How to play baby food tasting game

How to Play "Name that Baby Food" Baby Shower Game

Name that baby food is an awesome baby shower game that requires some set-up, but is totally worth it! In this baby shower game, your guests will taste different selections of baby food and try to guess what it is. The person with the most baby food friendly palate wins the game.


  • Jarred Baby Food - 6-12 flavors
  • Wastebasket
  • Container - where guests can put their completed answer sheets
  • Permanent marker / pens / pencils
  • Paper to cover the jar labels
  • Answer Sheets - these can be blank or pre-numbered so guests will just write their guesses about the flavors that correspond with the number
  • Tasting utensils - plastic spoons or popsicle sticks (enough so that guests don't reuse the utensil for each flavor)

Prepping for Name that Baby Food Baby Shower Game

To prepare for this game, you will need to purchase some baby food jars in advance. To keep the game fair and simple, it's best to choose baby food jars that only contain one type of fruit or vegetable.

There are a lot of combo flavors (like apples and bananas or mangos and pears, etc...), but that may really stump your players, so just sticking to one ingredient per jar is best.

To keep things interesting, you may look for baby food that look somewhat alike - it's tricky but not too tricky. For examples, apple baby food and pear baby food may look very similar in consistency and color, so that might be a good choice for a couple of flavors. Carrots and sweet potatoes also look similar, so that could also be a nice couple of flavors that you can choose.

Once you have the baby food jars purchased, make a note of which flavors are in which jars (you'll need to know this for the answer key as the labels will be removed). A quick numbered list with the flavor and numbering the bottom of jar with a permanent marker can be a quick way to keep track.

Once you have the baby jar flavors noted, you can take off the wrapper (or you can always cover the wrapper with some patterned baby to hide the flavor). If you choose to take off the wrapper, there might be a little bit of adhesive left, so you might need some adhesive remover to get those last bits of stickiness off.

Now with your "naked" jars, you can number them with a permanent marker or get some colorful construction paper and make a new label for the jar with just the number.

For the game, your guests will get a blank numbered piece of paper and they will write their guesses that correspond to the number on the jar.

Baby Shower Game Set-up

To set-up the game, you will need some space where you can put out all the materials - jars of food, game sheets, pens, popsicle/spoons, wastebasket, etc... You should opt for a dedicated space so the stuff doesn't get mixed up with other things. A small table or countertop should be fine.

How to Play Name that Baby Food

There are a couple of ways that you can play the game. You can have the game be passive, meaning the guests can play it throughout the baby shower event and drop their answer sheets in a container and you can tally up the correct answers later and announce the winner. Or you can make the game a main event and ask for volunteers to play while the rest of the guests become the audience.

If you choose to play the game passively, you might consider having the instructions out on display so guests know what it's all about - the last thing you want is guests thinking you're serving appetizers! 

If you are expecting guests of all ages to attend, then you might think twice about letting the game be passive - depending on the age of the kids, they may not quite understand the game and the results could be...messy.

The other way to play this game allows for everyone to enjoy the action. You'll need to carve out some time to play the game during the event. At the time, you can ask for volunteers who want to play - not everyone will feel comfortable tasting baby food in front of an audience, so asking for volunteer players will just make things easier. 

Once you have the volunteers, have each of them taste one baby food at a time, then write down their guess. When they've had a chance to taste each one, you can announce the type of food, the person with the most correct wins!

It may be more fun to play this game with an audience as everyone will be able to see the reactions of the players as they taste those mushy peas and squashed carrots. It will also be fun to announce the winner right away.

Baby Shower Game Prizes

For this game, you may want to prepare a few prizes just in case you have a tie. As the game is all about food (albeit baby food), it might be fun to have your prizes be food-related too.

Here are some food prize ideas that you might consider:

  • Homemade Jars of Jam: If you love canning, then consider making some special treats for your winners. A cute label "Adult Food: Apricot Jam" or something that ties the prize back to the game can be a clever and memorable baby shower game prize. If you're not into making jam, then buying a few fun flavors and relabeling them with cute labels is an option.
  • Mason Jar Recipe Kits: A recipe in a jar prize is always fun and can be a play on the baby food jars. There are tons of recipe in a jar kits you can find online and if you think you might have more than one winner, then this is an easy prize to duplicate.
  • Food Cooking Kits: As this baby shower game is all about flavor, consider some food kits for your winners so they can add more flavor to their next dish! A collection of exotic salts, a variety pack of BBQ sauces or salsas. Some nice oils or spice mixes can also work.
  • DIY Food Gift Basket: A little themed food gift basket is another option. A small container filled with goodies for a movie night, breakfast in bed, or a picnic would make a great baby shower prize. 

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Guess the Baby Food - Baby Shower Game

Guess the Baby Food Game
Supplies: Variety of baby food 8 – 12 jars, paper to cover jars , spoons, numbers, pen and paper

How good are your taste buds? Well with Guess the Baby Food, you’ll challenge guests to see if they have the best palette in your group and can properly identify a variety of baby foods like squash, apple, pears, peas and more.  A fun game for the ladies but even more of a treat during couples showers when the men get to play.

Guess the Baby Food Game Prep & Play 
a. Get 8-12 different baby foods. (Peas, sweet potato, pears…).

b. Now grab a sheet of paper and pencil to create the master Guess the Baby Food answer sheet and number it from 1 to however many types of baby food you have for the game. Randomly take the first jar of baby food, write down the name of the fruit or vegetable beside one of the numbers. Then cover with paper or remove the label of the baby food so the name and contents are can not be seen. Once that is completed, then write the number you assigned to that spice to the outside of the container or use a sticker on the outside of the jar. We found writing the numbers on stickers and then placing the stickers on the container was easiest. It is also helpful to have the number on the table in front of the baby food during game play.

c. Once all of the jars of baby food have be assigned a number, create your game sheet. Your Guess the Baby Food game sheet should include a place for guests to put their name and then a numbers for the baby food and a blank space beside the number. Print out one sheet per player.

d. Game set up; place the baby food on a table / counter top area, jars should be 1-2 feet apart if possible. You want space between them so players are not on top of each other tasting and guessing baby food. One way to make the game work better is to have 3 or 4 players go at a time and have them start at different baby food. This way they can move about, taste and easily write their answer without someone over their shoulder.

Others options:
– If you are concerned about people knowing what it is based on the color is to blindfold each guest and feed them. However, this takes a lot of time and extends the game.
– You could pass the baby food jar around the group. If you do this just ask that the don’t comment after tasting it.

e. Game Play: Hand out Guess the Baby Food game sheets, pens, and let them know that they are going to go around and taste the baby food in the jars and then write down what baby food they believe it is.

f. Once everyone has tasted and guessed the baby food, it is time to reveal what was in each jar and score the answers. Guests  trade sheets and  the hosts starts by ask who knows want number 1 was. Have guests offer opinions, then reveal what the food was and proceed to share all the answers. Score the results and give a prize to the guest who got the most correct.

Guess the Baby Food – Co-Ed Baby Shower Game Variation
In this version, instead of the guests trying to guess the baby food the new mom and dad are doing the guessing. This is a lot of fun as you can discover who knows their fruits, veggies, and flavors.

a. You’ll want 2 white boards or at least pen and paper for the players. First sit the parents to be at a table that faces the group and let them know their is going to be a competition. A food tasting competition. They will think that sounds like fun, then share it will be a baby food tasting competition!

b. Let them know that they will each be tasting a type of baby food and then after each has tasted it they will write down what they think it was that they tried, and when asked they will reveal their answer.

c. If you think the color of the baby food gives away the baby food, you can always have them wear blindfolds, dark sunglasses or close their eyes while tasting the food. That is your option.

d. Game play for this is simple. Grab a jar of baby food, feed each parent to be, have then write down their answers (no peeking) and then ask them one by one to reveal the answer. Then slip off the cover to show the baby food. A correct answer gets 1 point, incorrect 0 points.

e. You can play whoever gets the most correct wins (easy way) or play to first person to get 5 or 7 correct.

If is a lot of fun to see their facial expressions as they taste the different baby food, especially the ones that don’t taste that great.

MBDOU "Kindergarten No. 19" Cheboksary Cheboksary

Dear parents!

Healthy nutrition plays a major role in the development of a child, since it directly determines how many different vitamins and microelements that play a primary role in growth, mental and physical development, your child will receive!

In this section, you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of catering in kindergarten: from the supply of food to catering for children in groups, with consultations, recommendations for organizing proper, healthy nutrition for children at home.

Meals for pupils of MBDOU "Kindergarten No. 19" in Cheboksary are carried out in accordance with the documents regulating the organization of meals in municipal preschool educational institutions of the city of Cheboksary.

Catering regulations

Local acts of the MBDOU "Kindergarten No. 19", Cheboksary for catering

1. Order on catering for children and employees in preschool

2. Regulations on catering

3. Regulations on the marriage commission MBDOU 19

Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the device, content and organization of the working regime in preschool organizations Sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations SanPiN (as amended on 08/27/2015)

Information letter from the Office of Rospotrebnadzor for the Chuvash Republic - Chuvashia on permission to use the 2-week menu in preschool educational institutions

Order No. 108 on amendments to the approximate ten-day menu from September 3 to November 1, 2019, Kindergarten No. 19, Cheboksary


Department of Education of the Cheboksary City Administration

Organization of meals for pupils in MBDOU "Kindergarten 19", Cheboksary

Download presentation (ppt format)

Useful links for parents

Catering for pupils in autumn

Memo for parents: what foods do vitamins "live" in

Catering for pupils in autumn. Advice for parents

Catering for the New Year holidays

Features of nutrition of children from 1 to 3 years old

Fruits and berries in the summer diet

Interest in vegetable dishes through play

Importance of bread in children's nutrition

Order No. 1 of January 09, 2020 "On amendments to the approximate ten-day menu"

Order No. 31 dated February 18, 2020 "On making changes to the approximate ten-day menu"

Approximate ten-day menu for the spring period of MBDOU "Kindergarten No. 19", Cheboksary

General nutritional advice for children

The most important thing is the maximum variety of food, ensuring that the body receives all the necessary nutrients. For a child, it is especially important that the growing body receives vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities.


Hypoallergenic kitchen rules

When preparing meals for a patient with allergies, it is necessary to strictly observe the features of the technological processing of products.

Read more. ..


March 19, 2020. Winter salad on the menu of our kids

Proper nutrition is the key to health. Vegetables should always be present in baby food, they are healthy and they need to be introduced into the diet of children every day, so a winter salad has appeared on the menu of our children.
The children are happy to eat a salad of boiled vegetables, and the teachers tell the children about their benefits.

March 06, 2020. Conversation with children “Oh, what a delicious and healthy soup!”

It is known that soups serve as a source of energy and nutritional components necessary for the normal development of the child, and also have a beneficial effect on his body, despite their diversity and significant differences in composition. The soup is quickly digested, stimulating the secretion of digestive juices, which helps to improve digestion in the child. In addition, the gastric juice that is secreted when eating the first courses contributes to the digestion of the second. That is why soups and other liquid hot dishes are used as part of the dinner as starters.
Teacher Galina Anatolyevna Vasilyeva explained to the kids that soups are made from different vegetables: carrots, cabbages, potatoes. The children examined them in the broth and were satisfied with the taste of the first course. And most importantly, every child realized that he must eat homemade soups.

February 28, 2020. Game situation "We cook cabbage soup together"

The children of the second junior group "Gnomes" enriched their knowledge about healthy food through the game situation "We cook cabbage soup together." Children 3-4 years old got an idea about cooking cabbage soup, what vegetables are needed for this delicious soup. Preschool children were taught to classify "vegetables" (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions) as objects of the same group, called their properties.

So, through the game, the younger preschoolers develop mental abilities and cognitive interest.

February 21, 2020. Didactic game "Wonderful bag", "Guess vegetables and fruits by touch"

In the "Sun" group, the teacher Malysheva Nadezhda Yakovlevna organized the didactic game "Wonderful Pouch". The kids love this game and enjoy playing it. By organizing such games, we consolidate the ability of children to identify an object by touch; we develop memory, attention, thinking, we fix the names of vegetables and fruits. We develop knowledge about their benefits for the child's body, about the vitamins they contain, because. All basic knowledge children learn well through the game.

February 14, 2020. Stewed cabbage is a tasty and healthy dish on the table of kids

Kindergarten kids eat stewed cabbage with pleasure, because the teacher Vasilyeva Galina Anatolyevna regularly talks about its benefits. Children learned that cabbage increases appetite, it contains many useful substances that protect the body from diseases. This is how kids learn about healthy eating from an early age!

February 07, 2020. How kids learned about the benefits of vitamins

In the "Chickens" group, boys and girls were carried away by the "study" of useful vitamins! Today they talked about the benefits of green onions. The children remembered where it grows and when it can be found in the beds. The kids expressed the opinion that it grows only in summer. The teacher Tatyana Vladimirovna suggested that the kids put him in a group in the winter and arrange a "green garden". The kids loved doing the fun stuff! It's great to study green vitamins, and it's even more interesting to grow them.

January 30, 2020. Curd "Agusha" in the menu of our kids

Fruit cottage cheese "Agusha" appeared in the menu of the kindergarten. Cottage cheese is rich in valuable proteins, has a complete set of essential amino acids that contribute to the growth of the child's body. The children eat it with pleasure, as it is not only tasty, but also healthy. Be healthy, kids!

January 17, 2020. Tasting a new dish in kindergarten

A new dish in the kindergarten menu: - Rice casserole with meat in tomato-sour cream sauce!. The children and the parent committee of the kindergarten held a tasting and everyone was very pleased with the taste of the casserole.
Kindergarten storekeeper and nurse discussed with parents the changes made to the 10-day menu, the quality of food preparation, issues of monitoring the nutrition of children in the 1st junior group "Tumblers", the compliance and availability of the menu, food distribution norms. At the end of the event, parents had the opportunity to ask the head of the kindergarten, the cooks and the storekeeper all their questions and received comprehensive answers.

January 15, 2020. Proper nutrition of kids is organized in the kindergarten

The fish dish is very tasty and satisfying. It contains all the trace elements necessary for the proper growth and development of children. Fish protein is better absorbed by the body than the protein of animal meat. Therefore, it is especially important to include fish in the child's diet. Vitamins contained in fish are required by the body to strengthen the immune system. Fish contains a lot of vitamin D - the vitamin of the sun, which affects the proper development of the skeletal system of the child's body. The children of the younger group No. 1 "Tumblers" are happy to eat rice casserole with fish.

December 26, 2019. Educating a culture of behavior at the table is the key to a child's success in the future

Children of the second junior group, together with the teacher Malysheva A.V., regularly fix the following rules of behavior at the table:
- eat measuredly, and not hurriedly or too slowly;
- maintain good posture;
- eat silently, not slurp;
- use napkins!
So, using a good example, a reminder, the educator Anna Vladimirovna reinforces the skills of a culture of behavior at the table in 3-4 year old kids.

December 18, 2019. Game-situation "Cooking dinner for dolls"

Nadezhda Yakovlevna Malysheva, teacher of the first junior group "Solnyshko", offered to help her prepare dinner for the dolls. The children remembered the names of the vegetables from which the soup is prepared. They called them with pleasure, described the color, shape, taste. The soup turned out to be very tasty and the girls were happy to feed their daughters lunch. So, in a playful way, educators teach children 2-3 years old the technology of making soup, expand their vocabulary, and develop all mental processes.

December 11, 2019. Bread is the head of everything

We constantly tell children about the main role of bread on our table. And today the guys, together with the teacher, remembered that they still bake from flour. Looking at subject pictures and guessing riddles, the children named many different bakery and confectionery products. These are donuts, buns, cookies, pies, cheesecakes, waffles, dryers, bagels, etc., beloved by all children. In the didactic game "From grain to bun", the children learned what a long and laborious path a small grain goes before it ends up on our table with a delicious and fragrant cheesecake or pie.

December 4, 2019. Fast food and children

Sadly, fast food is very loved by children: they are ready to eat french fries, fried chicken wings or hamburgers every day without asking or persuasion. But this is not the most favorable food for the gastrointestinal tract and the body as a whole. It has long been proven that regular consumption of fast food leads to obesity. And this is not surprising, given the calorie content of such dishes.
Of course, in the modern world, it is not easy to completely protect a child from junk food: he sees fast food in advertising and movies, hears the stories of his kindergarten friends. And he feels, often, offended and even inferior, because he is not allowed to eat a cheeseburger. What to do - risk your health or accumulate resentment? Neither one nor the other, because there is an excellent way out that will suit both parents and children - you can cook healthy and healthy fast food at home.
Today we talked about fast food and healthy food with the guys from the Chicks group, and it was only a little time before they embodied this in a role-playing game, where they persuaded each other to try the dishes “cooked” by themselves. We hope that the consultation for parents "Homemade fast food - healthy food" will give its results.

November 25, 2019. Conversation about vitamins

A child's resistance to diseases is largely determined by the sufficient supply of vitamins to his body. Therefore, it is advisable to include foods most rich in vitamins in the child's diet every day. Vitamins are substances that are beneficial to the body and necessary for health. Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins strengthen our health, promote the development of the nervous system, the brain of babies and increase immunity. Anna Vladimirovna Malysheva, the teacher of the Gnomes group, talked about vitamins. Considered pictures with the image of vegetables and fruits; talked about the importance and benefits of vitamins contained in vegetables and fruits, which are necessary for health promotion. During the conversation, the pupils learned a lot of new and interesting things. Thus, the children formed ideas about proper nutrition as an integral part of maintaining and strengthening health; increased knowledge about vegetables and fruits.

November 20, 2019. Story game-situation "Let's drink tea to the dolls"

Nadezhda Yakovlevna Malysheva, teacher of the first junior group "Sunshine", organized a plot game-situation "Let's give the dolls tea to drink." The children set the table for tea, put treats for the dolls, and did not forget the napkins. With pleasure, the girls fed their dolls with delicious cakes, treated them with pies and gave them tea. At the end of tea drinking, they taught their “daughters” how to use napkins. So, in a playful way, unobtrusively, we instill in children cultural and hygienic skills, teach the ability to set the table, give knowledge about utensils and food products, cultivate the ability to behave at the table, use napkins, thank after eating.

November 13, 2019. Hey, a spoon!

Raising a child is a very responsible process that does not end even for a minute. From birth, we gradually try to accustom the baby to various household skills. One of the main skills of a child is the ability to eat with a spoon. Unfortunately, today's practice shows that modern children learn household skills much longer than their parents at the same age. For preschool children, actions with objects (including a spoon) are very important, as they are aimed at developing the child's mental activity, and are closely related to the development of the child's speech. The ability to hold a spoon correctly also speaks of the development of the child's manual skills, the development of fine motor skills of the hands, and the coordination of finger movements.

November 8, 2019. "Introduction" to salt

Today, the children of the first junior group "Chickens" learned that there is a product that they eat every day, but do not see it. This is salt. They learned that salt is put in all dishes, that without it the food will be insipid. But a lot of salt in food is also not very healthy.
Children are explorers by nature. Kids will remember better if they touch and feel, so they touched the salt with pleasure and tasted it.
Tatyana Vladimirovna told that salt in the human body breaks down into components that actively help digestion. Lack of salt in the body leads to poor health. However, an excess of salt in the diet is also harmful to health. Therefore, it is very important to observe the measure. And the guys also learned that huntsmen specially lay out pieces of salt for moose in the forest, because animals also need it.
It was useful for kids to get acquainted with salt - this is the product that the human body needs, especially a small, growing one.

October 31, 2019. “Schi is the favorite soup of kids”

The dream of parents is a healthy and happy child. A lot of attention should be paid to the issue of proper nutrition of the child from birth. Special mention should be made of the benefits of soup in baby food. Soup is a light and hearty dish, it is quickly digested, stimulates the secretion of gastric and intestinal juice, thereby improving digestion. Soup is the first course and an important part of the daily diet. To emphasize the importance of this dish for human health, even a holiday was created - International Soup Day, which is celebrated on April 5th. Pupils of the "Gnomiki" group are well aware of the benefits of soup and enjoy eating it every day.

October 24, 2019. Breakfast in kindergarten

Breakfast is the most important part of our daily menu. What should be a healthy breakfast? Proper breakfast is the basis of every day, because without morning meals it is impossible to get the necessary energy for the full functioning of the body. In kindergarten, much attention is paid to diet and proper nutrition. The morning of children in kindergarten certainly begins with breakfast - with tasty and healthy milk porridge. Pupils of the "Solnyshko" group for breakfast are happy to eat a variety of tasty and healthy cereals prepared by caring chefs. A delicious and healthy breakfast is a great start to the day!

October 16, 2019. Food culture in kindergarten

Food culture in kindergarten is a science necessary in modern life. Since children spend most of the day in kindergarten, it is the responsibility of the kindergarten to teach the child healthy, tasty, beautiful and, most importantly, to eat carefully. Etiquette lessons begin from the first days of a child in kindergarten. The child learns not only to behave correctly at the table, but also to confidently use cutlery, to be neat and polite. The organization of baby food is directly related to table etiquette and the formation of a culture of behavior at the table in children. The task of teachers and parents is to teach the child to behave properly at the table, skillfully use cutlery, and be courteous in table communication. And let the kids who crossed the threshold of the kindergarten for the first time still not very confidently hold a spoon and often refuse new dishes and teachers have to supplement them. But it will take quite a bit of time, the children will adapt to kindergarten and will gladly start eating kindergarten porridge, rich soup and delicious cutlets on both cheeks.

October 9, 2019. Parent meeting on catering in kindergarten. Tasting of cottage cheese pudding with fruit and sweet sauce

The issue of nutrition is one of the most exciting issues for moms and dads, and this is normal, because proper nutrition is health! As practice shows, parents, taking a child from kindergarten, are primarily interested in “What did you eat today?” Parents worry about whether the child ate everything, whether the dishes were healthy and tasty. In our kindergarten, a parent meeting was held for parents of newly arrived children. They were offered to watch a video about catering in kindergartens. Also, the parents of the pupils were able to taste the curd pudding with fruit and sweet gravy. The main objective of this tasting was to expand the ideas of the parents of pupils about the organization of nutrition in kindergarten. Parents who appreciated the skill of the cooks left their feedback.

September 30, 2019. «Vitamin salad»

Vegetables are an integral part of the diet of adults and children. The main benefit of vegetables is that from them our body receives the necessary mineral elements and vitamins.
Pupils of the second junior group "Gnomes" got acquainted with the beneficial properties of vegetables. Vitamins contained in these products strengthen our health, increase immunity. Help to grow healthy and strong. Vegetables can be used to make delicious salads. Today, for lunch, the kids ate the Vitamin salad. It contains fresh cabbage and carrots. This salad is very fond of the guys, thanks to our chefs!

September 26, 2019. Catering in kindergarten

In order to inform the parents of pupils about the organization and implementation of nutrition for children in kindergarten, an "Open Day" was held. Parents got acquainted with the regulatory documents that regulate the process of nutrition in kindergarten. The storekeeper Olesya Mikhailovna told her parents about suppliers, about food quality control, about the availability of accompanying documents for products. Having visited the warehouse, the parents saw the conditions of food storage.

September 09, 2019. Conversation with children on the topic “What kind of fruit tastes good?”

What kind of fruit tastes good
And it looks like a light bulb,
The sun warms the green side,
It turns yellow and reddens?

Delicate juicy pulp of a ripe pear has an unusually pleasant aroma and mild taste. Children perceive this fruit with special pleasure - it is one of the sweetest. Fragrant fruits can be given in the form of purees and juices, make desserts from them, or simply cut into slices. The pear contains a huge amount of useful substances - fiber, sucrose, glucose, fructose, carotene, folic acid, manganese, iron, iodine, copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, fluorine, molybdenum, pectins, ash and organic acids. And such a wonderful fruit is given to our children in kindergarten. That's how many useful and interesting things the children learned today about the pear from their teacher Tatyana Vladimirovna, but the most pleasant thing for the children of the "Chickens" group after looking at the illustrations, dummies and the game "One basket, two baskets" was that they gave exactly the same sweet for dinner and a useful pear.
The children listened to their teacher very attentively and with interest. And during a compacted dinner, they ate this delicious and surprisingly healthy fruit with pleasure.

September 06, 2019. We are on duty

Already from the early preschool age, each child takes an active part in the common work, performing the simple but necessary duties of a duty officer. Duty is an important educational activity. After all, it requires independence from children, ideas about the sequence of any work, about clear requirements for the final result. Sometimes the question arises: is duty in kindergarten necessary? The question is not clear. In order to organize children, the role of duty is undeniable. Duty organizes children, contributes to the formation of a sense of responsibility and attachment to an important useful business. Children are on duty with great pleasure: they serve tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Together with the teacher, they set the table, arrange bread bins, make sure that all the children sit down at the table with clean hands. Thanks to duty, children are brought up with a sense of responsibility, hard work, activity, independence, and a careful attitude to dishes and food. Children really like to dress up in beautiful aprons and caps. They are excited to feel like helpers.

August 30, 2019. "Kasha - our mother"

Porridge is a healthy, nutritious, tasty product. It is very useful to eat porridge for breakfast. Starting the day with porridge - children saturate the body with useful substances. For pupils of the "Sun" group, the morning certainly begins with porridge. The children eat milk porridge with great pleasure, and the teacher Malysheva Nadezhda Yakovlevna talks about the magical properties of porridge. Porridge is an ideal healthy breakfast, because: porridge does not contribute to obesity, but on the contrary, morning porridge increases the concentration of children's attention for the whole day. Children who regularly eat porridge are better able to withstand stress and are in good physical shape.

August 22, 2019. Conversation with parents on the topic "Proper nutrition"

Nutrition is a necessary need of the body and an indispensable condition for human existence. The teacher of the younger group "Tumblers" Semenova Irina Anatolyevna held a conversation with parents on the topic "Proper nutrition".

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Municipal Budgetary Preschool Educational Institution "Child Development Center - Kindergarten No. 4" Cheburashka "of the city of Obninsk

Baby food tasting 2020

Results of a questionnaire survey of parents on the organization and quality of nutrition in MBDOU.

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      • Sports event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
      • Spartakiad
      • Action "Children Against War"
      • Photo report about participation in the city intellectual marathon I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING!
      • Thematic Week of Children's Books
      • Kindergarten "Cheburashka" - laureate of the All-Russian competition "Eight Pearls of Preschool Education in Russia-2014"
      • PHOTOREPORT about the thematic holiday "Wide Shrovetide"
      • Report on the sports festival dedicated to February 23rd.
      • Results of the all-Russian competition "100 best preschool institutions in Russia"
      • "Small Winter Olympic Games"
      • "OBNINSK SKI TRACK - 2015"
      • Hello, summer!!!
      • Summing up the city festival
      • Meeting for parents of older preschool children
      • Theater meetings
      • Meeting with "Crazy Science"
      • Results of the contest "100 Best Preschool Educational Organizations in Russia"
      • Hello Freckle - Spring!
      • Results of the All-Russian competition
      • Advanced training
      • Sports festival
      • City seminar
      • Olympiad through the eyes of children
      • Summer in kindergarten
      • Kindergarten meets kids!
      • Small Olympic Games.
      • Fairy tale visiting children...
      • So who said "Meow?"
      • "Let's give the globe to the children!"
      • Good luck, graduates!
      • We are waiting for your babies!
      • No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten...
      • Visiting a fairy tale.2013
      • Seminar for the leaders of the city of Obninsk.
      • Cosmic distances...
      • We develop children's speech.
      • Happy birthday, our favorite kindergarten!
      • Congratulations to the winner of the "Teacher of the Year" contest!
      • Professional Competition
      • Congratulations on your anniversary!
      • Multimedia - technologies in education.
      • Christmas Tree Contest
      • Interview with Natalia Evgenievna Prokhorycheva
      • Exhibition “The Most Unusual Vegetable”
      • Toy exhibition “Cheburashka is a friend of my family”
      • Open lesson in decorative drawing We love our city Ob5ninsk 90 masters!
      • Festive concert "This great Victory Day"
      • Congratulations to the winner of the city intellectual marathon "I want to know everything!"
      • Seminar for teachers on the topic: “Using the capabilities of the 1C program: Preschool psychodiagnostics in the work of a teacher-psychologist
      • Seminar on approbation of a partial program in mathematics for preschool educational institutions as part of the implementation of the concept of developing mathematical education
      • Congratulations to the winners of the creative exhibition from natural material“ Autumn mood - 2016"!
      • “Autumn, autumn, please visit . ..”
      • There is no place more wonderful for us than our beloved kindergarten
      • Family art insert "New Year's fantasies"
      • Obninsk ski track 2017
      • Seminar for heads of city institutions "Culture of pedagogical interaction with parents"
      • Holiday "We are the future defenders of the Fatherland" .
      • Ecological action "The Birdhouse"
      • Intellectual marathon for the year of ecology 2017
      • World EARTH Day
      • Earth Day was held in the City Park
      • There is no place more wonderful for us than our favorite kindergarten
      • Misha's birthday
      • Happy birthday, kindergarten!
      • Health Day
      • Quortion holiday - “Babies start”
      • City checker tournament
      • Cosmonautics Day
          550 Vitition Competition “I POSE FEELD”
            0 VIDET MOSCOUSE for the best mini -museum 9050 Thematic day “Fire safety” “Fire safety”0551
          • Our graduates
          • Summer in our garden!
          • Knowledge Day!
          • "Zarnitsa"
          • "I know the rules of the road"
          • "Summer is a small life"
          • Our garden
          • "Autumn has come to visit us"
          • My first books
          • All-Russian holiday "Mother's Day"
          • Food tasting in kindergarten.
          • "To be friends with physical culture is to be healthy!!!"
          • Wide Maslenitsa!
          • Quest game "The soldier is serving, protecting the peace of our Motherland"
          • Open House Week.
          • They write about us
          • The ski track is calling for kids!
          • Checkers tournament.
          • Intellectual marathon
          • "Young Olympians"
          • Ski Racing
          • "Young Olympians"
          • are very fond of "Book Feast" both girls and boys
          • pupils of kindergarten "Cheburashk Obninsk»
          • Day of open doors of the training center of the Navy "Naval Academy".
          • Victory Day
          • Traffic rules
          • Zarnitsa
          • Kubarik
          • Excursion to the fire station
          • Graduation party.
          • International Children's Day.
          • June 12 Day of Russia
          • Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin
          • All-Russian Olympic Day
          • Rospotrebnadzor - warns!
          • Quest "In search of treasure".
          • Cheburashka's birthday.
          • September 3 - Knowledge Day!
          • "Small Olympic Games"
          • Leshishka 2018.
          • Summing up the competition "Leshishka". Winner's reward ceremony.
          • "Young Olympians".
          • "We are proud" about the instructor's participation in the competition. Phone:
          • Day after day, day after day, how we live in the kindergarten.
          • "Gymnastics is the start!". Phone:
          • Day after day, day after day, how we live in the kindergarten.
          • "Beautiful, you are autumn time!".
          • "Stars of preschool education".
          • Results of the New Year crafts competition.
          • Results of the feeder contest.
          • "In the New Year's forest".
          • "Sports festival" Dad, Mom, I - a sports family. "
          • Crimea and Russia - strength in unity. All-Russian project "Stars of Preschool Education"
          • "Planet of Childhood" for Children's Day
          • Sports Entertainment
          • Game-quest "Dangers around"
          • Festival "Living antiquity"
          • "Zarnitsa"
          • "This Victory Day!"
          • "Knowledge Day"
          • "Fort Boyard 2019"
          • "I know traffic rules"
          • Day of the preschool worker
          • Schedule of autumn entertainment
          • "One day from the life of the kindergarten" Action "Autumn magic zone"

            1 2019"

          • Experiment "The second life of chrysanthemum"
          • Post-release about the contest of crafts "Leshishka-2019""
          • Project "Return to childhood: what a modern kindergarten should be"
          • Results of the project "We will plant a garden"
          • "Autumn entertainment"
          • Sports event "Gymnastics starts"
          • Museum "Bambi"
          • Day
          • mothers
          • Participation in the competition "Snegusha 2019"
          • Results of the regional competition "Snegusha 2019"
          • Information letter of the Minister of Education and Science of the Kaluga Region A. S. Anikeev
          • New Year holidays in the kindergarten "Cheburashka"
          • Feeding competition
          • Photo report on the Health Week
          • Siege of Leningrad
          • Photo report on the Defender of the Fatherland Day
          • Baby food tasting 2020
          • Information for parents in connection with the spread of coronavirus
          • taking additional measures 905
          • About the extension of self-isolation/quarantine until April 30
          • Important information for parents!
          • Subbotnik
          • Video materials with performances of children on Victory Day
          • Video message of Alexander Anikeev
          • Information for parents
          • June 1 - Children's Day
          • Online clip of graduation group No. 4 "Cosmic"
          • Action "WINDOWS OF RUSSIA" for June 12, 2020
          • Russian video flashmob
          • Photo report "Zarnitsa - 2020"
          • Summer school "Young ecologist - 2020"
          • Safety of children's recreation in summer
          • Photo report "Summer school for young firefighters"
          • Informing parents about the transition of the institution to normal operation
          • "Athlete's Day"
          • Summer school "Young local historians"
          • Summer school for preschoolers according to traffic rules
          • Summer school for preschoolers "Lessons of creativity"
          • Kindergarten readiness for the beginning of the school year
          • Information for parents 905 Cheburashka 505 prevention
          • City athletics cross-country 2020
          • Knowledge Day 2020
          • Spartakiad 2020
          • PHOTOVERNISSAGE "Autumn fantasies"
          • Open reading lesson 2020 92021 "
          • New Year holidays in kindergarten
          • Participation in the festival "Best Christmas tree-2021"
          • Video about the independent evaluation
          • City competition "Helpers of Santa Claus"
          • Survey of parents
          • Competition of creative works "Helpers of Santa Claus!"
          • Reporting of the XX Regional Health Wealth Week
          • Removing the blockade of Leningrad
              550 Intellectual Competition sprout
            • Young defenders of the Fatherland
            • March 8
            • Participation in the All -Russian Competition of the Ecological Figure
            • Wide Maslenitsa"
            • Photo report on the Children's Book Week about Space
            • Report on Cosmonautics Week
            • photo report on military sports game Zarnitsa
            • Victory Day is dedicated to
            • photo report on the results of the methodological decade
            • Graduation 2021 "Marine Group"
            • Preschool troops
            • summer events
            • Day of Knowledge
            • School of Young Firefighters and Rescuers
            • Track and field cross-country
            • Anniversary medal award
            • All-Russian lesson of astronomy
            • Autumn holidays 2021
            • Competition "Christmas trees"
            • Fire safety week
            • New Year holidays 2022 in the garden
            • Participation in the project "Winter Fantasy at the Book Shelf"
            • Victory in the city view of the Bukluk competition - 2021 9055 Participation in the city creative competition "String of holiday miracles"
            • Day of military glory dedicated to the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad
            • Sports events within the framework of health week
            • Health week report
            • Defender of the Fatherland Day in kindergarten
            • All-Russian online voting
            • Participation in the regional competition
            • Participation of pupils in city sports events
            • Participation of pupils in the city intellectual competition "

              1" Children-Creativity-Law 2022"

            • Social event dedicated to the Day of Memory and Sorrow
            • Day of Russia
            • Important information
            • Physical Cultural Center
            • Day of Russian Birch
            • City Day 2022
            • Day of Russian flag