Best baby food stain remover

11 Best Stain Removers For Baby Clothes In 2023

These formulas are gentle and irritation-free.

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You might experience stains and messes every day if you have a child at home. So, we have brought our list of the best stain removers for baby clothes to help you. Babies tend to be quite messy while eating and removing those food stains from their bibs and clothes can be quite challenging. These stain removers are mild and protect your baby’s delicate skin from irritation. So, check out our list to choose the right product.

Top Picks

Best Biodegradable: Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover

Best pH-Neutral: Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater

Best Non-Toxic: Grandma's Secret Spot Remover

Best Easy-To-Use: OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

Best Cruelty-Free: The Laundress New York Stain Solution

Best Color-Safe: Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry Stain Remover Foam

Best Fragrance: Dreft Baby Laundry Stain Remover Spray

Best Ammonia-Free: Parker and Bailey Laundry Stain Remover

Best Hypoallergenic: Sun & Earth Laundry Stain Remover

11 Best Stain Removers For Baby Clothes


Best Biodegradable: Puracy Natural Laundry Stain Remover



Puracy stain remover uses six plant-based enzymes, providing a safe and effective way to remove stains and odors. This unique blend of plant-based bio-enzymatic cleaners can remove hundreds of different colors, residues, odors, and spots. It is effective on car seats, cloth diapers, and other washable textiles. If you need further convincing, check out this YouTuber’s review.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Vegan


  • May take some time to work

Price at the time of publication: $9.99

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2. Best pH-Neutral: Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater


Image: Hate Stains Co

BUY ON AMAZON | $14. 5

The stain remover can tackle savory and less savory stains fast and safely. It is made with the safe, fast, powerful, and universal stain-removing formula and is available as a spray bottle or single-use wipes. This stain remover works gently on children’s clothes and powerfully on carpets and other fabrics. You can check this video out if you need to know more about the product.


  • Pet-safe
  • pH neutral
  • Allergen-free
  • Artificial fragrance-free


  • May leave bleach marks on the clothes


The quicker you deal with the stains on your baby’s clothes, the easier it is to remove them.

Price at the time of publication: $14.5

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Best Non-Toxic: Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover


Image: Grandma's Secret

BUY ON AMAZON | $12.09

The rust stain remover from Grandma’s Secret can work on stains that have set in or have already been washed. It doesn’t have bleach, chlorine, or phosphates and has a pleasant citrus scent. The product does not discolor your clothes. To find out more about this product, check this video review out.


  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty-free


  • May leave a stain behind

Price at the time of publication: $12. 09

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4. Best Easy-To-Use: OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover


Image: Oxiclean


OxiClean stain remover effectively removes stains while being gentle on the baby’s clothes. It is activated by water and releases bubbling oxygen power, improving your usual detergent’s performance. The solution safely removes dried-on formula, juice spills, diaper stains, and baby food from your baby’s fabrics. You can use it as a presoak or in every load.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Dye-free
  • Easy to use


  • May leave a film on hands

Price at the time of publication: $7. 96

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5. Best Cruelty-Free: The Laundress New York Stain Solution



A concentrated combination of plant-derived anionic and non-ionic surfactants, this solution can remove protein- and tannin-based stains, including wine, coffee, ink, grass, urine, and blood.


  • Cruelty-free
  • No artificial colors
  • Petroleum-free
  • Phthalate-free


  • Might take more than one application

Quick tip

Soak your baby’s clothes for at least a few hours to remove stubborn stains.

Price at the time of publication: $20

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6. Best Color-Safe: Zout Triple Enzyme Formula Laundry Stain Remover Foam


BUY ON AMAZON | $18. 99

Zout stain remover is a strong, enzyme-based formula that removes even the toughest stains out from garments. It can dissolve baby food stains, grease food, BBQ sauce, chocolate syrup, tomato sauce, etc.  The two-pack contains 22 fluid ounces each.


  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Color-safe
  • Long-lasting


  • May not work on wine stains

Price at the time of publication: $18.99

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7. Best Fragrance: Dreft Baby Laundry Stain Remover Spray


Image: Dreft

BUY ON AMAZON | $41. 5

The stain remover is specially developed for difficult stains on children’s clothing, bedding, and blankets. You can safely remove spit-up, food, diarrhea, and other stains and odors with its advanced cleaning method. It has no strong fumes and does not affect the flame resistance of children’s sleepwear.


  • Easy to use
  • Works in all temperatures
  • Suitable for colorfast materials
  • Gentle fragrance


  • Might not work on tough stains

Price at the time of publication: $41.5

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8. Best Ammonia-Free: Parker and Bailey Laundry Stain Remover


Image: Parker And Bailey

BUY ON AMAZON | $24. 8

Parker and Bailey’s formula effectively removes stains from garments, carpets, textiles, and other surfaces. You need to apply the stain remover to the stain and work it with the dull edge of a knife or spoon to remove it. This stain remover can also be used as a pre-wash for laundry.


  • Ammonia-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Bleach-free
  • Petrochemical-free


  • May not work on tough stains

Price at the time of publication: $24.8

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9. Best Hypoallergenic: Sun & Earth Laundry Stain Remover


BUY ON AMAZON | $14.15

With the strength of naturally sourced enzymes,  Sun& Earth laundry stain remover fights tough stains efficiently. This effective cleanser is non-toxic, fragrance-free, and produced using natural materials. It is also cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. Use the spray on the stain and wash after a few minutes.


  • Phosphate-free
  • Dye-free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Color-safe


  • May not work on old stains

Price at the time of publication: $14.15

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10. Best Chemical-Free: Mommy Wipes Stain Remover


Image: Mommy Wipes


Mommy Wipes’ stain remover is free of harsh chemicals, bleach, parabens, perfumes, and dyes and is safe for children. They come in a portable pack that you can carry in your handbag or diaper bag to stay clean and wipe mess on the go. You can use these wipes to clean juice, food, spit, colors, and more from clothes, shoes, and fabric.


  • Rainforest Alliance-certified
  • FSC-certified
  • Can remove makeup
  • Gentle


  • May have an alcoholic smell

Price at the time of publication: $9.99

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11. Best HE-Compatible: Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Stain Remover


Image: Seventh Generation


The stain remover combines a triple enzyme system with a potent plant-derived cleaning agent to remove set-in stains. Artificial brighteners are not found in this biodegradable composition. To use, allow to rest for five minutes before washing for optimal results. It’s suitable for HE and ordinary machines and safe for colorfast washables.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Dye-free
  • Easy to use


  • Might not work on tough stains

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How To Choose The Right Stain Removers For Baby Clothes?

Consider the following factors when choosing a suitable stain remover for baby clothes.

  1. Fabric type:Consider the fabric type on which you will use the stain remover. As most baby clothes are delicate, choose water-based and plant-derived removers that are gentle, safe, color-safe, and pH-neutral.
  1. Stain size:Consider the size of the stain when choosing a cleaner. Some cleaners are designed for minor stains and mess, while others can handle larger areas.
  1. Safety:Choose removers that do not have a strong fragrance and are hypoallergenic to keep your child safe. They should also be free of harsh chemicals.
  1. Ingredients:Take a look at the ingredients list on the product label. Choose a product with enzymes or other agents that can break down stains without damaging the fabric.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Vibha Navarathna is a highly skilled content writer who is articulate and presents highly researched lists about baby products, nursing, and pregnancy. Her research-driven approach ensures to curate the best stain removers for baby clothes available in the market. Her list is of great help as parents don’t have to look around any further since all the information you need is right here in the article. These products are chosen based on customer reviews posted on different websites.

1. Is it OK to use a stain remover on baby clothes?

The best way to remove stains from baby clothes is to remove them when they are still fresh (1). If the stains are tough, it is essential to use a stain remover. You may rely on a stain remover that is free of fragrance or harsh chemicals.

2. What are the ingredients to avoid in a stain remover?

Infants have sensitive skin, and therefore, it is advised to wash their clothes separately (1). Avoid stain removers that are infused with any of these ingredients: 2-butoxyethanol, quaternium-15, linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (C10-16), disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate, sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach), methylisothiazolinone (MIT), sodium borate, ammonium hydroxide (2).

3. How should I remove baby stains from baby clothes?

Try to wash the stain when it is still active. You can also soak the clothes for a while and wash them with a mild detergent. For stubborn stains, try to use stain removers formulated for baby clothes.

Baby clothes are prone to developing stains as babies eat, crawl, and play. Buying the right stain remover for baby clothes helps you ensure the clothes are stainless and clean. When choosing a stain remover for your baby’s clothes, ensure it is hypoallergenic and free of chemicals so that it does not irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Thus, it is wise to check the ingredient list and look for biodegradable, fragrance-free, dye-free, and eco-friendly products.


MomJunction's articles are written after analyzing the research works of expert authors and institutions. Our references consist of resources established by authorities in their respective fields. You can learn more about the authenticity of the information we present in our editorial policy.

  1. Cleaning Baby Clothes
  2. 8 Hazardous chemicals in your laundry stain remover
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  • Author

How to Get Stains out of Baby Clothes

Written by Tenley Haraldson. Reviewed by Sean Busch.

Between spit-up, dropped bottles, and food flinging, it can feel like that stack of onesies will never get clean.

Instead of laundry whiteners (that can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin), learn how to get stains out of baby clothes with our natural laundry tips. They’ll erase all evidence of that recent diaper blow-out – we promise.

Meet the Best Stain Remover for Baby Clothes

With its 98.95% natural formula, how does Puracy Natural Stain Remover work so well? Our biochemists made sure that all six plant-based enzymes worked their way into fabric fibers, ensuring the eradication of thousands of stains and odors. All you need to do is saturate fabrics with this baby stain remover, agitate with a brush, wait a few hours, and throw it in the washing machine. Seriously It's that easy.

Note: Some delicate fabrics require special care. Before treating any stain, read and follow the care instructions (located on clothing tags). Puracy Natural Stain Remover


The Two Other Laundry Tools You Need

Preparation is a parent’s best method for fighting stains. That's why we recommend keeping the following in your laundry room:

To work the stain remover into fibers (without damaging fabrics), we recommend auto detailing, laundry, paint, makeup, or even old toothbrushes. Next, to dislodge lingering stains and odors, you'll need to do a load of laundry. Make sure that you do it with our 99.4% Natural Laundry Detergent: It's tough on grime but its hypoallergenic formula was developed by biochemists to be gentle on sensitive skin.

1. How to Get Food Stains out of Baby Clothes

It's a fact of life: Once your baby starts eating solids, you'll need to get baby food stains out of clothes on the regular.

Start by rinsing the garment under cold water ASAP. Dab with a bit of laundry detergent, let it sit for 30 minutes, and run a normal washing machine cycle. For heavy-duty stain duty, double up with our Natural Stain Remover (you may need to let the formula set for up to 8 hours).

2. How to Get Milk Stains out of Baby Clothes

If you've ever dropped breast milk on your baby's clothes, you know it can harden into a sour, yellow mess. Instead of crying over spilt milk, rinse the affected area with cold water as soon as possible (hot water will “cook” milk into the fabric).

If you don’t have a change of clothes, blot the spill with a clean cloth or paper towel. Work from the outside edge of the stain toward the center. Launder as usual.

How to Remove Old Milk Stains from Baby Clothes

For older residue, spray the affected area with Natural Stain Remover and agitate with a soft brush (or rub the fabric together). We recommend waiting at least 8 hours, but the longer it sits, the better.

Launder normally with an 'extra rinse' setting. Even though our Natural Laundry Detergent was especially formulated to leave zero residue behind, the second cycle ensures that all stain particles are rinsed away.

3. How to Get Formula Stains out of Baby Clothes

Thoroughly soak the garment in cold water ASAP. Next, use a soft brush to scrub away as much of the formula as you can. If the stain persists, treat with our Natural Stain Remover and follow the steps from #1.

Pro Tip: Since most baby formulas primarily consist of milk, they’re high in protein and should treated with an enzyme called protease.

4. How to Remove Spit-up Stains

Deal with spit-up by gently blotting it with cool water and a clean cloth. If you can't get around to it until later, try to remove any dry, crusty bits with a soft brush.

Follow all of the same baby stain remover tips above, then wash on a warm cycle with a natural laundry detergent.

5. How to Get Baby Poop out of Clothes

Cleaning baby poop out of clothes happens a lot more than you'd think. Not to worry! The best stain remover for baby poop might surprise you: It’s dish soap!

While the stain is still fresh (and after you've flushed any solids down the toilet), rinse the garment in cold, running water from the outside of the fabric. Apply Natural Dish Soap directly to the stain, agitate it well with a brush, then rinse with more cold water. Repeat as often as necessary.

Apply your baby stain remover, then let it sit for at least an hour to ensure that the plant enzymes destroy all toxic remnants. Finally, throw it in the washing machine on a regular cycle.

6. How to Get Urine out of Baby Clothes

If dealt with immediately, removing urine from baby clothes is pretty easy: Just rinse the item in cold water and toss in the washing machine. For older urine stains, thoroughly spray the item with Puracy Stain Remover, let it soak for at least an hour, and wash on a hot cycle. If the stains don’t disappear immediately, don't throw the item in the dryer! Reapply the stain remover and run for one more laundry cycle.

The Best Stain Remover for Baby Clothes, Guaranteed

Whether you’re tackling baby food or poop stains, Puracy Stain Remover and Laundry Detergent are the perfect stain-removing duo. And with their plant-based formulas, you've got tough stain removal and hypoallergenic formulas that keep sensitive skin happy.

TOP 12 best stain removers for old stains

How much time and effort the housewives spend on restoring the original appearance of things. Using folk remedies, soak, rub, wiping the skin of the hands. And if nothing helps, the thing is sent to the scrap.

Children's clothes are considered the most difficult to soil. Stains from fruit and vegetable puree are difficult to remove, in addition, it should be borne in mind that aggressive stain removers should not be used for processing. Since in many children they can cause allergies.

Now among the variety of household chemicals you can find a stain remover from all kinds of stains. Also with different composition and for different types of fabrics. Their best result is achieved in a short time, and also it does not take much effort.

A good range of stain removers of various brands is available in all price ranges. Each buyer will be able to choose exactly the one that he needs. They cope with different types of stains, and also do not spoil the quality of linen, color, density. They can be used for various types of washes. Some are endowed with additional functionality.

If you find an old stain on your favorite clothes, this does not mean that you should throw it away. It is enough to purchase a quality stain remover. Carry out the cleaning procedure and enjoy the result.

Stain removal technology has come a long way. And if earlier pollution of an industrial nature could not be removed, now a good stain remover is able to cope with them. Now even stains from fuel oil and machine oil are not terrible.

How to choose a good stain remover without buying all the brands, we will tell in our article. And also consider the performance on various types of underwear. Consider the pros and cons, based on customer reviews and expert opinions. Let's analyze the active ingredients for different types of pollution. We will tell you why it is worth considering the presence of eco-labels when choosing, and also due to what the main process of removing pollution takes place. Let's rank the 12 best stain removers of 2022.

Main parameters when choosing:

  • Composition
  • Release form
  • Additional parameters


The effectiveness of the stain remover is achieved due to its composition, or rather due to the components included in it.

But some are worth avoiding. For example, chlorine and phosphate work well. However, they are considered aggressive, capable of spoiling the structure of the tissue, as well as becoming a trigger for allergic reactions.

If you or your family members have allergies and plan to use stain remover on children's clothing, make sure the product is labeled as hypoallergenic or ecolabeled. Such models are soft, but work well. At the same time, they do not have a negative effect on the body, are not tested on animals, and are also biodegradable.

Enzymes capable of breaking down organic contaminants into simpler elements for their quickest removal. This result is achieved due to the uniqueness of the protein, which consists of about 20 amino acids.

Thanks to the presence of active oxygen, not only the removal of dirt occurs, but also bleaching without harsh chemicals. It also prevents color fading.


  • Powder, the most common form and also available. Can be added to laundry detergent as an enhancer. Or separately in the drum of the machine.
  • Gel, convenient structure, completely soluble in any temperature regime. As a rule, it has a sparing formula. Also a small expense.
  • Pencil. Compressed form of fine powder. Fairly firm, easy to apply locally. It also has economical consumption.
  • Plates or napkins, added to the drum, have a wide range of functions. But they work better only on fresh stains.
  • Spray. Liquid cleaner, suitable for different types of pollution. Dissolves even stubborn stains well. In this case, it is applied directly to the area of ​​contamination. Can be used as a primary cleaning.
  • Bar soap. Presented in the form of ordinary soap. It has a fairly effective effect.
  • Gel in tube. These stain removers are mainly used for cuffs and collars. Since there is a special brush on the neck. Usually it is made of silicone. It has an additional effect in achieving the ideal result.

Additional options

Multifunctional. As a rule, stain removers can not only remove various contaminants, but also bleach. Thanks to the special components in the composition.

Powders and gels contain some conditioning agents. They make things softer and more pleasant to the touch, and also eliminate unpleasant odors.

The concentrate mark on the package indicates that the product copes with even the most difficult stains in a short time. However, they are not suitable for delicate fabrics. Components are here in increased quantities.

Versatility. Stain removers with this characteristic are suitable for most types of fabrics. This includes the type of linen, its color, as well as its purpose. Can be used for children's, colored, white linen. However, when washing such categories, you need to take into account the loading rule: white with white, color with color. Since these products do not protect against staining things.

Perfume. Depending on the concentration, they give a pleasant aroma to freshly washed laundry. In some cases, they are added to the composition to eliminate the chemical odors of the components. May cause allergies.

Price range. Depends on the popularity of the brand, as well as displacement. Not always a high price indicates the effective properties of the funds.

Narrow operating principle. Some stain removers contain additives to remove specific types of stains. For example, blood or coffee stains, as well as traces of grass or greasy dirt.

In the ranking:

  • 1. CJ Lion BEAT

    Learn, where is the cheapest >>>>

  • 2. Udalix spray Ultra

    total >>>

  • 3. Vanish Oxi Action

    Find out where the cheaper is >>>>

  • 4. BIOMIO BIO-2

    Learn where is >>>

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    5. Eco2

    Find out where you are Beckmann

    Find out where it's cheapest >>>

  • 7. Anti Pyatin Oxi formula

    Learn where is the cheaper of all >>> >> >>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>> >>> >>>>>>> >>> >>> >> >> >> 9000

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  • 10. Grass G-Oxi SPRAY

    Learn where the cheaper is >>>

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    1. CJ Lion Beat

    Korean brand stain remover designed to remove dirt from cuffs and shirt collars. Since there are special PDE components in the composition. However, it can be used for other stains as well. Convenient tube format for localized application. Thanks to which, contacts with the agent are minimized. The substance itself has a liquid structure. Since the composition is quite concentrated, it can be used immediately before washing, without pre-soaking. Works at any water temperature, as well as in different washing modes. For ease of application, there is a special roller on the neck. Suitable for any type of fabric, except delicate ones.

    CJ Lion Beat


    • A good Korean product for local removal of dirt.
    • Washes at any temperature.
    • Convenient application format.
    • Suitable for stubborn stains.
    • Not identified.

    CJ Lion Beat

    2. Udalix Spray Ultra

    Stain remover in the form of a spray that can remove even old grease stains. Copes with various types of pollution. The versatility of this tool is due to its wide purpose. It can be used for colored laundry as well as for whites. The formula with active oxygen acts gently but effectively. The result is achieved in a short time. Does not damage the structure of the fabric, and also does not affect its color staining. Refreshes clothes, betraying its original appearance. The hypoallergenic composition is suitable for people with an increased allergic reaction, as well as for children's things. To completely remove dirt, it is recommended to apply the product and leave for 10 minutes, then wash in hand or machine wash.

    Udalix Spray Ultra


    • Removes even stubborn stains.
    • Suitable for colored fabrics.
    • Active oxygen included.
    • Economic consumption.
    • Needs careful spraying.

    Udalix Ultra Spray

    3. Vanish Oxi Action

    Popular brand oxygen stain remover. Absolutely safe to use. At the same time, it effectively removes stubborn dirt without pre-soaking. Works great with colored fabrics, refreshing the color as well as giving them brightness. Due to its gentle composition, it can be used for wool, linen, silk and other items made of delicate fabrics. Thanks to the soap base, it foams well, but when used in a washing machine, an additional rinse is required. Works equally well in warm and cold water. From the first time removes organic pollution, splitting them. To protect the skin of the hands, it is recommended to wear gloves when working with it. Even if there are damages on the skin that are invisible to the eye, it can have a negative effect on them.

    Vanish Oxi Action


    • Suitable for delicate care.
    • One of the popular brands.
    • Safe for baby clothes.
    • Effective without pre-soaking.
    • Not a convenient release form.

    Vanish Oxi Action

    4. BioMio Bio-2in1

    The best stain removers are chosen by housewives who care about the environment. The fact is that the products of the BioMio line are not tested on animals, and they are also completely biodegradable. This is evidenced by special certificates. The product dissolves well even in cold water. Fights various types of pollution, while not spoiling the quality of the fabric. Takes care of the state of the color. The substance can be used to wash children's clothes. Does not contain phosphates and chlorine, but does an excellent job. To add flavor, a fragrance of natural origin has been added using cotton extract. It is presented in the form of a gel, in a convenient container with a measuring cap. Suitable for any kind of washing.

    BioMio Bio-2in1


    • Eco-friendly stain remover with good performance.
    • Does not damage the color and tone of the laundry.
    • Suitable for allergy sufferers.
    • Tackles all kinds of stains.
    • High price.

    BioMio Bio-2in1

    5. Eco2

    Eco2 powder is no coincidence in our rating. The tool has several functions at once. In addition to removing stains, when the water temperature reaches 50 degrees, the whitening effect is activated. The powder dissolves well without forming a precipitate. Therefore, it can be used for automatic washing, it does not leave deposits on the parts and the drum. It also superbly enhances the action of the main detergent. The stain remover of this series disinfects, has an antibacterial property. Sold in a convenient format, in a plastic bucket. What causes comfortable storage and access to the tool by any measuring device. In addition to the main task, they can clean carpets, interior items. It well eliminates mold on the walls, organic plaque on the dishes. You can use it for these areas without fear for your health, because the stain remover breaks down into soda, oxygen and water, and they, in turn, do not have a negative effect.


    • Tool for many household tasks.
    • Not a high price for a large volume.
    • Economic consumption.
    • In addition to cleansing, it perfectly disinfects.
    • No dispenser included.

    6. Dr. Beckmann

    The unique formula of this product will get rid of industrial stains. The specially developed composition based on an anti-grease component will not leave a trace of machine oil, grease or bitumen. Insoluble contaminants become easily separable from the fabric. This does not spoil the color, as well as the structure of the fiber. Can even remove candle wax. The agent is quite liquid, to activate the action, it is necessary to treat the place of contamination locally, and leave it for a while. It is recommended to use strictly according to the instructions for best results.

    Dr. Beckmann


    • There are no impossible tasks for this composition.
    • Phosphate and chlorine free.
    • Hypoallergenic formulation.
    • Shoes can be processed.
    • Small volume.


    7. Anti stain Oxi-formula

    The good result even in lukewarm water of this substance caught our attention. The unique formula based on active oxygen is activated due to the presence of TAED components in the composition. The stain remover well removes complex old stains from coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables. Preserves color, making it even brighter. Can be added as an amplifier for automatic washing. And also it can be used for manual, without worrying about the skin of the hands. After all, the composition here is quite soft. The powder structure has an economical consumption. The substance is presented in three types of packaging for ease of use. When bleaching, it gives things a dazzling whiteness even without soaking.

    Anti stain Oxi formula


    • Works well even in cold water.
    • Low price.
    • Extended functionality.
    • Dissolves without residue.
    • Stubborn stains require pre-treatment.

    Anti stain Oxi-formula

    8. Meine Liebe

    Meine Liebe positions itself as a manufacturer of universal household chemicals that do not use aggressive components in the composition. In our article, we decided to pay attention to the stain remover in the form of a pencil. This unusual shape is suitable for use both at home and on trips. It is small in size and will fit in any makeup bag. Using a pencil is quite simple, you need to moisten the stain with water, then rub with a pencil. Wait about 10 minutes and wash as usual. Wipe the pencil from moisture, put it in the package. In addition to comfortable use, it perfectly cleans all types of dirt, and is also suitable for any type of fabric. If the stains are ingrained, the procedure can be repeated without damaging the fiber structure. Since the composition works gently, it can be used for delicate fabrics. The funds will be enough for large volumes of work, as well as for a long time.

    Meine Liebe


    • Pencil form.
    • Can be used for delicates.
    • No aggressive ingredients.
    • Easy to take on the road.
    • Not omnipotent.

    Meine Liebe

    9. Synergetic

    Eco-friendly product for the safe removal of difficult stains. Convenient form of release in the form of a powder in individual packaging. With this stain remover, you do not need to calculate the dosage, one sachet is enough for one cycle of work. The unique technology of the enzyme complex successfully fights old stains even on short cycles in the washing machine. Do not damage parts with lime deposits, as it softens the water. Suitable for preliminary cleaning of things, as well as for soaking for a long time. The composition is suitable for the treatment of children's things, as well as for sensitive skin. Does not cause peeling and irritation upon contact with hands.



    • Individual packaging for precise dosing.
    • Popular with most consumers.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Will not cause allergic reactions.
    • High price.


    10. Grass G-Oxi spray

    Spray to remove all possible organic stains. Breaks them down at the molecular level, for subsequent washing. Works equally well at 30 and at 90 degrees. In a short time, it is able to clean even old stains. Can also be used for prewash. With it, you can process a thing locally, or completely. Does not affect color. Can be used on a wide range of fabrics including whites, childrens, cottons and synthetics. To remove stubborn stains, the product is left for several minutes. Has a pleasant aroma. Which does not stay on things. Active oxygen is used as the main ingredient.

    Grass G-Oxi spray


    • Operates over a wide temperature range.
    • Does not attack color.
    • Can be used for baby clothes.
    • Removes stubborn stains in minutes.
    • Not suitable for delicate fabrics.

    Grass G-Oxi spray

    11. Cotico

    The Cotico Remover is a real help in removing dirt. Suitable for colored clothes. Even if used repeatedly, the products will not fade, but will only become brighter. Regardless of the intensity of stains, removes them with the best result. It acts locally, does not harm the fiber structure. The success of this tool is due to its formula, which penetrates the fibers and breaks down impurities. Works well with fatty residues. Returns the former look to things, even in the presence of difficult-to-remove substances. When working with synthetic and silk fabrics, re-treatment is required. Removes sweat and deodorant stains with little effort, and eliminates unpleasant odors. Restores all shades even after several washes and long wearing times.



    • Local action deep in the fibres.
    • Ideal for bleaching collars.
    • Does not contain chlorine.
    • Removes stubborn stains in cold water.
    • Some fabrics require additional processing.



    SALTON CleanTech

    Concentrated anti-white and yellow stain formula. For ease of application, it is equipped with a silicone brush. In this case, contact of the agent with the skin of the hands is excluded, which additionally secures the work with it. You do not need to rub yourself, just make a couple of movements with a brush and there will not even be a trace of the stain. Thanks to its soft bristles, the fabric is not damaged, and the result is noticeable after the first application. The dense form, as well as the concentrated ingredients, ensure a perfect result even in cold water. Also cost effective. When conventional stain remover fails, SALTON CleanTech comes to the rescue, dissolving sweat and deodorant stains, as well as other tough stains.

    SALTON CleanTech


    • Spotting brush.
    • Suitable for all types of fabrics.
    • Non-irritating.
    • Economical consumption thanks to thick formula.
    • Can only be used locally in a small area.

    SALTON CleanTech

    Rating results

    Contamination on clothes or other things is always unpleasant and unexpected. And if you have small children, this is also an inevitability. In order not to waste time and energy on their removal, and also not to say goodbye to your favorite thing, stain removers are used. In our article, we examined various brands, talked about the main characteristics. Thanks to our rating, you can determine which stain remover is required for a particular type of pollution.

    Summing up, I would like to highlight the leaders of our review:

    1. Vanish Oxi Action, the leader in the price-quality ratio category. Low price for excellent results.
    2. Easy application, effect in minutes SALTON CleanTech.
    3. Universal application not only for Eco2 clothes.
    4. Will help even with the most difficult cases Dr. Beckmann.

    Good luck choosing!

    Copywriter of the "Ratings of the Best" channel

    April Veresen

    12 years in copywriting helped me understand how to choose quality information for the reader. That is why I always try to choose only the best products for you and your home! Suggestions for topics can be sent to the email address.

    I am writing so that you always choose the best!

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    How to choose the best stain remover? The best stain removers for clothes in 2023

    All ranking positions are selected based on the developed selection criteria. Before making a purchase, you need to consult a specialist.

    Every person has a favorite piece of clothing (blouse, T-shirt or dress), and what a shame when it gets a stain that is almost impossible to remove. Today, on the shelves of the store there are completely different stain removers in shape, texture, manufacturer or purpose. But when choosing assistants in the fight against a hard-to-remove stain, the question arises, “Which one is better to buy?”. On the packaging, each manufacturer promises that this particular product will solve the problem. But is it really so? We will analyze how to choose a stain remover and which company is better to trust in this review.


    • 1 Rating of the best stain removers for clothes
      • 1.1 Best for children's clothes
        • 1.1.1 BioMio bio-stain remover
        • 1.1.2 Umka
        • 1.1.3 our mother
      • 1.2 The best universal stain removers
        • 1.2.1 Elizar
        • 1.2.2 Bleach-stain remover Synergetic ECO
        • 1.2.3 Meine Liebe pencil
        • 1.2.4 HG stain remover spray
        • 1.2.5 CJ Lion Beat O2
        • 1.2.6 Vanish Oxi Action
        • 1.2.7 ACE OXI MAGIC
        • 1. 2.8 Udalix Oxi Ultra
        • 1.2.9 Sarma Active 5 in 1
        • 1.2.10 Bos plus Maximum
    • 2 Total

    Rating of the best stain removers for clothes

    Our rating of quality stain removers includes products from the best manufacturers in accordance with their advantages and disadvantages, as well as according to consumer reviews.

    Each of the funds has its purpose and, as mentioned above, pluses and minuses. Of course, user opinions differ slightly. It depends on the direct purpose of the stain remover and the conditions for its use. A detailed overview of each tool is provided below.

    Best for baby clothes

    BioMio bio-stain remover

    At its core, it is a universal bleach, however, the manufacturer especially recommends it for use on children's clothes and clothes for people with sensitive skin.

    Unlike many other compositions, this one works even at low water temperatures, it is perfectly rinsed out of the fabric.

    The stain remover does not contain chlorine, phosphates, EDTA, as well as aggressive surfactants, SLS/SLES, PEG. The absence of a fragrance serves as a guarantee that the composition does not have a pronounced smell.

    BioMio bio-stain remover


    • Suitable for children's clothing;
    • Odorless;
    • Hypoallergenic;
    • Tackles various stains;
    • Biodegradable;
    • Composition without harmful substances.


    • Will not cope with old stains.


    Umka stain remover is suitable for washing children's clothes and, as a rule, such a product should not only remove stubborn stains, but also have a delicate composition so as not to cause allergies in a child.

    Umka contains ecological components that should not cause allergic reactions in a child. The active substance is oxygen bleach, which not only eliminates various "childish" pollution, but also restores whiteness.

    It can be used for hand washing and machine washing. The stain remover is added along with the powder in a percentage ratio of 50/50.

    The manufacturer promises that the powder not only copes well with dirt, but also protects fabrics, and does not require boiling.

    Users say that it does a good job on all sorts of stains, but stubborn or old stains are not up to it. The package is enough for about 1 month.

    Umka stain remover


    • ecological composition;
    • does not cause allergies in children;
    • is suitable from the first days of life;
    • saves tissue;
    • does not require boiling;
    • low flow.


    • does not remove old and stubborn stains.

    Our mother

    Stain remover "Our Mom" ​​is designed for washing children's clothes and this is facilitated by a bio-active composition, without chlorine and solvents. One of the main features in accordance with its specificity is considered to be an excellent result in removing "baby stains", that is, from baby food, other products or paints.

    Suitable for daily use and for all types of fabrics, cotton, silk or synthetics. But such use is only suitable if the instructions on the package are strictly followed. According to this instruction, the product is applied directly to a fresh stain for about 15 minutes before washing, and only then the item should be sent to the wash.

    Studying the opinions of many consumers, we can conclude that the stain remover "Our Mom" ​​does not cope with all stains that are difficult to remove and, despite the delicate composition, dries the skin a lot.

    The positive properties include that the agent does not spoil the fabric and its color.

    Our mother stain remover


    • delicate composition;
    • is suitable for washing children's clothes;
    • is suitable for many types of fabric;
    • retains color.


    • use only on fresh stains;
    • dries the skin;
    • restricted uses;
    • does not remove many types of stains.

    The best universal stain removers


    This is an oxygen based multi-purpose bleach/stain remover. Suitable for colored and white clothes, can be used for children's clothes. There is no chlorine in the composition, the active substance decomposes into soda, water and active oxygen during the reaction. In addition to the fact that this product can remove stains from fabric, it can also be used for cleaning kitchen utensils with complex organic contamination, for treating tile joints, and cleaning gold and silver jewelry.

    Eliza stain remover


    • Chlorine free;
    • Hypoallergenic;
    • Safe for colored fabrics;
    • Suitable for children's clothes;
    • Universal;
    • Removes odors well.


    • Maximum hot water required for activation;
    • Do not use on silk, wool, membrane fabrics, leather, nubuck.

    Bleach-stain remover Synergetic ECO

    Biodegradable hypoallergenic stain remover in powder form, suitable for cotton and synthetic fabrics, colored and white fabrics, and children's clothing. Efficiency of work is provided by active oxygen and enzymes in the composition. There is no chlorine in the ingredients. It attracts the form factor of the product - sticks, which facilitates the dosing of the stain remover.

    Synergetic stain remover ECO


    • Biodegradable;
    • Hypoallergenic;
    • Can be used on almost all fabrics;
    • Excellent whitening;
    • Convenient packaging;
    • Economic consumption.


    • For difficult old stains dilution with boiling water is required.

    Meine Liebe pencil

    This versatile stick-shaped stain remover is used to pre-treat fabrics. The composition contains environmentally friendly oxygen bleach, which destroys the structure of pollution, and during subsequent washing, surfactant molecules remove pollution particles.

    The pencil can be used on cotton and synthetic fabrics in white and colours. The composition does not contain chlorine, phosphates, oxygen content 15-30%, asurfactant 5-15%.

    stain remover Meine Liebe pencil


    • Hypoallergenic;
    • Biodegradable;
    • Compact size;
    • Ideal for shirt collars;
    • Suitable for old stains;
    • Does not contain chlorine.


    • Not suitable for septic tanks.

    HG stain remover spray

    This oxygen stain remover is in the form of an aerosol foam. It copes well with stains of various origins: from red wine, chocolate, juice, tea, herbs, etc. The composition is safe for cotton and synthetic materials. Can be used for white and colored items.

    HG is a concentrated product that should not be left on the fabric for more than 5 minutes.

    stain remover HG stain remover spray


    • Contains active oxygen;
    • Fast acting;
    • Suitable for many types of fabrics;
    • Handles even difficult stains;
    • Easy to use.


    • Not noted.

    CJ Lion Beat O2

    Concentrated cleaning spray with active oxygen. The stain remover can be used for colored and white fabrics, for children's clothes. Works well for stubborn stains. It is worth considering that for complex stains, the composition on the fabric will have to withstand more than indicated on the package.

    CJ Lion Beat O2 stain remover


    • Active oxygen in the composition;
    • Suitable for children's clothes;
    • Spray format is easy to apply;
    • No pungent odor;
    • Will not damage colored items.


    • The holding time on difficult stains is longer than the manufacturer claims.

    Vanish Oxi Action

    This stain remover is available in several types - liquid and powder, and there are also packages with different volumes. But since this review is about the best stain removers, let's consider the one with the highest rating.

    Powdered Vanish Oxi Action in a 500 g can is considered by users to be the highest quality in its series. In addition to a convenient jar, the kit comes with a special measuring spoon. It is necessary for the dosage of the product during washing, since not following the instructions on the package can lead to unpleasant results.

    Stain remover can be used in several ways:

    • add to a stylish car in addition to the main powder;
    • for soaking;
    • Apply
    • directly to the stain itself.

    The manufacturer promises that the product will cope with any stain. In fact, the stain remover shows itself to be an excellent fighter for the purity of things, but still not all stains are within its power.

    The product is suitable for any kind of things, but it is worth noting that it is aggressive and you need to be careful when using it.

    Vanish Oxi Action stain remover


    • removes many types of dirt;
    • includes a measuring spoon;
    • high volume;
    • economical consumption.


    • expensive;
    • aggressive agent.


    ACE OXI MAGIC stain remover is available on the market in different variations. This review considers the product for colored linen with the highest rating, relative to the products of this series.

    The stain remover in question is produced in two versions - for colored and white linen. The latter option has a lower rating and less demand. The color detergent has the best reputation and comes in a 500g pack.

    It is suitable for washing children's and adult clothes. It contains up to 30% oxygen-containing bleach, which is beneficial for babies' clothes and does not cause allergic reactions. As a rule, such a natural bleach manifests itself at high temperatures, but at the same time, ACE OXI MAGIC positions itself as a stain remover at low water temperatures (as indicated on the package).

    ACE OXI MAGIC stubborn stain remover can be used for hand or machine washing. Works well when soaking. Please follow the instructions on the back of the box.

    Users agree that the stain remover removes stains at a temperature of 60 - 90 0 C. At the same time, the promised result is not achieved at low temperatures.

    ACE OXI MAGIC stain remover


    • removes stubborn stains;
    • not a high price;
    • is suitable for children's clothing.


    • not economical consumption;
    • many stains are removed only at high water temperatures.

    Udalix Oxi Ultra

    Udalix Oxi Ultra stain remover is less popular than previous products, but this does not affect the quality of stain removal. The packaging is a plastic jar with a lid, and inside is a white powder with blue granules.

    Stain remover designed to remove stains from clothing, upholstery, carpets, car interiors and even linoleum. The versatility of a stain remover is a big advantage over other brands.

    Contains more than 30% oxygenated bleach, which not only cleans well, but is also considered environmentally friendly.

    The manufacturer claims that this product will cope not only with stains from grass and iodine, but also from oils and tar. And that's a pretty strong promise.

    Intended uses:

    • washing;
    • stain removal and soaking;
    • carpet cleaning.

    In stain removal, Udalix Oxi Ultra powder showed its positive side, removing old and stubborn stains. But at the same time, to achieve the result, it is necessary to wash in hot water.

    Udalix Oxi Ultra stain remover


    • budget price;
    • effectively remove old stains;
    • large use case;
    • is suitable for children's clothes.


    • hard to find in stores;
    • does not wash well in cold water.

    Sarma Active 5 in 1

    Sarma Active 5 in 1 stain remover is the most popular among budget options. It is presented in a box of 500 g in the form of a white powder.

    Sarma Active 5 in 1 is suitable for colored and white clothing as well as carpets or other surfaces. At the same time, the manufacturer promises to remove even old complex stains at low water temperatures. In fact, these promises are being realized, and the product really removes old and stubborn stains.

    Formulated with over 30% oxygenated bleach and 15-30% sulphates, this composition is suitable for washing children's clothes without causing allergic reactions.

    How to use Sarma Active 5 in 1 powder is similar to similar products:

    • hand wash;
    • washing machine;
    • when soaking.

    More detailed instructions for using the stain remover are available in Russian on the back of the box.

    A positive feature is the correspondence between price and quality, since it is not always possible to get such a result for budget money.

    Sarma Active 5 in 1 stain remover


    • preserves the color of fabrics;
    • effectively removes old and other hard-to-remove stains;
    • low price;
    • ecological composition;
    • economical.


    • pungent smell;
    • requires thorough rinsing.

    Bos plus Maximum

    Bos plus Maximum can be called the "old man" among stain removers. Its reputation is quite positive, it was used by many consumers.

    This stain remover is available in a 300 g cardboard box as a white powder with blue granules.

    Bos plus Maximum is not an eco-friendly formula, and you should think twice before using it for children's clothes. Although it is worth considering that chlorine is absent in the composition.

    The manufacturer promises to remove even the most difficult stains at water temperatures from 30 0 to 90 0 C and maintain the quality of fabrics and colors. You can use it for hand washing, as well as in an automatic machine, soaking with applying the product directly to the stain is not excluded.

    According to users, the stain remover does an excellent job even with old and difficult stains. You just need to follow the instructions.

    Bos plus Maximum stain remover


    • effectively removes stains;
    • can be used at low temperatures;
    • budget price;
    • contains no chlorine;
    • does not damage the fabric.


    • not ecological compound.


    How to choose a good stain remover? First of all, it is necessary to determine what this tool will be used for. Today on the shelves of the store there is a large selection of stain removers for any wallet and method of application. But, according to the analysis, an expensive tool will not always be of high quality.

    If the stain remover is to be applied to children's clothes, it is required to study its composition. Despite the fact that manufacturers prefer environmental substances, many products contain aggressive elements.

    Each stain remover has its advantages and disadvantages. But at the same time, shortcomings are sometimes considered insignificant and you can “close your eyes” to them. But still, they have not yet come up with such a tool that would cope with absolutely any stain, especially old ones. Therefore, it is possible that there should be several means in the arsenal, different in composition and degree of impact on stains.

    Learn more