Best dog food for baby pitbull

Best Dog Food For Pitbull Puppies

The best dog food for Pitbull puppies will provide all of the nutrition your developing canine friend needs. But it should also be one he enjoys!

Pitbull puppies have unique dietary needs. So you need to make sure you feed your puppy a homemade or commercial diet that has all the nutrition he will need at this crucial life stage.

As your puppy ages, you will need to change the quantity and type of food you feed your dog. But this should be done gradually and thoughtfully.

Here are some tips on how to find the best dog food for Pitbull puppies.

What is the Best Puppy Food for Pitbulls?

If you are thinking about raising a Pitbull puppy, you should know that these dogs are some of the friendliest and most loving dogs around. Despite the poor stereotypes that sometimes surround them.

They are prone to some health issues, such as food allergies. But these can easily be treated by finding the best dog food for your Pitbull puppy’s unique dietary needs.

The phrase “Pitbull” can refer to several types of breeds. But this article will tell you everything you need to know in order to feed a majority of the popular Pitbull breeds.

When you bring your puppy home, make sure you know exactly what the shelter or breeder was feeding him. For the first couple weeks you have your puppy, the best dog food for Pitbull puppies will be whatever they were originally fed. This will allow your puppy plenty of time to get settled into his new home.

Once you are ready to transition into a new Pitbull puppy food, you should do so slowly. You can combine ten percent of the new food with ninety percent of the old on the first day, and then gradually increase the new food over the course of a week. This way, your Pitbull won’t experience any digestive upset as a result.

Best Diet for Pitbull Puppy

You should always consult your vet about the best dog food for Pitbull puppies. But if you’re just getting started, there are some basic recommendations you should keep in mind.

Good puppy food for Pitbulls will contain at least 22.5 percent high quality protein. This is usually based on dry matter. But, the rest of the food matters too. Specifically how the proteins are put together and whether there are nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, or magnesium present.

Your Pitbull puppy can’t thrive on protein alone. Too much protein and your puppy can struggle from joint problems and obesity. So, it is important that you avoid overfeeding your dog and that you adjust him to a high-quality, varied diet.

The best dog food for Pitbull puppies will provide this variety of nutrients.

Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies

There are lots of dog foods out there for you to choose from when it comes to selecting the best dog food for Pitbull puppies. You can select a commercial kibble or wet food. Or you can prepare your own raw or cooked foods for your Pitbull puppy.

The most important thing is that you find a dog food that meets the AAFCO requirements for growing puppies. But, the best dog food for Pitbull puppies will vary depending on your individual pup. If he has a food allergy or a sensitive stomach, you may need to be more careful about the ingredients in your puppy’s food.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science has several formulas of dry dog food. But the Hill’s Science Diet puppy blend is perhaps the best dog food for Pitbull puppies if you want a nice, balanced combination of ingredients.

This food comes with ideal levels of calcium and other minerals to help support your pup’s bone development. It also has DHA from fish oil to support eye and brain development, along with plenty of lean protein to help your dog build muscle.

Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight

If your puppy started out as a small dog or dealt with a health condition that left him underweight, you may want food for your Pitbull puppy to gain weight. These foods tend to be higher in protein and calories. So you will need less food to provide your Pitbull puppy with additional calories.

IMPORTANT: Always consult your vet first if you suspect your puppy is underweight, or needs help gaining weight.

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

There are a lot of things we like about the Bully Max Dog Food. It uses real meat as the primary ingredient and has a whopping 535 calories per cup. This is much more calories than you will find in practically any other dog food. This dog food has never been recalled as it is triple-checked before it leaves the facility.

This dog food should not be fed to very young puppies. But is a great option for older puppies and can even be fed to adult dogs. It can even be fed to pregnant or nursing dogs, so it will be a suitable choice for your pup in all stages of his or her life.

Diamond Premium Dry Dog Food for Growing Puppies

The Diamond Premium Recipe is perfect as a dog food for Pitbull puppies. It has optimal levels of fat and protein to support your puppy, along with DHA from salmon oil to encourage brain and eye development.

This kibble has 31 percent protein with 20 percent fat. Plus, fiber and other essential nutrients.

The ingredients are sourced sustainably from all around the world to help make a difference in this best dog food for Pitbull puppies.

Best Dry Food for Pitbull Puppies

Kibble, or dry food, is one of the most popular and most convenient types of dog food. Generally it is easy to store and can be fed on the go. Kibble comes in all kinds of flavors and is easily digestible. Try to avoid fillers like corn, wheat, and fructose whenever possible.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Protein Grain Free Puppy Food

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry dog food is a great choice for Pitbulls. Not only is it loaded with real chicken to satisfy your Pitbull puppy’s cravings for meat, it also contains lots of protein to encourage early muscle growth and development.

This food also contains the fatty acids that are in a mother’s milk, such as DHA and ARA, to help support the retinal health and cognitive development of your Pitbull puppy. It does not contain fillers like corn, soy, wheat, or preservatives.

Keep in mind that this is a dog food you will want to store in a cool, dry setting. Although it is not a wet food that spoils easily, it can go bad outside or in a hot garage.

Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice

Eukanuba makes many different flavors of dry dog food for young puppies, but the Eukanuba Lamb and Rice formula is one of the most popular. Lamb is the first ingredient in this food, which can be fed to puppies until they reach 54 lbs.

This food provides your puppies with all the energy they need from carbohydrates, fat, and of course, protein. It has very small kibbles that are easy for your Pitbull puppy to digest.

Best Wet Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies

Wet dog food is another popular choice for feeding Pitbull puppies. Wet food contains about 75 percent water, and it makes it aromatic and flavorful for your Pitbull puppy to enjoy. Unfortunately, it spoils more easily, and it does not offer the same teeth-cleaning effect as dry kibble.

If you are feeding wet food, make sure you only feed wet food exclusively if the product says it may be fed this way. Otherwise, a Pitbull puppy that is fed only wet food may develop diarrhea.

Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Packs

If you have a picky eater on your hands, the Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Packs might be a good option. There are plenty of flavors to choose from in these wet trays, including filet mignon and rotisserie chicken.

These wet foods are made without grains. They can be fed to adult and puppies alike but you will not want to give your puppy a full tray. Only about half or a quarter of a tray mixed with some dry puppy food to help clean his teeth and prevent diarrhea.

Nutro Puppy Wet Dog Food

Another good dog food for Pitbull puppies is the Nutro Puppy Wet Dog Food. This food comes in multiple different flavors, such as lamb and potatoes. Meat is always the first ingredient in these wet foods, and they are always grain-free to help encourage rapid growth.

These wet dog foods are made with non-GMO ingredients and have the perfect amount of protein to help your puppy develop healthy muscles, bones, and joints. You can get it as a chunk formula or pate formula depending on which style your puppy prefers.

Raw Puppy Food for Pitbulls

A raw diet is also appropriate in some cases. There is not much evidence proving that a raw food diet is superior to a commercial diet. But there are arguments supporting both sides. Proponents of raw food diets believe that the raw foods make their dogs healthier and happier. Others argue that a raw food diet won’t provide all the nutrients your dog needs.

Either way, if you choose to feed a Pitbull puppy a raw food diet, ask you vet to help plan a diet which meets all their nutrient requirements. A raw diet will include basic foods like meat, seafood, and vegetables. But you will need to prepare these yourself.


If you decide to feed a raw diet to your Pitbull puppy, know that it will not make your dog more “blood-thirsty,” as many opponents of a raw-food diet argue. However, you do need to pay attention to hygiene. Just as bacteria in raw meat can make you sick, it can also make your Pitbull puppy ill, too.

How Much Dog Food For Puppy Pitbulls?

Many people assume that as their Pitbull puppy gets older, they can feed it more food. This is often not the case. The older your puppy gets, the fewer calories per pound of body weight he will require. He can also go longer between feedings.

This is because young puppies need lots of calories to fuel their rapid growth. As their growth slows down and eventually stops, they no longer need these calories.

If you are feeding a puppy younger than four months, you should provide him with four meals daily. This will shrink to two meals daily once your puppy is a full-grown dog.

In terms of the quantity, make sure you check the packaging on a commercial food. A commercial wet or dry food will tell you exactly how much you need to feed your dog. If you think the packaging may not be providing you with accurate estimates in terms of how much to feed, just check with your vet.

In general, you should feed your puppy twice the Resting Energy Requirement for his or her current weight. You will need to weigh your puppy regularly in order to figure this out.

What is the Best Puppy Food for Pitbull Puppies?

A Pitbull puppy is technically considered a puppy until about fourteen months of age. After this time, you may be able to switch to a food for adult dogs. Your puppy is all grown up and no longer needs the high protein provided in puppy foods.

Don’t stress about trying to find the best food for bully puppy feedings. You can easily figure out the best food to give a Pitbull puppy by observing his or her unique behaviors, preferences, and health.

Hopefully, we have given you all the information you need to find the top dog food for Pitbull puppies.

What do you believe to be a good puppy food for Pitbulls? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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11 Best Puppy Foods for Pit Bulls in 2022 - Reviews & Top Picks

If you’ve just brought home your adorable pit bull puppy, you may be wondering if you should get breed-specific food. Though all dog food must adhere to standards set forth by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), some breeds benefit from having food formulated for their needs. These special formulas are intended to support different aspects of a breed, such as susceptibility to urinary stones, obesity, or joint health.

All AAFCO-certified commercial foods offer the minimum nutrition requirements for a dog at appropriate life-stages. Addressing health concerns and energy needs is more important than choosing a food designed for a specific breed.

While a pit bull isn’t a true dog breed, the name refers more to a type or category of dog breeds, which may include American Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, and American Staffordshire Terriers. Still, these breeds are considered a pit type because of common characteristics, such as high energy levels that come from the terrier and strong muscular bodies that come from the bulldog in their lineage.

Because of this, puppies should have food with high protein and calories to support their energy level and muscle, joint, and bone development. Here are our picks for the 10 best puppy food for pit bulls, based on reviews from real pet owners.

A Glance at Our Top Picks (2022 Update)

Image Product Details
Best Overall Purina Pro Plan Beef & Rice
  • Beef as primary ingredient
  • No soy, wheat, or corn
  • High protein
  • Check Price
    Best Value Hill’s Science Chicken & Oat
  • Chicken and whole oats
  • Calcium for bone development
  • Made in the US
  • Check Price
    Premium Choice Ollie Baked Beef Food
  • Shelf-stable baked recipe
  • Grains in the formula
  • Meets AAFCO standards
  • Check Price Click & Save 50%
    ORIJEN Puppy Grain-Free
  • Animal products as first ingredients
  • High protein
  • Raw
  • Check Price
    Wellness CORE Chicken & Turkey
  • Animal protein
  • Grain-free
  • Made in the US
  • Check Price

    The 11 Best Puppy Foods for Pit Bulls


    Purina Pro Plan Development Beef & Rice – Best Overall

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: Large
    Food Form: Dry
    Special Diet: High-protein

    Purina Pro Plan Development Beef & Rice Formula Dry Puppy Food is the best overall puppy food for pit bulls. The high-protein, large-breed formula is ideal for pit bull breeds, which often exceed 50 pounds, and features high-quality beef as the main ingredient. Along with animal protein, the formula includes omega fatty acids and vitamin A for skin and coat health, glucosamine for joint health, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Live probiotics support digestive health and the immune system.

    The food is free of fillers, preservatives, corn, wheat, and soy, ensuring your pup gets maximum nutrition with every bite. While many reviewers had good results with this food, others reported loose stool and digestive upset in their puppies.

    • Beef as primary ingredient
    • No soy, wheat, or corn
    • High protein
    • May cause digestive upset/loose stool

    2. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Chicken & Oat Dry – Best Value

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: Large
    Food Form: Dry
    Special Diet: High-protein

    Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food is the best puppy food for pit bulls for the money. The food has high protein from savory chicken meal and whole oats to support energy needs and muscle and bone development. In addition, the food has controlled calcium levels for optimal bone growth and glucosamine and chondroitin for muscle and joint health. There’s also DHA from fish oil for skin, coat, and immune health.

    This food is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives and manufactured in the US. Some reviewers noted that the food gave their puppies bad gas and stinky breath with a fish smell.

    Keywords must be used: best @ for the money

    • Chicken and whole oats
    • Calcium for bone development
    • Made in the US
    • May cause bad breath and gas

    3. Ollie Baked Beef Food – Premium Choice

    Click Here to Save 50% with Ollie

    Breed Size: Large
    Food Form: Wet
    Special Diet: Tailored, high-protein, natural

    Ollie is another meal plan company that found a perfect niche during the pandemic. The company offers fresh and baked recipes. Concerns about the safety of raw diets by the CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) steered us toward the baked offerings, which are shelf stable. Our pick for a premium choice for Pitbulls is the Baked Beef Food.

    Ollies has a commendable business model that includes sustainable practices and wellness pillars of its culture. We liked seeing its employees with their dogs on their website, convincing us of their best intentions. They are obviously marketing to pet parents with pictures of the recipes. The beef offering has a high protein content. Unfortunately, the fat well exceeds the 5% minimum for adults.

    Our other concern rests with some of the ingredients, particularly sweet potatoes and lentils. The FDA continues to investigate their possible link with increased rates of canine dilated cardiomyopathy. However, the recipe contains the amino acid taurine to help offset deficiency issues, another potential factor in this health condition.

    • Shelf-stable baked recipe
    • Grains in the formula
    • Decent protein content
    • Meets AAFCO standards
    • Lentils in the ingredient list
    • High fat percentage

    4. ORIJEN Puppy Large Grain-Free Dry – Premium Choice

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: Large
    Food Form: Dry
    Special Diet: High-protein, natural, raw

    ORIJEN Puppy Large Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food is the premium choice for puppy food. Formulated to be biologically appropriate, the food contains high protein levels and fat from animal sources like free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. Animal sources include not only muscle meat but organs and bone for muscle, joint, and bone health. Kibble is freeze-dry coated for a strong flavor that puppies love.

    The food is manufactured in the US using only high-quality ingredients from known sources with no corn, wheat, or soy. Some reviewers noted that their pups wouldn’t eat it and expressed concerns about recalls.

    • Animal products as first ingredients
    • High protein
    • Raw
    • Some dogs don’t like it
    • Concern over recalls

    5. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Chicken & Turkey – Best for Puppies

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: All
    Food Form: Dry
    Special Diet: High-protein, grain-free

    Wellness CORE Grain-Free Puppy Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food offers a grain-free formula with chicken, turkey, fish oil, and fruits and vegetables for complete nutrition. Along with protein, the food includes antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, taurine, glucosamine, and omega fatty acids to support healthy development.

    Though the food is grain-free and contains no meat by-products, fillers, corn, soy, preservatives, gluten, or artificial colors and flavors, it is manufactured in a factory that processes grains. According to reviews, pet owners saw positive results like healthier coats and better energy levels. Some reviewers said their puppies wouldn’t touch it, though.

    • Animal protein
    • Grain-free
    • Made in the US
    • Some dogs don’t like it
    • Manufactured in a facility that processes grains

    6. Stella & Chewy’s Perfectly Puppy Beef & Salmon Raw

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: All
    Food Form: Freeze-dried
    Special Diet: High-protein, raw

    Stella & Chewy’s Perfectly Puppy Beef & Salmon Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food features dinner patties with grass-fed beef and wild-caught salmon. 95% of the recipe comes from meat, organs, and bone that’s ground for high digestibility. The formula is infused with probiotics, antioxidants, and DHA for healthy development. New Zealand green mussels are added to support joint health.

    The food is minimally processed, natural, and free from hormones, grains, antibiotics, and fillers. Each small batch is made in a US-based kitchen with responsibly sourced ingredients. Patties may be inconvenient for feeding, and reviewers noted that the food is expensive.

    • Animal ingredients
    • Made in the US
    • Grain-free
    • Expensive
    • Patties are inconvenient

    7. American Journey Active Life Salmon, Brown Rice & Vegetables

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: Large
    Food Form: Dry
    Special Diet: High-protein, grain-free

    American Journey Active Life Formula Dry Dog Food is a large-breed puppy food that supports high energy levels. Deboned salmon is the first ingredient for lean muscle, and omega fatty acids and minerals support bone, skin, and coat health. The nutrient-dense formula ensures your pup gets the most out of its calories with ingredients like kelp, blueberries, and sweet potato. It also has arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acid to aid brain and vision development.

    The formula contains no wheat, corn, soy, or animal by-products and no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Some reviewers struggled to get their dogs to eat the food and mentioned quality-control issues.

    • Nutrient-dense
    • Deboned salmon as primary ingredient
    • Active formula
    • Some dogs don’t like it
    • Quality-control issues

    8. Purina Pro Plan Development Puppy Chicken & Rice

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: All
    Food Form: Puppy
    Special Diet: High-protein

    If your puppy prefers wet food, Purina Pro Plan Development Chicken and Brown Rice Entrée Canned Puppy Food is an excellent choice. Real chicken is the first ingredient and supplies high protein for lean muscle development and energy levels. The food contains plenty of DHA for brain and vision development, as well as 23 essential vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition.

    This food is manufactured at a Purina-owned, US-based facility without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Cans come in a case of 12, but some reviewers said their puppies didn’t like it. Buying by the case makes it difficult to sample and test the food before buying a lot, leading to waste.

    • Chicken as first ingredient
    • DHA for a healthy brain and vision
    • Made in the US
    • Only available in a case
    • Some dogs don’t like it

    9. Nulo Frontrunner Ancient Grains Chicken, Oats & Turkey

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: All
    Food Form: Dry
    Special Diet: High-protein, low-glycemic

    Nulo Frontrunner Ancient Grains Chicken, Oats & Turkey Puppy Dry Dog Food is a high-quality, high-protein food choice for your puppy that features animal-based proteins. Real deboned chicken and turkey are the first ingredients, followed by low-glycemic grains. The food also contains omega fatty acids for skin and coat health. The kibble includes probiotics for digestive and immune health.

    Over 75% of the protein comes from animal sources, and there’s no pea or potato protein added. The result is biologically appropriate, high-quality protein for muscle development. Some reviewers said their pup didn’t like it, even combined with other foods or chicken or beef broth.

    • Animal sources
    • Probiotics for digestive health
    • No pea or potato protein
    • Some dogs don’t like it

    10. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy Chicken Dry

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: Large
    Food Form: Dry
    Special Diet: High-protein, grain-free

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is a high-protein kibble to give puppies the muscle and bone growth they need. Chicken is the first ingredient, followed by DHA and ARA for cognitive development. The kibble includes patented LifeSource Bits, which pack antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals created by nutritionists and veterinarians to meet health and life-stage requirements.

    The food is created specifically for large-breed puppies and contains no by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors. Some reviewers complained about price increases or said their puppy wouldn’t eat it, even mixed with other foods or broth and meat bits.

    • Animal protein sources
    • DHA and ARA
    • Patented LifeSource bits
    • Some dogs don’t like it
    • Expensive

    11. ACANA Puppy Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Food

    Check Price on Amazon

    Breed Size: All
    Food Form: Dry
    Special Diet: High-protein, grain-free, natural

    ACANA Puppy Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Food is a high-quality food option with protein and fat from animal sources, including free-range chicken and turkey and cage-free eggs. The remaining nutrition comes from fruits, vegetables, and botanicals, such as apples, pears, greens, and pumpkin, and the food is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to provide complete nutrition.

    All ingredients are sourced from trusted farmers, ranchers, fisheries, and manufactured in a state-of-the-art, US-based kitchen. The kibble is coated with freeze-dried chicken and turkey, but some reviewers said their pups wouldn’t touch it.

    • Animal protein sources
    • Real fruits and vegetables
    • Made in the US
    • Some dogs don’t like it

    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Puppy Food for Pit Bulls

    Pit bull types have muscular bodies and high energy needs, so it’s important to get a food that supports their development and offers nutrient density to make the most of each calorie. Here’s what you should look for in puppy food.

    Puppy Food Ingredients

    Your puppy food should contain real ingredients, such as meat, organs, and bone from animal sources and wild-caught fish. Grain-free diets may not be the best choice since evidence suggests they may increase the risk of heart disease in dogs.

    Still, not all grains are equal. Whole grains like oats and barley are a better choice for your dog than corn, flour, soy, and wheat.

    Image Credit: Roberto Cabrera Castro, Shutterstock

    Dog Size and Life-stage

    Puppies should eat a puppy formula for at least the first year of their lives since it has protein, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary to promote healthy development into adulthood. While it’s not a requirement, large-breed puppy food is a good choice for pit bull puppies, since the breeds in this category tend to be within the 50-pound and above range. If you expect your puppy to be smaller than that, or it’s a mix with a smaller breed, you may want to consider formulas for medium breeds or a food formulated for all sizes and breeds.

    AAFCO Standards

    Most commercial dog food on the market meets or exceeds AAFCO standards to ensure it meets species-appropriate nutrition. Dog food with the AAFCO seal is considered complete and balanced for its life-stage, breed size, or specific breed. Be sure to check your chosen dog food to make sure it’s AAFCO certified.

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    Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of your dog’s health, from puppy to its senior years. Pit types may need additional nutritional requirements, such as extra protein and higher calories, to support their unique needs. Purina Pro Plan Development Beef & Rice Formula Dry Puppy Food is the best overall puppy food for pit bulls for its high-protein and natural formula. If you’re looking for value, choose Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food for its high-quality beef and whole oat formula. The premium pick for best choice for Pitbulls is the Baked Beef Food thanks to its quality of ingredients and tailored recipes.

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    • 10 Best Grain-Free Puppy Foods – Reviews & Top Picks

    Featured Image Credit: Sreadya. k,Shutterstock

    Super premium dog food

    The best choice for pet owners is dog food, which contains the necessary calories, minerals, vitamins and nutrients so that it can be used as a complete diet. Is it possible? Yes, if you make the right choice. Good options can be found in the mid-price category, but still many people prefer to buy super premium dog food. We tell you why.

    1. This dog food is dominated by animal protein rather than vegetable protein. It gives your pet those amino acids that are not synthesized in the body. In vegetable protein, such substances are either very small or absent at all.
    2. Meat accounts for at least 40% of the ingredients. This explains the higher cost compared to premium dog food. Price is not always an indicator of quality, but in this case this rule is indeed fair. Manufacturers use different types of meat% chicken, lamb, beef, rabbit. The benefits of such a diet are obvious. Moreover, the more diverse the meat composition, the greater the nutritional value.
    3. Super premium food has a minimum of cereals. There are also those where cereals are completely absent. Your four-legged friends are carnivorous by nature, foods such as soy, corn, cereals are not absorbed by their body. However, manufacturers sometimes introduce them into the composition of the diet, thereby reducing its cost.
    4. The choice of super premium dog food is usually very large. The manufacturer has formulations for different breeds, adult pets and puppies, animals with different physiological characteristics.

    How to choose?

    The first thing you should pay attention to is dog food composition . It is on this principle that most ratings are built. If we are talking about super premium food, the composition should not contain:

    • antibiotics and hormonal preparations;
    • artificial colors (most commonly tartrazine, azorubine), flavors and preservatives;
    • artificial flavor enhancers.

    Let's explain some of the ingredients that you can see in the list of ingredients on the dog food packaging.

    • Offal. Some are useful and some are not. Manufacturers add them to replace artificial additives - that's good. From the by-products, the pet receives some trace elements and vitamins that are not contained or present in muscle meat in small quantities. For example, it is in cartilage, ligaments and bones that chondroitin and glucosamine are contained, which are necessary for the functioning of the animal's joints (especially in old age). There is also a downside. The digestibility of such a protein is lower, dogs do not absorb it well, which can cause diarrhea.
    • Dehydrated meat. This is meat that has undergone a special treatment to reduce the amount of moisture, and eventually became meat meal - this is how manufacturers increase its content in super premium and some premium foods.
    • Thermox. It is an antioxidant found in dog food. It protects fats and fat-soluble vitamins from oxidation, preserves the quality of meat / fish meal, thereby increasing the shelf life of the feed. Harm to the health of the pet, side effects from thermox were not found.
    • Propyl gallate (E310). It is an artificial preservative that prevents fat oxidation. It is not recommended to purchase dog food that contains it. It can cause allergies, kidney problems, stomach irritation. The preservative is prohibited in the production of baby food.
    • Taurine is an important feed ingredient. It is good for the heart system. In dog food, its content is lower than in cat formulas (lower need for it), but its presence is highly desirable.

    Carefully study the composition of super premium food, indicated on the package. Keep in mind that a label like "turkey flavored" does not mean that the pellets contain poultry meat. We can talk about flavors or flavorings.

    What else to look for
    • The nutritional value of dog food. If your pet is overweight, you should not take a highly nutritious food, although this indicator in itself is positive.
    • The age of the pet. As a rule, dogs aged 7+ are transferred to a diet for older animals. Puppy food is richer in vitamins and amino acids, its energy value is higher, which is necessary for the normal development of a growing organism during a period of increased activity. If you give such food to an adult dog once, there will be no health problems. But feeding an animal with an inappropriate composition for a long time can be hazardous to health. And the reverse situation. If a puppy is constantly given adult food, the lack of vitamins will be critical, problems may arise with normal development, the formation of a bone corset, teeth, and immunity.
    • Manufacturer is another indicator of quality.

    Below we will look at the most successful products from various manufacturers, but for now, as a result, we will display an approximate “recipe” for the ideal super premium dog food:

    • the main ingredient is an animal protein component with a content of at least 40%;
    • gluten - up to 8%;
    • animal fat - up to 18%;
    • omega-3 fatty acids - 3. 9.

    These are recommendations for dogs in good health. The diet should be adjusted if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, etc. - in this case, it is worth deciding on the choice of super-premium or premium class food for dogs together with the veterinarian.

    Good food rating

    We have compiled it from dry food, as they are most often chosen for the daily diet.

    For healthy dogs


    This is a super premium food for large breed dogs. The main source of protein is of animal origin - it is chicken meat. Its percentage is 45%, which is quite good, and dehydrated meat is 25%, the rest is boneless meat.

    Fatty acids, a bouquet of medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruits are responsible for the health of dogs in Brit premium food. For joint health, the proportion of calcium, chondroitin (natural sources are used: mussels, crustacean shells) and glucosamine are increased in the diet. Collagen is responsible for ligaments.

    Nutrition is limited. If your dog is prone to gaining weight, this food is perfect. An additional effect is a reduction in the load on digestion and joints.

    Pros of :

    • source of protein - meat;
    • complete mineral-vitamin complex;
    • natural preservatives;
    • is reasonably priced, comparable even to premium dog food.

    Cons :

    • contains grains, but they contribute to the feeling of fullness (and this is important for maintaining a normal weight).


    100% natural food suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion and allergies. Designed for pets of medium sized breeds. The composition contains fresh and dehydrated wild boar meat (belongs to exotic species, so the risk of allergic reactions is minimal). Fats are of animal origin.

    The super premium food from this line receives a lot of good reviews, according to which it can be judged that pets eat it with pleasure (after all, we can only judge the composition, and the dog “votes” for the taste).

    Grains are replaced by a wide range of fruits and vegetables that provide the dog with vitamins and minerals, and there are also natural antioxidants - extracts of green tea, grape seed and aloe vera.

    Pros :

    • complete balanced diet;
    • absence of cereals in dog food;
    • high nutritional value, due to which the packaging lasts for a long time.

    Cons :

    • is not the most affordable price in its segment.


    Super premium food for small breed dogs over 10 months old. Suitable for pets weighing from 1 to 10 kg - and especially for those who live in an apartment. In the first places in the composition are rice, cereals and dehydrated chicken meat. Contains L-carnitine to help stimulate fat metabolism and produce energy. A product with a low calorie content, so that there are no problems with weight in pets who do not move very actively in apartments.

    This is a complete diet that does not require supplements. The feed does not contain hazardous substances and toxins. This is important for any diet, but in the case of small breed dogs, it is especially critical, since, given their body weight, even a small amount of harmful components per 1 kg of weight can give a fairly high concentration that is dangerous to health and even life.

    There are no preservatives or synthetic colors in this dog food. Roskachestvo checks have shown that the acid and peroxide values ​​of the fat in this premium food are in line with the standards. This means that by the end of the expiration date, it will retain all the useful properties, there will be no bitter taste.

    Pros of :

    • covers the daily requirement for nutrition and vitamins/macro- and microelements;
    • is rich in amino acids;
    • contains Highly Digestible Proteins (L. I.P.) and an optimal amount of fiber to not only meet your nutritional needs, but also improve digestion and reduce stool odor.

    Cons :

    • opened packaging can be stored for no more than a month, so it will not be possible to buy it in large volumes (for savings).


    This super premium dog food is suitable for pets from 1 to 7 years old (small and decorative breeds). The main ingredients are lamb meal (13%) and herring meal (12%). These are animal protein sources.

    The food meets AAFCO recommendations. This means that the flour is made predominantly from meat, the content of by-products (bones, skin) is negligible. Proteins of plant origin are not indicated, which allows us to speak of high-quality animal protein in a concentration of more than 20%.

    Sources of carbohydrates are dried potatoes, brown rice and barley groats. The pet will replenish fat reserves with vegetable oil (the manufacturer specifies that it is obtained from a natural preservative - a mixture of tocopherols) and herring fat.

    Sources of fiber are the pulp of beets and tomatoes, flaxseed. The last component also enriches the dog's body with unsaturated fatty acids.

    The role of a flavoring additive is performed by chicken liver hydrolyzate - a natural component.

    This super premium dog food contains glucosamine (raw materials for it are shrimp and crab shells, green mussels), which is good for joints.

    Pros of :

    • animal sources of protein;
    • rich vitamin and mineral composition;
    • natural preservatives and flavors.

    Cons :

    • as a super premium food, it is not cheap, but this is a dubious drawback given the high quality.


    There are premium and super premium foods in this line, depending on the composition. This diet is intended for adult dogs of large breeds.

    In the first place among the ingredients is chicken, namely: chicken meat flour (25%) and fresh poultry (5%). Additional protein sources are hydrolyzed chicken protein (natural flavoring) and dried egg. All of these ingredients are of animal origin. Their share is 24%. Proteins of plant origin were not found in the composition.

    The next ingredients are rice and corn. These are sources of carbohydrates.

    Then comes chicken oil (fats), beet pulp (fiber), yeast (B vitamins). Joint health is provided by glucosamine and chondroitin. In food for large breed dogs, they are especially important, because due to the large body weight, the load on the joints is significant.

    The diet includes cranberries, known for their antioxidant properties. FOS and MOS are responsible for the health of the digestive system.

    Pros of :

    • protein is replenished from animal sources;
    • contains a natural antioxidant;
    • is a good mineral and vitamin composition.

    Cons :

    • in the line there are diets with corn, due to which they should rather be attributed to premium feeds.


    This puppy food contains lamb meat: fresh (24%) and dehydrated (24%) - a source of animal protein. It also contains fresh and dehydrated herring, dehydrated whole eggs.

    The growing organism of the pet is enriched with chicken and fish oil.

    The diet contains pea starch (20%). Peas are a good substitute for cereals (better absorbed, lower glycemic index), but there are disputes about starch in zoo communities (and between experts). It does not bring harm, but there is no consensus on how useful it is.

    Pros of :

    • meat base;
    • increased energy value, which is important for a pet during the period of active growth and mobility;
    • the presence of beta-glycans derived from yeast, natural antioxidants and vitamins that form and strengthen the puppy's immunity;
    • glucosamine for good joint growth.

    Cons :

    • contains starch (about which veterinarians have no consensus in puppy food).


    This super premium food is suitable for large breed pets aged 1-3 months. It has a good meat composition: the main ingredient is chicken 50% (dehydrated 30%, boneless meat 20%). This is the only rich source of protein, which means that almost all the protein listed in the analysis of the energy value (31%) is of animal origin. Recall that vegetable protein is absorbed much worse by pets.

    Fats in puppy food are chicken and fish (from salmon). The manufacturer specifies that the natural preservative tocopherol (vitamin E) is used to preserve chicken fat.

    The source of fiber is a dried apple, the sources of glucosamine and chondroitin are crustacean shells and cartilage extract, respectively.

    Pros of :

    • meat as a source of protein;
    • relatively low price in the super premium feed segment;
    • contains natural flavors in the composition of the feed.

    Cons :

    • No data on vitamin composition.


    This premium food is suitable for small breed puppies (up to 10 kg) up to 10 months of age. The main ingredient is vegetable protein isolate, which in itself is not very good, since animal proteins are absorbed much better. However, the composition also contains dehydrated proteins of animal origin, it is indicated that they are obtained from poultry.

    Rice provides the body of a growing pet with carbohydrates. Auxiliary sources are wheat and flour from grain crops.

    Stocks of fats are replenished by soybean oil, fish oil, animal fats (it is not specified which animals).

    The pleasant aroma and taste of this puppy food comes from a natural additive – animal protein hydrolyzate.

    The composition of the diet contains the shell and seeds of psyllium - a source of fiber, the prebiotic inulin. Another useful prebiotic is fructooligosaccharides, which have a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

    Marigold extract is included in this food for dogs in the active growth phase to strengthen eyesight.

    Pros of :

    • fine granules;
    • natural flavorings;
    • low price, corresponding to the range of premium feeds.

    Cons :

    • vegetable protein predominates;
    • there is no specification on the quantitative ratio of ingredients.

    In conclusion of the review, we note that regardless of the chosen food for dogs, it is important to provide the pet with constant access to clean water. The recommended daily allowance per 1 kg of weight is from 10 to 30 ml of water.

    15 Best Dog Foods - Veterinarians' Opinion

    Table of Contents

    The article collects information about the best dog food according to veterinarians and independent experts. Dog owners have a choice of a wide range of quality prepared pet food options. Many of the presented diets claim to be the "best food for four-legged pets."

    Manufacturers of high quality food emphasize that the time when we feed a dog is filled with much more meaning than just a daily ritual. The main criteria for choosing dog food: it must be healthy, affordable and attractive to the pet. The choice of food is influenced by the breed, size, age and activity of the dog.

    Types of dog food

    Quality commercial dog food is highly regulated and rigorously tested by veterinarians. Let's analyze situations when owners choose to feed their pets dry kibble or canned wet food. These prepared foods contain all the nutrients that dogs need to stay healthy.

    Most of the pet dog diet consists of meat products. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber can also be obtained from non-meat ingredients. The ingredients in the food are listed on the packaging in descending order by weight. Look out for the four important ingredients on the label:

    • fat;
    • protein;
    • fiber;
    • water.

    A good dry dog ​​food will contain meat, vegetables, grains and fruits. Dry dog ​​food is presented in the form of granules of different sizes and contains about 90 percent dry matter. Such feeds are stored for a long time, animals like the crispy texture of dry granules. In the production of dry food, the starches in food are converted into an easily digestible form, and all ingredients are sterilized. The best dry food depends on the dietary needs of the pet, the breed and the particular stage of the dog's life.

    Best Wet Dog Food includes high quality versions of essential ingredients for a dog's digestion. Canned wet food is an alternative to dry food. Wet pieces in a sauce, stew or pate are considered to be more fragrant, tasty and "stimulating" for the animal's digestive system. Wet food contains a large amount of fresh meat, poultry, fish, healthy proteins.

    Canned food must be refrigerated after opening. Wet foods tend to be a little more expensive and also depend on the dog's age, breed, any dietary habits, and allergies. Canned wet food contains more moisture and may benefit dogs with urinary problems and animals that don't tend to drink a lot of water.

    Classification of dog foods

    For quality and safety control, a classification system has been developed to classify foods into dry, wet, canned and frozen.

    In addition, there are several types of animal feed in terms of composition, nutritional value and safety. Manufacturers prescribe the quantitative indicators of the components on the packaging. This helps you choose the best food option for your dog. For example, when animals consume high-quality feed, there is no need to additionally include mineral or vitamin supplements in the diet. The whole complex of useful substances in such feeds is balanced.

    1. Economy dog ​​food

    In fact, this type of food is the cheapest. Its main plus is its low price and availability in almost any supermarket. The main reason for the availability of economy class feed is the use of cheap ingredients. For example, components of the processing of meat and meat by-products in the form of meat meal act as a source of protein in budget feeds. The instructions do not always decipher which "meat", "poultry" or "cereals" are included in the composition. The composition of economy feed looks poorer than more expensive diets. As part of the budget feed, the minimum amount of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. Many economy class food packages look bright, attractive and have a long shelf life.

    2. Premium dog food

    The premium dog food segment is popular with pet owners. It is noticeably better quality than economy. Premium feeds are presented in various lines for their intended purpose and are noticeably more expensive than more budget formulations.

    3. Holistic or super-premium

    The super-premium class in pet food requires a clearer and more detailed indication of the ingredients in descending order. For example, meat or fish components are written at the beginning of the recipe, indicating the type of raw material and the method of processing it. The composition of the super-premium class feed contains ingredients of plant origin, vegetables, fruits, cereals, vitamin and mineral complexes, prebiotics. As a rule, manufacturers of super-premium feed emphasize that they use plant-based preservatives (vitamin E, rosemary).

    Holistic is the dog food that has won the trust of most pet owners. Holistic foods are perceived as more balanced, healthy and high-quality types of food for pets. Holistics (in translation - integral) are feeds with a detailed recipe and high quality raw materials.

    In holistics:

    • combine different types of complementary components;
    • fresh meat added;
    • use easily digestible cereals;
    • include vegetables, berries, fruits;
    • vitamins of natural origin are added;
    • include animal bone supplements;
    • Holistic food has a shorter shelf life.

    4. Dietary or therapeutic dog food

    Dietary dog ​​food designed for dogs that are sensitive to certain food ingredients. There is no single food that is best for all sensitive dogs. It is better to choose special dietary or medicinal feeds together with a veterinarian. Finding the optimal diet can take time.

    There are many formulas to help you find the right food for your pet. A specially balanced ready-to-eat food tailored to your dog's needs is the most convenient and often the best diet for a sensitive dog.

    5. Hypoallergenic dog food

    A dog can have various health problems, such as allergies. These animals have special nutritional requirements and need foods with or without certain ingredients. The best course of action in this case is to seek advice on food from a veterinarian.

    A dog's allergy or sensitivity to certain types of food is a sign of a functioning immune system or a chronic illness. Sometimes a quick reaction to a particular allergen manifests itself very quickly and can threaten the pet's life.

    A striking example is anaphylactic shock in an animal when eating peanuts. A more “softer” form of allergy is dermatological (itching, swelling) or gastrointestinal tract disorders (acute vomiting, diarrhea). After conducting the appropriate tests, the veterinarian will help to create a plan for feeding the dog with a diet that is consistent with the body of the animal.

    Allergy to certain food components can occur in any breed and at almost any age of the animal. At the same time, the most susceptible to allergies are Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds, Chinese Shar-Peis, Labradors, Golden Retrievers.

    How to choose dog food?

    The situation when the owners are faced with the choice of what food to choose for the dog is quite understandable. Many brands of dog food on the shelves of supermarkets and pet stores claim to be the best for your dog and the status of "healthy food with the best taste."

    1. It should be remembered that there is no one brand of food that is best for all dogs. The best food for your four-legged friend will support your pet's overall health, well-being and nutritional needs.
    2. Dogs need specific spectrums of nutrients at different times in their lives. The needs of a growing puppy are different from those of an adult dog.
    3. Nutrition for young dogs based on the so-called "puppy formula". Large breed dogs also have different nutritional requirements than a puppy or adult small breed dog.
    4. As a dog ages, its activity and metabolic rate decrease. An older dog's diet should account for fewer calories needed. For example, if an old dog has lost most of its teeth, for convenience and comfort when eating, the veterinarian will suggest starting to feed it with canned wet food.
    5. Ready-to-eat formulas are designed to give your dog what he needs every day. The serving size indicated on the packaging must be precisely adjusted according to the age and activity of the animal.

    The veterinary community is concerned about the growing number of obese dogs. Activity level, time of year, illness, and other factors should influence how much a dog should eat.

    Also find out how much dry food to give your dog per day. Table of feeding and dosage by weight.

    The 15 Best Dog Foods - 2022 Review

    Below is the ranking of dry dog ​​food from independent experts - responsible dog owners, dog breeders with extensive experience.

    The top 15 dog foods below include dog food brands from different categories. Sometimes holistic food can be inferior in composition to super-premium food. You need to carefully read the composition and trust a well-known manufacturer.

    1. Savarra

    English brand of pet food. Savarra is one of the most recognized manufacturers of prepared pet food. Ready-made diets contain a large proportion of meat (turkey, duck, lamb), vegetables, eggs, and natural healthy supplements. The composition of the product includes chondroitin and glucosamine, which have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system of dogs.

    2. Primordial

    Italian manufacturer of high quality dog ​​holistics. Primordial feed is presented in a wide range, its price is relatively high. The basis of nutraceutical feed diets is meat and vegetable products rich in active substances and valuable oils. Plant extracts, natural antioxidants and prebiotics are used as additives. The quality of the products is an invariable distinguishing criterion for Primordial diets, created "in respect for the natural nutrition" of four-legged friends.

    3. Profine

    Premium food from the Czech Republic. The basis of the feed is proteins based on meat and fish components, vegetable proteins are not used in the production of diets. Profine mixtures are balanced due to vitamin and mineral supplements.

    4. 1st Choice

    Canadian dog food. 1st Choice products include commercial pet foods for easy selection by age and lifestyle. The philosophy of the company is that the choice of a complete and balanced food is determined by the dog itself, its energy needs and health status, age, etc. Among the novelties of the 1st Choice brand are diets with prebiotics for weight control of small, large and medium breeds of dogs, mixtures to strengthen immunity and increase vitality for sterilized and animals with increased food sensitivity.

    5. Living force

    Feed from a Russian manufacturer. The Bud Zdorov line of super-premium dry complete food includes diets with fish and meat for young and adult dogs of all breeds. A special series of JJ Sport holistic class was created taking into account the nutritional characteristics of active sports dogs.

    6. Kennels` Favorite

    Super premium dog food from the Dutch manufacturer. Products are manufactured and packaged in the Netherlands. Kennels` Favorite foods have simple compositions and take into account the lifestyle, size and age of the dog, with attention to the nutritional characteristics of each dog. All feeds are divided into several categories with a clear indication of the purpose and benefits of each diet.

    Dog owners leave feedback and note the clear and simple choice of suitable food. The manufacturer's website emphasizes that when feeding Kennels` Favorite dogs, the animals look a couple of years younger than their biological age.

    7. Karmy

    Russian feed manufacturer with its own unique quality control system from the formulation development stage to the product purchase stage. Feeds are represented by several segments and are distinguished by their affordability against the backdrop of high quality. Starter - adapted in composition and size for puppies up to four months. Mini is a balanced dry product for small breed dogs and pregnant bitches. Medium and Maxi - rations for young and adult dogs of medium and large sizes, respectively. The Special line contains pet foods with nutritional specialties, taste preferences, dietary rations and food for sensitive dogs.

    8. Acana

    Canadian manufacturer of holistic pet food. Akana foods are recognized as a complete source of nutrition for dogs, they contain a large amount of protein (up to 75 percent), raw ingredients and less carbohydrates than analogues. Rich compositions, nutritional value and pleasant tastes are the criteria by which Canadian brand products are chosen. Akana products are represented by different types of dry, wet food and treats for each life stage of a pet.

    9. Hill's

    American manufacturer of food for every life cycle of the dog. Hill's claims to create a "better life" for your pet by using scientific advances in the production of pet food. Veterinary nutritionists and nutritionists work to create biologically based dry and wet foods at Hill's. A separate place in the diets is given to the dietary nutrition of dogs with kidney, liver problems, dermatological and food sensitivities. In addition to high quality formulations, Hill's pet foods are known for their attractive tastes and smells to pets.



    Holistic food from a British manufacturer, awarded a special Queen's Award. Kanagan was the first grain-free food created in the UK, which included pieces of meat or fish with vegetables and various herbal supplements. Delicious recipes are highly nutritious for pets. When combining foods in diets, the emphasis is on the "ancestral diet" of the dog with the correct ratio of carbohydrates and proteins in favor of the latter.

    11. Petdiets (Petdiets)

    Domestic manufacturer of super premium feed. The composition of the rations is designed for good digestion, a shinier coat, healthy teeth, an allergy-free life and high energy of the animal. All ingredients are steamed or blast frozen before use. The main feed components are meat, vegetables and rice. The composition of the diets does not contain salt, sugar, soy products, wheat or corn that can cause allergies in the animal.

    12. Grandorf

    Food for puppies of any breed from a Belgian holistic breeder. The main diet of Grandorf food is rice, dried lamb, turkey. Some diets include krill fish, useful for animal hair. As part of the natural composition of the components to maintain the functioning of the musculoskeletal system of the animal. The source of carbohydrates in Grandorf feeds is sweet potatoes and dried vegetables. The manufacturer presents food with immune complexes for dogs that are very prone to allergies. The disadvantage of this manufacturer can be considered a small amount of fiber in ready-made diets.

    13. Mera

    Popular European brand of dog food. All Mera foods are produced and packaged in Germany. Depending on the degree of activity, age and taste preferences of the animal, a suitable diet is selected. Products include dry, wet food and treats for adult dogs, small breeds, puppies and young dogs. The main cereal used is rice, which is naturally hypoallergenic. The products are represented by premium and super-premium food for allergic animals, a holistic series using fresh vegetables and meat, and the Essential budget line with cereals and a lower percentage of meat.

    14. Statera (Statera)

    Relatively new, but already popular domestic brand. Dog food is developed by veterinary nutritionists and is made from natural raw materials grown in Russia. Stater's products are characterized by a high content of meat components in the composition at a relatively affordable price level. The advantage of Stater feed is a large number of useful additives. The crunchy kibble contains antioxidants, brewer's yeast, fish oil, flax seeds and seaweed. The basis of the food is chicken and turkey components, dried salmon fillet, lamb liver pellets, rice, beets, carrots and corn. Wet rations consist of baked minced meat with jelly.

    15. GO!

    Premium holistic food from Canada that "supports the dog from the inside so that it can be seen from the outside." Dry and wet rations are categorized according to animal life stages, food types and specific pet requirements. The basis of the diet is meat (lamb, turkey, pork, chicken) and fish (trout, salmon, cod and herring). Various types of food are presented - with and without cereals, with a high protein content, without legumes, with a low carbohydrate content. For the sensitive digestion of the dog, there are special types of mixtures in the feed. Feed GO! do not contain GMOs and hormones.

    Best Puppy Foods

    Puppy diet contains more crude protein and fat than adult diet. This is due to the fact that puppies have higher energy requirements due to the active development in the first year of life. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) can be seen on puppy food packaging. This fatty acid supports the development of the brain, heart and organs of vision.

    The diet for large breed puppies should include lower levels of phosphorus and calcium. This is necessary for good bone development because large breed dogs mature more slowly.

    The best food for small breed dogs

    Small breed puppies have their own unique characteristics and a very high metabolic rate. A small puppy should take in enough calories on a consistent basis. Otherwise, animals may develop hypoglycemia, leading to lethargy, weakness, and convulsions.

    Small dogs require more calories due to their high metabolic rate and tiny stomach. Therefore, most foods designed for small breeds are richer in calories. It has been observed that due to the fact that small dogs chew their food longer, they maximize the use of nutrients even from a small amount of food.

    A small dog can live a long time. The quality of life will be higher if the diet provides the animal with sufficient levels of antioxidants to protect against the action of free radicals.

    The best food for dogs of medium breeds

    The goal of any food for medium-sized dogs is to provide the full physiological needs of the animal in useful nutrients to maintain life and health of the body.

    Best food for large breed dogs

    Owning a large dog imposes a number of additional obligations on the owner, including choosing the right food for large breed dogs. A balanced ready-made diet that includes a full range of nutrients, minerals and vitamins is a reliable and convenient choice for many owners. Ready meals for large pets are balanced in composition and include easily digestible proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, etc.

    Large breed puppies take longer to grow than small dogs. Need a special diet to avoid certain health risks such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthritis, and osteochondrosis.

    Adult large dogs may need a diet with a carefully balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus to reduce the chance of orthopedic problems.

    Diets formulated for older large dogs typically contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to promote joint health. Large dogs, just like small dogs, need a diet high in antioxidants.

    Independent Expert Opinion

    Sometimes owners buy cheaper dog food to save money. This is especially common among owners of large dogs. Feeding pets of large breeds is more expensive, large dogs consume more food.

    Learn more