Baby food jar terrarium

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DIY Kids Projects: Baby Food Jar Planters and Terrariums

by Lonny Team

Two kid-approved ideas to help you make the most of a very cold Monday Funday

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Make a Miniature Terrarium

Make a Miniature Terrarium joi

4. 45 avg. rating (87% score) - 11 votes

Not only are terrariums the simplest way to connect with nature and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside year round, they also make great gifts.  When choosing the type of terrarium to buy or make, consider this: a miniature terrarium takes up very little space, making it even more versatile than its full-sized counterpart. They can be easily tucked into a bookcase or — depending on the container used — suspended from a window frame.

Make a Miniature Terrarium


Terrariums need not be fancy or expensive: a simple glass jar, such as a votive or baby-food jar, will do. Add enough potting soil to cover the bottom, arrange miniature plants or live moss, add decorative elements, mist and voila — your personalized self contained paradise is ready to inspire you or your sweetheart as well as serve as a lasting and living reminder of your love.

Instructions to Make a Miniature Terrarium

  • Select a clear glass jar or vase. Glass containers in unusual sizes and interesting shapes, as well as small candle jars with lids, are nice options.
  • Spread a layer of gravel on the bottom of the container for drainage and sprinkle some charcoal on top.
  • Spread a layer (approximately ½ inch, depending on size of jar) of clean potting soil on top of the gravel.
  • Make a small hole in the soil with your finger for miniature plant roots. Gently cover. If using live moss as your plant, arrange it on top of the soil.
  • Mist lightly.

Gently mist your tiny terrarium.

Shelley Wigglesworth

To maintain miniature terrariums an occasional misting of water is all that is required.

NOTE: A dry or preserved terrarium is another fun option for miniature terrariums. Skip the potting soil and misting if you plan to use dried and preserved mosses. Another dry option is to create a Zen terrarium or “Beach in a bottle” using beach sand, shells, smooth pebbles, drift wood, tiny drink umbrellas, and a tiny Buddha or angel. Add a sprinkle of glitter to the sand for a magical feel.




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Crafts from baby food jars

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The kid ate the puree with pleasure, smearing its contents on all surfaces. And the jar was carefully washed out and sent to the shelf to its fellows. What to do with her?

There are a lot of ideas for using glass baby food jars. Website "Mom can do anything!" collected the most interesting of them.

  1. Needle cases. From glass jars it is easy to make such cute pincushions that can fit buttons and other small handicraft things.
  2. Houses for fairies. If you are fond of modeling, then you should try to make such a delightful house for fairies.
  3. Aquarium. A jar is a small aquarium for a toy fish. Pour soil inside, install algae - the craft is ready. You can also mold plasticine fish together with your child and place them in a jar.
  4. Terrarium. Plant moss and other small, low-maintenance plants inside.
  5. Decorations for the holiday. Decorate the jars with glitter, make holes in the lids and install decorative elements, letters and numbers. A very original decoration is ready.
  6. Bird feeder. Few people realize that such delicious drinkers and bird feeders are obtained from an ordinary baby food can. In the sun, they will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow and delight the eye.
  7. Storage for small items. From cans, not only beautiful things are obtained, but also very practical. Screw the lids to a wooden surface and you will get very convenient containers for storing small things.
  8. Candlesticks for the garden. Buy a lot of small candles, put each one in its own jar and hang them by ropes on tree branches. A beautiful setting for a romantic evening is ready.
  9. Container for growing onions. Green onions are a storehouse of nutrients that are so lacking in the cold season. Growing such an onion is not difficult. Pour water into the jar, put the bulb on top, in a few days we will get the first shoots.
  10. Pots for seedlings. It is convenient to plant parsley, dill and other herbs in small jars.
  11. Crafts from baby food jars. Such beautiful flowers in pots are easy to make yourself with your children. We circle the palm on a green sheet of cardboard, cut it out, gluing a flower on each finger. We put it in a pot-jar - a beautiful craft is ready. Such flowers will be a great gift for mom or grandmother by March 8th.
  12. Storage containers. In puree jars it is very convenient to store buttons, beads, beads.
  13. Pencil holders.
  14. Night lamps.
  15. Snow globe. A can of baby food makes a delicious snow globe. Just stick the figurine on the lid. Pour the baby oil and glitter into the jar, close the lid tightly and shake.
  16. Gift-treat for guests or children.
  17. Original frames. Just place photos inside the jar.
  18. Spice storage. Glass jars with screw-on lids keep spices fresh for a long time.
  19. Vases for flowers. Just dip the jar in the paint and get unusual vases for small flowers.
  20. Jelly mold. Small jars are great for making jelly. It looks beautiful and appetizing in them, one jar holds one serving, and the screw cap will help keep it in the refrigerator for a long time.
  21. Portion desserts. In small jars it is convenient to make portioned desserts.
  22. Refreshing cocktail in a jar.
  23. Candles. You can read how to make these candles here.
  24. Crafts. Small glass jars are a great base for crafts.
  25. Rubber storage. The advantages of transparent jars are obvious - it's easy to find the right one.

How do you use jars?

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26 ideas on how to use baby food jars

The child has grown up, eats with everyone at the same table, and there is no longer a need to buy baby food in jars for him. During the time while you accustomed him to various tastes, a huge amount of containers for juices and purees accumulated. Where to put jars of baby food? InterestsPortal invites you to take advantage of our ideas.

Candle holders from jars

The simplest idea that most often comes to mind is to make candle holders. Place colored sand, beautiful pebbles, decorative glass pebbles on the bottom and light tea candles.

DIY candle holders

Baby food jars can be decorated to fit any theme. In this photo, the candlestick is made in a marine style. Paint the jar with paint. Apply colorless varnish around the bottom and, while the varnish is still wet, sprinkle sand on it. Tie the neck of the baby food jar with pretty ribbon or twine. Glue decorative glass pebbles, shells, starfish.

Vase for your interior

It is always nice to have fresh flowers in different parts of the house. You can decorate small vases with your own hands to match the style of your interior.

A group of vases for an original interior

We are used to having a bouquet of 5-7 flowers in vases. Try using several juice bottles. Put one flower in each jar, and you will get a bouquet of vases. Is it really original?

For table setting

Use the idea of ​​table setting. Place cutlery and napkins in each bottle. If you also write the names of the guests on the jar with a permanent marker, then you will also get cards for seating guests at the table.

For bathroom accessories

Put ear buds, cotton pads and other little things that are needed for daily hygiene into glass jars and you will see the contents. By screwing beautiful handles to the lids, you will no longer need to unscrew the lid of the jar every day - just cover it. Brilliant idea for organizing space in the bathroom.

DIY napkin holder

Paint your favorite baby bottle color. Make a slit on the lid of the jar, twist the napkins and place inside. Pull the center napkin through the slot. Such a napkin holder can be used both for table setting and placed on an office desktop.

Lunch to go

Use the food jar as a food container. Our idea is to prepare a healthy cheesecake and put it to the children at school. Place crumbled shortbread cookies on the bottom, then curd cheese, decorate with berries from cherry jam on top. We think your kids will definitely like this dessert to take away.

Healthy food to go

It's always nice to start every morning with a healthy breakfast, like this smoothie. Can't have breakfast? Close the lid and take it with you.

Here are some more healthy smoothie recipes.

Baby food jars as glasses

Why buy wine glasses or drink glasses when you have a huge number of bottles? Pour cold lemonade into them, insert a straw and treat your friends.

Spice jars

Another idea for using baby food jars is to use them as spice containers.

Storage container for buttons, needles and threads

Organizer for all sewing accessories in one jar. Use this idea to lose nothing and find quickly.

Nails, screws, bolts container

Screw the jar lid to the bottom of the shelf in your shed. Now you don't have to look for anything, all content will be immediately visible. Why not a paradise for a perfectionist?

Garden lanterns

Twist the handles for the candlestick out of the wire. Place a tea candle in a jar - the lantern for your garden is ready.

Romantic garden

Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your garden? Hang these lanterns over your resting place.

Here are some more ideas for creating garden seating areas.

Garden Party

By combining the two previous ideas, create a blooming fragrant garden. Use bottles as vases.

Pencil holder

Colored jars are the perfect solution for storing stationery. These glasses can hold pens, pencils, crayons, scissors and more.

Small terrarium with your own hands

Together with your children on vacation you can make such a terrarium.

More ideas on what to do with your child during the holidays read here.

New Year's decor

Preparations for the celebration of the New Year always begin with decorating your home with themed decor. Glass jars provide an incredible amount of ideas.

DIY gift for the New Year

Every year we spend a lot of money buying souvenirs for loved ones. Make a New Year's gift with your own hands from a baby bottle. Place artificial snow, a spruce twig, a snowman toy, glass beads inside - an original gift is ready!

Girl's birthday

Rinse bottles that used to contain juice. Fill them with a milkshake or other drinks for a girl's birthday party.

Learn more