Christmas craft ideas with baby food jars

Amazing Baby Food Jar Crafts

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Have a bunch of baby food jars that you want to repurpose? We’ve looked all over to find the best baby food jar crafts so you can reuse the jars to make fun and beautiful things!


If you have babies or toddlers, you are probably going through a lot of jars of baby food! Maybe you have so many that you can start your own baby food company! Instead of throwing them out, why not make things with them? Since we are always looking for new crafts to make, we decided to look for all the best baby food jar crafts!


Our Easy Bath Paint for Kids fits perfectly into little jars, and DIY Candles is one of our favorite crafts we’ve done recently. Check out our crafts page for more inspiration!

Tips for Making Baby Food Jar Crafts

  • When using glass jars, make sure you clean out the jar and lid thoroughly.  
  • Glass jars can be used in the oven if making a mini cake or pies in a jar just make sure you remove the labels.
  • Do not, however, put jars in the freezer, they may burst. 

Baby Food Jar Crafts


Vases for Flowers

Photo by Beth Liebetrau for Apples & Onions


I love this set of paint dipped jars from Apples & Onions!  They are the perfect little vases for those white tulips. 


Try making a Wood Vase and Candle holder like Make Life Lovely did! It’s totally gorgeous. 

Plant some kitchen herbs in your jars! Herbs look beautiful on kitchen counter and you’ll never have to run to the store for some fresh rosemary or mint! 

Baby food jars can also be used for Planting Wheat Berries – I love this idea from See Jane Blog!

Party Favors

  1. My kids would go crazy for this Unicorn Slime by the Best Ideas for Kids
  2. How cute are these DIY Bubble Party Favors from Chickabug
  3. Crafts by Courtney made these perfect Minion Party Favors
  4. Butterfly Sippers by Stay-at-Home-ista are perfect for a birthday party and you could personalize them to any party theme! 

Desserts in Jars

  1. We adore these Mini Cheesecakes. They look elegant but they are so easy to make! 
  2. Gimme Some Oven shared these Mini Fruit Crisps and I can’t think of a more perfect summer party dessert!
  3. Make some Homemade Pumpkin Butter and give it to friends (or keep it all for yourself, I won’t tell!)
  4. I love these no-bake Mini Grasshopper Pies from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

I love the idea of having Yogurt Parfaits  in mini jars like they did over at Hilldale House. They would be perfect for a baby shower or a brunch party. We recommend having a Yogurt Toppings Bar to go along with little jars of yogurt! 

As I mentioned you can bake with these jars, just remove the labels so it doesn’t burn. I love these Rainbow Mini Cakes by Make Life Lovely! 

Organizing with Baby Food Jars

These mini pin cushions are from Seasoned Homemaker adorable. Perfect use for your baby food jars AND fabric scraps!

This under the shelf storage from Craftiness is Not Optional is, well, crafty! I love to see ways to use space that would otherwise be wasted.

This color coded crayon organizer from Monkey See, Monkey Do is awesome! 

More Useful Things

  1. These Gel Air Fresheners by Dream a Little Bigger are so cool! I had never thought of making my own.
  2. I love this Nail Polish Remover Jar by the genius One Good Thing by Jillee
  3. How cute are these Picture Magnets by Oh How Crafty
  4. These Mason Jar Oil Lamps from A Piece of Rainbow are gorgeous and you could totally make miniature versions with baby jars!

Kids Bath Paint

Easy three ingredient bath paints you can DIY in a few minutes. Kids and toddlers will have a blast painting during bath time and they'll even get clean in the process!


Mini jars are the perfect size to make bath paint in and the best way to store it, too! 

Holiday Crafts

These Halloween Pumpkin Jars from Make It – Love It are absolutely adorable. They can be decor or hold treats in them!


I am impressed by these Turtle-y Awesome Valentines at Consumer Crafts. Clever and fun!

These Lego Valentines in Jars are genius. This idea could carry over for other holidays too! They’d make great Christmas gifts for friends or even be great for Easter! 

Love these simple Valentines from So Festive!


We love these Easter Candy Jars by our friend Amber at Crazy Little Projects

These colorful Topiaries with Jelly Beans in them from Sugar Tot Designs make a fun decoration or Easter gift! 

And these Bunny Jars from Making Life Lovely are so cute! All you need is paint and some white felt.  

Baby Food Jar Christmas Crafts

Baby food jars are perfect for Christmas crafting because they are the perfect small size for DIY gifts! Try making some Christmas neighbor gifts or DIY ornaments with your little jars!

DIY Candles

How to make DIY candles in baby food jars with soy wax and essential oils. These candles make great Christmas neighbor gifts or party favors!


Making your own candles is easier than you think. We love these for neighbor gifts! 

This Cranberry Body Scrub gift idea from Alicia Costa is so smart and I imagine it smells really good! I have this on my list of baby food jar Christmas crafts for this year. Watch the full tutorial on Youtube. 

My kids would love decorating these Christmas Treat Jars from Amber at Crazy Little Projects.

These easy Mason Jar Lid Ornaments from Salvage Sister could easily be made with baby food lids! 

 This Luminary Advent Calendar from our friend Taryn Whitaker Designs is ALL THAT. So classy and creative! 

This snow globe made out of a jar by Craftaholics Anonymous is so awesome! You could make a bunch of these and give them out as neighbor gifts. 

Upcycled Home Decor

I cannot get over this Chandelier by Mother Earth Living.

Or make these Dyed Glass Luminaries from Inspired by Familia – how great would they be out on the patio for summer? 

How creative are these Foam Lighthouses from Crafts by Courtney? They would be perfect in a beach house or if you have a nautical vibe going on in your home decor! 

That’s it! All of these crafts are really clever.  I’m feeling very inspired. You will probably be seeing more baby food jar crafts here at Pretty Providence. Happy eating to babies everywhere!

Pro Tips

  • When cleaning out the jars, make sure you remove the baby food labels while they’re wet. It’s much easier to remove then.
  • Glass jars can be put in the oven, just make sure the labels are already removed.
  • Do not put jars in the freezer, glass can break when frozen.
  • Acrylic paint works best when painting glass.

Which baby food jar crafts are your favorite?  If you make one, share your creations by tagging us on Instagram!


This post was originally published in August 2013 and has been updated with new ideas, photos, a video and more detailed information.

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How I Turned Baby Food Jars Into Cute Christmas Decor

Written by Jessica Published on

I just LOVE the newest baby food jars from Beech-nut! They have got the CUTEST shape.


And, when crafters see something like this, we know we can turn them into something amazing. 🙂 Even if I didn’t know WHAT I would do with these baby food jars at the time, I knew that I NEEDED them for something! So I started saving the Beech-nut baby food jars and came up with some pretty cute Christmas decor.



And, if you want to read about how Beech-nut makes their natural and organic baby food products, you can find that here. They have got some pretty incredible baby food combinations! Doesn’t a jar of pineapple, pear, and avocado sound marvelous? Or how about some guava, pear, and strawberry? It makes me want to buy one and eat it. Ha!




Here’s what you need:

  • used baby food jars

  • sisal trees  (they’re available in several colors, too!)

  • mod podge

  • glitter

  • batting or fiberfill

  • plaid fabric or plaid ribbon


Start by peeling off the label. I found that it did leave some sticky residue, and the best way I found to remove the sticky goo was by using vegetable oil. I put these through the dishwasher with their labels on, and I think it made it even harder to get the label off after it had been washed and dried. So, next time I think I would peel the label off first before running through the dishwasher.

No matter which way you do it, you’re going to have some stickiness you’re going to want to get rid of.  Some prefer this product as their method to removing adhesives. It does have great reviews, which is a plus! If you want to use a product you probably already have in your pantry (like I did), try the vegetable oil method. I used vegetable oil and an old toothbrush, and with a little scrubbing was able to get all that goo off!


Now with our baby food jars all cleaned up, we’re ready to craft!


I started by cleaning my jars with some rubbing alcohol so I knew the surface was free of dust.


Then I took a small foam brush and applied some mod podge. I just eyed how much of the jar I wanted covered in glitter. If you want an exact straight line, just masking tape it off and then apply the mod podge. Or if you want to do stripes or something, you could do that!


I did a thin layer of mod podge. All you really need is enough to get the glitter to stick. I wanted the bottom of the jar covered in glitter, too, so I applied mod podge to the bottom as well.


Then I applied the glitter. Make sure you add your glitter before the mod podge starts to dry. I added the glitter right after I was done applying the mod podge. And with a project like this, you can easily customize it with a different color of glitter!



I let those dry upside down overnight. *tip–if you apply too much mod podge, when you put this upside down to dry, your glitter/mod podge will start slowly sliding down. And we know you wouldn’t want that! 🙂


Then, I put some batting/ fiberfill in my jars. I can’t really tell you how much you’ll want to put in. It’s just one of those things that you’ll have to see if it needs more or less. I took a little more batting and wrapped it around the bottom of my sisal tree and placed it in the jar. I found it was easier to wrap some around the tree before you placed it in the jar than trying to cover up the base of the tree once it was in the jar.


Then, I cut my plaid fabric in strips and wrapped it around the top of the jar and tied it in a bow! Any kind of ribbon would work just as well.



What’s so great about a project like this, is that you can totally customize it. Use different colored trees, different colored glitter, plaid or sparkly ribbon or twine . . . . so many different options to make this match whatever Christmas color scheme you want to match! Show us your creations!


We LOVE to see your DIY projects, so be sure to tag us on social media!

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DIY floating shelf stocking hanger





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Crafts from glass and tin baby food jars

Hello. Can't live without needlework? Let's talk about what can be done from baby food jars? Having fed delicious puree to our beloved child, we cannot throw away an empty jar, but wash it and put it in the closet - it will suddenly come in handy.

I propose to consider several options for their use.


  1. How to make glass baby food jars
  2. DIY decorations for home and garden
  3. Decoration from a glass jar for the New Year: master class

What can be done with glass baby food jars

The jars can be used for their intended purpose for food storage. So that they are not boring, they need to be decorated. Spend time doing interesting things. Get original containers for seasonings and spices, jams. This can be done in various ways.

Painting with paints

Glass jars are painted with special stained glass paints, paints on glass. They are sold in stores specializing in art supplies. The work will require certain skills, because the jars are rounded and the drawing must be applied carefully, preventing the paint from spreading.

While the paint is not dry, it can be easily washed off with water, wiped off with a cotton pad moistened with a special solvent. You can pre-paint the jar in a solid color, thus making the background for the picture. If the paints are stained glass, then the background does not need to be done.

For painting, special stencils are used, which are sold in art stores, or they find a suitable picture on their own. Having attached the drawing to the glass from the inside of the jar, you need to circle the lines on the outside and color it.

Decoupage of baby food jars

Jars decorated using decoupage technique look impressive. The jar is painted white, preparing the background. Then stick the picture you like with decoupage glue. When a layer of paper dries, cover with decoupage varnish. Special glue and varnish can be replaced with simple PVA glue.

If you draw the symbol of the coming year on the jars, choose the right size tray or make your own out of the box, you will get a charming set of spices as a gift.

Decoupage with cloth, thread, twine

Baby food jars can be tied with thread, wrapped with twine, pasted over with braid. Although Winnie the Pooh said that an empty pot is much more valuable, it is still better that it is full. Decorated jars of jam or jam look great.

After they are filled with delicious contents, close them with lids, cover with a piece of beautiful fabric and tie with a ribbon. Don't take your eyes off! A couple of such jars with different types of sweets and a wonderful gift is ready.

Small tins are useful for storing small things. It's easy to transform them, watch the video.

Decoration of jars with polymer clay

An unusual way to change a simple glass jar beyond recognition is to decorate it with polymer clay. Material for creativity requires baking, and glass allows this procedure. Anything can be molded from polymer clay. For example, a real house for a gnome.

By letting your imagination run wild and with some effort, you can create a real miracle. And the best thing is that you can create with your child. Children love to make crafts.

You don't want to hide a work of art in the kitchen cabinet and take out the right container if necessary. It is better for such beauty to hang a shelf somewhere in a conspicuous place.

Jars can be carefully hung under the cabinet by attaching a metal surface to one of the cabinets, and glue magnets on the lids. You can screw the covers to the cabinet with self-tapping screws. Take a design approach to organizing space.

When decorating jars for the purpose of using them for storing food, you need to remember that the decor should not emit harmful substances.

Do-it-yourself decorations for home and garden

I'm talking about all kinds of interior things with a functional load. First of all, about candlesticks. The original candlestick is easy to make using the methods listed above. Small jars of baby puree, turning into a candlestick, can create coziness and a romantic mood in the room.

Vases, photo frames, chandeliers, funny figurines, needle beds and even educational toys for toddlers you can make.

In addition to small glass jars, you can use tins from milk mixtures such as Nan, Nutrilon. They are perfect for storing pencils, scissors, and other little things. They can be painted, wrapped with twine, glued with buttons, decorated using decoupage technique. If you fasten several cans together, you get a real organizer.

Cans are used to make indoor and garden lamps.

You need to carefully make holes in the wall of the jar, and put a candle inside. Arrange the lamps in the right places or hang them. Tin cans also make pretty bird feeders.

Cans accumulated a decent amount? Paint them in different colors and arrange a cheerful flower bed on the wall of a country house.

Need bird protection? Scarecrow doesn't hurt. Tin cans will come to the rescue. And you can also make an original weather vane, bright and lively.

Not far off New, in anticipation of thinking about souvenirs with our own hands. It is doubly pleasant to receive a homemade gift, it carries the love of the giver. Various beautiful little things for decoration and workshops on making interesting little things will help us make a present.

Remember the snow globes from the Christmas miracle movies? Such a ball is a symbol of hope and faith, only a happy life lies ahead. From the glass jars left after baby food, wonderful snow globes are obtained.

They are easy to make. But you can present a gift that is sure to make you smile.

Decoration from a glass jar for the New Year: master class

On New Year's Eve, parents and children create beautiful New Year crafts.

Perhaps someone would like to repeat the skill below. It turns out a pretty fairy-tale theme of winter. Material available. Prepare a light bulb with a battery in advance.

  • Required:
    - jar
    - brush (for making a Christmas tree)
    - 2 screw caps
    - dry snow or sparkles
    - beads (for a snowman)
    - distilled water
    - glycerin (1 vial per liter of water).
  • Materials at hand:
    - moment glue
    - knife
    - scissors
    - green paint solution
    - silicone sealant
    - wire cutters
    - nail polish.

Making a craft:

  • We need to make a Christmas tree. To do this, cut the brush with scissors. We give the correct form. Let's paint the tree green.

  • We make holes in the lids with a knife. We pass a light bulb with a battery. Covers are glued with silicone. We cover the bulb with silicone, there will be no cracks.

  • Glue the Christmas tree onto the silicone that has not yet hardened. We also plant a snowman there, which was made of beads. We put the beads on the wire and glue them. Draw eyes with nail polish.

  • Pour water and glycerin into the jar. Sprinkle glitter.

  • Silicone and adhesive dry? Place the invention in the jar. Seal the lid tightly, swipe around the edges to secure.

  • The craft is ready. In the dark, shake and turn on the button from the light bulb. "Winter's Tale" shimmers beautifully.

How do you like this idea? I think it's wonderful! And, most importantly, this is just an idea for the manifestation of creativity. Place a joint photo or heart in the bank. Give this gift for Valentine's Day.

I would like to choose an idea, implement the one you like. Success in creative work!

Best regards, Natalia Krasnova.

Baby Food Jar Crafts

. The kid ate the puree with pleasure, smearing its contents on all surfaces. And the jar was carefully washed out and sent to the shelf to its fellows. What to do with her?

There are a lot of ideas for using glass baby food jars. Website "Mom can do anything!" collected the most interesting of them.

  1. Needle beds. From glass jars it is easy to make such cute pincushions that can fit buttons and other small handicraft things.
  2. Fairy houses. If you are fond of modeling, then you should try to make such a delightful house for fairies.
  3. Aquarium. A jar is a small aquarium for a toy fish. Pour soil inside, install algae - the craft is ready. You can also mold plasticine fish together with your child and place them in a jar.
  4. Terrarium. Plant moss and other small, low-maintenance plants inside.
  5. Decorations for the holiday. Decorate the jars with glitter, make holes in the lids and install decorative elements, letters and numbers. A very original decoration is ready.
  6. Bird feeder. Few people realize that such delicious drinkers and bird feeders are obtained from an ordinary baby food can. In the sun, they will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow and delight the eye.
  7. Storage for small items. From cans, not only beautiful things are obtained, but also very practical. Screw the lids to a wooden surface and you will get very convenient containers for storing small things.
  8. Candlesticks for the garden. Buy a lot of small candles, put each one in its own jar and hang them by ropes on tree branches. A beautiful setting for a romantic evening is ready.
  9. Pot for growing onions. Green onions are a storehouse of nutrients that are so lacking in the cold season. Growing such an onion is not difficult. Pour water into the jar, put the bulb on top, in a few days we will get the first shoots.
  10. Seedling pots. It is convenient to plant parsley, dill and other herbs in small jars.
  11. Crafts from baby food jars. Such beautiful flowers in pots are easy to make yourself with your children. We circle the palm on a green sheet of cardboard, cut it out, gluing a flower on each finger. We put it in a pot-jar - a beautiful craft is ready. Such flowers will be a great gift for mom or grandmother by March 8th.
  12. Storage containers. In puree jars it is very convenient to store buttons, beads, beads.
  13. Pencil holders.
  14. Night lamps.

    Learn more