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Dos and Don'ts for Baby's First Foods

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Breastfeeding has been shown to improve infant, child and maternal health outcomes and help control healthcare costs, but how long should breastfeeding last and when should parents introduce solid foods?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend exclusive breastfeeding, meaning the infant receives only breast milk, during the first six months of life for optimal nutrition and health benefits.

Once solid foods are introduced, health professionals recommend continuing breastfeeding through 12 months of age and, after that, as desired by mother and baby. Introducing your baby to solid foods is an exciting milestone. When you start introducing children to the world of solid foods, you are helping them shape their relationship with food and establish a healthy eating style. The timing for introducing solid foods will depend on the infant, but it is not recommended before the age of four months or after the age of six months.

Not sure how to get your baby started on solid foods? Consider these helpful tips.

Is Your Baby Ready to Transition?

Each child's readiness for solid food depends on their own rate of development. Signs a baby may be ready to start solid foods include sitting up with minimal support, demonstrating good head control, bringing objects to the mouth or grasping at small objects. Check with your pediatrician before starting solid foods.

Getting Started With Solids

Solid foods may be introduced in any order. However, puréed meats, poultry, beans and iron-fortified cereals are recommended as first foods, especially if your baby has been primarily breastfed, since they provide key nutrients. Only one new single-ingredient food should be introduced at a time.

Softer textures are very important when first introducing foods. Infants usually start with pureed or mashed foods around six months. As infants develop chewing and motor skills, they are able to handle items like soft pieces of fruit and finger foods. As the child ages, a variety of healthful foods is encouraged.

Weaning From Breastfeeding

When deciding if you should wean your baby to a bottle or a cup, consider their developmental readiness. Between 7 and 8 months, most infants will drink small amounts of liquid from a cup or a glass when someone else holds it. Older babies and toddlers often have the coordination to drink fluids from a cup by themselves.

If your baby is under 12 months of age and you are not continuing to breastfeed, wean from breast milk to iron-fortified infant formula. If your baby is 12 months or older, whole cow’s milk is appropriate.

Food Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Food safety concerns for infants and toddlers include food allergies, choking and risks for foodborne illness. Keep the following safety tips in mind:

Do talk with your pediatrician about the risk of food allergies. Introducing one new food at a time, every several days, allows time to monitor for allergic reactions. Current evidence does not indicate needing to wait beyond 4 to 6 months before introducing potential allergy-causing foods such as eggs, dairy, soy, peanuts and fish. In fact, introducing peanut-containing foods as early as 4 to 6 months of age may help prevent a peanut allergy. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends introducing potentially allergenic foods when other complementary foods are introduced to an infant’s diet. Parents with concerns about food allergies should discuss how to include these foods with their pediatrician.

Don’t feed your baby solid foods from a bottle. It can be a choking hazard and despite a popular misconception, putting cereal in a baby's bottle won't help with sleeping through the night. Other foods that are considered to be choking hazards are listed below.

Do supervise your child while eating. Infants should be able to sit upright and face forward when you first introduce solid foods. This makes swallowing easier and choking less likely.

Don’t feed directly from the jar of food but instead spoon some food into a separate dish first. Feeding directly from the jar may introduce bacteria from your baby's mouth to the spoon and back into the food, creating a food safety issue.

Don’t feed honey to children under 12 months of age due to the risk of foodborne illness.

Examples of appropriate solid foods listed by age:

6 months:

  • Well-cooked and pureed meat, poultry or beans
  • Ground, cooked, single-grain cereal or infant cereal with breast milk or formula
  • Cooked and pureed vegetables
  • Mashed banana or avocado

9 months:

  • Well-cooked, minced or finely chopped meat, poultry or beans
  • A variety of cooked vegetables cut into small, ½ inch pieces, such as squash and green beans
  • Sliced and quartered bananas or small pieces of other soft fruits

12 months:

  • Soft, shredded meat, poultry or fish
  • Small pieces of cooked vegetables
  • Small pieces of soft, easy to chew fruits
  • Mixed food dishes the family is eating in appropriately sized pieces

Not recommended for those under 4 years of age due to the risk of choking:

  • Popcorn and whole kernel corn
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Large chunks of meat, poultry and cheese
  • Candy, gum drops and jelly beans
  • Hard, raw fruits or vegetables such as apples, celery and carrots
  • Whole grapes and cherry tomatoes, unless cut into quarters
  • Hot dogs, unless cut into strips and age appropriate, bite-size pieces
  • Sticky foods, such as peanut butter, which can get stuck in the back of the mouth – peanut butter is okay if spread thinly on bread

For toddlers and preschoolers, chop grapes, meat, poultry, hot dogs and raw vegetables and fruits into small pieces (about ½ inch or smaller).

Nurturing Healthy Relationships with Food

Establishing a positive feeding relationship during infancy can have lifetime benefits. Keep in mind that children are responsible for how much and whether they eat so always wait for your baby to pay attention to each spoonful before you feed them. Don't be afraid to let your baby touch the food in the dish and on the spoon. You wouldn't want to eat something if you didn't know anything about it, would you? In addition, know the cues that your baby is done eating. A common cue babies are full is head turning.

Whatever happens, don't get discouraged and enjoy the experience. With a little patience and creativity, you can make your baby's first solid food eating experience fun for everyone involved!

10 Best Foods for Babies

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1. Breastmilk - is the natural and perfect first food for your baby. It has the correct proportions and amounts of calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals to meet the baby needs for the first six months of life.

2. Cereals- lugaw is the first semi-solid food given to the baby. After 8 months, move to thicker lugaw to soft cooked rice. By ten months, your baby may share the family rice. Make lugaw a delicious food for your baby by adding breastmilk or formula. Eggyolk and dilis powder may be also added to lugaw.

3. Rootcrops like kamote and potato - serve this energy and fiber rich foods to your baby. Mash it and enrich with milk.

4. Fruits like mango, papaya, banana (especially ripe latundan at first) provide a variety of nutrients for good health. Mango and papaya are good sources of vitamin C which your baby needs to keep gums healthy, prevent easy bruising, and help the body fight infection.

5. Yellow vegetables like carrots and squash - are rich sources of beta-carotene for your baby's clear eyesight, smooth and healthy skin, glossy hair, good growth, and resistance to infections. Green leafy vegetables like kamote tops, kangkong, petsay, and malunggay are common sources of b-carotene. These foods also contain minerals like iron for healthy blood and calcium for strong bone and teeth, and fiber.

6. Egg - is packed with protein, which builds and repairs muscles, and vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. One-half cooked eggyolk is usually given when your baby is seven months old. Because of allergy-producing qualities of eggwhite you should wait to give it to your baby when he/she is 11 months old.

7. Legumes/beans - are relatively cheap sources of protein and are good sources of B-complex vitamins and iron. Prepare mashed beans for your 10-11 month-old baby e.g. when you are serving munggo gisado to your family. Set aside a small amount of unseasoned munggo, mash it and enrich it with milk.

8. Meat/Fish/Poultry - an excellent source of protein for growth and repair of body tissues, highly absorbable iron for healthy blood, as well as vitamins and other minerals, such as zinc for immunity. At six months, introduce foods with a "chewier" texture like minced or finely chopped meat, fish, and poultry.

9. Other Foods like custards, simple puddings, plain gulaman or jello for extra fiber. Biskotso, biscuits or any crisp toast is also good when your baby starts teething.

10. Water and beverages - Your baby can begin learning to drink from a cup around six to seven months, water and juice are acceptable choices. Put an ounce of water or 3-4 ounces of natural or fortified juice in the cup. Feeding juice in bottles or putting your baby to bed with bottles can contribute to early childhood tooth decay. Fruit juice should be served as part of a meal or snack, not "sipped" throughout the day. Your baby does not digest juice well and may have diarrhea from drinking too much of it.

Fats and oils may be incorporated to the prepared diet by adding them to the rice gruel or mashed vegetables or serve in either sautéed or fried dishes for your baby after six months of age. By 12 months, your child can already eat the family diet. Soft foods and processed foods fortified with vitamins and minerals are appropriate.

For more information on food and nutrition, you may write or call: The Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Gen. Santos Avenue, Bicutan, Tagig, Metro Manila, Tel./Fax: 8372934, 8373164; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; FNRI-DOST website: http// This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Breastfeeding saves children's lives in the Philippines

UN agencies highlight need to support breastfeeding mothers in affected areas

WHO and UNICEF joint news release

November 28, 2013 | Manila, Flippins - UNICEF and WHO today called on all those involved in the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) to support and promote breastfeeding to avoid preventable illnesses and deaths in children.

Exclusive breastfeeding is vital in the first 6 months

Some 12,000 babies expected to be born in the hardest-hit areas this month need to be exclusively breastfed. This means that they should not receive any nutrition other than breast milk, which protects them from potentially fatal infections. Approximately one third of pre-disaster infants in these areas are already exclusively breastfed by the age of six months, and nine out of ten were at least partially breastfed prior to the emergency. Mothers who have breastfed at least some of the time need support to transition to exclusive breastfeeding.

“The uncontrolled distribution and use of infant formula during emergencies of this kind, which are accompanied by serious problems in the field of water supply and sanitation, as well as the risk of other diseases, is extremely dangerous. Supporting breastfeeding is one of the most important things we can do to protect infants in the Philippines in areas hardest hit by the typhoon,” said Dr Julie Hall, WHO Representative in the Philippines.

"Supporting breastfeeding is one of the most important things we can do to protect infants in the Philippines in areas hardest hit by the typhoon."

Dr Julie Hall
WHO Representative in the Philippines

UNICEF and WHO prioritize the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding as a life-saving intervention for infants in all settings, and especially in emergencies.

“With the right support from a health worker, counselor, or other mother, a woman who is already partially breastfeeding her baby can increase her milk production for several days if she breastfeeds her baby more often,” said Tomoo Hozumi, UNICEF Representative in the Philippines.

Newborns are most vulnerable to infections

In emergencies, morbidity and mortality rates among infants and older children are higher than in other age groups. The younger the baby, the higher the risk, making babies under six months of age the most vulnerable. Infants who receive formulas made from water contaminated with infectious agents or contained in non-sterile bottles or teats may develop severe diarrhea and die within hours.

Infant formula feeding in emergencies should only be considered as a last resort after other safer means have been exhausted, such as assisting non-breastfeeding mothers to resume breastfeeding, using a wet nurse or pasteurized breast milk from breast milk stores.

Only a relatively small number of children under six months of age affected by this disaster - some 6,600 - are not breastfed at all. These children need to be identified as soon as possible, their feeding situation assessed and provided with qualified care and the safest feeding opportunities.

UNICEF and WHO are urging everyone involved in financing, planning and implementing emergency response in the Philippines to protect, encourage and support breastfeeding to avoid preventable illnesses and deaths in children. Members of the public should monitor and report all voluntary donations that may adversely affect the use of breastfeeding.

For more information contact:

Liv Lawe-Davies
Liaison Officer
WHO, Manila
Tel: +63 915 896 6345
Email Email: [email protected]

Gregory Härtl
Coordinator, News and Social Media
WHO, Geneva
Tel: +41 79 203 6715
Email Email: [email protected]

Zafrin Chowdhury
UNICEF, Tacloban
Tel: + 63 917 867 8366
Email Email: [email protected]

Kate Donovan
UNICEF, Tacloban
Tel: + 1 212 303 7984,
Mobile: + 1 917 3781 2128
Email Email: [email protected]

Denise Shepherd-Johnson
UNICEF, Manila
Tel: + 63 917 464 7028
Email E-mail: [email protected]



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    The Philippines are 7000 small islands washed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. A pleasant and mild climate, amazingly beautiful nature, mysterious healers-healers and the possibility of romantic adventures attract tourists here throughout the year.

    The ocean coast of the Philippines is endless sandy beaches, crystal clear water, underwater coral gardens, the richest marine fauna. This is one of the few places on earth where you realize that the magic word `exotic` has not yet lost its original meaning.

    Climate -
    Tropical - rainy summers and dry winters, peak heat - March-April. In August, the rains come, and with them typhoons happen.
    March to May - hot and dry, June to October - rainy season, November to March - high season, dry and warm. The average temperature is 25-32 degrees.

    Photos Philippines0097 For CIS citizens - visa entry.

    This is a state in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, lying on the Philippine Islands, which are part of the Malay Archipelago. The Philippines is located on more than 7,100 islands, of which only 460 are larger than 2.5 square kilometers. km.

    220V. In some hotels and on about. Cebu - 110V.
    Filipinos - 90%, Chinese, Americans, Spaniards, Visayans, Ilocans, Moros.

    Nature and animals
    The largest islands are covered with mountains with 30 active volcanoes. The Philippine rainforests are home to bamboo, orchids and a wide variety of tree species. About half of the population of the Philippines is engaged in agriculture and grows rice, sugarcane, pineapples, bananas and coconuts.
    Catholics - 84%, Protestants - 10%, Muslims - 4%.
    Customs regulations
    Airport tax when leaving the country - 250 Pesos.
    There is a rail line from Manila to Naga in southern Luzon, buses are the main overland alternative. There are many transports and ships operating between the islands. Car rental is also available. Local transport includes jeepneys (originally restored jeeps), taxis, PU-CABS (small taxis), tricycles (motorcycles with sidecars) and rickshaws.
    It is customary to give 10% of the total order
    Time zone
    The two official languages ​​are Pilipino and English. And one unofficial, ubiquitous - the language of gestures and smiles

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    Lovely hotel, great weather. Liked the children's pools for all ages. Traveled with children aged 3 and 11. There are many sports activities for adults. One of the most memorable trips)

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    Good afternoon! About the hotel: 1) we drove 2 hours from the airport (we stopped at two hotels) 2) the hotel stands right on the road and across the road Mosque, where prayers are held early in the morning. 3) our room was very comfortable, spacious. Two rooms. The room is completely renovated (but the walls are already cracked in places). We lived in the main building, sea view. 4) there are 2 elevators in the main building, which broke down all the time and we climbed the stairs (well, we don’t have small children with a stroller, but it was very difficult for others). 5) food is normal. Average. There is a children's corner in the dining room (well, such a purely symbolic one), the food is cold and tasteless (cutlets into which a fork is not stuck). Children are fed from the common table. In general, there are no problems with food. There are no queues as people serve their own food. Disposable gloves are handed out upon entry. 6) 80% of the guests in the hotel are citizens of Ukraine (the feeling that you are on the beach of Odessa), 15% of Russia, 5% of Kazakhstan. 7) The hotel staff (with the exception of children's animation) is poorly trained, it is not enough and they speak only Turkish. 8) The beach is clean, there was enough space for everyone. The entrance to the sea is immediately deep! The sea is clean. 9) Adult animation is unobtrusive, it seems to be there, but it seems to be not. Several times a week, artists of various genres come and perform in the amphitheater. It was interesting . 10) the best thing about this hotel is children's animation with a kids club. Girls from Ukraine and Kazakhstan work there. They work conscientiously. They sculpt, draw, play, paint face painting, in general, children are interested there. My child enjoyed walking. In general, the feeling that the hotel is just getting started. I hope that soon they will train the staff, stop saving on everything and start working as they should. We went on vacation with a positive mood, spent a lot of time at sea. Rested well) Thank you for organizing!!!

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    The hotel is impeccable - room, service, food. The room even has a good desk. I took my computer with me to work and it was very convenient. Wifi is excellent. The beach is "far" from the sea - 10-15 meters. The impression that we are alone in the hotel. But once they counted 6 people on the beach and were very surprised. The sea is gorgeous, the views are fantastic. We collected a whole collection of photos of sunsets and sunrises. I have previously vacationed in Phuket and Bali. I liked it everywhere, but the Maldives is really a real paradise! I even shed a tear when they flew away. We decided to come back next time.”

    The city is very interesting and beautiful. All popular tourist spots are open! Shopping centers, markets in Istanbul - work. For our tourists, the tour included two excursions and a walk along the Bosphorus, everything went well. Istanbul is an interesting ancient city, the weather is now good for walking and entertainment, the prices are great, great shopping!

    Everything is great in the hotel! Good budget hotel for kids. Many different children's areas, a wonderful zoo. In connection with the virus, changes are only in the restaurant, but they do not cause much discomfort, there are no special queues.

    Anna, good afternoon! Yesterday I wanted to write, but the Internet only works in the lobby, I didn’t have time. We are great! We like everything! The hotel is big, the territory is huge. The sea, the sun, a lot of pools, in general, everything is super. food is also good, we are not picky. Dasha eats only spaghetti, potatoes and rice, and I eat fish and vegetables, so everything suits us. Thank you! We are satisfied!

    Andrey, good afternoon! Settled down great. The hotel is super. 2-room suite on the 1st floor at a good distance from the noise))) I threw off the pictures of the room so that your customers have an idea. The furniture is in good condition, not shabby. It can be safely recommended. All living creatures walk on the lawns. The food is excellent, the beach is good.)))

    Recently we organized a team building for our corporate clients and they are very satisfied, they expressed their emotions and gratitude by phone. Indeed, you can have fun competing within your department or arrange a duel between accountants and salespeople! This is an unusual and cool way to celebrate any holiday, get an unforgettable experience with family and friends, arranging a real regatta, competing in small teams - who will come to the finish line faster.

    We had a good rest, the weather is gorgeous, the sea is warm! Good standard hotel. We took a safari tour from TUI, it's very cool, it's just unforgettable! We also went to the Burj Khalifa, looked at the fountains, walked there, everything is very beautiful!

    Good afternoon! And of course a good day, because in such a hotel it cannot be different. ?? The hotel is wonderful! Even my fussy son said that the cuisine, perhaps, is not inferior to foreign hotels. ?? The transfer was transferred normally, they were more frightened by traffic jams and serpentine. The hotel is worthy even for us, fussy.

    Good afternoon, Lilya. We have returned from Anapa. We liked everything. The hotel is good, the beach too. In Rostov, the hotel was also chic. Thank you very much) Yes, we were in Taman, went to Kuchugurs, swam there in the Sea of ​​Azov, and then drove along the Crimean bridge to Kerch and back :) We also went to Sukko, to a cypress lake, but it dried up a lot and now the cypress trees are not in the water (((And you will go to the big lighthouse, it’s very beautiful there

    Arrived, settled down and the hotel can be safely recommended. Upon arrival at the airport, check-in was already available, there was no need to wait, there were no queues. You can now take small bags in hand luggage. Therefore, collect everything you need in a handbag weighing up to 5 kg.

    We went to team building in October 2019! Thank you very much for the prompt selection of tickets and hotel options! And this is due to the fact that we needed a huge number of sngl numbers =)) everything was fast, professional and with soul!)

    Our hotel is a wonderful hotel for families with children. Very large, green and well-groomed area. The beach is sandy, the coastline of the beach is wide, it can be located both under a canopy and under the open sun. The entrance to the sea is smooth, at the entrance to the water there is a small strip of small pebbles. Lifeguards are always on duty at the beach and around the pools. A wonderful water park in the hotel, there are slides for people of all ages: from 0 to 99 years old The food in the restaurant is excellent, every day of the week is scheduled thematically, no one will definitely remain hungry. I liked the wide variety of fruits. The hotel staff is polite and friendly. We were 100% satisfied with the rest. Thanks to your wonderful travel agency for organizing it!!!

    In Ras El Khaimah I have already been several times in different hotels, this time I stayed at the Al Gambra Residence 5 * hotel. In terms of service and food, not super luxury, but good enough, the main plus of the hotel is a wonderful beach - very wide and long, white sand, the entrance to the sea is gentle and comfortable. Sunbeds and umbrellas are free, the hotel has its own section of the beach, and although there are a lot of people, there is enough space for everyone due to the size of the beach. For the price, this is a great option. The sea is gorgeous, the water is the warmest, there are all sorts of entertainment features, parachutes, scooters, but this is for a fee. In general, December is a good season for the Emirates - now it is 30-32 degrees and the sea is 28. Thanks to Nastya and the 24trip team - for several years I have been resting only with their help I go several times a year, a very reliable and professional company!

    Holidays in Turkey at the end of September/beginning of October are wonderful!!! We come for the third time, we are very satisfied. First of all, the weather! It's not as hot as summer, but it's time to get to a comfortable temperature!! ? Twice were in Side, for the first time in the Court (Bodrum). Discovered departures from the hotel. Very interesting, not scary, you can visit local attractions. The sea is very warm! Beauty and warmth all around. This year is not an easy situation, but the mask regime is only in the main restaurant, at the airport and outside the hotel. The staff is polite, the child is happy, the sea is calling, the wave is singing, and we are sunbathing like that!!! ???

    Good afternoon! I am sending you photos and videos, I hope they will fit)) I throw more so that I have plenty to choose from))) once again many thanks for our wonderful vacation, everyone is happy and satisfied, we just had a great rest))), if you go somewhere to rest , then only with you)) once again thank you very much!!!

    I wanted to express my gratitude to the 24trip team for a wonderful vacation! The second time we flew to Crete in Cosman Hotel by early booking. sandy and the entrance to the sea is gentle, the children really liked it. Of course, the village itself is quite small, so we took a car and rode in search of interesting coves along the coast. In general, the vacation was a success! Next year we also plan to fly with the help of the 24trip team. Special thanks to Andrey for great advice and professionalism!

    Many thanks to the 24trip team for organizing our team building in beautiful Armenia! We all liked it very much: it was sincere and good. The tour is beyond praise, the guide is wonderful, the transfers were always on time. And it is important that the 24trip team was always in touch with all our questions.

    I would like to say a big thank you to the 24-trip team for their help in choosing a tour for a holiday in Vietnam!!! We rested in Nha Trang with my husband and child (4.5 years), the first time! Hotel 4☆ Poseidon. The hotel is located very conveniently (on the corner of the third line), firstly, not so noisy from the road, and secondly, there are many shops, cafes and restaurants around. To the sea on foot a maximum of 10 minutes. The hotel itself is almost new, very friendly staff, the only negative is the breakfasts (of course the Chinese ate everything, of course we weren't hungry either, but we wanted more variety). The sea in March is warm, but with a good wave, the husband and child frolic, but I prefer a calm sea. Of the excursions, I advise you to go, of course, to Vinpearl, the northern islands, you can also ride quad bikes. Everyone took excursions at the Russian Information Center (there are many offices around the city, prices are cheaper than in Pegasus). The rest is super, like everywhere else, the more you are there, the more you like it))). I emphasize once again that it is much more interesting on the 2nd, 3rd line! I also recommend the Louisiana restaurant and the Small Armenia cafe!!!

    Good afternoon everyone! I would like to share my impressions of a holiday in China on the island of Hainan, for which we were selected by the 24trip agency. I note right away that the departure time turned out to be very convenient, and the flights were without delay (AC AzurAir). We rested at the PALM BEACH RESORT & SPA SANYA 4 hotel (the hotel is located on the 1st beach line, which is very convenient). We lived in the 2nd building of the hotel, the living conditions are acceptable (although it is time for the hotel to be renovated), the ratio of price - quality and convenience. The food is good, tasting for Europeans and Chinese. We only had breakfast. The hotel also has a center where you can try traditional and therapeutic massage, acupuncture. You need to sign up in advance, as there were a lot of applicants. the nature on the island is very beautiful, the territory of the hotel itself is immersed in greenery, there are ponds with fish, the balconies near the rooms are spacious, you can relax after the beach, eat fruits and see how a coconut palm grows nearby and bananas ripen. There is a bus stop near the hotel to get to the busier Dadonghai area. Rest for a measured life. I advise everyone to contact Anna and Andrey, they select the best possible conditions for your vacation according to your budget!

    In Andorra 4 times, and as always, she is beautiful. Beautiful city and magnificent mountains. Great place for outdoor activities and shopping. We stay at the hotel 3 times because of the convenient location from the stop in the direction of skiing, great staff and comfortable rooms. Many thanks to the 24 trip team for their help in organizing the trip, everything is clear, on time and with great care for their tourists.

    We had a good rest, we were pleasantly surprised by Kislovodsk and its natural park!! Rodnik sanatorium, which was recommended to us in 24trip, we liked it - thanks for the advice!!! - a swimming pool, a restaurant, a cinema and concert hall, a medical building where all procedures are carried out - all in one complex, connected by internal passages - very convenient, you can walk right in slippers and shorts through all the procedures and other premises of the complex, the food is good. The weather was nice, sometimes it rained at night, but during the day it was almost always sunny. We walked a lot in a huge forest park, including walking in the surrounding mountains with sticks for Nordic walking (rented at the resort for ridiculous money), the park starts from the city and occupies a vast territory: the routes pass through the rose valley, the places are very picturesque and well-groomed. The city of Kislovodsk itself looks fresh and European-style - the houses have been restored, cleanliness and order, good infrastructure. We returned rested and with good impressions. Thanks again for organizing the holiday!

    Good afternoon! In general, I liked it very much - thank you! The hotel itself is very clean, new, everything is organized wonderfully, the territory is beautiful, the pool is good, the beach is very good. The service is super. There are always Russian-speaking staff at the reception and in restaurants. They feed well. The breakfast is a la carte so it takes a little longer. But you can order it to your room. Maybe someone does not like the fact that the hotel is all alone. Around the desert)) and nearby a frozen construction site. She does not spoil the view at all, another thing is that at any moment they can probably unfreeze her. Better to check before arrival. To Dubai (to the Mall) 45-60 minutes by taxi. Nearby there is a mango grove with a pond, you can do various water sports.

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