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  1. Jar 2items
  2. Tub
  3. Pouch
  4. Natural
  5. Organic 2items
  6. 1st Foods
  7. 2nd Foods
  8. 3rd Foods


  1. Pregnancy
  2. Newborn
  3. Supported Sitter
  4. Sitter
  5. Crawler 2items
  6. Toddler 24items
  7. Preschooler


  1. Apple 1item
  2. Apricot
  3. Avocado
  4. Banana 2items
  5. Beef 2items
  6. Blueberry
  7. Carrot 6items
  8. Cereal 2items
  9. Chicken 8items
  10. Corn 2items
  11. Green Bean 4items
  12. Ham
  13. Kale
  14. Mango
  15. Oatmeal 1item
  16. Pea 1item
  17. Peach
  18. Pear
  19. Pineapple
  20. Pumpkin
  21. Raspberry
  22. Rice
  23. Spinach 1item
  24. Squash 2items
  25. Strawberry
  26. Sweet Potato
  27. Turkey 3items
  28. Zucchini


  1. Colic
  2. Crying
  3. Fussiness
  4. Gas
  5. Mild Spit-Up
  6. Uncomfortable Poops
  7. Teething
  8. Vitamin D
  9. On the Go 1item
  10. Iron 2items
  11. Starting Solids
  12. Expanding Textures 21items
  13. Probiotics
  14. DHA
  15. Prebiotics/2’-FL HMO


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  1. Pregnancy
  2. Newborn
  3. Supported Sitter
  4. Sitter
  5. Crawler
  6. Toddler 7items
  7. Preschooler


  1. Apple 2items
  2. Apricot
  3. Avocado
  4. Banana
  5. Beef
  6. Blueberry
  7. Carrot 1item
  8. Cereal
  9. Chicken 1item
  10. Corn
  11. Green Bean
  12. Ham
  13. Kale
  14. Mango
  15. Oatmeal
  16. Pea
  17. Peach
  18. Pear 1item
  19. Pineapple
  20. Pumpkin
  21. Raspberry
  22. Rice
  23. Spinach
  24. Squash
  25. Strawberry 2items
  26. Sweet Potato
  27. Turkey
  28. Zucchini


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how the baby looks now from the packaging of baby food

The big-eyed baby from the logo of the famous Gerber brand is familiar to every mother and everyone who is not averse to pampering themselves with delicious baby food. But not many people realize that a pretty face is not an abstract drawing, but a portrait of a real child.

Today Ann Turner Cook is 92 years old, and the woman is very happy that she has become a symbol of childhood for several generations.

The first steps of the faceless Gerber

This story begins in the distant 1927, when Mrs. Dorothy Gerber, the wife of a cannery owner, got tired of hand-mixing their 7-month-old daughter Sally's weaning purees.

Mr. Daniel Frank Gerber listened to his wife's arguments: if it is possible to make tomato paste for adults, then why not produce ready-made baby food? As a result of research, changes in production technologies and testing, the cannery introduced the first 5 types of purees for children to the market.

Thanks to an effective and very expensive advertising campaign, Gerber's baby food has been successfully sold throughout America. All that was missing was the final touch - a logo with a twist that would make the brand even more recognizable. nine0003

Simplicity and charm win the competition for the "face of the company"

In 1928, Gerber announces a competition for the best image for its logo.

Making a neat dressing table for a small bedroom: an easy way

With the start of the summer season, burglars become more active: how to protect your home

Making a beautiful unusual house for a cat: cardboard boxes will come in handy surnamed Hope Smith is an illustrator who became famous as an artist who painted the "baby Gerber". It was a simple black and white drawing, more like a charcoal sketch, modeled on a 5-month-old neighbor girl named Ann Turner. nine0003

The competition was huge, and Dorothy promised that if her sketch won, she would definitely improve it.

However, this was not necessary. The judging team probably consisted of experienced marketers who were captivated by the simplicity of the drawing and the magnetism of a childish innocent look.

Dorothy Hope Smith won $300 and sold her drawing rights to the owners of Gerber.

The adorable baby face became the official trademark of the baby food manufacturer at 1931 years old. Although millions of Americans were keenly interested in who was depicted on the logo, Ann Turner Cook remained in the background for many years and did not strive for fame.

What happened to the "Gerber baby"

According to the survey, fans of baby food tried to recognize someone famous in the drawing, for example, little Humphrey Bogart or Elizabeth Taylor.

Meanwhile, the real model showed a penchant for the humanities and took up teaching English, having received a master's degree in this field. nine0003

The woman who has become the face of one of the most recognizable brands in the US has devoted her life to children. Ann Turner Cook taught at elementary and high schools in Florida and was well-liked by her students for her thoughtfulness, kindness, and ability to listen.

As Ann admits, she knew from early childhood that it was her face that adorned the jars of the famous baby food. In 1978, Gerber revealed the secret of her logo, a woman appeared on a talk show and gave several interviews to Florida newspapers.

Ann Turner Cook no longer teaches today. After entering a well-deserved rest, the woman devoted herself to creativity and wrote a series of mystical novels. nine0003

She also participates in the selection of children for the next Gerber advertising campaigns. In 2018, that child was Lucas Warren, a one-year-old boy with Down syndrome.

November 20, 2018 Ann Turner Cook celebrated her 92nd birthday. This woman is still sweet and charming, she has great-grandchildren, grateful students, readers and fame, which she owes to a simple drawing.

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Zucchini puree for first feeding0001

The introduction of zucchini in the first feeding is recommended by WHO, and mashed zucchini for feeding a baby can be prepared without any problems on your own. There is nothing complicated in growing zucchini and the mature fruits of many varieties can be stored throughout the entire frosty period. The pulp of the fruit with elementary heat treatment retains its beneficial properties and is easily absorbed by the child's body even from an early age.


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  • Benefits of zucchini for children and adults

How to prepare zucchini for first feeding

If you decide to start feeding your baby, start with zucchini. It will be the best addition to breast milk or adapted formula. Zucchini is a hypoallergenic product and contains a large amount of nutrients needed by the child.

Zucchini puree recipe

Cooking zucchini puree for the first feeding at home. Of the ingredients you need only zucchini and water. Let's start by rinsing the zucchini under cool running water. Peel off the skin and cut into cubes. Next 2 options. Either put it in boiling water, cook the zucchini for 6-10 minutes, while retaining the benefits of vitamin C. Or steam it, which will undoubtedly be tastier and healthier. Then we wipe through a sieve or grind with a blender.

You need to start complementary foods with one teaspoon, gradually day after day, increasing the number of spoons. It is important to introduce your child to this product at a very young age. When the child grows up, he will also need nutrients. And you can spoil him with many different zucchini dishes. nine0003

How to cook zucchini correctly and how much

For the first feeding, it is recommended to boil zucchini for up to 10 minutes. Usually this time is enough to soften the cut pieces. Do not forget that the longer the heat treatment of the vegetable takes place, the less vitamins and useful trace elements remain. Then everything is thoroughly crushed into puree and the first complementary foods are ready. Depending on the period of introduction of the puree to the baby, you can add a little vegetable oil to the puree if the mass of the portion of the puree has reached 100 g (usually on the 6th-7th day of feeding). nine0003

For the preparation of mashed potatoes, babies need to select only young and fresh zucchini fruits: without rot, cracks and dents. The fruit is thoroughly washed under running water. Then its lateral parts are cut off: the tail and the “butt”; peel is removed. The zucchini is cut lengthwise into several parts, from which the central soft part with seeds is removed. The remaining parts are cut into cubes. If the vegetable is bought at the market or in a store, it is recommended to soak the zucchini in clean water for about 2 hours to remove unnatural trace elements from the fruit in the form of fertilizers and pesticides. nine0003

How to freeze and defrost zucchini? Cooked cut fruit cubes in the right amount are placed in plastic bags or containers, and then in the refrigerator. For the preparation of frozen fruit puree, it is recommended to use a defrosted vegetable. To speed up the process, bags or containers with zucchini are placed in water at room temperature or under running tap water. After 1-2 hours, you can start cooking according to a known scheme.

Squash for complementary foods in baby food

Squash is widely used in baby food for its unique properties. In addition, vegetable squash purees are considered the most popular when introducing the first complementary foods to a child. One-component zucchini puree manufacturers recommend using for children from 4 months.

Table of the introduction of the first complementary foods with zucchini according to WHO recommendations

Baby food recommended for the first complementary foods includes Heinz zucchini puree, which additionally includes corn flour and water. A similar product is Hipp zucchini puree, which contains coarse rice flour. These products are sold in glass jars with a net weight of 80 grams, and the puree contains no salt, sugar, starch, preservatives or dyes. nine0003

At a later age, in baby food, zucchini is used with vegetables, fruits, cereals and meat. For children over 5 months:

  • Frutonyanya Broccoli and Zucchini Puree
  • Puree Frutonyan zucchini and potatoes
  • Frutonyanya puree cauliflower and zucchini
  • Puree Frutonyanya apples and zucchini
  • Frutonyanya zucchini-oatmeal puree
  • Gerber Potato and Zucchini Puree
  • Puree Gerber apples and zucchini

Children's puree Tyoma beef with zucchini is recommended to try not earlier than 6 months from birth.

Ingredients of zucchini

Zucchini is a source of substances that have a beneficial effect on digestion. They contain a small amount of calories when cooked (20 to 25 kcal per 100 grams), so you can use them in food during therapeutic diets.

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