Reborn baby doll food

How to Make Fake Milk, Juice and Baby Food for a Reborn Baby

A reborn baby is a human-made doll that has been transformed by an artist. It bears a resemblance to a human infant with as much realism as possible. However realistic and lifelike a reborn doll is, please do not feed them real food even if they have a tube in their stomach for they could grow mold.

Fake food, formula or juice is also not allowed to feed your baby doll, but you could use it to enjoy the joy of accessorizing your reborn dolls without risking spilling and ruining your doll. When it’s made correctly, this kind of accessory adds to your doll’s overall realism, which is the ultimate goal for most collectors and artists. To achieve a realistic look of the fake food or fake drinks, correct technique is required. Keep reading to find out!

1. Fake food

Well, when it comes to making fake food for the reborn baby dolls; first things first, you will need to get the following:

  •  A bowl or container to mix everything up in.
  • An ordinary spoon that you can mix everything up with.
  • Any Lotion, whether it be sun-screen, hand cream, body lotion, or even hair conditioner, would be sufficient.
  • Food colors of your choice.
  • Vanilla essence.
  • An empty and clean baby food jar-With the label still on (Optional.)
  • Chalk dust or flour (this is also optional, but it will give your fake baby food some texture.)

Using the above one can make different fake foods for the dolls for instance;

Creamy banana porridge

First, grab a plastic container and put in it about two tablespoons of sun-screen, a drop of egg-yellow food coloring, and some of the chalk dust for some texture.

Mix it all up with an ordinary spoon and then add some vanilla essence to it to make it look darker and then mix it up again.

Then pour the baby food from the plastic container into a clean baby food jar. After doing all this, you will now have a pot of creamy banana porridge for your reborn.

Carrot puree

Put some sun-screen and some flour for the texture into a plastic container and added about two drops of yellow food coloring and one drop of red food coloring to get orange. Just play around with the food colors a bit until you get a bright orange.

Then mix it all and cover the container with some cling film and stick some sticky tape to the edge to make sure it wouldn’t come off and spill everywhere.

Avocado puree

This is the same as the carrot puree, but instead of making it orange, add only one drop of green food coloring to it to make it a light green. Place lid on the bottle, securely, and shake to ensure proper color has been achieved.

When it comes to the fake food, it all depends on your consistency and the color that you want, and therefore you can add as much lotion and wash as you want. Also, by looking at the reborn baby foods at the store or online can really help you know how to make your desired ones.

Fake milk

There are different ways to make fake milk or artificial formula. For example, here, you will need some water, some bottles, baking vanilla, lotion, flour, and some detergent.

Using detergent

First, you can make fake milk using unscented whitewashing detergent. Here put some water in one of the bottles and then and the detergent, then close the bottle and shake the mixture.

Using flour

Secondly, you can achieve the same by use of water and flour by putting water on the bottle and then adding 3 to 4 teaspoons of powder and shake the mixture thoroughly to get the fake milk. Make sure you pour this mixture after some time and repeat the same process to make another one because it goes bad very fast and starts smelling bad.

Using lotion

Thirdly using the cream, here you follow the same drill; put some water on the bottle and then add 3 to 4 teaspoons of any white lotion and mix thoroughly. Then shake the mixture well and do the same time to time to prevent the cream from sticking on the inner sides of the bottle.

Chocolate milk

Making chocolate milk is straightforward after knowing how to make fake milk using the above. Here choose any of the lengthy processes if you were making chocolate milk and then add baking vanilla to it and shake the mixture thoroughly. I would prefer you use the flour method.

3. Juice

You will need a bottle, food coloring precisely color yellow and red.

Orange juice

Fill the bottle with water. Fill to line 2, if you want it to look like the baby had been drinking, or line 4, if you want it to appear to be freshly made and then add some flour to make it look thick. Then add the drops of the red and yellow food colors, place lid on the bottle, securely and shake to ensure proper color and consistency has been achieved.

You can also make the orange juice by putting two tablespoons of white fabric softener in a measuring cup, then fill it to one cup with water, then add 20 drops of yellow food coloring, mix and put in a bottle.

Apple juice

Take one cup of water 30 drops of yellow and one drop of green food coloring.

You can also make concentrated apple juice by adding 2 to 3 drops of the yellow color to a bottle of water and then shaking the mixture.


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Food for dolls: making a cake

Playing with dolls requires a lot of small things - for example, food for dolls. Appetizing pies, delicious drinks… And also beautiful crockery, cutlery and furniture. We bring to your attention a detailed step-by-step master class on modeling doll food, in particular, a cherry pie, from polymer clay. If necessary, it can easily be turned into a fun keychain!

To make a cake, you will need the following materials:

beige and red polymer clay;

light brown pastel;

liquid plastic;

acrylic paint or gouache

Do-it-yourself food for dolls - polymer clay cake: description of work

Kneading the beige plastic well and rolling it out in a thick layer (6-8 mm). With a lid from under the cream, cut out a circle with a diameter of 3.5 cm (if the lid is larger, the rolled out layer should be thicker, if less, respectively, the layer is thinner).

We roll out a thin sausage from scraps of plastic. We fold it in half and twist it into a bundle (you can make a pigtail). Lay it carefully around the edge of the pie.

Grind the light brown pastel into a powder and apply it with a brush on the tourniquet and sides of the cake - this will give it a natural color of baking.

Let's start making jam. Pour liquid plastic into a glass or iron container, add paint and mix well until a uniform color. If the mass is too liquid, you need to add a small piece of well-mashed polymer clay (red) to it and continue to knead the mass until this clay dissolves. Lubricate the surface of the polymer clay cake with the prepared mass

We make cherries. First, we knead the red plastic and roll it into a very thin sausage, which we then cut into small pieces. We roll the balls from these pieces and put them on the pie; selectively, you can pierce some berries with a needle.

While the product is not baked, insert a pin or pin into it so that later you can attach the cake by the loop to the keychain base if you plan to make a keychain, not food for dolls.

Instead of “sugar”, sprinkle the surface with a translucent microbead. Everything, now you can send the product to the oven. You need to bake at a temperature of 110–130 degrees for 5–10 minutes, depending on the company of the polymer clay used (use the instructions). The microwave oven cannot be used. After baking, be sure to ventilate the kitchen well and wash the oven.

After cooling, open the cake with gloss varnish. After the varnish is completely dry, cut the pin to the required length and glue it back with superglue (for reliability). We connect the pin with the base for the keychain. That's it - you can hang yummy on the keys ...

... or play with dolls!

Irina Golub specially for the site Favorite doll

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