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50+ baby food jar crafts and creative ways to re-use baby food jars so you don’t have to put throw them in the trash.

If you’ve had a baby in recent years, there’s a good chance you’ve acquired quite a collection of baby food jars. Baby food jars ares so cute and chubby, and such a great size. If you’re like me, you find it hard to thrown them away. If that’s the case, your baby food jar collection could be growing at an alarming rate, and you’re probably looking for things to make with all of those jars.

Well, you’re in luck! One of my Facebook followers recently asked for ways that she could re-purpose her baby food jars, and the HH community responded with dozens of great crafts made with baby food jars along with practical ways to use baby food jars in and around the home.

I’ve gathered up their best suggestions and added a few of my own favourite uses for baby food jars, and I’ve come up with this long list of ideas for you.

From the craft room to the classroom to the bathroom and beyond, here are over 50 ways for you to use leftover baby food jars so you don’t have to toss them out.

50+ Baby Food Jar Crafts

Click on the links below to see project details.

Ways to use baby food jars in the classroom or craft room:

  • Crayon Caddy: Paint several baby food jars and store co-ordinating, coloured crayons in them.
  • Fill baby food jars  with water, and set on the art table to rinse paint brushes in.
  • Give each student in the class a baby food jar filled with cream, and make homemade butter together.
  • Make a mini “ocean in a jar” in a baby food jar. Pretty on classroom window sill or fun to play with.
  • Soak dried out markers in baby food jars to make liquid watercolour paint.
  • Make and store homemade finger paint in baby food jars.
  • Baby food jars make great paint and glue pots at the easel. Lids keep them from drying out between uses.
  • Punch holes in the lids (with a nail) and use jars to store and dispense glitter.
  • Make I-Spy Jars in baby food jars.
  • Make  collection jars for the preschool classroom.
  • Fill with small amounts of water for syringe transfer work trays in preschool or kindergarten
  • Paint tall baby food jars with  food coloring, water and glue for a frosted look. Store pens, pencils and paintbrushes in them.

Things to make for kids with baby food jars:

  • Play dough jars:  fill several baby food jars with different colours of homemade play dough for a kids’  gift basket.
  • Set some baby food jars out in the rain and make this scented rain paint.
  • In the play kitchen: fill baby food jars with flour, rice, lentils etc. Glue the lids on, and kids can pretend-cook with them.
  • Bug Jars – wrap a pipe cleaner handle around the top, and go exploring in the yard.
  • Make these cute and quirky emoji jars for a kid’s dresser or desk.
  • Glue painted toy animals on baby food jar lids, use as party favours.
  • Fill with homemade slime or silly putty to put in loot bags.
  • Make a tooth fairy jar.
  • Teach kids how to manage their allowance with 3 tall baby food jars labeled SPEND, SAVE, BANK.
  • Make an advent or countdown calendar.
  • Fill baby food jars with layers of “coloured sand” (ground sidewalk chalk mixed with salt).
  • Use baby food jars to make mini lava-lamps.

Ways to re-use baby food jars in the kitchen:

  • Make magnetic spice jars to store on the refrigerator door
  • Organize your spice drawer with baby food jars.
  • Make Smore’s treats in baby food jars. Hand them out around the campfire or at a party.
  • Make a window-sill herb garden with baby food jars.
  • Fill baby food jars with condiments for camping or a bbq.
  • Sterilize jars and lids, and reuse baby food jars for homemade baby food. The serving sizes are perfect.

Gifts and party favours to make with baby food jars:

  • Baby food jars make great wedding favours. Decorate and place at each table setting.
  • These baby food jar lanterns were hung in a tree at an outdoor wedding.
  • Make Lego Head Jars as party favours for a Lego party.
  • Make mini calming jars for kids or co-workers
  • Make a wish jars or dream jars for your family and friends.
  • Give a gift of homemade bath salts or sugar scrub in a baby food jar.
  • Make these cupcakes in a jar to give to teachers, neighbours and friends.
  • Make a craft kit for a child by filling jars with pom poms, sequins, foam stickers, and beads.
  • Hot Cocoa in a baby food jar: layer hot chocolate, shaved chocolate and mini marshmallows in a jar. Cover the lid with a swatch of fabric tied with a ribbon.

Other ways to use baby food jars around the home and garden:

  • Store pony tail holders, Q-tips, and hair clips in baby food jars on the bathroom counter.
  • Make a spill proof nail-polish remover kit with a baby food jar.
  • Plant succulents in baby food jars to display on a porch or patio.
  • Hang these colourful baby food luminaries from a tree in your yard.
  • Baby food jars are great for storing seeds for the garden.
  • Make Photo Globes by placing your child’s photo inside a baby food jar.
  • Organize your spare change: each jar holds a different type of coin.
  • Use baby food jars to hold paper clips, thumb tacks etc. on a desk or in a drawer in an office.
  • Travel jewelry keeper for earrings and rings.
  • A Mini sewing kit in a baby food jar is great for travel or the office.
  • Fill baby food jars with Puffs, fishy crackers, Cheerios, nuts etc. Keep in the diaper bag for the kids.
  • Nail the lids of baby food jars to the underside of a shelf to store screws, nails and craft supplies.
  •  Store several baby wipes in a baby food jar and keep in your purse or diaper bag.

Baby food jar Christmas crafts:

  • Turn a baby food jar into a snowman Christmas tree ornament.
  • Make festive holiday votive candle holders.
  • Make sparkly tea light luminaries in baby food jars.
  • Baby food jars make great miniature  snow globes.
  • Make Reindeer food for Christmas Eve.

What if you STILL have leftover baby food jars?

If you have more baby food jars than you could possibly ever use, even after reviewing all of the ideas, please consider giving your collection to a teacher, a crafter or a daycare provider. Most will be happy to put your little glass jars to good use.

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24 Clever Baby Food Jar Crafts – It’s all about Repurposing!

I love glass jars of any kind because you can reuse and repurpose them in so many different ways, and they’ll last forever.

My friend is a new mother and she’s been handing over all her empty baby food jars to me because they’re just so small and cute and I love them!

I knew I had to find something to do with them before my stockpile became unmanageable, so I thought I’d let you in on the wonderful ideas that I found.

Jump to:
  • S’mores in a Jar
  • Photo Globes
  • Storage Plaque
  • Paint Dipped Vases
  • Dyed Luminaries
  • Spice Jars
  • Mini Rainbow Cakes
  • Hanging Planter
  • Under-the-Shelf Storage
  • Topiary Treats
  • Small Storage
  • Lego Heads
  • Mini Pincushion
  • Nail Polish Remover Jar
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Candles
  • Chalkboard Paint Organizers
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Teacher’s Gift
  • Snow Globes
  • Kid’s Crafts Organizer
  • Snowman Ornaments
  • Nightlights
  • Hummingbird Feeder

S’mores in a Jar

Everyone loves s’mores right? This cute and tasty craft makes excellent gifts – you can hand over a few for people to warm up and toast in their ovens at home.

If you’re a real fan of this classic campfire treat, then you may enjoy this incredible s’more dip too!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – PharMa

Photo Globes

These are sort of like snow globes, except you actually put photos in the jars instead of snowmen or Santas.

These would look so cute all resting on your mantelpiece, or they could make excellent Christmas gifts when the time finally comes around.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DesignMom

Storage Plaque

When laid on their sides, these jars make excellent little storage compartments, so all you need to do is attach them to a plaque which you can then mount on the wall.

You can keep all your Q-tips, bobby pins, nail files etc. neat and tidy.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – OhHowCrafty

Paint Dipped Vases

Instead of having one large vase full of flowers, why not take a more modern and minimalist approach with a series of small paint dipped vases?

It’s such a simple thing to do, yet it can make such a big impact.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Apples&Onions and OhHappyDay

Dyed Luminaries

How gorgeous are these multicolored luminaries? They’d really brighten up your garden in the summer, especially if you’re having people over for a barbecue or just a nice evening out under the stars. There’s just something so magical about lights in the trees.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – InspiredByFamilia

Spice Jars

These small jars are just the right size to store spices and make your kitchen look a little prettier.

You can either paint the jars and just stand them somewhere, or you can attach magnets to the lids and store them on the side of your fridge for easy access!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – AtThePicketFence and Dav.I.Son

Mini Rainbow Cakes

I’m not quite sure why, but I just love eating treats out of jars. If you have a whole collection of these empty jars then you could use them to make these stunning little rainbow cakes – you’ll be happy about the portion size! They’re perfect for a kid’s party or even a baby shower.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MakeLifeLovely

Hanging Planter

I am in love with this project! The planter looks so beautiful with the bursts of color from the flowers, and adding in some tea lights would create lovely lighting, too. It’s such a great idea, and luckily it’s not too difficult a task!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MakeLifeLovely

Under-the-Shelf Storage

Physical space is sometimes a bit of an issue when it comes to storage, which is why I am so in love with this idea!

The handy jars can hold all your little bits and bobs, and since they’re tucked away, hanging underneath the shelf, they won’t get in the way.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftinessIsNotOptional

Topiary Treats

These jelly bean jars with charming little felt flowers are just so endearing! They make perfect little decorations for kitchen teas or parties, which double up to become party favors when the guests make their way home.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – SugarTotDesigns

Small Storage

These glass jars really make fantastic little storage solutions for any small items you may have from coins to hair clips to little sewing kits.

You can even use them to keep your jewelry safe when packing. All you need to do is make them look pretty and you’re good to go!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LovelyEtc.

Lego Heads

I can’t believe that I’ve never noticed that baby food jars have the exact same shape as Lego heads! What a revelation! I don’t even care what I store in these; I’m climbing up the Lego fandom ladder and making myself a whole population of these!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – HandmadeCharlotte and UniqueAndChicCreations

Mini Pincushion

A baby food jar is just the right size for an adorable mini pincushion like this with space for little buttons. And it’s such a quick, easy and cheap craft to make – you’ll only need a couple of minutes. You can also make these with empty pill bottles.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftPudding

Nail Polish Remover Jar

This little homemade contraption is wonderful for getting your nail polish off in a hurry. It’s really easy to make since all you need to do is shove some sponge into the jar and pour in the nail polish remover so that when the time comes, you can just rub each nail clean.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BellaShoot

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are fantastic because they help moisturize and soften your skin, and thanks to these little jars, you know have packaging for some soothing homemade body and lip sugar scrubs. Just make a nice label and you have the perfect gift!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CincyShopper and HonestlyWTF


Isn’t this just so creative? Someone had the clever idea of making a collection of candles in these little baby jars and it’s absolutely brilliant! You get to experiment with different scents, and you can play around with pretty decorations, too.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DearBeautifulYou

Chalkboard Paint Organizers

You can store a whole lot of hair accessories (and other small items like craft supplies) in these little jars for some organized storage. And the chalkboard lids are genius, since you can reuse and relabel them over and over again.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MapleMemories

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Don’t these just look so much better than regular salt and pepper shakers? You can decorate them however you wish, and you can even make a whole collection of interesting flavored salts too!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DreamALittleBigger

Teacher’s Gift

If your little one really appreciates his or her teacher and wants to express that, then get them to help you make these cute little gifts. We all know the custom of giving a teacher an apple, but I think they’d much prefer an apple-looking jar filled with treats!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – The36thAvenue

Snow Globes

One thing I’ve learnt is that it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas decorations and presents. So you can get a head start and make these lovely little snow globes. I’d love a whole collection of different ones showcased on my windowsills.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftaholicsAnonymous

Kid’s Crafts Organizer

Make sure that your little one keeps all their crayons, markers, pencils and other little crafts neat and tidy with this simple jar organizer. The color coding makes it easier to keep everything in its right place, and plus, it looks so cute!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MonkeySee,MonkeyDo

Snowman Ornaments

I love holidays and I love decorating for the holidays, but I much prefer making my own themed ornaments as opposed to purchasing. These happy little jars-turned-snowmen are perfect for Christmastime, and you can get the little ones involved in this too.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – StareIfYouMust and CrazyLittleProjects


Here’s another fun project that the kids can do – mini baby jar nightlights! The scraps of colored tissue paper give it a stained glass look actually; just imagine how gorgeous it would look to have a couple of these adding a soft, warm glow to your little one’s room.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – NothingButCountry

Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are so lovely to look at and have around, and luckily, they’re quite easy to attract with just some sugar water. You can make your own homemade birdfeeder from some clay and a baby food jar, and you get to decorate it however you like.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BirdsAndBlooms

Baby food: mother's handmade against the "jar" - October 13, 2010

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this is what mom made, and now the poor babies react to the click when the jar is opened. Needless to say, this point of view has a great army of fans: the grandmothers of our children are amazed, how can you replace natural food with “canned food” that can be stored in the refrigerator for more than a year? Well, really, due to what such a huge shelf life? And, maybe, it’s true, it’s better to cook with your own hands, and not “poison” the child with another unimaginable mix of glass containers? Looking for an answer. nine0003

About the benefits of contradictions

“Needless to say, maybe it’s better that many mothers don’t trust canned food: for the whole practice of “mother’s cuisine”, a lot of tasty and healthy children’s dishes have appeared, – smiles allergist Margarita Gusev . “Nevertheless, there is no need to escalate the atmosphere around canned food. In the end, for many parents who do not have enough time for self-cooking, this is a way out of the situation. As for the imaginary harmfulness of the subject of the dispute, I can say that all this is complete nonsense. nine0003

“Mom can do anything, but why? - Alla , the mother of Polina's fidget, is indignant. – Moreover, more useful substances are stored in canned food. Okay, you will! True, these disputes are tired. I just don’t understand: cooking yourself with a variety of normal purchased food is the same as sweeping with a broom when there are vacuum cleaners, because from a vacuum cleaner, they say, the electromagnetic field is wrong! “Yes, I understand that it’s more convenient,” says Irina , mother of twins, “and saves a lot of time, but why can store-bought food be stored for so long? My husband is a chef and he insists that natural ingredients cannot be stored for two years. Surely the manufacturers add something there! I'd rather spend more time in the kitchen, but my children will not eat any chemicals. nine0003

Let's face it: retention times really confuse us unenlightened people. In fact, long periods of storage are provided by a special aseptic technology that excludes the ingress of pathogens into the product, as well as product sterilization, - explains technologist Daria Osintseva . – Special vacuum packaging provides the possibility of long-term storage of the product without the use of preservatives. As for the fears of using baby food because of the supposedly large amount of harmful substances contained in canned food, I want to please mothers and reassure grandmothers: yes, indeed, some baby food products contain an additive of starch, which makes the product thicker. But, you see, on the shelf you can find both fruit and vegetable purees without the addition of starch. Meat purees necessarily contain a cereal component or starch, which are necessary to create a consistency suitable for a child. Spices in baby food products are included in very limited quantities, their list is strictly defined by special requirements. But the use of flavors, dyes and flavorings in the production of baby food is absolutely prohibited.” In fairness, it must be said that not only mothers and manufacturers are concerned about the quality of baby food, but also national inspection bodies that allow these products to enter the market of their countries. In Russia, the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is responsible for certification of both imported and domestic baby food. The same organization issues recommendations on the timing of the introduction of complementary foods and its qualitative composition (the latter are dated 1997 - Approx. author ), and also ensures that the information on the packaging does not contradict this information.

Another strong argument against: “I know what I cook food for my child myself, and what is in the jar is unknown. ” In fact, the food manufacturer is legally responsible for all the information on the label. The etiquette, like the product itself, undergoes a mandatory strict examination. By the way, no one will give you a guarantee that vegetables and fruits bought at the market have grown in an ecologically clean area, and not on the side of the road. When buying them, you cannot check if they contain lead and radionuclides. And, of course, no one will admit to you that they were treated with chemical fertilizers. Even if you feed your precious child only with what has grown in your garden and take meat from well-known people, unfortunately, food safety cannot be fully guaranteed here either. Who knows how and where a nearby industrial enterprise dumps waste, huh?! nine0003

A canned food is made from proven quality products, grown, harvested, processed and packaged in compliance with all safety standards.

As for the alleged cheapness, which is cited as an argument by parents in favor of homemade food, then remember this: a growing child needs both taste and vitamin diversity. What if it's not in season? In winter, daily fruits and vegetables will cost you much more than the famous "jars".

Of the undoubted advantages of self-cooked food, perhaps, is its vitality. After all, your child is growing up, and since we are talking about complementary foods, it means that he is at least six months old: the time when the baby reaches for the common table and food lying on his mother's plate. Out of interest, out of curiosity. And the truth is, you can’t eat “banks” forever! “I would recommend food from containers only for the smallest children,” advises pediatrician Elena Mironenko . - Still, no matter how our many grandmothers insist, this food (subject to the terms and conditions of storage, of course) is more hypoallergenic than "live" products. For older babies, closer to a year, it is still better to cook on your own. But not because "banks" are harmful. And in order to accustom the child to ordinary food. Purchased food is a good option, for example, in case the mother does not have time, or the baby is too hungry to endure. nine0003

In addition, to avoid unnecessary hassle with separate cooking for the crumbs, give preference to foods and dishes that are healthy for the whole family. Similarly, adult lovers of smoked sausages will finally take a break from artificial products, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Boiled chicken meat, and with it the broth, vegetable salads with olive oil, cottage cheese puddings and cereals, finally, all this is useful not only for children. The same chicken with the same ketchup will please the older generation, but it is also in the form of mashed potatoes with vegetables chopped in a blender - a great dish for kids! nine0003

Another nuance: “In the course of my work in the restaurant, I realized that children also “love with their eyes,” smiles the chef and developer of the children's menu of the famous restaurant Vladimir . – Food for them is one of the ways of knowing the world. That is why you can attract the attention of kids to food with bright and (and) beautifully decorated dishes. In this case, we are not talking about culinary floristry. A few cuts on the sides of the carrot - the butterfly is ready, the chicken egg cut in half and turned down with the yolk - the soil for fine art: you can attach a sprig of parsley - there will be a tail, two peas - eyes! Fantasize! And there will be an appetite for your children.” nine0003

About the dangers of the Russian Avos

If for one reason or another you prefer to feed your child with purchased food, do not forget about safety rules. “Once a friend called me and told me that her little daughter had been poisoned by fruit puree bought in a regular store,” Anna, mother of Ira , tells . Since then, I have not trusted this brand of baby food for a long time. Until I realized that a friend just used an expired product.

“Indeed, when buying “glass food” for your baby, be extremely careful with the terms and conditions of storage. I would like to emphasize that you should not buy baby jars in supermarkets, which are notorious for violating deadlines, - recommends pediatrician Elena Mironenko. “I can advise you to take food for the child in pharmacies, where the conditions are more stringent in this sense: for the discovery during the check of at least one expired jar, the institution can be closed.” nine0003

When choosing products in the store, make sure that the packaging is not accidentally damaged - leaky, swollen or torn.

Rule two: consider age recommendations. On each jar, the age from which this product can be consumed must be indicated. If it is written that you can introduce this type of complementary foods only from eight months, in no case do it earlier. This is not a whim of the manufacturer, but data obtained as a result of research, neglecting which can contribute to the development of an allergy or an elementary aversion to the product in a child in the future. nine0003

The third point: if you are just starting to introduce complementary foods, pamper your baby exclusively with one-component purees. "Apple" or "pear" or whatever. But not "pear-apple", for example. The fact is that if the product does not suit the child, you will know: you do not need to eat it yet. Subsequently, it will be possible to buy two and even three-component mixtures, but for now, keep an eye on the composition, and do not buy everything that seems tasty.

Pay attention to the label when buying. It should contain the following data: expiration date, age recommendations, composition of the product, method of preparation. If you could not find at least one item, you should be wary: perhaps you have a fake in front of you. nine0003

Thinking about what to feed your baby, be guided not by remorse, but by common sense and your own desires and capabilities. Experts assure that there is no longer such a dilemma: to show the wonders of culinary art yourself or use purchased food. Both are good. Most importantly, cook with love. Even if the process of "cooking" consists in laying out a saucer on mashed potatoes. Enjoy your meal!

Evgeniya Gribkova

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Media News2

Myths and Truths About Canned Food - 19 Answers

Myth 1: Homemade purees and juices have more vitamins than commercial baby food. nine0003

Reality: Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins only in their "own" season. Several months of storage - even with all the norms, which, unfortunately, is extremely rare - and apart from fiber and starch, there is little left in them. When mashing fresh vegetables and fruits, most of the vitamins and nutrients also "disappear". So, when cooking, about 20% of vitamin B and more than 50% of vitamin C are lost. It is impossible to restore the lost “wealth” at home. But the product prepared in industrial conditions has everything you need. Some canned foods for children are additionally enriched with beta-carotene, iron, iodine, potassium and vitamin C in doses approaching the daily requirement of children of the corresponding age. nine0003

In addition, no one will give you a guarantee that vegetables and fruits bought at the market have grown in an ecologically clean area, and not on the side of the highway. When buying them, you cannot check if they contain lead and radionuclides. And, of course, no one will admit to you that they were fertilized with chemical fertilizers. Do you feed the crumbs only with what has grown in your garden and in the garden? Do you take eggs and meat from a well-known neighbor? Unfortunately, even here it is impossible to fully guarantee the safety of products. Who knows how and where a nearby industrial plant dumps waste?.. As for canned food, it is made from proven quality products grown, harvested, processed and packaged in compliance with all safety standards. nine0003

Myth 2: Canned food contains dangerous preservatives

Fact: The use of chemical preservatives in the production of baby food is prohibited. Modern heat treatment technologies and vacuum packaging provide the possibility of long-term storage of the product without their use. As a "preservative" in the industrial production of baby food, only vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is used, which does not cause any harm to the child's body and significantly increases the nutritional value of the product. nine0003

Myth 3: There are a lot of additives in baby food.

Actually: In addition to the main product, the composition of canned children really includes a certain set of components (corn or wheat starch, rice flour, etc.) Each of them performs a specific function, thereby ensuring the balance of the product due to complementary combination of different ingredients. Additional additives significantly increase the nutritional value and contribute to the easy digestibility of the product. Purees and juices of industrial production correspond to the metabolic characteristics of the child's body. But the use of flavors, spices, dyes and flavorings in the production of baby food is prohibited. nine0003

Myth 4: Children are allergic to canned food.

Reality: Industrially produced canned children's food is made taking into account the health characteristics of modern children. Manufacturers produce special foods for babies with intolerance to cow's milk proteins, gluten (cereal protein) or food allergies. As for the allergic reaction to canned food, in most cases it is due to improper introduction of complementary foods. Often, mothers rush ahead of time to please the kids with a new delicacy. Without knowing it, they expose the child's body to excessive stress. As a result, a child not accustomed to such delights is covered with an allergic rash. To prevent this, follow the basic rules for the introduction of complementary foods. Each new product should be given to the baby in a small amount, gradually increasing the dose. If the product causes allergies, then it should be excluded from the child's diet for a while. Practice shows that the risk of adverse reactions, if all the rules for the introduction of complementary foods for canned products are observed, is less than for homemade ones. nine0003

Myth 5: Canned food is more expensive.

Actual: Maybe homemade applesauce or mashed potatoes really are cheaper. But children need variety in their diet. Calculate how many apricots (peaches, cherries, zucchini, cauliflower) you need to prepare 100 g of the corresponding puree. And how much do these products cost in winter? The simplest arithmetic calculations show that a portion of home-made puree will cost much more than a similar jar of ready-made puree. At the same time, we do not take into account the time spent searching for the necessary ingredients and preparing mashed potatoes. Not to mention the fact that, for example, it is difficult to find good fresh vegetables and fruits in winter. nine0003

Myth 6: Children eat better puree and juice.

Reality: Indeed, sometimes children are better off eating homemade puree. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, mothers add salt or sugar to the puree to improve the taste, which are not in canned food. At the same time, children under 1.5 years of age are categorically not recommended to add salt and sweeten food. The fact is that the child's kidneys are not yet sufficiently developed and poorly remove sodium salt from the body. And an excessive amount of sugar contributes to the development of caries, puts a strain on the pancreas and forms the habit of sweets. As long as the child has not tasted salt and sugar, he can easily do without them and eat mashed potatoes from jars with pleasure. But, having recognized the salty or sweet taste, he begins to feel the need for it and categorically rejects healthy, but insipid jar food. nine0003

Myth 7: Baby food is often faked.

Reality: Now in Russia there is a strict control over the quality of baby food. All food that goes on sale undergoes strict expert control. The examination includes an assessment of the compliance of products with safety standards, a study of nutritional value (content of proteins, fats, vitamins, etc.). An organoleptic examination is mandatory: taste, smell, color, separation / non-stratification of the product, its dissolution rate, packaging. Information in the media about withdrawals from the sale of the next batch of low-quality baby food is explained precisely by strict control over the quality of baby food. By purchasing "jars" in large stores, you protect yourself from low-quality goods. nine0003

Myth 8: After canning, it will be difficult for a child to switch to an "adult" table.

Actually: Difficulties in the transition from ready-made food to the "adult" table are associated with the use of canned food that does not correspond to the age of the baby. Often, mothers up to 10-12 months feed the baby puree intended for 3-4-month-old crumbs, and then abruptly transfer it to “solid” food. Such a sharp transition will not only be difficult for the baby, but will also adversely affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the child "skips" the food intended for 6, 8 and 10-month-old children, and his body remains unprepared for the transition to the "adult" table. After all, ready-made food is produced with different degrees of grinding. For children up to 6 months - homogenized purees, for 6-8-month-old babies - puree, and for children over 9months with teeth - coarsely ground products. Depending on the age of the child, the development of the skill of chewing, he needs to buy products, taking into account the degree of their grinding - from homogenized puree to those containing small pieces. Canned nutrition, appropriate for age, gradually "prepares" the child's gastrointestinal tract for "adult" food. While at home it is very difficult to monitor the consistency of mashed potatoes and gradually change it.


- Canned food contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements in the right amount.

- The consistency of commercially produced puree is appropriate for the baby's age. While at home it is almost impossible to regulate the degree of grinding of the products that make up the puree.

- Canned food does not contain salt or sugar.

- Canned food for children is made from environmentally friendly raw materials.

- Canned food provides the child with a varied diet. nine0003

- Using industrial purees saves time. It is enough just to warm up the jar.

- Ready meals are easy to transport. You can take a jar with you on the road, on a visit or on a picnic. You will always have the opportunity to provide your baby with a complete diet.

When buying canned food, pay attention to:

Package integrity: If the can or lid is damaged, then you should not buy such food in any case. nine0187 Date of manufacture and expiration date: to ensure that the product is fit for consumption. On baby food, as a rule, expiration dates are displayed on the bottom or on the lid of the jar. If something is not clear, the numbers are erased or illegible - it is better not to purchase such a jar. Another indicator of the "suitability" of the product is the lid of the jar: if the product is fresh, its middle should be slightly depressed, and if it is expired or defective, it is swollen. When you open a fresh product, you should hear a characteristic pop, which indicates that the jar has been tightly closed.

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