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Babyvoeding 6+ maanden bestellen | Albert Heijn

Babyvoeding 6+ maanden bestellen | Albert Heijn
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Babyvoeding 4+ maanden bestellen | Albert Heijn

Babyvoeding 4+ maanden bestellen | Albert Heijn
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Let's go to the supermarket! How much do groceries cost in Amsterdam?

To be honest, I really like supermarkets. I can walk there for hours, look for unusual products, twist-twist-examine packages. It is likely that when you arrive in Amsterdam, you will also decide to look there. And so today I decided to talk about the main supermarkets in Holland, their features and food prices.

…And it sold so well that I had to make a table of contents for this “supermarket guide”!

So, in this post you will learn:

  • What determines the prices of food in Amsterdam?
  • Dutch supermarkets: main chains
  • Food prices in the supermarket Albert Heijn
  • How to find your way in Dutch supermarkets
What determines food prices in Amsterdam?

First of all, I would like to make a reservation that the prices below for products in Amsterdam may differ from those that you will see in a particular store. Why? Everything is simple. They depend on:

  • Type and brand of products . For example, organic products will be 20-70% more expensive than their conventional counterparts. And when choosing dairy products, ham, fish, drinks, etc., in many supermarkets you will find products released under their own brand (they will usually be cheaper than products of global brands).
  • Seasons . There are probably no comments here.
  • Promotions and special offers . Each supermarket chain announces discounts on certain products every week.
  • From shop . There are supermarkets in Holland designed for different audiences - there are analogues of the Belarusian Korona and analogues of Euroopt (who will help me with Russian and Ukrainian parallels? ). Prices in them can differ significantly.
Dutch supermarkets: main chains

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is the most popular supermarket in Holland and is often positioned as premium. But in fact, this is something like the Minsk "Korona" - a normal presentable store with reasonable prices, where you can find products for every taste and budget.

Albert Heijn also produces its own products under several brands:

  • AH Excellent ( gourmet )
  • AH Huismerk, aka simply AH ( so to speak, ordinary products )
  • AH Puur&eerlijk ( organic and sustainable products )
  • AH Basic ( are the cheapest products that "displaced" the Euro Shoppe r brand).

How prices differ depending on the brand, I will show below, using milk as an example.

Albert Heijn Bonus Kaart . I have already talked about the bonus card, which allows you to get a discount on promotional goods in this supermarket chain. Of course, if you come on vacation, you probably don't want to bother with this. And if you come to Holland for a long time, then competent menu planning for the week (taking into account what goods will be on discount) will allow you to significantly reduce food costs.

Small stores Albert Heijn To Go are usually located at railway stations or in tourist places (for example, Damrak, Nieuwendijk, Reguliersbreestraat). As the name implies, they mainly sell food that can be consumed "on the go": sandwiches, drinks, coffee. If desired, here you can also get a basic set of products for dinner (for example, ravioli, cheese and a bottle of wine). However, they will cost more than in a regular supermarket.

In the Netherlands, Albert Heijn supermarkets can be found literally on every corner. They work, as a rule, from 8.00 to 22.00, but if desired, addresses and opening hours of stores can be found here.


Jumbo is a supermarket chain popular in the southern part of Holland and, as far as I can tell, loved by the Dutch as much as Albert Heijn. In addition to the quality of the products, it is also famous for its high level of customer service - for example, if at the checkout it turns out that the price of the product does not match the price indicated on the price tag, they will give it to you for free.

Today ( 08.10.2014 ) there are 7 Jumbo supermarkets in Amsterdam. Addresses and opening hours of supermarkets can be found on the website.

Dirk van den Broek

Another good supermarket chain that I can't really say anything special about, except that Dirk in Zandvoort was the only grocery store in Holland where I was able to pay with my MasterCard.

Today there are almost two dozen Dirk supermarkets in Amsterdam . Find the closest one to your home or hotel.


A chain of supermarkets-discounters (like the Minsk-based Euroopt), with low prices and ascetic merchandising. Judging by the ALDI supermarket near our house, it is customary for them to put their products in the hall directly in boxes, and offer cardboard boxes instead of baskets to customers. Not the most exciting experience.

"Our" nearest ALDI in its appearance and spirit (in every sense of the word) for a long time reminded me of a Soviet vegetable store. But at the beginning of the year ALDI hired a cleaning lady signed a contract with a new vegetable supplier and got rid of the stock ha - and sometimes I go there for potatoes and zucchini, and I am quite satisfied with their quality.

Prices at ALDI are significantly lower than at Albert Heijn - although it is difficult to make objective comparisons, because they sell products from completely different manufacturers.

  • ALDI : addresses and opening hours of
  • stores


Supermarket chain, also known for its low prices. In large supermarkets and an online store, you can find not only food, but also clothes, toys, and household goods. Personally, I often order wooden toys here and am very satisfied with both the quality and the price.

  • Lidl : addresses and opening hours of shops


The supermarket is marketed as a Voordeelmarkt (something like a bargain shopping supermarket). In terms of entourage, it resembles Albert Hejin rather than ALDI (only imaginary discounts-discounts-discounts everywhere, which personally annoys me). Once, when I had absolutely nothing to do, I compared prices at Albert Hejin and Vomar, and the difference was just negligible. For example, the price of a small jar of anchovies at Vomar was 1-2 cents lower (for a total cost of 1 euro). The cost of a pack of coffee differed by 3-4 cents (at a price of about 4 euros).

There aren't that many Vomar supermarkets in Amsterdam - the closest one to the center can be found at Kinkerstraat 34, while the rest are quite far away. But if you suddenly decide to find them, then here is a link to the full list of stores.

Other supermarkets

In addition, in Amsterdam you can find supermarket chains C 1000, organic products (for example, Eko Plaza, Biomarkt , Marqt, but more on that later), Turkish shops (which sell quality vegetables, fruits, spices, as well as staples you might need for dinner or breakfast ) and Asian supermarkets, which I have already talked about (I love it!).

Food prices in the Albert Heijn supermarket

And we are going to Albert Heijn! Firstly, because it is this supermarket that I most often choose in everyday life. And secondly, because they have a good website where you can check all the current prices. Alcoholic drinks stronger than wine are not sold in Dutch supermarkets. They can be bought in the so-called "liquor stores".

Albert Hejin's store is Gall & Gall , usually located near the main supermarket. Other chain supermarkets have their own stores, separated from the main hall. Tobacco products are sold in the supermarket itself, in the Information section.

Tip: Please note that prices in supermarkets are often quoted not per kilogram, but per 500 grams (pond), per 100 grams or per piece.

Navigating Dutch supermarkets

And finally, a few brief observations, comments and advice.

Money. In most supermarkets you can pay in cash or with a Maestro debit card (Visa and Mastercard are accepted only in tourist areas). Many stores have PIN-checkouts where you can only pay by card. When paying in cash, the amount will be rounded up to 5 cents.

Merchandising at Albert Heijn. If you can't find what you're looking for at Albert Heijn Supermarket, don't be discouraged! In Holland they even joke that "if you started to navigate in Albert Heijn, then you are almost integrated into Dutch society." The layout here is organized not by the type of product (for example, olive oil may not stand at all where sunflower oil, and olives - not where pickles), but by “purpose”: Indian cuisine, everything for baking, etc.

Packages. Plastic bags "with handles" in supermarkets are paid (about €0.35). Small packages are free.

Deposit value of containers. It was a discovery for me that bottles are accepted in Holland! And not only glass beer houses (€0.10), but also 1.5- and 2-liter plastic ones (€0.25). The deposit value of the bottle is not included in the amount indicated on the price tag - it is added at the checkout.

Weekend . Most large supermarkets are open on Sundays (although many only open at 10:00 or 12:00) but are closed on public holidays.

Phew, that's all! :) Comment, ask, supplement - will be glad to hear from you .

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    Product Quantity Price (€)
    AH brand milk 1 l 0.85
    AH BASIC brand milk 1 l 0.69
    AH Puur&eerlijk brand milk 1 l 1.01
    Bread 1 loaf 1.29
    Eggs 10 pcs 1.69
    Potato bag 3 kg 2.69
    Tomatoes 500 g 0.89
    Bow 1 kg 0.79
    Mushrooms 250 g 0. 79
    Apples 1 kg 1.89
    Bananas 1 kg 1.89
    Oranges 2 kg 2.79
    Pineapple 1 piece 1.99
    Cheese Zaanlander jong belegen 48+ 1 kg 11.40
    Philadelphia cheese 185 g 2.29
    Ground beef 500 g 5.50
    Pork fillet 300 g 2.75
    Chicken fillet 1 kg 5.99
    Ham 250 g 3.32
    Salami 250 g 3.01
    Canned tuna 195 g 1.86
    Pasta 500 g 0.96
    Rice 1 kg 2.79
    Olive oil 1 l 4. 69
    Sunflower oil 1 l 1.89
    Chocolate Ritter Sport 100 g 0.99
    Merci chocolate set 250 g 2.28
    Muesli Cruesli 500 g 2.15
    Haribo sweets (bears) 300 g 1.13
    Spa mineral water 1 l 0.60
    Red Bull Drink 4 x 0.25 l 4.52
    Lipton Ice Tea 1.5 l 1.64
    Orange juice 1 l 1.27
    Coca Cola drink 1 l 1.51
    Coffee Lavazza Qualità oro 250 g 4.49
    Lipton Yellow Label Tea 20 bags 0.97
    Heineken Pils 6 x 0.33 5.05
    Amstel Pils 6 x 0. 33 3.59
    Wine 750 ml 4.99