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“Simple, quick and easy to use – a must for night feeds!”

"All the answers to your paediatrician's questions in the palm of your hand!"

Time Magazine says:
"Baby Feed Timer, an elegant app that makes tracking breastfeeding a cinch, with perks.
The feed timer gives you 'left' and 'right' buttons (large buttons, thank goodness, so they’re easy to hit if you’re simultaneously cycling the baby through different feed positions). The best part? The 'analysis' screen."

Designed by and for breastfeeding mothers who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds, including a useful reminder for when a feed is due. It even tells you which breast to start on!

Baby Feed Timer does it all for you!
Tracks breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diapers, sleep, medication, solid food, baby's weight and baby's length. You can also make notes (ideal for recording baby's temperature and medicine given) and set notifications/alerts.

You can even synchronize the data across different phones (both iPhones and other phones) and view your data online at, making it easy to share baby's day with your partner or carer.

Quickly log data about baby from your Apple Watch. You don't even need to get your phone out of your pocket!

Data is analyzed ready for you and your paediatrician and shows daily, weekly and monthly averages.

See baby's day at a glance and spot trends quickly with easy to read charts.

√ Use the App for more than one baby. Whether it’s a sibling later on or twins or more with full support for multiple timers!

√ Easy to use one button start/stop timer, especially useful during the night feeds

√ Log breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diapers, sleep, solid food, baby's weight, baby's length, medication, make notes and set reminders

√ Synchronize data between different phones (iPhones and other phones). You can also view baby's data on babyfeedtimer. net

√ Apple Watch App. Quickly log breastfeeds, bottles, sleep, diapers, and breast pumps from your Apple Watch. Apple Watch also tells you when the next feed is due. It can even be used when your iPhone is switched off or not nearby!

√ Night mode. The App detects light levels and automatically selects a night or daytime theme

√ Focus on what's important to you by selecting which activities you would like to be displayed. You can even customize it further to show them in the order of your choice

√ See baby's weight and length plotted against data from the World Health Organization to see what percentile your baby is in

√ Pause button. Ability to pause the timer during a feed

√ At a glance view of how long since baby last fed, next feed time and which breast to use next

√ Notifications to alert you when next feed is due, showing which breast to use

√ View when the next feed is due from your lock screen

√ Analysis of the data including average time between feeds and feed times for the day, week and month

√ Easy to read charts displaying analyzed data, as well as a timeline view so you can see emerging trends, such as baby feeding or sleeping at the same time every day. This also helps to show days when baby is acting differently such as more dirty diapers than usual

√ View how long you have fed your baby for that day. Particularly useful for mothers who are monitoring if baby is feeding enough

√ Manually add feeds if you miss one as well as edit feeds

√ Add notes to existing logged feeds such as if baby was sick or fussy during a feed

√ You can choose if the next feed is calculated from a set interval or using current feeding trends

√ You can swap breasts during a single feed

√ The option to email your data to your computer

Baby Feed Timer offers a completely free 7 day trial, this is not a subscription, you will not be automatically billed. At the end of the 7 day free trial Baby Feed Timer will cease to function and you will be offered the option to purchase the full version via a one-time InApp purchase.

The Best Baby Feeding Apps For Caregivers

As a sleep-deprived new mom, most of the day is spent trying to remember the last time you fed your baby, changed a diaper, or how long they slept for. The old school hair tie trick to remember which side you last nursed on is easily forgotten—especially when you accidentally use the only hair tie on your wrist to reset your messy bun. 

Those early days of nursing and feedings can be a magical bonding experience, but they can also be stressful and overwhelming, especially with cluster feeding, late-night nursing, long feeding sessions, and sleepless nights. To help know if your baby is consuming enough milk or formula, an app to track infant feedings can be very helpful. Whether you are breastfeeding, giving pumped milk in a bottle or formula feeding every new mom would benefit from a baby feeding schedule app. Luckily there are several apps to track infant and baby feedings along with diaper changes, sleep, baby milestones, medication, formula, pumping and so much more. 

We’ve rounded up the top eight baby feeding tracker apps that each come with unique features tailored to your specific needs as a mom or caregiver.

Best Baby Feeding Tracker Apps for: Breastfeeding OR Pumping


Baby Tracker-Newborn LogBaby Tracker App

Ranked as a top infant feeding app, The Baby Tracker is perfect for busy moms who are looking for a quick and streamlined interface that is easy to use on the go. With a quick view of the tracking calendar, you can see patterns and trends for all healthy habits and leaps your baby makes week by week. Track baby’s daily activities including feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns. The Baby Tracker app also features a timer for pumping sessions, formula feds, supplements, and night mode for those late-night feedings. An upgrade of the app will allow you to sync data to your apple watch and use voice commands with Siri.

Price: Free or Full Version $4.99

2. Baby Connect

Baby Connect App

The Baby Connect Feeding Tracker App is geared toward busy moms and integrates with Siri for quick data logs for tracking feedings (bottle, breastfeedings, solid food, or cup), diaper changes, sleep, mood and daily activities. Baby Connect will sync data with a partner or nanny and also has a web interface accessible without an iPhone. Baby Connect will allow you to customize the app for toddlers and older kids to track potty training and solid foods. If you are looking for an app to use for years to come this is the one for you. You will be able to use this all-encompassing baby feeding app for infants, toddlers, and older kids.

Price: Free

3. Glow, Baby: Newborn Tracker Log

Glow Baby Tracker

You’ll love the Glow Baby App if you’re looking to connect with other parents—discuss milestones, leaps, and baby progression with the unique community feature. With 5 years of support, The Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log will help you track baby’s feeds, solid intake, milestones, and diaper changes. You can also track your child’s progress with Glow Baby’s weekly notification and personalized summaries—a complete PDF guide for all of your child’s data, and interactive growth charts. A premium upgrade will let you share data with multiple caregivers, connect with other new parents in parent support groups, private message with caregivers, and full access to The Glow Baby article directory.

Price: $29.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 year after a 7-day free trial, $79.99 for a lifetime

Best Baby Feeding Tracker Apps for: Breastfeeding OR Pumping

4. Baby Tracker-Newborn Log

Baby Tracker App

Ranked as a top infant feeding app, The Baby Tracker is perfect for busy moms who are looking for a quick and streamlined interface that is easy to use on the go. With a quick view of the tracking calendar, you can see patterns and trends for all healthy habits and leaps your baby makes week by week. Track baby’s daily activities including feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns. The Baby Tracker app also features a timer for pumping sessions, formula feds, supplements, and night mode for those late-night feedings. An upgrade of the app will allow you to sync data to your apple watch and use voice commands with Siri.

Price: Free or Full Version $4.99

5. Baby Connect

Baby Connect App

The Baby Connect Feeding Tracker App is geared toward busy moms and integrates with Siri for quick data logs for tracking feedings (bottle, breastfeedings, solid food, or cup), diaper changes, sleep, mood and daily activities. Baby Connect will sync data with a partner or nanny and also has a web interface accessible without an iPhone. Baby Connect will allow you to customize the app for toddlers and older kids to track potty training and solid foods. If you are looking for an app to use for years to come this is the one for you. You will be able to use this all-encompassing baby feeding app for infants, toddlers, and older kids.

Price: Free

6. Glow, Baby: Newborn Tracker Log

Glow Baby App

You’ll love the Glow Baby App if you’re looking to connect with other parents—discuss milestones, leaps, and baby progression with the unique community feature. With 5 years of support, The Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log will help you track baby’s feeds, solid intake, milestones, and diaper changes. You can also track your child’s progress with Glow Baby’s weekly notification and personalized summaries—a complete PDF guide for all of your child’s data, and interactive growth charts. A premium upgrade will let you share data with multiple caregivers, connect with other new parents in parent support groups, private message with caregivers, and full access to The Glow Baby article directory.

Price: $29.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 year after a 7-day free trial, $79.99 for a lifetime

Best Baby Feeding Tracker Apps for: Exclusively Breastfeeding Moms

7. Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding

Baby Feed Timer App

Specifically geared toward breastfeeding moms to track nursing sessions, the Baby Feed Timer allows you to track when you last nursed, which side you last nursed on, and sends reminders for when a feed is due. Synced to your Apple Watch, data is quickly logged to spot trends, and show daily and weekly averages (handy for when your pediatrician asks). The Baby Feed Timer also includes an easy start/stop timer, bottles, pumping sessions, diapers, sleep, solid food, baby’s weight and medications.

Price: Free or Full Version $8.99

Baby Feeding Tracker Apps for Multiple Children

8. Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker App

Ovia App

The Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker is a must-have app for new parents looking for a baby feeding app that can track monthly milestones such as lifting head, bringing hands to face, rolling over, etc. This baby feeding tracker app can also log the progress of multiple children at once by adding feeding sessions, diaper changes, sleep, milestones and photos. There is also a plethora of articles and education for new parents. Synced onto one family calendar, the Ovia Parent & Baby Tracker helps you share special moments with easy picture and video sharing. You may also enter your Ovia health plan information to access an expanded set of tools and resources. (FYI: In addition to the parenting app, Ovia Health also offers a fertility app and pregnancy app).

Price: Free

9. Medela Family-Baby Tracker

Medela App

This all-inclusive maternity app provides tracking tools for pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast pumping, milk storage, and vital baby development activities. In addition to the tracking features, the Medela Family Baby Tracker app allows you to view articles, custom tips, set reminders, and support your baby feeding goals. During pregnancy, this app will show you the size of the baby, and the ability to monitor and time contractions. The Medela Family Baby Tracker will connect seamlessly to the Medlea Sonata and Freestyle Flex smart breast pumps for real-time recordings of pumping sessions. Lastly, you will have access to experts tips and articles to answer questions and help you reach your maternity and breastfeeding goals. 

Price: Free

10. Nara BabyTracker

Nara App

The Nara Baby Tracker app is a shared hub focused on setting a maintaining a predictable schedule for your little one. The Nara Baby Tracker allows you to log breast and bottle sessions throughout the day along with timed breastfeeding sessions, sleep, bottle feedings, and diaper changes. You can also set reminders for the next feedings, log which side you last nursed on, nap schedule, and pumping sessions. A special feature unique to this app is the ability to track multiple babies on one account—and it works across multiple devices.

Price: Free

Baby Feeding Tracker Apps for: Exclusively Pumping Moms


Pump LogPump Log App

The Pump Log is best for exclusively pumping mothers. This app not only helps you track your pumping sessions, it also provides automatic reminders so you don’t miss a pumping session. The Pump Log allows you to see trends in production, features a pump timer, food tracking to improve production, and a note section to record each pumping session. The Pump log would be perfect for moms exclusively pumping, NICU moms exclusively pumping, or moms returning to work after maternity leave who want to keep a steady supply.

Price: Free or Unlimited Records Update $9.99


• $35

Ritual’s postnatal is formulated to include key nutrients for moms postpartum with added support for lactation. Each capsule is packed with 15 traceable ingredients—including vitamins A, D, C, E, B12, zinc, magnesium, and iron, among others—all of which will help keep mom healthy during this exciting, but often very challenging time in her life.

Top 12 apps for moms (Android, iPhone)

Last updated: 03/14/21

From the moment of birth, a child needs constant care from his mother and medical care. A young mother needs to follow the schedule of vaccinations and visits to the doctor, as well as independently monitor the health of the child and follow the doctor's recommendations on sleep, nutrition, walking, and physical activities.

Children, as a rule, do not tell themselves about their well-being, so they have to navigate by external signs. Parents need to learn to identify symptoms of a child's health problems based on previous experiences. You also need to determine the allergies, predispositions of the child.

But keeping in mind all this information about the child's health and the whole plan of action is very difficult. This is where baby health apps can help. These applications allow you to record various measurements (weight, height. ..) and compare them with normal values, keep a record of vaccinations, examinations, medicines, medical procedures, keep a log of diseases, treatments.

These records help you to know the individual characteristics of the child's body, provide complete information to the doctor, and perform all the necessary health procedures in time.

In addition, applications for mothers usually contain a lot of educational information (articles, videos) so that parents can become more professional in caring for children's health and take better care of their baby.


Baby girl

Baby's diary, convenient for the whole family. Recommendations from experts. Communication with like-minded people.


Dr. Komarovsky

All Dr. Komarovsky's books are available in the application, maximally adapted for reading on mobile devices. The most relevant topics are collected on the Home page for quick access. With smart search you will find answers to all your questions


Child's Diary – Rainbow

Rainbow is a convenient and useful application for parents. Every day, make notes in the "Diary", save valuable memories and photos, note the height and weight of your baby. Track your baby's feeding and sleep. Make a child's daily routine, plan a menu for the baby for a week in the "Schedule" section.


Baby's diary - breastfeeding and care

Convenient and free application for the development of your baby. Baby diary:, breastfeeding and feeding baby, breastfeeding for newborn, sleep diary, diaper diary, baby care, baby development, newborn activities, baby calendar and notes. Baby development:, breastfeeding statistics, breastfeeding schedule by the hour, baby sleep schedule, diaper statistics.


SMS to mom

SMS to mom is a personal consultant for all pregnant women and parents with children - in your iPhone and iPad. Thanks to this application, you will receive daily advice and recommendations from leading Russian gynecologists, neonatologists, pediatricians, and psychologists. All advice will come strictly in accordance with the gestational age / or age of the baby. You will always be aware of what is happening with you and your baby, and how to give your child a great and healthy start to his life.


Baby's diary

This application is designed with the experience of thousands of parents just like you. We have created a flexible data entry system that allows you to record events in the life of your baby or baby as quickly as possible. The built-in filter will help you quickly find even records made a year ago. Analyzing data is very easy. Visual graphs and a list of amounts will help draw conclusions about changes in the child's regimen and monitor the timely development of the baby. Such indicators as the weight and height of the child are compared with the data of the World Health Organization directly on the graph.


Baby +

Have you had a baby? With the Baby+ app, you can track its development and save the most memorable moments of the first year of life. A real helper for moms and dads! "Baby+" combines everything you need in one application: useful tips for every day; diary for notes; audio recordings of white noise to help your baby fall asleep; e-cards that can be sent to relatives and friends; funny stickers for photos; growth trackers; reminders and more!


Dormi - Baby Monitor

Baby monitor. Includes all the standard features of a hardware baby monitor, as well as video streaming (using your phone's camera). Works over WiFi, Edge, 3G, 4G. Uses strong cryptography to protect against hacking.


Momlife (Preggy) is a calendar of pregnancy and child development, as well as the largest social network for moms, in which you will receive support and answers to any questions! Meet hundreds of mothers living in your area, chat and walk together in the park! Find thousands of girls at exactly the same stage of pregnancy as you - discuss pregnancy, experiences and support each other!


Rostelecom Mame

Rostelecom Mame - online consultations and calling doctors at home in your pocket. Purchase programs for unlimited care by qualified specialists and get treated cheaper: Unlimited house calls for doctors - doctors and a nurse can be called at home as many times as you like; Unlimited online consultations with doctors - a pediatrician and a therapist are available around the clock, you can ask without time limits and even when nothing hurts.


Baby Care - baby diary!

Follow the development of the child, a great helper for responsible parents! Baby Care monitors your baby's feeding, sleep, toilet and other developmental parameters. Supports many reminder modes, helps parents / nannies to carry out all the necessary procedures on time.



HappyMama - the most important thing about the development of children up to 2 years in one application. Fill out your child's profile, keep track of their height, weight, teeth, motor skills, speech, and be sure that the baby is developing within real (and not outdated!) norms. Visualized individual growth and weight charts for baby, baby teething pattern, spoken word lists, motor skill windows, schedule for doctor visits and vaccinations

Overview of mobile applications about breastfeeding

My toddler is over a year old, our breastfeeding was very difficult at the beginning, then I collected information literally bit by bit wherever I could - books, communities, forums. And just recently I came across the fact that, it turns out, there are also mobile applications for phones.

The very idea seems very attractive to me, because often the mother of a newborn has nothing more serious than a phone at hand, and it’s not always convenient to climb forums from it, you can’t drag books to the hospital too, and there is always little time to answer books to look for ...

Having accidentally stumbled upon one such application, I wondered what application developers offer mothers as assistants in breastfeeding. The iPhone has the most breastfeeding apps, so I want to focus on those. There are fewer applications for android, but those that are are completely identical to IOS applications, so it will not be difficult to figure it out.

I downloaded all the applications about GV that I found in the Appstore in Russian - both paid and free. Next, I offer a brief overview of these applications from the point of view of an ordinary nursing mother (that is, herself).

I've ranked all the apps in order of usefulness for starting breastfeeding in case someone reads the review when there is no time and an urgent need to download one app. And those who have time can take their time reading the entire review.

1. GV - breastfeeding

What is in the application:
The application has 2 main sections - a diary of growth and a library of articles.
The growth diary contains calculators - calculation of % weight loss after childbirth, calculation of the minimum number of pee, calculation of weight gain from birth to 2 years.
Shows the number of piss depending on the age of a particular child, shows the degree of weight loss of a newborn after childbirth (fits into the physiological norm or not), keeps a diary of weight gain and automatically assesses whether the gain and current weight fit into the physiological norm.
You can read articles about breastfeeding, there are enough of them for an average book.
For the calculators to work, you need to know the date of birth of the child, birth weight and current weight. By one date, the application will show how many times the child should write at least once today. By date of birth, birth weight and current weight - what% of weight has been lost/gained and does it fit into physiological norms.
Cost: 169 rubles
This is the only application I found that is fully consistent with the recommendations of WHO and LLL. There are a lot of articles, about a hundred, they are conveniently divided into sections and well-composed. The most painful question about “not enough milk” is given a whole section.
For me now the most relevant section is information on the age of the child. This is what I still use in the IGV book - I get into the section on feeding a child of the appropriate age and see what is written there about breastfeeding children of this age category. It helps me to avoid any mistakes. For example, when the little one turned 9months, it seemed to me that I could already relax, but I got into the book and read that the path “not to offer and not to refuse” is the path to the end of guards, which is not included in my plans now. In this application, for moms like me, there is a whole section with articles - "Information on the age of the child", in which all articles about feeding are broken down by age, starting with pregnancy. Now I have a cheat sheet on my phone where I can climb from time to time.
There is nothing about formulas, bottles, feeding according to the regime and milliliters of milk eaten. Those. this is the only application that can really help improve the GW, and not ruin it in the bud.
Calculators are made in such a way as to save mother's nerves as much as possible. The only application in which I found information about peeing and about physiological weight loss after childbirth, which was critical for us at one time.
As far as I understand, the modern WHO standards for breastfed children have been established as the “gain weight” standards.
Nice, not annoying graphics.
You can enter data for several children (what if someone has twins or even triplets)
No tracking of breast change mode. For me personally, this mode is irrelevant, but I know that some mothers use it (the issue is easily solved by downloading another free application, but I want everything in one place)
Expensive (but I still don’t regret that I spent money on it , and then, when the baby was just born, and we were trying to establish guards, I would buy an iPhone for the sake of this application, not just some 169 rubles)
I would like more articles about grown babies, but the authors promise to replenish the library, so I will wait for the next updates.
Total output:
Why didn't this app exist a year ago?! It would save me so much nerves! So, from my point of view, this is an absolute must have for every pregnant or newly born mother.
This application can really help to establish breastfeeding if there are no more experienced breastfeeding women nearby, if there are questions about breastfeeding, if there is no self-confidence. You can download it to your phone even during pregnancy to take it with you to the hospital and be already fully armed there.
The application has all the necessary calculators - weight loss after childbirth, piss, weight gain. These are exactly those indicators that can give self-confidence that everything is going well, or signal difficulties that have arisen in time. There is also a collection of sensible articles that can help you cope with typical situations on your own. If the situation is critical - a hint pops up - contact your doctor or lactation consultant immediately, i.e. The application does not replace specialists.
It seems to me that it should be installed during pregnancy. Even if everything goes perfectly and the application will never come in handy, it will be a kind of insurance and a cheat sheet that you can refer to if a question suddenly arises in order to find the answer quickly and to the point.
I found a similar English-language application in the Appstore, judging by the screenshots and description, but without calculators. But it costs 4790 rubles, so I did not download it. Love for art, of course, is strong, but not so much.

2. iBaby

What's in the application:
Feeding timer - shows the time, duration of feeding, which breast was fed - right or left. During feeding, you can click on the pause (I don’t understand why it is needed, but theoretically it can come in handy, for example, it was urgently necessary to change the diaper).
There is a feeding reminder - you can set yourself an “alarm clock” to remind you to offer your baby a breast every n hours x minutes from the start or end of the previous feeding.
On the daily report page, you can see the number of feedings and their duration (again, who needs it?), which breast was fed and whether the diaper was dry or wet at the time of feeding (and if the diaper was changed at another time?)
Cost: 39 rubles
Can be used instead of a milk bracelet, useful for those nursing mothers who need breast duty.
We still have part of the feedings with the baby - at the request of the mother, i.e. I offer him breasts before he starts asking. This is where a reminder about the time of the next breast offer, when he was very small, would come in handy. Then, I remember, I constantly set a timer for myself, so that no more than an hour later I would offer a breast, if I didn’t request it myself.
You can send a feeding log in pdf format to yourself by e-mail. Why it is needed - I don’t know, but suddenly, for example, it may be needed as auxiliary information for something.
Could not install for some reason, an error crashes, and that's it. So the review is based on screenshots from the Appstore.
In English. A trifle, but not everyone is required to know it.
Description is a tin. It can be seen that people who wrote about breastfeeding had a very superficial idea. Pearls: "breastfeeding is not without difficulties", "make the process of breastfeeding more manageable" is unlikely to give confidence to a new mother.
It seems to me that such things as a table of the number of feedings with duration will not calm a novice mother, but, on the contrary, can only add anxiety and give rise to a lot of questions. Well, there is this amount and then what? Is it a little, a lot or normal? How do you know if a child is getting enough? What should dry/wet diapers mean? There are no answers to any of these questions in the application.
And I'm the only one who is jarred by the expression "breastfeeding sessions"? I would not want someone to call the relationship that we develop with the child during guards "sessions".
The application has several useful features that may be useful for some breastfeeding mothers, but globally this application cannot be called useful for breastfeeding. Let's just say that if everything is fine with you, and you are confident in your abilities, then it will not hurt.
Since the developers themselves mentioned the “difficulties” of breastfeeding, it must be said that there is not a comma in the application about possible difficulties or issues, or about overcoming them. It does not allow to overcome any difficulties, it will not be able to signal that something is wrong with the child either (neither weight nor piss are taken into account), not a word about feeding on demand, about the correct grip, etc. no.
On the contrary, a reminder of the next feeding can provoke a slide into feeding according to the regimen and, as a result, lead to a lack of milk and the introduction of supplementary feeding. And then some inexperienced mother will think that she is a “non-dairy breed”, because she even used a special application, but nothing happened.

3. Breastfeeding

What is in the application:
Allows you to take into account what you fed - right or left breast or bottle (!!! - this is an application about breastfeeding, I remind you). Allows you to remember the date, time, duration of feeding, whether there was pumping after feeding. Prompts you to enter the amount of milk your baby has eaten while bottle feeding. You can pause feeding. For some reason, he suggests setting the maximum duration of feeding (although you can enter at least 3 hours, but the fact itself is incomprehensible and illogical). In the full version, you can add multiple children. Allows you to view the statistics of feedings of all children or a specific child for the entire time, the last month, week or day.
Cost: for free or 169 rubles for the full version
You can find out which breast fed the last time and when it was, if the breast duty mode is relevant.
In the full version, as the developers write, there is a widget on the desktop, but I never found it, although I kind of looked around the whole program.
For me, the main disadvantage of this application is that the bottle with the formula in it is actually equated to breastfeeding and is considered as a normal and complete option for feeding a newborn baby, and this is fundamentally not the case! It gives the false impression that you can easily formula feed your baby without compromising breastfeeding.
There is nothing about the difficulties that a mother may encounter when adjusting the breastfeeding, and about overcoming them, about the grip, the bridle, signs of the child's readiness to suckle ... and other things that help the mother. It's like breastfeeding is the time the baby spends with the breast in her mouth, and that's it. Thus, if a novice mother encounters any difficulties when feeding a newborn, then the application will not help her in any way.
It seems to me that the statistics of how many times and how long a mother breastfed a child does not make any sense. On the contrary, in a young mother, she can only provoke an anxiety attack - is it not enough? a lot of? and how much do you need?... In fact, these are statistics for the sake of statistics - it was necessary to stuff at least something into the application, let's at least calculate this ...
And I guess I'm being picky, but a baby with a pacifier on the cover of a breastfeeding app seems out of place to me.
This app should have been called “how to switch from breastfeeding to artificial feeding”. Even if you theoretically imagine that this application is created for those insignificant 3% of women who are not able to breastfeed a child, or for those who are temporarily forced to supplement, then why is it necessary to bottle?! Why not a cup, as WHO recommends, not a spoon, not SNS?
Perhaps this application will be useful for mothers who are currently on mixed feeding for some reason in the process of moving from supplementary feeding to breastfeeding, then yes, both the count of pumping and the amount of supplementary feeding are relevant so as not to overdo it.
In general, for breastfeeding, and especially for its establishment, the application is more harmful than useful. Because of the bottle, attached between two breasts. Yes, you can ignore her, but remembering how impressionable mothers are after childbirth, how many doubts and fears they have, how hormones are raging, you won’t be able to ignore her, she will loom like a red rag. This is such a constantly dripping advertisement for the mixture that turns out as if the producers of the mixture made this app about gw (at least they should say a big thank you to the developers).
And I am also annoyed by the pathos of the developers, who, judging by the application, only know about breastfeeding that it takes place. Sometimes. “Start feeding your baby, press the button, and we will take care of the rest!” - great, let's take care, vacuum the room, wash the dishes, go to the store, pick up the elder from the garden ... What will they take care of? What, breastfeeding comes down only to when and how much time fed? And if it’s not possible to feed, or it hurts, or some other difficulties - give me a bottle and consider that everything is fine with breastfeeding?!

4. Myths about breastfeeding

What's in the app:
A collection of myths about breastfeeding with an explanation of why the claim is false.
Cost: free main section, sections "resources", "golden rules" and "best advice" for 33 rubles
The application is built on the recommendations given by mothers themselves who have encountered difficulties in establishing breastfeeding.
The application itself is in English.
General conclusion:
For those who have not read The Art of Breastfeeding, books by Ryukhova or Sirzov, and know English, the application will be useful to read 1 time. I bought the Resources section for 33 rubles - it turned out that these were links to sites about breastfeeding. I didn’t want to buy the rest of the sections, anyway, the application is actually not Russian-speaking.

5. Baby feeding

What's in the app:
Counts the time of feeding with the right or left breast, signals the time of the next feeding and which breast to feed, keeps statistics of feedings (time and duration), including showing the average number of feedings, average duration and average interval (why is this necessary when feeding on demand ?). There is a Help section with texts: introduction to breastfeeding, introduction to artificial feeding, simple tips for breastfeeding, basic kit for artificial feeding, choosing a nipple for a bottle for artificial feeding
Cost: 66 rubles
Can be used instead of a milk bracelet, marking which breast fed and, accordingly, which breast is now “on duty”. This is true for those mothers who adhere to the breast duty regimen.
The texts of the application frankly advertise artificial feeding. The “Help” section cannot provide any help in breastfeeding, except perhaps in artificial (although there is also nonsense along the text).
It seems that this application is also created to help mothers switch from breastfeeding to artificial feeding as quickly as possible. How else to explain that in the "Help" section, in which, in theory, articles should be collected that help to establish HS (as the norm for feeding a newborn baby), from the second line we read: an introduction to artificial feeding, a basic set for artificial feeding, choosing a pacifier for a bottle... This one gem from an introduction to formula feeding is worth something: "Infant formula is a very good alternative to breastfeeding with some real benefits..." - well, and then comes the frank advertising of bottle feeding. ..
To be fair, the app is called "Baby Feeding" and not "Breastfeeding", but even formula manufacturers remember to repeat that "the best food for a baby is breast milk" (although this is not correct, not the best, but the only normal), but here breastfeeding and artificial feeding are generally put on the same level.
In the same "Help" section, the texts about breastfeeding are not known who wrote, but certainly not someone from the La Leche League or consultants. "Introduction to breastfeeding" - some little intelligible text about female hormones, the meaning of which at the end is that if you cannot get support from a doctor, look for it yourself on the Internet (yeah, thanks, but we don’t knew where to go ...) In "Simple Tips for Breastfeeding" reliable information is mixed with outdated nonsense, in addition, this is clearly a translation of the article, and a hacky translation, with many stylistic errors.

6. Mom's club. Baby diary. Similak

What is in the application:
This application, according to the creators, should cover all areas of the baby's life. It records the time and duration of feedings and sleep, the number of dirty diapers and their composition. You can see the schedule of feedings and dreams, the interval between feedings and the longest sleep.
Like most other applications, this allows you to remember which breast - left or right - the baby was fed, how long the feeding took, if necessary, “pause feeding”. In addition to breastfeeding, the application allows you to track artificial feeding and pumping. In both cases, the time and volume of the formula or expressed milk are recorded.
Sleep is tracked by pressing a button when the baby falls asleep and when he wakes up. The app automatically calculates sleep time.
The section on changing the diaper deserves a separate description, as the developers paid a lot of attention to it, as if the chair is the most important indicator of the development of the baby (no, I know that medieval Chinese physicians accurately made many diagnoses on the chair, but something I doubt corresponding ability of modern Russian pediatricians). When changing a diaper, the mother is asked to indicate whether the baby peed, pooped, or both. At the same time, urine and feces are bashfully called No. 1 and No. 2 (either the developers themselves never go to the toilet, or they are so preoccupied with the taboo topic of body waste that they forgot simple Russian words). For each diaper change, you can also indicate the consistency and color of the feces, whether the diaper was leaking and write your notes. At the same time, they even created their own visual and detailed scales for consistency and color. In general, in this section, the developers, it is clear that they took their souls away.
The application also offers to evaluate the growth and development of the baby in three indicators - height, weight and head circumference.
Edit mode allows you to add entries manually and edit entries by selecting them by the date and time of the entry.
The graphics section offers summary statistics for all the metrics that are entered in all records. Here you can also send an entry by e-mail or add it manually. For example, the following indicators are available for breastfeeding: time and duration of feedings, number of feedings from the right, left or both breasts, average interval and average duration of one feeding.
The “As usual?” button deserves special attention. - some standards are hidden under it, with which the mother is invited to compare her performance. In the breastfeeding section of the graphs, guess what is hidden under this button? ... Number of feedings per day!
The Tips section contains texts on the following topics: feeding, sleeping, changing diapers, interesting things, tips for moms, tips for dads; and a huge button that takes you to a Similak promo site, slightly disguised as a mom's club. This button generally looms in all possible places of the application, where it could only be stuffed, it is understandable, after all, this is an advertising application of this mixture.
Predictably, there is twice as much text on formula feeding in the baby feeding section as there is on breastfeeding, promoting Abbott's product portfolio and praising the "wonderful" Similac formulas and their relatives.
In the "sleep" section, parents are encouraged to accustom their baby to a regimen in the spirit of Dr. Spock's recommendations. "Changing a diaper" is a general text about a baby chair, wandering from one Internet article to another, nothing new. The same quality and two texts in the section "It's interesting" - about the appearance of the newborn and the ways the baby learns about the world. The “advice” for moms and dads contains short stories allegedly from real foreign parents sharing their parental tricks (according to the authors’ intention, for sure, this should have added credibility to the application in the eyes of newly-made mothers).
The "Settings" tab allows you to add children, select a measurement system (I wonder if anyone in Russia uses a non-metric system?), The time of the beginning of the day and the beginning of the night (why?).
On each page of the application, the telephone number of the pediatrician hotline, organized by the manufacturer of infant formula Similaс, is lit.
Cost: free
Nice blue design. The application contains the most detailed system for tracking baby feces that I have met. Suddenly, one of the mothers is concerned about this issue.
Judging by the reviews, all the data on the baby is stored for only 3 months (that's right, why should it take longer, in 3 months the mother should already get hooked on the advertised Similak, just for such tasks all promotional applications like this are created)
The norms that are proposed to be guided by in the application, as well as expert advice, to put it mildly, are far from current scientific data and expertise.
Take at least the same button "As usual?" … For our age, i.e. for baby 9-12 months the typical number of feedings per day according to the program is three! And now let's imagine a mother who reads that here is a “typical” (frequently occurring, characteristic, natural for someone in the dictionary), that is, the normal number of feedings at a given age of her child is 3, and her baby asks her breast for day 13 or even 33 times, like mine, for example. It’s good if the mother herself understands breastfeeding issues (but then why does she need this application?), And if not? It is highly likely that, having believed the experts (wow, there is a whole hotline of pediatricians right there!), The young mother will start trying to cram herself and her baby into the Procrustean bed of the system.
And this "wonderful" passage from the "Sleep" section: "... if the baby is crying, wait a few minutes before entering the room. If he continues to cry, return to the room, stroke the baby, talk to him in a soft, soothing voice. When the baby calms down, wish him good night and leave the room again. If the baby starts crying again, repeat the same steps. And so on until he falls asleep "... and all this is presented as helping the child in mastering the regimen at the age of 6-12 weeks !!! After reading this passage, for some reason I really wanted to call the developers sadists.
The very first advice to mothers from a certain Allison K. is dedicated to the goodness and convenience of life according to the regime. Do you know what is the first advice for dads? - "Relax!" - sleep with the baby (no, to advise mothers to do this).
Overall output:
I would say that this application is for very anxious moms who need to keep everything under control. I tried to record all the indicators of my child for a couple of days and realized two things. Firstly, this fixation of "every sneeze" takes a lot of time. A little bit there, poking twice here, don't forget here ... and it runs decently in a day. Secondly, this application noticeably raises the level of anxiety. You constantly have to remind yourself to fix one, the second, the third ... while you set the indicators, you already involuntarily start to think about what it is so much or this color, and it seems to be too little / too much, and why it is, and suddenly something is wrong ... In general, I quit using it with a great sense of relief. And I already have a year old who sleeps, eats, poops and pees much less often than, say, a month old baby.
The application was created by the artificial mixture manufacturer. The app site is a promo site for Similac blends. Personally, I do not believe that any formula manufacturer is genuinely interested in breastfeeding, so I would never contact the hotline specialists hired by this manufacturer with questions regarding breastfeeding. Even if they were not just pediatricians, but entirely doctors of science. In our world, who pays, he "orders the music."
Yes, the application has useful functionality (the same tracking of breast duty), but I am so disgusted by the ads of the mixture on each screen that I would prefer to use some other application to solve this problem, just not to open it.

There is also a magazine "Kangaroo" and "Nursing Mom's Menu" . The first is just a parenting magazine with articles about everything, although it pops up in a search for "breastfeeding." The second is a diet + a collection of recipes for nursing mothers, although WHO says that mothers who breastfeed their babies do not need any special diet.

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