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30 Different Ways To Use Baby Food Jars

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Instead of throwing out those little baby food jars, utilize them to their fullest! Clean then out and start getting creative. From tiny gifts to crafting and organizing, let’s see some spectacular ways of using these bits. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 30 baby food jar crafts and hopefully, you’ll grab some inspiration and be creating something new out of your old jars.

1. Vintage Jars

At the Picket Fenceshows us how to turn those little glass jars into something fresh and unique for your kitchen or craft room. It’s quite the transformation, don’t you think?


Shower Favors

What better way to pass out the baby shower favors than using baby food jars? These princess cuties are quite the addition and thanks to The Diva Dish, you know how to make it happen.

3. Snow Globe

Craftaholics Anonymousshares an adorable DIY for all to see. Create these mini snow globes as decor for the house throughout the holidays or tiny gifts for friends and family.

4. Wall Vase & Candleholder

Used for either candles or flowers, this wall piece was made with some glass jars and a piece of wood. It’s rustic, it’s stylish and completely unique and thanks to Make Life Lovely, you can make it too!

5. Cheesecake

Use those jars as holders for some delicious treats. At I Am Baker you can learn how to create some no-bake cheesecake right inside for the perfect bite.

6. Topiarys

Sugar Tot Designs shows off a great way to utilize the jars as party favors but also a way to create small, topiary decor as well! It’s easy and festive!


Gift Packaging

Little Miss Mommafeatured such a beautiful, genius idea that we had to show it off too! Use those baby food jars as a way to wrap small gifts. And then have fun embellishing, of course.

8. Glitter Slime

We’re in absolute love with these family-friendly design fromThe 36th Avenue. Use them as fun, birthday party favors or just as an afternoon project!

9. Lemon Scrub

Use some jars to hold your homemade sugar scrub! At Cincy Shopperyou’ll learn not only how to create your own lemon scrub but also how to utilize a food jar for safe keeping.

10. Pencil Holder

Create something fun for the kid’s room or play area with some leftover food jars. From Lego-themed to barbie, you can use this tutorial from Handmade Charlotte for inspiration!

11. Bubble Jar

Here’s another charming idea to use as small gifts or party favors. These bubble jars from Chickabug Blog are too cute!



We snagged this idea from Jamie + Lorenand we’re in love. It’s romantic, it’s easy, it’s inexpensive and perfect for a variety of events.

13. Pin Cushions

This baby food jar pin cushion from Craft Pudding is charming and functional. Have fun creating this for your craft room or as a tiny gift for a friend.

14. Advent Calendar

Craftaholics Anonymous made this Christma advent calendar out of baby food jars and we were completely inspired. You could use for a variety of events from birthdays to Halloween!

15. Sand Art

Make your own sand art with some older baby food jars! This is a great family crafts and thanks to Kix Cereal we have the inspiration to get started.

16. Tissue Paper Candle Holders

Tinker Lab gave us another wonderful way to turn those jars into tiny candle holders. Cover them with tissue paper, ad some mod podge and have yourself a romantic scene.


Glitter Covered

Delicate Construction shows us how to upcycle those jars and make them into something a lot more stylish. Dip them in glitter, of course!

18. Pecan Parfait

Fill up those jars with a delicious treat for your next dinner party or shower. These pecan parfaits look delicious and can be found at Celebrations at Home.

19. Craft Rack

Crafty Nestshows us some great inspiration for your craft room. You can make an entire shelving space and fill it up with your odds and ends using baby food jars for easy organizing.

20. Ponytail Organization

Here’s a great way to keep your hair accessories organized and ready to grab. Tidy them up by color and use chalkboard paint to label them just like they did at Popsugar.

21. Rice Shaker

An easy toy to make for your baby that will keep them involved and stimulated for awhile …. a rice shaker! Thanks for the inspiration over at How We Montessori.

22. Gumball Favors

Fill them with gumballs and top them with embellishments of your choice – according to the party’s theme – as favors! That’s what Make It Lovely did and with love the simplicity and also the creativity.

23. Rainbow Cake

Make Life Lovely also gives us inspiration concerning baked good. These rainbow cakes are adorable but delicious too and can be used for a variety of occasions.

24. Crayon Storage

Monkey See Monkey Dogave us some colorful and festive organization idea for the kids playroom or our own craft rooms! Paint the jars and then tidy things up a bit!

25. Magnetic Jars

Used for spices or crafts storage, these magnetic jars are the perfect way to help organize small things in small spaces. Check it out at DAV.I.SON.

26. Hummingbird Feeder

Check out this awesome DIY from Birds & Blooms! Feed the hummingbirds you love out in the garden with these easy and adorable tutorial.

27. Dipped Vases

These gorgeous vases from Apples & Onions are, possibly, my personal favorite from the list. They’re inspired, they’re stylish and totaly doable at home.

28. Salt & Pepper Shaker

Add a bit of charm to your table with these baby food jar salt & pepper shakers from Dream A Little Bigger. This is such a great way to upcycle and give yourself another functional item.

29. Votive Holders

This photo from Flickr inspires us to create votive holders out of older jars. Paint a design and use them around the house for a pop of romance and warmth.

30. Spice Jars

Pinterest shows us how to use all of those old food jars for organizing the pantry. With a bit of chalkboard paint, you’ll have a great way to keep your spices easy-to-reach and tidy in a drawer.

Baby Food Jar DIY Crafts to Reuse Your Jars

Give your recycling bin a break! Pull out all those Earth’s Best® jars and use these miniature disposables as an awesome vehicle for creativity and fun. Whether crafting with a young child, making something to brighten a room, or give as a gift, there are many ways to repurpose these miniature jars into something more lasting.
Before you begin, remove the labels and use a warm, soapy water solution and a sponge to remove any remaining glue on the jars. Let the jars dry and then get to work on these fun and crafty projects.

  1. Spa In A Jar
    Thank others with a salt and sugar scrub to clean and beautify dirty hands and feet. Coarse salt, turbinado sugar, almond or coconut oil and your favorite essential oil are all that is needed to create this simple and functional gift. Paint the top and cover it with a small canning label to note the contents for the recipient.
  2. Cake Cups
    When packaged in baby food jars no-bake cakes and puddings become a portable and easy treat. These are great for dinner gatherings where guests might want sample several different types of cakes or kid’s parties where portability is important – they’re easy to bring to picnics or event spaces. No-bake cheesecake, pudding cake and ice cream cake can all be portioned into baby food jars and when finished with a bow around the rim make for a table full of beautiful desserts.
  3. Jar Baby
    Using pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and a glue gun, create a face on the front jar to give it a little character. Fill a jar with potting soil and bury a couple pinches of grass seed in the soil. Set the jar in a sunny location, remember to keep it moist and watch your jar baby grow.
  4. Centerpiece Touches
    Dip the bottom or all of several baby food jars in acrylic paint to create a colorful flair and use them as mini-vases or votive containers for table centerpieces. Perfect for a dinner party or child’s birthday party, these cute accents are more than easy to customize to match your decor.
  5. Spice Them Up
    Skip store-bought salt and pepper shakers for your next camping trip or picnic and repurpose baby food jars into homemade ones instead. Give the jars a coat of paint or stencil “salt” and “pepper” on them, use an awl to poke holes in the tops and you are ready to fill them and go on your adventure.
  6. Water Worlds
    Snow globes are fun to make and a great craft to do with kids. Glycerin, epoxy glue, glitter and a couple of decorations are all that is needed to turn a jar into a fun and glittery world. Small toys make a perfect centerpiece for the snow globe, as do tiny trees and other knick-knacks. Affix the centerpiece object to the center of the lid with the epoxy glue and let it dry. Fill the jar with water, a couple generous pinches of glitter and a few drops of glycerin, close the lid tightly and shake the globe for a wonderfully simple snowstorm.

Published: February 1, 2019

Last modified: April 2, 2019

Children's vegetable puree: edible or inedible?

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GOST not Decree

The tasting of vegetable puree was conducted by specialists who have devoted many years to the development of baby food. Their opinion can be trusted. But we want to warn you: it is impossible to guarantee that the child will like the same puree as the experts (rather, you should rely on your own taste). Much more important is compliance with safety requirements. And most of the samples we tested meet the standards. Most, but not all. nine0003

Let's deal with the quality

Andrey Mosov, head of the expert department of NP Roskontrol, doctor:

“Such characteristics as sweetness, bitterness or “unexpressed taste” are subjective. Parents most often pay attention to the water content of the product. The presence of water in the composition of vegetable puree is not bad for the first feeding. You just need to understand that water is a cheaper raw material than a pumpkin.”

Irina Konokhova, leading expert of NP Roskontrol, doctor:

“Indeed, in most of the tested vegetable purees, the mass fraction of chlorides (i.e. salt) is 0. 2%, and in the Babushkino Lukoshko, Heinz and Semper purees it is 0.3%. Perhaps this is due to the higher natural content of sodium chloride in the feedstock, although it cannot be ruled out that salt was added. However, this intake of salt with complementary foods is acceptable, given the physiological need for sodium in children. The permissible mass fraction of chlorides in children's vegetable puree is 0.6%, and this figure is not exceeded in the tested samples. nine0016

How about sterility?

Let's start with the main thing: all samples meet the requirements of industrial sterility. Pesticides were not found in any of the samples, and all samples meet the standards in terms of nitrate content.

In addition, the puree was checked for 5-hydroxymethyl furfural content . It was not found in any of the samples.

All preservatives and sweeteners are prohibited in baby food. We checked the puree for the presence of sorbate, benzoate, sulfur dioxide (these are preservatives) and determined the mass concentration of sweeteners. Parents can be calm: no preservatives or sweeteners were found in the samples. nine0003

One in the jar, another on the label

Andrey Mosov, head of the expert department of NP Roskontrol, doctor:

in pumpkin puree should be 3.6% (in boiled pumpkin - 4.6%).

Summing up and drawing conclusions

Roskontrol experts noted that the manufacturer of puree Semper misleads the consumer about the presence of sugar in the composition. A mark "Bebivita" does not correspond to the actual product name - it is indicated in small print on the back of the label ("Complementary food product - mashed pumpkin and potatoes").

Puree “Spelyonok” has the inscription “fortified with vitamin C” illegally placed: the actual mass fraction of ascorbic acid in this sample is four times less than indicated in the label. Plus, on all samples, except for Bebivita puree, information about the nutritional value in terms of carbohydrate content is distorted. nine0003

Test details

August 27, 2014



Applicant organization name

Name of contact person

Job title



Name of the declared product (goods)

I have read and accept the Rules for the Functioning of the Independent Quality Control System "Roskontrol".

Name of goods

Category of goods



Information about

Main characteristics
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home scrub in baby food jars

The child has grown up, eats with everyone at the same table, and there is no need to buy baby food for him in jars. During the time you accustomed him to various tastes, a huge amount of containers for juices and purees accumulated. Where to put jars of baby food? offers to use our ideas. nine0003

Candle holders from jars

The simplest idea that most often comes to mind is to make candle holders. Place colored sand, beautiful pebbles, decorative glass pebbles on the bottom and light tea candles.

DIY candle holders

Baby food jars can be decorated to fit any theme. In this photo, the candlestick is made in a marine style. Paint the jar with paint. Apply a colorless varnish around the bottom and, while the varnish is still wet, sprinkle sand on it. Tie the neck of the baby food jar with pretty ribbon or twine. Glue decorative glass pebbles, shells, starfish. nine0003

Vase for your interior

It is always nice to have fresh flowers in different parts of the house. You can decorate small vases with your own hands to match the style of your interior.

A group of vases for an original interior

We are used to having a bouquet of 5-7 flowers in vases. Try using several juice bottles. Put one flower in each jar, and you will get a bouquet of vases. Is it really original?

For table setting

Use the idea of ​​table setting. Place cutlery and napkins in each bottle. If you also write the names of the guests on the jar with a permanent marker, then you will also get cards for seating guests at the table.

For bathroom utensils

Place ear buds, cotton pads and other small things that are needed for daily hygiene in glass jars and you will see the contents. By screwing beautiful handles to the lids, you will no longer need to unscrew the lid of the jar every day - just cover it. Brilliant idea for organizing space in the bathroom. nine0003

DIY napkin holder

Paint your favorite baby bottle color. Make a slit on the lid of the jar, twist the napkins and place inside. Pull the center napkin through the slot. Such a napkin holder can be used both for table setting and placed on an office desktop.

Lunch to go

Use the food jar as a food container. Our idea is to prepare a healthy cheesecake and put it to the children at school. Place crumbled shortbread cookies on the bottom, then curd cheese, decorate with berries from cherry jam on top. We think your kids will definitely like this dessert to take away. nine0003

Healthy food to go

It's always nice to start every morning with a healthy breakfast, like this smoothie. Can't have breakfast? Close the lid and take it with you.

Baby food jars as glasses

Why buy wine glasses or drink glasses when you have a huge number of bottles? Pour cold lemonade into them, insert a straw and treat your friends.

Spice jars

Another idea for using baby food jars is to use them as spice containers.

Storage container for buttons, needles and threads

Organizer for all sewing accessories in one jar. Use this idea to lose nothing and find quickly.

Nails, screws, bolts container

Screw the jar lid to the bottom of the shelf in your shed. Now you don't have to look for anything, all content will be immediately visible. Why not a paradise for a perfectionist? nine0003

Garden lanterns

Twist the handles for the candlestick out of the wire. Place a tea candle in a jar - the lantern for your garden is ready.

Romantic garden

Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your garden? Hang these lanterns over your resting place.

Here are some more ideas for creating .

Garden Party

By combining the two previous ideas, create a blooming fragrant garden. Use bottles as vases. nine0003

Pencil holder

Colored jars are the perfect solution for storing stationery. In such glasses you can put pens, pencils, crayons, scissors and much more.

DIY small terrarium

Together with your children on vacation, you can make such a terrarium.

Read more ideas on what to do with your child during the holidays.

New Year's decor

Preparing for the celebration of the new year always starts with decorating your home with themed decor. Glass jars provide an incredible amount of ideas. nine0003

DIY gift for the New Year

Every year we spend a lot of money buying souvenirs for loved ones. Make a New Year's gift with your own hands from a baby bottle. Place artificial snow, a spruce branch, a snowman toy, glass beads inside - an original gift is ready!

Girl's birthday

Rinse bottles that used to contain juice. Fill them with a milkshake or other drinks for a girl's birthday party. Insert tubes. Your princess's guests will be delighted. nine0003

Boy's birthday party

Have you already decided that the boy's party will be pirate-style? Then this idea is for you. You can place these candy bottles in a candy bar, or distribute them to little guests as birthday gifts.

Healthy dessert

What's a party without dessert? Place the berries in portions in baby food jars, add curd cheese or natural yogurt. No one will refuse such a dessert. nine0003

Do-it-yourself gift for Valentine's Day

It is customary to give candy in the shape of a heart on Valentine's Day. Pack your gift in a glass jar and tie a crochet heart. It's so cute.

A small gift for a colleague

Succulents are said to relieve static energy accumulated on the desktop. Give a colleague such a plant in a glass jar pot. Tie with a pretty ribbon.

Coin box

What do you think of the change collection idea? How often do you find her at home in various places? Collect and put it in such a cute piggy bank.

In truth, a penny saves a ruble. By giving a second life to baby food jars, you save on buying accessories and items that you can easily make yourself. To do this, you just need a little time and imagination. Dare, and you will succeed!

Women's magazines and Internet sites often give advice on how to clean the house and throw away rubbish. Of course, we agree with them, but there is a doubt: what if the authors are not artists, and do not see the potential of simple things, and do not know how to turn a piece of fabric into a flower, and see a stained-glass window in a white sheet of paper? What to say about empty baby food jars! nine0339

The only concern for a home designer is: is there enough room for a creative idea? Do you have the right materials and decor?

And we have enough ideas, because tin cans can be turned into single useful objects or more complex decorative structures.

For making beautiful storage containers one can is enough.

You will also need white or matching acrylic paint, pieces of lace, cord, dry flowers and seeds, various decorations and glue, hot or instant. nine0003

Let's paint the jar and wait for the paint to dry. Glue lace to the upper edge from the outside. Let's lay out the decor on the table and decide in what order we will stick it. In this case, the setting time of the adhesive must be taken into account.

Very beautiful jars decorated in decoupage technique.

For the shabby chic style you will need white, pink, peach, blue delicate colors and pictures for decoupage (napkins, thin fabric) with small flowers or small bouquets. You can “decoupage” not only a jar, but also a blank, previously pasted over in a spiral with twine, but this option will require experience and skill. nine0062

If you decorate 6 jars using this technique, you will get an excellent bathroom organizer.

For the base, we will select a piece of plywood or drywall with a thickness of at least 1 cm, 45x60 cm in size, prepare acrylic paints (white will be needed most of all, for a primer), brushes, a roller, pictures, braid (tape), decor and a glue gun with rods.

Paint the jars with white acrylic and leave to dry. With small sharp scissors, we cut out flowers or other pictures, which, after the paint dries, we glue on the jars. We outline the contours of the pictures with a thin brush, you can add additional patterns in the form of curls, hearts, dots. nine0003

After the previous layers and objects have dried, glue small decor, decorate the edge with decorative tape, cord.

Let's paint the rectangular base with acrylic paint of the same color as the cans, white in our example, and make the end part pink.

To attach the finished cells to the plywood base, and the base to the wall, you will need a drill, screws and strong male hands. Our task is to pre-determine a place on the wall where the organizer needs to be hung. It is convenient to place towels, a hair dryer and other necessary items in the cells. nine0062

cans can be made into sectional storage skeins of yarn, container for bags, plastic spoons and forks for a picnic, pencil holder , scissors and other stationery on the desktop, scarf organizer on the wardrobe shelf, soap container and shampoo in the bathroom.

We choose the way of decoration depending on our imagination. turn banks into flower pots is as easy as shelling pears - we punch holes in the bottom, paint the surface in the desired color, plant flowers. Using a hook or wire, we hang the plants on the wall, fence. nine0062

Advanced craftsmen will cope with mosaic decoration of containers . For the mosaic, we will select glass pebbles (available in the garden-garden departments of household supermarkets), buttons, a mix of the remains of small beads and beads, pieces of ceramic tiles or porcelain, as well as a set of “unnecessary” items from a chest of drawers in the country.

If the mosaic decor is covered with gold or bronze acrylic paint, you get a real masterpiece. To give the coating a touch of antiquity, first cover the base with black paint, then decorate the protruding parts with a bronze tint. nine0003

Garden candlestick we will make by perforating the walls of the can, outside we will paint the surface to our liking. In such a container, you can put not only candles, but also mount lamps, but for this you need to observe safety when working with electricity.

Useful cans and for children's games : we will make a sorter toy out of them so that the child can pick up objects under the corresponding holes and throw them into a jar (the edges must be processed so as not to get hurt!), a garage for small cars, a train, stilts, funny little men. nine0003

There is a place for jars in the country: as a stand for dishes, containers for bulk products and spices. We cut the twigs with pruners, glue them to the jar, tie them with twine - we get a chic eco-vase for wild flowers. Still have jars left? Let's make a bird feeder and a decorative bee so that no one picks our cherries in the garden.

Now we are convinced that the packaging of infant formula not only has a second useful life, but also keeps the environment clean.

1. Oil lamp: fill two-thirds of the can with kerosene and close the lid. Lower the rope into a jar of kerosene for an hour, let it soak in kerosene. Make a hole in the lid, put a rope through it, and lo and behold - the lamp is ready!

2. Handy matchbox (great if you stick a match grater on top of the lid).

3. Garland.

4. Garland-2.

5. Storage for sewing supplies.


7. Jar and seedlings are inseparable.

8. Small items for children, lying in the bank will remain safe and sound!

you only need to make a thread hole in the lid.

10. In the same way you can store ribbons .

11. You're right, it's pizza, and it's in a can! In it you can not only store all the necessary ingredients, but also bake pizza (in a deep pan filled with water).

12. Spices on magnets.

13. Buttons can be stored similar to spices. Nail the lids to the shelf, fill and screw. nine0003

14. Vases: Fill the bottom of a clean, dry can with acrylic paint (approximately 5 cm), turn the can upside down and slowly rotate it (the paint should spread evenly over the entire inside of the can). Attention! It is impossible to pour water into such jars, this is a purely decorative element.

15. Paint can with spray paint, looks no worse than acrylic.

16. Candlestick.

17. A good idea for decorating a country house: jar on a string with a candle inside.

18. A jar was born to become a candlestick. Fill the bottom of the jar with pebbles or sand to help the candle stick better.

19. Romantic option: fill jars with water and put tablet candles on them.

20. Cupcakes in a jar can be a good and original gift!

21. Terrarium jar.

22. Salad container : simple and convenient.

23. Label can with glue gun:

24. Or use letters for scrapbooking.

25. Cans can be photo frames.

26. Fireflies : Pour the contents of the neon stick into the jar. Then glitter. Close the lid, shake, and the "firefly" is ready! nine0003

27. Container for liquid soap.

Probably every mother at least once bought a jar of baby food: mashed broccoli, prunes, apples and more. The kid ate the puree with pleasure, smearing its contents on all surfaces. And the jar was carefully washed out and sent to the shelf to its fellows. What to do with her?

There are a lot of ideas for using glass baby food jars. Website "Mom can do anything!" collected the most interesting of them. nine0003

Ideas for using baby food jars

  1. Pincushions. From glass jars it is easy to make such cute pincushions that can fit buttons and other small handicraft things.
  2. Houses for fairies. If you are fond of modeling, then you should try to make such a delightful house for fairies.
  3. Aquarium. A jar is a small aquarium for a toy fish. Pour soil inside, install algae - the craft is ready. You can also mold plasticine fish together with your child and place them in a jar. nine0062
  4. Terrarium. Plant moss and other small, low-maintenance plants inside.
  5. Decorations for the holiday. Decorate the jars with glitter, make holes in the lids and install decorative elements, letters and numbers. A very original decoration is ready.
  6. Bird feeder. Few people realize that such delicious drinkers and bird feeders are obtained from an ordinary baby food can. In the sun, they will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow and delight the eye. nine0062
  7. Storage for small items. From cans, not only beautiful things are obtained, but also very practical. Screw the lids to a wooden surface and you will get very convenient containers for storing small things.
  8. Candlesticks for the garden. Buy a lot of small candles, put each one in its own jar and hang them by ropes on tree branches. A beautiful setting for a romantic evening is ready.

  9. Container for growing onions. Green onions are a storehouse of nutrients that are so lacking in the cold season. Growing such an onion is not difficult. Pour water into the jar, put the bulb on top, in a few days we will get the first shoots. nine0064
  10. Pots for seedlings. It is convenient to plant parsley, dill and other herbs in small jars.
  11. Crafts from baby food jars. Such beautiful flowers in pots are easy to make yourself with your children. We circle the palm on a green sheet of cardboard, cut it out, gluing a flower on each finger. We put it in a pot-jar - a beautiful craft is ready. Such flowers will be a great gift for mom or grandmother by March 8th.
  12. Storage containers. In puree jars it is very convenient to store buttons, beads, beads. nine0062
  13. Pencil holders.
  14. Night lamps.
  15. Snow globe. A can of baby food makes a delicious snow globe. Just stick the figurine on the lid. Pour the baby oil and glitter into the jar, close the lid tightly and shake.

  16. Gift-treat for guests or children.
  17. Original frames. Just place photos inside the jar.
  18. Spice storage. Glass jars with screw-on lids keep spices fresh for a long time. nine0062
  19. Vases for flowers. Just dip the jar in the paint and get unusual vases for small flowers.
  20. Jelly mold. Small jars are great for making jelly. It looks beautiful and appetizing in them, one jar holds one serving, and the screw cap will help keep it in the refrigerator for a long time.

In every family with small children, there are at least a few jars left after eating baby food. Don't rush to throw them away. With a little imagination, you can make a lot of interesting things out of this compact container. nine0062 Jars must be thoroughly washed and dried before use. After that, you can decorate them as you wish, using various materials.

Here is a selection of creative baby food jar ideas that you can use to make unique, original and useful household items.

Handy spice jars.
Agree that storing spices in retail packaging is not the best solution. Making a convenient container for spices from jars is not difficult. Just peel off the labels and instead stick labels with the designation of the contents. You can go even simpler and sign the lids. Those who love creative solutions can decorate the jars to their taste with the help of ribbons, painting or decoupage. nine0003

Gift box for sweets.
Decorate the jars to your taste (eg with coarse ropes and colored cloth) and get a beautiful gift box. Pour colored dragees or small sweets into the container - an unusual surprise for the sweet tooth is ready.

Jars can also be used for jam, honey or marmalade. A great way to beautifully present homemade sweets to friends and family. Attach small paper cards to the jars, on which you can write information about the contents or a sincere wish. Decorate mugs with beautiful napkins and ribbons. nine0003

Paint the jars in different colors and, when the paint dries well, place pencils and felt-tip pens in them.
Jars can also be used for other office supplies.

Needle beds.
Pour colored buttons into the jars, and glue homemade pads made of foam rubber covered with colored fabric on the lids. The original is sure to come in handy for those who are fond of needlework. nine0003

Christmas decorations.
To make an analogue of a snow globe, you need to fill the jar with small sparkles, beads, artificial snow or crushed foam and pour water. Add 1 tablespoon of glycerin to make our "snowflakes" swirl with movement. You can take more glycerin, then the particles will float in the water more slowly. As a decor, use any New Year's toy - it must be glued to the lid.

Flower vases.
Wonderful vases for small short bouquets are obtained by simply placing flowers in jars. You can dream up a little and add decor compositions.

Beautifully decorated jars can be wonderful candle holders that will decorate any occasion. At the bottom of the jar you need to pour sand, and place a small tea candle on top. The design depends on your imagination and skills: it can be as simple as possible or more inventive. nine0003

Hairpins, buttons, sewing accessories, carnations and other household items are very conveniently stored in baby food jars. Jars can be glued with lids to the shelf - then they will definitely not be lost and will always be in sight.

Learn more