Ninja master prep for baby food

Best Baby Food Maker for 2022

What is the best way to make your own baby food ? It can be confusing comparing the best baby food makers, processors, and baby food blenders.

If you are reading this article then I assume you already understand the health benefits of making homemade baby food. It really isn’t that hard to make your own baby food because you are just pureeing normal foods. The trick is how to to make baby food quickly without a lot of hassle and time.

In this article I will explain how the different baby food makers work and what is the best type of product for your needs. Personally, I prefer baby food blenders, which I will explain later on. (Updated for 2022)

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Baby Food Makers
  • Understanding Baby Food Blenders
  • Best Baby Food Blenders
    • Immersion Blenders for Baby Food
    • Best Blenders for Baby Food
  • Final Thoughts

Understanding Baby Food Makers

The big question is do you want a baby food maker or a baby food blender ? Let me explain.

Baby food makers were originally just small-scale food processors that diced and blended cooked ingredients. This meant you first had to steam and cook the foods before using the food processor. The newer models include steaming functionality so that it can cook and blend as an all-in-one solution.

While these new versions provide all-in-one simplicity, they can be expensive and there are some downsides to them.

The main downside of all-in-one baby food makers is they only make small portions and are limited in use once your baby grows out of just eating pureed foods. The other downside is they can be difficult to clean which may result in potential hazards like mold.

The most popular all-in-one baby food makers are :

  1. BEABA Baby Cook Steamer and Blender – The most popular model but more expensive.
  2. Cuisinart BFM-1000 – Nice features for the price.
  3. Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker – Popular but has mixed reviews about reliability.

If you really like the idea of an all-in-one solution then a baby food steamer/processor might be worth considering. Especially when you consider the better nutrition of homemade baby food and the savings from not buying commercial baby food.

Personally, I don’t like all-in-one baby food makers and prefer using a blender for baby food which I will explain below.

Understanding Baby Food Blenders

Some blender brands that have come out with models specifically for baby food, such as the Nutribullet Baby Bullet and Nuk Baby Food Maker.

These baby food blenders are usually under powered, small blenders with accessories for storing small portions. They are limited to only blending soft and pre-cooked ingredients.

My suggestion for making baby food is to either use an immersion (hand-held) blender or a high speed blender.

Why, you might ask ?

  • Immersion blenders (aka “handheld blenders”) are versatile, EASY TO CLEAN, reasonably priced, and can be used for a long time. The biggest advantage of using an immersion blender to puree baby food is that it is portable and can blend ingredients in whatever pot or bowl you have the food in. Also, it doesn’t take up counter space and doesn’t have a lot of parts/accessories to clean.
  • High speed blenders can be used for many, many years and can puree just about anything as well as do other tasks like soup making, nut butters, food prep, and more. The advantage of high-speed blenders is that they offer more versatility than immersion blenders or baby food makers.

Immersion blender vs. High Speed Blender ?

The main downside of a immersion blender is they are not intended for heavy blending tasks.

A high speed blender will handle a wider variety of tasks if you want to make more than just soft baby foods. Also, a high speed blender can even puree certain raw vegetables without them needing to be cooked prior.

Best Baby Food Blenders

Now that you understand why I recommend using a blender for making baby food, lets get into my favorite blender models. I divided the blender choices into Immersion(hand-held) blenders and regular blenders.

Immersion Blenders for Baby Food

1. Breville Control Grip – Top Rated and Very Versatile

The Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender is a powerful immersion blender with 280 watts of power . It ranks highly in independent blender tests and has very high consumer ratings.

It rates well in its ability to make very smooth purees and its ease of use. Also, it comes with a large 42 ounce blending jar, variable speed controls, and a beautiful design.

Overall Opinion : The Breville Control Grip is not the cheapest model, but it works extremely well, will last a long time, and is easy to use. A great choice if you will be using it a lot and want the ability to use it in the kitchen for other uses.

Click Here for Breville Control Grip Current Price

Cuisinart Smart Stick – Low Price and Very Popular

If you don’t have the money for the Breville model above, then consider the economically priced Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-75BC blender. It is a 2-speed hand blender with 200 watts of blending power which is plenty of power for making soft baby foods.

It doesn’t come with any other attachments so it is strictly for pureeing baby food, soups, smoothies,and sauces. It doesn’t blend exactly to the consistency of the Breville immersion blender and feels a little “cheaper”, but it performs well in blender comparison tests and continues to be a top seller with over 5000 consumer reviews.

Overall Opinion : The Cuisinart Smart Stick is a useful, low-priced blender and works well blending cooked, soft ingredients. It will blend as well as some more expensive immersion blenders but might not last as long as the Breville.

Click Here for Cuisinart Smart Stick Current Price

Best Blenders for Baby Food

Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004

The Ninja Master Prep is very affordable, portable blender that is a mix between a blender and a food processor. It has a 450 watts motor which is almost 100% more power than a typical immersion blender.

The Ninja master Prep works like an immersion blender in that the blade is on the top. It comes with multiple food prep containers (48oz blending pitcher / 40oz food prep bowl / 16oz chopper bowl).

It was top rated by Consumer Reports as a Best Buy and has an excellent score for its ability to puree foods and crush ice. Besides making baby food, the Ninja Master Prep can crush ice, make smoothies, and perform a wide range of food prep activities(mince/dice/chop).

Overall Opinion : The Ninja Master Prep is our favorite inexpensive blender for making baby food with plenty of power and is more portable than a full size blender. It provides much more versatility than a typical baby food maker so that you can use it for a long time.

Click Here for Ninja Master Prep Current Price

2. Vitamix 5200

I realize the Vitamix 5200 is more expensive than all the other products mentioned in this post but the reason is because it does so much more and will last for decades. The Vitamix is used by many professional chefs and consistently ranks at the top of almost every independent blending test.

Consumer Reports ranks the Vitamix 5200 at the top of its puree blending and durability tests. If you have the budget then a Vitamix blender is worth considering.  It blends so fast that it can turn cold ingredients into hot soups. It also can make bread dough, nut butter, flour, food prep, dips, and more.

Overall Opinion : The Vitamix 5200 can puree anything including raw, uncooked vegetables. If you just want to make simple baby food then the Vitamix might be more than what you need. Many moms that get into making their own baby food realize how much they enjoy making their own healthy foods that they upgrade to a high speed blender like a Vitamix because it can make a wide range of foods and drinks.

There are a lot of Vitamix blender models but the 5200 is the “classic” and can handle smaller recipes compared to some of the newer Vitamix “low-profile” models.

Click Here for Vitamix 5200 Current Price

3. Nutribullet 600

The Nutribullet 600 is a personal size blender that works great for making baby food and is a good option if you don’t want a full size blender. (It works much better than the Magic Bullet blender or the Baby Bullet blender).

The Nutribullet 600 has plenty of power with 600 watts and is more versatile than appliances targeted only to making baby food. It can puree fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and more. It comes with different size jars and an additional milling blade. The milling blade is great for making your own flour( from nuts, seeds, and oats), grinding spices, and food prep.

Overall Opinion: The Nutribullet 600 is a great choice if you want a portable, mini-blender for baby food that is easy to use and clean. I’ve used this model many times and it works great. It is portable, powerful and has nice accessories. It is excellent for making personal-size smoothies. The only negative to using the Nutribullet for baby food is the company says not to use hot liquids/hot food in the blender so you want to make sure your steamed vegetables are not hot before blending.

Click Here for Nutribullet Current Price

Final Thoughts

Making your own baby food is really quite easy and any of the products mentioned in this guide will do fine for any budget. The most important deciding factor is how much you really want to pay for an appliance that you might not use very long and will be limited in its capabilities, which is the problem with baby food makers. This is why I prefer getting a blender for making baby food because they are versatile and you won’t outgrow them.

If you have questions or feedback then please leave in the comments below.

Ninja BL660 Review | Tested by BabyGearLab

A blender with a unique blade system, safety locking lid, suction-cup feet, and more extras, but can't handle hot liquids

Credit: Ninja

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Price:   $120 List | $112.09 at Amazon

Pros:  Top-performer, three-tier blade, safety mechanisms, and lots of extras

Cons:  Can't accommodate hot ingredients, blade can scratch pitcher

Manufacturer:   Ninja

By Molly Bradac ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 2, 2021

Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Learn more



#1 of 10

  • Puree Quality - 35% 9. 5

  • Ease of Use - 30% 7.5

  • Health/Safety - 20% 9.0

  • Ease of Cleaning - 15% 8.8

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The Skinny

For making homemade baby food, the Ninja BL660 performs well, making it an attractive and compelling option. It has a unique blade system (three sets of blades!) to blend and pulverize ingredients and creates a puree acceptable for most babies. The machine sports convenience features, such as suction cup feet to keep it steady while blending and space for cord storage on the base's backside. However, the Ninja cannot blend hot ingredients. Therefore, you must allow food items to cool to room temperature. Also, the blades are sharp and can scratch the pitcher's inside if they accidentally brush against the pitcher's wall while removing or assembling. Despite these factors, you might appreciate the blender's unique blade system.

Compare to Similar Products

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This Product
Ninja BL660

NutriBullet Blender

Oster Pro 1200 Blender

Sage Spoonfuls Puree and Blend

OXO Tot Food Masher

Price $120 List
$112.09 at Amazon
$110 List
$100.44 at Amazon
$90 List
$89.99 at Amazon
$50 List
$44.99 at Amazon
$12.00 List
$11.99 at Amazon
Overall Score 
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  • 1
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Pros Top-performer, three-tier blade, safety mechanisms, and lots of extrasEasy to use, excellent purees, large batches, easy to cleanGlass, easier cleaning, above-average performance, and user-friendlyQuality puree, easy to clean, inexpensiveMinimal, small in size, compact, lid included, easy to clean, inexpensive, portable
Cons Can't accommodate hot ingredients, blade can scratch pitcherNo cooking feature, not portable, takes up spaceLoud on highest setting, trapped food chunks under bladeDoes not cookBelow-average puree quality, small amounts, requires effort, lid may pop-off, staining
Bottom Line A blender with a unique blade system, safety locking lid, suction-cup feet, and more extras, but can't handle hot liquidsA top-notch blender that consistently creates smooth purees and offers enough capacity to produce large batches of baby food but takes up kitchen counter real estateA blender that performs decently and features a Boroclass pitcher that is durable and healthier for babiesSimple, inexpensive, and versatile, this unit makes baby food in a snapA travel-friendly, manual food maker that mashes, but does not puree like machines
Rating Categories Ninja BL660 NutriBullet Blender Oster Pro 1200 Blender Sage Spoonfuls Pure. .. OXO Tot Food Masher
Puree Quality (35%)
Ease of Use (30%)
Health/Safety (20%)
Ease of Cleaning (15%)
Specs Ninja BL660 NutriBullet Blender Oster Pro 1200 Blender Sage Spoonfuls Pure... OXO Tot Food Masher
Capacity 72 oz. Pitcher (MAX Liquid Capacity : 64 oz./8 cups) 8 cups 6 cups Not Listed for Food Processor, N/A for Immersion Blender Not Listed
Footprint Large Large Large Small Small
Steam No No No No No
Settings Blend, Puree Blend, Puree Blend, Puree Blend, Puree Blend, Mash
Special Features None None None
Included Accessories (1) 72 oz. Pitcher, (2) 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups with Lids, and (1) Small Blade Tamper, Recipe Booklet (1) 6 cup Pitcher, 24 oz. Smoothie Cup with Lid HomeMade Essentials Package Available with (1) Recipe Book, (6) Glass 4oz Storage Jars, (60) Labels, (1) Immersion Blender with Food Processor Attachment and Pocket Guide (1) Lid
Available Accessories None Yes None Sage Baby Eco Steamer, Sage Spoonfuls - Simple Recipes, Healthy Meals, Happy Babies; Sage Spoonfuls Pocket Guide, Assorted Storage Jars, Pouches, Snackie and Munchie Bag Sets None

Show full specification detailsHide full specification details

Our Analysis and Test Results

Ninja is one of several house-care brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC, a well-established company in the housewares industry. They produce not only household appliances, including blenders, but also home cleaning products, like vacuums. Driven by innovation and ease of use, plus competitive pricing, the company strives to impact people worldwide with helpful products.

Performance Comparison

The Ninja BL660 comes with some extras, such as two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with lids, suction cup feet, and cord storage.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Puree Quality

We blended various foods from soft to raw, including frozen, to compare the puree quality of each machine. Equipped with an 1100 watt motor and unique blade system (amping up the blending efficacy), this machine certainly has enough power and an innovative design to blend most foods. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that this machine was a top performer in this metric.

This machine excels at blending soft foods, like bananas and avocados, and prepared a puree of meats and grains that can work for most babies. Although kale and uncooked foods can cause issues for most machines, the Ninja BL660 did a fine job with these ingredients, only leaving behind tiny pieces like skins.


The container's design does not accommodate hot blending, so you'll need cool ingredients to room temperature. We consider this a drawback as food items are often hot while preparing baby food ingredients or family meals, so it can be inconvenient to wait for ingredients to cool. Despite having top scores in this metric, this drawback kept it from receiving an award.

The Ninja BL660 features a unique blade system that is unlike any other contender in our review.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Use

If a machine is easy to set up and use, it is more likely that you'll use it for your baby food-making adventures. Fortunately for the Ninja, it scored high in this metric. Out of the box, the machine is easy to set up and has a short learning curve before you start blending. You will need to cook or steam ingredients depending on what you'd like to prepare. But, once ingredients are ready to go and cooled, the blending task is quick.

Besides the base and BPA-free pitcher (72 oz. capacity, but MAX liquid capacity is 64 oz), you get two Nutri Ninja cups (16 oz.) and a blade unit to use with the cups. The Nutri Ninja smoothie cups work well to blend smaller portions, and they come with to-go lids so that you can stick them in the fridge. However, the to-go lids are not travel-friendly, with open drinking holes that are not sealable. So, if you prep a smoothie for the road and it falls over, a mess is unavoidable.

This blender has a few features of convenience that we appreciate, such as suction-cup feet and space for cord storage, which is handy when striving to keep your countertop tidy.

The Ninja BL660 has multiple safeguards. For the machine to operate, lock the lid and twist and lock the pitcher into place. It also has a motor thermostat, meaning the motor will turn off if overheated.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Health and Safety

Among other competitors, the Ninja has a rather high score for health and safety as it features a fair amount of safety mechanisms. For instance, the lid's handle locks down for the blender to work, and the two arrows must point towards each other, showing the cover is on correctly.

According to the user manual, you should not run the appliance beyond four minutes to prevent overheating of the machine. There is an internal motor thermostat, and if the appliance is being overloaded, the motor will stop. However, as a good rule of thumb, be mindful of how long you are using the blender.

The blade system on this Ninja is very sharp. While testing, we noticed that the blade rod scratched the inside of the pitcher, despite our best efforts to remove or place it without touching the pitcher (kind of reminded us of the game Operation). If this occurs, we worry about plastic entering the food. Therefore, we advise users to be extremely careful when handling the blades, and if you plan on handwashing it, use a bottle brush.

If you prefer to prepare a small batch of homemade baby food, a blade is included with the Nutri Ninja cups.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Cleaning

If a machine is easy to clean and maintain, it will positively influence your food-making experience. Again, the Ninja ranks high in this metric.

Contrary to all-in-one machines with steam tanks, this machine is much easier to clean with fewer concerns about potential mold growth. Also, The benefit of selecting a blender is that it cleans itself by blending water with a small drop of soap. Finally, keep in mind, washing the pitcher as soon as possible while food is moist will help ease the overall cleaning process as dried-on food can be stubborn and difficult to remove.

According to the user manual, all of the removable parts are dishwasher safe. However, we suggest handwashing plastic products for longevity and to avoid the potential of plastic leaching chemicals.

Molly Bradac

The hard way of the ninja. How the heirs of ancient art live in Japan | History | Society

Gleb Ivanov

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes


Ninja, 1842-1843 commons.

In the center of Japan's main island of Honshu, in the pretty pastoral Mie Prefecture, there is the pretty and somewhat sleepy town of Iga with a glorious mysterious history. The fact is that in the Middle Ages it was one of the main strongholds of ninja - mysterious spies and saboteurs, masters of hybrid warfare in its feudal version. nine0005

The main occupation of the mysterious warriors (shinobi, as they are called in Japan) of the past from Iga was mercenary work. A handful of ninja could quietly penetrate an impregnable stronghold. They spied, ferreted out plans of operations and, of course, killed. One of the most famous stories about shinobi tells how the famous military leader of the era of feudal fragmentation, Uesugi Kenshin, died. The ninja made his way into the cesspool under the latrine in the prince's castle. When Kenshin came to the restroom to relieve himself, he was pierced by the assassin's sword. Moreover, according to this story, the ninja spent three days among the smelly feces, waiting for the prince to return from a long trip. nine0005

However, not all the legends about the mysterious warriors of Japan should be believed - the rumor attributed to them the art of flying through the air and passing through walls, invulnerability to arrows and swords. When the first unifier of the country, Oda Nobunaga, sent his army to capture the ninja fortress and destroy all the shinobi, it was said that he never managed to do this, because the ancient warriors allegedly turned into ravens and flew away from the besieged castle. It is possible that many of these stories were spread by the shinobi themselves, since this created an aura of invulnerability and horror around them, significantly increasing the amount of contracts concluded. nine0005 Ninja, 1817 Source:

Ninja run to the city

In modern Japan, an entire entertainment industry is built around ninja. In Iga there are many tourist sites related to the history of ancient warriors. Every year the small town is visited by 30 thousand tourists. There are ninja museums, shows, even schools. However, we are not talking about serious training. So, in one of the schools, the training program is based on the ability of mankind to avoid any problems, as the program says, "the natural adaptability and survival of the human race." nine0005 Plains of Iga. Photo:

In the program, living in a ninja village, they teach hand-to-hand combat, throwing bo-shurikens or the famous ninja stars. At first, students train in nature, and then the acquired skills are applied in the real life of a modern person. “You need to be as polite as possible, but never lose your vigilance,” the school program says. Students receive an authentic ninja uniform, and at the end of the training they are waiting for a small exam, for passing which they are given a certificate of completion of the courses. nine0005 Ninja, 1826 Source:

A full one-week program costs about 100,000 yen (about $900), one lesson costs 10,000 yen.

The great popularity among tourists makes it possible to pay a salary of up to $85,000 a year to modern ninjas. But the local authorities have one problem: there are fewer and fewer people who want to work in this industry every year.

According to Mayor Iga Sakae Okamoto , Japan has a very low unemployment rate and a very high average salary of almost $120,000. Therefore, finding ninja performers on a salary of $ 85 thousand, who, moreover, would agree to live almost all year round in a small provincial town, is not at all so much. “Today we are working very hard to promote ninja tourism. For example, from the end of April to the beginning of May, we hold a ninja festival. This is a big and interesting event, attracting more and more guests, but lately I feel that this is not enough, ”the mayor said in an interview with American radio. nine0005

For a long time, descendants of real ninjas, who passed the craft from generation to generation, took up this job. However, today's descendant youth prefer to move to large urban cities such as Kyoto or Tokyo, where they can get education, comfort and well-paid work in large Japanese corporations. Last year alone, almost a thousand people left the city with a population of 90,000.

The Iga authorities are aware of the problem, but they are unable to solve it on their own. The plight of ninjutsu has even become preoccupied by the central Japanese government, which plans to accept allowances for the salaries of ninja performers and build a second museum in Iga in the hope of attracting more workers and tourists. However, whether these measures will be enough or not to stop the outflow of shinobi masters is not yet clear. nine0005 Ninja, 1842-1843 Photo:

Where else are tourists taught the secret arts of antiquity?

Courses like the ninja training at Iga are now spread all over the world. This is part of the global modern trend of building a business based on ancient legends.

For example, the world-famous Shaolin, a Chinese Buddhist monastery, is famous for its training program, where warrior monks who know kung fu are trained. Now in Shaolin there is a School of martial arts, which over 26 years have passed more than 167 thousand people out of 98 countries and regions.

The price list of the institution is striking in its sophistication. There are courses for children and adults lasting from a week to several months (for the Chinese $ 300 per month, for foreigners - $ 800), one-year courses with accommodation on the territory of the monastery (from $ 2800), as well as three-year, five-year and eight-year courses that give a master's degree Shaolin, which allows you to be an instructor, a judge in competitions, and even an actor and director of fight scenes in a movie.

Similar schools exist in many other countries around the world. So, in the USA, Argentina and Australia they teach cowboy skills. In today's world, cultural heritage is easily intertwined with businesses that live by the principle "the customer is always right. " And if he wants to give money for feeling part of a certain cultural tradition, then business is happy to give him such an opportunity. nine0005


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Children's party in a new way, or what is catering - Baby food and health - Materials from companies

Login to the site:

Forgot your password? Registration

Login or register. This allows you to use a food diary, save your menus and recipes. Not can you come in? nine0002

Not so long ago, in the context of the theme of organizing holidays and celebrations, we began to hear a new, original and unusual word "catering". It is derived from the English word cater, which means “to please” or “to supply”. In other words, this is a professional catering service for holidays and events of various formats. Catering in itself is not only the delivery of ready meals, but also table setting, cleaning and customer service. nine0005

On the eve of the celebration, out of habit, people rush to call various cafes and restaurants, completely forgetting that the organization of the event can be entrusted to professionals. As a result, guests have to spend a holiday in a cramped, stuffy room, without receiving any moral satisfaction. You can get bright and unforgettable emotions from the holiday by remembering the existence of catering.

Today, many people prefer to order this elegant and very original service, preferring a new and fresh format of celebrations to a banal pastime in bored restaurants or cafes. Catering implies the presence at the venue of the holiday of healthy and tasty food, interesting design, attractive serving and service by professional staff who know a lot about their business. nine0005

Increasingly, when organizing holidays, people choose catering. This format of celebrating significant events is mobile, since absolutely any place can be a venue for celebrations: a banquet or assembly hall, a picturesque clearing in the fresh air in a forest, your own or rented yacht, or even the walls of an ancient castle. The organizers find a special approach to each of the clients, taking into account all the wishes and nuances, and even thinking over the ingredients in the dishes.

Catering for little gourmets

Children's catering is one of the most popular, stylish and popular destinations today. Celebrations organized for children invariably turn out bright, bright and positive, and having visited such a holiday, warm memories of it remain in the memory for a very long time. However, children are perhaps the most demanding customers, and it is quite difficult to think over a tasty and healthy menu for them at the same time. But we are able to cope with this task! nine0005

Every time we create a children's menu, we always remember not only to give bright emotions to children, but also pay special attention to the usefulness of the dishes. In them, we use only the most natural and healthy products for children, and have long debunked the stereotype that healthy food cannot be tasty. Our special confectionery and unforgettable desserts will not only be appreciated by little gourmets, but will also be beneficial for their health and growing body. nine0005

If your task is:

  • • holding a children's buffet in the fresh air, but you do not want to think about buying products, preparing meals and hosting guests;
  • • to please your children with beautiful and exclusive design of festive dishes;
  • • spend time with children outdoors in nature, enjoying delicious and healthy food;
  • • arrange a platform for the hero of the occasion and find specialists in the field of culinary and confectionery art,

Don't worry, you can use the fashionable and convenient service - children's catering!

For adults, children's catering is a real lifesaver if it's a birthday or a matinee in kindergarten. Any children's celebration instantly turns into a grand feast when there are various dishes on the table that amaze the imagination with their taste and appearance.

Catering for children is fundamentally different from catering for adults - there are no alcoholic drinks on the table, and the ingredient of each dish is carefully thought out. Before designing the menu, we discuss it with parents in advance, and exclude those ingredients that can cause allergies. Taking care of the usefulness of festive food, in addition to this, we try to pay attention to decoration - our dishes always look spectacular, bright and unusual! nine0005

Master classes for children

A colorfully decorated area for a holiday and delicious dishes are far from all that our company is ready to give to its customers. To your attention, we offer exciting children's master classes and enchanting culinary shows for your children. This is a great opportunity not only to have fun, enjoy the taste of ready-made dishes, but also try yourself as young chefs and culinary specialists.

Our chefs will be happy to teach our little guests how to cook various dishes - do not be afraid of difficulties, because our professionals at the master classes will always be there and tell you in what order to bake and fry a particular dish. nine0005

  1. ◊ "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza" - what young hero has not dreamed of cooking the favorite dish of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - pizza! Now everyone has this opportunity. In an hour and a half, you will create a real masterpiece of culinary art with your own hands, which you can taste and treat to your parents.
  2. ◊ "School of marzipan arts" - do you like to sculpt from plasticine? And if the created figures after that can be eaten? Yes, yes, it is possible, since this master class will focus on sculpting from marzipan. Unleash your creativity, because the flight of fantasy truly has no limits - create your favorite characters and taste them! nine0091
  3. ◊ "Gingerbread Man" - feel yourself in the land of sweets and magic! Bake the real gingerbread man from everyone's favorite Shrek cartoon. An experienced chef will share with everyone the secrets of delicious and delicate pastries - taste your masterpieces yourself and treat them to adults!
  4. ◊ Happy Cookie - Do you like cookies? Do you want to learn how to cook it? There is nothing easier, because here and now you have such an opportunity! Under the guidance of our knowledgeable culinary specialist, you will learn how to create your own cookies in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Come up with new ideas, bring them to life and enjoy the excellent taste of fragrant pastries. nine0121
Why us?

By entrusting the organization of a children's celebration to us, you are guaranteed to receive:

  1. • Possibility to choose a site for the celebration yourself - you can offer your own option, or we will help you choose from the sites offered by us.
  2. • Bright and juicy design in a variety of styles - from gentle and romantic to bold gangster.
  3. • If necessary, we will provide any household appliances, balls, garlands, lanterns and tents for holding a holiday in a closed area or in the open air. nine0091
  4. • Individual approach to menu selection - all ingredients are selected taking into account the individual preferences of the client.
  5. • The highest level of service - attentive and friendly attitude to the little heroes of the occasion - this is our forte.

When ordering a children's catering service from us, you save time, nerves and effort on organizing a children's celebration.

Learn more