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KID GAMES: Ages 4-8

KID GAMES: Ages 4-8
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Art and Creativity

Art Lessons from Disney by Disney
Aunt Annie's Crafts Project Sampler by dot.ware (W3, W95/98)
Avery Kids Printertainment Software by Avery Kids (W95/98)
Baxtersketch by Dan Century (W3, W95/98)
Child's Play 3 by Alston Software Labs (W3)
Color a Story in 3D by IBM/ Crayola (W95/98)
Color Me Fun! - Honey Bears Demo by Imagery Studios, Inc. (W3)
Color Wizard by ImagiSOFT Inc. (W3)
Crayola Magic 3D Coloring Book demo by IBM and Crayola (W3, W95/98)
Crayola Print Factory by IBM/Crayola (W3)
Crayon Box by Philip Kapusta (D)
Doodleworks by Mister Matt Software (W3)
Drawing for Children by Mark Overmars (W95/98)
Gumby Coloring Books by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Gumby Studios Create & Paint by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Halloween Dress Up by Grace Sylvan and Loraine Wauer (W3)
Home for the Holidays by Mr. Mom Software (W3, W95/98)
Home Gene Splicing Kit by You-Betcha Interactive (W3, W95/98)
I Dream of Jeannie Coloring Books by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
I Dream of Jeannie Create and Paint by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Jack & The Beanstalk by Tellitagan Children's Stories (W3, W95/98)
Leonardo Da Vinci Screensaver by Screen Saver Heaven (W95/98)
Let's Color Sampler by TOTO Multimedia (W3)
Magic Wardrobe Demo by IBM and Crayola (W3, W95/98)
Make a Castle by Owl and Mouse Software (W3, W95/98)
Make a Farm by Owl & Mouse Educational Software (W3)
Make a Town by Owl & Mouse Educational Software (W3)
Make a Village by Owl & Mouse Educational Software (W3)
Pepper Babies Coloring Book by Nanark Tech. (W3, W95/98)
Rachel's Fashion Dolls by Theron Wierenga (D)
Sean's Magic Slate by AHA's Family Games Web Center (W3)
Sesame Street: Toddler's Deluxe by Creative Wonders (W3, W95/98)
Shapari by Spelunk Computing (W95/98)
SimTunes by Maxis (W3, W95/98)
Starcastle Create & Paint by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Starcastles Neptune Coloring Book by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
StickerCards for Kids! version 1.1 by 4 Syght InfoServe.Corp. (W95/98)
The Viable Rainbow by Viable Software Alternatives (W3)
Travel the World With Timmy by Edmark (W3, W95/98)
Tuppy by Pigas Inc. (W3, W95/98)
Wonkarific Colorizer by The Willie Wonka Candy Factory (W3, W95/98)
Z and Z Color by Z and Z Software (W3)

Board and Card Games

3-D Kid's Dice by LatticeWork Software (W95/98)
Alien Tic Tac Toe by Shortdog Inc. (W3, W95/98)
Animated Bugs Game by Flix Productions (D)
Blues Clues: Felt Friend Tic-Tac-Toe by Nick Jr. (W3, W95/98)
Larry's Wacky Tic-Tac-Toe by Lawrence Goetz (W3, W95/98)
Numzum by Soleau Software (W3, W95/98)
SiSnap by Grey Olltwit (W95/98)

Computer Toolbox

Animated Beginning Typing by Flix Productions (W3, W95/98)
Biggie Cursors by RJ Cooper & Assoc (W3)
Email Y2K by Kittyhawk Software (W95/98)
Hexabit Jr by Hexabit Software (W95/98)
Kidnet Explorer by Resource Communications (W95/98)
Lauren's First Computer by Velsoft Interactive
MiniMan by Piccolo Software Inc. (W3, W95/98)
PENCIL Shareware by Little Pizazz, Inc. (W3, W95/98)
Safe Surfing by many authors
Stephen's First Computer by Velsoft Interactive
Surf Monkey by Medialive, Inc. (W95/98)
Surfin' Annette by SpyCatcher Corporation
Taketurnz by Marco Software (W3)
Type Now by TeaTime Software (W3, W95/98)
Unicorn Quest by The Waldings (D)
Utilities by many publishers
Web Workshop by Vividus (W3)
Zip's Missing by Velsoft Interactive

Foreign Language

Billy Bear Learns How to Sign by Billy Bear c/o Loraine Wauer (D)
Earth Words for Alien Dinosaurs by Right to Left Software (W3)
Soleil Sampler CD by Soleil Software
Talking Spanish by Dareware (W3)
Travel the World With Timmy by Edmark (W3, W95/98)

Language Arts

Animated Alphabet by Flix Productions (D)
Animated Words by Flix Productions (D)
Aquatar's Fables by Torpedo Software (W95/98)
Circus Of Words v1. 0 by Master Developer (W3, W95/98)
Cross Pix by Patchwork (W3, W95/98)
Dino Spell by Dynotech Software (W3, W95/98)
Dr. Seuss' ABC's Demo by Random House/Broderbund (W3, W95/98)
Early Learning V4.5 by KIDware (W95/98)
Easy Match by Master Developer Inc. (W3, W95/98)
Fisher-Price Ready for School 1st Grade by Knowledge Adventure (W95/98)
Flying Letters by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Fun with Phonics Level 1 by Nissen Ventures (W3)
Hansel & Gretel by Tellitagan Children's Stories (W3, W95/98)
Homonyms by Little Fingers Software (W95/98)
Hunter of the Past by Caroline Hensby and Bernard Braham (W95/98)
Jack & The Beanstalk by Tellitagan Children's Stories (W3, W95/98)
Kinder Carton by Vicki Watson (D, W3, W95/98)
Krysten Learns to Spell by Nissen Ventures (W3, W95/98)
Madeline's 1st and 2nd Grade by Creative Wonders (W3, W95/98)
MomSoft Early Reader by MomSoft (W3, W95/98)
MSB Explores The Human Body: Chatterbox Game by Microsoft (W3)
Multimedia Spelling Bee by Indigo Rose Corporation (W3, W95/98)
Phil's ABC Fun Center by Nissen Ventures (W3, W95/98)
Phonics Based Reading Demo by Lexia Learning Systems (D, W3)
Phonics Tutor by 4:20 Communications (W3, W95/98)
Planet Spell by George Brawley (W3)
Professor ROM's Let's Learn Letters Demo by Future Think (W3)
Ridiculous Rhymes Demo by Sherston Online (W3, W95/98)
Roxie's ABC Fish by LatticeWork Software (W3)
Roxie's Reading Fish by LatticeWork Software (W3, W95/98)
Secret Phonics by Little Fingers Software (W95/98)
Sounds Like A. .. by Vicki Watson (D, W3, W95/98)
Spelling Games by KIDware (W95/98)
Superman Activity Center - Hidden Profiles by Knowledge Adventure (W3)
Talking Community Signs by Bill Straub (D)
Talking Phonics by Dareware (D, W3, W95/98)
Talking Spanish by Dareware (W3)
Talking Spelling by Dareware (W3)
Talking Teacher by Dareware (D, W3, W95/98)
The Tornado by Tellitagan Children's Software (W3, W95/98)
Twisted Tails by AHA! Software (W3, W95/98)
Word Rescue by Redwood Games (D)
Word Speak by Nissen Ventures (W3)
WordPlay by Steve Munro (W95/98)


3-D Kid's Dice by LatticeWork Software (W95/98)
Adventure Math by Epic Megagames
Amy's Fun-2-3 Adventure by Devasoft (D)
Animated Addition And Subtraction by Flix Productions (D)
Animated Clock v3.0 by Flix Productions (D)
Animated Math by Flix Productions (D)
Animated Money by Flix Productions (D)
Animated Multiplication and Division by Flix Productions (D)
Arithmatic Scholar by Nissen Ventures (W3, W95/98)
ArithmeTic-Tac-Toe by Indigo Rose Corporation (W3)
Big Math Attack by Philip Kapusta (D)
Blues Clues: Teeter-Totter by Nick, Jr. (W3, W95/98)
Blues Clues: Weight and Balance by Nick, Jr. (W3, W95/98)
CalcuMemory by Everet Jan Hummelen (W3, W95/98)
Candy Math by Master Developer (W3, W95/98)
Click and Learn: Money Matters by Wyvern Studios (W95/98)
Clown Math by Nissen Ventures (W3, W95/98)
Color with Sally, Sally's Necklaces, Which Flower? by Little Fingers Software (W95/98)
Crayon Box by Philip Kapusta (D)
Dino Numbers by DynoTech Software (W3, W95/98)
Discover Time by Gamco (W3, W95/98)
Flash Cards by Soft Strategies Systems & Solutions (W3, W95/98)
Freddie's Fractions by Little Fingers Software (W95/98)
Fun with Math Level 1 by Nissen Ventures (W3)
Geoboard Demo by Edmark (W3, W95/98)
Great Adventures by Fisher-Price Castle by Davidson & Associates (W95/98)
Junior Gigamath Playground Demo by Decision Development Corporation (W3)
Kinder Carton by Vicki Watson (D, W3, W95/98)
License Plate Math by Sheppard Software (W95/98)
Little D's Math Printer by Master Developer (W3, W95/98)
Little Wizard Cave Game by Gizmo Gypsies (W3, W95/98)
Lucky's Water Balloons by Creative Wonders (W3, W95/98)
Math Basics by KIDware (W3)
Math Bee by RC's Computer Lab (W95/98)
Math Castle by Ron Jennings/ Northwest Software Engineers (D)
Math Flight by Ronald Swerdfeger (W95/98)
Math Match by Little Fingers Software (W95/98)
Math Rescue by Redwood Games (D)
Math Strategies 2. 0 by PixelGraphics, Inc. (W95/98)
Mathbots by Astrobot Academy Educational Software (D, W3, W95/98)
Mathcard by David Summer (W95/98)
Mattie's Preschool Math Games by LatticeWork Software (W95/98)
Mindforge Fractions by Mindforge (W95/98)
Ms. Piggy Bank by Vicki Watson (D, W3, W95/98)
Nothin' But the Facts/ Arithmetic Review by IEP (W3, W95/98)
Number Facts Fire Zapper by Gamco (W3, W95/98)
Ordinal Numbers by Little Fingers Software (W95/98)
Penny Penguin's Math Bingo by LatticeWork Software (W3, W95/98)
Professor Flash Math Facts by Sandra E. Sherman, M Ed (W3, W95/98)
Roxie's Math Fish by LatticeWork Software (W3, W95/98)
Sea School by MVP Software (D)
Smart Dots by Little Fingers Software (W95/98)
Soleil Sampler CD by Soleil Software
Spiko and the Math Masters by J. Boot (W95/98)
Talking Number Machine by Vicki Watson (D, W3, W95/98)
Talking Numbers by Dareware (W3)
Talking Time Tutor by Vicki Watson (D)
Talking Times Tables by Dareware (W3)


AGATES- The Rock Group by Mutiwave Innovation (W95/98)
Blues Clues Water Xylophone by Nick, Jr. (W3, W95/98)
Menlo The Frog Musical Clam Game by Windy Hill Productions (W3, W95/98)
Music Ace by Harmonic Vision (W3)
Music Brush Screen Saver Design by Mister Matt Software (W3)
Piano Discovery for Kids by Jump! Music (W3)
Playing the Blues with Johnny Lang by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Recorder Teacher 98 by John Child (W3)
SimTunes by Maxis (W3, W95/98)
Winsong by Scott Moffet (W3, W95/98)


2 Clear? by Ultisoft (W95/98)
Animated VGA Memory Game by Flix Productions (W3)
Aunt Gwyn's Africa Puzzle by Birchtree Multimedia (W95/98)
Blues Clues: Jigsaws by Nick Jr (W3, W95/98)
Blues Clues: Let's Dream! by Nick, Jr. (W3, W95/98)
Blues Clues: Matching Fairy Tales by Nick Jr. (W3, W95/98)
Blues Clues: Snowflake Matching! by Nick Jr. (W3, W95/98)
BongoMania by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Colors - The Memory Game by Leiter Software, Ltd.
Dino Cards by DynoTech Software (W3, W95/98)
Dino Match by DynoTech Software (W3, W95/98)
Dino Tiles by DynoTech Software (W95/98)
Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles by Cascoly (W3)
Farmyard Frolics by Loz (W3, W95/98)
Finderz Keeperz by Steven T. Fricke (W3, W95/98)
Flip Over v2.0 by Barefoot Productions, Inc. (W95/98)
FP Ready for School Kindergarten by Davidson & Associates (W95/98)
Funny Bones by Little Bits Multimedia (W3)
Jigsaw 2 for Windows by Walter A. Kuhn (W3, W95/98)
Jumpers by MG Software (W3, W95/98)
Kids Concentration by Centaurus Software Design (W3)
Kids' WB Jigsaw Puzzle by Warner Brothers (W3)
Logic Games for Kids by KIDware (W3)
Lucky Charms Memory Machine by General Mills, Inc. & Yumnasium Games (W3, W95/98)
Makomba Memory Game by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Match Wars by Nissen Ventures (W3)
Matchem by SparTech Software (W3)
Nicktoons Memory Challenge by Nickelodeon (W3, W95/98)
Pairs by Grey Olltwit (W95/98)
Pare A Pair by Carolyn White (W95/98)
Pepper Babies Match Mania by Nanark Tech. (W3, W95/98)
Pinky and the Brain Concentration by Warner Brothers (W3, W95/98)
Professor ROM's Birds and Insects Demo by Future Think (W3, W95/98)
Professor ROM's Land Animals Demo by Future Think (W3)
Remember to Reach Game by Johnson and Johnson Oral Health (W3)
Scooby Doo in Monster Manor by Cartoon Network (W3, W95/98)
Slide "M" Puzzle by Velsoft Interactive (W3, W95/98)
Tetris Jr. 95 by The Tetris Company (W3)
Toy Story Concentration Game by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Train Teasers by Abracadata (W95/98)
Where is it? by Little Bits Multimedia (W3)
Z and Z Puzzle by Z and Z Software (W3)
Zurk's Learning Safari Demo by Soleil Software (W3, W95/98)


Animated New Testament v3.0 by Flix Productions (W3)
Animated Old Testament by Flix Productions (W3)
Bible ABC's by John and Carol McKissak (D)
Bible Trivia by Tidbit Computers and Software (D)
The Grape Vine by Philip Kapusta (D)


All Space Screensaver by Always Great Software (W95/98)
Animal Quest v4.0 by Alive Software (D, W3)
Cascoly Critters by Cascoly (W95/98)
Dinosaur Database by Tosoft/ Tony Owens (W95/98)
Dinosaur Predators 4.0 by Alive! Software (D, W3)
Fly Vision by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Funny Bones by Little Bits Multimedia (W3)
Happy Earth Day Coloring Book by US Environmental Protection Agency
Jurassic Challenge by Cascoly (W95/98)
Look and Listen Dinosaurs by Softline, Inc (W3, W95/98)
MSB Explores In The Age Of Dinosasurs - Skeleton Puzzle Game by Microsoft (W3)
MSB Explores Inside The Earth - Volcano Builder by Microsoft (W3)
MSB Explores The Human Body: Heart Pinball Game by Microsoft (W3)
MSB Explores The Rainforest: Night Stratification Game by Microsoft (W3)
Odell Down Under by MECC/ The Learning Company (D, W3)
Professor ROM's Water Animals by Future Think (W3, W95/98)
Science Shop with Monker by Golden Book Interactive (W3)
Sea Mammals Clip Art by M&M Software (W3, W95/98)
Soleil Sampler CD by Soleil Software
Wee Willie Wheezie by Wee Willie Wheezie Asthma Education Web Site (D, W95/98)

Social Studies

Aunt Gwyn's Africa Puzzle by Birchtree Multimedia (W95/98)
Home for the Holidays by Mr. Mom Software (W3, W95/98)
Madeline: European Adventure by Creative Wonders (W3)
Magic Wardrobe Demo by IBM and Crayola (W3, W95/98)
Neighborhood Map Machine Demo by Tom Snyder Productions (W3, W95/98)
Professor Egg v2.5: State Flags by Hummelen Educatief (W3)
Talking Community Signs by Bill Straub (D)
World Atlas by GWME Software (W95/98)

Thinking Games

3D Maze by James L. Dean (D)
Ali Baba by DJSWare (W95/98)
Big Thinkers First Grade by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Big Thinkers Kindergarten by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Blues Clues: Racing Cars by Nick Jr (W3, W95/98)
Blues Clues: What Does Paprika Need? by Nick Jr. (W3, W95/98)
Click and Learn: Puzzle Pals by Wyvern Studios (W95/98)
Color with Sally, Sally's Necklaces, Which Flower? by Little Fingers Software (W95/98)
Farnsworth Ferrets Fun Pack by Elpin Systems (W3)
Freddi Fish 3-The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Freddi Fish 4 by Humongous Entertainment (W95/98)
Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Missing Kelp Seeds by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Freddi Fish II - The Case Of The Haunted Schoolhouse by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Headbone Sampler CD by Headbone Interactive (W3, W95/98)
Humongous Demo CD by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Logic Games for Kids by KIDware (W3)
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Pajama Sam- No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Putt Putt Saves The Zoo by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Putt Putt Travels Through Time by Humongous Entertainment (W3, W95/98)
Putt-Putt Enters the Race by Humongous Entertainment (W3, W95/98)
Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" by Humongous Entertainment (W3)
Tetris Jr. 95 by The Tetris Company (W3)
The Maze by Lynn Alford (W3, W95/98)
Tiny Trails by Midas Interactive Entertainment
Toddler Fun by KIDware (W95/98)
Tunnel Out by MG Software (W3, W95/98)
Zoombinis Mudball Wall Demo by Broderbund (W3)


3D Frog Man by Galaxy Software (W3, W95/98)
Adventures of Mr. Reach: Dunk Mr. Plaque by Johnson and Johnson Oral Health (W3)
Animorphs: The Yeerk Pool by Scholastic Inc. (W3, W95/98)
Ant Run by Soleau Software (D)
Baby Food FlingShot by Nickelodeon (W3, W95/98)
Bug! by Sega (W95/98)
Cow and Chicken- Bombs Away! by Cartoon Network (W95/98)
Dexter's Dodge Ball by Cartoon Network (W3, W95/98)
Fly Tink, Fly! by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Frog Hop for Windows by Soleau Software (W3, W95/98)
Frogger by Hasbro Interactive (W95/98)
Gearheads Demo by Philips Media- R/GA Interactive (W3)
Hookworm II by Andrei Fedukov (W3, W95/98)
Hot Potato Pong by ALI-PAL Software (W95/98)
Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare 95 by Epic MegaGames
Jetson's Mealtime Malfunction by Cartoon Network (W3, W95/98)
Jill of the Jungle by Epic MegaGames
Lion King Bugout Game by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Lion King Grub Grabber by Disney (W3, W95/98)
M&M's Bag 'Em by Mars, Incorporated (W3, W95/98)
M&M's Melt the Chocolate Bar by Mars, Incorporated (W3, W95/98)
Math Strategies 2. 0 by PixelGraphics, Inc. (W95/98)
Mighty Ducks Hockey Game by Disney
MSB Explores Inside the Earth: Panning for Gold Game by Microsoft (W3)
MSB Explores the Age of Dinosaurs- Meteor Meltdown Game by Microsoft (W3)
MSB Explores The Ocean - Crab Chase Game by Microsoft (W3)
MSB Explores The Rainforest: Escaping Monkey Game by Microsoft (W3)
MSB Explores The Solar System - Venus Game by Microsoft (W3)
Peter Pan vs. the Pirates by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Pop a Penguin by FunnyBone Interactive (W3, W95/98)
Pro Pinball Demo by Interplay (D, W3, W95/98)
Return of Arcade Demo by Microsoft/Namco (W3, W95/98)
Snow White's Voyage by Alive! Software (D, W3)
Space Rescue Game by The Willie Wonka Candy Factory (W3, W95/98)
Splatberry Pie by ToyLab (W3, W95/98)
Star Wars Yoda Stories Demo by Lucasfilm Ltd. (W95/98)
Trouble with Mickey's Orphans by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Wacky Wheels by Apogee (D)
What's In the Center of Cocoa Puffs by General Mills & Yumnasium Games (W3, W95/98)

More Fun

3D Castle Creator by IBM/ Crayola (W95/98)
Air Hockey by Patch Products (W95/98)
Animated Bugs Game by Flix Productions (D)
BeanieWare by ASL- Alston Software Labs (W3, W95/98)
Big City Lights 1. 1 by Brian Russell (W95/98)
BJ's Dozer by Don Crownover (W3)
Blobshop by ABC-Ware Software for Kids (W3)
Bricks by Knowledge Adventure (W3)
Brink! SK8 Challenge by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Bubble Puzzle by Conmeg Spielart (D, W95/98)
Bumper Boat Billiards by ALI-PAL Software (W95/98)
Casper's Flip Book by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Casper's Treasure Hunt by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Crayon Box by Philip Kapusta (D)
Cupid Attack by Kaplan On-Line (W3)
Digital Pinata by Nickelodeon (W3, W95/98)
Dot-To-Dot: Alphabet & Numbers, Coloring by The ThoughtWare Co. (W3)
Dress Up Dexter by Cartoon Network (W3, W95/98)
Eeyore's Lost Tail by Grey Olltwit (W95/98)
Elroy Apparelizer by Headbone Interactive (W3, W95/98)
Fisher-Price Big Action Construction by Davidson & Associates (W95/98)
Fisher-Price Great Adventures Wild Western Town by Knowledge Adventure (W95/98)
Fisher-Price Time to Play Dollhouse by Davidson & Associates (W95/98)
Flabbergasted by Purple Planet Software (W95/98)
Front Page Sports: Ski Racing by Sierra (W95/98)
Gumby Super Sneaky Disguise Kit by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Halloween Goodies by many authors
I Dream of Jeannie Activities Disk by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
I Dream of Jeannie Fashion Disk by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Interactive Dental Office by Boyden Dental Practice (W3)
Inventonator by The Willie Wonka Candy Factory (W3, W95/98)
Jumpball by Tasos Tzimorotas (D, W95/98)
Kid Label by ASL (W3)
Kids 'n' Keys by Tri Tech Scientific (W3)
KISS Paperdolls by many authors (W3)
Mighty Ducks Puck Hunt by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Monster Decomposer by Nickelodeon (W3, W95/98)
MSB Explores The Ocean - Sand Castle Builder by Microsoft (W3)
Paint n Play Pony Demo by IBM and Crayola (W95/98)
PC Blocks by Vector Space (W3, W95/98)
Power of Pixie Dust Game by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Roaring Reptar Wagon Race by Nickelodeon (W3, W95/98)
Seuss Hamulator by Living Books (W3, W95/98)
SiBowl by Grey Olltwit (W95/98)
Space Kids Demo by Evryware (D)
Starcastle Cosmetic Castle Activity by Trendmasters, Inc. (W3)
Talking Clock by Adyweb (W95/98)
The Velma Apparelizer by Headbone Interactive (W3, W95/98)
The Way of the Jungle by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Toobz by Disney (W3, W95/98)
WB Connect the Dots by Warner Brothers (W3, W95/98)
WB Hot Dog Toss Game by Warner Brothers (W3, W95/98)
WordPlay by Steve Munro (W95/98)

Cyber Pets

Adopt a Rainforest Animal by Kids' Domain/ Soleil
Catz and Catz II Adoption Kits by PF. Magic
Crying Screaming Baby by Nickelodeon (W3, W95/98)
CyberPet! by Moonlight Entertainment (W95/98)
Desktop Plant by DeskSoft (W95/98)
Disgruntled Warthog by Nickelodeon (W3, W95/98)
Dogz and Dogz II Adoption Kits by PF. Magic (W95/98)
Gotshi by Frank Myer (W95/98)
Happy House by Arai Harumi (W3, W95/98)
K-9 Cyber Companion by Fujitsu Interactive (W95/98)
MOPy Fish by Hewlett-Packard (W3)
Oddballz Adoption Kit by PF. Magic (W3)
PC Whiskers Demo by Flying Frog Interactive (W95/98)
Pet Wonka by The Willie Wonka Candy Factory (W3, W95/98)
Pixl-Pal by Pixl Software (W95/98)
Quest for Camelot- Raise the Dragon by Knowledge Adventure (W95/98)
Springhead by Nickelodeon (W3, W95/98)

Desktop Fun

"Anastasia" Screen Saver by Anastasia Home Page (W3, W95/98)
"Cat in the Hat" Theme Pack by Custom Effects (W95/98)
"Dino" Screen Saver by Unknown (W3, W95/98)
"Western Rip Off" Screen Saver by Lego (W3)
Africa Screensaver by Screen Saver Heaven (W95/98)
All Space Screensaver by Always Great Software (W95/98)
Badmoon Risin' by The MindBendR Co. (W95/98)
Batman Theme Pack by Unknown (W95/98)
Big Cats and Elephants- Born Free Screensaver by Born Free Foundation (W95/98)
Billy Bear's Noah's Ark Screensaver by Billy Bear c/o Loraine Wauer (W3, W95/98)
Billy Bear's Toys Screensaver by Loraine Wauer Ferus (W3)
Blues Clues Theme Pack by Custom Effects (W95/98)
Butterfly Screen Saver by BSAS (W3)
Casper 2 Theme Pack by Christy (W95/98)
Deep Blue Screensaver by Screen Saver Studios (W3, W95/98)
Desktop Themes by Left Side Software (W3, W95/98)
Dog's Life Screensaver by Disney (W3, W95/98)
Elmo Screen Saver by David Foster (W3, W95/98)
Endangered Animals by Platinum Technology (W95/98)
Face Theme Pack by Theme Heaven (W95/98)
Fish Tank by Little Bits Multimedia (W3)
Fleet Kids Screensaver by FleetKids (W95/98)
Freddi Fish Theme Pack and Screensaver by Humongous Entertainment (W95/98)
Freddi's Hoedown Screensaver by Humongous Entertainment (W95/98)
Freddy 4 Wheeler Screensaver by Chevron Corporation (W3, W95/98)
Garfield Screen Savers by Garfield Online (W95/98)
Garfield's Midnight Snack Screensaver by Garfield Online (W95/98)
Humongous Theme Pack and Screensaver by Humongous Entertainment (W95/98)
I Love Teddies Screensaver by Loraine Wauer Ferus (W3)
Icons by many authors
Jumanji Screen Saver by Sony Pictures Entertainment (W3, W95/98)
Keiko the Whale Theme Pack by C. Dutton (W95/98)
Lego UFO Screen Saver by Lego (W3)
Little Bear Theme Pack by Theme Heaven (W95/98)
M&M Minis Screen Saver by Mars, Incorporated (W3, W95/98)
Microsoft Plus! For Kids by Microsoft (W95/98)
Mighty Joe Young ScreenSaver by Disney (W3, W95/98)
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10 Things from the 1990s that Are Making Their Way Back Around

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10 Things from the 1990s that Are Making Their Way Back Around


The 1990s had their own style, fun, and unique items that we all loved and sported around shamelessly. Now, more nostalgia from the 1990s is brought back for us to enjoy and remember when funky patterns, amazing hip-hop music, and pumping up our sneakers were a part of our everyday lives. Many fashion trends, products, snacks, and even films are being remade and presented today. Check out these ten things from the 1990s that are making their way back around!

1. Fanny Packs

Back in the day, fanny packs were sported by nearly everyone and were a great alternative to a purse. The fanny pack allowed you to carry small essentials while working out or going on an outing. It also kept your belongings close to you instead of your back pocket, where people can easily pickpocket. Now prominent designers reinvented the fanny pack to have style and design more fitting for today’s fashion than the 1990s. YSL has a design of the fanny pack, and people are even wearing them across the body. Take Hailey Bieber; she was seen wearing a YSL fanny pack over her shoulder and across her body. Of course, if you are looking to spend 600 to 700 dollars on the fanny pack, you can grab one at YSL or check Loungefly and your local retailers for a more affordable price.


2. Dunkaroos

In the 1990s, Dunkaroos stuck around through the early 2000s to provide us with a tasty afterschool snack. This was a product found in grocery stores around the country and was sold even after its removal from the stores at special stores such as Smart & Final. It was tiny cookies you could similarly dunk in frosting to the cheese and cracker Ritz Handi-Snacks we had in our lunches. Recently the Dunkaroos were made into a cookie mix, but not we have spotted the favorite afterschool snack in places like Frys Grocery Store, Walmart, and Safeway. If you are looking to have a snack with a bit of nostalgia, then pick up a pack of Dunkaroos while you can!

3. Colored Popcorn

Back in the 1990s, we had colored popcorn put out by Pop Secret. We would pop them in the microwave and suddenly have blue popcorn to snack on Friday night while watching the VHS tape we rented from the local Blockbuster. Recently colored popcorn has been seen again in stores. Now you can find popcorn premade in Target, Walmart, and the Popcornopolis website that is colored called Popcornopolis. It has various designs to choose from, all deemed mermaid or unicorn-themed. However, if you are craving the chance to pop your popcorn in the microwave that is colored, you can check out Frys Grocery Store for blue-colored popcorn. Look for ACT II Llama Party; it pops up blue, but it is also cotton candy flavored. You can find it on Amazon, Frys Food Stores, and Walmart.


4. Tamagotchi

The Tamagotchi is making its way back around not only with a remake of its original version but newer, bigger, and colored versions that hook up to your cellphone or tablet. Hello Kitty-themed Tamagotchi’s available at Target and Gamestop, but you can also grab the larger Tamagotchi and experience new things with these Tamagotchis. Now, you can go to a center with your Tamagotchi and play games and like other people’s Tamagotchis. You can also buy backgrounds, toys, and other things for your Tamagotchi. Now, you can play games to earn food and special toys, and best of all, you can marry off your Tamagotchi to someone else’s in the matchmaking game and then have a new baby Tama to raise! You can access your family tree, and you may get lucky and have twin Tamas! There are holders to keep your Tamagotchi safe and secure while traveling about, and you can transfer and connect with other Tamagotchi’s. You can have a playdate with other Tamagotchis if you have multiple Tamagotchi’s. It is a cute, fun, and interactive experience based on the original concept of the Tamagotchi.


5.  Large Hair Scrunchies & Scrunchie Bands

Hair ties have been around forever, but the large scrunchies from the 1990s had taken their leave for a while, and now they are back. Places like Target and Walmart are selling oversized scrunchies in various colors. The Scrunchies are great to wrap around a bun or a ponytail after securing it with a regular tie. The Scrunchies add extra pizazz to your hairstyle, and the colors range from a simple black to a more colorful pink and red. Scrunchies used to be worn on your wrist, almost like a bracelet, until you wanted to pull your hair back. The scrunchies became a sort of fashion statement, not just for your hair, but your wrist as well! The trend is coming back so hard that the smart wristwatches now have a strap resembling a scrunchie! Check Walmart, Shein, and Amazon for the Apple scrunchie bands.

6.  Jelly Shoes

Jelly shoes were a thing of the Summer for us 90s kids. By the end of the day, these sandals would leave indents on the top of your feet from the hard plastic, but you were cool if you had a pair of these. The colors ranged the entire spectrum, and they even made a high heel version of the shoe. Today, the jelly shoes have come back fiercely, showing up at Walmarts and even Old Navy stores all over! Not only are they sold for toddlers and kids, but adults can remember their nostalgic Summer days by sporting a pair of these jelly shoes from Asos and Walmart.


7. Koosh Balls

The original Koosh Ball was released in 1989, but that is borderline the 1990s, and it was wildly popular in the 1990s. Now, you can find Koosh Balls at Target, including one of my personal favorites as a kid, the Koosh Launcher. It is a small piece of plastic that you attach the Koosh ball to and then launch across the room by pulling back on it. Much like a slingshot, only with a smaller range, of course. The Koosh Flingshot is available at Target! You can also buy regular Koosh Balls from Target, which is found in the toy section. Koosh balls were so prominent in the 1990s they even had ones with heads and arms or pencil toppers. Now you can relive the nostalgia with the Koosh Balls once more!

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8. Slip Dresses

In the 1990s, slip dresses were a major fashion trend. Silk was often what the slip dresses were made of, and today, people can be seen wearing them again, and they are sold in stores all over, especially on the internet. Often you would see a slip dress accompanied by wedged heels and sometimes a shrug or bolero. Now we see the dresses paired with a leather jacket and tennis shoes or an elegant heel. There are many ways to dress up your slip dress, and in the 1990s and early 2000s, they often had a cardigan or lightweight shrug around the shoulders when seen on television shows, but they were also dressed up on several occasions. The slip dress became multifunctional, and now it is making its way back around with a bit of new flair.

9. Rugrats

The show Rugrats was a hit in the 1990s on Nickelodeon. Kids everywhere loved to watch Tommy and his friend on their baby adventures. Each of the babies’ personalities or children related to a child somewhere, and kids loved the movies that followed the wildly popular show. The show even had a small spinoff called All Grown Up based after the season 8 episode 17 of the original Rugrats series titled All Growed Up. All Grown Up ran from 2003 to 2008. Many products were made for the show over the 13 years of runtime. There were dolls and toys based on the series and, of course, clothing as well. The original Rugrats show ended in 2004. The show ran for 13 years! Seventeen years later, it is back with new animation, but the same adventurous feel. The show is also more inclusive, making Phil and Lil’s mother part of the LGBTQ community. The new Rugrats show is streaming on Paramount+, and it is geared at picking up a new audience but makes a lot of nods to the old audience who is now grown up with children themselves.


10. 3D Doritos

In 1998 3D Doritos made their debut, and many of us enjoyed the nacho cheese flavor of our favorite chips in a 3d format. Then, poof, they were gone. Like many of the products of the 1990s, they disappear and become a part of our distant memory. However, Doritos recently released 3D Crunch Doritos in Chili Cheese Nacho and Spicy Ranch flavors. You can pick up these products in your local Target, Walmart, or Grocery store.


The 1990s was a time of nostalgia, amazing products, fun toys, and interesting fashion. Today these products, fashion, food, and toys are coming back with a vengeance, and we are loving the nostalgia and the combination of past and present. If you like the vast variety of products mentioned above please share the article and give others a treat of nostalgic times!

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Sheena Carrasquillo

I am a writer, artist, mother, and wife. I am from California but currently reside in Arizona. I have a BA in English with a concentration in writing. I have a certificate in SEO through Universal Class. I love music, art, writing, pop culture, gaming, anime, and Disney.

Sheena Carrasquillo

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All characters

All characters


Tommy Pickles
Age - 1 year
The motto is a child is a person too! (in English it sounds like
"Baby`s gotta do what a baby`s gotta do")
Hair color - what hair?
Likes - adventure, his friends, Reptar.
Dislikes - being a child, going to bed.

Leader of a group of children, brave (sometimes stupidly), very
self-confident. If something catches his attention, then stop
only a "natural disaster" in the person of the elder Kuzi-
can twist it us Angelica or his own parents. Sometimes only a little -
his growth stops his passion for adventure in an unintended
places reserved for this. Tommy is a good and loyal friend
for Chucky, helping him enjoy being more active
way of life and betraying his self-confidence. However, do not
consider him an ideal child: sometimes he is selfish,
too self-confident, gullible (this is not always good), occasionally
ka succumbs to the bad influence of Angelica. In General Tommy -
typical researcher, ready to solve all problems in practice way, without thinking about the consequences.

Dylan Prescott Pickles (Dil)

Age: about 3 months old

Parents: Stu and Didi

The newest addition to the Pickles family, Dil looks like any baby in his

Age. He constantly cries and is also terribly selfish, constantly taking away their personal toys from children and, with their resistance, beats them quite noticeably with a rattle. However, in spite of everything, Dil is smart enough and capable enough to say a few words. First appeared in a feature-length cartoon.

Charles Crendall Finster Jr. (Chucky)

Age: 2

Hair color: red

Likes: her dad, adventures without danger.

Dislikes: fear, danger.

Motto: I don't think this is such a good idea.

Parents: Charles and Melinda (presumed to have died shortly after Chucky was born)

The most cautious of the entire group of children, Chucky is always on the lookout for some kind of danger. Sometimes his fears are completely justified, sometimes they border on paranoia. Chucky is a kind of group conscience, persuading children to think about the consequences of their actions. But since he almost always remains in the minority, he has to obey and take part in adventures. Chucky has every reason not to like adventure, as he almost always gets into unpleasant situations. In the process, however, Chucky, with the help of his friend Tommy, learns to overcome his fear and self-doubt. And it is he who very often saves everyone from seemingly hopeless situations.

Phillip and Lilian De Ville (Phil and Lil)

Age:1.5 years

Parents: Howard and Betty

Phil and Lil are twins. Like all twins - they do almost everything together, even finish each other's sentences. Sometimes they get pissed off that they are so similar. There are other problems that are characteristic of all twins (and all brothers and sisters), for example, one toys for two, rivalry for possession of the attention of parents. Phil and Lil are lovers of "non-traditional" eating methods: bugs, worms, dirt, etc. They are loyal followers in all the adventures of Tommy

, creating a numerical superiority to deal with such "renegades" as Chucky.

Angelica S. Pickles

Age :3 years

Hair color: blonde

Likes: cookies, Cynthia, making his own rules

Dislikes: babies!

Parents: Drew and Charlotte

Tommy's spoiled cousin, Angelica is constantly harassing, commanding, and sometimes using brute force on the children. For parents, she is a real angel in the flesh, for kids, she is a complete nightmare. Angelica is known for her fanatical love for cookies, for which she is ready to do anything. Rude and evil, she is nevertheless capable of showing good feelings, but this is extremely rare ...

Susie Carmichael

Age: Approximately 3 years old

Parents: Randy and Lucy

Susie is a kind of counterbalance to Angelica. Having approximately the same age as her, she tries to protect the kids from Angelica's too tough temper. Susie is the only one of the "most" children who the little ones can ask for advice or teach for help.

Stu Pickles


As an inventor, Stu constantly digs in his laboratory, located in the basement of his own house, creating sometimes strange and not always working toys.

Stu has very little time left to raise Tommy. Stu is Drew's younger brother. There are constant disputes between them because of the difference in age and character.

Didi Pickles

Being essentially a good mother to Tommy, Didi spends too much time studying books on parenting, trying to become perfect. Sometimes, while reading these books, she forgets about reality and about the children themselves.

Drew Pickles

Stu's older brother, Drew, is an example of the average American. While working at an investment bank, Drew sees little of his daughter Angelica. He makes up for his lack of attention to her by showering her with expensive gifts and thus pampering her greatly.

Charles Crandall Finster Sr. (Chuck)

Charles is a widower, raising his son Chucky alone. In his heart, a person who is as insecure in himself as his son, Charles, nevertheless, copes well with the problems typical of single fathers.

Charlotte Pickles

Charlotte - President of a large corporation Merge Corp. Like a typical business lady, she practically does not part with her cell phone, with which she manages her personal assistant Jonathan. She has even less time for her daughter Angelica than her husband Drew.

Howard De Ville

Howard - from a breed of men who, by virtue of their nature, were under the heel of their wives. Virtually invisible due to his noisy wife, Betty, Howard spends most of his time in the kitchen, preparing good food, and thus is every woman's blue dream.

Betty De Ville

A noisy, energetic woman, Betty, almost completely dominates her family, doing men's work and pushing her husband Howard into the background Betty is a big fan of sports and apparently a feminist.

Louis Calhern Pickles (Grandpa Lou)

Age :76

Father of Stu and Drew. Being at such an advanced age, grandfather, however, did not lose his taste for life and its little joys. True, these joys lie with him mainly in fishing, card games and in a dream. During short periods of wakefulness, Grandpa likes to reminisce about the old days of his military exploits, sometimes too exaggerated (Grandfather is a participant in World War II). Being more of a child than an adult, Grandpa is universally loved by kids. In addition, his frequent falling asleep while sitting with the kids is a good start for their adventures.

Boris and Minka Kerpaketer

Boris and Minka are Jews who left Russia. They honor Jewish holidays and, at every opportunity, remember the Old Motherland. Boris and Minka live in a wooden house that looks like a Russian hut (albeit with American-level amenities). Admirers of traditionalism in everything, they hardly perceive new trends of life, preserving as much as possible the traditions brought from Russia and trying to "accustom" the Pickles family to them (imagine borscht in an ordinary American house).

Randy Carmichael

Director of the popular children's animated series Dummy Bears. An extremely busy person who spends most of his time coordinating his creation with producers.

Lucy Carmichael

A very gifted woman, she has excelled in almost every area of ​​human endeavour. Lucy knows how to fly jet planes, create table lamps that are confused with the originals from Tiffany (the famous design firm), do lung transplants and other useful things.


Jonathan is Charlotte's personal assistant. We hear about him in almost every episode, since it is with him that she most often speaks on her cell phone, giving various orders. However, you could only see him in a few episodes, in which Angelica tried to make his life unbearable, diligently copying her beloved mother, and in combination - the unfortunate chief Jonathan.

Dr. Lipschitz

Dr. Lipschitz is a parenting guru. Just as parents of young children in the real world rely on Dr. Spock's books for almost everything, parents in this animated series rely entirely on Lipschitz's books. Being a recognized child psychologist, Lipschitz, however, hardly got through the day, left alone with the kids one on one in one of the episodes of the series.


Spike is the pet of the Pickles family. Tommy especially loves him. This is not surprising, since Spike periodically rescues Tommy and his friends from the trouble caused by the adventure. Spike also often acts as a "sled" dog, rolling Tommy and others on his back. Sometimes it seems that it is Spike who has the ability to understand children better than others.

Fluffy (Fluffy)

Fluffy is Angelica's favorite cat. Having an obnoxious temper like her mistress, Fluffy completely ruined Spike's day. Like almost every cat and dog, Spike and Fluffy are mortal enemies.


Reptar - A Godzilla-like monster in the movies, Tommy and Chucky's favorite character. In addition to movies, Reptar has also appeared in breakfast boxes, rock operas on ice, and as toys. This phenomenon is typical in the USA, when they try to squeeze everything out of a successful commercial product, down to the last cent. Such a phenomenon, by the way, is happening at the moment with this animated series. When translating the word "Reptar", translators call it different concepts: a dinosaur, a lizard, and once even a dragon, instead of once and for all calling it by its own common name.


Cynthia is Angelica's favorite doll, her constant partner in games and entertainment.

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