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Best Baby Food Brands in India: Here's The Complete List

Babies are the most important part of parents’ lives. When it comes to babies, all parents want the best for their children. Nutrition and food are one such part where parents want absolutely the best for the health and growth of their child. A parent cannot feed any random thing to their child and consider a lot of factors like age of the baby, flavours, essential nutrients, etc. before choosing a food brand for their baby. Let’s look at some of the best baby food brands in India for your little ones-

1. Nestle CERELAC Fortified BABY Cereal

  • Nestle has been one of the most common food brands for years. It is one of the best baby food brands in India and a common name within every toddler’s household.
  • This baby food is vegetarian and is suitable for babies aged 12 months above.
  • Coming to its nutritional value, it is high in iron and contains roughly 17 vitamins and minerals.
  • As your newborn and small children require more nutrients, this baby food supplies 55 percent of your child's daily iron needs in just two servings.
  • It is affordable as well as easily available as compared to other baby food brands in India.
  • Another benefit of this baby cereal is that it is free of added sugar, preservatives, and tastes, making it safe and healthful for your child.

2. Early Foods Organic Porridge Mix

  • Porridges are one of the best baby foods.
  • This Early Foods Organic Porridge Mix is filled with healthy grains, nuts, and fruits. It doesn't have any added sugar, salt, or preservatives, making it a safer and healthier option.
  • It is recommended to feed this to your infant during the winter to prevent the possibility of a runny stomach because all of the components are heated.
  • It is suitable for babies above 7 months.
  • One of the things to ensure before choosing this baby food brand is that your baby should not be allergic to almonds as this porridge contains almonds and nut allergies are among the most frequent food allergies. Furthermore, if your infant doesn't enjoy the taste, you may need to add some honey or jaggery, as the porridge is plain and not sweet due to the lack of added sugar.

3. Happa Organic Baby Food

Another famous baby food brand in India is Happa Organic baby food. According to several parents, it is one of the best baby food brands in India available online as it is organic.

This baby food brand sells purees and pouch foods in different flavours.

Some of the most popular Happa organic food products are Pack of 8 Happa Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Mixed Fruit Variety Pack of 2, Happa Organic Apple Puree Stage 1 Baby Food Porridge Mix with Happa Mighty Grain Sprouted Ragi Almonds & Dates Pack of 4, Happa Organic Apple & Banana Fruit Puree Baby Food 4 oz., Happa Organic Sweet Potato Spinach Puree, etc.

4. Pediasure

  • Pediasure is one of the famous baby food brands amongst doctors as well.
  • Pediasure Gold is one of the best baby food brands in India. It is recommended for children above one year.
  • A child's physical and cognitive growth is rapid between the ages of one and twelve, and this needs to be maintained by adequate dietary intake. It's then critical to ensure that your youngster eats a well-balanced diet.
  • PediaSure Gold gives your child complete, balanced nutrition to assist growth and development, with 34 key nutrients.
  • The unique Singapore formulation has 25% less sugar and 25% more calcium than other brands. Arginine and Natural Vitamin K2 are also included in the formula.

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5. Enfamil A+ Infant Formula

  • Enfamil A+ Stage 1 Infant Formula is ideal if you're seeking dependable baby food to introduce your infant to foods other than breast milk.
  • This baby food is suitable for babies up to the age of six months. This baby food brand provides adequate nutrients for infants.
  • Another benefit of this baby food is that it is easy to make. It's also quite easy to stomach.
  • Another factor making it one of the best food brands is that it is highly safe to use because it's free of preservatives and additives.
  • It contains expert-recommended levels of DHA and ARA, which can aid in your infant's brain development and cognitive function enhancement.
  • Apart from that, Enfamil A+ Infant Formula contains choline and iron, which can aid in the infant's brain development.

6. Nestle Nestum Infant Cereal

  • Nestle is considered as one of the best baby food brands in India because of various reasons. One such reason is its variety of products for the varied needs of children.
  • Nestle's Nestum Infant Cereal is another excellent vegetarian baby food for babies.
  • It is recommended for babies aged 10 to 24 months.
  • This baby food is free of artificial flavours, preservatives, and colours, and it's also very easy to prepare.
  • One of the best features of this baby meal is that it may be combined with other freshly prepared foods like mashed vegetables, fruit juices, cooked and mashed dals, and so on. This makes the food more appealing to the infant while also increasing its nutritional value. It's also reasonably priced, and it meets your children's nutritional and health development needs for proper development.
  • It comprises a blend of fruits and rice that can be used to supplement your infant's diet and supply nutrients that they might not get from their normal meals.

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7. Slurrp Farm Organic Baby Cereal

  • This baby food is ideal for babies above 6 months.
  • It's free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, and it's made with real strawberry fruit, which gives it a wonderful flavour.
  • Ragi, which has 10 times more calcium than wheat or rice and aids in bone formation and development, is used to make this cereal.
  • Two servings of this cereal each day can satisfy 60% of your baby's daily iron needs. It’s high in iron and also includes other vitamins and minerals that can aid in your baby's development.

8. Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula

  • Similac Advance is yet another best baby food brand that provides safe and nutritious infant formulas.
  • It comes in attractive packaging and is simple to prepare.
  • This is recommended for babies aged 6 months and above. It meets the baby's nutritional needs while complementing other meals he or she is eating at this time.
  • This vegetarian baby food contains micronutrients such as choline, iron, Omega-3, folic acid, fatty acids, and others that aid in the development of the baby's brain.
  • It's also simple to digest and aids calcium absorption, which aids your baby's general development.

9. 1st Bites

  • 1st Bites provides a diverse menu of choices. The mix of cereals and fruits is the greatest element of their menu. This ensures that the infant food is both pleasant and healthy.
  • It's already cooked and ready to eat by simply adding water.
  • They have infant food that may be given to babies as young as six months old. They also give a few alternatives that you may incorporate into your Baby's diet as he or she develops.
  • There are no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives in this product.


There are a variety of baby food brands in India. There are no such ‘best baby food brands’ which suit all children. A lot of becoming ‘the best food’ for your baby depends on the needs and body requirements of each child. So, always choose wisely according to what your child needs and what suits his body.

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Q. Is ready to eat baby food better than cooked baby food?

Ans. It depends on where you are going to feed the baby. If you are feeding your baby at home, then home-cooked food is a better option. If you are feeding your baby outside, on the go, or have less time to prepare nutritious food, then ready-to-eat baby food becomes your saviour.

Q. Are there different baby foods for meals and snacks?

Ans. If you're looking for a meal, ensure it's satisfying and healthy. Apart from meals, you can also get snacks which are ideal for teething babies. This will keep them interested in between meals and will not be as taxing on their stomach or teeth as adult munchies.

Q. What is one of the most important factors while choosing a baby food brand for your kid?

Ans. There are various factors to be taken into account while choosing baby food such as nutrition value, any allergies the baby may have, weather-suitability, etc. One of the most important factors is ensuring that the chosen baby food is suitable for your baby’s age.


How many times should we give baby food to babies?

Ans. You can give baby food once a day till the child is one year old. During this time, it is preferable that breast milk remains the main source of meals for the baby.

Q. Baby poops after having packed food. Should I stop giving baby food?

Ans. It is very common among babies to poop after they eat something solid. Babies are entirely dependent on breastmilk for their nutrition. When a new ingredient gets introduced in their meals, They can take some time to get used to it.

Best baby food brands In India 2023

Are you up to shopping for your baby’s food essentials? Wait! You need to know more before buying any product. The market is flooded with so many commercial baby food brands. Choosing one from such a variety can be a tedious task. To prevent you from getting confused, here in this blog we are listing the best baby food brands in India.

Every parent desires the best for their young one. Be it clothes, toys, space, accessories, soaps, or any other essentials, we choose the best for babies. But their diet is the most crucial factor for their growth, which often gets less attention. To keep your baby healthy, it is essential to give him the proper nourishment along with a better environment.

Babies are easily susceptible to many infections and ailments. To help them stay away from any of these, we must ensure that whatever they eat is healthy, pure, and made of natural ingredients. Providing the best food for their overall physical and mental growth is what you need to take into consideration. Generally, when the baby gets 12 months older, the pediatrician advises starting to give the baby food that contains wheat, oats, rice, fruits, and vegetables.

Here we are up with an honest review of the leading baby food brand in India. All of these products provide the right amount of nutrition to your baby. So keep scrolling through the list to get detailed information about each product. Let’s get started!

1. Nestle

If you ask some elders about the best baby food brand, then one common name in the answers will be Nestle. For past decades, it has been the most trusted brand for providing quality food products. Their baby food formulas are infused with all the essential nutrients that infants and toddlers require for their body’s development and wear and tear. Their wide range of food products for various stages of the baby includes cerelac, ceregrow, nangrow, nanpro, nestum, lactogen, etc.

2. Pediasure

Caring for your baby includes its daily diet too. When it comes to the proper diet for the baby, people seek advice from doctors and experts. One brand of baby food that is most prescribed by doctors and pediatricians is Pediasure. Over the years, it has gained the trust of millions of moms. Pediasure helps maintain the dietary intake of a child, one year old or above. It is a power pack of vital minerals, vitamins, and 37 key nutrients. Switching to pediasure will surely make you satisfied by giving your child a booster for overall development.

3. Slurrp farm

Slurrp farm is one of the leading baby food brands in India. Be it a toddler or a kid, Slurrp farm provides all the essential nutrients for the growth and development of a baby. Its baby food has a unique formula infused with fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts, and cereals that fulfill the daily requirement of nutrients. It manufactures a large variety of products such as baby cereals, millet, oats, etc. If you want to improve your baby’s growth, then Slurrp farm will be a better choice.

4. Manna Rich Baby Cereal

Whether you are searching for food products for your infant, toddler, or your kid, Manna is the leading brand for all. So you don’t need to search for various food brands from different stages of the baby. Manna understands parents’ concerns for their babies, and thus creates baby foods that are organic, safe, and easy to digest. Also, they have a variety of tastes in their products. It ensures that your baby gets all-around and 100% natural nutrition and helps boost mental and physical development.

5. Enfamil

Enfamil is a well-known brand for follow-up formulas and milk powders have taken their roots in the field of baby food products. It is trusted by millions of mothers for its nutritional value. If you are having a toddler or a kid, then you must try Enfamil. It curates its products for all three stages of babies. Other than mumma’s milk, if anything an infant can have is the follow-up milk powder. So if you want to support your infant’s nutrition, then it is the best time to start with Enfamil.

6. Happa Organic Baby Food

Many parents are worried that their babies do not like to eat fruits or vegetables. This is where Happa put its roots in baby food products. Happa is a purely organic brand that makes purees and pouch food with various tastes and flavors for pleasing your little one’s taste buds. This makes your baby get a habit of eating cereals and veggies right from the beginning. It curates its purees enriched with the benefits of ragi and other essential nutrients for the better development of your child. So if you want your baby to get a portion of perfectly tasty and healthy food, then Happa Organic is a good-to-go option.

7. 1st Bites

Are you in search of organic baby food for your half-year-old baby? Switching from mothers’ milk to baby food is a quite difficult task for babies to get going with. To help your infants start getting habitual to nutritious food, 1st bites has brought a range of organic food products, that are easy to digest, and tasty for your little one’s tongue. 1st bites baby food products consist of a mix of cereals and fruits as the greatest element. It is ready-to-eat baby food, which just needs water to be added. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in it, and thus is safe for babies.

8. Bebe Burp Baby Food

Bebe Burp has emerged as the most loved brand for baby food. It curates 100% organic baby food, made up of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. The best part about Bebe Burp baby food is that they do not contain preservatives, chemicals, or artificial flavors. It is not only a power source of various vitamins but also has potassium, fiber, and carbs infused within. No doubt, the delicious blend of grandma’s recipe, made from organic fruits and vegetables is a wholesome meal for your baby. So if you have a baby around 6 months, then give this a try!

9. Early Foods

Early Foods is well-known for its porridge mix. It understands what a baby needs for its overall growth, and thus manufactures the baby foods using the right amount of multi-grains, nuts, fruits, and other nutritional grains. There are no added sugars, salts, or preservatives in its range of baby food products. Therefore, they are preferred as the best porridges for babies. If you have a baby of 7 months or more, then this is the perfect time to start giving the early foods porridge. Also, it has many options for flavors. So try out to see which taste your baby likes the most.

10. The Great Banyan First Solids

First Solids is a baby food brand that comes under The Great Banyan. aims at providing the baby a proper nutritional food, curated with ancient traditional Indian recipes. It is one of the most loved baby food brands, which is trusted by millions of mothers for its delicious healthy treats. It is the most preferred option if a baby is refusing to eat other foods, or hasn’t developed the taste yet. All their products are free of preservatives, pesticides, artificial colors, salt & sugar. First Solids are not ready to mix with food, and thus can be stored easily. It can be prepared within 8-10 minutes and serves as the best alternative for the other packed baby foods.

So these are a few brands that are reviewed to be great by most parents. Buying any food product without proper information can lead to many health ailments in children. This makes it necessary to buy the most prescribed and preferred products only. Choose the best food for your baby, depending on their needs and body requirements. Some children may be allergic to a few ingredients. So, always observe what food products the baby likes and which of them suits well for his body. Now it is easy to buy these products online at Amazon and Firstcry. Also, you can buy these products at the most discounted prices by using the coupons.

We hope this blog post was useful for you. If you like this blog, do not forget to put your views in the comment section. Also, if you know about any other baby food brand that works best for infants and toddlers, then tell us, so that other parents will benefit from your experience. Thank you!

Indian food: the most popular dishes of traditional Indian cuisine

  • March 1, 2019
  • Travel Tips
  • Ludmila Frolova

Traditional food in India is described by many as one of the most delicious and spicy. Cooking in this country is considered not only an art. It is also a complex philosophy. Moreover, the one who owns this wisdom must prepare dishes as if they were intended for a deity. That is why Indians do not taste their food during the cooking process. First, they invite God to taste it, and after that they put the food on plates for the whole family. nine0011

General characteristics

One of the most popular topics in the religious books of the ancient Hindus was that which dealt with the science of proper nutrition. For example, according to the Vedas, this people divided dishes into three groups. In each of them there was food corresponding to various states of a person - ignorance, as well as passion and goodness. The first of them included overly spicy, fried dishes, as well as those that were served on the table either too hot or already cold. "Passionate" considered food containing aphrodisiacs. The "good" included dishes, in which everything was in moderation. They were neither bland nor spicy, neither hot nor cold, neither greasy nor lean. According to the traditions of this people, only such food was considered energetically balanced. nine0011

One can say about all Indian dishes that they are prepared using one of the most ancient systems in the world. It is quite sophisticated and suggests that food must necessarily combine five tastes, namely spicy, sweet, sour, salty and astringent. What is it for? The spicy taste is responsible for the healing properties that the spices endow the food with. Sweet should give a person a feeling of fullness. Sour taste is responsible for the mineral and vitamin composition of the dish. Salty is the energy that is simply necessary for the human body. Components that give food an astringent taste, allow you to cleanse the intestines of toxins, remove metabolic products in a natural way, and also slow down the formation of body fat. nine0011

In addition, the philosophy of Indian cuisine distinguishes between all dishes, highlighting "warming" and "cooling" from them. Moreover, these concepts have nothing to do with the temperature regime. In this case, we are talking about the effect that the dish has on the body. The philosophy of Indian cuisine implies the right combination of "warming" and "cooling" food on the table. Only their harmony will help maintain the correct body temperature and maintain health.


Today, Indian food is deservedly considered one of the most exotic. The cuisine of this people was created on the centuries-old traditions of not only the local population, but also trends introduced into the country from outside. Almost everything that is eaten in India has its own characteristics. What do they consist of?

India is considered the land of spices. Local culinary specialists prepare food by adding about 30 types of various spices to it. At the same time, such spices are often used in the most unexpected combinations for us. It is thanks to the presence of spices that Indian food has an incredible taste and piquant aroma. nine0011

Despite the presence in the country of more than 3.5 thousand castes that establish their own rules and norms of nutrition, the addictions of the majority of the population are formed under the influence of such religious trends as Hinduism and Islam. The northern states of India are inhabited by a large number of Muslims. There is no pork in their diet. Moreover, at the state level, the country also abandoned beef. The most interesting thing is that even in the same family, its members, with differences in religion, can cook different dishes for themselves. Such separate meals for loved ones in the country are not uncommon. nine0011

Throughout its centuries-old history, Indian cuisine has reflected the culinary traditions of representatives of many other nationalities. So, the settlers who arrived here from Portugal introduced the Indians to sweet pepper. The people of this country are indebted to the French for soufflé and baguette. The British also have a certain relation to the cuisine of India. They brought here anchovies, jelly and puddings.

Descendants of Tamerlane, the Great Mongols, left a great mark on the formation of the culinary traditions of India. During their rule of the country for several centuries, they made popular the fatty rice pilaf with spices, as well as biryani, which are sweet breads stuffed with dried fruits and almonds. In addition, the Mongols brought the tandoor to the country. The local population began to call it tandoor. These are special ovens that look like giant jugs in which meat is smoked and baked, vegetables and pilaf are cooked, and bread is also baked. Food in tandoors is cooked extremely quickly due to the temperature created in them, which sometimes reaches 500 degrees. nine0011

India is considered the birthplace of vegetarian dishes. Of course, the local population includes meat in their diet, but this is not accepted throughout the country, and if it does, then in limited quantities. The reason for this was the climatic conditions of India, because almost throughout its entire territory the air warms up to high temperatures, which does not allow the meat to be stored for a long time. But at the same time, such conditions, together with fertile soils, make it possible to harvest up to 3-4 crops of vegetables and fruits during the year. nine0011

Cows are under government protection in India. Hinduism considers killing these animals a greater sin than taking human life. That is why for Hindus eating beef is under a categorical ban. At the same time, dairy products are considered sacred. They are eaten daily. Especially popular in India is yogurt, which is called dahi in the country. According to the Indians, the meal cannot be considered complete without it. This tradition has its own explanation. This is because yogurt contains casein. This substance allows you to quench your thirst, the occurrence of which provokes spicy food. nine0011

Traditional dishes

What do they eat in India? The dishes that form the basis of local cuisine are legumes, wheat and rice. And the last Indians eat, as a rule, every day. Local chefs know a huge variety of ways to cook rice. For example, Indian plov pools. It is made from rice along with vegetables and a whole range of spices. The same cereal is often used for dessert. In this case, rice is boiled in milk and spices, spices and sugar are added to it. They even make kulfi ice cream from this cereal. At the same time, rose water and chopped nuts are added to the rice product. nine0011

Bean dishes, also dominant in Indian cuisine, are a major source of protein. Wheat flour mixed with millet and barley is used for baking a variety of cakes.

Vegetables are also widely represented in this cuisine. Indian sabji is especially popular. This is a vegetable stew, which can often be found on the table of local residents. Indians also prefer stuffed vegetables. They are cooked in a sauce that is a mixture of yogurt and nuts.

Fried greens are among the most popular snacks. In India, it is known as "shak". It includes parsnip roots, radish and beet leaves, fresh spinach, chicory shoots, cabbage, etc. Initially, all the ingredients are steamed and then fried with the addition of a spice sauce and cornmeal.

In India they also like potatoes. It is fried, cooked with eggplant stew, adding coconut and yogurt sauce to this dish. Often on the Indian table you can see potatoes with carrots, chopped straws, in a spicy yogurt sauce with sesame seeds. Such a dish is served on the table with ghee, which is called ghee. By the way, the attitude to the last product in India is special. Ghee in the country is one of the sacred products, indicating also the well-being of the family. Traditionally, ghee is considered endowed with tonic and rejuvenating properties, the ability to normalize the functioning of internal organs and the digestive system, and also strengthen the immune system. nine0011

As mentioned above, most people in India are vegetarians. But, despite this, the population living on the sea coasts prefers to include in their diet seafood and fish, the fillet of which is prepared:

  • with mushrooms, ginger and curry in tomato sauce;
  • sweet and sour curry;
  • with coconut sauce.

In addition, fish in India is stewed with ginger root, carrots and apples.

As mentioned above, meat has not found its distribution in the country. Under a complete ban is beef, and in some states of the country, where a large number of adherents of Islam live, pork is also included in the black list. Here, lamb, rabbit meat and chicken are allowed to be eaten. Roast is considered the most popular meat dish. It is similar to barbecue and differs from it in that it is aged in the marinade for a longer time before cooking. nine0011

Consider the most popular Indian dishes that you should definitely try when visiting this exotic country.


This dish is the most "folk" and the most popular in India. It is a stew made from peas, lentils or other types of legumes. It is worth noting that in this country any dish based on legumes is called “dal”. This is the everyday common food of the inhabitants of the country, regardless of status, caste and state.

The Indian dish dal is eaten with flatbread or rice. At the same time, it is served on the table both hot and cold. There are also countless ways to make dal. They say that there are so many of them that a dish can be served at the table throughout the year and at the same time never be repeated. nine0011

Dal is made with garlic and onions, tomatoes, yogurt or curd, and a variety of spices (masala, garam, cumin, cumin, calamus). All these components can be baked, fried, boiled or stewed. Based on the variety of recipes, dal can be turned into a dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or served as a dessert.

Amazing Chowder

This is one of the tastiest Indian dishes and is popular among fans of Indian cuisine. Palak paneer is a chowder made from local paneer cheese. Spinach, vegetables and spices are added to it. nine0011

Palak paneer is an incredibly tender dish. It perfectly combines the taste of pieces of cheese, which is similar to Adyghe, with creamy spinach sauce. If the cook does not add too many seasonings to the dish, because of which its main taste is not interrupted, then such food can be safely consumed by those who are just getting acquainted with Indian cuisine. This dish is quite soft and is perfect for those people who are used to European food. Eating palak paneer is recommended with chapati flatbread. Rice is also a great addition to the dish. nine0011

Indian flatbread

To truly appreciate the taste of this product, you need to try it only in its homeland. Indian flatbread is very nutritious and delicious. Along with rice, they are used as a side dish for vegetable dishes.

Indian flatbreads are represented by quite a wide assortment. Among them are roti and chapati, naans and parata, dosa and puri, kulcha and samosa.

Aloo gobi

This dish includes potatoes, cauliflower, spices, and some vegetables (tomatoes, carrots and onions). It is eaten with flatbread or rice, washed down with tea called masala. nine0011

Aloo gobi is an Indian dish that can rightly be considered one of the most popular in the country along with dal. The fact is that cauliflower and potatoes are the vegetables that are sold in the markets of the country all year round.

Malay kofta

This dish consists of paneer and potato balls, deep fried and placed in a creamy sauce with spices, herbs, and sometimes nuts. But it's not easy to prepare. Along with the palak paneer, the malai kofta is very gentle and capricious. If these mouth-watering balls were prepared by not very skillful hands, then the result is not as tasty as it should be. Sometimes tourists, who first got acquainted with Indian food, crossed out this dish from their list of dishes they liked before they had time to taste it. However, having tried such balls again with their appropriate preparation, they were delighted with their real delicate taste. nine0011


This dish is similar to our Russian okroshka. It is light and refreshing, which makes it very pleasant to eat in the heat. The main ingredient of Indian raita is yogurt or Kurd, that is, a fermented milk product. In addition, cucumbers and tomatoes, peppers, as well as greens (mint or cilantro) must be added to the dish. Paradise must have spices. It is worth noting that part of the word - "paradise" - means "black mustard seeds." In some states of India, they are added to raita. In others, cumin is used instead of mustard seeds. nine0011

There are many ways to prepare raita. So, there is a variation of this dish made from mint and cucumbers, as well as from cilantro and tomatoes. Sometimes they cook sweet raita. They add fruit and yogurt.

Street food

Judging by the reviews of tourists, there is quite a lot of food in India. It is simply impossible to stay hungry in this country. Street fast food is sold from small carts. You can also taste Indian food in full-fledged cafes with tables that are called “dab”. There is a small selection of dishes on offer. Moreover, the cost of food in India in such establishments is quite low. What can not be said, for example, about hotel restaurants, where food prices are many times higher. nine0011

Street food in India is very diverse. But for the most part, this food is vegetarian. Another feature of fast food is that most of the dishes offered are fried. That is why such Indian food is hardly healthier than our burgers, shawarma and pancakes.


This dish, very popular in the southern states, is prepared in the cities right on the street. Moreover, in Tamil Nadu or in Kerala, dosa is served for breakfast and afternoon snacks not on plates, but on palm leaves. But in order to try this dish, it is not necessary to go to the south of India. Today, such food can be found in almost all cities of the country. nine0011

Dosa is a pancake made from rice and lentil flour using a flat pan. However, it is kept on fire only on one side. Next, the filling is wrapped in such a pancake. Most often it is a boiled potato with lots of spices and onions.

Depending on the dough or filling, dosa can be of several varieties. Its most popular variants are:

  1. Masala dosa. It's pancake with potatoes.
  2. Rava dosa. In this case, the dough is kneaded with semolina. nine0004
  3. Cheese dosa, or panir. In this version, a cheese filling is used.
  4. Egg dosa. An egg is wrapped in this pancake.

Another difference between dosa and Russian pancakes is its size. It sometimes reaches a diameter of 70 cm or more. Giant dosa has a delicious addition. It is represented by a liquid lentil sauce (sambara) or coconut sauce (chutney). In the dub or on the street, a dosa is sold for $0.4. It is 30 Indian rupees. In restaurants and cafes, its cost is already twice as high. nine0011


This dish is without a doubt the real royal street food of all India. It is similar to the usual samsa due to its triangular shape. Samosa is the same pie, but only with a filling not from meat, but from potatoes (boiled and chopped into small pieces), peas, carrots and other vegetables. A lot of spices are added to them. Prepare in India and sweet samosas. They are filled with dried fruits and nuts.

These pies are deep-fried, which makes it hardly possible to talk about their benefits. Samosas are sold everywhere in India - on the street, in dubs, in markets, at bus stations, on trains. The price for them is within 0.07 US dollars. nine0011

Omelet sandwich

Anyone who is afraid to experiment with their stomach or does not like a lot of spices needs to find a place that sells European food. One of the most common dishes in this case is an omelette sandwich. The bread in it is replaced by a hollow pita-type bun. An omelette in India is eggs beaten with spices. At the request of the buyer, it can be made without seasonings. In addition to the omelet, cabbage, onion and tomato are put in the bun, pouring ketchup all over it. The result is a very convenient and quite tasty snack. nine0011

Sometimes Indian chefs manage to turn this simple dish into a normal and complete meal. To do this, they add various ingredients to it, including cheese. Such an omelet costs in India from $0.29.

Senior tomato

Indian fast food also has soups. The most popular of them is tomato. It is sold almost everywhere - in beach cafes, in roadside eateries, on trains.

This product is referred to as fast food because it is prepared from a bag. By its consistency, such a soup resembles tomato juice, which has a noticeable sourness. In cafes where food prices are higher, the dish will be made from real tomatoes. However, many tourists prefer the powder version. nine0011

On trains and on the streets, this dish costs $0.4, and in restaurants and cafes from $0.7.

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The loudest advertising failures of world brands

It would seem that everything is simple: the manufacturer has a product, it remains to think over an advertising campaign, come up with a catchy slogan, and all the buyers of the world are at your feet. But, they don’t buy the product, the brand’s popularity is falling, and it is precisely that part of the audience that you were counting on that laughs at unsuccessful advertising. nine0011

As it turns out, no one is safe from a failure in advertising - from start-up manufacturers to transnational monsters. The saddest thing is that unsuccessful advertising brings not only huge losses, it can also remove a brand with an “unsuccessful” legend from the market.

120 years ago, on February 18, 1895, an exhibition and sale of paintings by the brilliant Paul Gauguin failed miserably in Paris. The artist, who expected to sell almost fifty paintings he created during his seclusion in Tahiti, was barely able to pay off the organizers of the auction. Bad publicity played an extremely cruel joke with Gauguin - with the help of friends, he barely managed to escape from France back to Polynesia. To avoid a large fine and imprisonment, the artist was helped by ... sudden death from a heart attack. In fairness, it should be noted that later Gauguin's "Tahitian cycle" was recognized as a real masterpiece of painting at the beginning of the last century. nine0011

In general, as history shows, the cause of failure can be anything - from ignorance of the national traditions of the country where the product is advertised, to the banal illiteracy of copywriters.

"Bite the Tadpole"

When Coca-Cola began its triumphal march to the East, it was decided not to change the brand name - after all, even then this soda was world famous. In China, however, Coca-Cola's advertising campaign nearly failed. It turned out that in Chinese this phrase sounds like “Bite the tadpole” or, which is not at all better, “Wax horse”. Realizing that with such a name the drink is unlikely to be wildly popular, the company's specialists began to study Chinese characters. In the end, a decent phrase, consonant with the name Coca-Cola, was found. Since then, Coca-Cola has been sold in China as Kekoukele. It can be translated as "Happiness in the mouth." nine0011

This failure is not the only one in Coca-Cola's long advertising history. So, in 2013, in an attempt to win over fans of a healthy lifestyle, the company launched a version of the Coca-Cola Life drink on the market. The advertising campaign of the new product, which received a green label, was based on the fact that this "Coca-Cola" is much more useful than the classic one. However, the novelty was received without much enthusiasm. Moreover, it almost undermined the credibility of the world-famous brand - the green color and the word Life in the title symbolized life. Red in this case could begin to be perceived only as death. nine0011

In the 70s, fighting for the palm with other manufacturers, Coca-Cola decided to stop producing the classic drink, replacing it with New Coke. However, the indignation of buyers accustomed to the “old” brand was so great that now a can of New Coke can only be found on the shelves of collectors.

Note that Coca-Cola's direct competitors, PepsiCo, also experienced what is now called "epic fail". So, in 2007, this manufacturer launched an advertising campaign for a new drink, Crystal Pepsi, which was also positioned as a “healthy” alternative to regular Pepsi. But sales of "crystal" soda did not go well - buyers did not want to drink clear or blue soda instead of the usual brown one. Later, the creator of Crystal Pepsi, David Novak, even stated: “It was the best idea in my life with the worst execution.” nine0011

PepsiCo also failed miserably when it released an alternative to the morning cup of coffee in the 1980s. Customers didn’t want to change their usual morning drink for a can of Pepsi AM, despite the fact that there was enough caffeine in it.

"Children take care of your skeleton"

In 2004, Danone, which had a brilliant slogan "Mmm ... Danone!", decided to master the teenage audience of Russia. This is how Skeleton fermented milk products appeared in our stores. nine0011

The yoghurts with skeletons, skulls and crossbones on the packaging were supposed to instantly interest children aged 9 to 14. However, the massive increase in the "Skeletons" and the four characters that advertised them did not happen. The "terrible" packaging, in the first place, was frightened by the parents of the very teenagers for whom the new product was designed. As a result, the case almost even went to trial - a resident of the capital, Evgenia Martynova, demanded to stop the production of products that affect the child's psyche. In the end, Mrs. Martynova refused her lawsuit, but this did not save the Skeletons - the production of this line was curtailed. nine0011

A decade earlier, in the 1990s, Danone became famous in Russia for one more of its brands – Bledina baby food, widely known in Europe. It is clear that the reason for the failure here was precisely the name, which cut the ear of the Russian people. Despite the aggressive advertising campaign, mothers did not want to feed their children with baby food with such an “indecent” name. The perplexed French came to the conclusion that something was going wrong in promoting the brand and decided to change the slogan. As a result, the expression “Bledina is everything your child needs” sounded from the screens even received a personal parody in one of their humorous programs. nine0011

By the way, Russian sales of bottled water produced by F&K Waterhouse also failed for the same reason. When the announcer, depicting inhuman pleasure, pronounced its name, the audience exploded with laughter. This water was called rather ingenuously - Blue Water. Naturally, the Russians did not want to use a product called “blue vota” inside.

Lost in translation

In general, it must be said that ignorance of the language often fails advertisers. That is why, for example, the Ford Pinto sales campaign in Brazil suffered a resounding failure. It turned out that the Brazilian slang also has the word "pinto" and it means, to put it mildly, a very modest manhood. When it became clear that the Brazilians did not want to drive a car with an "indecent" name, the model was renamed Corcel, which means "stallion" in translation. However, not everyone believed in such a rapid transformation, and not immediately. nine0011

Another failure, this time with two models at once, befell Ford in Mexico and Latin America. So, the name of one of the cars, Fierra, was translated from Spanish as "old woman". And the name of the Comet model, which was renamed Caliente for sales in this region, did mean a lady of easy virtue.

In the 1980s, the story of the failure of sales of the Mitsubishi Pajero SUV in Spanish-speaking countries thundered all over the world, where "pajero" was a rude word used to address homosexuals. nine0011

Manufacturers of Soviet "Zhiguli" at one time also had to invent the name Lada, so that Europeans would not associate the name of a car from the USSR with the word "gigolo". And in order not to waste advertising money, Hyundai Azera, Daewoo Kalos and Mazda Sassou changed their classic names before entering the Russian market.

On the brink of what is permitted

But if previous cases can be taken with a smile and attributed to rather funny incidents (which, nevertheless, devastated someone's bank accounts), sometimes copywriters' mistakes cause a real storm of indignation in society. nine0011

For example, BIC, a well-known stationery manufacturer, was once subjected to severe criticism. When the company advertised the sale of pink and purple fountain pens on Amazon, the company did not expect hundreds of outraged comments to fall upon it. The fact is that BIC positioned its new product as a product designed “especially for women”. As one site user wrote: “I was an unremarkable woman writing all sorts of nonsense with large pens, fit only for men.” nine0011

Chocolate maker Cadbury has sparked public outcry in India with its "Too Good to Share" ad campaign. The fact is that on the poster telling about the merits of British sweets, maps of the states of Jammu and Kashmir were depicted, the rights to which Pakistan claims to the Indian authorities.

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