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What Do Cardinals Eat? How to Attract Cardinals

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Attract cardinals by learning what cardinals eat, and where cardinals nest. Offer seeds and berries and grow shrubs for shelter.

The Best Ways to Attract Cardinals

Courtesy Stephanie SchickCardinals frequently visit bird feeders

If you want to attract redbirds, you need to know, what do cardinals eat and where do they nest? Cardinals aren’t picky about food or how you offer it. They are frequent backyard visitors. For a surefire way to attract cardinals, fill a cardinal bird feeder with black oil sunflower seeds. But ambitious gardeners shouldn’t stop there, because the right plants bring in these ruby red beauties and other songbirds, too. The key is to focus on the trifecta of providing food, cover and places for cardinals to nest and raise young, says Gary Ritchison, an ornithologist at Eastern Kentucky University and writer of the Wild Bird Guide: Northern Cardinal. A deep dive into the life of these birds unveils clues to help you attract cardinals. 

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What Seeds Do Cardinals Eat?Courtesy Clinton MeeseMale and female cardinal eating seed from a bird feeder

Feeders full of sunflower seeds or safflower seeds are a surefire way to keep cardinals happy. The shape and structure of a northern cardinal’s bill reveals the birds’ food preference. The downward curve, typical of seed-eating birds, allows them to crack open or crush seeds. Cardinals also have larger jaw muscles than many other songbirds, which means they can eat bigger seeds. When selecting plants to attract cardinals, look for some with medium-sized seeds as well as a mixture of seasonality. Seed-bearing plants to try include Purple Majesty millet, nasturtium, purple coneflower, safflower, sunflower and sweet pea.

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Cardinals Eat Berries

Courtesy Nanci NataleCardinal in a winterberry bush

Although seeds are a favorite food, northern cardinals also eat a lot of berries. As nonmigratory birds, they seek a variety of foods as availability changes throughout the year. “They’re pretty adaptive,” Gary says. “They have to be, as a resident bird.” But as they consume fruits, studies suggest, cardinals still are after the seeds, often discarding much of the fruit pulp. For that reason, fruits with larger seeds may be more attractive. Look for berry bushes with a range of fruiting times and, since cardinals forage low to the ground, dwarf shrubs. To attract cardinals, try sumac, dogwood, hackberry, northern bayberry and serviceberry.

If you see a cardinal, here’s what it means.

Where Do Cardinals Nest?

Courtesy Leisa DuffCardinal nest with eggs and baby birds

Female cardinals lay three to four whitish-gray bird eggs with brown speckles in a nest of twigs and grasses hidden in a dense tree or shrub. For cardinal nests, concealment is key: The showy birds look for the camouflage of dense shrubs and trees. Compared to other birds, their nests are low, only 4 to 8 feet off the ground. Northern cardinals are territorial during breeding and the male cardinal bird dad stays near the nest. To see cardinals year-round in your yard, host a nesting pair. For their first nests in April or May, cardinals often choose the protection of evergreens. Pairs raise several broods a year and select different sites, so planting a mix of small, dense trees and shrubs is ideal. Some cover trees and plants to try are box elder, eastern red cedar, nannyberry, and shrub roses. Wild grapevine is a good addition, too, because cardinals use its bark for nesting material.

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What Do Baby Cardinals Eat?

Courtesy Tina BurrowsFemale cardinal feeds a caterpillar to a nestling

For much of the year, 75 percent of the food that northern cardinals eat is plant material, but at the height of summer breeding season, cardinals supplement their diet with insects. They also will go after bugs to feed their nestlings. In fact, cardinal parents feed their young almost exclusively with insects, which provide the protein that nestlings need to grow muscle. When very young, baby cardinals eat soft-bodied insects such as caterpillars. To attract cardinals and help the weary parents, your garden should include butterfly host plants such as dill, fennel, hollyhock, mustard greens and snapdragon.

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Plant Evergreens to Attract Cardinals

Courtesy Ronald WashingtonIn winter, cardinals seek cover in evergreen trees.

Though Northern cardinals forage on open ground, the birds need a place to retreat quickly to safety. In summer, cardinals use the same dense shrubs that provide nesting sites, but in winter, they escape to evergreens. During cold weather, cardinals form flocks that move around in search of food. Yards that offer plentiful food and cover have the best chance of creating that picture-perfect vision of red cardinals dotting a snow-covered evergreen. Try arborvitae, juniper and spruce. 

Next, find out what a cardinal’s call sounds like.

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How to Care for Wild Cardinal Baby Birds

By Sarah Goodwin-Nguyen | Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Margarine tub or basket

  • Box

  • Heat lamp or pad

  • Shredded newspaper

  • Rolled up cloth

  • Baby bird mash

  • Eyedropper / Tweezers

  • Large outdoor enclosure

Every year, wildlife rehabilitation facilities are presented with hundreds of baby cardinals. Some are accidentally "birdnapped" by people who assume a baby bird on the ground needs their help. Others are mishandled by well-meaning people who have no idea how to properly care for a baby cardinal. If you find a baby bird, be certain it needs your help before interfering. Then, find a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. If you are a vet or rehabilitator, or there are none in your area and you must care for the bird yourself, be prepared for the hard work ahead of you.

Determine if the Baby Cardinal Needs Help

Observe whether the bird is fuzzy or feathered. If the bird is feathered, it is a fledgling and is on the ground learning to fly. The parents are still caring for it. Leave it alone, or if it is in a place where humans, dogs or cats pose a threat, move it to a low tree branch nearby.

If the bird is fuzzy, but the parents are around, try to return the baby to its nest or construct a new nest out of a margarine tub (with holes for drainage) or a basket and some grass. Hang the new nest in a shady spot in a tree near the old nest and observe.

Call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area if the parents are dead, missing or have rejected the baby. Until you can get the bird to the rehabilitator, keep it in a quiet, warm place. Do not try to feed the bird.

If You Must Raise a Baby Cardinal

Place the baby cardinal in a box filled with shredded newspaper and/or rolled up cloth to simulate a nest. Keeping the baby on a flat surface may cause a muscular deformity called "splay legs." Change the bedding daily.

Keep the baby warm. Provide a heat lamp several feet away from the baby's box, or a heating pad set on low underneath the baby's box.

Make a mash of three-quarters dry dog or cat food soaked in water overnight in the refrigerator. The other fourth of the mash should be made up of soft fruits (berries and seedless grapes) and a grain mixture for baby birds such as Kaytee Exact Hand-Feeding Formula for Baby Parrots. Add a vitamin such as Vionate. For very small babies, food should be prepared in a blender as a warm puree and fed from an eye dropper. Larger nestlings or fledglings need solid food that is crumbled or cut to size, fed with tweezers

Feed the mash to the bird at room temperature. Feed the baby bird every 15 minutes to 30 minutes from morning to night, or as often as it gapes (opens its mouth for food).

Move the bird to a larger cage or enclosure when it is feathered, but still indoors and in a warm area.

Place solid foods and tree branches in the bird's enclosure for the bird to investigate. Offer foods that are as close as possible to what the bird will find to eat in your area. Adult cardinals feed on seeds, grains, berries and insects. When the bird begins to eat on its own, cut down on hand feeding.

Move the bird to an outdoor enclosure once it is self-feeding. At this point, the bird should be eating a diet as close as possible to what it will find to eat in the wild. The cardinal needs to get used to the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

Perform a soft release when the bird is self-feeding and no longer begging for food. This means that you should open the cage door so the bird can leave when it is ready, but will still have the ability to return to its cage for food and water. Once you have not seen the bird for a few days, assume it has successfully made the transition to the wild.

  • It is not true that a mother bird will not accept a baby once a human touches it. Birds have a very poor sense of smell.


  • Never feed a baby bird milk of any kind or bread.

    Avoid contact with the bird beyond what it necessary to feed and clean its enclosure. An imprinted bird will not survive in the wild.

    It is illegal to attempt to keep a wild cardinal as a pet.


  • "The Complete Care of Orphaned or Abandoned Baby Animals; C.E. and Jackie Spaulding; 1980
  • "Principles of Wildlife Rehabilitation; NWRA; 2008

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Feeding a sick child

Publication date: 12/15/2016 08:22

April 22nd, 2016 Olga.

While the child grows up, he will be ill with various diseases more than once. About 80% is accounted for by SARS. Any disease (we are now talking about the flu, SARS) is characterized by poor health of the child - malaise, cough, runny nose, weakness, and maybe intestinal upset. And all this affects the appetite of the child. If a child has caught a cold, mothers always ask themselves the question: how to feed him properly? Proper nutrition of a sick child will help to quickly cope with the disease.

During an illness, the baby always has a poor appetite. There are physiological reasons for this:

  • at elevated temperatures, blood circulation in the stomach slows down. because the body sends blood to vital organs: the heart and lungs. The process of digestion and assimilation of food slows down and the child needs less food than usual;
  • during an illness, the liver actively fights toxins, the products of the vital activity of viruses and the decay of damaged cells, so a large amount of food carries an additional burden;
  • the toxins themselves poison the body and the child, when he feels bad, not at all before eating;
  • blocked nose, sore throat, difficult to swallow.

  • Nutrition should be appropriate for the child's age;
  • during illness, do not introduce new foods into the diet;
  • food should be sparing - liquid or semi-liquid;
  • make small meals if the baby does not want to eat, and the number of feedings can be increased;
  • if the child refuses to eat, let him drink more fluids (water, compote, fruit drink, rosehip broth).

From the diet during illness should be excluded:

  1. Hard-to-digest foods - fatty meat, whole grain cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  2. Foods harmful to the liver - fatty dairy products, chocolate, vegetable oil, lard, confectionery.
  3. Rough, which can damage the mucous membrane - nuts, seeds, crackers, cookies.

Useful menu

During an illness, a child needs food that is well absorbed by a weakened body. Therefore, chicken broth, vegetable soups, stewed and boiled vegetables are perfect for feeding a child during SARS.

To avoid mechanical irritation of the stomach, choose foods that are low in fiber. What foods are low in fiber? These are potatoes, cauliflower, pumpkin, rice and semolina, animal products.

Potatoes are especially delicate in fiber, so include mashed potatoes in your menu more often. You can cook mashed potatoes with sausage, cheese. Beautifully decorate the dish.

Animal protein must be present in the diet of a sick child, since it is a building material for protective antibodies. They are rich in lean meat - veal, beef, lean pork. For soups, use secondary broths from turkey meat, rabbit, chicken breast.

What else can you feed a child during illness? Yogurt helps out well, especially homemade, with the addition of berries.

Cook porridge for the child: semolina, oatmeal, you can also add berries from jam or defrosted.

A sick child needs vitamins. You can make vitamin drinks from rose hips, berries, cook jelly, dried fruit compote, berry juice. . Such drinks will alleviate the condition of the baby if the throat hurts. But with indigestion, milk should not be given at all.

To increase the appetite of the dish, it is desirable to arrange it beautifully so that the child immediately has a desire to eat it.

Nutrition for a convalescent child

After an acute period of illness, a period of convalescence begins, when the baby is on the mend and nutrition during this period plays an important role. The food of a recovering baby should be rich in energy in order to restore strength, contain minerals and vitamins, the food should be well absorbed.

As soon as the symptoms of the disease subside, do not rush to pounce on a child with enhanced nutrition, it will take a few more days to restore digestion. Continue to follow the diet, adding lean meat and fish, cheese, eggs, boiled vegetables and fruits to it.

Ideal for casseroles, puddings, steamed cutlets, vegetable soups. Introduce fruits and vegetables into the diet and do not forget about sour-milk products that will help restore the disturbed intestinal microflora. Let during this period the food be fractional, the child eat a little. And when the body gets stronger, the child will return to a normal diet.

Choosing tactics

When feeding a sick child, parents should remember that it is impossible to force-feed a child!

We provide a diet with easily digestible products. Some parents find it difficult to feed the baby during illness, he categorically refuses to eat. Psychologists advise not to turn feeding into a circus with musical numbers so that the child eats "well, at least one spoonful."

If a child refuses to eat once, it will not bring much harm to health. He will not remain hungry, but will ask for something anyway when his appetite wakes up.

And don't scold the baby if he doesn't want to eat. Appetite will be restored.

Information from the site: deti-i-vnuki.ru/pitanie-bolnogo-rebenka/

Ready translation What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Palace (2) :: Tl.Rulate.ru

Help a young child?

I was a little taken aback, because I was more likely to expect something serious like the resolution of a secret court feud, a power struggle or a cleansing of the church.

— How... How do you want me to help this child?

Of course, I was glad, after all, helping a baby is much easier than all of the above.

In fact, I was quite confident in matters concerning children.

My brother and I raised baby Yunse, as she was nine years younger than me.

I can state with accuracy that although neither I nor my brother were married, we fully experienced the sorrows and joys of raising a child.

You must be thirsty. Would you like to drink tea?

But Cardinal Boutier suddenly changed the subject.

Since this seemed strange to me, I began to closely examine her expression, but as a person who held the high office of a Cardinal, she was good at hiding her emotions.

She looked at me and smiled before calling a servant to bring us drinks.

— Here is your coffee, Your Eminence. And ginger tea for you, Prince Jess.

— Thank you very much.

A servant soon brought a fiery kettle, a cup for tea and coffee.

Now I understand why Benjamin was so surprised the day I arrived. Even Cardinal drinks coffee.

Benjamin must have talked to the servant while he waited outside, as they brought me decaffeinated tea, although I didn't mention anything.

At home, I only tried powdered ginger tea, and it became clear to me by taste that this tea was brewed using a different technology.

A slice of lemon made the drink even more refreshing.

The servant left the room.

I couldn't decide whether to continue to be interested in the child or not.

— I can't tell you more yet. Sorry.

Cardinal took a sip before breaking the silence.

Apparently, she wasn't just going to avoid talking.

— Please, for the moment, remember only that there is a young child who needs your help. This service will do you no harm. I promise.

Is this child sick?

Something like that.

— And you can't tell me either the name or the age of the child?

- Yes. If you manage to stabilize your powers and we achieve complete trust with each other... Then I will introduce you to this child.

She said it somehow quietly. I had no choice but to nod. Well, not such a bad deal for me.

I will receive a personal trainer in the person of Cardinal, which will allow me to improve my control over Divine Power, and increase my chances of defending myself from danger.

In exchange, I just need to help a small child, which should not be problematic, because she promised that it would not do me any harm.

And as a bonus, the Empress might be less wary of me if I'm in a student relationship with the Cardinal.

Oh yes. Empress. I haven't discussed it yet.

— Excuse me, Your Eminence.

— What is it?

— Her Majesty said that I can ask for any favor... If I remember correctly.

- Yes, that's right. I spoke about it. Do you need something?

I didn't need anything at first, but something came up a few days ago.

— I heard that it may turn out that I will have to participate in the Spring Ball. If possible, I would prefer to refrain from visiting him.

- This is very unexpected.

She looked at me with mild surprise before laughing.

Everyone in the Empire seemed to know my nickname, 'Scream of the Holy Kingdom', and therefore they all, regardless of status, assumed that I was incredibly sociable and could not live without social gatherings.

And each of them became shocked when I said that I did not want to do this or that thing, and each of them goggled when I honestly admitted that I just wanted to read books in my room.

— Do you have any other plans for the day?

— Hmm, I plan to do my duty.

The protagonist of this novel, the young Lady Christel de Sarne, will definitely attend the Spring Ball, and I don't want to run into her. I will surely die if that happens. And I would like to stay alive.

Unfortunately, I couldn't tell the Cardinal about this.

— I came here as a Confessor Priest, so I plan to listen to people's confessions in the palace.

Cardinal's beige eyes shone when she heard my answer.

She seems to find him amusing.

* * *

- I guess they will start lining up early in the morning. I think it's worth giving people numbers.

Vice Captain Elizabeth put down her knife and made a serious expression.

Feeding the steak to Ganael, who was sitting next to me, I almost jumped in shock.

- Do you really think that so many people will come?

— In the life of a commoner, confession to an ordinary Bishop usually happens only once. Most temples can only afford ordinary priests, since Bishops spend most of their time in political struggle with each other. Hearing that Prince Jess would personally listen to their confessions, some people would even camp outside the temple that night.

She finished her speech and cut the steak with elegant movements of the knife.

Her short dark green hair flowed from side to side.

- This will probably increase the employment of the Imperial Guard even more. Sorry.

— No, your highness. We are well paid for our work, but the main thing is that Her Eminence Cardinal personally approved of your decision.

Vice Captain Elizabeth smiled.

This lunchtime meeting was hastily arranged so that we could discuss confessions starting tomorrow.

- In addition, there will be a lot of guys from the Imperial Guard who will also come to confession.

She added.

I smiled softly and started eating my third steak.

As one of the important heroes of 'QNW', Cardinal Aurelia Boutier had incredible influence in the Rister Empire.

Being the only Cardinal of the Empire certainly played an important role in this, but the biggest reason was her title of 'Spiritual Companion of the Empress'.

Companion, not in the sense of a spouse, but in the sense of a friend.

Members of the Riester Imperial Family, and especially those close to the throne, are required to have a 'Political Companion' or 'Spiritual Companion'. With the political, they secured the connection with the bonds of marriage, and with the spiritual with the help of the so-called contract.

Based on the information I got while leafing through the books, the first was a marriage of convenience for political reasons, while the second was a kind of search for the other half of my soul.

As a 'soul-sharing' people, the Cardinal knows everything the Empress knows and there is nothing in the Cardinal's memory that the Empress is not aware of.

The opinion of the Cardinal was involved in every decision of the Empress, and every action of the Cardinal was approved by the Empress in one way or another.

Simply put, the reason I was able to become a Priest Confessor was the support of the Cardinal, which came with the approval of the Empress.

Having officially received permission not to go to the ball, I was full of energy to work.

- The reason why Her Eminence the Cardinal supports you is probably due to the fact that she was once also a Priest Confessor.

— Really?

I answered Vice-Captain Elizabeth, cutting off another piece of meat and putting it in Ganael's mouth.

Benjamin gave me a frown, which I safely ignored.

Ganael, enjoying the meal, reminded me of Yuns for a moment.

Yes, sir. Most of the priests of the Imperial Palace sit around their pants. They are attached to the palace to assist the spiritual life of the Imperial Family, but only a few of its members reside in the Imperial Palace and even fewer are willing to share their innermost thoughts with an unfamiliar priest. Her Eminence entered the palace in her youth as a Priest Confessor. She spent every day in the temple, waiting all day for people who would like to confess.

— Even on days when no one came?

— Exactly. It was then that she met Her Highness and became friends with her.

— What an incredible story.

I could have enjoyed a non-dusty job and did nothing, but I decided to work tirelessly and became the life companion of the future Empress. This only happens in books.

Oh, yes, indeed, I am in a novel.

— It may have reminded her of the old days. Your actions, Your Highness, must have brought back memories of her youth.

- Anything is possible.

- In addition, you said that you would listen to confessions, regardless of status.

— Yes, Her Eminence seems to be interested in seeing people's reactions and results.

— Your Highness, feeding a servant is against any basic etiquette.

Benjamin could no longer restrain himself and interrupted our conversation. I stopped moving the fork.

However, I still managed to put in my two cents.

— Mr. Benjamin, you said you had dinner at three in the afternoon. The boy is still growing, he must not starve until three.

— Servants are accustomed to this way of life. Your actions may negatively affect Ganael's body and spirit in the long run, Your Highness.

— Okay, then I promise, this is the last piece.

I smiled and held out the fork again.

Ganael looked warily at Benjamin, but ate that last piece of meat anyway.

Looking at us, Vice Captain Elizabeth laughed.

— Ganael, you have a good master.

- Please don't make fun of me, Vice Commander Mute.

Ganael blushed and muttered softly in response to Elizabeth.

Do they know each other?

— Then, should we open the Confessional in the morning?

Her clear voice made me forget about superfluous things for a while.

I explained my plan to Vice-Captain Elizabeth.

— Yes, let's do this: 10 am to 11.30 am, 3 pm to 4 pm, and 8 pm to 9 pm. I can't spend the whole day at the temple, so I want to divide the event into three segments.

— I think you will be too tired, Your Highness. You need to take into account the travel time back and forth from the temple. How about twice a day?

— Mm, I'll think about it.

Benjamin has already warned me.

Honestly, I would have preferred twice a day myself, but after learning how many people would be waiting for me, I began to doubt.

Especially since I won't be able to hold the morning sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays anyway because of my classes with Cardinal.

Talking to strangers is something I have no confidence in, but I'm good at listening to people.

- For the time being, we will do as you wish, Your Highness, but if it becomes difficult for you in the future, please change or reduce the number of times.

Benjamin came up with an ingenious solution.

Vice-Captain Elizabeth agreed with him and raised her wine glass.

The grape juice that was there splashed in the process.


In the morning I was met by a long line, about a hundred meters from the entrance to the temple.

Vice-Captain Elizabeth was not joking.

The people in line were holding small pieces of paper and talking loudly with happy expressions.

Are these really numbers?

- His Highness Prince Jess is here!

— Where? Where? I do not see!

- Please don't push!

- We salute His Highness, the first prince of the Holy Kingdom!

— Hello, I didn't expect so many of you.

I awkwardly greeted them, and the people gathered here from all over the palace either covered their mouths with their hands or started bowing again and again, not knowing what to do.

This confused me and I felt uncomfortable.

As I approached some elderly worshipers who were standing with outstretched hands, I wondered if I should shake hands with them or not, when Imperial Guards quickly ran up to me and stopped me.

Apparently, it seemed to them that the line would soon be broken and the crowd would become disorderly, as some of them were pushing back those who came with their hands.

Your Highness, please follow me.

- Oh, yes, Milady.

Vice-Captain Elizabeth, who came with me on the same carriage, helped me by directing me in a reliable voice.

Benjamin, Ganael and I quickly followed her.

Knights in armor opened the heavy doors and the interior of the temple opened up to me.

The buzz of people's conversations ceased to excite me.

— Wow......

Since entering the , this was my first visit to the temple.

I took a quick look around as everything looked amazing.

It seemed to me as if I had seen this somewhere before, but, for sure, this is because the author also lived on planet Earth.

From the outside, the temple was like something out of the myths of ancient Greece, inside it looked like a huge cathedral.

The only difference from the cathedral was the lack of a vaulted ceiling. Well, instead of stained-glass windows, usually found in cathedrals, the windows were decorated with a lattice pattern, which gave the interior of the temple a sense of magic.

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