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Baby Food Organizer Ideas + Quick & Easy Tips – Instacart

Storing and organizing baby food helps ensure that your child will get the freshest food possible. Whether you are putting the food inside a cabinet, refrigerator, or freezer, organizing the items properly can help minimize waste. Here are a few tricks to help get you started on organizing your baby food.

Tips for organizing baby food by type and date

Use some of these organizational tips to help keep track of best-by dates and the different types of baby food you have on hand.

1. Make a list

Whether it is on your computer or phone, there’s an app to help track when your purchased food. Make a list with the type, purchase date, and expiration date. It will also help you inventory what you have on hand.

2. First in, first out

A common restaurant practice can be used at home with the “first in, first out” method. Place the most recently purchased food near the back and the oldest food near the front. This will keep older food from being shoved to the back of a cabinet or refrigerator.

3. Mark purchased dates on food

If the thought of an app is daunting, you can also label your baby food with stickers or markers. When putting the food away, mark the purchase date on the jar or container.

4. Store the same types of food together

When it comes to early parenting, every minute counts. Organizing foods by type together can help the cause. If you get a jar of baby food, such as carrots or peas, keep them together. This will make finding foods easier and cut down on the search time.

5. Organize food by color

For a more aesthetically pleasing look, organize your food by color. Keep jars of the same size, shape, and hue in the same place. Not only will it look great, but it will be easier to find what you’re looking for.

6. Dedicate an area for baby food

After having a baby, space may be at a premium, but carving out a dedicated space for baby food is crucial. It will save the frustration of searching multiple areas for your baby’s favorite food choice.

How to store fresh, frozen, or shelf-stable baby food

Introducing solids to an infant’s diet is a major step in their development. While each option is considered healthy, choosing what kind of food you want to feed can be overwhelming. Here are some ways to store fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable baby food options:

7. Fresh baby food

Pureeing your fruits and vegetables is a bit labor-intensive, but the comfort of knowing exactly what’s in your baby food can be empowering. Store your fresh baby food in the fridge in individual serving containers to prevent it from spoiling.

8. Freeze baby food in ice cube trays

If you like the benefits of fresh food but are worried about its longevity, you may want to look into freezing as an option. Puree the food, such as peas and carrots, and then freeze them in ice cube trays. Store them in your freezer for up to a few months!

9. Freeze baby food on a sheet pan

If you have the luxury of freezer space, freeze the pureed food on a cooking sheet lined with parchment paper. Once the food is frozen, place it into a container.

10. Shelf-stable food

There is a big advantage to buying shelf-stable food. With many options available, shelf-stable food is a quick and easy choice. Keep it in your pantry, or if you’re low on space, get an over-the-door rack for holding all of your baby’s jars.

Decide on your baby food containers

If you make your baby food, you will need an efficient way to store it. From pureed vegetables to fruits, here are a few containers you can use.

11. Plastic containers

One of the largest advantages of plastic containers is that they are lightweight. They are also easy to store and sometimes even stackable by size. 

12. Glass containers

While plastic containers may have an element of convenience, glass containers have many advantages as well. The eco-friendly option tends to last a lot longer than plastic ones.

13. Ziptop plastic bags

Take your pureed frozen food and place it into a zip-top plastic bag for long-term storage. A day before your baby is ready to eat the food, take the portion(s) out of the bag the night before and place it in the refrigerator to thaw.

14. Reusable food storage bags

This eco-friendly option allows baby food to be stored many times over and reduces plastic waste. After using the storage bags once, wash them by hand or even run them through the dishwasher.

15. Vacuum sealed bags

Vacuum sealed bags are a fantastic way to store your fresh and frozen pureed food. Polyamide and polyethylene bags are used to prevent oxygen from penetrating the food, ensuring freshness.

16. Glass jars

The most common container found both in stores and at home are glass jars. It is not recommended to freeze glass jars, as the extremely low temperatures can cause the glass to shatter.

Organizing baby food in different spaces

Whether you have a small or large amount of space, utilize these quick tips to make your food storage more efficient.

17. Baby food organizers

These dedicated organizers can typically hold anywhere from 15-30 jars of food. Their convenience, as well as organization, makes these a popular option amongst parents.

18. Cabinet shelf organizers

Found in many different shapes and sizes, shelf organizers make finding the right baby food easy! Put these both in the cabinet or refrigerator to limit the frustration of finding your baby’s favorite food.

19. Refrigerator bins

Similar to the cabinet shelf organizer, these bins also can be a great way to store your baby food both inside and outside of the refrigerator. Stack them 3 to 4 high and gain back valuable space.

20. Utilize the back of closet doors

If you find yourself running out of kitchen space, get creative by using something like a shoe rack to hang on the back of a closet or cabinet door. Place the food containers in the shoe holders for maximum visibility.

21. Ice trays

Make use of unused ice trays to freeze individual portions of baby food. This makes for a quick and easy-to-reheat baby food option.

Get your baby food organized today!

These organization tips and tricks from Instacart will help you reduce unwanted stress. While you may be lacking rest from your new baby, you won’t lose any sleep by not knowing where your baby’s food is stored. Check out the many options on Instacart’s baby food section and get them delivered to your house as soon as today!

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Baby food storage | How to properly store baby food

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Organizing a safe and wholesome diet is an important task that is entirely the responsibility of adults. This means that every parent must know the rules for choosing, storing and feeding the smallest.

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How to choose baby food?

Before buying ready-made baby food jars, make sure that the seal indicator is pushed in. If so, then the jar was properly transported and stored, and its contents remain hermetically sealed. It is strongly not recommended to buy products whose lid is swollen or falls down when pressed - it is worth informing the store employees about the discovery of such jars.

It is recommended to start complementary foods with one-component purees, which allow you to accurately track the reaction of the child's body to the introduction of a new product. To make sure that the selected food does not contain foreign impurities, sweeter juices, sugar, salt or chemicals, a careful study of the composition printed on the label of the jar will allow. In addition, you need to carefully study the expiration date of the food. nine0003

How to store baby food before opening

How to properly store baby food is detailed on the label. Most manufacturers recommend storing unopened jars and bottles at room temperature. Exposure to freezing and direct sunlight is strictly prohibited - these factors lead to a violation of the tightness of the container and rapid deterioration of food.


Sealed baby food jars and bottles are always opened with a recognizable pop. If this sound was absent when opening the purchased food, it means that the tightness of the package was broken. In this case, the quality of the contents of the jar is not guaranteed, and you should not give it to the baby. It is necessary to feed the child from his special dishes: when feeding from a jar, saliva gets into it, which makes it impossible to further store the remaining food. nine0003

For feeding, it is better to choose special children's silicone spoons: ergonomic shape and soft, safe material eliminate the risk of injury to children's delicate gums. To prevent the baby from choking, take no more than half a spoon.

New products should be introduced gradually: start with small doses and gradually increase the amount of the new component. So you will allow the child's body to get used to the new product and exclude the possibility of food allergies. At the same time, a rash that appears after the introduction of a new product does not always mean the onset of an allergic reaction, very often it becomes the result of an excess of the dose. nine0003

Storing baby food

Most baby food manufacturers recommend keeping an open jar of puree in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours. Leftover baby food should be put in the refrigerator immediately after the baby has eaten. If, for some reason, you immediately forgot to remove the jar of puree, then there is a risk that the food has gone bad, which means you should not give it to the crumbs. Stored in the refrigerator, baby food should only be in a tightly closed glass container. nine0003

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Skip Hop Baby Organizer SH 304300

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