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5 Best Baby Food Makers, Mashers, and Mills of 2022

Written by Jessica Booth

Updated September 20, 2022

While there’s nothing wrong with store-bought baby food, it’s hard to ignore the advantages of homemade baby food. It’s also hard to ignore how intimidating this can seem. Cooking up batches of your own baby food can seem like a frustrating, time-consuming experience, but the truth is that the right gear can make a huge difference. In the over-saturated market of baby essentials, it can be difficult to find the food maker that’s right for your family. To help you decide, we spent days researching and testing the most popular models, pureeing up six different fruits and vegetables any growing baby would love.

While there were plenty of great options, the Beaba Babycook 4-in-1 (available at Amazon) is our clear favorite. A convenient space-saver, it can steam cook and puree with ease. For a less expensive option, the NutriBullet Baby (available at Amazon) doesn't offer steaming capabilities, but its ease of use and included storage containers earned it our pick for best value.

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Credit: Beaba

The Beaba is an all-in-one steamer and blender that makes consistently smooth purees.

Best Overall

Beaba Babycook

The Beaba Babycook 4-in-1 is a compact all-in-one option that both steams and purees your food. It features a straightforward design that makes it very easy to use and was by far the quietest of the bunch when it came to the blending portion of the food making. It steams in minutes, and with a touch of a button, creates smooth and creamy purees in under one minute. You’re able to easily control the amount of water that goes into making your purees, which is a nice plus. You don’t need to figure out how much time to use, either—just add the correct amount of water, press the steam button, and it figures it out for you and alerts you when it’s done.

The Beaba is very easy to clean and most of the parts are dishwasher safe, although I will say that the biggest con for me is that you can’t see inside the water tank, which makes it pretty impossible to check if there's mold or bacteria growing inside. You can clean this out with a white vinegar descaling method, but still: I would feel more comfortable if I could get a glimpse inside. I found the manual to be almost too vague, although with a close look I was able to figure everything out pretty quickly. And while the steam basket isn’t quite as large as some other models, it makes a sufficient amount of food. I also love the aesthetics here: the Babycook is offered in a few different colors, like a rose gold model with gold touches that look surprisingly chic for a baby food blender. All in all, it makes excellent purees and doesn’t compromise on style, so it was hard to beat.

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The Baby Bullet produces smooth purees and is reasonably priced.

Best Value

NutriBullet Baby

The Nutribullet Baby is not an all-in-one food maker: it doesn’t steam cooky, it just purees it. That said, it’s still a terrific value thanks to all of the parts and pieces. It’s just a blender, but it also comes with a freezer tray with a lid, six storage cups, a short cup, and a recipe book. The compact design makes for easy storage, doesn't take up a lot of counter space, and the extra BPA-free containers are very helpful when it comes to putting away the food you just made.

Using it is very simple: you put the blender bowl on the power base, press down, and it blends. It’s fairly easy to clean and blends quickly. The purees from the Nutribullet certainly weren’t bad, but they weren’t very consistent: some were perfectly smooth, while others had some chunks of food in them, especially at the bottom under the blades due to the shape of the bowl. It holds a decent amount of food, the manual and recipe book were very helpful, and the containers made it easy to pack everything up.

Qooc 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker

At first glance, the QOOC 4-in-1 Food Maker is remarkably similar to the Beaba Babycook, and that’s actually not an incorrect way to describe it. Compact and featuring a stylish, minimalist design, the QOOC shares many of the same features as the Beaba (for about $20 cheaper). It steams and purees in minutes, and works with just one button. It comes with a separate tiny “pitcher” to measure out the amount of water you need.

One of the best things about this one is that the water reservoir has a large opening that not only makes it easy to see inside, but also makes it easier to clean. The instructions were a bit confusing, though: for example, while the food guide inside says to steam fruits for 15 minutes, the button on the front shows that you should steam fruits for 20 minutes. It left me feeling slightly lost on what to do, so I just guessed. Still, the QOOC makes impressively smooth purees. Although, in some cases, they were actually a little soup-like, which wasn’t exactly what I was going for.

With some great features and its small size, the QOOC is a great model, as long as you’re okay with figuring out steam times on your own.

Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker

Featuring a large glass bowl, the Baby Brezza One Step Glass Food Maker is clearly one of the more sturdy and durable options on the market. It’s a bit on the heavier side, but is still pretty compact for the size of the bowl, and has little suction cups on the bottom so that it won’t budge on the counter.

Perhaps the best selling feature of the Baby Brezza is its Steam&Blend option, which allows you to add your food and press one button, then walk away while it seamlessly goes from steaming to blending. I was the most excited about this, but to be honest, was left disappointed: I found that a lot of the steamed water collected in the bowl with the food, so when it was blended, the puree was super watered down, sometimes (like with the blueberries) to the point where it was barely edible. You can choose not to use the Steam&Blend option (when I did this, purees were much better) and try carefully straining the excess liquid out of the food, but this is difficult without a steamer basket. Plus, that’s kind of the selling point of this, so it’s frustrating that it doesn’t work that well.

I also noticed that water was getting into some parts of the bowl that I couldn’t clean, no matter how hard I tried, and that made me worry about mold in the future. It was quite loud when blending, something I definitely wouldn’t do during naptime. Still, it’s worth pointing out that the digital interface is a really nice touch and it’s super intuitive to use.

  • Durable

  • Easy to use

  • Digital interface

Sage Spoonfuls Sage Baby Puree and Blend

The Sage Spoonfuls Sage Baby Puree and Blend stands out: it’s a stainless-steel immersion blender that comes with a batch bowl. It doesn’t steam food and is more of a hands-on option since you have to hold the immersion blender down. So, if you were thinking of making food while also holding your baby, you probably wouldn’t be able to accomplish that with this option.

There are still plenty of pros, though: the immersion blender worked just as well as the other blenders on this list in making smooth purees, if not better in some cases. Since it’s not a system at all, it’s smaller and easier to store, and doesn’t have to sit out on your counter. It’s easy to clean because there are so few pieces. It’s also very versatile: this is basically just an immersion blender, so you can use it for anything else, not just baby food. As for the cons? Aside from the fact that it requires two hands to use, the blender bowl is rather small and won’t hold too much food (although it’s worth noting you can use any bowl with this). Basically, there are no special features or add-ons to this one, it’s very straightforward.

What You Should Know About Baby Food Makers

Do you need a baby food maker?

Many new parents question whether they really need a baby food maker or not, and the answer truly depends on your lifestyle. If you know that you'll be making most, if not all, of your baby's food, then yes, a baby food maker may be worth investing in. If you know that you won't be making most of their food, then you might want to skip this purchase and opt for just using the blender or food processor you already own instead.

The benefits of a baby food maker

There are plenty of advantages to using a baby food maker. Making your own baby food can save you money in the long run, it can be the healthier option compared to some jarred baby foods, and it allows you to know exactly what is in your baby's food. Combination baby food makers that steam and blend your food make both cooking and cleaning easier and more convenient than using a separate blender and steamer.

What to look for when buying a baby food maker

A baby food maker should make cooking baby food more convenient, so look for a machine that is easy to clean, doesn't come with complicated instructions, and doesn't take up too much space in your kitchen. You should also read reviews and select the baby food maker that does the best job at quickly and effortlessly pureeing even the toughest foods out there.

How long you'll use it: You'll likely use a baby food maker once your baby is six months old and up until your baby is about 12-13 months old, at which point they'll probably stop eating purees.

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Nutribullet Baby Food Maker For [2022]


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Nutribullet has come up with an outstanding baby food blender called the nutribullet baby food maker. This baby food processor helps you to make the purees within minutes. All you need is to prepare the puree ingredients, cook them, and pour them into this baby food maker batch bowl!

This product is almost like the magic bullet blender in a baby-friendly design with an impressive colour scheme. You also get a recipe book that elaborates on the nutritional recipes for 6-12 months old babies.

Check Price at Amazon

The recipe guide is divided into three different stages respectively—

6-8 months of age – Stage 1

9-12 months of age – Stage 2

12 months and above of age – Stage 3

Howbeit, these don’t explain the actual nutrition amount that your baby requires. That’s because each baby has its growth development stage. So, you need to follow your baby’s growth development and provide the exact nutritious food recipe.

Furthermore, this also features some individual storage containers. Therefore you can easily make a good amount of baby food and keep them stored in the fridge. And if you want to store it for a month, it’s better to use the batch tray kit and put them in the freezer.

Well, all this is just a starting discussion about the nutribullet baby food maker. This baby food maker offers many more options to discuss, which we will learn by exploring its traits and limitations on a time basis.

How Useful It Can Be

When your baby starts enjoying the solids, you get to learn that it’s an exciting journey as well as a tough one. It’s the time your baby starts obtaining nutrition from different food resources other than liquids. So, you must be careful about the meal they are going to consume along with their mealtime.

Although, introducing solids to the infants also cast a bigger confusion among the parents. They tend to feel confused about whether or not they should feed their babies homemade baby food.

As different foods are available in the supermarket, they seem to consider them a wise choice for their babies. But surely it shouldn’t be like this. Medical experts think that homemade food preparation is the best meal option for babies. Hence, they suggest using a baby food maker like a nutribullet baby food maker for making the perfect homemade puree.

With the Baby Bullet personal blender, you can make some delicious foods and be assured that it’s hundred per cent nutritious for your baby. Moreover, these healthy foods won’t make you worried about the preservative or added sugar that outdoor baby foods might contain.

Now, you must be worried about the time managing factor in baby food making. But did you know the nutribullet baby food maker has made that easier as well? You can now manage all your house chores, and official work and yet prepare your baby’s time-to-time meal without any hassle!

The baby food processor requires you to have your meal ingredients ready! Then you can put a chunk of the food in the blender bowl, attach the blender to the power base, and press down until you get your desired nutritious baby food.

Who It’s For

If you are curious whether the product applies to all the parents out there, you should know that it is! Howbeit, this Nutribullet Baby Bullet helps busy parents the most! If you are one of those parents who have a tight schedule and need organic baby products for food processing, this version is the perfect choice for you!

The Baby Bullet works like a magic bullet from which you can get the exact consistency for puree as you’d like. After all, the entire control of the machine will be on your hands. So, there you can make some different textured fruits or veg squash to help your baby enjoy new tastes as he grows older.


As mentioned earlier, the baby bullet is an amazing food processor that can make harder food squashes! In fact, this acts as a magic bullet blender for homemade baby food. You can operate it with ease and clean it without any additional effort. And that’s only possible because of its wider base and mouth. Although, you should know that the blending blade and motor are not really cleaning-friendly.

The nutribullet baby food maker is capable of generating a wide variety of baby food textures. So, you can make foods for the toddlers as well.


The Nutribullet Baby Bullet is designed for a complete food pureeing process. But you can also make smoothies for the toddlers as it is equipped with the same motor as a magic bullet blender. Howbeit, be aware of steaming the harder foods before blending those in this blender. It’s because the Nutribullet doesn’t consist of a powerful motor base. So, it can’t perform like a powerful blender that you use for your kitchen appliances.

By the way, only when working with hot food items should you utilize the batch-vented processing container. As the short cup holds no opening hole, It might capture the steam pressure within it.

Ease Of Use

Talking of its operating method, you will be astonished to know about its easy accessibility. This Baby Bullet food processor holds no complications in itself. Therefore, you get these machines without any Instead, you tons! You can plug it into the power base and press the bowl’s lid. That will automatically start producing healthy food purees for you!

Since you’d most probably want a thicker puree for your 6-month-old baby, you need to face some quirks in the process. The blender might need a little shake from time to time. It’s because when you start blending the food chunks, the sticky substances tend to get stuck in the blender mug sides. Thus you need to shake the mug or use a spatula to make the ingredients assemble inside it.

However, if you are worried about its cleaning methods, there is nothing to worry about as every part except the motor base and blade assembly is dishwasher safe.

Pros & Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Phthalates and BPA free
  • Complete baby food making set
  • Compact design
  • Includes an additional milling blade
  • Dated storage system
  • Most of the parts are dishwasher safe
  • Complimentary recipe book and pocket nutritionist
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quiet, so there’s no risk of waking a napping baby


  • The blade assembly is not dishwasher safe
  • It doesn’t include a spoon.
  • The pulse function can be tricky to figure out at first
  • You have an added step of having to steam the food yourself

Nutribullet Baby Food Maker Review

Check Price at Amazon

As you know, the nutribullet baby food maker features, you should learn about its specifications and what it offers to the users.

This Baby Bullet is considered a wholesome baby food maker! It comes with two blending cups of 12 oz (355 ml) and 32 oz (946 ml). And the recipe guide is the best aspect of the Baby Bullet. It’s due to the easy instruction that it provides to prepare fresh baby food.

Technical Specifications

Brand: Nutribullet

Product: Nutribullet Baby Food Maker

Type: Blender or Food Processor

Speed: One-Speed

Power: 200 Watts of Power

Blade: Flat Blade and Cross Blade

Dishwasher Safe: Everything except the blades


Dimensions: 5.4 x 5.2 x 11 inches

Applications: Both Indoor and Outdoor

Warranty: 1 Year


The Nutribullet Baby Bullet Bender is perfectly designed for all-in-one baby meal making. Therefore, this machine includes quite a few accessories,

  • User Manual
  • Motor Base
  • Dual Blade
  • Batch Bowl
  • Blending Short Cup
  • Freezer Tray
  • Storage Cups
  • Baby Food Recipe Book

Baby Bullet Blades

This blender includes a dual blade to make any smoothies along with the quality puree. Unfortunately, these are almost like the magic bullet baby processor that can’t handle harder food items. So, you must be careful about that.

Nutribullet Baby Blending Short Cup

The blending cup is only about 12 oz or 335 ml. So if you want to make fewer healthful baby food, this container will work perfectly fine!

Nutribullet Baby Batch Bowl

The batch bowl is almost about 32 oz or 946 ml. Therefore, it’s a lot bigger than the short cup. You can utilize this when you want to store a quiet amount of food for a few days.

Storage Cups

It comes with a useful date dial that you’d enjoy really enjoy. This date dial allows you to not stick any sticker or sharpie for indicating the food expiration date. Instead, you can easily turn the flip-top lid and make the expiration date visible.

Freezer Tray

You can use these silicone freezer trays for long-term storage. However, the date dial cups are not intended for your freezer. This is because frozen food expands.

Baby Food Recipe Book

This is definitely the most exciting aspect of the nutribullet baby food maker. It includes a thorough baby meal guide as well as recipes to help you get started straight away.

Operating Method

We chose to start with a tried-and-true infant food: squash. We saved some minutes of frustration with the pre-peeled and pre-popped butternut squash from the supermarket. At first, we steamed the squash in another pot that needed around 20 minutes. Then, for about ten minutes, we chill the squash. Finally, the baby’s food was ready to be implemented.

The broad aperture of the blender bowl was the first thing we noticed, which was a great plus. We removed all of the squash from our strainer tray without leaving a single squash cube on the table. We have added a little water to make it thinner and have the lid on.

Now it’s been time to mix! We fitted the blender bowl into the power base and closed the lid. There are no confusing push buttons or settings, so you can push down the lid until the blender takes over the power. You stop pressing the blender cup to stop the blender when you’re ready to stop. To get the lumpy squash closer to the blades, we had to halt several times. (If you do this, always take it off the power base.)

It was time to test the storage containers once we had achieved the requisite uniformity — absolutely within the advertised five minutes. We quickly put our homemade squash baby food into one-serve containers using our kitchen’s spatula. We also liked the dates that give a reminder when your food is ready to serve!

The Verdict

The Nutribullet Baby Bullet is a user-friendly food processor that’s also available in an affordable budget range. It features a batch bowl of smart wide-mouth design. Also, the storage cups allow you to store six individual servings.

The super quiet mood of this processor allows you to make meals without disturbing your sleeping baby. So, you can easily prepare his food during his sleep. Thus, he doesn’t need to face any hunger strike.

The nutribullet baby food maker comes up with an easier blending process to make meal prep more fun. First, Attach the device to the power source and close the lid on the batch bowl. And that requires no higher physics degree or any other experience! Then, to start the blender, you needn’t press any complex buttons. That requires just a simple press down on the blender bowl.

Puree may be easily transferred both into single-serve containers and the silicone freezer tray with a spatula. Although this product has no spatula, you have to use your kitchen spoon. The oval shape of the single-serve containers makes it easier to get every last spoonful out when it’s time to feed the baby.

You won’t have to worry about cleaning because everything is dishwasher safe. On the plus side, their shape facilitates washing and rinsing.

If you want a quick way to create your own baby food but don’t mind taking the extra step of boiling it separately, this could be the solution for you. Our favourites were the single-serving containers with reusable dates. That said, if you have a blender already, it may be a gadget you need to add to the kitchen counter.

Nutribullet Baby Food Maker (FAQs)

The Nutribullet company manufactures the nutribullet baby food maker. Here we tried to interpret some commonly asked questions for the user’s better understanding.

Does Nutribullet fit the Magic Baby Bullet with mixing cups and blades?

The Baby Bullet is not interchangeable even though the frame of the Magic Bullet is built on the blade system and cups. Magic Bullet is a little wider in diameter for whatever reason.

How long can you store the Baby Bullet food?

Two storage systems are supplied to Baby Bullet. In the date dial storage cups, you can store baby food in the fridge for three days. However, if you want stronger durability and longevity, utilize the silicone storage tray. It can maintain meals fresh for your infant for up to a month.

How large are the cups of the Baby Bullet?

2 oz (59 ml) of baby food can be stored in each storage cup. So you got six of them, for a total of 12 oz (355 ml).

Can the Baby Bullet storage cups be frozen?

When frozen, the Baby Bullet Storage cups may fracture. It’s only supposed to be kept in your refrigerator. Use the freezer storage tray if you want to freeze baby food.

How many ounces are there in the jar of Baby Bullet?

Two compartments are in the Baby Bullet. The batch bowl is 32 oz long (946 ml). The short cup, by contrast, can process up to 12 oz (355 ml) of baby food in a single cycle.

Are Baby Bullet containers safe for dishwashing?

Yes, all the containers in Baby Bullet are quite dishwasher-friendly.

Are Baby Bullet containers safe for microwaves?

No, the containers in Baby Bullet are not safe for microwave use. Don’t heat cups, gloves, blades, batch bowl, batch bowl, or motor.

What is the cost of the Baby Bullet?

The nutribullet baby food maker is a very affordable product that costs less than 100 bucks. However, it’s better to buy them from their shops. And if you want to buy it from an eCommerce platform, you can trust it on amazon.

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Food Processor NutriBullet 600W (id 75828663)

The NutriBullet is no ordinary blender because it uses its own unique food grinding technology. This device crushes the seeds, grinds the stems and rips open the skin to get to all the vital nutrients. The resulting drink is called Nutriblast - it contains an explosive mixture of vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids! All this is absorbed much better than just eaten fruit or vegetable. A thick foamy refreshing vitamin cocktail is also very tasty!

Have you ever thought that you are not getting more nutrients? The reason is that your body is not able to get to them when you just chew your food. But the good news is that if fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are thoroughly chopped beforehand, your digestive system will easily absorb the best they have to offer.

Fortunately, now you can put it into practice - with the Nutri Bullit food processor!

Many of the most important elements in food cannot be accessed by juicing, grinding or simply chewing them. In order for us to get to the nutrients inside the seeds, skins and stems of the plant food we eat, it must be completely broken down. And when this is the case, we get significantly more nutrients, even if we eat the same foods. With NutriBullet, you can make a drink filled with easily digestible nutrients that would otherwise just pass through your body without any effect.

Why the

NutriBullet Food Extractor Food Processor is worth buying now:
  • This appliance has a unique combination of 3 functions that deliver exclusive extraction technology that can turn your food into a super-nutrition.
  • The
  • Food Extractor is equipped with a powerful 600W motor to extract, crack, pulverize, crush and squeeze out all the goodness you can find in food.
  • The user manual and recipe book are packed with delicious and nutritious drink recipes to help you rejuvenate your body and feel much better.
  • The appliance comes with two reusable freshness lids that fit directly onto the low and high bowls.

Top reasons to love Nutri Bullitt:

  • Grinds food to extract beneficial nutrients at the cellular level;
  • Cracks seeds, cuts stems and grinds even hard foods (like carrots or nuts) to get to hidden nutrients;
  • Rubs, crumbles, grinds;
  • Helps a healthy lifestyle;
  • Reduces time spent in the kitchen;
  • Powerful motor 600 W;
  • Specially designed blades move cyclonic;
  • BPA-free construction;
  • Neat;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Small and compact - will decorate every kitchen;
  • Universal - perfect for everyone;
  • Regular use of Nutriblast improves sleep quality;
  • May prevent acute pain such as migraine;
  • Improves overall health.


  • Power: 600W
  • Blade speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Dimensions:
    Base diameter: 13.5 cm
    Base height without bowl: 20 cm
    Large bowl height: 17 cm
    Small bowl height: 12.5 cm
  • Type: Stationary
  • Weight, kg: 3.04
  • Contents:
    Powerful Motor Base
    Large Bowl (0.7L)
    Small Bowl (0.5L) + Convenient Seal with Handle
    Small Bowl with Handle (0.5L) + Convenient Seal
    Flat Blade (for chopping)
    Double blade (for extraction)
    Reusable lids for keeping food fresh 2 pcs.
    User manual and recipe book

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