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Glass jar for baby food type BS2-100-BT-1 in Solnechnogorsk (glass container)

  • Russia
  • Solnechnogorsk
  • Containers made of glass, porcelain, ceramics
  • Glass containers
  • Bank glass for baby food type BS2-100-BT-1 in Solnechnogorsk

Price: 3 100 ₽

for 1 unit

Product description

Regulatory documents: GOST 32671-2014 “Glass containers for baby food. General specifications”, TU 5986-011-53945143-2015 “Glass jars for baby food”.

Cans and bottles are packed in polyethylene shrink film bags according to GOST 25951 and pallets 800×1200 mm in size. The formation of transport packages-pallets: on a palletizer with packaging in a polyethylene film - a sleeve with a fold.

The convenient location of the enterprise makes it possible to ship products by road and rail.

Delivery includes: cans (or bottles), packaging, label.

Price is for 1000 pcs. excluding VAT, when purchasing a minimum lot. The wholesale price depends on the volume of the purchase.

Characteristics of a glass jar for baby food type BS2-100-BT-1

  • — Country of manufacture:: Russia

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+7 4959941444


Steklozavodskaya, 1

Glass jar for baby food type BS2-100-BT-1

Glass or tin containers? | Articles from Glavsteklotara

Article content:

  • Soda in glass bottles
  • Tin can - how convenient is it?
  • Baby food packaging: glass jar or tin jar?

Many drinks are now sold in three types of packaging - plastic bottles, glass containers and cans. Due to the dubious quality of PET containers, many producers prefer the other two options, especially for the sale of beer.

Soda in glass bottles

The capacity of standard products is 0.33 and 0.5 liters. For some drinks, only dark glass containers are used so that the light does not affect their taste and quality. Glass is absolutely not hazardous to health.

Glass containers are functional, they are able to keep the contents in their original state for a long time, the lid can be unscrewed and screwed several times. When opening the bottle, the interaction of the drink with oxygen is minimized, since it has a narrow neck. And finally, glass containers can be recycled.

The disadvantages of bottles include their cost, which also affects the final price of a drink sold in stores. Do not forget also about the fragility of glass - you will have to take additional precautions during transportation and placement on the shelves of the trading floor.

Tin can - how convenient is it?

Containers made of food tin began to be used for bottling drinks in the middle of the last century. Now such containers are relevant in many countries, including Russia. It is usually produced in a volume of 0.33 liters.

If the glass has a rather impressive weight, then the tin is light, the jar is comfortable to hold in your hand. To open the container, you do not need any special tools. The cost of tin is low. The material is easily applied inscriptions, drawings.

But tin, alas, cannot boast of complete security. Cans are made of aluminum, which can give the drink a not-so-pleasant metallic aftertaste. This can be avoided by adding special components to the contents before bottling, but this reduces the natural composition of the drink.

Baby food packaging: glass jar or tin jar?

Many mothers like tin containers because they are light. This is very convenient when you need to take baby purees for a walk or a trip, especially since the metal does not break when dropped. Therefore, the child is protected from the risk of being cut by splinters. Although tin cans can still lead to minor injuries: an older child can tear the key off the lid, touch the sharp edges with his hand.

If we talk about the safety of the product, then the container of both materials occupies approximately the same positions. These are jars that have not yet been opened. But if you have already opened a container made of tin, then you can no longer close it like a glass container. Although this may be a minor drawback if you always use the entire contents of the jar at once, which is already small in itself.

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