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Breast milk is the ideal nutrition to ensure babies get the best possible start in life. It provides infants with the right nutrients, builds tolerance and offers protection, while, for mothers, it fosters bonding and stimulates the production of important hormones.

Unfortunately, not all mothers can breastfeed: there are a few medical conditions that aren’t compatible with breastfeeding. Also, situations such as inflexible work schedules or working away from home may prevent a mother to breastfeed her baby. They simply are not in a conducive environment to breastfeeding.

Studies have shown that non-breastfed babies are often given alternatives which don’t offer the nutrition they need. So it is critical that, when infants are not breastfed, they receive the highest quality, scientifically proven alternatives to breast milk with the appropriate guidance of their healthcare professionals. For us, the number one priority is to ensure that all children get the best possible nutrition.


We first developed infant formula 150 years ago to meet the urgent need for a safe alternative to breast milk. Since then, we have continuously improved our products to create the best possible breast-milk substitutes, always holding ourselves to the highest safety and quality standards.

Nestlé offers high-quality, nutritionally balanced and science-based products to mothers and babies in the first 1000 days of life, which are setting the foundations for lifelong health. We value the trust our consumers place in us, and it is our responsibility to respect this trust by acting in their best interests at all times.

That is why we are committed not to interfere with mothers’ desire to breastfeed and to protect them from inappropriate marketing practices by actively supporting breastfeeding. We do so by making it easy for our employees to breastfeed, allowing up to 14 weeks’ maternity leave or implementing breastfeeding rooms in our facilities and public places.

Download our Materiality Protection Policy (pdf, 1Mb)

We’ve also implemented industry-leading Policy and Procedures (pdf, 5Mb), derived from the WHO Code of the Marketing of the Breast-milk Substitutes, that reflect Nestlé’s strong compliance culture.


At Nestlé, the health and safety of babies is our priority, and we are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients and applying the strictest safety standards for our products, even when these extend beyond the requirements of local legislation.

We design our products to suit every stage of a baby’s healthy growth and development, and we only use raw materials that are traceable to source. All our products comply with our own strict specifications, as well as international and local quality and safety standards. The materials we use are grown by experienced farmers, who have been specifically selected, trained to apply good agricultural practices, and are regularly audited to ensure they conform.

We perform quality checks on our ingredients and finished products up to 200 times throughout the production process, using state-of the-art laboratories, in line with our mission to nurture a healthier generation through safe, nutritious and high-quality products.

Download our Quality & Safety Infographic (pdf, 250Kb)

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Materna® Prenatal Vitamins

NESTLÉ MATERNA Prenatal Multivitamin – the #1 Doctor Recommended** and #1 Prenatal Vitamins* brand.

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Lactation Support | MATERNA® LACTO+™

Contains organic fenugreek which is traditionally used in herbal medicine to help promote breast milk production in breastfeeding moms.

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Good Start® Stage 2 Baby Formula Powder

The next stage in formula for your growing baby, and offers good value in a formula you can trust.


Available in 900g


For infants 6 months and up.

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Gerber® Multigrain Oatmeal & Fruit Baby Cereal (Add Water)

Introduce new flavours and textures to baby as they grow with the next stage of GERBER cereals!


Appropriate for infants 6 months and up.

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GERBER Organic Pear, Banana, Blueberries & Raspberries Purée

Introduce your little one to the goodness of fruits with GERBER Organic Purée, Pear Banana Blueberry Raspberry, Baby Food. 

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GERBER Puffs Strawberry Apple

With a unique star shape, GERBER Puffs are a great choice to help develop baby's pincer skills.

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GOOD GROW Nutritional Toddler Drink, Vanilla Flavour

Designed with your toddler’s development in mind, with a unique combination of DHA, Probiotics and 27 essential nutrients including Calcium, Iron and Vitamin D.

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NestléMD NIDO® 1+ Toddler Nutritional Drink

International Toddler Drink brand that you love – now in Canada


Appropriate for toddlers 12 months and up.

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Responsible promotion of baby food

Breastmilk is the optimal nutrition for babies, providing the best start in life. We promote, support, protect breastfeeding and are responsible for the marketing of breast milk substitutes. Nestlé manufactures high quality breast milk substitutes for use when there is a need for a safe alternative to breast milk, i.e. when mother's milk is not available to a breastfed baby or when specially adapted infant formulas are required.

Nestlé publicly declares its support for the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes, which aims:

  1. to protect and promote breastfeeding;
  2. to ensure the correct use of breast milk substitutes when needed.

The Code recognizes the importance of breastfeeding and the legitimacy of the breastmilk substitute market in settings where breastfeeding is not possible.

Our Commitment

Supporting and protecting breastfeeding with continued implementation of an industry-leading policy for the responsible marketing of breast-milk substitutes

Our approach

All of our actions in this area are based on WHO recommendations for breastfeeding support, especially with regard to the marketing of substitutes breast milk and creating favorable conditions for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding support worldwide

We support breastfeeding with an industry-leading policy for the responsible promotion of breast-milk substitutes (BMS). Our strict Policies and Procedures for the implementation of the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes apply in all countries where Nestlé operates. At a minimum, we comply with the provisions of the WHO Code implemented by the governments of the countries.

As of 2018, only 35 countries out of 194 have enacted laws or regulations that incorporate the full provisions of the Code. That's why, in 152 countries at high risk of child mortality and malnutrition, we follow the Nestlé Procedures if the company's requirements are more stringent than local regulations. We also support efforts to create an enabling environment for breastfeeding, for example by working with governments to ensure that breastfeeding rooms are accessible.

Compliance with the Nestlé Policy

All Nestlé employees involved in the marketing and sale of products regulated by the Policy know and strictly follow all of its provisions, as well as all partners and distributors of Nestlé products. All materials related to these products must comply with the rules established by the Policy. It is Nestlé's policy to prevent these products from being promoted at retail outlets.

Products covered by the Nestlé Policy

  • All infant formula intended to feed healthy infants from birth to 12 months of age.
  • Follow-up infant formula marketed openly for feeding healthy infants up to 12 months of age.

Unless required by national law, this Policy does not apply:

  • Complementary foods, including cereals for infants, sterilized (or aseptically prepared) meats, vegetables, fruits and/or dairy products for infants, when provided on the market for feeding children over 6 months of age, provided that they do not contain instructions for their modification for use as a breast-milk substitute. This provision is intended to highlight Nestlé's commitment to exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life.
  • To products intended for children of any age with special medical needs (eg, phenylketonuria, shortened or abnormal digestive tracts) or extremely preterm infants. Such children are unable to absorb, digest or metabolize breast milk or standard infant formula; they are under medical supervision and are at risk of death or malformation without access to such products. The text of the Policy can be found at the link.
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