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The Baby Mama/Baby Daddy McDonald’s Clip Is Peak E-Pettiness


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Source: Instagram | @emilycottontop

The internet is full of folks airing out their personal grievances and problems, and sometimes it can be cringe-inducing to watch. From passive-aggressive Facebook call-outs to clips of arguments and fights that take place in restaurants to e-tirades that expose personal dirty laundry that is so intimate we can't help but wince, you begin to wonder why folks are so willing to put themselves out there on the web, where nothing is ever deleted.

Many people feel that this Baby Mama/Baby Daddy McDonald's clip is one of those clips.

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In the clip, a woman can be heard cursing out her "baby daddy" for coming to drop off food for his child that he had with the woman. She has a total of four kids, but only one with the man, and he only brings food for the one that he fathered with her, not the others.

She's upset that he isn't bringing meals for the children who aren't his, and goes off on a video rant that she then uploaded to the internet.

"How come you can't feed my other kids f--king McDonald's, though?" she shouts in the video while she stands by a door recording an empty sidewalk.

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Source: Instagram | @emilycottontop

"You're not finna sit here and make my other kids feel left out, and you're only bringing one child something to f--king eat." When she sees him pull up to the door, she says, "Look there he go, and I bet you he only got one thing."

The video then shows a blue sedan pull up to the front of a building. "I'm finna expose the s--t out of him so people can see how he really is," the woman continues.

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A man emerges from the vehicle holding a McDonald's bag, and he immediately starts laughing asking what she has her phone out for and she says, "I'm fixing to expose you. "

"What?" the man says.

She then goes on to say that it doesn't look like he brought enough food for all of her kids. The man replies, "Lisa stop playing with me. Get this f--king food."

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Source: Instagram | @emilycottontop

She repeats that it doesn't look like it's enough food for all her kids, and he goes on to say that it's one burger and one order of fries, which is what his child likes. She then asks, "What about my other kids?"

To which he replies, "What about your other kids? They ain't my kids."

She says, "OK but them your kid's siblings."

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Source: Instagram | @emilycottontop

He then asks what she's talking about and what she's mad about as she continues to record him and scream at him. "Them my kids, them your kid's siblings, though," she repeats.

He then asks her, "You didn't feed them?"

"You know I don't get my food stamps till the seventh!" she says.

He then asks her, "Lisa, how the f--k is that my problem?"

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He goes on to tell her that they're her kids and that she decided to have them and that he's only responsible for providing for his child. She said that it makes his siblings feel bad that he has McDonald's and they don't, to which the man says she can put him in her room or bring him out to the car to eat with him.

Source: Instagram | @emilycottontop

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He then asks her if she expects him to bring food for her other kids if he brings food for his child, and when she says yes, he tells her that she "sounds f--king dumb."

The man asks where the other kids' fathers are, to which she replies that he knew what he was getting into when he had a baby with her. Exasperated, the man asks why she's recording the video at all.

When he hands her the food, she tosses the drink, throws the food on the floor, and says that if he's not going to bring food for all of her children, then his son doesn't get to eat McDonald's either. The man calmly stands there and asks why she did that.

Viewers who saw the video seemed to be mostly in support of the Baby Daddy.

But some thought that he could've either purchased a bag of frozen chicken nuggets and got some food all of the kids could enjoy or just ordered them a pizza.

What do you think?


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    eliz mcglaston, baby mama, baby daddy, mcdonald's, other three kids, other kids, lunch, bm, bd, video, tiktok, original, elizmcglaston, instagram


    No McDonald's For Your Baby Mama's Other Three Kids, also known as He Bought Food For His Child And Not Her Other Kids, is a viral video, axiom and viral debate that was inspired by a TikTok and Facebook video where a father only brought a McDonald's lunch for his own son and not the other three children of his baby mama (BM). The woman named Eliz McGlaston (@elizmcglaston) posted the video in mid-2022 but soon deleted it due to the backlash. Many creators posted skits about the situation, either taking the side of the father or the mother. Many creators also speculated that it was staged.


    In late June 2022, content creator Eliz McGlaston posted a video across multiple social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that documented the father and baby daddy of one of her children arriving with only one meal from McDonald's. The meal was for his child and he didn't bring any food for her three other children. The original videos across all platforms have since been deleted by McGlaston.

    On June 27th, 2022, the TikTok account officialbeeztoofunny reposted all four parts of McGlaston's video, with the "Part 1" video[1] earning roughly 7.7 million plays and 618,200 likes in four days (shown below, left). The "Part 2" video[2] received roughly 21. 7 million plays and 2.8 million likes (shown below, center). The "Part 3" video received roughly 3 million plays and 247,700 likes in the same amount of time (shown below, right).

    Reactions and Memes

    Also on June 27th, 2022, officialbeeztoofunny "Part 2" video[2] was reposted to Twitter[3] by the account FightHubb, where it received roughly 898,500 views and 13,600 likes in four days. Therefore, most of the reactions were concentrated on Twitter and TikTok as well as Facebook due to the virality of McGlaston's original video on the platform (since deleted).

    Memes were created from the argument like one posted on June 28th, 2022, by Twitter[4] user dagurlJT. It showed a father holding a laptop while three other kids are on laptops with the caption, "distracting my BM other kids while my son eats his McDonald's." Over the course of three days, the tweet received roughly 145,300 likes (shown below).

    Skit videos were posted on TikTok that either used the audio or imagined the scenario from multiple comedic angles. For instance, on June 30th, 2022, TikToker[5] cantmakethisup1 posted a "POV: your his son" video that earned roughly 110,800 plays and 25,200 likes in one day (shown below, left). On June 30th, 2022, TikToker[6] asscarlaris23 posted a video, wherein, he's pretending to give his son "a whole Apple ecosystem" in front of his BM's other kids. In one day, the video received roughly 7.7 million plays and 1.6 million likes (shown below, right).


    Eliz McGlaston Response Video

    On June 30th, 2022, Eliz McGlaston posted a response video that addressed the backlash and discussion. When uploaded to TikTok,[7] it received roughly 2 million plays and 124,500 likes in one day (shown below, left). Within it, she gave her defense. Her main point was that the baby daddy used to date her when she had all four kids and would buy food for them all then. After the breakup, he was coming to bring food only to his child as a way to spite her. Additionally, McGlaston posted the video to Facebook[8] on June 30th where it earned roughly 135,000 views in one day.

    After she posted the video, TikTokers started to use screen-recordings and screenshots of it in their skits going forward. For instance, on June 30th, 2022, TikToker[9] thanoz5.0 posted a long-form skit, wherein, he used a screenshot from McGlaston's response video. The TikTok received roughly 191,300 plays and 24,000 likes in one day (shown below, right).

    Hoax, Skit and Publicity Stunt Accusations

    Many Facebook[11][12] users started to speculate that the video was likely staged due to McGlaston's history and mass following as a content creator across platforms. For instance, as of July 2022, she has over 195,000 followers on TikTok.[10]

    Various Examples

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    Baby bento - Japanese creative food for kids

    Children's bento - creative food for children in Japanese

    Back in August, I came across a post in mayonnaise-nah Eat baby, mom tried. I saw this community a couple of times and each time I was unpleasantly surprised by the shamelessness of the people who write there. So here, attempts at creativity with children's food were smashed to smithereens. At such moments, I want to ask: "Are you sure that you yourself would have done better?" I wouldn't speak for myself :)

    But this is all a saying. The tale is that all these photos reminded me of Japanese baby food. Often, when a child goes to the garden, for example, he needs to give a box of lunch with him. There are kindergartens where the child only needs to be given rice from home. In some gardens, you don’t need anything with you at all. But more often than not, mom still has to cook baby food. And this creativity strikes me to the core. Just putting rice, scrambled eggs, sausages, vegetables in a box is somehow wrong. The child needs to make everything beautiful and appetizing. For some, this process is a real pleasure, and someone has to do it because if your child brought an ordinary box with ordinary food, and the rest of the children have everything decorated in the latest fashion, then your child will be a black sheep in the company. And being a black sheep in Japan is even less pleasant than anywhere else.

    So I laugh nervously when I think that at the age of three we will have to send Anya to a Japanese garden. And don’t bring Buddha, it will be one where the child needs to give not only rice with him. Because so far my artistic abilities hardly allow me to do something aesthetically pleasing by Japanese standards.

    I copied pictures from Japanese blogs. And these are not some professional blogs, but ordinary blogs run by simple Japanese women, mothers of small children.

    http://aichigo.cblog2. com/blog-category-5.html

    http://nonbirimuku.blog113. entry-136.html html?m=lc&p=3

    Sometimes I think it's still not so hopeless in my case. Of course, many Japanese have been good at drawing since childhood. It's probably something genetic. Russians have always been strong in technical subjects, and among the Japanese there are many humanitarians who draw well. And although I will never be close even to the average Japanese level, but at least there are many beautiful examples around of what such a children's food can look like.

    There are dozens of books in books that help to master the creative process of preparing such food. Some of them only give recipes. In others, they explain step by step the intricacies of making decorative elements. In order not to cut out everything with their own hands, various stencils and molds for squeezing and cutting out are produced to help mothers. In supermarkets, you can find shelves with such goods and other decorative (inedible) items for decoration.

    There is even food already with a "picture".

    Sometimes molds and stencils come with the book.

    You can look into one such book that was released based on the blog of a young mother.

    Mom is on your side, baby

    Natalia Pokrovskaya


    We are all a little bit children. And even the strongest, unshakable, stubborn and independent sometimes want unconditional love in all respects. Mother's Day, which is celebrated on the last Sunday of November, is just about this.

    Once, after reprimanding her son for writing about his bad behavior in his diary, she called her mother: she was playing around, they say, she didn’t obey . .. She groaned, sympathized, of course, and then asked: “Now you have found solace with me, and who will your son complain to? » I then hung, not knowing what to answer.

    Well, it's true! If I, without particularly understanding, ran over, then where can he look for support? It seems to be a simple replica, but it became a lesson for me on the topic “How to be a mother”. By the way, I also often complained about my husband. Mom listened, nodded, agreed with my claims, but would certainly add: “You have a good one.” If it were otherwise, I would never have said such a thing, I know for sure. She has always been there for me. Unconditionally. We have already lived a quarter of a century with my husband, and when we quarrel, I remember what she said - “good”. And, as before, there is nothing to add. To love, forgive, understand and believe, too, my mother taught me.

    There is a special, maternal wisdom: for the time being, to cover the child with a wing from any troubles, and in time to be able to let go, no matter how the heart hurts. At the same time, you still need to be around, but without need not interfere in the life of a fledgling child. I know from my own experience that it is sometimes very unbearable, difficult. While the children were small, she was constantly worried and gnawed at herself: she was late at work, which means she didn’t give the boys something - attention, care, affection. How to break? They need to be fed, watered and clothed. She was torn, like any normal mother. Bad for the child - everything else is on the side.

    Photo: Pixabay

    But the complexes that my sons had little of me are still with me. They both grew up into healthy, self-sufficient men. Do you think anything has changed? Where there! Only now I have to slow myself down so that there are not too many mothers in their adult life.

    No, no, yes, and I think: how did my mother manage to do this? And I remember: I didn’t climb, I never interfered, no matter how wild, stupid decisions I made, advice from her came only on demand.

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