Baby food warmer for travelling

Best Travel Baby Food Warmers

If your baby is new to solid foods, it’s likely your baby is used to having warm food. But what about when you travel? If having the ability to provide warm food for your baby while traveling, a good option is a portable baby food warmer.

Managing baby food while traveling can be a little more challenging, since you need a place to stop and feed your baby. Rather than returning to your hotel room or vacation rental, a baby food warmer for traveling can make feeding your baby on-the-go even easier, especially for those babies who can be a little finnicky about food temperature.

The best part is that many of these travel baby food warmers work are also travel bottle warmers as well! So you don’t even need to buy a separate baby travel product!

Here’s our list of the best baby bottle and food warmers recommendations to make buying yours a piece of cake.

Best Portable Baby Food Warmers

  • Types of Portable Baby Food Warmers
    • Using Hot Water to Warm Baby Food
    • Electric Portable Baby Food Warmer
  • What to Look for in a Portable Baby Food Warmer
    • 1. Size for Travel
    • 2. Cleaning
    • 3. Compatibility for Baby Food Jars or Pouches
    • 4. Length of Warming Time
    • 5. Temperature Retention Rate
    • 6. Power Outlet
  • Best Travel Baby Food Warmers
  • 1. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable Travel Baby Food Warmer
  • 2. BEABA Fast Baby Food Warmer
  • 3. Kiinde Kozii Voyager, Compact Travel Food Warmer
  • 4. Papablic Mini Portable Travel Baby Food Warmer
  • 5. bblüv - Platö - Warming Feeding Plate
  • 6. DaCool Insulated Food Jar
  • 7. Chicco Two-in-One Bottle & Baby Food Warmer
  • More Baby Travel Gear
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Types of Portable Baby Food Warmers

Using Hot Water to Warm Baby Food

If you don’t like to bother with cables and electricity, using hot water to heat your baby travel food warmer is considered the simplest way. Many parents prefer this type since it allows them to prepare their baby’s food or bottle ahead of time.

Although getting the perfect temperature each time can be a bit of a hassle, water baths guarantee that food is heated uniformly, preserving its natural characteristics.

All you need to do is fill your portable food warmer with warm water and place your baby’s food in it for under 15 minutes. Always ensure that the container is sealed properly to avoid leakage. 

Electric Portable Baby Food Warmer

Electric or battery-operated baby food warmers are convenient when facilities for a hot water bath are unavailable. These portable travel baby food warmers are compact and favored by parents who value efficiency and function.

While some may be a bit large to travel with, they are great when you have extra space lik eon your next road trip with a baby.

What to Look for in a Portable Baby Food Warmer

1. Size for Travel

Look for a baby food warmer for travel that’s compact enough to fit your travel style. If you pack as lightly as possible, you’ll want one that is compact enough to fit in your backpack diaper bag.

2. Cleaning

When it comes to babies, hygiene is of utmost concern. Finding hygienic and hassle-free food warmers that are built of washable/wipeable and leakproof components is a must for busy parents. All the warmers mentioned on this list are easy to care for and most are even dishwasher-friendly! 

3. Compatibility for Baby Food Jars or Pouches

We prefer items that have multiple uses, like a baby bottle warmer that can also be used as a baby food warmer for travel.

Find a versatile warmer that is ideal for warming baby bottles and for baby food jars and pouches. Most of the warmers on this list even come with their own containers, preventing extra utensils and bowls from piling up.

4. Length of Warming Time

Time is of the essence when you are on-the-go. No matter how well-planned your trip, traveling with a child will always have its hiccups. Save yourself the trouble by choosing the right bottle and food warmer for you and your little one. 

All the bottle and food warmers on this list are efficient and user-friendly, with the majority of them taking between 10-15 minutes to heat. Some even take as little as five minutes!

5. Temperature Retention Rate

You can even avoid reheating your baby’s food again by keeping it warm in a travel baby food warmer.

6. Power Outlet

The best travel baby food warmers can be juiced up with a compatible power bank or automobile USB cord. A baby food warmer that is compatible with a wide range of outlets makes heating your baby’s food as simple as recharging your phone. You’ll never have to worry about frantically searching for a source again. 

Note: Remember to dispose of the warmer at the first sign of damage or leak and always inspect the warmer before each use. 

Best Travel Baby Food Warmers

More Baby Travel Gear

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10 Best Travel Bottle Warmers 2023

If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. Why trust us?

Whether you’re heating up food on demand or want to have it pre-warmed and at the ready, one of these will help.

By Cat Bowen and Latifah Miles

Courtesy Kiinde, Meralon, Chicco

When it comes to bottle-feeding, babies are all over the place. Some will take a refreshing bottle right from the fridge and others will scoff at you for trying to serve them anything other than room temp. Luckily if your baby falls in the latter camp, you don’t have to lug around a hot plate when you’re away from home. Instead, get a handy travel bottle warmer.

  • Best Battery-Powered

    Portable Bottle Warmer Pro Set Baby’s Brew


    Read More


  • Best Multipurpose Warmer

    Bottle Warmer for Travel Mercalon

    $80 AT AMAZON

    Read More

    $80 AT AMAZON

  • Best Timed Warmer

    Bottle & Baby Food Warmer Chicco

    $35 AT WALMART

    Read More

    $35 AT WALMART

  • Most Versatile

    Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Bag With Bottle Warmer Loodial

    $32 AT AMAZON

    Read More

    $32 AT AMAZON

  • No Outlet Needed

    Kozii Voyager Kiinde

    $34 AT AMAZON

    Read More

    $34 AT AMAZON

  • Best Leakproof Option

    Travel Bottle & Food Warmer Set Tommee Tippee

    $19 AT AMAZON

    Read More

    $19 AT AMAZON

  • Easiest to Clean

    Insulated Baby Bottle Warmer BPC

    $25 AT WALMART

    Read More

    $25 AT WALMART

  • Best Multipurpose Backpack

    Diaper Bag Backpack with Fast Bottle Warmer Pofunuo

    $46 AT AMAZON

    Read More

    $46 AT AMAZON

  • Best Budget Water Warmer

    Mini Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer Papablic

    $18 AT AMAZON

    Read More

    $18 AT AMAZON

  • Best Basic

    Baby Bottle Smart Warming Bowl Nanobebe

    $25 AT WALMART

    Read More

    $25 AT WALMART

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      The best travel bottle warmers use a variety of methods to heat milk, from hot water to induction heat. They’re portable, naturally, and stash away safely once you’re done. Many parents prefer water heat, as it’s convenient—and, in many cases, you can prepare it well in advance. In situations where this isn’t possible, the electric or battery-operated induction heat warmers are more convenient. Both heat the bottle evenly and efficiently, but the electric warmers tend to heat faster, especially cold bottles.

      A few of the best electric bottle warmers here plug right into a USB port, meaning that wherever you have access to a charging port, you can warm your baby’s bottle. Conveniently, the water bottle warmers just require hot water. Pro tip: A tall hot coffee works in a pinch.

      The option you choose will likely depend on when you’re using it, how often you’re using it, and how much you want to spend. If you’re going to need it a lot, it makes sense to have a warmer that can go from the car to the office, and even the camper or campsite. In this case, a pricier model that’s more durable and has more bells and whistles (like a timer and temperature selection) is the most viable. Water warmers are great, but they’re one-trick ponies. The Thermos types are wonderful for shorter day trips but can be tricky at the office, on vacation, or on road trips.

      Check out the best travel bottle warmers below so you can keep your babe’s milk at their ideal temperature, even when you’re far from the conveniences of home.

      Best Battery-Powered

      Baby’s Brew

      Portable Bottle Warmer Pro Set


      Best Multipurpose Warmer


      Bottle Warmer for Travel

      $80 AT AMAZON

      Best Timed Warmer


      Bottle & Baby Food Warmer


      Most Versatile


      Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Bag With Bottle Warmer

      $32 AT AMAZON

      No Outlet Needed


      Kozii Voyager

      $34 AT AMAZON

      Best Leakproof Option

      Tommee Tippee

      Travel Bottle & Food Warmer Set

      Now 21% off


      Easiest to Clean


      Insulated Baby Bottle Warmer

      $25 AT WALMART

      Best Multipurpose Backpack


      Diaper Bag Backpack with Fast Bottle Warmer

      $46 AT AMAZON

      Best Budget Water Warmer


      Mini Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

      $18 AT AMAZON $31 AT WALMART

      Best Basic


      Baby Bottle Smart Warming Bowl


      Cat Bowen Parenting Editor Cat Bowen is the parenting editor at BestProducts. com where she researches all of the best products for families from pre-conception through their teen years, focusing on matching scientific evidence with real-life needs.

      Latifah Miles Parenting Editor Latifah is the former parenting editor at, where she spent her time researching and testing the latest, greatest, and coolest products created to make parenting a breeze; her work has been featured on Cosmopolitan, Romper, and Elite Daily.

      Baby food warmer best 2022

      Baby food warmer - warm food in an instant

      Baby food warmer ensures that bottles and jars can be heated to the right temperature within seconds. In our Baby food comparison you will find detailed information and a comparison of different products.

      Five the best baby food warmer from our comparison are equipped with a power cable, so that individual use is possible. Due to their compact size, the devices require very little space in the kitchen. In general, the devices are equipped with a rotary switch so that the temperature can be adapted to the respective requirements. nine0005

      Sort by -- Price ascending Price from high to low Top Recommendations

      1.5 -excess

      Heater of children's power Nuk Thermo Ultra Rapid Baby Bottle Warmer

      • Quick heating on the network
      • Suitable for traveling in the car
      • Different sizes can heat up
      • 0029
      • Measuring container for water with dosing agent in tabular form


      The NUK Thermo Light Baby Food Warmer heats liquid or solid food

      • no descaling required as no water
      • stepless temperature control
      • different glass sizes can be heated 90 270028 very hygienic

      1.8 -hot

      Heater of the Janosch children's power supply from Beurer Jby 52 Bottle digital heater

      • Heating function 37 ° C
      • Time
      • LED temperature indicator

      2. 0good

      Philips Avent baby food warmer SCF355 / 00 bottle warmer for bottles

      • Milk heats up after approx. 3 minutes
      • even temperature distribution thanks to circulation
      • defrost
      Price-performance winner


      Baby Bottle Warmer & Juicer

      • Warm function
      • Remaining time indicator
      • three temperature levels
      First and last name NUK Thermo Ultra Rapid Baby Bottle Warmer The NUK Thermo Light baby food warmer warms liquid or solid food Beurer Janosch baby food warmer JBY 52 Digital bottle warmer Philips Avent baby food warmer SCF355 / 00 bottle warmer for bottles nine0019 Baby bottle warmer and juicer Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price comparison result
      Comparison note

      Best recommendationtest-vergleiche. com1.5excellentBabykostwärmer

      Home producttest-vergleiche.com1,6goodBabykostwärmer

      Home producttest-vergleiche.com1,8goodBabykostwärmer

      Home Producttest-vergleiche.com2.0GoodBabykostwärmer

      value Siegertest-vergleiche.com2.1GoodBabykostwärmer

      Function superheated steam Thermo Light water bath water bath water bath nine0115 power supply Network 230V, 12V DC via car adapter Network 230V Network 230V Network 230V Network 230V power 750 W, work 100 W 100W 80W not specified 400W bottle Glass or plastic Glass or plastic Glass or plastic Glass or plastic Glass or plastic heat very fast online, longer vehicle life requires some patience normal Off timer: normal Warm function
      Off timer
      Security Overtemperature protection temperature sensor indicator indicator indicator temperature control sensor stepless stepless sensor sensor accessories Car adapter, lifting device, pedestal, measuring container bottle tongs jar athlete jar athlete measuring cup Features fits various containers Operating display with LED Temperature LED Timer, defrost function including sterilizable juicer Benefits
      • rapid heating in the network
      • suitable for car travel
      • various sizes can be heated
      • Temperature sensor protects against overheating
      • Measuring container for water with dosing agent in tabular form
      • no descaling required as no water
      • stepless temperature control
      • various bottles / glass sizes can be heated
      • very hygienic
      • 37 °C heating function
      • Time indicator
      • LED temperature indicator
      • Milk heats up after approx. 3 minutes
      • even temperature distribution due to circulation
      • defrost
      • Warm function
      • Remaining time indicator
      • three temperature levels
      Conclusion Of all the models tested, the NUK Baby Food Warmer 10256317 heats up the fastest. Warming baby food is also possible with the included car adapter. nine0020 Baby food warmer that works very hygienically but comes at a price. Thanks to warming with light, no descaling is required, but you do need a little patience when heating. This baby food warmer has the function of heating exactly at 37°C. The LEDs for displaying temperature and remaining time are very convenient. The service leaves much to be desired. The buttons are difficult to operate and do not have a pressure point. Baby food heats up very quickly and evenly. If the bottle is not immediately removed from the device when the alarm sounds, the contents continue to heat up. The shutdown function is not available. nine0020 There is a baby food warmer that can also be used as a handy juicer. Stirring while heating is annoying. Test To Amazon offer

      Our comparison chart for baby food comparison does not replace one baby food warmer test in which Baby food warmer test winner can be recommended. In order to increase the added value for our readers, we may link to an external baby food warmer test of trustworthy sources. Only you decide which model your personal Baby food warmer test winner is.

      Baby food warmer in comparison


      • Baby food warmer in comparison
      • Best product: baby food warmer on Amazon
      • Basic principle of baby food warmer
      • Buy Baby food warmer - which is right?
      • Bedding for children during travel and travel
      • Baby food warmer without water bath, how does it work?
      • Baby food warmer bestseller on Amazon:
      • Baby food bedding at low prices Test-Vergleiche. com
      • Questions and answers (FAQ) about warming baby food
      • Keep calm and try first

      Baby food warmers have a right to exist and are not useless kitchen appliances which are often impractical. With the baby food warmer, porridge and milk bottles can be heated quickly. All of our evaluated models are suitable for common bottle and glass sizes as well as all common materials. However, some models also had flaws in performance, and the stretching of conventional heating in a water bath on a stovetop was just as fast. nine0005

      This was mainly due to the fact that baby food enters the container at different temperatures. First, it comes out of the refrigerator or even freezes, while others are at room temperature. To bring everything to a uniform temperature of 37 ° C, you need to carefully study the description. Most of the compared models have a temperature measurement for this, milk in a bottle or glass is not measured.

      As with everything, it takes a little experience. Once you've gone offstage, it always works better. Ultimately, you don't want to miss out on your baby food warmer and you can always offer your sprouted food at the right temperature. nine0005

      Upper product: Babykostwärmer In the Amazon

      Philips Aventer SCF256 / 00 bottles, on the move, from stainless steel / neutral 9000

    1. , also heating a bottle for use without power cable. Just put the vial in the mug and ...
    2. Ideal for warming up a baby bottle - anywhere, anytime
    3. On the mug you will find a guide for warming bottles depending on the starting temperature. nine0029
    4. Your 150 ml bottle will be ready in 2.5 minutes!
    5. The warming container closes automatically when the cup is screwed on.

Basic principle of warming baby food

All devices from our comparison series are handy and practical. You heat bottles or baby food in many ways. By comparing all devices, you determine how warm the milk should be. In most cases, smooth temperature controls provide ease of use. Some devices turn off when the temperature is reached, but there are also devices that notify you when the temperature has been reached with an audible signal. Other devices switch to the keep warm function and keep the heated milk warm at the set temperature. nine0005


Unfortunately, this is the case with each of the compared devices, where you first need to gain experience in order to recognize how your device works. Some people find it helpful to stir the jars of porridge between them to distribute the heat evenly, while others may get too hot if they miss the beep. Unfortunately, none of the devices measure the temperature inside the bottle or mash container.

Note baby food warmer:

In any case, you should try it first after purchasing your baby food warmer and before your baby gets hungry. Whimpering, hungry, does not know patience.

Buy Baby food warmer - which is right?

Three of our comparators use a water bath to heat baby food. took a closer look at the Beurer BY 52 baby food warmer, the Philips Avent SCF355/00 bottle and baby food warmer, and the cyBaby bottle and baby food warmer with juicer. nine0005

Beurer BY 52 baby food heating pad is one of the devices we have good value for money. With its 80 horsepower, it's not the fastest, but it offers a number of practical details. With the remaining time indicator, you always have an overview of when the milk or porridge has reached the correct temperature. The LED temperature indicator, which we miss with other devices, also contributes to this. When the correct temperature is reached, the appliance automatically switches to the keep warm function. Unfortunately, there is also a weak point to call. Function keys work leaves much to be desired. They are hard to press and there is no pressure point to feel the confirmation. Here, the manufacturer certainly has something catching up. nine0005

With the Philips Avent SCF355 / 00 bottle and baby food warmer you can warm up in just 3 minutes. This is made possible by the circulation of milk when heated. This results in uniform and gentle heating. As the only one of the compared devices from, it has a defrost function. When you buy this baby food warmer, you should carefully read the accompanying reference chart for heating times, as the appliance does not have a temperature display or a timer setting. Suitable for this also does not disable the function. nine0005

The third one of us is selected Baby food warmer water bath is cyBaby bottles - A Babykostwärmer . This is the cheapest among the compared devices. But he's not completely without it. The keep warm function and remaining time display are available, and the device is suitable for sterilization. However, with its 400W power, it consumes a lot of energy when compared to baby food warmers. Milk heats up quickly in it, porridge should be stirred between them. Feature: built-in juicer. nine0005

Travel and travel bed linen for children

A special place is occupied by the NUK 10256317 baby food warmer, which is powered by superheated steam. It heats food and milk particularly quickly. Your baby's hunger can be satisfied in just 2 minutes. The temperature sensor protects against overheating. The device automatically turns off after heating. A special feature of this device is the included car adapter. This allows you to warm up warm food for your little one using your car's cigarette lighter when you're out and about. In the car, the warm-up time is slightly longer. Still a very practical feature for our baby food warmer comparison. That's why this device also became our baby food warmer. nine0005

Baby food warmer without water bath, how does it work?

at We also compared the NUK 10256258 Thermo Light baby food warmer with others. It works with infrared light and passes without water. Where there is no water, no germs and in places with very calcareous water, no descaling is required on this device. The device is easy to clean and suitable for different container sizes. After heating, the temperature is maintained at the same level for 20 minutes. The disadvantage is that the heating takes quite a long time, but it should not harm the hygienic fans. Unfortunately, the device is quite expensive, which can interfere with the purchase of baby food. nine0005

What is the performance of the device?

  • As a general rule, higher output yields faster results.

How quickly does milk or porridge heat up?

  • Here you must pay attention to the manufacturer's indication. Some baby food warmers get hot very quickly, others take longer.

Is baby food leaking on the way? nine0028

  • Pay attention to the connection of the car adapter.

Is there a shutdown function?

  • Important if you want to do something different in between and keep the baby food warmer

Are you easily distracted?

  • Then pay attention to the safe shutdown of your device

Do you need large quantities or two bottles in a row?

  • If you need to breastfeed twins, it should be a large capacity baby food warmer

Is there a keep warm function?

  • Especially handy if you don't arrive right away or your child is eating slowly.

Can all commercially available bottles and glasses be heated?

  • Some devices also take their own containers, others only take their own bottles

Are there practical means of removal?

  • Bottle and glass jars are very handy for removing the bottle from the device

What should I do with very calcareous water?

  • In order to avoid permanent calcification, baby food with infrared technology is suitable, which can do without water. nine0004

Babykostwärmer Amazon Bestsellers:

No products found.

Baby bed linen at low prices

Babies are always hungry. They have to grow and they need a lot of calories. Since her stomach is still very small, many small meals are needed during the day, sometimes at night. If you always want to prepare these fresh ones, you will soon reach your limits. It is better to prepare meals and store portions in the refrigerator. nine0005

With heated baby food, they are then warmed up in the blink of an eye and ready to “feed”. It's as easy for milk as it is for baby food glass porridge. Before you buy a baby food warmer, you must take the View page. Here we have clearly explained to you what is important when buying.

Baby Food Warmer is available in various price ranges. Most models heat food with water or steam, and the specifications of each model vary. Whether you choose for the baby food warmer product comparison winner or buy a more expensive model with infrared technology is up to you. With the help of our selection criteria, you are sure to find the right option. nine0005

Questions and answers (FAQ) about warming baby food

Should I buy a baby food warmer?

Optional. Until a few years ago, baby food was heated in a pot of hot water. However, the baby food warmer is also very useful as it can be used anywhere to heat food quickly.

How long does it take for the baby food warmer to warm up?

Glass clearing only takes a few minutes. The temperature is controlled with a temperature controller. An audible signal indicates when the food is ready.

How loud does the baby food heat up?

When warming up, although there are slight noises, they usually do not disturb. They are barely audible.

Can all bottles in the baby food warmer be heated?

When using the baby food warmer, the size of the bottles does not matter. Large and small bottles heat up just as easily as plastic or glass bottles. nine0005

What should I look for when buying a baby food warmer?

Good baby food warmer suitable for bottles and bottles. The controller can be used to set various actions and temperatures. It also has a keep warm function and is easy to operate.

Remain calm and try first

Whatever you choose baby food for, you need a little patience. Only with experimentation will you know how the device behaves. You don't want to burn your baby's mouth or feed half porridge. It's not always the manufacturer's specifications that are so clear that you can choose the right setting right away. nine0005

The problem is that none of the devices can measure the temperature of the milk or pulp inside, since the food is in the bottle or in the glass. Both heat up only from the outside. Depending on the consistency, this can lead to very different results.

The power consumption of the devices also varies. Philips Avent SCF355/00 even refuses to read. Everything should be ready to eat within 3 minutes. Other devices take longer between 10 and 15 minutes. As a rule, the higher the power rating, the faster it heats up. nine0005

Practically, the warming function in the devices, because often your child changes his mind again and the food will be cold. It is also recommended to use the security function to turn off. Quickly forget the device in the kitchen when the child falls asleep or the phone rings.

We really liked the NUK Baby Food Warmer 10256317 with car adapter. This way you are always well prepared when you are away from home if the journey takes a little longer or if the trip to grandparents is long. nine0005

Consumer's additional recommendations for consumers for you want

Council for buying and testing the heater of children's power

Good offers for you to help you find the right

Babykostwärmer Select the product from our test or comparative sentence 902 9000 9000 My name is Lisa and my children are already out of the forest. I am a well-balanced person and I attach great importance to a beautiful apartment, a well-kept garden and of course I love to travel. I love cooking, living well, jogging and cycling a lot. nine0005

That's why it was very important to me as an author to give you this Baby food comparison imagine. I have five of them Baby food warmer Bestseller chose and I hope you like it as much as I do.

I didn't make it easy for me and did a lot of research for you, collected surveys and opinions from customer reviews and on Stiftung Warentest after a possible Baby food warmer test Lookout held.

To give you a purchasing decision and Baby food warmer To make it easier, I have also written this informative guide and listed the most important purchase criteria for you. Of course, you will also learn a lot about the pros and cons, as well as some tips and tricks on the subject.

I will be very glad to hear your response to my article. Write me your own experience. The line is always open for you.

Further links and sources Babykostwärmer

Wikipedia Babykostwärmer

More information about our article can be found in section Wikipedia , the most popular free encyclopedia platform on the Internet. Here you will learn a lot of interesting facts and information about our selection on Babykostwärmer look up.

Youtube Babykostwärmer

If you are on YouTube video portal real and specific information about our products Babykostwärmer Search, this source of information gives you direct access to relevant video clips.

Amazon Babykostwärmer

On the platform of Amazon you can find almost every product you want to buy online. So you will find this too Babykostwärmer Product on Amazon. At the same time, there are many more articles to search on this portal.

Ebay Babykostwarmer

Ebay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces where you can also find our articles. Right after Babykostwärmer from commercial traders you will also find Babykostwärmer as used items from private sellers

Latest product tests & comparisons 2022

CS Medica Kids CS-21 food warmer

for all types of bottles

Art.: Kids CS-21




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Description Baby food warmer CS Medica Kids CS-21

Baby food warmer CS Medica Kids CS-21 is powered by the car's on-board network without the use of water.

The appliance is designed to quickly and gently heat liquid bottles (milk or formula) and jars of homogenized baby food to a temperature comfortable for feeding the baby. Using a warmer allows you to preserve the beneficial nutrients of milk and baby food, which is vital for the healthy development of the child. nine0005

The device is an indispensable tool for long car trips and travels.

You can always buy baby food warmer CS Medica Kids CS-21 at a low price in our online store. You can place an order through the Shopping Cart, fill out a quick order form in 1 Click or call our phone numbers.

Special Features:

  • Suitable for all types of bottles and also compatible with wide bottles
  • Provides fast, even and gentle heating of bottles and jars
  • Operates from the car's on-board network without the use of water
  • Provides ease of use thanks to the ergonomic design of the device and the presence of special handles for carrying and attaching to various elements (belt belt, baby stroller, bag, etc. )
  • Silicone insert at the bottom of the device for maximum grip and to prevent unwanted slipping of the device during use. nine0029
  • Thermal bag included in the delivery set allows you to keep food temperature for a long time (up to 3 hours) (warm after heating, cool after refrigerator)


  • Device name: Baby food warmer CS Medica Kids
  • Model: CS Medica CS-21
  • Power supply: car cigarette lighter
  • Power consumption: 24 W
  • Preheating time: s 37 0 C to 40 0 C approx. 18 - 20 min
  • Number of modes: 1 (heating)
  • Indicator light: Yes
  • Display with timer: -
  • Automatic shutdown: -
  • Capacity: 1 container
  • Operating conditions: air temperature from + 10 0 C to + 40 0 C at relative humidity from 10% to 90%
  • Storage conditions: air temperature from - 20 0 C to + 60 0 C at 10% to 95% relative humidity
  • Instrument dimensions: 110 X 250 X 100 mm
  • Appliance weight: 180 grams


  • CS Medica CS 21 baby food warmer
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty card

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