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Baby Shower Sign in Sheet

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FREE Printable Potluck Sign Up Sheet

Organizing a potluck can be challenging, but our free potluck sign-up sheet printables will help you plan the perfect party and make the entire process much simpler. You can share it via Google Sheets or Google Docs to enable participants to update it together in real time.


Generic Potluck Sign-Up Sheet


Word | Excel | Editable PDF | Image | Google Docs


This template has four different sections: side dishes, main dishes, desserts, and others.


Word | Excel | Editable PDF | Image | Google Docs

This potluck sign up template has four sections for side dishes, main dishes, drinks and others. The titles are editable on the Word version if you prefer to offer different categories.


Word | Editable PDF | Image | Google Docs

This potluck list template has one list with no breakdown into different dishes.

Halloween Potluck Sign-Up Sheet

The following food sign up sheet template printables have a Halloween theme.



Thanksgiving Potluck Sign-Up Sheet


Christmas Potluck Sign-Up Sheet



Instructions for the Different Formats

There are five different formats available: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Typeable PDF, image, and Google Docs.

You can download any of the formats. The Excel templates can be opened in Google Sheets as well.

Collaboration in Google Docs

You can share the template in Google Docs and send the link to everyone participating in your potluck party. The great thing about this is the option to edit the document simultaneously. Even if everyone opens the link at the same time, they can still edit it at the same time.

  1. Open the Google Docs version of your selected template.
  2. Go to file and make a copy.
  3. Click on Share -> General Access -> “Anyone with the link”
  4. On the right hand side, change the role from “viewer” to the “editor”.
  5. Click on “copy link”.
  6. Send the link to all participants.

Once they open the link, they can edit it directly online.

Even if they edit it at the same time, every version is tracked and saved automatically. People can also add comments such as relevant details about the food they are bringing or dietary restrictions they might have.

While people are editing the online potluck document, you can see it in real time. You can see who is viewing it and who is making changes.

The editable Google sheet is the perfect way to organize potluck signups and take care of the planning process without any fuss.

Organizing a Potluck Party

Benefits of a potluck party

Having a potluck event helps take some of the work and planning off your shoulders. Instead of being responsible for all the food and supplies, you are only in charge of bringing a few things. This can help save you both time and money.

Plus, by asking friends to bring their own dish, you can enjoy foods and flavors you may not otherwise have tried. You may end up with a few new favorite dishes after your party.

Why use a potluck signup sheet?

When you’re planning a group event and asking everyone to bring a dish, it’s important that you end up with a variety of different foods. Just imagine a party where 4 people bring macaroni and cheese and no one brings a dessert.

Having everyone sign up for what they’ll bring can take the guesswork out of planning your party. And, while there are lots of printable potluck sign up sheets, having a Google doc makes the entire process much simpler.

With a printable sheet, you have to physically speak to each person and have them write down what they’ll be bringing. But, by having a potluck sign up sheet in a Google doc or sheet, people can access the form any time they want to.

How to organize your party

A lot goes into planning the perfect group party. But here are a few simple tips to help yours be successful.

  1. Pick your theme

Are you having a Christmas party or a graduation party? If so, your theme has already been decided. But, assigning a theme to any party can help your guests narrow down what they should bring.

Decide whether or not you want your barbecue to be a luau party or a western BBQ. Give your monthly church potluck a family heritage theme to encourage guests to bring ethnic dishes.

  1. Asks your guests to pick a category

While some people ask guests to choose a specific dish, it’s often more helpful to have them choose a category. This lets them make a dish that works for their family or their time commitments.

Use broad categories on your potluck signup sheet like appetizers, salads, or desserts. This ensures you have enough food for a complete meal without making your guests feel like they have to stick with their original idea if something unexpected comes up.

If your guests do pick a dish that’s too similar to another one, don’t be afraid to ask them for an alternate. Try to be polite about your request. You could simply say that you already have 3 people bringing salads and you’ve heard they make the most amazing apple pie.

  1. Share the details

It’s important that your guests know how many people are expected at the party. You don’t want them to bring a dozen cupcakes when you’re having 50 people to the event. Be sure to place this information on your party signup sheet so it can be found easily.

  1. Remember the extras

Just because your guests bring a casserole doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll bring enough serving spoons. Plan ahead with extra spoons, forks, pie servers, and extra foil just in case.

And, don’t forget things like salt and pepper, condiments, and extra ice for beverages.

Tips for planning the perfect potluck

Using this free printable potluck signup sheet template will help take some of the guesswork out of planning your party. That means you’ll have more time to relax and visit your guests.

But, just to be sure, here are a few more tips to help your party go off without a problem.

1. Ask about food allergies

If there is a life-threatening peanut allergy in your group, you’ll want to be sure no one brings dishes containing peanut butter.

But, it’s also helpful to know about people’s intolerances. That way you can offer dishes that are gluten-free or dairy-free if needed.

It’s also helpful to know whether or not people have dietary restrictions or preferences. That way, you can offer dishes that are vegan or low carb when necessary.

If you do have any dietary restrictions, then you can add a comment at the top of the potluck sign up sheet template to ensure that everyone is aware of them.

2. Delegate

One of the reasons to have a group party is to make hosting your get together easier. Using a potluck signup sheet is a great way to cut down on the number of dishes you need to prepare.

But, there are other areas of the party that you may still need help with. Can you ask a crafty friend to create the centerpieces? Or, do you have a teenage son or daughter that can help set up the tables and chairs?

3. Inquire if anyone will need to heat or refrigerate their dishes

If you suspect a dish will need to be reheated before serving, ask ahead of time. That way you can prepare before the meal when you are more organized and relaxed and not when it is too late and you are busy with other things. This will also ensure you have enough space in your oven if too many dishes will need to be reheated particularly if they will need to be reheated at different temperatures.

If dishes need refrigeration then you will need to ensure you have enough room in the fridge or freezer.

4. Don’t forget the special touches

It’s always nice to be remembered and thanked for your participation. As your friends leave, try to give a sincere compliment for their contribution. It could be something as simple as “Your chocolate cake was absolutely delicious.” Or, you could offer some sort of party favors for everyone as they leave.

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Mtsyri - Lermontov. Full text of the poem - Mtsyri


A few years ago,
Where, merging, they make noise,
Embracing like two sisters,
The streams of Aragva and Kura,
There was a monastery. From behind the mountain
And now he sees a pedestrian
Pillars of collapsed gates,
Both towers and church vault;
But there is no smoking under it
Fragrant smoke from the censer,
Singing is not heard at the late hour
Praying monks for us.
Now one gray-haired old man,
The ruins of the half-dead guardian,
Forgotten by people and death,
Sweeps dust from the tombstones,
Which the inscription speaks of
About the glory of the past - and about that,
How, dejected by his crown,
Such and such a king, in such and such a year,
Handed over his people to Russia.

And God's grace descended
On Georgia! She bloomed
Since then in the shade of her gardens,
Without fear of enemies,
3a on the edge of friendly bayonets.


Once a Russian general
was driving from the mountains to Tiflis; nine0007 He was carrying a prisoner child.
He fell ill, could not endure
Labors of a long journey;
He seemed to be about six years old,
Like a chamois of the mountains, shy and wild
And weak and flexible, like a reed.
But in him a painful illness
Then developed the mighty spirit of
His fathers. He languished without complaint
He languished, even a faint moan
Did not fly out of children's lips,
He rejected food with a sign
And quietly, proudly died.
Out of pity, one monk
looked after the Sick, and he remained within the walls of
Saved by friendly art.
But, a stranger to childish pleasures,
At first he ran from everyone,
Wandered silently, alone,
Looked, sighing, to the east,
Driven by obscure longing
On the side of his native.
But after captivity he got used to it,
He began to understand a foreign language,
He was baptized by the holy father
And, unfamiliar with the noisy light,
Already wanted in the bloom of years
To pronounce a monastic vow,
Suddenly one day he disappeared
On an autumn night. Dark forest
Stretched around the mountains. nine0007 For three days all the searches for him
Was in vain, but then
They found him unconscious in the steppe
And brought him back to the monastery.
He was terribly pale and thin
And weak, as if long labor,
He experienced illness or hunger.
He did not answer the interrogation
And every day he became noticeably sluggish.
And his end was near;
Then a black came to him
With exhortation and supplication;
And, having proudly listened, the patient
He got up, gathering the rest of his strength,
And he spoke like this for a long time:


“You listened to my confession
You came here, thank you.
Everything is better in front of someone
Lighten my chest with words;
But I did no harm to people,
And therefore my deeds
It's a little good for you to know,
Can you tell the soul?
I lived a little, and lived in captivity.
Such two lives in one,
But only full of worries,
I would trade if I could.
I knew power only of thought,
One but fiery passion:
She, like a worm, lived in me,
I gnawed my soul and burned it.
She called my dreams
From stuffy cells and prayers
To that wonderful world of worries and battles,
Where rocks hide in the clouds,
Where people are as free as eagles.
I fed this passion in the darkness of night
Nurtured with tears and longing;
Her before heaven and earth
I now loudly acknowledge
And I do not ask for forgiveness.


Old man! I heard many times,
That you saved me from death -
Why? . Gloomy and lonely,
Torn sheet by a thunderstorm,
I grew up in gloomy walls
A child with a soul, a monk with a destiny.
I couldn't say
the sacred words "father" and "mother" to anyone.
Of course, you wanted, old man,
So that I could wean myself in the monastery
From these sweet names -
In vain: their sound was born
With me. And I saw others
Fatherland, home, friends, relatives,
But I didn’t find
Not only sweet souls - graves!
Then, without wasting empty tears,
In my soul I swore an oath:
Though for a moment someday
My flaming chest
To press another with longing to the chest,
Although unfamiliar, but dear.
Alas! now those dreams
Died in full beauty,
And how I lived, in a strange land
I will die a slave and an orphan.


The grave does not frighten me:
There, they say, suffering sleeps
In cold eternal silence;
But it is a pity to part with my life.
I'm young, young... Did you know
Rampant youth dreams?
Or didn't know, or forgot,
How I hated and loved;
How the heart beat faster
At the sight of the sun and fields
From a high corner tower,
Where the air is fresh and where at times
In a deep hole in the wall,
A child of an unknown country,
A young dove cuddled up
Sitting, frightened by a thunderstorm?
Now let the beautiful light
I hate you; you are weak, you are gray,
And you have lost the habit of desires.
What is the need? You lived, old man!
You have something in the world to forget,
You lived - I could also live!


Do you want to know what I saw
At will? - Lush fields,
Hills covered with a crown
Trees growing all around,
Noisy fresh crowd,
Like brothers in a circular dance.
I saw heaps of dark rocks,
When the stream separated them.
And I guessed their thoughts:
It was given to me from above!
Stretched in the air for a long time
Their stone embraces,
And they yearn to meet every moment;
But the days are running, the years are running -
They will never come together!
I saw mountain ranges,
As bizarre as dreams,
When at dawn
They smoked like altars,
Their heights in the blue sky,
And cloud after cloud,
Having left their secret lodging for the night,
Directed the run to the east -
Like a white caravan
Stray birds from distant lands!
In the distance I saw through the fog,
In the snows burning like a diamond,
The hoary unshakable Caucasus;
And it was easy for my heart
, I don't know why.
A secret voice told me,
That once I lived there,
And it became in my memory
The past is clearer, clearer ...


And I remembered my father's house,
Our gorge and all around
In the shadow of a scattered village;
I heard the evening rumble
Home of the running herds
And the distant barking of familiar dogs.
I remembered swarthy old men,
In the light of moonlit evenings
Against my father's porch
Seated with dignity;
And the brilliance of mounted sheaths
Long daggers... and like a dream
All this in a vague succession
Suddenly ran before me.
And my father? he is alive
In his battle clothes
Appeared to me, and I remembered
Ringing of chain mail, and the gleam of a gun,
And a proud, unbending look,
And my young sisters...
The rays of their sweet eyes
And the sound of their songs and speeches
Above my cradle. .. There was a stream running in the gorge.
It was noisy, but shallow;
To him, on the golden sand,
I left to play at noon
And watched the swallows with my eyes,
When they before the rain
The waves touched with their wings.
And I remembered our peaceful home
And before the evening hearth
Long stories about
How people lived in the old days,
When the world was even richer.


Do you want to know what I did
In the wild? Lived - and my life
Without these three blessed days
It would be sadder and gloomier
Your powerless old age.
A long time ago I thought
Look at the distant fields,
Find out if the earth is beautiful,
Find out, for freedom or prison
We will be born into this world.
And at the hour of the night, a terrible hour,
When the storm frightened you,
When, crowding at the altar,
you lay prostrate on the ground,
I ran away. Oh, I'm like a brother
I would be glad to embrace the storm!
I watched the clouds with my eyes,
I caught the lightning with my hand...
Tell me what amidst these walls
Could you give me in return
That brief but living friendship,
Between a stormy heart and a thunderstorm?..

9 I ran for a long time - where, where?
I don't know! not a single star
illuminated the difficult path.
I had fun breathing
into my exhausted chest
Night freshness of those forests,
And only! I ran for many hours
, and finally, tired,
I lay down between tall grasses;
Listened: no chase.
The storm has subsided. Pale light
Stretched in a long strip
Between the dark sky and earth,
And I discerned, like a pattern,
On it are the teeth of distant mountains;
I lay motionless, silent,
Sometimes in the gorge the jackal
Screamed and cried like a child,
And, shining with smooth scales,
The snake glided between the stones;
But fear did not grip my soul:
I myself, like a beast, was a stranger to people
And crawled and hid like a snake.


Down deep below me
A stream amplified by a thunderstorm
Noisy, and its noise is deaf
Angry hundred voices
Won. Although without words
That conversation was intelligible to me,
Incessant murmuring, eternal argument
With a stubborn pile of stones.
Now it suddenly subsided, then stronger
It resounded in the silence;
And so, in the misty heights
Birds sang, and the east
Got rich; breeze
Raw stirred sheets;
Sleepy flowers died,
And, like them, towards the day
I raised my head…
I looked around; I don’t hide:
I became scared; on the edge
of the threatening abyss I lay,
where the angry shaft howled, spinning;
Steps of rocks led there;
But only an evil spirit walked over them,
When, cast down from heaven,
Disappeared in the underground abyss.


God's garden bloomed all around me;
Plant rainbow outfit
Keep traces of heavenly tears,
And curls of vines
Curled, showing off among the trees
Transparent green leaves;
And they were full of bunches,
Like expensive earrings,
They hung magnificently, and sometimes
A shy swarm of birds flew towards them
And again I fell to the ground
And again I began to listen
To magical, strange voices;
They whispered in the bushes,
As if they were talking
About the secrets of heaven and earth;
And all the natures of the voice
Merged here; did not ring out
At the solemn praise hour
Only a human proud voice.
Everything that I felt then,
Those thoughts - they no longer have a trace;
But I would like to tell them,
To live again, at least mentally.
That morning the vault of heaven was
So clear that an angel's flight
A diligent gaze could follow;
It was so transparently deep,
So full of even blue!
I was in it with my eyes and soul
Drowning until the midday heat
Dispersed my dreams.
And I began to languish with thirst.


Then to the stream from a height,
Holding on to flexible bushes,
From slab to slab I did my best,
I began to descend. From under the feet
Breaking off, the stone sometimes
Rolled down - behind him the reins
Smoked, dust curled like a pillar;
Hooting and jumping, then
He was absorbed by the wave;
And I hung over the depths,
But free youth is strong,
And death seemed not terrible!
As soon as I descended from steep heights
I descended, the freshness of mountain waters
Breathed towards me,
And greedily I leaned against the wave. nine0007 Suddenly - a voice - a light sound of steps ...
Instantly hiding between the bushes,
Embraced by an involuntary trembling,
I raised a timid look
And began to listen eagerly: sweetly free, as if he were
Only the sounds of friendly names
He was accustomed to pronounce.
It was a simple song,
But it sank into my mind,
And to me, only dusk comes,
Her invisible spirit sings.


Holding a jug over her head,
A Georgian woman along a narrow path
Went down to the shore. Sometimes
She glided between the stones,
Laughing at her awkwardness.
And her outfit was poor;
And she walked lightly, backwards
The curves of the long veil
Throwing back. Summer heat
Covered with a golden shadow
Her face and chest; and heat
Breathed from her mouth and cheeks.
And the darkness of the eyes was so deep,
So full of secrets of love,
That my ardent thoughts
Confused. I only remember
jug ringing - when the jet
Slowly poured into him,
And a rustle... nothing more.
When I woke up again
And the blood drained from my heart,
She was already far away;
And she walked, even more quietly, but easily,
Slender under her burden,
Like a poplar, the king of her fields!
Not far away, in a cool haze,
Seemed to be rooted to a rock
Two husks as a friendly couple;
Above the flat roof of one
Blue smoke streamed.
I see as if now,
How the door quietly opened...
And shut again! . nine0007 You, I know, do not understand
My anguish, my sadness;
And if I could, I would be sorry:
Memories of those minutes
In me, let them die with me.


Exhausted by the labors of the night,
I lay down in the shade. A comforting dream
I involuntarily closed my eyes...
And again I saw in a dream
an image of a young Georgian woman.
And with a strange sweet longing
My chest ached again.
I struggled for a long time to breathe -
And woke up. Already the moon
was shining above, and one
Only a cloud crept after her,
Like her prey,
Greedy open arms.
The world was dark and silent;
Only with a silvery fringe
The tops of the snow chain
In the distance sparkled before me
Yes, a stream splashed on the banks.
A light in the familiar shakla
Now trembled, then went out again:
In heaven at the midnight hour
So the bright star goes out!
I wanted to... but I didn't dare to go up there
. I have one goal -
Go to my native country -
I had in my soul and overcame
The suffering of hunger, as best he could.
And then along the straight road
He set off, timid and dumb.
But soon in the depths of the forest
I lost sight of the mountain
And then I began to go astray.


In vain in rage at times
I tore with a desperate hand
Blackthorn tangled with ivy:
The whole forest was, the eternal forest all around,
Terrible and thicker every hour;
And with a million black eyes
The darkness watched the night
Through the branches of every bush.
My head was spinning; nine0007 I began to climb trees;
But even at the edge of heaven
It was the same jagged forest.
Then I fell to the ground;
And sobbed in a frenzy,
And gnawed at the damp breast of the earth,
And tears, tears flowed
Into it like combustible dew ...
But, believe me, human help
I did not want ... I was a stranger
For them forever, like a beast of the steppe;
And if even a minute's cry
betrayed me - I swear, old man,
I would pull out my weak tongue.


Do you remember your childhood:
I never knew tears;
But then I wept without shame.
Who could see? Only a dark forest
Yes, the moon that floated in the middle of the sky!
Illuminated by his beam,
Covered with moss and sand,
With an impenetrable wall
Surrounded, in front of me
There was a clearing. Suddenly
A shadow flashed in it, and two lights
Sparks rushed . .. and then
Some kind of animal jumped out of the thicket
and lay down,
Playing, supine on the sand.
It was an eternal guest of the desert -
Mighty leopard. Raw bone
He gnawed and squealed merrily;
He fixed his bloody gaze,
Waving his tail affectionately,
For a full month, and on it
Wool shimmered with silver.
I waited, grabbing a horned bough,
A minute of battle; my heart suddenly
lit up with a thirst for struggle
And blood... yes, the hand of fate
I was led in a different way...
But now I'm sure,
That I could be in the land of my fathers
Not one of the last daring ones.


I was waiting. And in the shadow of the night
He sensed the enemy, and howl
A drawn-out, plaintive, like a groan
He suddenly rang out... and he began
Angrily digging the sand with his paw,
He reared up, then lay down,
And the first frantic leap
Threatened me with a terrible death. ..
But I warned him.
My blow was true and fast.
My reliable bough is like an axe,
His wide forehead was cut through...
He groaned like a man,
And overturned. But again,
Although blood was pouring from the wound
In a thick, wide wave,
The battle began to boil, a mortal battle!


He rushed to my chest:
But I managed to stick it in my throat
And turn it twice there
My weapon... He howled,
He rushed with his last strength,
And we, intertwined like a pair of snakes, hugging each other tightly
fell at once, and in the darkness
the battle continued on the ground.
And I was terrible at that moment;
Like a desert leopard, angry and wild,
I burned, squealed like him;
As if I myself were born
In the family of leopards and wolves
Under the fresh forest canopy. nine0007 It seemed that the words of people
I forgot - and in my chest
That terrible cry was born,
As if from childhood my tongue
I’m not used to a different sound . ..
But my enemy began to faint,
Toss around, breathe more slowly,
Squeezed me for the last time...
The pupils of his motionless eyes
Flashed menacingly - and then
Quietly closed in eternal sleep;
But with a triumphant enemy
He met death face to face,
As a fighter follows in battle!..


You see on my chest
Traces of deep claws;
They haven't overgrown yet
And haven't closed; but the lands
Their damp cover will refresh
And death will heal forever.
Then I forgot about them,
And, once again gathering the rest of my strength,
I wandered into the depths of the forest...
But in vain I argued with fate:
She laughed at me!


I came out of the forest. And now
The day woke up, and the round dance
Parting lights disappeared
In its rays. Foggy forest
Has spoken. In the distance, village
I started smoking. A vague rumble
In the valley ran with the wind ...
I sat down and began to listen;
But he fell silent along with the breeze.
And I cast my eyes around:
That land seemed familiar to me.
And I was afraid to understand
I could not for a long time, that again
I returned to my prison;
What is useless for so many days
I caressed a secret plan,
Endured, languished and suffered,
And why?0007 With the resounding murmur of the oak forests
Knowing the bliss of freedom,
Carrying it to the grave behind you
Longing for the homeland of the saint,
Hopes of the deceived reproach
Shame on your pity! distant bell ringing
There was again in the silence -
And then everything became clear to me ...
Oh, I recognized him immediately!
From the eyes of a child more than once
Chased away the visions of the dreams of the living
About dear neighbors and relatives,
About the will of the wild steppes,
About light, mad horses,
About wonderful battles between rocks,
Where I alone defeated everyone! . .
And I listened without tears, without strength.
It seemed that the ringing came out
From the heart - as if someone
Hit my chest with iron.
And then I vaguely understood,
That I would never make a trail to my homeland


Yes, I deserve my lot!
Mighty horse, alien in the steppe,
Dropping a bad rider,
Home from afar
Find a straight and short path...
What am I in front of him? In vain the chest
Full of desire and longing:
That heat is powerless and empty,
The game of dreams, the disease of the mind.
It left its prison seal on me
It left ... Such is the flower
Prison: it grew lonely
And it is pale between damp slabs,
And for a long time young leaves
It did not dissolve, everything waited for the rays
Life-giving. And many days
Passed, and a kind hand
Sadly touched the flower,
And it was transferred to the garden,
In the neighborhood of roses. From all sides
Breathed the sweetness of being...
But what? As soon as the dawn came,
A scorching ray burned it
A flower bred in prison...


And like him,
the fire of the merciless day burned me.
In vain I hid in the grass
My weary head:
Withered leaf with its crown
Thorns over my forehead
Coiled, and in the face with fire
The earth itself breathed to me.
Sparkling fast in the sky,
Sparks whirled, from white rocks
Steam flowed. The world of God slept
In a deaf stupor
Despair heavy sleep. nine0007 At least a corncrake called out,
Or a live trill of a dragonfly
Heard, or a stream
A child's babbling ... Only a snake,
Rustling with dry weeds,
Sparkling with a yellow back,
As if with a golden inscription
Blade covered with loose sand,

Sliding carefully, then,
Playing, basking on it,
Triple coiled;
As if suddenly burned,
She rushed about, jumped
And hid in the distant bushes . ..


And everything was in heaven
Light and quiet. Through the vapors
Two mountains blackened in the distance.
Our monastery because of one
Glittered with battlements.
Aragva and Kura below,
Silver edging
Soles of fresh islands,
Along the roots of whispering bushes
They ran together and easily...
I was far from them!
I wanted to get up - in front of me
Everything began to spin with speed;
I wanted to scream - my tongue was dry
I was silent and motionless...
I was dying. I was tormented by
dying delirium. It seemed to me
That I am lying on the wet bottom
of a deep river - and there was
a mysterious haze all around.
And, I long for eternal food,
Like ice, a cold stream,
Murmuring, poured into my chest...
And I was only afraid to fall asleep, —
It was so sweet, I love it...
And above me, in the sky
The wave crowded to the wave.
And the sun through the crystal of the wave
It shone sweeter than the moon...
And the motley flocks of fish
Sometimes they played in the rays.
And I remember one of them:
She is friendlier than the others
She caressed me. Scale
Was covered with gold
Her back. She hovered
Over my head more than once,
And the look of her green eyes
Was sadly tender and deep...
And I could not be surprised:
Her silvery voice
Whispered strange speeches to me,
And sang, and fell silent again.
He said: “My child,
Stay here with me:
Free life in the water
And cold and calm.


I will call my sisters:
We will circle the dance
We will cheer up the misty eyes
And your tired spirit. nine0005


Sleep, your bed is soft,
Your cover is transparent.
Years will pass, centuries will pass
To the sound of wondrous dreams.


Oh my dear! I won’t hide it,
That I love you,
I love you like a free stream,
I love you like my life…”
And I listened for a long, long time;
And it seemed like a sonorous stream
Merged its quiet murmur
With the words of a golden fish.
Here I forgot. God's light
Faded in the eyes. Crazy delirium
Yielded to impotence of the body…


So I was found and raised...
You know the rest yourself.
I finished. Believe my words
Or don't, I don't care.
Only one thing saddens me:
My corpse is cold and dumb
Will not smolder in my native land,
And the story of my bitter torment
Will not call between the deaf walls
Attention mournful draw
To my dark name.


Farewell, father... give me your hand:
You feel mine is on fire...
Know this flame from a young age,
Hidden, lived in my chest;
But now there is no food for him,
And he burned his prison
And he will return again to the one,
Who in a lawful succession
Gives suffering and peace ...
But what is that to me? — let it be in paradise,
In the holy, transcendent land
My spirit will find shelter. ..
Alas! - in a few minutes
Between the steep and dark rocks,
Where I played as a child,
I would trade heaven and eternity ...


When I start to die,
0007 You led me to be carried
To our garden, to the place where
two white acacia bushes were blooming...
The grass between them is so thick,
And the fresh air is so fragrant,
And so transparently golden
A leaf playing in the sun!
There put led me.
With the radiance of a blue day
I will get drunk for the last time.
You can see the Caucasus from there!
Perhaps from his heights
He will send me a farewell greeting,
He will send with a cool breeze...
And near me before the end
The sound will be heard again! nine0007 And I will begin to think that a friend
Or a brother, leaning over me,
Cleaning with an attentive hand
Cold sweat from the face of death
And that in an undertone
He sings to me about a dear country.
And with that thought I'll fall asleep,
And I won't curse anyone!.."


Unique Baby Shower Bingo Game Infant, baby shower card collection, frame, template, game, leaf png

Unique Baby Shower Bingo Game Infant, Baby shower card collection, frame, template, game, leaf png


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