19 month old baby food recipes

19 Months Old Baby Food Ideas Along with Recipes

Most of our traditional meals would revolve around typical Indian food recipes. These can quickly get repetitive for children, even though our flavours are quite diverse. Opting for some different snack choices or creating a fusion of various cuisines is how you can create a meal chart that has exciting recipes all around.

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Nutrient Requirements for 19 Months Old Child

All the meal planning right from lunch ideas to the little snacks your kid would have in the evening need to work together in ensuring a balanced nutrition all around.

1. Carbohydrates

For kids carbs are everything that they need to keep their energy levels high which allow them to play around and engage in anything they wish to.

2. Proteins

The actual physical growth of a child is highly dependent on protein, even though the daily requirement might not be as much as you might think. Based on your own family diets, the protein intake needs to be regulated accordingly.

3. Iron

Anaemia in children is not unheard of and it can severely impact their development in myriad ways. The inclusion of iron in different forms is highly recommended since children might not be breastfeeding at this age.

4. Multivitamins

Contrary to the popular opinion, multivitamins are not suggested by doctors after an issue is diagnosed. These are usually prescribed as a pre-emptive measure to balance any kind of deficiency a child might be at the risk of experiencing.

5. Sodium

An addition of sodium can lead to heart-related issues later in life, while its absence can cause developmental problems now.

6. Calories

Energy and nutrition might be two sides of the same coin, but both are procured by the body in different ways. A nutritive diet may not necessarily be an energetic one, which makes it necessary to keep a proper track of calorie intake.

7. Fibre

The deficiency of fibre is one of the rarest things to occur with a child since their presence is prevalent in numerous food items. The more you maintain a regularity in consuming certain raw veggies and fruits, the better your fibre intake remains.

8. Water

Time and again, kids are advised to drink water throughout the day. It is quite simple to lose track of keeping yourself hydrated only to reach a breaking point and experience its side effects. 8 glasses of water are all it takes.

How Much Food Does Toddler Need at 19 Months?

Most kids begin to increase their activities as they cross the 1.5-year mark. Therefore, their calorie requirements usually hover between 1.2-1.4 kilocalories (1200 to 1400 calories), which depends on their physical constitution and metabolism as well.

Best Foods for Nineteen-Month-Old Baby

Here are some snacks for a 19-month-old that you can try.

1. Meat

For families that choose to go ahead with giving meat to their child, it is important to remember that the meat procured needs to be fresh and organic, as well as prepared in the right way. Offer small chunks of meat than large pieces.

2. Milk

A glass of milk on a daily basis provides a substantial amount of nutrition in a single go. Whether your kid drinks that in the morning or in the evening, fortifying it with some added nuts is also a good way to maintain high nutrition.

3. Fruits

Simple fruits such as bananas and apples are quite useful along with kiwi and dragon fruit included occasionally. Eating them directly is better than drinking their juices.

4. Milk-Based Products

Curd and buttermilk keep a balance of nutrition and better health simultaneously. Cheese sandwiches are a good choice, too.

5. Nuts

Whether you mix them up in milk and other products or offer them directly to your little one, nuts include many nutrients ranging from omega-3 acids to fats that are quite beneficial for your kid.

6. Seafood

Keeping away from the fishes that contain higher amounts of mercury as well as different varieties of shellfish that could trigger allergic reactions, is all you need to know when giving seafood to your child.

7. Grains

If your child is not a fan of bread or similar products, you can switch the foods by replacing them with brown rice or even millets. These whole grain foods are great for the body and provide good amounts of protein.

8. Eggs

Make omelettes, use them with sandwiches, give them in a boiled egg form, scrambled eggs, you can immerse yourself in a large variety of egg preparations and come up with ideas that can provide a boost of nutrition and energy in the best way possible.

9. Oil

Sunflower oil is not advised for adults so you might be keeping its usage minimal in your family. It is best to switch to a healthier oil and use it in proper amounts so that your child receives the health benefits from it as well.

10. Vegetables

The entire Indian cuisine revolves primarily around using different vegetables in a variety of food preparations. It is important to note that some veggies can be used raw in various salads as well, adding a twist to their usual taste.

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19-Month-Old Baby Food Chart/Meal Plan

When figuring out what to feed my 19-month-old, don’t fret too much. All you need to do is make small changes in your existing one, and the following meal plan can be a good guide for doing so.

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 1, Day 1

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 1, Day 2

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 1, Day 3

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 1, Day 4

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 1, Day 5

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 1, Day 6

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 1, Day 7

Breakfast Makhana (fox nut) porridge with raisin paste and walnut powder
Mid-morning Apple
Lunch Roti + dal + a sabzi of choice + a few slices of tomato + hand pounded rice
Evening Rajgira (amaranth) chikki dipped in milk
Dinner Roti + dal + a sabzi of choice + a few slices of cucumber + hand pounded rice

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 2, Day 1

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 2, Day 2

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 2, Day 3

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 2, Day 4

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 2, Day 5

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 2, Day 6

Breakfast Poha with tomato and capsicum + chocolate- walnut milkshake
Mid-morning Pomegranate juice
Lunch Curd rice with grated cucumber
Evening Chana (chickpeas) powder mixed with date ladoo
Dinner Puri with aamras and aloo sabzi

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 2, Day 7

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 3, Day 1

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 3, Day 2

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 3, Day 3

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 3, Day 4

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 3, Day 5

Breakfast Rajgira wheat sheera with mashed raisins for sweetness +milk
Mid-morning Apple and banana chaat

Multigrain roti + dal + a sabzi of choice + a few slices of boiled beetroot + hand pounded rice

Evening 2-3 homemade cookies + milk
Dinner Tofu bhurji with jowar (sorghum)- wheat roti and grated carrot raita

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 3, Day 6

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 3, Day 7

Breakfast Jowar (sorghum) puff kheer
Mid-morning Papaya
Lunch Roti + dal + a sabzi of choice + a few slices of tomatoes + hand pounded rice
Evening Rajgira (amaranth) chikki dipped in milk
Dinner Roti + dal + a sabzi of choice + a few slices of cucumber + hand pounded rice

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 4, Day 1

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 4, Day 2

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 4, Day 3

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 4, Day 4

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 4, Day 5

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 4, Day 6

Diet for a 19-month-old – Week 4, Day 7

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Food Recipes for 19 Months Old Baby

Here are some interesting recipes that can leave your little one smacking his lips at the end of the meal.

1. Carrot Cheese Paratha

The nutrition of two essential ingredients all wrapped up within a delicious paratha.


  • Ghee
  • Ajwain
  • Tomato
  • Black pepper
  • Cheese
  • Carrot
  • Wheat flour

How to Prepare

  • Take a pan with oil and add ajwain to it, making them pop.
  • Follow up with tomato, carrots, black pepper and salt, letting them all cook together.
  • Once it cools down, use the flour to make some dough and roll a roti out of it.
  • Fill it up with the veggie mix and grate some cheese over it.
  • Roll it up again to close it and cook it on the pan with ghee.

2. Steamed Dosa

When your kids are extremely hungry and you barely have any time to make a meal, dosa is your best buddy.


  • Ghee
  • Dosa batter

How to Prepare

  • Take a pan and heat it well.
  • Once hot, add a dollop of batter in the centre and spread it into a circle.
  • When the holes begin to form, add some ghee over and around the dosa.
  • Let it cook for a few minutes with a lid and remove it once it gets spongy.
  • Pair with tomato chutney or flavour the batter with some other ingredients.

3. Suji on Toast

Suji not only provides health benefits but the toast is quite crunchy and delicious in its flavour as well.


  • Bread
  • Ghee
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Capsicum
  • Onion
  • Carrot
  • Milk cream
  • Suji, roasted

How to Prepare

  • Keep the bread and ghee on one side. Take a bowl and mix all the other ingredients together in it.
  • Use this as a paste and coat the bread slices.
  • Take a pan and add some ghee to it. Toast the bread slices on the pan upside down.
  • Once done, flip it around to make both sides brown and then serve.

4. Wheat Pancakes

Pancakes can be a nutritious breakfast item as well if you pair a sweet dip with these healthy wheat ones.


  • Ghee
  • Fennel seeds
  • Water
  • Jaggery syrup
  • Wheat flour

How to Prepare

  • Mix the jaggery syrup with the flour to form the batter. Follow up with fennel seeds and water. This can be prepared overnight as well.
  • Add some ghee to a pan. Heat it up and pour batter to form a solid circle.
  • Spread it, cook one side, and then flip it around. Serve with some honey for added sweetness.

5. Spring Rolls

This awesome recipe will literally have the little one eating out of your hand.


  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Wheat flour
  • Maida
  • Soy sauce
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • French beans
  • Baby corn
  • Cabbage
  • Capsicum
  • Onion
  • Carrot

How to Prepare

  • Prepare a dough with medium consistency using flour, maida and water.
  • Take a small portion and roll it, shaping it to be a rectangle. Make multiple such shapes as thin as possible. Cover them with a wet napkin.
  • In a hot pan, saute onions in oil, with veggies and seasonings, keeping them slightly crunchy.
  • Take maida and water in a bowl to form a thick paste.
  • Now, fill the veggie mix in one rectangular shape and paste it up with the maida mix. Roll it up and close the open end with more paste.
  • Prepare all the rolls in this manner and deep fry to make spring rolls. Pair with nice chutneys.

Feeding Tips

In lieu of preparing different breakfast ideas as well as feeding them, try to adhere to some important tips to ease the experience.

  • Keep adding variety to the meal plan
  • Let your child use plastic spoons by himself
  • Teach him to use a fork with small food items
  • Talk to your doctor when starting your child on meats
  • Keep mealtimes a relaxed affair
  • Squeeze a lemon on vegetables to pep up the taste
  • Let your child drink limited water during meals
  • Avoid giving whole nuts or even whole finger foods
  • Don’t stop breastfeeding just to get him to eat
  • Keep liquids to a minimum around dinner time

Putting together an effective meal plan that works for your kid as well as gives him the nutrition he needs can take a huge load off your chest. It is better to come up with dinner ideas that are easy to prepare, keeping the complex ones for the weekends or holidays as a celebration.


  1. Each child is different and so use these meal plans as a trusted guide as per your discretion. You can modify the meals according to your child’s preferences / requirements.
  2. Never force-feed a child.
  3. While preparing formula, please follow the instructions on the box and use the measuring spoon provided with it.
  4. While introducing solid food to a baby, initially, one needs to prepare watery gruels/soups. As a child gets older, the caretaker/ mother has to increase the thickness of the liquids slowly according to the child’s capacity to swallow. Foods that are too thick can cause stomach upset/ unnecessary load; while excessively watery food might cause the child to remain hungry.
  5. Some kids may eat less on some days and that is absolutely alright. However, if a child eats less for more than 3-4 consecutive days, please visit a doctor to guide further.
  6. A child may eat less during the teething phase or if he/she may not be feeling well. You could increase breast milk /formula feeds on those days. Re-introduce the foods once the child is back to normal.
  7. Don’t stop feeding if the child is suffering from diarrhoea.
  8. You can alter the taste of the food by adding some natural flavours like cinnamon, jeera powder, lemon juice, curry leaves etc. if the child doesn’t accept the food initially.
  9. If your child suffers from an allergy to nuts, gluten or eggs, please consult your doctor before feeding him/her any foods that may contain them.

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Toddler Meal Ideas - 19 months

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Toddler Meal Ideas for young toddlers. I’m sharing what my 19 month old has been eating this month and other toddler meal ideas.

It’s time for our 19 month update!

I’m sharing everything that my 19 month old has been eating and loving this month. However, these food ideas are great for any young toddler 1-2 years old.

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Feeding Tools

As shown in some of my photos I wanted to share my favorite toddler eating tools with you all!

For a full list of my favorite feeding essentials, check out my list here: 10 Toddler Feeding Essentials.

Munchkin Silverware Set – these have been a great go-to silverware set since my toddler was about 12 months old. They are so cheap and durable, we love them!

Silikong Suction Bowls – these have been a great bowl set since my toddler started purees as a baby!

Breakfast Toddler Meals

  1. Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal. It as been the month of oatmeal at our house! This version has 1/4 cup oatmeal, 2 tsp ground flax seeds, 1/2 banana, 1 Tbsp maple syrup, and cinnamon.
  1. Carrot Cake Oatmeal. Another one of my toddler’s favorites is carrot cake oatmeal. 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1 grated carrot, 2 tsp ground flax seeds, 1 Tbsp maple syrup. We also sometimes add some raisins!
  1. Blueberry Waffle. Side of thinly sliced and peeled apple and yogurt for dipping.
  1. Homemade chocolate chip pancake. Side of nectarines. This was a special Sunday breakfast! Who doesn’t love pancakes?!
  1. Avocado toast. Side of bananas. I like to cut toast and bananas into different shapes so that it gives some variety to a simple meal. For toast I sometimes do strips, little squares, or quartered into triangles. Bananas can be given whole (peeled or unpeeled), sliced into rounds, or cut in half length-wise.
  1. Chicken sausage. Side of waffle and blueberries. Chicken sausage is a great way to add some protein at breakfast, especially if you toddler isn’t too fond of eggs (like mine!)
  1. Chocolate Zucchini Muffin. Side of mandarin oranges. We tried this healthy muffin recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod and loved it! Very decadent but also full of veggies.
  1. Cereal with milk. Side of egg and turkey scramble. 19 months has been a great time to start with a classic – cereal with milk! We love Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal and use pea protein milk instead of cow’s milk.
  1. Peanut Butter Toast. Side of a smoothie. We love to use Dave’s Killer Bread for toast and top with either peanut butter or jelly. I love to make smoothies with banana, yogurt, frozen mixed berries, and pea protein milk.
  1. Egg and Hashbrown Scramble with Spinach. This was a great way to get my toddler to eat eggs. He gobbled it down!
  1. Dr. Praeger’s Brocolli Littles. Side of almondmilk yogurt with blueberries. The Dr. Praeger’s kids line are some of my toddler’s favorite and they can be served for breakfast too, he doesn’t mind!

Lunch Toddler Meals

  1. Fish Sticks. Side of mixed veggies and avocado. Another slightly healthier version of a classic kid food. These fish sticks are the Kid Fresh brand with added veggies and my toddler loves them!
  1. Lunch Meat & Crackers. Side of mixed veggies and nectarine. We like natural turkey and whole wheat crackers.
  1. Baked Beans, Lunch Meat & Green Beans. We try to choose baked beans with a lower sugar content if possible.
  1. Macaroni and cheese with peas & avocado. Side of green beans. We love Annie’s Mac & Cheese. I’ve always been a fan of adding veggies to my toddler’s mac & cheese and recently have been adding avocado as well!
  1. Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Littles. Side of rice and beans and bananas. We love using left overs for lunch and rice and beans has been one of my toddler’s favorites recently.
  1. Veggie corn dog. Side of avocado and nectarine. What toddler doesn’t love corn dogs? I feel great serving my toddler the Morning StarFarms veggie corn dogs and we recently tried cutting them “long ways” to mix it up.
  1. PB & J. Side of turkey and kiwi. We like to mix up the jelly flavors and types of bread (Dave’s Killer Bread is our new favorite). You can also mix up the type of nut butter as well!
  1. Black beans and corn. Sides of turkey and bananas. We often have turkey as a main course for lunch but it also works great as a side!

Toddler Dinner Ideas

  1. Chicken Risotto with veggies. My toddler has been very into meals that come in bowls recently. This is a great way to expose him to both chicken and veggies.
  1. Spaghetti with Veggies and Meat Sauce. We took a classic and added more veggies! Believe it or not, this was one of the first times he had actual spaghetti and loved it.
  1. Paleo Chili (recipe from The Defined Dish). Sides of peas and avocado. When serving new recipes I always like to pair it with some of his favorite sides. He ended up loving this main course as well!
  1. Chicken Taco Bowl. Rice, pulled instantpot chicken, beans, and avocado. One of our favorite go-to dinners!
  1. Homemade chicken fingers. Side of sweet potato fries and ranch for dipping. We made these in the air frier!
  1. Turkey Chili with Avocado. Another one of our go-to meals! My toddler loves avocado so I always try to give it as one of his “safe foods”. This one is also a winner because it comes in a bowl.
  1. Meatloaf Meatballs (recipe from The Defined Dish). Sides of green beans and mashed potatoes. Classic comfort food made healthy. This was a huge hit with my toddler (and the whole family).
  1. Korean Beef with Rice and Cucumbers. This was our toddler’s first exposure to cucumbers and he loved them! I sliced them very thin and did heat them slightly. This was one meal I didn’t think he would like and he loved.
  1. Dr. Praeger’s Brocolli Littles. Side of mixed veggies and turkey. In our house we eat Dr. Praeger’s frozen line for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My toddler loves them!
  1. Chicken Pot Pie Pasta (recipe from The Defined Dish). Another great meal in a bowl that my toddler loved. The comfort of chicken pot pie in a healthier pasta version. We have been working through the Defined Dish cookbook and right now there isn’t a meal we haven’t loved!

If you loved this post, check out my list of my toddler’s 50 favorite foods from 12-18 months!

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2 year old child's menu with recipes

Menu author: Natalia Dik — pediatrician. She graduated from the Chelyabinsk Medical Academy, clinical internship and residency, specialty pediatrics. She has been working in her specialty since 2007, from 2005-2008 she has been the head of the Allergy Department of the City Clinical Hospital No. 1 of Chelyabinsk, since 2008 she has been a specialist in clinical trials of drugs. She enjoys cooking and practices the Menu of the Week system in her daily life.

By the age of two, most babies are able to eat many foods and dishes on their own, there is no need to grind food in a blender or knead with a fork. Rejoicing at such changes, some parents want to give the baby to try more new dishes. Some, on the contrary, are afraid to introduce something new, and they are in no hurry to transfer it to the general table. There is some common sense in both approaches. Although the digestive system of a two-year-old baby is already much more mature compared to a one-year-old, nevertheless, it is not yet strong enough. Therefore transition to adult food should be gradual .

The sample menu for week below is suitable not only for feeding a two-year-old child, but also for the whole family.

Do not worry if one of the days the child has not eaten all the dishes you have prepared. Our ideas about how much a two-year-old baby should eat often differ from reality in the direction of overestimation. In addition, children may have their own characteristics and preferences. Everything new is best offered in small portions. Often, babies carefully try unfamiliar or otherwise prepared foods, but if they are offered the same dish next time, they can eat it with pleasure.


Breakfast: Porridge made of oatmeal with caramel apples
Lunch: Pumpkin soup with chicken+salad “Sunny”
SUPPLE: Smoothies with shepherd
Dinner: Stewed vegetables with freaksheels

Pediatrician's comment:

As with all ages, it is very important to diversify the diet of children, including different types of foods . At the same time, vegetables (fresh and cooked), fruits, cereals, milk and dairy products, vegetable and butter should be on the children's menu daily.

Recommended norm of milk and dairy products - up to 600 ml (of which at least 200 ml are fermented milk products), vegetables 300-400g (of which potatoes - no more than 150g), fruits - 130g, meat (red or poultry) - up to 90g per day , bread - up to 90g (of which black - no more than 30g).

It is advisable to eat fish 2-3 times a week (weekly norm 175g), eggs - no more than 3 times a week.


Breakfast: Kindergarten-style scrambled eggs
Lunch: Borsch-mashed potatoes + Potato casserole with vegetables
Snack: Baked apples with cottage cheese

Stewed vegetables

Pediatrician's comment:

Make sure your child drinks enough liquids. The norm is 35 ml/kg of water per day ie with a weight of 12 kg your baby should drink 420 ml. It is desirable that it be clean water. If the child refuses it, you can try to give unsweetened compote, herbal tea, but not store-bought juices.


Breakfast: Millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker
Lunch: Borscht puree + White cabbage salad with apple
Afternoon snack: Banana smoothie with cookies and nuts
Dinner: Buckwheat porridge + Braised liver

Pediatrician's comment:

In the diet of two-year-old children, there should be no such things as fast food (in addition to hamburgers and french fries, these are various chips and store-bought crackers), smoked meats, semi-finished products (sausages, sausages), canned and pickled foods, mushrooms and seafood.


Breakfast: Cottage cheese casserole with apples
Lunch: Soup with fish meatballs + Carrots and dried apricots
SUPPLE: yogurt+milk cake
Boutiker porridge+carcass liver

Pediatrician's comment:

Of course, it is best to prepare baby food from natural products. If, nevertheless, there is a need to purchase finished products (yogurts, curds, etc.) - be sure to read the information about the composition of on the labels, since at present, even in products intended for baby food, you can often find various flavors, thickeners and preservatives.

Manufacturers use many tricks to confuse customers (for example, they write "No preservatives" even if the composition contains citric acid, a powerful preservative).


breakfast: Sweet pilaf with dried fruits and nuts
lunch: Soup with fish meatballs + Salad “Vitamin”
SUPPORT: yogurt+milk cake
Dinner: Potato cutlets with turkey and raw

Pediatrician's comment:

At the age of two, it is already allowed to introduce a small amount of fried , however, try not to abuse this cooking method, preferring boiling, stewing or baking to it.


Breakfast: Cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin in a slow cooker
Lunch: Ratatui soup in a multicooker+beetroot salad with prunes and feta
Polteria: Kisel from cherries
Dinner: Potato cutlets with turkey and raw

Pediatrician's comment:

The diet of children at the age of two remains 5 times a day: three main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two intermediate ones. If the break between the main meals is short, then in between it is enough to give an unsweetened fruit (apple, pear) or a vegetable salad (for example, apple + carrot). If the break is long, you can offer the baby a fermented milk product (yogurt, cottage cheese) with bread or cookies.


Breakfast: Pancakes with carrots
Lunch: Ratatouille soup in a slow cooker + Beetroot salad with prunes and feta
Afternoon snack: Cherry jelly
Fish casserole 10019 Fish casserole1 9000

Pediatrician's comment:

Some experts do not recommend introducing sugar and confectionery into the diet until the age of three , or even for life. If you are already giving your child sweets, remember that the daily intake of sugar for a two-year-old child is up to 50g per day, and the less, the better. Chocolate and chocolates should be avoided as they stimulate the nervous system of children, often cause allergies and can cause constipation.

Health to you and your children!

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vegetable menu with rice and ragum for children (vegetable ragum cooker)

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Greek porridge with cream and raspberries

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Semolina porridge (without lumps) with strawberries

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