Blenders for making baby food

The 8 Best Blenders for Baby Food of 2022

The best gear to help you feed your baby homemade meals


Sharon Lehman, RDN

Sharon Lehman, RDN

Sharon Lehman is a freelance writer and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in food, health, and wellness topics. She is the Small Appliance Expert for The Spruce Eats.

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Updated on 07/13/22

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The Spruce Eats Top Picks

The Vitamix Ascent Series A2300 blender is our number one pick for a versatile blender that's capable of making baby food as well as other blended treats. Another great multipurpose blender is the Ninja Foodi Blender with its powerful 1400 watt motor.

Making your own baby food puts you in control of what goes into your child's meals and will save you money at the grocery store. It also gives parents a more hands-on role in the process of discovering their little ones' culinary preferences. What better feeling than watching your baby happily devour a meal you lovingly prepared? It might sound like an intimidating and time-consuming task, but in reality, the process is pretty simple.

You can make an endless variety of single- and multiple-ingredient baby blends with just two basic steps: steaming or roasting, and then blending. Fruits, vegetables, and proteins can be roasted in the oven or steamed on the stovetop, microwave, or in an electric food steamer. While you could mash by hand or process steamed food through a food mill, a blender saves you the time and mess by making quick work of pureeing everything from baby’s first bites to thicker, more advanced textures. Plus, blenders are a staple for making smoothies and frozen pops, both useful recipes when introducing fruit and veggies.

Standard blenders, handheld stick blenders, and baby-food makers are all options for creating both single-ingredient purees and more complex recipes.

To help you figure out which style is best for your needs, here are the best blenders for making baby food.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:

Vitamix Ascent Series Blender Family Pack at

Best with Steamer:

Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker at Amazon

Best Glass System:

BEABA Babycook Neo Baby Food Maker at Amazon

Best Handheld:

Vitamix Immersion Blender at Amazon

Best Budget:

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Puree & Blend Immersion Blender at Amazon

Best Ninja:

Ninja Foodi Power Blender and Processor System at Amazon

Best Mini:

Nuby Mighty Blender Baby Food Maker Set at Amazon

Best with Storage:

Nutribullet Baby The Complete Baby Food Prep System at Amazon

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Courtesy of Vitamix

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What We Like

  • Versatile

  • Powerful motor

  • Easy to clean

What We Don't Like

What do buyers say? 800+ reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Yes, the price tag on this Vitamix model is splurge-worthy, but it takes our top spot because it’s one of the most versatile and coveted blenders on the market.

Vitamix created this family pack to include extra storage containers to make and store batches of baby food or smoothies to go. It comes with the trademark Vitamix 64-ounce, low-profile blending container, a 20-ounce lidded blending cup, and a pair of 8-ounce lidded bowls that are the perfect size for making fresh baby meals. Additional bowls are available for separate purchase and all bowls, cups, and blender jars are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The blender is equipped with “Self-Detect Technology” that enables it to recognize when the blending cup or bowls are being used and adjust the blender’s speed and power for their smaller size. The Vitamix A2300 packs a whopping 2.2-horsepower motor, which is more than enough power to make ultra-smooth purees out of tougher ingredients, like leafy greens and dried prunes, and whip up smoothies (great for the whole family, including young children), frozen desserts, fresh nut butter, soups, and more.

The dial lets you control the speed with 10 settings so you can achieve any consistency you need. The Ascent series also has built-in WiFi connectivity and can be paired with the Vitamix app for access to a recipe library.

Price at time of publish: $650

Power Rating: 2.2 HP | What’s Included: Blender base, 64-ounce container, 20-ounce cup with lid, 2 8-ounce bowls with lids, tamper, blade base, and cookbook | Maximum Capacity: 64 ounces | Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 17 inches | Weight: 11.86 pounds | Warranty: 10 years

Courtesy of Amazon

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What We Like

  • Glass work bowl

  • Automatically cooks, blends, and shuts off

  • Dishwasher-safe parts

What We Don't Like

If you’re looking for an all-in-one system to streamline the baby food-making process, the Baby Brezza is going to be your new favorite kitchen tool. It steam cooks, then automatically switches to blending, so you can fill it, start it, and walk away while it works.

Doing all the cooking and blending in the same appliance helps cut down on dirty dishes, and the Brezza works quickly, with most recipes ready to serve or store in 10 to 15 minutes. An LCD control panel houses the versatile settings making it easy to choose between steam only, blend only, or steam and blend.

The glass bowl holds up to 4 cups of food and is dishwasher safe. If you want to save a few dollars, there’s also a Baby Brezza model with a plastic work bowl that costs a bit less. The Baby Brezza includes a spatula to help you scrape every last bit of food from the blender and a recipe book to start your creative cooking juices.

Price at time of publish: $130

Power Rating: 220 watts | What’s Included: Food maker, glass bowl,  | Maximum Capacity: 4 cups | Dimensions: 9. 75 x 7.5 x 9 inches | Weight: 6.5 pounds | Warranty: 1 year limited

Courtesy of Amazon

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What We Like

What We Don't Like

The Beaba Babycook Neo is an all-in-one system, but the big draw with this model is its eco-friendly materials. Parents who prefer plastic-free items will appreciate the glass and stainless steel construction.

The Babycook system can steam and blend fresh ingredients. It promises to turn raw fruit, vegetables, and even meat and fish into ready-to-eat or freeze baby meals in just 15 minutes. The Beaba can also be used to warm and defrost cold or frozen baby meals straight from the fridge or freezer—a useful feature if you prefer not to use a microwave for heating.

Parents who prefer baby items that fit in with their decor will appreciate Beaba’s modern design and attractive color choices. It has a small footprint, so it won’t take up too much space on the counter or could even be tucked into a cabinet.

Whether you want to make apple sauce, veggie purees, or multi-ingredient toddler meals, the process is easy. You just fill the water reservoir and place your food in the steamer basket insert. Just touch the steam button to start the cooking process. When food is cooked, the unit will automatically shut off and sound a timer. Then, you can transfer your food into the blender and hold the pulse button until the desired texture is reached. The brand also sells lidded glass storage containers and an insert for cooking rice, pasta, and grains.

Price at time of publish: $260

Power Rating: 950 watts | What’s Included: Food maker, glass bowl,  | Maximum Capacity: 5.2 cups | Dimensions: 14.5 x 12 x 12 inches | Weight: 8.38 pounds | Warranty: 1 year

Courtesy of Williams-Somona

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What We Like

  • Compact, space-saving design

  • Can be used to puree in pots, jars, and bowls

  • Quiet

  • Easy to clean

What We Don't Like

Vitamix Immersion Blender Review

You don’t need a huge blender to make big batches of baby food in advance. A handheld immersion or stick blender can process both small and large quantities of food without taking up too much kitchen real estate. The Vitamix Immersion Blender is a plug-in model with a 5-foot cord, so you’ll have plenty of reach. The 625-watt motor with 5 variable speeds helps you create any texture you want and control exactly how smooth or chunky baby’s meals will be.

A big draw of an immersion blender is the ability to blend one-handed right in cooking pots, bowls, cups, and wide-mouth Mason jars. The Vitamix can fit in any vessel with at least a 3-inch wide opening.  As infants begin to transition to eating what the family eats, this immersion blender can be used to process their portion into an age-appropriate texture and consistency right before serving. 

To clean, simply submerge in a jar or bowl of soapy water and let it run for a few seconds, then rinse off and dry. It’s backed by Vitamix’s legendary customer service and will provide tons of versatility since it can also be used to make grown-up recipes, like pureed creamy soups, sauces, dressings, marinades, and dips.

Price at time of publish: $150

Power Rating: 625 watts | What’s Included: Immersion wand, blade base  | Maximum Capacity: N/A | Dimensions: 18 x 3 x 3 inches | Weight: 2.86 pounds | Warranty: 3 years

The Spruce / Donna Currie

What Our Testers Say

"It had no trouble blending cooked fruits to make a tasty mostarda, it handled freshly cooked dried beans to make refried beans, and it made a silky smooth tomato soup." — Donna Currie, Product Tester

The Best Immersion Blenders for Soups, Sauces, and Smoothies

Courtesy of Amazon

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What We Like

What We Don't Like

The Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker has all the tools you need to get started making baby food with a minimal investment. It’s also the right size for small kitchens or households that already have a full-size blender but want a dedicated tool to use just for making baby food.

The 2-in-1 system works as both an immersion blender and a food processor. The handheld stick blender can be used to blend full pots of soups, sauces, and steamed fruits and vegetables. Or, you can detach the motor from the immersion blade and attach it to the work bowl to create a mini food processor—great for creating finely chopped and minced foods as your baby progresses to more advanced textures.

Attachments are dishwasher safe, and the work bowl is made from plastic that's free of BPA, phthalates, lead, and PVC. Glass storage jars in various sizes, which are highly rated by consumers, are sold separately to help you baby meal prep in bulk.

Price at time of publish: $49

Power Rating: 250 watts | What’s Included: Immersion blender, food processor bowl | Maximum Capacity: 3 cups | Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 13 inches | Weight: 1 pound | Warranty: N/A

The 9 Best Glass Food Storage Containers of 2022, Tested and Reviewed

Courtesy of Amazon

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What We Like

  • Versatile

  • Powerful motor

  • Easy to clean

What We Don't Like

  • Noisy

  • Heavy

Like our top pick, the Ninja Foodi Power Blender makes the list because of its tremendous versatility and value. If you want a multifunctional appliance that can help you make baby food, but can also be used to feed the rest of the family, a powerful standard blender like the Ninja is your best bet.

It even comes with lots of blending containers for your family’s needs. It includes a standard blending pitcher, a blending cup for smoothies, and a bowl that’s ideal for churning frozen recipes without much liquid, like smoothie bowls and frozen desserts.

The Foodi blender has a 1,400-watt motor that can handle everything from crushing ice, blending frozen ingredients for smoothies, mixing dough, and yes, processing steamed ingredients into textured baby meals. The variable speed dial lets you control the consistency of your baby recipes and there are six preset blending functions for smoothies, extractions, bowls, spreads, chopping, and dough.

Price at time of publish: $200

Power Rating: 1400 watts | What’s Included: Blender base, 72-ounce blender pitcher, crushing/chopping blade, dough blade, 24-ounce cup with lid, 14-ounce smoothie bowl maker with lid, recipe book | Maximum Capacity: 3 cups | Dimensions: 8. 19 x 8.43 x 14.17 inches | Weight: 8.2 pounds | Warranty: 1 year limited

The Spruce Eats / Sharon Lehman 

The 7 Best Ninja Blenders of 2022

Courtesy of Amazon

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What We Like

What We Don't Like

If you don’t have a lot of counter space to dedicate to baby food making, a mini blending set might be worth the investment. The Nuby Mighty Blender Baby Food Maker Set includes everything you need to get started steaming, blending, and storing fresh baby food.

It's a bullet-style blender that is powered by pushing down on the blending cup, so there are no settings or controls to navigate. You can control the consistency of your blends by adjusting the blending time.

The set includes two stainless-steel blades designed for blending cooked foods and grinding oats or other grains into fine powders to make your own baby cereals. The two blending jars included are a large batch bowl and a smaller blending cup. There's also a steamer basket that fits into the large blending bowl and can be used in the microwave. A freezer tray and six lidded storage cups are also included, plus a spatula and spoons to help you transfer your blends.

Price at time of publish: $70

Power Rating: 200 watts | What’s Included: Blending blade, milling blade, blender base, batch bowl, steamer basket, short blending cup with lid, spatula, 6 2-ounce storage cups with lids, freezer tray, 2 feeding spoons, recipe book | Maximum Capacity: 2 cups | Dimensions: 10.43 x 8.20 x 11.00 inches | Weight: 5.3 pounds | Warranty: 1 year limited

Courtesy of Amazon

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What We Like

What We Don't Like

  • Plastic construction

  • May not hold up with regular use

  • 200-watt motor may not offer enough power

Similar to the popular Magic Bullet, the Nutribullet Baby is a miniature blending system that saves on storage space. You can blend in either the 32-ounce bowl to make large batches of purees or in the 12-ounce cups for smaller portions that will be eaten right away. It comes with enough baby food storage to get you on your way to building both a refrigerator and freezer stash of baby’s favorite meals.

If you’re meal prepping for a baby, you can use the two included silicone freezer trays to proportion and freeze your homemade blends. There are also a dozen lidded storage cups that fit neatly into a storage tray to help keep your refrigerator tidy. Everything is dishwasher safe, so cleaning up after a round of baby food prep is super quick and easy.

Some reviewers have been disappointed to find the blender begins to degrade or the motor gives out after several months of heavy use, so this model may be a better choice for occasional use.

Price at time of publish: $70

Power Rating: 200 watts | What’s Included: Motor base, blending blade, 32 ounce bowl with lid, 12 ounce short cup with handles and re-sealable lid, 6 storage cups with date ring lids and storage tray, silicone freezer tray with lid and recipe book | Maximum Capacity: 32 ounces | Weight: 4. 55 pounds | Warranty: 1 year limited

The 7 Best Food Steamers of 2022

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a blender that can not only whip up fresh batches of baby food, but can also be used by the whole family for years to come, we recommend investing in a powerful standard blender, like the Vitamix Ascent Series A2300 or Ninja Foodi Blender.

What to Look for When Buying a Blender for Baby Food


The type of blender you buy to make baby food depends on how often you’ll use it, how much baby food you plan to make, how much storage space you have, and your budget. If your plan is to prepare large batches of baby food and freeze in individual portions, then a standard countertop blender with a large capacity might be your best bet.

Standard blenders can be budget priced or cost several hundred dollars, but the more powerful ones tend to be the most expensive. They take up the most counter space, but they also offer the most versatility since they can be used to blend smoothies, sauces, batters, and frozen desserts.

An immersion stick blender can also handle large batches of food and is very useful as babies transition to eating what the rest of the family has for dinner. A quick pulse of an immersion blender can transform chunkier soups, stews, and sauces into a more manageable texture for young babies either right in the cooking pot or in a serving bowl. Immersion blenders are also easier to store than standard blenders.

If you have limited storage or think you’ll make some, but not all, of baby’s meals at home, then a smaller blender, like a personal bullet-style blender, can also save on space and cost. Dedicated all-in-one baby food makers are another option.

Included Storage

If you don’t want to bother with figuring out a baby food storage system, which could include investing in multiple freezer trays and airtight glass or plastic containers, look for a blending system that comes with some storage to get you started.

Some of the blenders on this list include several lidded cups or jars so you can place what you make directly into cold storage. Most dedicated baby food makers also have storage containers sold separately.

Freezer trays are useful for prepping large batches of baby food in advance. One or two frozen cubes can be popped out and thawed for baby’s meals when you don’t have time or are too tired to cook from scratch.


How do you make homemade baby food?

The first step is to prepare the produce by washing, peeling, and removing any pits or seeds. If the vegetable or fruit needs to be cooked (to become tender), you can steam it on the stovetop or in the microwave, or roast it in the oven. Then simply place it in the blender and puree; if the mixture needs to be thinned out, you can add breast milk, formula, or water.

What's the best way to store homemade baby food?

Pureed fruits and vegetables need to be kept in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container. If refrigerated, the baby food will stay fresh for two to three days; frozen homemade baby food will last up to a month. Make sure to label and date the containers before storing. You can spoon the pureed food into an ice cube tray before freezing to create individual servings.

When do I feed my baby pureed food?

It is recommended that you start your baby on puree once they are 4 to 6 months old and continue until they reach 8 to 12 months. Keep this in mind if you are making large batches and freezing the homemade baby food for later.

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  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Phthalates fact sheet.

  3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ToxFAQs for vinyl chloride.

7 Best Blenders to Make Baby Food (2022 Reviews)

Table of Contents

The fun begins around six months when you can start introducing solids to your child. It can be daunting to know where to start and what food is best. Gerber is a trusted brand, right? Can I just get Great Value from Walmart? Some of these packages say organic? What does that mean? Well, although the store bought purees are convenient, they can get pricey. Making your own baby food is a great way to ensure your baby is getting the nutrients they need and you have the comfort of knowing exactly what is going into their food. Having a great baby food blender is exactly what you need to make this process fast and easy. Although you may need to invest a chunk of money up front for the blender, making your own baby food will save you loads of money in the long run!

The Best Blenders to Make Baby Food

  • 1. Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker

    (Most affordable — $)

    Why it’s great: This basic baby food maker includes an immersion blender and food processor. It is great for single servings or bulk quantities. The separate wand allows you to get food as broken down as you need, by using it in a separate bowl if need be. This is great for pureeing foods!

    Keep in mind: This product only comes with 1 standard blade. There is not an extra one for milling grains.

    Good for: families on a budget.

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  • 2. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet

    (Most storage — $$)

    Why it’s great: This baby food maker includes not only a blender, but storage cups and a recipe book. You can make up to a week’s worth of food in less than five minutes or use the smaller jar to make smaller portions. There are two blades, one for milling oats or rice and another or pureeing or blending foods! This product is easy to use and easy to clean as well!

    Keep in mind: This product does not steam food and is only designed for fruits and veggies, not meat!

    Good for: parents who want to make bulk amounts of food at once.

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  • 3. QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker

    (Most compact — $$)

    Why it’s great: This baby food maker allows you to steam, blend, reheat, and defrost healthy baby food! This appliance is innovative, only takes one hand, and has a quiet motor. This is all perfect for balancing baby in one hand and getting meal prep done in the other. Its mini size also allows for easy storage and is easy to clean!

    Keep in mind: Since this product does more than just puree, the blade is more gentle and may take longer to blend some foods.

    Good for: kitchens with little storage space.

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  • 4. Elechomes 8 in 1 Baby Food Maker

    (Most capabilities — $$)

    Why it’s great: This baby food maker has 8 features in one device! Just to name a few, you can steam, mix, blend, and defrost baby food in just 15 minutes. This product is a great time saver because it has a 2-layer basket design which allows you to cook different foods at the once! It also comes with a recipe book for inspiration on what to make!

    Keep in mind: The processor needs to be kept dry after cleaning!

    Good for: those looking for all the necessary functions in one appliance.

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  • 5. WHALELOVE 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker

    (Most technologically advanced — $$)

    Why it’s great: This 5 in 1 baby food maker allows you to not only steam and blend food, but there is also a bottle warming feature which allows you to start using this product from the day you bring baby home. This product is designed with a one-touch steam-blend mode that will fast steam the food ready and then automatically blend the food within the set time limit without any further steps. Something that stands out about this product is the self-cleaning design. With just a press of a button, all the water in the water tank is completely cleaned! The steel blades are also detachable for dishwasher safe cleaning!

    Keep in mind: for best results with the auto cleaning tank add vinegar.

    Good for: those wishing to purchase a bottle warmer as well.

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  • On An Important Side Note… Asher and I (pictured) feel it’s necessary to highlight the value of life insurance for parents with young kids. After extensive research, we discovered that parents can get insured for as little as $10 per month. We use Ladder Life who offers coverage up to $3M per parent (without a medical exam, just a few health questions) and you can apply 100% online.

    Get a quote in less than 30 seconds at ➜

  • 6. Elva’s Baby Food Maker

    (Most modern design — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This baby food maker steams, blends, reheats and defrosts. This product also sterilizes and self cleans which is a huge time saver! For difficult stains, it is also dishwasher safe and the wide opening makes it very easy, for hand cleaning or drying as well which will help prevent mold from growing

    Keep in mind: this product may stain after using foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes, but it still 100% clean!

    Good for: busy parents searching for an auto cleaning product.

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  • 7. BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender

    (Best for meats — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This baby food maker prepares not only fruits and vegetables, but meat or fish! This product is great for any stage baby and toddler food and prepares in just 15 minutes. It also comes with a recipe booklet!

    Keep in mind: To avoid mold leave the lid open after you finish using it. All the water will evaporate out of the reservoir and the leftover humidity will dry out overnight.

    Good for: those looking to prepare pureed meats or fish in addition to the traditional fruits and vegetables.

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Best Overall

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker

The Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

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FAQs about Blenders to Make Baby Food

  • 1. Why should I make my own baby food?

    Making your own baby food is not always an easy decision. It requires extra time to make and prepare the food, plus clean the appliance. However, instead of spending $1 or more on one serving of food, if you are willing to put in the extra work, it will help you save a lot of money. It can also be helpful for peace of mind for you as a parent. You get to know exactly what is going into your baby’s body!

  • 2. Why get a baby blender instead of just using a regular size blender?

    Although it is possible to use a regular size blender there are advantages to purchasing a blender specifically for baby food. First, it is better for making food in small amounts. Babies really do not eat much, especially when they are first introduced to solids. Furthermore, it allows baby to have their own blender which keeps baby away from any extra chemicals that might be put into your regular blender. However, the biggest advantage by far is that since these products are designed specifically for babies’ needs, they give a better texture to the foods. Regular blenders often leave large lumps in the purees. However, if your budget is constricting and you are not able to purchase a baby food maker, a regular blender will still work!

  • 3. Do I need a baby food maker that has multiple functions?

    This is up to you! Some parents don’t mind doing the steaming on the stove, but others like the convenience of one appliance to do it all. Most of the decisions will depend on how much time you are willing to spend preparing the food and how much money you are willing to spend on a baby food maker.

  • 4. How long does homemade baby food last?

    Homemade baby food will last about a week when kept in the refrigerator. However, baby food can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months! Have a free weekend? Make bulk amounts of baby food and save time later! Like I mentioned before, babies do not eat much in a serving so consider putting food in an ice tray and pop them in the freezer. Then, you can defrost them by putting them in the refrigerator the night before and it’s ready to serve when you need it!

  • 5. What types of foods work in a baby food maker?

    This depends on what baby food maker you purchase. Some are strictly for fruits and vegetables, while others have additional blades or features that allow for milling oats or pureeing meats!


Starting solids is quite the adventure, but boy is it fun. It is a great joy to watch your child explore new textures and flavors! Although this process can seem overwhelming, it does not have to be! Making your own baby food takes the guesswork out of what to buy. Some blenders come with a recipe book that make meal prepping and cooking a breeze! Even though purchasing a baby food maker is not essential, per se, if it fits your budget, it is a must-have!

Baby food blender: which device is better?

When the time comes to think about the continuation of one's kind, everything should be ready for it. In addition to diapers, a playpen and baby food, you also need to purchase a baby food blender to provide your child with quality nutrition. And it will be simply necessary after the period of breastfeeding is over.

Of course, making your own baby food is more preferable, especially against the backdrop of recent news regarding the dubious quality of various ready-made purees in jars. After reading our article, you will be able to choose the most suitable version of the device for your child. nine0005


  • 1 Types of devices for baby food
  • 2 Children's boils-pairing boards
  • 3 mini-blonders
  • 4 Submissive models
  • 5 several important tips

types for children's food

for independent preparation of children food, 3 types of blenders will be suitable, so the choice will be between ordinary (classic) blenders and special ones:

  1. Blender-steamer. nine0012
  2. Mini blender.
  3. Immersion blender.

Children's steamer blenders

These types of blenders are ideal for the initial preparation of products for subsequent processes. The unit can not only grind food to a puree state, but also defrost food and reheat. This is made possible by the steam function .

Many people know that it is better to steam food, especially for children, because in this case the food retains more vitamins and benefits. nine0005

Preparation of a full-fledged puree in a blender-steamer is as simple as possible: all the necessary products are loaded into a container, after which the timer knob is turned. After the products have undergone thermal steam treatment and are ready, they can be crushed immediately. The grinding intensity is selected individually. Among other things, these models have auto-off function .

Mini blenders

Such units differ from ordinary classic blenders in their reduced size, low power and functionality. The bowl where food is placed for cooking is much smaller than the standard one. This is quite convenient, but exactly until the moment when the child remains very small. And as you know, children grow up quickly, so by the time your baby is one year old, such an aggregate will already be gathering dust on the shelf. This is due to the fact that due to its small size and relatively low power, it will not be adapted to other applications. That is why it is better to think twice before purchasing it. nine0005

The classic full-size unit can be used in many ways, no matter what kind of dish you want to make. Although it is less convenient for making baby purees, due to its size, large portions can be made. Such a blender will remain relevant even after the child grows up.

Submersible models

Most parents use a submersible unit to prepare baby food. It is convenient in those cases when it is necessary to grind a relatively small amount of products. The hand blender can be immersed in almost any bowl. He is very is compact and easy to use . Often, manufacturers of such units equip them with special nozzles or even bowls, thanks to which they become real food processors (the differences between the two devices are described in the article: what to give preference to: a food processor or a blender).

A Few Important Tips

  • Any blender is suitable for making baby food, it all depends on your comfort and wishes.
  • Solid foods must be thoroughly washed before grinding, and in some cases boiled (preferably steamed) or baked in the oven. nine0012
  • In order to make meat puree, the unit must have a power of at least 450 watts.

Whichever blender you choose for your needs, you must approach this process very responsibly. It is best to give preference to those models whose plastic parts do not come into contact with products, as well as those that have several speeds and a large assortment of nozzles.

Top 9 best blenders for baby food

Some time after the birth of a child, every young mother asks about the introduction of complementary foods, which should be healthy, balanced and have the right consistency for the baby to assimilate. nine0005

In the period up to a year, you can, of course, use ready-made complementary foods in the form of homogenized puree in jars.

Then, in any case, the child should be gradually accustomed to products from the "adult" table.

A blender is a great help in preparing baby food with a homogeneous consistency.

Rating TOP 9 best baby food blenders 2022-2023

Place Designation Price
TOP 3 hand blenders for baby food
1 Bosch MSM 66110 Ask for price
2 Bosch MSM 14100 Ask for price
3 Braun MQ 5077 Ask for price
TOP 3 baby food steamers
1 Philips AVENT SCF870 Ask for price
2 Philips AVENT SCF862 Ask for price
3 Happy Baby Fusion Ask for price
TOP-3 mini baby food blenders
1 RAWMID Dream miniBDM-07 Ask for price
2 RAWMID Dream MiniBDM-08 Ask for a price
3 Philips HR2874 Daily Collection Ask for price


  • Top 9 best baby food blenders 2022-2023
  • What you need to know about blenders?
  • Important points when choosing
  • Types of blenders
    • Steamers
    • Mini
    • Immersion
  • Which type is best for making weaning foods? nine0012
  • Conclusion and conclusions
  • Useful video
  • What you need to know about blenders?

    One-year-old babies cannot yet chew their food properly, which is why it must be finely chopped.

    The ideal food texture for a small child is puree, for this you need a good blender that will do the job perfectly.

    To choose the right blender, each potential buyer should rely on their preferences:

    • If you only need a blender for preparing baby food, the mini blender is a good option. It does not take up much space, copes with its main task with a bang and has an affordable price;
    • immersion models are suitable for a wider range of applications . With it, you can not only grind food for the child, but also prepare cocktails, mashed soups, creams and sauces, and other dishes. The immersion blender is easy to clean and use. By purchasing such a model, you can cook large portions for this family or a small snack dish for a baby; nine0012
    • blender-steamer will not only feed the baby with delicious and healthy food, but also take care of proper nutrition for the whole family , preserving vitamins and nutrients in every dish as much as possible. This model will be useful to you even after the baby begins to chew food on his own. It belongs to the stationary type of blenders, which in everyday life are simpler than submersible models. The device does not need supervision and control by an adult. Your task is as simple as possible - fill a special container with products and press the button that starts the cooking process. nine0012

    Important points when choosing

    Going to buy an indispensable kitchen helper, pay attention to the following important parameters: It is on this parameter that the speed of work and the quality of grinding products depend. The higher the power rating, the more homogeneous the consistency of the output mass will be. Blenders with a good power rating are able to grind any solid food such as nuts, dried fruits, frozen fruits and raw vegetables. If you plan to use the blender to work with meat, you need a power of at least 400 watts; nine0012

  • device functions . At this point, you can determine the number of nozzles in the kit, modes, power adjustment. The best option for full-fledged work with products is a blender with several nozzles and at least 2-3 speeds and operating modes;
  • blender material . When buying a device for grinding food, pay attention not only to the reviews of real customers and characteristics, but also to the material from which the equipment is made, it should be as safe as possible for human health. Try to give preference to a white device, it does not contain dyes. Metal models have a high cost, and are also more reliable and durable than cheaper plastic models; nine0012
  • food bowl volume . This parameter is only important if you are purchasing a blender not only for making baby food. Choose the capacity of the container depending on how many people you will be preparing dishes with a blender.
  • Types of blenders

    A blender will help every housewife save a lot of time and effort by preparing healthy food with maximum preservation of health benefits and juiciness. Good quality machine with high power in a matter of seconds will turn any food into a tender mass with a uniform consistency. nine0004

    The main task of the baby food blender is the homogeneous texture of food without large pieces and lumps.

    The best option is a blender with a minimum number of dismountable parts, because after preparing the puree, it will be necessary to thoroughly rinse the device and each part, which will take a lot of time.

    The power of a good blender for preparing baby food should be enough not only for vegetables and fruits, but also for liver, chicken, meat. nine0005

    Various blenders can be used to prepare baby food, including:

    • mini blenders;
    • steam blenders;
    • immersion blenders.

    Let's take a closer look at each option.


    This pressure blender can not only puree food, but also reheat dishes or defrost food with steam.

    Every adult knows that steamed food retains vitamins and beneficial properties to the maximum. nine0004 It is with such a gentle type of heat treatment of products that the baby will be able to get all the necessary trace elements and a complex of vitamins, which is so necessary for the full development of a growing organism.

    To get puree with a uniform texture, you will need to fill a special container with products and turn on the timer, then the device will do everything for you. There will be no more need to cook food, then transfer it to another container, take it out, cut it, and so on.

    After cooking, you need to turn on the blender mode, which will help you not only grind all the ingredients in a few seconds, but also mix them thoroughly. nine0003 The grinding level can be controlled independently.

    In addition, you won't have to stand and wait for the process to finish to turn off the steam blender. All models of this type have an automatic shutdown system.


    Another type of blender for preparing baby food is a mini blender (or, as they also call it, travel blender), which differs from its counterparts in more compact dimensions and modest characteristics. nine0005

    The food container in these devices is designed only for cooking small portions. This is ideal for moms who only need a blender to prepare baby food.

    Now you don't have to scrape off excess puree from the walls of the bowl and transfer it to another container, and maintenance of such an appliance is easier compared to any other models.

    The only drawback of such models is that they will be useful for mommy only for that period of time until the child begins to fully chew food on his own. nine0005

    That is, after a few months, such a blender will remain gathering dust on the far shelf of the kitchen cabinet, since it is not intended for other use in the future. This is due to its low power and the small size of the food container.


    The most convenient and versatile option on our list is the immersion blender. These models are preferred by most mothers who need to grind food in small volumes. nine0004

    The advantage of this blender is its compactness. It is a hand-held device that will grind any kind of product in a special container.

    Modern immersion blenders are equipped with a variety of attachments and modes, which are complemented by good power of the device. These models deservedly come as close as possible to the title of a mini-food processor.

    Regardless of the power of the immersion blender, any device will cope with the preparation of a homogeneous puree for the baby. nine0003 Immediately before preparing complementary foods, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the products, boil or bake, then grind with a blender.

    Which species is best for making complementary foods?

    It's hard to say which blender is the best. But if you choose a model exclusively for preparing baby food, the answer is obvious.

    Steam blender is the best option. It is better than its counterparts to cope with the organization of baby food, preserving the vitamins and beneficial properties in each individual product as much as possible. nine0005

    TOP 3 hand blenders for baby food

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    Bosch MSM 66110

    One of the most popular Bosch models from the budget price segment.

    Despite this, the device has excellent characteristics, which are enough to prepare complementary foods for your child. This model is highly reliable for 2022-2023.


    • 600 W hand blender;
    • 1 speed;
    • mechanical control;
    • measuring cup volume - 600 ml;
    • blender immersion part is durable metal, resistant to deformation and corrosion processes. The body of the device is high quality food grade plastic;
    • turbo mode;
    • cord - 1.4 m.


    • easy to operate and clean;
    • comfortable handle and control buttons. nine0012


    • is not a budget cost of the device.

    Bosch MSM 14100

    Good quality immersion blender, trusted by many young mothers.


    • device power - 400 W;
    • management - mechanics;
    • measuring cup 700 ml;
    • body is made of food grade plastic, safe, made of environmentally friendly materials; nine0012
    • light weight - 0.8 kg.


    • ice and hard food crushing mode;
    • stylish color solution - white with red;
    • warranty period - 12 months;
    • the ability to adjust the operation of the nozzles;
    • anti-slip coating, ergonomic product shape.


    • low power.

    Braun MQ 5077

    Another hand blender model that has received a lot of positive feedback from real consumers,

    who managed not only to purchase the device, but also to “play” it.


    • capacious bowl, volume 1.5 l; · 21 operating modes of the device;
    • measuring cup 500 ml;
    • in the kit there are nozzles for kneading dough, cutting and different degrees of grinding products;
    • stainless steel whisk.


    • comfortable grip, blender does not slip out of hand; nine0012
    • modern design in classic style;
    • multifunctionality of the device;
    • cooking a large portion at a time;
    • all attachments are easy to remove and clean;
    • dishwasher safe;
    • silicone coated handle.


    • takes up a lot of space;
    • do not grind food for a long time.

    TOP 3 steam blenders for baby food

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    Philips AVENT SCF870

    This blender from the Avent series is a great option for those with small children or for those who are

    healthy lifestyle and nutrition. This is one of the highest quality models for 2022-2023.


    • machine power 400 W;
    • one speed and one nozzle; nine0012
    • capacious, deep capacity for loading products;
    • simple operation;
    • several cooking and grinding modes.


    • there is a cooking function with a heating element;
    • you can not only cook any kind of food, but also heat up dishes;
    • takes up minimal space in your kitchen;
    • easy to clean after cooking and use; nine0012
    • ergonomic shape, rubberized coating of the body of the product.


    • lack of turbo mode, pulse mode and planetary rotation.

    Philips AVENT SCF862

    Model specifications:

    • blender power 330W;
    • operating modes - cooking, grinding, mixing;
    • food container - 1050 ml;
    • measuring cup - 0.4 l; nine0012
    • cord - 0.8 m;
    • water container - 180 ml;
    • in the basic configuration - a container for products, a blender-steamer, a spatula.


    • safe use due to the lock on the jug;
    • unique steam cooking technique with maximum preservation of vitamins and nutrients;
    • it is possible to use the blender not only for preparing homogeneous cereals and purees, but also for more “adult” dishes. nine0012


    • not light weight - 1.4 kg;
    • cost of the device.

    Happy Baby Fusion

    A steam blender with excellent performance, which is useful not only in the kitchen, but also when traveling.

    With the help of such a device, any hostess will be able to prepare baby food and please the household with healthy and tasty food.

    Product feature:

    • security system. The device works only with the correct installation of all parts; nine0012
    • steam blender 2 in 1;
    • warranty period - 12 months;
    • power 600 W;
    • fast grinding of any products;
    • capacious container for loading food.


    • double cutting head;
    • easy cleaning of all parts;
    • maximum preservation of the usefulness of all products;
    • homogeneous texture of baby food without lumps and large pieces;
    • nine0011 simple and multifunctional steamer blender;
    • compact, light weight.


    • not found.

    TOP 3 baby food mini blenders

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    RAWMID Dream miniBDM-07

    Not such a small device as stated by the manufacturer, but its characteristics and parameters make the blender

    an excellent kitchen assistant for any hostess. nine0005