Feeding chair for baby nursery

Why a Rocking Chair is a Nursery Must-Have

Why you should use a rocking chair in the nursery

By NewFolks

Adding a rocking chair to your nursery has functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, a rocking chair can help you put your baby to sleep and it offers you a comfortable space to nap alongside them. Aesthetically, it adds to the room’s decor.


  • 1. Feed your baby with lots of comfort and back support
  • 2. Rock your baby to sleep without having to strain yourself
  • 3. Designate a comfortable space for you to sit and relax
  • 4. Enjoy reading and playtime while rocking and bonding with your baby
  • 5. Complete your nursery room look

Besides diapers, a changing table, a crib, baby clothes, and more, a rocking chair for the nursery is a must-have on your wish list. If you’re considering a stationary armchair, rather than a rocking chair, first take a look at these top five reasons a rocking chair is essential for your nursery room.

1. Feed your baby with lots of comfort and back support

Infants eat frequently at all hours of the day. When you’re giving your baby nourishing milk, you’ll want a supportive chair where you can rest your arms and legs, so you can focus on your baby’s comfort. This is especially helpful for middle-of-the-night feedings when your child isn’t quite on a predictable sleeping schedule just yet. Do you need a rocking chair for nursing? Maybe not, but it definitely helps the process.

Whether you’re bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, you might find sitting on a bed or a regular chair strains your back. A rocking chair is more gentle on your body, so you can feel your best when taking care of your child.

A wide rocking chair with cushioned arms is ideal for feeding. The upholstered cushions provide desired comfort, and the plush rolled arms offer your limbs relief from holding your baby’s weight. Many of these chairs feature linen and polyester, which is easy to clean.

2. Rock your baby to sleep without having to strain yourself

Babies love the feeling of being rocked and swayed. Repetitive motions are soothing for them, which is why a rocking chair for your nursery is great to have. If your baby is teething or is experiencing a fussy stage, a rocking chair is an ideal temporary solution. We realize that rocking your baby to sleep every single night isn’t feasible, but a rocking chair may be your only lifeline during bouts of fussiness.

Rock your baby to sleep and squeeze in some personal rest time, so you can save your energy for the rest of the day. A rocking chair for your nursery is also ideal for that crucial skin-to-skin time during the infant stage. A comfortable reclining and rocking motion soothes you and your baby to give you quality time together.

For a highly specialized rocking chair, consider a rocking chair with an attached bassinet. You can complete your own tasks from your chair while your baby naps next to you. Once your child has outgrown the bassinet, you can detach it and create a regular rocking chair.

3. Designate a comfortable space for you to sit and relax

If you’re getting your little one used to sleeping in their own bed in the nursery, a rocking chair next to them may be the comfort they need. Whether you’re rubbing their chest while they slowly fall asleep, humming a gentle lullaby, or simply assuring them that you’re still there, a rocking chair lets you stay close in comfort.

Let’s face it — some nights you’ll sleep in the nursery room during transitional or developmental stages. If you’re staying in the nursery while baby naps, a rocking chair for the nursery also gives you space to sit and enjoy your much-needed free time. Crack open your favorite novel, sip on a cup of herbal tea, or catch up on your social media feeds while lounging on a plush rocking chair. Remember: You deserve your rest, too!


Enjoy reading and playtime while rocking and bonding with your baby

You can spend quality time with your baby on a cozy rocking chair. Reading to your baby is a great way to teach them language, human emotion, and social interaction. Furthermore, if they’re hesitant to do tummy time on their own on a bed or their crib, you can let them practice on your chest while they’re still small. They might be more comfortable moving around when you’re holding them, and your soft skin is the perfect place for them to practice tummy time.

5. Complete your nursery room look

A rocking chair completes a nursery room. There’s something pleasant about a cushy rocking chair next to your baby’s crib. Drape a quilt over the back or place a colorful back pillow on it to add even more personality and make it more ergonomic. There are so many options for rocking chairs for the nursery, so you don’t have to settle for bulky or low-quality chairs.

A rocking chair is a nursery-room staple because they’re useful in so many ways. Feeding your baby comfortably, rocking them to sleep, reading them engaging books, or giving them quality skin-to-skin-time — you can do it all on a multipurpose rocking chair for the nursery. With endless styles available, you can confidently choose the right rocking chair to complete your nursery.

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I’m all for normalizing breastfeeding and whipping out my lovely milk makers whenever and wherever necessary but it’s soooo nice when businesses take the time to dedicate special areas for feeding!

Recently, I had the marvelous experience of breastfeeding my child in one of Baby Logic’s Nursing Rooms. The store has two rooms that are dedicated to parents for feeding and diaper changing (with extra diapers and wipes)!  I was excited to see how beautiful the rooms were but as soon as I sat down and prepared baby and myself for our feeding, I realized that this snack time was different than others…

I wasn’t just sitting on any ole’ chair, I was sitting on a little slice of heaven. The cushions seemed to mold around my body and were extra comfortable on my sensitive under carriage (yes, I was shopping one week post delivery). Then, as I positioned baby on my breast, I realized that the arm height was perfect and seemed to be made for feeding. Who knew a chair could make such a difference?!

Baby Logic also uses these rooms as dressing rooms for all their awesome maternity and nursing wear so, of course, there was a giant mirror next to my fabulous chair. I quickly noticed that I seemed to be sitting a little straighter and was making this “latch/let down/rock/lose yourself in baby’s sweet eating noises” thing look good! This hadn’t happened in my chair at home?! Was it the room? Did I just luck out with my first venture out of the house?

After we wrapped up snack time, I had to get the low-down on that chair! I learned that Baby Logic’s Best Chairs actually give you great posture while being super duper comfy. With plush padding and extra support for your lower lumbar region, they set you up in an incredible position for feeding. They are also low enough so your legs sit at ninety degrees allowing you to touch the ground so you can easily rock without slouching.

Did you know that new mamas spend an average of six hours per day feeding?! Holy crap, I was spending that much time each day trying to get comfy on the couch…

Beyond being incredibly supportive and comfortable, Baby Logic’s Best chairs come in any style and color you could ever imagine. They are super stylish and will easily transition from a feeding chair to a story chair/rockabye chair and then into my office or living room. They are 100% custom made – IN THE USA!

In all seriousness, my Best Chair from Baby Logic has been a total life saver! As you may already know *or will soon learn*, there are some baby products you will never use and then others that you will use ALL THE TIME! I’m begging you to please invest in a great chair! I’ve already clocked 50,000 rocks, 273 bed time stories, 14 sleepless nights, and too many cuddles to count….


A great chair goes a long in enhancing your posture while feeding, but, a nursing pillow will help you hit that postural home run. Watch our video below to learn more.

This blog was written by a guest blogger and edited by Rachel Rising.

Dr. Rachel Rising , D.C., C.P.S.T

Founder of Baby Logic. Mom Blogger. Child Passenger Safety Technician. Pediatric and Webster Pregnancy Certified Chiropractor. Mom of 3 Boys.

90,000 wooden, tracomer, Chicco, Peg-Perego, make yourself


  • Characteristics and principle of operation
  • Assortment of chairs
    • Wooden charm 9000
    • Wheel Plastic charm 9000
    • Children hanging
    • Travel highchair
    • Booster chairs
  • Selection criteria
    • Top
    • Czech for sitting
    • Folding mechanism
  • Overview of the best manufacturers of chairs for feeding
    • Children's chair for feeding Chicco
    • Children's charm for feeding Jetem Mag Sweet Babe Luxor Classic
    • Forest Lunes high chair
  • DIY high chair
  • Conclusion

A high chair is a must in a home with a baby older than 6 months. This item helps develop etiquette skills and allows the baby to quickly learn to eat on their own. In today's wide assortment, it can be difficult to decide on a purchase. Therefore, when choosing a highchair, it is worth considering many nuances that will allow you to purchase a really worthwhile thing.

Characteristics and function

The high chair is a special design that allows you to seat your baby at a common table at adult level. Often children's models are supplied with their own countertops, which allows the child to comfortably eat or play anywhere. Most of these designs are made of metal with plastic elements, but there are also wooden models.

So, the classic highchair is a seat on high legs. If we are talking about a wooden model, then there is no adjustment here. In the case of plastic products, we can say that their functionality is higher due to the presence of many adjustments, seat belts, a removable tabletop, backrest angle and other additions.

Due to the fact that the children's transformer can be turned into a full-fledged seat and table, the child can use it even at an older age for creative work and games.

Assortment of high chairs

Now in children's stores you can find a model of a high chair for feeding in various configurations and from different manufacturers. But how to choose the best chair in this situation? First you need to decide on the standard classification of the types of this furniture for feeding.

Wooden highchair

This is the standard model mentioned earlier. It is a seat with high legs, which can be substituted for a common table or left alone if it is equipped with a tabletop.

So, highchairs with a tabletop are very convenient to use anywhere, and if it is also removable, then this is additional comfort for both the baby and the mother. Kids from six months to three years will feel great in such a chair.

The advantages of this type of furniture for feeding are:

  • hypoallergenicity and absolute ecological purity of the material;
  • affordable cost;
  • the ability to fit into any room design.

However, such designs have significant disadvantages, among which are:

  • the possibility of rapid deterioration of glued fasteners;
  • difficulty in cleaning raw wood;
  • lack of seat height and backrest adjustment;
  • difficulties in transportation.

Plastic chair on wheels

These models of feeding seats are equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to move the product and put it in a convenient place. In such a seat, a child can eat even up to five years due to the versatility of the design.

This children's furniture is large in size, but due to the presence of a folding mechanism, it does not arise problems with storage and transportation. The vast majority of these highchairs are equipped with mechanisms for adjusting the backrest and seat height, which makes them as convenient as possible to use.

The plastic model is very easy to care for. As a rule, it is enough to just wipe it with a damp cloth. If necessary, the seat cover can be removed and washed.

Among the disadvantages are the possibility of plastic wheels to leave marks on the floor and the high cost of such furniture. Regarding the first minus, we can say that various models of highchairs are now being produced with both plastic and silicone wheels. This allows them to be used in rooms with any floor covering.

Baby high chair transformer

Transformers are called high chairs, which, if necessary, can be disassembled into two full-fledged items: a table and a chair. They are convenient to use when the child has grown up and no longer needs a high chair.

Advantages of this type of high chair:

  • versatility;
  • resistance to various types of damage and impact;
  • unique appearance;
  • low cost, if we talk about models of this type:

But such furniture takes up a lot of space, so it is not suitable for a small kitchen. In addition, there is no backrest and height adjustment in the transforming chairs. Also, such products are difficult to transport due to their massiveness and the impossibility of folding.


This furniture option for a child will be an excellent solution for those who have cramped conditions and cannot afford a more massive model. Such a chair is a seat attached to the edge of the table.

Important! You can use such a chair for feeding only from six months to one and a half years, until the weight of the child is so large.

This version of children's furniture is compact, saves space and is inexpensive. But its popularity is not so great due to the impossibility of attaching to some tables, the exclusion of use for active kids and the presence of weight restrictions. By the way, not every mother will decide to install such a structure and leave the baby in it for the duration of feeding.

Travel Highchair

Highchairs of this type are made entirely of fabric, making them easy to fold and easy to transport. Such a highchair is attached to any adult chair, has the ability to adjust for children of different weights and ages.

Important! It is not recommended to use such a chair as a permanent one, since it does not provide the required support for the back muscles, which is so important for a growing body.

Booster chairs

These models are very convenient if there is not much space in the kitchen for a full-fledged model. The booster is simply attached to an adult chair, but it differs from the road model in that it is made of plastic. The booster chair has its own frame, often supplemented with metal elements and equipped with a table top.

Selection Criteria

When choosing the right baby highchair, it is important for parents to take into account a number of those nuances that will help to get maximum comfort from use. Security

It is important to check the highchair for stability immediately. It is necessary that there was a jumper between the legs, and the wheels were equipped with a locking mechanism.

A useful addition is the seat height adjustment, which will allow you to leave the child in the chair without fear that he will fall. For the same purpose, seat belts are also necessary.

It is best to purchase models of highchairs for feeding with smooth outlines, without sharp corners. In addition, a footrest is needed so that the baby can lean on it. A jumper between the legs will not hurt to prevent the child from slipping.

Table top

It is best to buy baby feeding seats with removable tops. This will allow the child to sit at the common table. With the possibility of removal, the seat itself and the tabletop are easier to wash.

The worktop must be fitted with high rims to prevent the contents of the plates and mugs on it from spilling onto the floor.

Seat cover

As a rule, all children's high chairs are supplied with colorful soft covers. It is necessary to choose those that will not be made from ordinary fabric, but from leather or its substitute, so that dirt can be dealt with faster.

Backrest adjustment

This is an important aspect for those mothers who plan not only to feed their baby in the highchair, but also leave him there for independent play and even for relaxation. Most often, children's products of this type are equipped with several adjustment options that allow you to expand them almost to a horizontal position.

Folding mechanism

This addition to the highchair is necessary if parents plan to transport or store it assembled. So, having assembled the chair, it will be convenient to put it in a secluded corner, and if necessary, take it out again and disassemble it.

Important! The mechanism must be checked in the store for serviceability and speed of operation.

An overview of the best highchair manufacturers

As already mentioned, today there are many companies producing highchairs for children. Among the presented assortment, you can choose exactly the product that will suit you in terms of functionality, appearance and cost. We will present the most famous models of highchairs for feeding with a description of their features.

Peg perego highchair

This Italian manufacturer has long established itself as the best. They produce a wide variety of products for children and high chairs are no exception.

Important! Many models of Peg perego chairs can be used from birth due to the presence of a convenient backrest adjustment mechanism.

Consider, for example, the model Peg perego Tatamia, which is often bought both here and abroad. This multifunctional baby feeding transformer is designed for babies from birth to three years old. Initially, the design is used as a swing and a deck chair for the convenient location of the baby. After the introduction of complementary foods, the high chair is transformed into a full-fledged design for feeding.

The manufacturer thought about the safety of the baby and supplied the chair with five-point safety belts, a jumper between the legs, and a wheel stop mechanism. The tabletop has a special tray that can be easily removed and washed, even in the dishwasher. The child seat cover is also easy to remove dirt by wiping with a damp cloth.

The main disadvantages of this seemingly ideal chair are:

  • high cost;
  • small compactness when folded, which is inconvenient for storage and transportation;
  • no basket for toys;
  • the possibility of increased perspiration due to the specific design of the seat.

Chicco highchair

Polly 2 in 1 has been the most famous model of this manufacturer for almost 10 years. It attracts parents of babies with various designs and bright colors. This children's highchair Chikko is multifunctional, as it is equipped with a footrest and many options for adjusting the backrest.

What is interesting is the presence of 2 covers in the kit. One of them is put on the seat, the second on the headrest. They are made of practical oilcloth material, which makes it easy to remove any stains and dirt.

Due to the presence of a comfortable semi-lying position of the back and an anatomic insert, babies up to 6 months can be placed inside.

Main advantages:

  • wide range of designs;
  • the presence of a removable tray;
  • seat and back height adjustment;
  • compact when folded;
  • 5-point harness;
  • wide seat;
  • footrest with adjustable function;
  • maneuverability.

But users in their reviews also name the shortcomings of the chair of this model:

  • the possibility of cracks on the cover;
  • scrolling of the wheels when moving on the laminate;
  • the possibility of increased perspiration in a child due to a non-breathable cover;
  • inconvenience of straps in some moments.

Jetem Magic high chair

This design from a German manufacturer is a children's transformer, the main differences of which are an unusual appearance and bright colors. The use of such a highchair implies first using it as a feeding structure, and subsequently performing the functions of a desk for a preschool child.

This transforming chair has the ability to adjust the back in three positions, the presence of five-point seat belts and jumpers between the legs. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the presented model, as it is made of non-toxic materials.


  • ease of model transformation;
  • stability;
  • easy cleaning due to the possibility of removing the top and cover;
  • the ability to remove the limiter for the legs;
  • adjustable backrest and tabletop;
  • use as a table and chair separately.

The model of the Jetem Magic children's chair is massive, besides, the table is not fastened so tightly, and many people find the school desk uncomfortable during further use.

Sweet Babe Luxor Classic Highchair

This model from the Italian manufacturer can be used by parents for babies from birth, as it quickly transforms into a comfortable cradle with motion sickness function.

The construction receives the necessary stability due to the durable plastic used in the creation and the expanded base. The chair is equipped with five-point safety belts, a jumper installed between the legs, swivel wheels, an anatomic insert for a newborn, a removable tray that is easy to wash. The seat has a removable cover made of hypoallergenic artificial leather.

It should be noted right away that such a product is rather bulky and heavy even when folded, so it is better not to choose it if there is not enough free space at home.

Highchair Forest Lunes

This is a budget model that pleasantly surprises with its quality at a low cost. This chair will fit perfectly into any kitchen design. The product is made of plastic and metal and has a low weight, which is only 7 kg.


  • possibility of adjusting the backrest in three positions;
  • 5-point safety harness, which is equipped with water-repellent pads and is easy to operate and maintain;
  • case made of practical water-repellent material with cotton insert;
  • tray depth adjustment;
  • the ability to adjust the height in 6 positions;
  • lightness and compactness of addition;
  • basket for toys.

Users of this model note that during operation there are only minor drawbacks, such as the inconvenience of fixing the table top in the back of the chair and the need to fix all four wheels, otherwise the structure remains movable.

DIY baby high chair

Some craftsmen don't buy high chairs, but make them themselves. But in this process it is important to take into account the rules of ergonomics. First of all, you need to decide on the size, because for each age the dimensions of the chairs vary. So, in the presented table the necessary data are indicated.

For the manufacture of a highchair for feeding, natural wood, MDF or chipboard is used with a minimum number of metal fasteners or with their careful concealment to prevent injuries to the baby.

Before making the chair, all wooden parts are treated with bactericides and water repellents. In addition, the finished product is covered with a finishing layer - acrylic varnish with a water base.

For gluing the joints of parts, PVA glue is used, since this composition is the safest among all existing ones and is best suited for a highchair for safety purposes.

When making a baby seat for feeding, you need to have experience in carpentry, the necessary materials and tools. You will also need a detailed drawing. As a basis, you can use the following option:

If you approach such a responsible matter competently, you can save a lot on buying a highchair for feeding and create a truly amazing design that will last for more than one year.


The baby's highchair is one of the most demanding items. Now there are many different designs that differ in their functions and appearance, so parents can choose a high chair for their child according to their needs and desires, or even make it themselves.

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  • Decorative butterflies for wall decoration
  • Sports corner in the children's room
  • Modern student room design

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Highchairs for feeding

A highchair for children is as necessary for a child as a crib for sleeping or a stroller for walking.

As soon as the baby is about 6 months old and he begins to sit up by himself and receive the first complementary foods, the high chair becomes simply an indispensable thing for the baby and his mother, because it is not very convenient to hold the baby while feeding.

Also, a high chair can become an absolutely necessary piece of furniture even if the mother is left alone with the baby and she needs to free her hands for household chores. In this case, you can put the child in a chair, securely fix it with seat belts, which prevents the child from falling out of the chair, and cook or clean for a while.

Many highchairs can also be used for toddler play – the food tray is removed and a flat table top is left where toys or paper and pencils can be placed to entertain the little fidget. And transformers highchairs will generally serve you until preschool age, transforming into a desk.

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