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Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food

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  • Brand: Ella's Kitchen
  • Kosher: OU
  • Weight: 1.30 lbs
  • SKU: EK00013
  • Availability: Out of stock

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Ella's Kitchen Organic Apples and Banana baby food, is a super smooth baby food specially designed to introduce your baby (infants 4 months and up in the first stage of eating) to the new and exciting flavors of solid food in a tasty and healthy manner. Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food is made of all natural,100% organic apple and banana puree with nothing added but a splash of lemon juice. This means there's no artificial fillers or flavors, no added sugar and that it's both wheat-free and lactose-free! Ella's kitchen baby foods is completely gluten free and made using only simple ingredients that you would find in your own home so you can be sure that you are giving your baby a great tasting meal which contains all the essential goodness needed for healthy growth and development.
This organic baby food comes in a convenient, resealable pouch that's easy to store and ideal for on the go baby meals.

Serving Suggestion: Serve squeezed into a bowl or straight into a spoon. Older babies may enjoy slurping straight from the pouch.

Cautions: The cap could be a choking hazard to children under 36 months.This pouch is NOT suitable for microwave heating.

  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Organic

Organic Bananas 61%, Organic Apples 39%, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate (a dash), other stuff 0%.

Nutritional Facts

Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food - Apple & Banana, 3.5 Oz (6 Pouches)


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Organic food Baby food Juice Ella Kitchen, milk packaging, png

Organic food Baby food Juice Ella Kitchen, milk packaging, png

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  • Milk & Dairy Products Dairy Food Food, milk, food, cheese, beyaz Peynir png 500x500px 185.04KB
  • Milk Raw Dairy Products Food, milk, food, breakfast, cheese png 2048x2171px 2.42MB

The dairy kitchen has been modernized: now it will be more convenient and easier to get baby food



4 min. to read

The dairy kitchen has been modernized: now it will become more convenient and easier to get baby food

Irina Ivanova

infant formula, fresh curds and kefir allocated to my newly born daughter. And when the second one was born, failure to appear on time at the dairy kitchen became a common thing.

Add to this the red tape with the design, which there was always no time to deal with, and sometimes reluctance. And imagine a picture: you ask your husband to call for milk, he does it before work, but they don’t give him. Because they did not submit documents on time, last month they did not extend the issuance, or they came on the wrong day, because tired young parents lost their schedule.

With the birth of the third, we began to simply score in the dairy kitchen. Well, the truth is, the algorithm of actions required in order to get several packages of mixture, milk and cottage cheese was not only impossible, but too multi-staged: there was so much to keep in mind and do on time ...

Submit a paper application with a whole package of documents: passport, policy, birth certificate. Then, monthly, receive conclusions with a seal from your district doctor for issuance and take it to the dairy kitchen yourself. Yes, the dairy kitchen is very close to the clinic, but it works only in the morning. And you need to somehow guess the time so that the doctor's working hours coincide with the working hours of the kitchen. Sometimes our doctor went to meet us and extended the milk herself (if she didn’t forget, like me).

And when we moved to my mother-in-law's apartment during the renovation, it turned out that it was impossible to change the pick-up point to a more convenient one without visiting the local doctor. And I didn’t really want to drag myself through the whole city for the sake of signing and printing on a piece of paper.

But now the general Moscow digitalization has reached the dairy kitchen. And although my children have grown up a long time ago, at least I will be happy for other young mothers who now do not need to do everything manually and adjust their already busy schedule of life with a baby, or even with more than one, to the schedule of the distribution point.

How the application and paperwork have changed

The process of ordering meals has become more convenient. Now you can apply and order meals without leaving your home. Everything is done through an electronic service - two online services on the mos.ru portal: one for submitting an application (you only need to use it for the first time) and the second for ordering meals.

All you have to do is fill in the interactive forms on the portal. As the filling progresses, hints pop up on the screen. With them, filling out the form is more understandable.

In electronic form, you can choose a milk distribution point where it is most convenient to pick up a grocery set, the frequency of receiving products (one-time and weekly, as well as twice a month).

Families with two or more children can create a convenient schedule so that everyone gets food on the same day and at the same time. The system will offer the same date with the possibility of adjusting it.

And since recently, you can order food on mos.ru not only under a permanent CHI policy, but also under a temporary one. That is, parents do not have to wait for a permanent policy to receive the service - it will be available immediately after the birth of the baby.

If you are not at home, you only need to get a doctor's opinion. For pregnant women - in the antenatal clinic, for children - in the children's clinic. But only once, then no seals and signatures of the doctor will be required, and you no longer need to go every month to renew the receipt. And if you have already visited a doctor and confirmed the preferential category, then the meal ordering service will become available to you automatically.

A very recent change is the ability to change your milk schedule just a few days before your dairy visit date.

According to Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor for Social Development, the process of managing the schedule for receiving groceries has been greatly simplified, making it more flexible and variable. “Now it can be changed just a few days before the date of visiting the point. Previously, this could only be done until the month in which the product was scheduled to be received arrived. There are also more options for choosing how often to get meals. Now you can pick up food at will once every two weeks. Previously, parents could only come for them once a month or once a week. Thanks to these changes, it will become even more convenient to receive products at dairy distribution points,” the Vice Mayor said.

Plus overhaul

The complex program of modernization and improvement of the work of the dairy kitchen includes the renovation of dairy kitchens according to a single standard and their overhaul. According to the plan, now dairy kitchens should become modern, recognizable and comfortable for visitors and employees. At pick-up points, entrance groups and interiors will be decorated in the same way. Inside, a distribution hall and a separate storage room will be equipped; comfortable ergonomic furniture will be installed in the halls.

And most importantly, for the convenience of parents: now there will be ramps and a special place where strollers can be left.

Learn more