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Easy 5-Minute Kiwi Puree for Babies and Toddlers

byAmy Palanjian


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Transform fresh kiwi into a simple Kiwi Puree for babies and toddlers. This easy baby food recipe is full of Vitamin C and fiber and is easy to freeze!

Kiwi Puree

I love blending up fresh fruit into homemade baby food purees and this one is a great option to introduce kiwi to babies. We love this as is, or mixed with Mango Puree or Banana Puree.

How to Buy Kiwi

You’ll want to choose kiwi that’s slightly soft to the touch, but isn’t too squishy. That should have the best flavor and texture for making this recipe.

TIP: Find more tips on how to cut kiwi for baby led weaning and kids.

Ingredients You Need

To make this recipe, you just need fresh kiwi. You may need a little liquid, such as water, breastmilk, or formula, depending on the moisture in the fruit.

TIP: You can also try using full-fat coconut milk to add nutrients and flavor to this puree.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here’s a look at this super simple baby food recipe. Scroll down for the full recipe.

  1. Peel the brown skin from the kiwi and discard..
  2. Add the fruit to a blender.
  3. Blend until very smooth, adding a little liquid if needed.
  4. Serve or store in the fridge or freezer for later.

TIP: If the fruit has a hard time blending smooth, you can double the amount to make it easier for the blender to work.

How to Freeze Kiwi Puree

To freeze, portion puree into an ice cube tray and freeze for 4-6 hours or until frozen. Transfer to a freezer storage bag for up to 3 months. To thaw from frozen, place a cube into an airtight container and allow to thaw overnight in the fridge. Freezing some of your batch is a great way to keep it fresh and have easy meals or meal components ready and waiting.

TIP: Find my best tips for baby food storage here.

My Kiwi Puree is tart—what should I do?

Depending on the flavor of the fresh fruit, it may taste a little tart when pureed. If tastes too tart to you, you can mix it with plain whole milk yogurt, applesauce, Banana Puree, or Avocado Puree to mellow the flavor.

Stage 2 Baby Food Recipe

Kiwi can be a little acidic, so offer this to a baby once they’ve eaten other solids around 7 or 8 months. Sometimes acidic foods can cause a minor skin reaction in babies.

Tips for Making the Best Kiwi Puree

  • If the blender has a hard time blending the fruit totally smooth, increase the amount of kiwi to 2 cups.
  • To freeze, portion puree into an ice cube tray and freeze for 4-6 hours or until frozen. Transfer to a freezer storage bag for up to 3 months.
  • To thaw from frozen, place a cube into an airtight container and allow to thaw overnight in the fridge.
  • Serve as is or mix into yogurt, oatmeal, or a smoothie.
  • Mix it with another puree as desired, such as applesauce, Banana Puree, or Mango Puree.
  • See more of my favorite baby food combinations here.
  • Learn how to cut kiwi for babies and kids.

I’d love to hear what you think of this recipe, so please comment below to share feedback!

Prep Time 5 minutes

Cook Time 0 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Author Amy Palanjian

Cuisine American

Course Baby Food

Calories 28kcal

Servings 4

  • ▢ 2-3 fresh kiwi fruit
  • ▢ water, formula, breastmilk, or full-fat coconut milk as needed
  • Peel the brown skin from the kiwi and discard, keeping just the green fruit.

  • Add the fruit to a blender.

  • Blend until very smooth, adding a little liquid if needed.

  • Serve or store in the fridge or freezer for later.

  • Vitamix Blender

  • Storage Containers

  • Reusable Pouch

  • If the blender has a hard time blending the fruit totally smooth, increase the amount of kiwi to 2 cups.
  • To freeze, portion puree into an ice cube tray and freeze for 4-6 hours or until frozen. Transfer to a freezer storage bag for up to 3 months.
  • To thaw from frozen, place a cube into an airtight container and allow to thaw overnight in the fridge.
  • Serve as is or mix into yogurt, oatmeal, or a smoothie.
  • Mix it with another puree as desired, such as Apple Puree, Banana Puree, or Mango Puree.

Calories: 28kcal, Carbohydrates: 7g, Protein: 1g, Fat: 1g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 1g, Sodium: 1mg, Potassium: 142mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 4g, Vitamin A: 40IU, Vitamin C: 42mg, Calcium: 15mg, Iron: 1mg

Tried this recipe?Rate in the comments and tag @yummytoddlerfood on IG!

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40 Healthy Kiwi Fruit Recipes for Babies and Kids

Kiwi fruit is now easily available in India, which is why we’ve rounded up our top picks of Healthy Kiwi Fruit Recipes for Babies and Kids of all ages!

40 Healthy Kiwi Fruit Recipes for Babies and Kids

1. Kiwi Fruit Puree

2. Pureed Kiwi Yogurt for Babies

3. Kiwi Banana Puree for Babies

4. Kiwi Coconut Chia Pudding

5. Chia Oats with Kiwi

6. Kiwi Teething Pops

7. Kiwi Lemonade

8. Kiwi Broccoli Banana Smoothie

9. Choco Dates Smoothie Bowl

10. Green Smoothie Popsicles

11. Green Smoothie Pancakes

12. Frozen Yogurt Bark

13. Fresh Fruit Popsicles

14. Kiwi Lime Ice Cream

15. Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Slices

16. Tricolor Fruit Parfait

17. Yogurt Fruit Parfait

18. Kiwi Yogurt Cups

19. Kiwi Chips

20. Kiwi Sorbet

21. Kiwi Fruit Juice

22. Kiwi Jam

23. Kiwi Phirni

24. Kiwi Raita

25. Kiwi Wraps

26. Apple Kiwi Peanut Butter Sandwich

27. Kiwi Muffins

28. Kiwi Lime Tart

29. Kiwi Chocolate Mousse

30. Kiwi Barfi

31. Kiwifruit Cheesecake

32. Kiwi Banana Bread

33. Frozen Kiwi Lollipops

34. No Bake Kiwi Bars

35. Kiwi Kulfi

36. Kiwi Pani Puri

37. Kiwi Coconut Overnight Oats

38. Vegan Kiwi Lassi

39. Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Pizza

40. Green Fruit Salad

Buy Healthy Nutritious Baby, Toddler food made by our own Doctor Mom !

Kiwi fruits are cute little fruits aren’t they? They’re soft and fuzzy, like a newborn’s head. The outside is nothing like the inside, which is bright green, juicy and of course, delicious!

There are many other things that make the kiwi fruit special. For instance, just one cup of kiwi provides around 273% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. Yes, 273%!! With an impressive nutritional profile, kiwi fruit has many health benefits including improved vision, low blood pressure, better digestion and lower oxidative stress.

So looks like kiwi fruit is a must have in your diet these days! However, knowing our kids, they can be fussy about eating the fruit as is, and you may have to disguise the fruit in other ways. Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the best among healthy kiwi fruit recipes for babies and kids, including various cuisines. Have fun with them!

If your little one has never had kiwi fruit and you’d like to introduce it, go with a basic kiwi puree. It’ll help get her used to the flavor of the fruit, along with the tiny seeds.

Your baby may not be ready for ice cream, but this kiwi yogurt recipe is a nice alternative! Try  homemade curd for best results and to make sure you’re giving your baby only the very best ingredients.

If your baby loves banana, and you think he’ll take to kiwi more easily if it’s got banana with it, this recipe is perfect! The banana adds some extra natural sweetness along with a creamy texture.

Chia seeds are a great way to add bulk to a dish and fiber to your baby’s diet. Becoming Ness combines kiwi along with some interesting ingredients in this chia pudding recipe. The coconut and coconut milk add natural sweetness, doing away with the need for sugar, which is not recommended for babies under one.

5. Chia Oats with Kiwi

Pudding is one thing you can make with chia seeds – and chia oats is another. Lactation Mamas combines plain oats with chia seeds and kiwi to make a simple dish that doubles up as breakfast and dessert! Go with organic oats to up the nutritional quotient of the dish.

Little one going through the teething blues? Then you should try these teething pops from The Spunky Coconut made with an assortment of fruits that includes kiwi. Avocado and bananas add a creamy texture while pear, nectarines and kiwi provide the bulk of the nutrients.

(The recipes listed below are suitable for babies over the age of one year)

There’s nothing as refreshing as lemonade on a hot day, especially since you also get a dash of Vitamin C with the lemon. However, how about boosting the Vitamin C by mixing in some kiwi? That’s exactly what Lynn Mumbling Mejia has done in this cooling recipe!

Many kids make a fuss about breakfast in the morning, especially if they’re still sleepy and have classes coming up. Skipping breakfast can have many adverse effects on health and brain function. That’s why a smoothie is the perfect idea for weekday mornings, like this one packed with banana, kiwifruit, broccoli and almonds.

If you’d like to change up your breakfast game, but don’t want to put in too much effort, a smoothie bowl is your best bet! This smoothie bowl isn’t just easy to make, you can easily customize it by using whatever you have at home, and the bowl looks very attractive too!

If you have a little one who refuses anything that isn’t chocolate and ice cream, you can still feed him fruit like kiwi – through Popsicles! Baby Foode has an amazing recipe that packs quite a punch with kiwi fruit, pineapple, banana and spinach.

What can you do with smoothies? Drink them, of course! However, The Lean Green Bean shows us that you can do more with smoothies – you can turn them into pancakes! This smoothie pancake batter is made with with some really healthy ingredients that are great for kids – yogurt, spinach, peanut butter, kiwi and whole wheat flour.

Yogurt bark is an excellent snack for kids, and is a good alternative to store bought biscuits or namkeens. It’s also incredibly easy to make, and you can sneak in anything you like! This yogurt bark looks really colorful too, with all the colors of kiwi, strawberry and grapes.

This fresh fruit Popsicle is so healthy, it’s hard to believe a single recipe can look good, taste good and be nutritious as well! All you need is fresh fruit like kiwi and strawberries along with coconut water for a wholesome, healthy snack that’s perfect for summers.

I can’t think of any dish that’s bursting with Vitamin C as much as these kiwi lime ice cream pops! Spoonful of Happiness combines these immunity boosting ingredients in a single recipe that should keep your defenses high and you protected from all the sniffles this season.

Is there anything kids love more than chocolate? They’ll eat anything as long as it’s coated in chocolate, and that’s your cue to coat your fruit slices in as much chocolate as you can find! Okay, we’re kidding, but you should give this recipe from Clean Food Crush a try; the chopped nuts on the chocolate will give it a nice, satisfying crunch.

This tricolor parfait looks perfect for Republic Day or Independence Day, but it also works as a healthy breakfast for a weekend or a mid-morning snack. With oranges and kiwi, you’ve got lots of Vitamin C, as well as the healthy probiotics from the curd in between.

Why go for ice cream sundaes when you can have this rich yet healthy yogurt parfait? No waistline expanding calories here, only wholesome goodness from the yogurt, lots of healthy fruit and nuts. You can add kiwi along with your child’s favorite fruit so he’ll enjoy it more.

Today’s Parent has a good looking recipe that is super easy to make, and besides kiwi, all you need is honey, yogurt and lemon zest. Can you think of an easier snack to put together in a jiffy? Use Greek yogurt that isn’t too sour, so it doesn’t clash with the slight tartness of the kiwi.

You’ve tried banana chips, but have you tried kiwi chips? Yes, it’s possible! Thriving on Paleo shows us how easy it is to make kiwi chips simply by placing them on a cookie sheet and baking them for 4 hours on a low temperature. A healthy, additive-free, sugar-free snack ready!

Sorbets may sound like complicated desserts that go with fine dining, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Super Healthy Kids has a recipe that requires just 3 ingredients besides kiwi – coconut milk, lemon juice and honey. If you want to make it vegan, you can replace the honey with maple syrup.

If you’d like a quick refresher that’s not lemonade, try out this kiwi juice from Yummy Indian Kitchen. You seriously don’t need any special ingredients for this – all you need is kiwi fruit! The fruit gives the juice this gorgeous green color, and you can add any natural sweetener of your choice.

Now this is something you’re unlikely to have tried! It’s always a good idea to make your own jam since you can avoid all the preservatives commercial jams contain, and you can also adjust how much sugar you want to add into it. Try this recipe from Easy Cheesy Vegetarian and see how it transforms plain toast into something special!

What’s a festive season without phirni or a similar dessert? Sanjeev Kapoor, the original Indian Masterchef, brings us a delightful and light kiwi fruit phirni, made with traditional ingredients including slivered nuts. This would be a lovely change to the regular desserts you make for Diwali.

Raitha is an integral part of Indian meals, in all parts of the country. It is made with a variety of ingredients – you can choose any one and you’ll find there’s a raitha for it. There’s also one for kiwi fruit, and you can get the recipe from My Ginger Garlic Kitchen. We love the combination of kiwi fruit with the spices and the freshness of coriander.

Some kids will eat everything – as long as it’s in between two slices of bread or rolled up in a wrap! If you’ve got a little munchkin like that, this recipe from All Recipes is  perfect to get them to enjoy kiwi. The cream cheese is a great combination with the fruit, and you can skip the peanut butter if you don’t like.

Apples and peanut butter are a match made in heaven, aren’t they? Eat Well 101 makes a good thing better, by adding some sliced kiwi to the mix! You can either serve this as a traditional sandwich, or as an open sandwich, in which case you can add some chopped nuts on top.

You can’t have a list of fruit recipes without featuring a muffin recipe! This one is from The Produce Moms and they use kiwi fruit very intelligently to create this recipe along with cinnamon and oil. You can use any milk of your choice in this recipe, in case your child is lactose intolerant.

This recipe from Two Spoons isn’t exactly a quick one, but it’s well worth the effort! You’ll need to make the tart shell and the filling separately, and it is the filling which has that gorgeous green thanks to kiwi and avocado. This recipe is also gluten-free and vegan, so it’s perfect for those with food allergies.

Diwali is just around the corner and you’re likely to have guests over for a feast. Why not stun them this time with a unique kind of dessert – a healthy one? Nutri Kiwi shows us how to turn a regular chocolate mousse into a gourmet dessert simply by the addition of kiwi fruit!

One sweet that is a must have for Indian festivals like Diwali is barfi, and it is made with a variety of ingredients.  Cubes n Juliennes has a version that uses a delicious sauce made from ripe kiwis. The result is something that is indeed sure to impress your friends and guests!

Cheesecake is something most of us associate with sinful desserts that should be stayed away from, but we think you can make an exception for this recipe from My Darling Lemon Thyme! This cheesecake is made with all kinds of healthy ingredients like dates, almonds, cashews, kiwi fruit and yes, spinach!

Have you noticed that you can make banana bread out of pretty much anything besides, well.. bananas?? It’s the same with this recipe from Pickled Plum who is bananas over kiwi fruit and shows us how well it goes with walnuts and chocolate in a banana bread recipe!

I have to admit, these frozen lollipops look like the perfect thing to take care of any chocolate craving – without adding on the kilos! Healthy Little Foodies shows us how easy it is to make this – all you need yogurt, dark chocolate and chopped nuts.

Your kids will never realize that this dish is made with fruits, vegetables and dried fruits! Yes, it’s true; this recipe from Kids Eat by Shanai uses cashews, dates, coconut, kiwi fruit and spinach. The result is something that looks lovely and is sure to be a hit!

Have you ever tried kiwi kulfi? If you haven’t been able to find it anywhere, don’t worry, you can make it at home! Cupcakeree gives us the recipe that requires easily available ingredients. You can even make your own condensed milk at home if you don’t want to get the store bought one.

I’m sure this is something that is going to knock the socks off your guests! Kiwi paani puri – now when have you heard that before? Zespri shows us that it is possible, and it can be quite a refreshing little snack or starter at a kiddie party or even a grown up party feast.

Overnight oats is one of the easiest things you can make for breakfast – just set it up the night before and put it in the fridge. The next morning, simply take it out, mix it up and eat! Two Raspberries gives us a recipe that uses not just oats, but chia seeds, coconut, almond butter and of course, slices of kiwi fruit.

Lassi is often made with yogurt or buttermilk, but Spring Lane gives us a vegan version that makes use of soy yogurt. The lassi is sweetened with agave and uses avocado along with the kiwi for that rich, creamy texture.

Kids clamoring for pizza? Say yes, and then serve up this colorful pizza from Hungry Happenings! You can use any generic cookie recipe for the base if you don’t have a ready made cookie mix but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the whipped cream and fruit topping – made of strawberries and kiwi!

When you think of a green salad, we often think of lots of leafy greens stuffed together in a bowl. However, this recipe from Eating Well is a different kind of green salad, using naturally green fruits, like honeydew, grapes, kiwi and mint.

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Kiwi cream.

Delicious holiday dessert recipe. For the Easter table. For baby food
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    by Notes of a Wild Mistress nine0205

    On the festive Easter table, in addition to meat and fish dishes, Easter cakes, there must be desserts that children love so much. Our cookbook contains many wonderful dessert recipes. Make Kiwi Cream with our delicious holiday recipe for your Easter baby food table.

    Products for kiwi cream : 7 kiwi fruits, 200 g sugar, 200 g powdered sugar, 500 ml cream 30% fat, 3 tablespoons chocolate. nine0205

    To prepare the kiwi cream, wash the kiwi fruits, peel them, cut the pulp into cubes and pour 250 ml of boiled water over it. Add sugar to the kiwi, mix everything and cook over low heat with stirring for 15 to 20 minutes. Wipe the prepared mass through a sieve and leave in a cool place for 2-3 hours. For cream, whip cream with powdered sugar. Combine the cream with kiwi puree, mix the cream thoroughly and put in a mold. Put the cream in a cool place for 2-3 hours.

    When serving, sprinkle the cream with grated chocolate.

    Bon appetit!

    posted by Sergey Prokopenko

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    nine0254 Strawberry dessert. Delicious easy dessert recipe. Baby food

    Desserts complement any menu and decorate the festive table; they are not only tasty, but also useful. For the preparation of desserts, fruits, berries, chocolate, nuts, milk, cream are used. Strawberries and other berries are used in cooking in the preparation of various desserts, pies, cakes and pastries. Our cookbook offers you many good and tasty dessert recipes. Prepare a strawberry dessert according to our delicious simple culinary recipe for baby food. nine0205

    Cheese and apple dessert.

    Delicious holiday dessert recipe.
    Baby food

    Desserts complement any menu and decorate the festive table; Desserts are not only tasty, but also healthy. For the preparation of desserts, fruits, berries, chocolate, nuts, milk, cream are used. Fruits and berries are used in cooking in the preparation of various desserts, pies, cakes and pastries. Our cookbook offers you many good and tasty dessert recipes. Make a cheese and apple dessert with our delicious holiday baby food recipe. nine0205

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    Kiwi dessert - step by step recipe with photos

    Caramel apple on a stick

    Chocolate fondue with fruits

    Honey Parfait

    cream —

    750 ml

    honey —

    160 g

    egg - nine0205

    8 pcs.

    pistachios —

    80 g



    vegetable oil

    Prunes pudding

    carrot —

    2 pcs.

    an Apple - nine0205

    1 pc.


    egg —

    4 pcs.

    milk —

    150 ml

    pine nuts

    white bread crumbs —

    170 g

    vegetable oil —

    15 ml


    Fried panna cotta with mint sugar

    cream —

    250 ml

    boiled condensed milk —

    400 g

    vanilla sugar nine0205

    gelatin —

    35 g

    milk —

    250 ml

    brown sugar —

    100 g

    mint —

    100 g

    Strawberry nine0205

    Dessert with strawberries and Chantilly cream


    rice —

    105 g


    sugar —

    100 g

    pineapple juice —

    240 ml

    powdered sugar nine0205

    Fruit skewers on skewers

    an Apple



    coconut flakes

    Avocado cream with cream

    avocado —

    2 pcs.

    Learn more