditor u/mdthomas, whose comment has received nearly 13,000 upvotes, honed in on the original poster's mother-in-law.

"Basically [your husband's] mother came to take care of him and show off her new grandchild under the pretense of 'helping you,'" they wrote. "[She] is ignoring you and your husband is using her as an excuse to skip out on doing his part of parenting.

"Kick her out, tell him he needs to start pitching in or file for divorce," they advised.

"He's manipulated you so bad if you're even questioning this right now," Redditor u/questionablemay echoed, receiving more than 3,000 upvotes. "Get out for your kid and yourself."

Newsweek reached out to u/Got50977 for comment.

Otty Sanchez Baby Photos: Who is She? Woman Kills Child And Feeds To Husband - Is She Still In Jail?

Otty Sanchez Baby Photos: Who is She? Woman Kills Child And Feeds To Husband – Otty Sanchez, who is he? Here’s what we know about the lady who murdered and ate her three-and-a-half-week-old kid.

Otty Sanchez is a woman from the United States who murdered her child.

In 2009, the incident occurred. Otty was suffering from numerous sorts of psychosis at the time.

Otty Sanchez, uma mãe de 33 anos que morava em San Antonio, Texas, assassinou seu próprio filho cruelmente. Ela decapitou, desmembrou e comeu partes do corpo do recém-nascido, alegando após isso que vozes mandaram-na realizar tal feito, pois o bebê estava “possuído pelo Satanás”.

— Crimes Reais (@CrimesReais) December 30, 2021

Otty Sanchez Baby Pictures – Is She Still In Jail?

The pictures of Otty Sanchez’s baby are available on different websites, including Murderpedia.

Sara Ege, de 32 anos, em 2010, espancou seu filho, Yaseen Ali, de sete anos, até a morte com uma vara e ateou fogo no corpo. A motivação do crime se deu pelo fato da criança estar apresentando dificuldades nos estudos do livro sagrado do Islamismo.

— Crimes Reais (@CrimesReais) July 30, 2021

Although she killed her infant, she is currently not in jail. Reportedly, the court found her not guilty by reasons of insanity. However, her current whereabouts remain unknown. Probably, she is still in a mental institution.

Who Is Otty Sanchez?

Otty Sanchez is an American who killed her child, Scott Wesley Buchholtz-Sanchez, and ate his body parts, including the brain.

On 26 July 2009, police found a decapitated three-and-a-half-week-old infant in the bedroom of a home in Texas after they got a call at about 5 a.m. from the murderer’s sister, Priscilla Garcia. The child’s mother was screaming her throats out about killing her son, sitting on a couch. She said she did it because a devil asked her to do so.

Three days later, the authorities made a desperate 4-minute long 911 call available to the public.

Otty Sanchez Baby Photos, Who is She? Woman Kills Child And Feeds To Husband, Baby Photos

After murdering her son, Otty tried to commit suicide, stabbing herself in her chest and stomach. The investigators collected a sword, a machete, and a kitchen knife as evidence and took the critically injured 33-year-old woman to a local hospital.

Likewise, they also found her sister’s two children, then 5 and 7, unharmed at the place. The incident took place a week after she had a fight with her boyfriend and moved in with her parents.

Following the incident, the authorities charged her with capital murder. However, she didn’t face trial as the court found her not guilty because of insanity on 30 June 2010. Instead, they directed her to a state mental institution in Vernon, Texas.

Nonetheless, Otty’s boyfriend, Scott W. Buchholz, wanted her to receive a death sentence. The two had met six years before the horrific incident. At that time, they were studying to be pharmacists assistants.

Reportedly, she had postpartum depression, and just a week before killing her son, she was schizophrenic. Further, she had half a decade’s worth of history full of hospitalizations due to mental issues. After the birth of her child, she spent some hours in an emergency room as she was hearing voices in her head.

The lawers later submitted mental evaluations of Otty with the help of three separate doctors, including Randall Sellers and Lucy Puryear. The report portrayed her as a woman beaten, molested, and diagnosed with various forms of psychosis.

Experienced mothers, help to convince her husband not to feed the baby at night!









My eldest daughter refused to feed at 2. 5 months, but the youngest had to be weaned at 9-10 months, because it was already enough to feed at night. here.


you can also look at the book "every child can learn to sleep". but she's a bit ambiguous



In the IV I can say anything ...



Between afternoon snack and night feeding how much water do you give?



Author, what time do you feed your child?


How much does the baby weigh?



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9000 #25,000



The child is large, weighed at 9 months 10400 with a height of 73 cm. Dad is big ... And about diapers, those that do not leak, absorb poorly or do not fit skin type. Teeth don't come out. I would love to remove the night feeding! I'll endure a week or two crying. But here's dad! He needs evidence that the child does not need nightly feedings, and their son only gets worse from them.

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I would love to remove the night feeding! I'll endure a week or two crying. But here's dad! He needs evidence that the child does not need nightly feedings, and their son only gets worse from them.



Then he's dehydrated and low on dairy products. At your age, the norm is 400-500 grams of a milk drink per day, a mixture or a breast.

Therefore, let's definitely give the mixture for up to a year, then you will switch to milk, but at night - porridge. In the meantime, I haven’t learned to sleep all night, a little mixture at night, if asked, move the bed back to the morning, then change it to some water, make the mixture thinner. My children from 7 months do not eat at night and do not drink. They write correctly, the stomach should rest already.

He’s just hungry :)

If you don’t wean it now, then he can ask you for a drink or cookies at night up to 5 years old, accustom him to night feeding, so tell your husband :)






I can find you a bunch of literature on when the child physiologically it is not necessary to eat at night. I argued with Val once and googled it all.

Well, children on IV from 3-4 months do not need to eat at night, on the chest from 4-5. Our stopped waking up at night from 3 months.

I don't understand why you have to get up at night? Husband doesn't want to sleep he will spoil your child and he will get into the habit of waking up at night. And why are you giving him water at night? Do you drink a lot of water at night? Or maybe your husband runs to the refrigerator at night? No, most likely, so why should the child be fed?

bring your husband here, I'll put his head in his place :)

I can say the following about diapers - feed porridge at night, do not give mixture. Or let's just a little bit.

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Julia and Eva

Since the child has already eaten at all at all at all not at all necessary, but in my case it even turned out harmful: I gave her a bottle every time my daughter woke up and she woke up even more often, tossed and turned and generally slept worse. And now the child eats perfectly during the day and cereals, and vegetable purees, and fruits, and sleeps all night, because she has learned independence. And now everyone in the house gets enough sleep, especially the baby. But my mother, even after a year, got up every time and fed us at night, and she recalls that time with horror, even after 20 years, although at first she called “my” method (or rather Ferber’s method) slightly brutal.