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7 Best Hook-On High Chairs (2022 Reviews)

Who knew babies needed so much stuff? Baby equipment takes up a ridiculous amount of room!

We’ve been there, and we understand what it’s like to be running into baby equipment at every turn and tripping over high chair legs at mealtimes. If you have limited dining space, you need a space-saving solution. A clip-on high chair might be just the answer you need.

We’ve done our research, testing many brands and reading hundreds of reviews from parents and caregivers like you. As a result, we’ve rounded up the best hook-on high chairs to help you save space without compromising on quality.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table


Travel Must Have

Inglesina Fast Table

  • Elevated backrest
  • Nine color choices
  • Simple installation process

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Best for Thick Tables

Guzzie and Guss 201

  • Includes a travel bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Rubberized grips

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Neat and Petite

Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On

  • Has shoulder harness
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Fabric is machine washable

Check Price

Super Secure

Phil & Teds Lobster

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Easy to set up and pack
  • Guards from spills and scratches

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Breezy Set Up

Chicco QuickSeat

  • Comfortably padded
  • Snap-on washable seat cover
  • Matches most color schemes

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360 Degree Range

Chicco 360

  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Locks in 6 different positions
  • Includes snap-on dishwasher-safe tray

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Most Sturdy

Hook On

  • Fits kids up to 37 pounds
  • Highly affordable
  • Durable

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Table of Contents

  • Our Top Picks
  • The Best Hook-on High Chairs of 2022
  • The Benefits of Hook-On High Chairs
  • How to Choose a Hook-On High Chair

The Best Hook-on High Chairs of 2022

Here are the best hook-on high chairs on the market.

1. Inglesina Fast Table Hook-On Chair

Travel Must Have

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This chair can be attached to tables that are up to 3.5 inches thick. When you’re done with it, you can fold it flat to store or transport it, which is ideal for travel and eating out.

The rear pocket holds all your baby’s mealtime accessories, and it comes with a removable cover and carrying bag. Since it weighs just over four pounds, it’s easy to take anywhere.

The Inglesina High Chair can support up to 37 pounds, and it won’t scratch your table.

  • Higher backrest gives your baby more support.
  • Comes in nine color options.
  • Easy to install.
  • Waist belt only, no shoulder straps.
  • Doesn’t fit lipped table skirts.

2. Guzzie and Guss Perch Hook-On High Chair

Good for Thicker Tables

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This six-pound high chair fits table skirts of up to 3. 75 inches. With extra padding in the back, it is more comfortable for babies than many other options.

When not in use, this seat folds up flat and can be stored in the included nylon bag. This is excellent news for parents like me who feel like their baby uses more closet space than anyone else in the family.

A great plus is that the seat can hold babies and toddlers up to 37 pounds, so you should be able to get a lot of use out of it.

  • Convenient travel bag stores under the seat.
  • The poly-cotton blend is easy to wipe clean.
  • Rubberized grips are easy on fingers and your table.
  • Gap between the chair and table can make for messy mealtimes with younger babies.

3. Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair

Neat and Petite

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This small but comfy high chair fits tables that are up to two inches thick, whether they’re outdoors or indoors.

It’s lighter than many of its competitors at just 2. 2 pounds. Once folded, it can even fit into bigger purses or diaper bags, which is great for moms who hate lugging tons of baby gear.

The Mountain Buggy Clip-On can hold kids up to 33 pounds, and it also offers padded back support and a solid harness for your baby’s comfort and safety.

  • Comes in three cute colors.
  • Shoulder harness keeps baby secure.
  • Includes a handy carrying bag.
  • Machine washable fabric.
  • Doesn’t fit tables over 2 inches thick.
  • Won’t work on tables with lips or rounded edges.
  • Lightweight chair doesn’t work well for bigger babies.

4. Phil & Teds Lobster Hook-On High Chair

Nice and Secure

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Your little one has to be Houdini to escape from this high chair. It has shoulder straps to keep your baby firmly in place so you won’t turn around to find them halfway through a daring leap off the table edge.

It has non-slip grip pads to ensure it won’t slide off the table, which can be up to 3. 75 inches thick. The sturdy aluminum frame can accommodate a weight of up to 37 pounds.

This high chair comes with a dishwasher-safe tray and a carrying bag that can easily fit in diaper bags or the storage compartment of a stroller.

  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Quick and easy to set up and tear down.
  • The included tray protects table from spills and scratches from utensils.
  • It doesn’t work well with round tables.
  • Small leg holes make it difficult to get your baby in and out.

5. Chicco QuickSeat Hook-On Chair

Breezy Set Up

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The Chicco QuickSeat is great for travel because of its ratchet and lock technology, which is secure on most tables, including picnic tables. If you love the idea of family camping or outdoor trips but don’t want to awkwardly feed your baby on your lap while bugs swarm you, this is a nice choice.

This seven-pound chair folds up neatly and stays clean in the included carrying bag.

The rubber-coated grips won’t leave marks on tables and protect your baby’s little fingers from being pinched while they explore their surroundings.

  • Comfortable, supportive padding.
  • Washable seat pad.
  • Muted colors match most dining room color schemes.
  • Metal pieces prone to rusting if not dried quickly after use.
  • Only fits table thickness up to 1.5 inches.

6. Chicco 360 Hook-On High Chair

360 Degree Range

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This seat is unique because it can lock in six different positions, ensuring your baby will always have a comfortable seat facing you, no matter what kind of table you’re using.

It also comes with a snap-on dishwasher-safe tray, which we love as high chair trays can get filthy and the dishwasher makes things easier and can sanitize as it cleans.

This high chair folds up compactly and comes with a carrying bag. While some clip-on chairs only work with tables that don’t have a lip, this chair can expand to clip onto tables that have a skirting of up to 5. 5-inches thick.

  • Baby can face any direction.
  • Fabric seat pad is washable.
  • Highlighted buttons make chair adjustment easier.
  • Food gets stuck in seat crevices.
  • Very difficult to remove and reattach seat cover.

7. Toogel Hook-On High Chair

Most Sturdy

Check Price

This dual-purpose hook-on high chair is both affordable and useful. If you can’t decide between a clip-on seat or a booster seat, or you could use both in different situations, this is a great option.

The Toogel chair can be easily hooked onto the table when there isn’t another chair available or strapped to a chair if the table isn’t compatible. Made with durable wipe-clean polyester fabric, this seat supports children weighing up to 37 pounds.

A storage pocket at the back of the seat can hold all your feeding supplies, and the sturdy grips are made of rubber to protect tables from any damage.


  • It fits kids that weigh up to 37 pounds.
  • Inexpensive dual-purpose option clips onto tables or chairs.
  • Durable hardware and seat cover last years.
  • Leg holes are tight for bigger babies or toddlers.
  • Doesn’t work with lipped tables.

The Benefits of Hook-On High Chairs

  • Saves space: With a hook-on high chair, you simply clip or hook the seat onto a table, saving you a lot of space.
  • Easy to clean: When mealtime is over, all you have to do is wipe the high chair down and put it in a closet for next time. Or if you prefer, you can leave it hooked onto your table.
  • Encourages family time: Your baby will feel included in family mealtimes, and you’ll have more opportunities to interact with each other as you enjoy your meals. Eating together contributes to the overall health of all family members (1). Why not start that habit early?
  • Portable: Hook-on high-chairs are usually collapsible and can easily be taken on vacation or to your favorite restaurant. They are far more sanitary than standard restaurant high chairs, which are rarely cleaned thoroughly.

How to Choose a Hook-On High Chair

These are the top features to look for when purchasing a hook-on high chair.

Storage pockets

The best high chairs offer a storage pocket at the back of the seat, which is a great feature if you’re taking it to a restaurant or on vacation with you. You can store baby spoons and forks, wet wipes, and a pacifier to pop in your child’s mouth if they get fussy.

Carrying bags

Hook-on high chairs that come with a carrying bag are especially convenient if you’ll be frequently be using your chair away from home. This also helps keep it clean when not in use.

A removable seat cushion

Having a removable seat cushion makes clean-up a snap. You simply remove it if your baby makes a mess, throw it in the washing machine, and it’s good to go for the next meal.

Convertible seat

Some hook-on high chairs convert to booster seats as babies outgrow them. This saves you money and space as you won’t have to purchase and store an additional piece of baby equipment.

Color options

If you’re primarily going to be using your clip-on high chair at home, there are plenty of seats that come in a variety of colors. You can choose one that fits with your dining room decor.

Rubberized grips

Many hook-on high chairs come with protective rubberized grips on the arms. This ensures your high chair won’t destroy the finish on your family’s heirloom table.

Your baby’s weight

The average clip-on high chair can support a baby up to 37 pounds. However, some of the less sturdy options can only handle up to 30 pounds. For ultimate safety and longevity, we only recommend high chairs in the upper weight range.

Table thickness

Measure the thickness of your table before looking at high chair options.  Some only fit table skirts that are 1.5 inches thick, while others can handle up to 5.5 inches.

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Inglesina Fast Table

Mountain Buggy Pod

OXO Tot Perch with Straps

hiccapop OmniBoost

phil and teds Lobster

Price $80 List
$79.00 at Amazon
$66 List
$64.95 at Amazon
$42 List
$41. 99 at Amazon
$42 List
$39.92 at Amazon
$100 List
$89.99 at Amazon
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  • 1
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  • 5
  • 1
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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Pros Comfortable, high-quality, and easy to useLightweight, small when folded, and the seat's cover is easy to access, remove, and replaceLightweight, folds, minimal designRemovable canvas is machine washable, easy to pop open and close, removable tray, backside pocket to store small itemsVery portable, easy to place, 4-point shoulder harness
Cons Not the lightest or smallestHand wash only, some crevasses collect crumbs, and the seat lacks features of comfortCan't adjust straps with child sitting on seat, nooks and crannies for crumbs to collectNot the smallest when foldedExpensive, leg holes small, tool needed to remove seat cover
Bottom Line While not the smallest, this quality chair is still travel-friendly and comfy for meals away from homeAs a compact and lightweight chair, this option is most suitable for families who want the absolute smallest for travelA booster seat with an attractive size and weight for portability but lacks easy access to straps, and crumbs collect in crevassesAn inexpensive portable high chair with convenient extras, such as a removable tray and carry bag that is quick to set up and dismantleWith the smallest weight and size, this chair is very travel friendly, but it lacks comfort and is harder to clean
Rating Categories Inglesina Fast Table Mountain Buggy Pod OXO Tot Perch with. .. hiccapop OmniBoost phil and teds Lobster
Portability (50%)
Ease of Use (40%)
Ease of Cleaning (10%)
Specs Inglesina Fast Table Mountain Buggy Pod OXO Tot Perch with... hiccapop OmniBoost phil and teds Lobster
Product Weight 1.91 kg | 4.2 lbs 1 kg | 2.2 lbs 1.5 kg | 3.3 lbs 1.81 kg | 4 lbs 1.95 kg | 4.3 lbs
Usage Range 6 mo - 36 mo, Max 37 lbs 6 mo - 36 mo, Max 37 lbs 15 mo - Max 70 lbs 6 mo - 3 yrs 6 mo to 36 mo, Max 37 lbs
Tray No No No Yes Yes
Pocket Yes No No Yes No
Folded Dimensions 35. 6cm x 43.2cm x 10.2cm | 14" x 17" x 4" 34.3cm x 34.3cm x 5.59cm | 13.5" x 13.5" x 2.2" 32.3cm x 29.2cm x 12.7cm | 12.7" x 11.5" x 5" 43.2cm x 17.8cm x 17.8cm | 17" x 7" x 7" 34.8cm x 34cm x 10.2cm | 13.7" x 13.4" x 4"

Best Overall Portable High Chair

Inglesina Fast Table

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5


at Amazon

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Product Weight: 4.2 lbs | Usage Range: 6 to 36 mo, Max 37 lbs




High quality

Easy to attach


Not the smallest

The Inglesina Fast Table is a sturdy, portable highchair that keeps a baby's comfort in mind and doesn't skimp on user-friendly features for parents. The chair is relatively easy to attach to a table or bar using the twist-tight clamp system, and sleeve-like covers zip and enclose the hardware. We appreciate its lifted backrest, high-quality canvas, and sufficient seat padding, making the Inglesina experience a comfortable one for babies. Plus, it has a rear pocket to store thin and compact items, like baby bibs and utensils. The fabric is easy to wipe clean, but the canvas seat is removable for hand washing if a deeper clean is needed. Thanks to an attached carry bag hidden within the seat, the chair folds flat and is conveniently contained and ready for travel. A tray accessory is available for purchase.

The Inglesina compactly collapses, but its weight and dimensions are not the smallest in our lineup, decreasing its portability score. If you want the absolute smallest, this option may not be your seat. Despite this, we love the quality and functionality of this versatile seat and highly recommend it.

Read review: Inglesina Fast Table

Important Safety Information:
Your baby's safety should be a top priority when using a portable high chair. Before placing your child in the chair, always be sure to fasten the attachment mechanisms securely so there is absolutely no give or movement in the booster or hook-on. While in use, always monitor your child, and if you're using a booster, do not allow them to push against a table, which can cause the chair to tip over.

Best Budget-Friendly Chair

hiccapop OmniBoost

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5


(5% off)
at Amazon

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Product Weight: 4.7 lbs | Usage Range: N/A



Easy to set up

Includes tray


Narrow tray

Seat fabric stretches

The hiccapop OmniBoost is a travel booster seat that looks similar to a foldable camping chair but with some attractive features that can make mealtime away from home more enjoyable. It is easy to pop and close with very few steps, plus it includes a carry bag that is handy to grab and go. The removable tray is easy to click on and conveniently fits in the carry bag. There is a mesh pocket on the backside of the seat that we like to use for essentials, such as baby utensils or an extra bib. The chair includes "duck feet" that slide over the chair's standard feet for added stability. Use this chair outdoors or inside, on the ground, or at the dinner table, as it has straps that can attach to an adult chair. Not only is this option budget-friendly, but we think it is sturdy and functional.

The tray is wide yet narrow and will not catch everything your little one drops. Also, some users report the chair's fabric seat can stretch over time. While testing, we did notice some "give" in the fabric. However, the hiccapop will not be your primary highchair, and we think it is satisfactory for traveling needs; plus, the price tag is attractive, making it a good option for those on a budget.

Best Light and Compact Hook-on

Mountain Buggy Pod

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5


at Amazon

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Product Weight: 2.2 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mo to 36 mo, Max 37 lbs



Space saver



Small leg holes

Hand wash only

Zipper unexpectedly comes undone

The Mountain Buggy Pod is an easy-to-use hook-on chair compact enough to fit in a large diaper bag or a stroller basket. Coming in at only 2.2 lbs, it is one of the lightest portable chairs in our tests. The simple design is easy to attach and remove from tables by twisting or untwisting the clamps. The Pod has a solid aluminum frame and a zippered fabric cover that makes the chair highly portable, thanks to the winning combination of sturdy yet lightweight materials.

This portable high chair only fits tabletops thinner than 1.8", so it may not work in every location. Also, one of the significant downsides is the size of the leg holes. They are much smaller than we would expect with the weight limit. The problem becomes especially apparent if your baby wears shoes or has adorably chunky thighs. Another drawback is that the fabric is not machine washable. Luckily, it is easy enough to wipe down, but you will have to unzip and wash it by hand when it requires a deep clean. Before each use, you will need to make sure zippers are secure when putting it back on, as there have been reports of the cover unexpectedly unzipping. Overall, the Pod is one of the lightest and smallest seats, making it a handy travel companion.

Best for Easy to Clean

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

$35 List

Check price at Amazon

See It



Product Weight: 4 lbs | Usage Range: 6 mo to 3 yrs


Easy to clean

Height adjustable


Kids can remove the tray

Need to double-check the t-straps

Mealtime mess will happen, so having a super easy to clean portable high chair can make a world of difference. For this reason, the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat earns an award. We appreciate that the design has minimal small crevices for crumbs to hide, and a good wipe-down is sufficient to keep this chair clean. Plus, the removable feeding tray is dishwasher safe - although we recommend handwashing to extend its longevity. The adjustable straps attach to the underside and back of an adult chair for a secure fit, and it has three height settings. When you're ready to hit the road, the back of the chair folds down for travel and storage.

Some crafty toddlers can figure out how to remove the upper feeding tray, leading to a big mess on the floor. Also, users report that the t-straps holding the harness straps to the chair can work themselves free. Since the tray cannot keep a child in place, it is essential to check that these straps are secure before each use. Despite these drawbacks, the Healthy Care Booster is an excellent, easy to clean choice that can last for years.

Read review: Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

Compare Products

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Score Product Price Our Take


Inglesina Fast Table

$80 High-quality, versatile chair for 6+ mo for the on the go family


Mountain Buggy Pod

$66 As a compact and lightweight chair, this option is most suitable for families who want the absolute smallest for travel


OXO Tot Perch with Straps

$42 A booster seat with an attractive size and weight for portability but lacks easy access to straps, and crumbs collect in crevasses


hiccapop OmniBoost

$42 An inexpensive portable high chair with convenient extras, such as a removable tray and carry bag that is quick to set up and dismantle


phil and teds Lobster

$100 Unique with quality materials, but the details could use improvement


Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

$35 Easy to use, durable booster with a functional design that is super easy to clean


Summer Pop 'n Dine SE Highchair

$60 Although the heaviest and largest among the competition, this option can stand alone, is easy to set up and take down, and offers some handy features


Chicco Pocket Booster Seat

$30 A bare minimum portable high chair that folds for easy storage yet lacks elements of comfort

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Why You Should Trust Us

When choosing and ranking portable high chairs, we wanted to ensure we thought of everything. After over 70 hours of combined testing and research, we found the top contenders. We measured, used, cleaned, and compared. We conducted an extensive analysis of the products and, most importantly, used the seats with young children to help us determine our favorites. We then took all the information we gathered and condensed it into test metric results and helpful buying advice, so you can be confident in your purchase.

BabyGearLab has been purchasing and reviewing baby gear since 2013. Leading the portable highchair review is our founder, Dr. Juliet Spurrier. Dr. Spurrier is a board-certified pediatrician and mother of 2. As a doctor, she has a background in childhood safety concerns and the potential results of poorly designed or inappropriately used gear. Dr. Spurrier approves all final competitors using this background and her time as a mother to guide her. The team also includes Senior Review Editor, Wendy Schmitz, mother of 2 and an invaluable team member at BabyGearLab. Between her scientific training and analytical background, plus knowledge of baby products and motherly experience, Wendy helps analyze test results and rank the competition. Providing additional support to the review is Senior Review Editor, Molly Bradac, who we consider the 'Mary Poppins' among the team. Molly has accumulated an impressive profile as a career nanny with over 15 years of experience. Most of her positions included national and international travel, which allows her to bring a unique perspective, experience, and knowledge base to identify qualities of top-performing products and provide recommendations to families based on their needs and budget.

The Mountain Buggy Pod is compatible with tables 0.7" to 2.75" thick.Press the button, and the OXO Tot Perch with Straps folds into a small package, ready for travel.

Analysis and Test Results

There are multiple portable high chair options on the market, so considering a few factors is a must to choose the perfect chair. We extensively tested the competition, including hands-on testing and side-by-side comparisons, to determine which products stand out and which fall short, providing you with the details you need to make an informed decision.


The hiccapop OmniBoost chair is wallet-friendly and a great value. It's versatile, use it outside or inside, and we don't doubt you'll get your money's worth. The Fisher-Price is another attractive low-cost product that is easy to clean. But, if your budget is slightly more flexible, the Inglesina offers higher quality and compatibility with various tables you may encounter when out and about. We realize there's a higher upfront cost with this option, but we believe there's value in this purchase, especially if you plan to use it frequently to dine out, trips to the grandparents' house, or as your primary high chair. We think it is worth the cost if you meet these parameters. However, if you don't, a cheaper option may better suit your needs.

The phil & teds Lobster is one of the smallest and lightest products in our review.The hiccapop OmniBoost comes with a handy carry bag that holds everything together, including the chair, tray, and "duck feet."The Chicco Pocket Booster Seat folds into a compact size, but it is not the smallest nor lightest product in our lineup, and although it has a carry strap, it doesn't have a carry bag.


There are several types of portable high chairs, and they all have different features that make them portable. To evaluate portability, we took a close look at weight and dimensions. These factors influence how easy a product is to transport, and some might even potentially fit in your diaper bag, stroller basket, luggage, or car trunk.

We consider weight to be an essential consideration when making your purchase. We suggest thinking about how and where you plan to use the chair and how weight might impact your day-to-day use. Situations can include occasional visits to grandparents, restaurant outings, everyday home use, or far-away travel. We found the hook-on chairs to be more travel-friendly than boosters, as they fold down and usually fit inside an included carry bag. Honestly, being able to fold the chair flat, slip it in a travel sack, and toss it over your shoulder is all too convenient.

The Summer Pop 'n Dine SE Highchair is one of the largest and heaviest among the competition.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Among the competition, the Mountain Buggy Pod ranks high in this metric, scoring 9 of 10. Compared to others, this hook-on style chair has an impressively low weight, is one of the smallest when folded, and includes a carry bag, making it travel-friendly for most scenarios. The OXO Tot Perch with Straps also ranks high compared to others, thanks to being lightweight (although it doesn't beat the Mountain Buggy) and folds up small for travel. Also, this option doesn't include a carry bag if this is a deal-breaker for you.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Summer Pop 'n Dine SE Highchair ranks the lowest, scoring 2 of 10. Compared to others, this portable high chair is one of the largest and heaviest, and these factors hurt its overall portability score. This option includes a carry bag with a handy carry strap, which adds convenience when transporting. Still, it will take up space in your vehicle's trunk, or if you're on foot, carrying your baby and a diaper bag, plus a heavy chair, is likely not something you want to add to the mix.

Safety First:
Hook-on chairs should not be attached to a glass surface, single pedestal table, loose tabletop, table leaf, card table, or over tablecloths or placemats.

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat offers versatility with its various trays and adjustments.The hiccapop OmniBoost is easy to pop open, includes a removable tray, and is functional for outdoor or indoor mealtime.

Ease of Use

For this metric, we determined that the complexity of assembly and disassembly are two main factors at play and the comfort for babies. Therefore, we kept these factors in mind when evaluating the lineup. We also asked things like: How many parts does it have? How long does it take to put together and pack up every time? Are there any features that add to the chair's ease of use?

In our opinion, less is more, and a product that can be ready to go in seconds is invaluable, especially when you toss in a hungry toddler into the mix, creating the perfect recipe for a meltdown.

The Summer Pop 'n Dine SE Highchair easily pops open and closes without any hassle, which is great when you have a hungry child on your hands.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Among the competition, the the Inglesina ranks high in this metric, scoring 9 of 10. This contender has qualities of luxury that we admire, such as a high-quality canvas that offers more padding and a cockpit with more support than others, which collectively create a more comfortable sitting experience for babies. Ranking right below the Inglesina yet higher than many others are the hiccapop OmniBoost and Summer Pop 'n Dine SE Highchair, scoring 8 of 10. These options don't offer impressive comfort like the Inglesina, but they have super quick and straightforward folding systems, whereas many others take more time to set up and takedown.

The Chicco Pocket Booster Seat offers three height settings to accommodate growing children and tables of differing levels.The Chicco Pocket Booster Seat includes a tray; however, we struggle with getting it on.

Scoring 4 of 10, the Chicco Pocket Booster Seat ranks low in this metric for many reasons. Although it offers height adjustability, which can be helpful, we believe the chair's hard plastic and bare minimum design lack comfort for babies compared to other contenders. Plus, we struggled with getting the tray on, leaving us feeling frustrated because the task should be easy. We noticed ourselves preferring to use other options over the Chicco.

A Note on Compatibility:
Not every seat works with every table, countertop, or chair, and if you are traveling, you may not know what to expect. For example, booster seats can strap onto most dining chairs but become problematic when faced with a booth. Likewise, some hook-on chairs do not fit round tables or vertical skirts, and you CAN'T use hook-on options with glass tabletops. Tables that are flimsy, foldable, or single pedestals are also a no-go. However, the Summer Pop 'n Dine SE Highchair and hiccapop OmniBoost (if you use the chairs on the ground) can be used independently and don't depend on a table or an adult chair, which increases versatility.

The OXO Tot Perch and Straps materials are easy to wipe down and clean, but crevasses collect crumbs.

Credit: Abriah Wofford

Ease of Cleaning

Babies are messy, especially during mealtime, so finding an easy-to-clean chair is a big plus. Conquering mealtime mess with a quick wipe-down can simplify your life, and we prefer chairs with smooth surfaces and minimal cracks and creases for crumbs to collect and hide. After all, if you are cleaning up after little ones by the hour, why not make it as painless as possible?

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe ranks the highest in this metric, scoring 9 of 10. This hard plastic exterior option is quick to wipe down and has minimal creases to trap food and liquid. Plus, its tray is dishwasher-safe - score! The Summer Pop 'n Dine SE Highchair and the hiccapop OmniBoost are other easy-to-clean options, thanks to their removable, machine-washable canvas covers, making the overall cleaning task more manageable.

The tray of the Fisher-Price only needs a quick wipe down to be squeaky clean again.The Inglesina Fast Table has zip-up sleeve-like covers that hide any hardware of the twist-tight couplings.

On the contrary, many hook-on portable high chairs rank low in this metric. The phil and teds Lobster ranks the lowest, scoring 3 of 10, and the Inglesina Fast Table and Mountain Buggy Pod rank slightly higher, yet low, scoring 4 and 5 of 10, respectively. These hook-on portable high chairs have hard-to-clean areas, particularly where the canvas sides meet the padded seat. Food crumbs love to accumulate in this area, which is easy to overlook. Using a slightly dampened cloth, you can brush the crumbs out of this area, but you'll need to remove the canvas and hand wash it for a deep clean. We consider this task more time-consuming compared to hard plastic options or those with machine-washable covers. Also, removing the canvas covers varies among this small group of hook-on chairs. The Mountain Buggy Pod has a zipper system that makes removing the canvas more accessible and relatively quick. The Inglesina's cover is easy to remove but takes longer to thread it back on the frame, and the phil and ted seat requires the most effort as it requires a tool, which isn't as handy.

There's likely a product in our lineup that will meet your needs. But, before selecting a portable high chair, we suggest putting some thought into how you plan on using the chair and how often. These factors, plus budget, may influence your decision-making.

Credit: Abriah Wofford


Purchasing a portable high chair is a good move if you like to dine out or plan to travel with your baby. Use it for trips to the grandparents or as an excellent space-saving solution for those living in tight quarters. A portable high chair can also help your little one eat more comfortably from baby to toddlerhood. In the end, comfort, functionality, and portability are critical elements you should consider before selecting a product. Lucky for you, our review includes the information and details to help your decision-making. We are sure you'll find a seat that can tag along wherever you and your baby roam. Happy dining!

5 types of high chairs: pros and cons

An important stage in a child's growing up is the introduction of complementary foods. Pediatricians advise introducing the first complementary foods no earlier than 4 months of age. Children at this time still sit uncertainly or do not sit at all.

There is an option to put your baby in pillows or on your knees for feeding. Since gradually motor activity increases, these methods become uncomfortable. At this point, highchairs come to the rescue. Functional and comfortable, they will be a salvation for you and your apartment.


  • Wooden Chair for feeding
  • Wheel stool for wheels
  • Hungry chair
  • Roaded charm
  • Chair-Buster

Wooden charm for feeding

are considered classic. They appeared first in this category of furniture. You can find varieties of such chairs: with and without a tabletop. A model with a tabletop is preferable; if necessary, it can be easily removed.

Manufacturers advise to use from the moment when the child began to sit confidently on his own (usually from the age of six months) and up to 3 years.

Advantages of a wooden high chair:

  • Wood is an environmentally friendly material. Baby is insured against exposure to toxic substances. Natural wood vapors are considered beneficial to health. However, it is worth paying attention to the method of attaching parts.

If construction is held in place with poor quality adhesive, consider alternative mounting options.

  • Easy to clean. Treated wood almost does not absorb foreign substances and odors. Top covered with a protective layer. If the chair is dirty, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Democratic price. This category is one of the most economical. The low cost is due to the availability and prevalence of the material.
  • Fits easily into the interior. Wood color is universal. Wherever you put the chair, it will look concise and stylish. Sometimes there are models covered with paint. In this case, pay attention to the quality of this coating.

There are models - transformers. Includes chair and table. Can be used for a long time as tables for creativity. At preschool age, the chair is removed. It turns out the design of a small chair and table. The child is provided with an individual place for eating and studying until school age.

  • It is possible to put the chair close to the common table. When a child has lunch or dinner with the whole family, it is good for psychological health. Thus, children learn to eat on their own faster, as they see adults in front of them, setting the right example.

It is good if the children's piece of furniture is made of beech, birch or pine. These materials are not only safe, but even beneficial for the health of the crumbs. The cost will be slightly higher than alternative materials.

Disadvantages of a wooden highchair:

  • In contact with water, swollen “bubbles” appear. Forgotten drops of porridge and compote spoil the appearance of children's furniture in a matter of hours.
  • Difficult to transport. There are no systems for compact folding. If the trunk of the car is small, then the chair automatically becomes stationary.
  • They take up a lot of space in the kitchen. The construction is bulky. This is especially true for models with a countertop.
  • Used for feeding only. If there is no additional table in the kit.
  • No height adjustment. When you go to the store, measure your kitchen furniture.
  • If the baby is hyperactive, there is a risk of tipping over, since wood is a light material.

There is a lot of feedback about the short service life. It depends on the choice of the manufacturer. There are models made from chipboard. This is unsafe for health.

High chair on wheels

Models of this type are becoming more and more common.

Advantages of a highchair on wheels:

  • Easy to move around the apartment due to convenient wheels. You have the opportunity to do things while the baby is busy. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the child, since he is in front of your eyes.
  • Compact when folded. Easy to take with you when traveling or visiting.
  • Most models have brakes. This fact increases the degree of security. It becomes possible to use the chair outside in the warm season.
  • Convenient to use after a caesarean section to move the baby. After the operation, you can not lift anything heavy for a long time.

Many models can be used as a swing or deck chair. This saves the budget and makes such a purchase practical. It becomes possible to use from the moment the baby is born.

Disadvantages of highchairs on wheels:

Big weight and dimensions.

May leave marks on floors. Pay attention to the material from which the wheels are made: whether they stain the floor, whether they leave depressed grooves on the carpet and whether they scratch linoleum or parquet.

High chair

Attached to the kitchen table. As a result, the child sits "on weight". The spectacle is not for impressionable women.

Benefits of hanging high chairs:

  • Space saving in the kitchen. No need to look for a separate place. Ideal for one-room apartments or communal apartments.
  • Travel friendly. Everywhere there is a table to which you can attach a chair. But no one guarantees that he will come to this table.
  • Easy to fold. P will fit in the trunk of a car or even in a large travel bag. There is an opportunity to take with you to the country.
  • Low price, one of the most budget options.

Cons of hanging high chairs:

  • You need to consider the type of kitchen table. Not all tables can be hung. Going to the store for a purchase, measure the dimensions of the table and describe in detail to the consultant the type of countertop, or even better, take a picture and show him the photo.
  • Designed to be lighter than other models. This fact is due to the design, because it does not provide any additional support, except for the table top.
  • Not suitable for tables with one leg. The chair will knock over the table.
  • May be unsafe if child is active.

Travel highchair

Fabric pads for adult chairs. Looks like kangaroo bags attached to the backs.

Advantages of travel highchairs:

  • You can take it anywhere with you. You can turn any chair into a nursery chair with this overlay.
  • Size adjustment available. Depending on the type, the length of the straps and the height of the main “pocket” are adjustable, which expands the age range of use.
  • Easy to wash in an automatic washing machine. Plus in the case of a restless baby who loves to play with food.
  • Miniature folded. Can be put in your pocket.
  • The child sits at the table at the same level as the whole family. At the same time, he feels like a full-fledged member of society and his family.
  • Cheap.

Disadvantages of travel highchairs:

  • Unsafe compared to others. Cloth mounts, although they hold the child, can rub and irritate with active movements.
  • This variety is not suitable for children who sit unsteadily. Although manufacturers claim that reliable back support is provided, in comparison with other options, it is minimal.
  • The need for daily washing. It is convenient to wash the fabric, but on the other hand, it gets dirty more often, and you can no longer wipe it with a cloth. In the intervals between feedings, you will have to wash, which creates additional inconvenience. From frequent washing, they lose their presentable appearance. The fabric becomes faded and washed out.

Booster Chair

Compact, small version sits on a large chair. Unlike the road one, it has its own frame made of metal or plastic. By design, it resembles a car seat, fixed not on a car seat, but on a chair. There are models with countertops.

Advantages of booster chairs:

  • They take up little space when compared with wooden or transformer chairs.
  • Easy to clean. The covers are removable and easy to wash in the machine.
  • Mostly made of plastic, making these models lightweight.
  • Easy to carry around the house. Carry with you with the baby inside.

Disadvantages of booster chairs:

Controversial safety level. It all depends on the base chair. Purchase chairs of this type only if you are confident in the strength of your own.

When choosing take into account:

  • The presence of a basket for toys. Toys are always at hand and in their place.
  • How many wheels move freely. Maybe two or four, it dramatically affects the comfort of movement.
  • The presence of a latch between the legs so that the fidget does not fall out.
  • Presence of seat belts. There are three-point and five-point types of fastening. If the baby turns around a lot when he eats, give preference to the latter.
  • Presence of a countertop. There are options with double countertops. With them, it is easier to take care of the countertop.
  • Footrest included. Difficulty eating on weight.
  • Ask the seller for a certificate for this type of product.
  • Choose trusted manufacturers who have proven themselves in the children's goods market.
  • Backrest tilt adjustment. You can choose a comfortable position for a child at any age.

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High chairs: types, benefits, recommendations for choosing

day process, and on how comfortable it will be for both mom and baby, largely depends on whether the life of a family will be simplified or, conversely, complicated the introduction of complementary foods. To organize this process, such an object was created. furniture, such as a highchair for feeding. However, despite the fact that all chairs are designed with one purpose - to place and feed the child, their types and characteristics differ markedly, so when choosing this accessory it is necessary to compare the features of a particular model with age and weight the baby, the dimensions of the room, the aesthetic preferences of the parents and their wishes for additional "options".


highchair - the issue has been resolved, we list once again its main advantages:

place, is in a comfortable position, cannot wriggle out or slip out In a word, ready to eat.

2. Safety: movements of the person in the chair and secured by seat belts or a special bumper, the child is easier control - you can not be afraid that he will knock over food that has not yet cooled down, reaches for something sharp or hot, or falls.

Cosatto 3 Sixti Highchair

a consequence of feeding) are localized in one place - on a high chair, and not evenly distributed throughout the kitchen or the apartment as a whole, which means that it is much easier to remove them easier.

4. There is no need to take turns eating when one parent holds the baby, allowing the second to eat: the whole family can have lunch at the same time.

5. The baby learns to eat independently and neatly faster, and if a family is having lunch nearby, then he also adopts the rules from childhood table behavior.

Highchair Pali Pappy-Re

and as the first "workplace" of a grown-up kid, for which he can play, draw, explore safe cooking utensils. And this is also an additional an opportunity for mom to calmly do household chores while the baby plays with saucepans-ladles or diligently draws with a finger on semolina, scattered on the surface of the tabletop. If the child is very small and not yet sitting, to ensure his safe presence in the kitchen will help a high chair with reclining back or insert for newborns - such models are also available on sale.

Happy Baby William highchair

Use period

As already mentioned, many modern chairs laid out to the position of "lying" and "reclining" or supplied with special liners, and therefore can be used already in the first months of a baby’s life, and some from birth, performing the function of a deck chair. But still in in most cases, a high chair is bought when the baby already knows how to sit independently (from about six months) and when the first complementary foods are introduced.

Mima Moon Highchair

seat, model weight restrictions (for example, some chairs are designed for children weighing up to 15 kg) and, of course, from the desire of the baby himself to continue using it - it happens that children understand quite early that sitting on a chair with a separate table top is still not the same as sitting at a common table on a par with everyone, and begin to protest against such a division.

Categories by type

1. Highchair , which is attached directly to "adult" table.

Phil and Teds Lobster Highchair

often the ability to fold, the ability to take it on trips and travel, low cost.

Features : when when choosing such a chair, you need to take into account the type, material and thickness of the table top (not suitable for glass tops or surfaces with exclusive inlays, tables with a support in the center, thick worktops), as well as the build and temperament of the child - the hanging chair is designed more for thin and calm kids.

Brevi Dinette Hello Kitty High Chair

usually has its own countertop.

Benefits of : compact and mobility, like a hanging chair - moreover, mounted on a chair the booster can be carried around the apartment (without even taking the child out of it). Ease of use: The plastic surface is easy to clean.

Features : safety such a chair depends, unfortunately, not only on its quality, but also on the stability of the adult chair base to which it is attached.

Babymoov Booster Chair

BabyBjorn Booster Chair

3. Highchair.

Benefits of : stability, great additional features - depending on the model, the chair can be equipped with a basket and pockets for small items, an arc with hinged toys, removable or folding tabletops, etc. As a rule, in such highchairs, all details can be adjusted according to the child, starting from the length seat belts and ending with the height of the footrest.

Features : baby older will not be able to sit at the table of most models, nor leave the table.

Bloom Fresco Chrome Highchair

Geuther Swing Highchair

4. transforming into a rocking chair, walker, swing or even a desk with a chair.

Benefits of : thanks to versatility and the possibility of various modifications such a chair serve the baby longer than everyone else, and save time and money.

Features of : the presence of additional functions often affects the dimensions and weight of the model. These chairs are heavier than their counterparts, you can’t take them with you on trips, yes and moving around the apartment is also quite problematic.

Jetem Magic high chair

5. Compact high chairs

ultra-light chairs fold quickly and easily, and when folded take up minimum space, which allows them to become the best option for small premises, as well as for trips and travel.

Features : for to ensure special lightness and mobility, manufacturers have to sacrifice some additional features - for example, compact chairs, such as as a rule, they do not have the ability to adjust in height and change the angle of inclination backs.

Babyhome Eat High Chair

Nano Bloom High Chair

Safety 9003 4 0002 1. Presence of seat belts.

Harness can be three-point (fixing the child between legs and around the waist) and five-point (additional fixation through the shoulders baby). If the naughty has a way of frolicking in a chair or trying to stand on seat with legs, more secure five-point harnesses are recommended. For calm children or toddlers who do not tolerate restrictions on freedom, three-point mounts.

2. Sustainability.

Wide leg spacing for tall models and transformers provides additional stability, but such a chair may not fit in the dimensions of your kitchen. The output will be a chair on one support and round basis. If you need wheels to move around the kitchen or apartment, make sure the brakes are in place and working properly!

High chair Inglesina Zuma

3. Attachments.

If you have chosen a high chair or a booster model, be sure to check the integrity of the fasteners - life and health depend on it your baby!

4. Worktop.

It must be wide enough so that the baby cannot legs to reach the table of adults. Otherwise, there is a risk that he will push off and fall back along with the chair.

Highchair I'COO Pharo

5. Child weight restrictions.

Depends on the specific model and is written in the instructions for application.


If you have a small kitchen or plan to bring a high chair with you to the country house, on a picnic or on trips, choose a model in which compact folding is possible. Be sure before buying try folding the chair yourself to see if it's easy and just. Be sure to check the presence and serviceability of the lock in case sudden folding!

Highchair Concord Lima


fabrics, and from oilcloth, and each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is easier to remove dirt from the oilcloth surface - it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth, but in the heat the child on it can strongly sweat. In this regard, the fabric seat is more comfortable for the baby, but it also more demanding care. Since the fabric cover in this case should be cleaned frequently, check that it can be easily removed and machine wash.

Highchair Peg-Perego Tatamia

bumpers that will prevent spilling and spilling food debris on the floor. advantage there will also be special recesses for dishes, which will provide greater stability containers with drinks and food, and the kid who has played out will not be able to easily overturn.

Convenience and comfort

relevant for models without tables, which imply that the chair moves towards the common table).

Stokke Trip Trapp Highchair

seat backs (so that a very small child does not “hang out” in the structure and reached for the table, and the grown-up baby, on the contrary, was not crowded behind him).

3. Several backrest positions: if the baby does not yet know how to sit or prefer to take a nap after eating, having a position is useful "reclining".

4. Adjustable footrest: baby's feet must not droop or be strongly bent at the knees - not only is it uncomfortable, this position It also interferes with proper blood circulation and spoils posture.

Pali Eclettika transforming high chair

which is regulated by a timer, a basket for toys, all kinds of pockets, a play a developmental panel or an arc with toys - all these details can make the baby's stay in the highchair is more fun for the baby and calmer for parents.

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