Little mermaid baby shower food ideas

54 Fun Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas's Details

When you’re expecting a newborn, it’s one of the most magical things ever, especially if the baby is your first child. What better way to welcome and introduce your little one to the world by hosting a fun mermaid-themed baby shower? Whether you’re a fan of Disney’s My Little Mermaid or not, all of your family and friends will be sure to enjoy all of the things that you’ll have planned to match a mermaid theme. From planning the decorations to food ideas to activities, Easy Event Planning has your back with amazing ideas to help you plan a perfect and magical mermaid baby shower.

While you're planning the details of your baby shower, it's also a good idea to keep a checklist of things that you like, especially if they're all within your budget. If you need help with allocating a budget so that you're able to enjoy an affordable event, we've got you covered as well.

Mermaid Baby Shower Decorations 

When you think about putting together a baby shower or any event, you first think about the kinds of decorations that will make up the experience or theme you’re trying to present. The decorations contribute to the first impression that your friends and family will get when they step into the baby shower. Here is our list made up of perfect mermaid-themed decorations that you can incorporate into your baby shower. 

1. Mermosa bar 

A play on words that refers to a mimosa bar, a mermosa bar sign is usually decorated with a sparkly design of a mermaid’s tail and follows a color scheme of purple, pink and blue.


2. Mermaid balloon centerpiece 

Coming in a variety of designs and styles, the most popular mermaid centerpiece is made up of balloons of different colors that are arranged into the shape of a mermaid’s tail. The different sized balloons mimic the pattern of a mermaid tail’s scales while the fins are also made out of balloons. 

3. Seashell table decoration 

A beautiful addition to your table decorations, seashells offer some authenticity to your baby shower while offering a pop of light color and textures. They can also serve as party favors if your guests decide to take them home! 


Mermaid-themed garlands 

Coming in different designs and featuring different shapes, a mermaid-themed garland can have anything on it including sand dollars, starfish, mermaids, multicolored circles and bubbles. 

5. Mermaid party confetti

In place of the seashell table decorations, you can have simple confetti that covers your tables instead. This allows for easier clean-up and comes in a wider variety of colors. 

6. Mermaid welcome sign 

What other way to introduce your guests to your magical mermaid baby shower than by using a welcome sign? Coming in a variety of designs, styles and colors, you can choose and customize the welcome sign according to your tastes and preferences. 

7. Mermaid backdrop

Throwing a mermaid theme backdrop that is reminiscent of the ocean behind a certain area will bring some new life and color to wherever you decide to put it!

Mermaid Baby Shower Favors

What is it that you want your guests to take away from your baby shower - literally? Party favors are a great way to remind your family and friends about the great moments that they’ve shared with you during the baby shower while you get to enjoy handing out cute and fun mermaid-themed items. Here is our list of affordable and unique party favors that you can include for your mermaid baby shower. 

8. Seashell candles 

Available in a variety of colors, seashell candles are perfect for everyone as they can add some warm light to anyone’s day as they unwind. This could also serve as a great gift for the expecting mother as it matches their theme!

9. Mermaid hair ties 

For anyone with long hair, hair ties are essential. A mermaid-designed hair tie could not only be useful but it can also be super fun! 

10. Mermaid enamel pins 

A small but cute reminder of your baby shower, a mermaid enamel pin is perfect for handing out to your guests. Especially for your guests who are whimsical fashionistas, this pin would be a great addition to their purses, lanyards for work, or shirts! 

11. Mermaid bath bombs

You can’t go wrong with a bath bomb, which makes it a party gift that everyone will love! Every once in a while, we all like to unwind in a warm tub of water and what way to make it much more relaxing than adding a bath bomb? A mermaid bath bomb is sure to make your bathing experience so much more fun too! 



Mermaid lip balm 

Everyone needs lip balm, but what makes it so much better is if the outside of it is decorated with mermaid scales or a mermaid’s tail. 

13. Sand dollar coasters 

Depending on where you purchase these from, sand dollar coasters can be more on the pricey side. If you do decide to include this in your party favors, this will for sure be one of your guest’s favorite gifts. 

14. Mermaid bracelets

Great for both older and younger guests, mermaid bracelets can be decorated with your beads of choice and can have a small starfish or mermaid charm. 

15. Mermaid air freshener 

This mermaid-shaped air freshener is great for all of your guests to hang in their car, in a bathroom or on their door knobs at home! 

16. Mermaid hand-sanitizers

After purchasing the small portable hand sanitizers from the dollar store or from your local Bath & Body Works, you can buy customized party favor labels to cover them. You’re able to pick the color of the label and what it says, including “Thank you for coming” and the date of your baby shower.  

17. Mermaid pens 

Who doesn’t like getting a gift that they can use? A colorful pen in the shape of a mermaid’s tail is not only fun, but it’s a great gift that everyone can either use or give to their very own kids to use.

Mermaid Baby Shower Menu Ideas

The reason why a lot of people come to events is that food is being offered. To make a lasting impression on your guests, the taste and look of the food and how it contributes to the overall mermaid baby shower theme really makes the experience much more fun and magical. Here is our list of mermaid baby shower food ideas that you can incorporate yourself or have someone prepare for you. 

18. Starfish sandwiches 

Another simple food idea, you can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by cutting them out with a starfish sandwich cutter. Not only is this more on the healthy side if you pick a wholewheat bread, but young and older guests will love to snack on this! 

19. Ocean-dipped strawberries 

A food item that you can do yourself or have a professional prepare for you are chocolate strawberries dipped in the food coloring of your choice. To match your theme the color may be pink, blue, or purple. On the tops of the strawberries, you can also add some edible sugar crystals to make them reminiscent of the sand on the beach. 

20. Octopus cake pops 

If you don’t plan on including a big mermaid baby shower cake for the baby shower, what you can do instead are some fun cake pops! On the outside of the cake pop, you can cover it in fondant and add aquatic details to make them cute and fun! You can attach various shells, sprinkles, and other details to the cake pop as well!


21. Fish marshmallows 

This requires some ingredients/materials, including paper straws, marshmallows, blue-colored chocolate, brown sugar, and a goldfish that can either be the snack or the candy. After dipping the marshmallow in the chocolate, you’ll add the brown sugar and goldfish onto the marshmallow before it completely cools. Viola, you have a swimming fish! 

22. Coral reef veggie dip

Another healthy alternative to all of the sweet treats that will be at your baby shower, you can also add a tray of vegetables that look like it resembles the coral reef! To do this, all you’ll have to do is have your vegetable finger foods (baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, baby tomatoes, etc. ) and dip of choice ready so that you can stand the vegetables up in the bowl of dip so that it resembles coral. 

23. Clam cookies/Oyster and pearl cookies

Using Nilla Wafers, you can create your own clam or oyster cookies that are fun to eat. In the middle of the wafers, you will add your own colored and flavored icing before applying the candy eyes or “pearls”. If you don’t want to use wafers, you can substitute them for a macaron so that they’re sweeter and have some fun flavors. 

24. Pastel pretzels 

After choosing your pretzel of choice, whether it be the knot or a rod, you can cover them with chocolate in a color of your choice. 


25. Watermelon pirate ship 

Taking half of a watermelon, you can carve out the insides of it by using a circular scooper and then fill it back up with the watermelon and other fruits of choice such as grapes or cantaloupe. Taking the skin of the watermelon and cutting them into squares, you can put skewers through them so that it resembles the sales of the ship.  

26. Crab croissants 

The crab croissant is one of the simpler food ideas that you’re able to do yourself. All you have to do is purchase or bake your own croissants and add some googly eyes on sticks so that it looks like the eyes of a crab. Before inserting the sticks with the googly eyes attached into the croissant, you can add some deli meats and cheeses or butter so that it’s a sandwich for people to eat! 

27. Octopus dip dish 

With a pepper turned upside down and slices of it arrayed around the centerpiece pepper, you can add some eyes to make it look like an octopus! Underneath or around the peppers will be a dip of your choosing so that everyone is able to enjoy this healthy alternative of finger food. You can also surround the peppers with chips of your choice and include the dip on the side so that the octopus isn’t swimming in the dressing for a long time. 

28. Swedish Fish

Swedish fish are little treats that are great snacks for guests of any age, and really make them feel like they are among the creatures of the sea!



Goldfish are another quick and easy snack for guests. You really cannot go wrong if you include them among your other snacks!

30. Cake

Cake is a safe and reliable dessert to have at any event, and putting some special mermaid cake toppers on top of one will truly put it into your theme!

Mermaid Baby Shower Activities

To keep any baby shower exciting and engaging for all of your guests whether they be children or adults, planning some fun games and activities makes a big difference. Here is our list of mermaid baby shower activities that will make everyone laugh and smile! 

31. Pacifier hunt 

You can decide to have as many pacifiers hidden as you want, whether that be 20, 35, or 40. For baby showers that are held in the spring and summer, this game can be great as you can hide the pacifiers inside and outside of your venue or home. The person who finds the most wins a prize! 

32. Unscramble the mermaid words 

This game includes words that are associated with mermaids and the sea that have their letters mixed up so that you can unscramble them. Whoever figures out what all of the words are first, wins! 

33. Baby predictions and advice 

Reading anonymous notes can be thrilling and so much fun when you’re reading everyone’s feedback to your guests. With this game, you’d hand out this printable to all of your guests for them to answer questions about the baby like the time of its birth, its hair color, who it will have the most resemblance to, and if the guest has any advice for the expecting parents. 


34. Don’t say baby - mermaid style 

You may have heard of the classic “don’t say baby” activity, but instead of clothespins, you’ll be using multicolored resin mermaid tail charms. Each guest will be given five mermaid tails each, when someone hears the word baby then they’re allowed to make a mermaid tail of the person who said the word. The person who has the most mermaid tails at the end of the baby shower wins!

35. Sink the anchor

A mermaid version of beer pong, the ping-pong ball will be the “anchor” and you’ll have to “sink it” by throwing it into the cups arranged at the other end of the table. Whichever team is able to sink their anchors in all of the cups first wins! 

36. Escape from the mermaid’s lagoon

If your group of guests are more privy to mystery games, then this variation of the classic “escape the room” game is perfect for your baby shower. All you have to do is work through the different clues supplied by the kit and figure out a way out of the mermaid’s lagoon. 


37. Potato Sack Race

With mermaid tale-designed potato sacks, you can have a race off between all of your guests by splitting them off into teams. You can also combine this event with the pearl-and-spoon race, which is a mermaid twist on the classic egg-and-spoon race, the egg being the “pearl”. 

38. Draw on my back challenge

A twist on the recently popular “draw on my back” challenge, you’ll draw sea-related objects instead. Another activity where you can split guests into teams, all you need are pieces of paper and markers. You’ll place the paper on someone’s back and draw things like seashells, coral, fish, sharks and other sea creatures on the piece of paper. The person who’s being drawn on will have to guess what is being drawn within the time limit of your choosing. 

Mermaid Baby Shower Party Supplies 

There are a few essential supplies that you’ll need to make your mermaid baby shower event come to life. Depending on the color scheme that you plan on following, here is a list of baby shower supplies that will aid you in creating an immersive mermaid baby shower experience. 

39. Balloons

You can incorporate actual mermaid balloons or you could simple helium balloons that are a variety of colors that match the rest of your baby shower theme. 

40. Mermaid plates

When you search “mermaid baby shower plates” on Google, there are tons of results. Some of the most popular styles of mermaid-themed plates are shaped like seashells, have mermaids on them, have a scale pattern, and have iridescent colors such as purple, blue and pink. 

41. Mermaid napkins

To go along with your plates and plasticware, you’ll need napkins that complement their styles and designs. You can either choose between a simple-colored napkin or ones that have mermaid tails or scales as a design. 

42. Seashell cups

You can also incorporate mermaid-themed cups that are iridescent, have another color, or other designs that are sea-themed, have a mermaid’s tail or mermaid tale scales. These can also come in the shape of seashells with fun, twisted straws to further contribute to your mermaid-themed baby shower.

43. Mermaid tablecloth

This can also be a very simple, one-colored tablecloth or can be designed with mermaid tail scales and mermaids. 

44. Mermaid photo sticks

To make your mermaid-themed baby shower even more memorable, if you have photo sticks that adhere to the theme some funny photos could result from it! Incorporating mermaid photo sticks will definitely make the difference between the customary baby shower photos and what was actually a fun and enjoyable event. 

Mermaid Baby Shower Invitations

Since you know the theme of your baby shower, how do you know which kind of invitation fits perfectly with the rest of the theme? The best mermaid invitations are fun and get people excited for the rest of the activities and food that will be present at the event. Whether you’re looking for a generic or a customizable mermaid baby shower invitation, here is a list of possible invitations that you can consider in preparation for your magical baby shower. 

45. Pink Illustration Mermaid Invitation

Decorated with small pink sea creatures, some coral and seaweed, and a mermaid with flowing red hair, this invitation gives you just enough space you need to write in the details of the baby shower without requiring you to cramp all of the information onto one line. The back of the invitation is a bright baby pink color decorated with a scale-like pattern.

46. Purple Mermaid Invitation

With a simple light blue background with bubbles and a purple mermaid, this invitation has some semblance to Disney’s “My Little Mermaid” film, as the typography is very similar to the movie. 

47. Mermaid Tails and Seahorses Invitation

Decorated with light cyan colors, pink starfishes and a seahorse, this invitation is simple and made of heavy-weight matte card stock.  

48. Waiting for Baby Mermaid Invitation

A sparkly and beautiful invitation with its bright pink and blue colors, a mermaid is holding a baby mermaid’s bodysuit which makes the invitation more specific to a baby shower. 


49. Glittering Mermaid Tail Invitation 

With a sparkly purple and cyan mermaid tail and a light blue scale-like background, this invitation is bright and fun. The color scheme of this invitation can also easily match the color scheme of the baby shower decorations too.


50. Multi-Colored Coral Invitation 

Another variation of “A Little Mermaid is on Her Way”, this invitation has a coral and seaweed border that goes around the entire border of the card in all of its purples and blues. The back of the invitation features a scale pattern with the same color scheme as its front. 


51. Watercolor Mermaid Tails Invitation

With a beautiful and simple watercolor design, this minimalist invitation features two mermaid tails and an elegant script type.  


52. Pink and Purple Mermaid Tail Invitation

With a glittering pink and purple mermaid tail, the rest of the invitation follows this color scheme too. This card also features glittering letters and a pretty font type that can match the rest of the decorations of the baby shower. 


53. Sleeping Baby Mermaid Invitation

This purple and cyan-designed invitation feature a sleeping baby mermaid in a silver clamshell. With a glittering blue mermaid tail and a purple script font, this invitation is bright and fun and can also match the color scheme of other decorations of the baby shower! 


54. Purple and Pink Seashell Invitation

Another minimalistic but extraordinarily beautiful invitation, this card is perfect if you prefer a white and purple/pink mermaid baby shower color scheme. As the information is presented in a center circle, the outside of it is decorated with seashells and a mermaid that look like they’ve been painted on, lending the card to a more elegant feeling.  



Now that you have all of the ideas that you’ll need to plan your mermaid baby shower, we hope that it’s as perfect and magical as you desire it to be! 

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Written by Julia Batista; Contributor: Max Kahn

How to Throw a Mermaid Themed Baby Shower

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The idea of mermaids has enchanted people for hundreds of years, so it’s no surprise that your friend or loved one has asked for a mermaid baby shower theme. And with all of the eye-catching, ocean-colored palette choices, food ideas, and nautical decorations, you’ll have no shortage of fantastic possibilities! 

We’ve thought of everything you need to throw an unforgettable mermaid baby shower for that special momma-to-be. Read on to discover the best sea-themed foods, invitations, decorations, and more!

Table of Contents

How to Throw a Mermaid Baby Shower

Although it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, mermaid-themed baby showers are traditionally a summer party idea. Warm weather, a trip to the beach, and refreshing, ocean-themed drinks all lend themselves perfectly to a magical mermaid gathering. 

And we’d also like to mention that a mermaid-themed baby shower doesn’t have to be restricted to baby girls. You can easily adapt the color schemes, favors, and invitations for a baby boy, or the mom-to-be might just love mermaids! Who could blame her?  

What to Serve at a Mermaid Baby Shower

There are so many delicious ocean-themed snacks, sweets, and drinks you can serve at a mermaid baby shower. Many of these suggestions just require some creative presentation and labels, and voila! 

Appetizers and Dips

“Sea Snails” (Mini pigs in a blanket)

Clam Shell Watermelon

Crab Legs (Carrot Sticks) and Ranch Dip

Seaweed Spirals (Pinwheel Sandwiches)

Candy Seashells

Main Entrees

Crabby Croissant Sandwiches

Lobster Bisque

Lobster Rolls

Caprese Salad

Shrimp Scampi or Alfredo


Mermaid Cupcakes

Mermaid Clam Cookies

Sea-Themed Cake

Mermaid Bark

Sea-Themed Cake Pops


Mermaid Party Punch

Mermaid Slushy

Mermaid Water Mocktail

Pineapple Soda Punch

Fruit-Infused Water with Blue or Green Food Coloring

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Mermaid Baby Shower Invitations 

One thing we love about mermaid-themed baby showers is the whimsical invitation choices. Here is a selection of our favorite designs: 

Mermaid Baby Shower Decorations 

Give your party a relaxing under-sea vibe with these eye-catching shower decorations. They’re just what you need to create the perfect ambiance. 

Mermaid Baby Shower Games

Whether you’re looking for traditional baby shower games with a mermaid-themed twist or something new and fun, we’ve got you covered. 

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Favors and Prizes

Send each person home with a little sand in their shoes and memorable party favors and prizes. So whether your guests love cooking, wine, or scented soaps, they’ll leave with something they love. 

Final Thoughts

Mermaid baby showers are such a magical way to usher in the birth of a little one, and we hope you’ve found some great inspiration for your upcoming celebration.

More Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Looking for more baby shower ideas? Here are a few of our favorite themes!

Teddy Bear




How and where to celebrate a child's birthday 3

How to celebrate a birthday at 3 years old? Some parents begin to worry about this issue immediately after a two-year celebration. Others think about options for celebrating 2 days before a significant date. And the most responsible mothers and fathers begin to draw up a program, a list of guests and throw ideas about a month before X-day. And this is the most correct approach, because 30 days is exactly the period that allows you to comfortably prepare for the holiday and have fun. Moving systematically, step by step, slowly and without panicking, you can organize a dream holiday that will definitely be remembered and will remain in memory for many years. At the same time, mom will not get new gray hair, and nerve cells will not make a riot on the ship. We have collected the most relevant ideas for the birthday of a child 3-4 years old. Let's organize a celebration together that will delight the birthday boy and guests.

So, the first question that the parents of the birthday boy will have to answer is: where will the celebration take place. Let's take a look at the most popular options.


A birthday party on the playground is every kid's dream! All trampolines, slides, slot machines and labyrinths are at the complete disposal of the birthday boy and his guests. And mother's nerves will be in order - the grandmother's family service will remain intact, and the wallpaper - as on the first day after the repair, clean and fresh. On the playground, children will always find something to do, even if mom forgets to order animators in costumes, or a window appears in the entertainment program. But there is also a dirty trick invisible to the naked eye, even two.

Firstly, the children scatter in different directions, and it will be very problematic to assemble a group of three-year-olds into an organized team.
Secondly, after half an hour, many children completely forget why everyone has gathered here today, and begin to have fun in their own way.

Parents, hosts and artists need to be very careful to ensure that the birthday person does not feel abandoned and lonely by everyone. We almost forgot one more plus of the playground. Administrators can take care of the design of the space. And the animators are always on the hook. And if the typical holiday scenarios and the same scenery with the whole city do not suit you, feel free to call the Sea Show managers by phone +7 (495) 477-52-23. Any heroes of all famous fairy tales and cartoons will rush to you for a holiday and take with them not only a good mood, but also a festive country.

Cafe with children's area.

When children's entertainment centers were not very common, this location was considered one of the most popular. Children are busy in the playroom, parents have a great time at the table. Why not? The biggest plus of this option is that mom does not have to think long and tediously how to feed all the guests. And then also cook all night long aspic with a multi-story cake.

The chefs in the cafe will definitely do it faster and maybe even better. But mom will be able to choose the most beautiful dress, do styling, manicure and even massage. Get enough sleep and come to the holiday in a good mood, and not in a kitchen apron with a rolling pin at the ready, cutting the last salad along the way.

If you are planning a magnificent celebration of a wedding scale for a three-year anniversary, then you should consider a large and beautiful hall of your favorite restaurant as a location.

If you want to celebrate among your closest friends, then perhaps the nearest pizzeria with a well-known children's room will be enough. By the way, artists and characters of your favorite fairy tales can even be called there. They love pizza too! And the restaurant halls, under the influence of the magic wands of the Sea Show decorators, turn every day either into a magical forest, or into an underwater world, or into a throne room. Nothing is impossible for these guys.


Kids just love quests! And even for the smallest fidgets, you can choose a quest that matches your age. Three-year-olds and four-year-olds are happy to go on a treasure hunt, overtaking each other with a detailed map of the area in their hands.

You can organize a quest based on your favorite cartoon by inviting familiar fairy-tale characters. Each mother can create a birthday quest with her own hands, call the artists of the Sea Show or find a space in her city that specializes in holding events of this kind. The birthday boy will be happy to lead a team of treasure hunters and receive the most important prize, which is also the most treasured gift.


Babies who were born in the warm season were very lucky. As well as their parents. Indeed, in this case, you can organize a birthday party in the open air. You just need to collect baskets of food, pick up comfortable clothes and go to the nearest park or square. Do not forget blankets, pillows, disposable tableware and good mood. By the way, in the fresh air you can organize a theme party. Children will be happy to turn into forest animals and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the holiday "The Jungle is Calling!". Life hack: invite an artist with paints for face painting. He will turn boys and girls into monkeys and tigers. The main thing at the end of the holiday is to find and take home exactly your child.

Holiday "Farm" is just made for open spaces! A real tractor will come to your birthday, and the Sea Show team will bring sheaves of hay, and guests will not have to think long about choosing costumes. Comfortable and practical jeans and a plaid shirt, like real farmers, can be found in every closet. We will harvest, weave wreaths and take a million photos in bright thematic locations. Beware, there is a queue for a photo on a tractor!

Another option for a children's holiday in nature is a hike. We take backpacks, put on comfortable shoes and go to the forest. We will hold a master class on kindling a fire, baking potatoes and frying marshmallows on sticks. Take a guitar. We will sing camping songs by the fire and make children fall in love with the romance of forest life away from gadgets and TV. Life hack: if you take a real tent with you, you can conduct a master class on its installation. You can't pull the kids by the ears!

home party.

Ten years ago, all children's birthdays were celebrated at home, in native walls, which, as you know, help in grief and joy. If the area of ​​​​the apartment or house allows - please! In the skillful hands of Sea Show decorators, any space turns into a forest, a castle or a magical land in no time. Sometimes balloons hung from the ceiling are already able to create a festive mood with their presence alone. You can order food, invite artists and your favorite heroes, and in the finale, call a cleaning service or play the game “Removal of blockages after a nuclear explosion” with the children.

Organizing a holiday at home for a baby at 3 years old can be the most optimal solution. Many babies are much more comfortable at home than anywhere else. And you can always hide in your favorite nook and take a breath. And if you have your own backyard, it's great. Teleport tables, sweets, balls and a photo zone there. And no one will walk on the ceiling. All for fresh air! Stock up on contests, games and piñata! Children will not even remember about cartoons and gadgets. But there is one caveat. Sometimes young children are not ready for the invasion of peers who really want to play with their toys.

The task of parents is to talk in advance with the baby on the topic “To share or not.” Perhaps it is worth highlighting some of the toys that he can play with the guests during the party. If these issues are not resolved in advance, the home holiday will be overshadowed. But you can agree on everything and find a solution that is convenient for everyone, right?

So, the hardest part is over. On your own or with the birthday boy, you have decided on the place of the future celebration. We chose a cafe, found a suitable forest with a river, or decided that home is better. Be that as it may, any place needs to be filled with close and dear people.

And the next item on the agenda is the guest list. If a mother chooses guests for the first and second birthdays from among her friends with children, grandparents, other relatives and neighbors, then at 3 and 4 years old the child is already able to decide who he wants to see on his holiday. He already has many friends on the playground, in the garden and in developmental classes. One evening, call the birthday boy for a serious conversation, arm yourself with a notebook and a pen, and jointly decide who will spend this important and solemn day with you. It is allowed to prompt - suddenly the baby just accidentally forgot someone. But it’s definitely not worth pushing and imposing your opinion. This is his holiday. And he knows exactly who he is ready to have fun with from the heart. You can divide the celebration into two parts. First, celebrate an important date with relatives: grandmothers, uncles and aunts. And then separately invite the children and arrange fun in the entertainment center.

How interesting is it to invite guests?

The list of guests who will spend this day with you has been compiled. The place has been chosen. The date is set. If your birthday falls on a weekend, great! If not, it may be worth moving the celebration to Saturday or Sunday so that everyone invited is comfortable. The easiest way to invite guests to a party is to send a message in any popular messenger. You can write a beautiful text that matches the theme of your holiday, and supplement it with pictures and photos of the birthday man. The star option is to print beautiful invitation cards and hand them in person. It's harder to refuse such an invitation. Let your guests give feedback on whether they can come. Then the places at the table will not be empty, and the chefs in the cafe will not waste time preparing dinner for 50 people, of which only 18 will be at the feast.

List of gifts.

What to gift? This is the most common question that comes to the mother of a birthday boy in response to a bright invitation card. So that the next day after the holiday you don’t have to think about where to put the same Lego and twin babies, make a list of gifts in advance. Every mother knows exactly what will make her child happy. Yes, and a baby at 4 years old can already clearly express his wishes. Just imagine how much joy the birthday boy will have when he finds under the bright packaging the transformer he has been dreaming about for so long!

But before giving invitations to print, you need to decide on the theme of the holiday. You probably know your kid's favorite cartoon. One that he can revise endlessly. Songs from which he knows by heart. For a holiday, a real Elsa can come to a girl at 4 years old, and Spider-Man can come to a boy. All guests can find themselves in the oriental bazaar at Aladdin's or in the underwater kingdom at the little mermaid Ariel. Go to the circus. Or to a farm with a real tractor. And if the topic is not so obvious and your favorite cartoons have not yet been found, then you can always choose a scenario for the fourth birthday of a boy or girl along with the birthday boy. On our Sea Show website, together with the hero of the occasion, you can choose the option from which the eyes of a little man will light up with a magical brilliance and suddenly want to jump to the ceiling.

A fairy tale at your holiday will happen only when the whole space will play with you on the same team. The little mermaid feels best surrounded by algae and shells. Fairies are like fish in water, in a real magical forest. Give the princesses a ballroom with a throne. And for animals of all stripes, the place is in the jungle. Ask guests to support the theme of the holiday and dress appropriately. And we will take care of decorating the space. Sea Show decorators will create a project for your holiday, coordinate it with you online and create a miracle in one separate hall of a cafe, restaurant or game room. Even a square or a park can be turned into a magical forest. One has only to dream a little and get a magic wand. At home, every mother can also create a fabulous space with her skillful hands from improvised materials, ribbons and balls. If you take a short vacation from work and do not sleep for 7 nights. The holiday should be prepared in secret after lights out!

No birthday is complete without a treat. Children's holiday table is the next stop on the way to the perfect party. For 10 years of holding children's celebrations, we have learned one very important thing: it is a pity for children to waste time on food. They want to have fun, have fun, laugh and run a race. And the best food for a children's party is the one that you can gobble up on the fly. And revelation number two - children love simple and understandable dishes. They don't need swans in sour cream and foie gras in a pot. But they will gladly sweep away a piece of pizza, eating cake pops. Speaking of cake pops! Even if the festive table for a child's birthday is simple and straightforward, the candy bar should be magical. Each Candy Bar from More Show confectioners is always a work of art, decorated in the general color scheme of the holiday. And the theme is also important. At Princess Party, you will never find transformer cupcakes, and Paw Patrol puppies will not eat the same sweets as SpongeBob with superheroes.

When choosing a menu for a 4-year-old child's birthday, ask your parents which foods in their family are strictly prohibited. Guests may include children with food allergies. Someone does not eat sugar, someone is gluten-free, and someone does not tolerate lactose. It is not so easy for modern parents and professional confectioners to create a candy bar where every kid will find a dessert to their liking. But nothing is impossible, right?

And now the fun!

Decide in advance how you will entertain guests and set the mood for the holiday! The Sea Show catalog contains a whole ocean of animation programs and shows for every taste and color. Soap show, paper, laser or scientific. Acrobats, circus performers and magicians. Contests, games and quests for every taste, color and age. You will have a difficult, but very exciting choice. Each program is assembled as a constructor, according to the goals, objectives and theme of your holiday. All kids become full-fledged active participants in fun. Nobody will be left without attention! Ideally, if at the end of the holiday each little guest receives a symbolic keepsake. Don't forget to think this through. And invite a photographer! Events like these are sure to be remembered for years to come.

This is such a long way to go for parents who want to make an unforgettable holiday for their three or four year old birthday boy. But do not rush to send a message to your husband: “I can’t imagine how all this can be done!”. Just call Sea Show by phone +7 (495) 477-52-23. We will do everything ourselves.

summary for the reader's diary

How unusual was the man who brought the magical world of fairy tales to Denmark - Hans Christian Andersen! "The Little Mermaid" ... The summary of this work has been familiar to us since childhood. A touching love story. Huge love that settled in the soul of a sea beauty and transformed her world. She made millions of children's eyes shine when reading her story.

Coral Castle

Andersen begins with the classic narrative style from the author. "Mermaid". The summary of the introductory part of the work introduces us to the life of the underwater coral royal palace. The main character is the youngest of six mermaid sisters, daughters of the lord of the waters of the sea, the dowager king Triton. The prettiest of all mermaids is the blue-eyed sea princess. In the underwater world, she has her favorite corner with red underwater flowers and a marble statue of a boy that sank to the bottom as a result of a shipwreck. The grandmother living with the family helps her son manage the palace. The sisters (she has five of them) are friendly and have fun playing games, despite the age difference (they were all born a year apart). According to the customs of the underwater world, after the little mermaid is 16 years old, she is allowed to surface and view the surface world.

Upper world

Thus, as it should be for an experienced storyteller, Andersen already sets the intrigue in the title itself: "The Little Mermaid". A brief summary of the scene of observation of the upper world by a fabulous sea girl comes down mainly to her contemplation of a handsome prince on board a three-masted ship. The ship makes a pleasure trip, the little mermaid hears music. The young man is like a marble statue that Ariel has played with for years. When she first saw her, she fell in love with the black-eyed prince. A sudden storm causes a shipwreck. The prince is drowning, the little mermaid saves her beloved, independently pulling him to land, who has lost consciousness. Leaving the prince near the temple, she, hiding, waits until the girl who came out of the gate finds him, and then sails away.

Unhappy love of a mermaid

Did Andersen - "The Little Mermaid" - consider this fairy tale to be one of his optimistic creations? The summary (5-6 sentences are already able to make it clear that there is a place for sadness) is sad, and probably cannot be otherwise. The great Dane believed that joy always coexists with sadness: both in life and in a fairy tale.

Various, sometimes insurmountable obstacles stand in the way of love. Perhaps the most famous fairy tale of the great Andersen tells about this. The Little Mermaid, a small blue-eyed sea beauty, who later became the symbol of Denmark, is ready to make any sacrifices and hardships in the name of her love.

The author tells about the sorrows that a mermaid promises from love for a man. At the same time, the great Dane wrote in detail, about things understandable to compatriots, since he took advantage of the folk beliefs of his homeland about mermaids - characters of Danish folklore. It is believed that they live longer than people - three hundred years. However, these sea fairies are deprived of the main human wealth - an immortal soul. However, the Scandinavian, Mediterranean, British, German, Slavic epic keeps the stories of marriages of sea nymphs (mermaids) with people. In a happy family life, as follows from the legends, sea nymphs become ordinary mortals, acquiring a human soul.

Self-serving witch

Deciding to love a man, our heroine of the fairy tale had to resort to witchcraft, Andersen believes. The little mermaid Ariel goes to a powerful sea sorceress who can help her marry her beloved prince. She asks her, by means of witchcraft, to replace her swift and indispensable tail in the sea with a pair of slender female legs.

The sea sorceress is far from selfless. In return for her services, she demands the magical crystal voice of the little mermaid - her main wealth. This turn of events was invented by Andersen, it is no longer found in the epic. In this turn of action, the author's intention is visible. As a multi-layered, not only magical, but also philosophical, deeply psychological work, Andersen writes - "The Little Mermaid". A summary for a reader's diary can express the main idea in two words: love and self-sacrifice.

Ariel throws herself into a whirlpool of feelings

To emphasize this aspect of the work, to make it more prominent, the author forces the wayward sorceress to present conditions more radically: if the love of the little mermaid does not evoke a reciprocal feeling in the prince, then this will threaten her with death - at sunset she will becomes the foam of the sea. However, this does not stop the sea beauty. She acts emotionally, deciding to sacrifice everything for the sake of finding love. At the same time, Ariel does not even remember about her father, about her sisters. The whole world, the whole meaning of life for her has been reduced to one thing - gaining the love of a prince, and compared to this goal, everything, even her own life, is perceived by her as something secondary.

A boy with a heart of stone

Andersen's fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" further follows the logic of commercialism: the prince cannot stand the test of the love of the sea princess. His soul was not touched by the "talking eyes" of the numb little mermaid in love with him. He follows the wishes of his parents, because he believes that he "should marry" the passion they have long chosen for him - a princess from a neighboring country. She, by chance, turned out to be a girl from the temple, who discovered the prince saved by the little mermaid. At the same time, tactlessness is obvious: the crowned egoist calls on the little mermaid to be happy for him!

"The Little Mermaid"... Andersen... The content of the tale leads the reader to the obvious conclusion: the little mermaid was deceived, the handsome prince turns out to be essentially just a cold marble boy, unable to feel the beating of a loving heart nearby.

He marries another, the little mermaid's heart is broken.

Bravo, storyteller!

That's where the real magic of the pen is hidden! This is precisely what makes the hearts of readers feel the true height of love. It would seem that the plot is completely out of touch with life... Just think, a creature that does not exist in nature - a mermaid in love... Andersen is an awkward, lanky old man who writes his fairy tales with a myriad of grammatical errors...

So why, having reached this part of the tale, the reader's heart began to beat again and again? Why are the eyes of children so bright that they cannot be pulled away from the book? Hans Christian Andersen, a storyteller for all time, “simply” makes the reader look at the blue-eyed little mermaid Ariel not from the standpoint of reason, but with a special vision, the vision of the soul.

The little mermaid is doomed. However, it is precisely at this moment, in suffering, that the immortal human soul is born in it. She is now ready for self-sacrifice. She is ready to forgive the prince and wishes him happiness.

Indeed, one of those books that help a child to become cleaner, to be kinder, was written by Andersen - "The Little Mermaid" ... A summary ("School Knowledge" is one of the sites for placing works by this author) will certainly help orient the child to read this particular fairy tale

The little mermaid resigned herself. She made the choice of fate. She dies for love. Is everything lost for her?

Temptation overcome

Sisters find her. They found a way out. Mermaids asked the same sorceress to help. The witch agreed. But the girls have their hair cut, they gave their braids and curls for this help. Our sisters give our little mermaid an enchanted dagger given by a sorceress. It is now also possible for her to regain the appearance of a mermaid, to regain her carefree life in a coral castle. It is only necessary to kill the sleeping prince with a dagger. And everything will return. This is temptation.

Will Ariel be able to commit such villainy by regaining her mermaid nature? No, she chooses an immortal human soul and, after kissing the prince, she herself turns into sea foam.

Fairy tale-call

What is worth only one exclamation of the author, spoken through the lips of a little mermaid and addressed to an adult audience: “Strange people, do you think that love and mermaids do not exist?!” There is an invisible key hidden in this phrase.

The key to making our sometimes gray world around us iridescent, to help it suddenly shine brightly, reflecting the gentle sun in different tones. The little mermaid Ariel is trying to shake up, return to real life people who have forgotten that they themselves, being obliged by their birth to love, must also love ...

Unusual and uncommon is this man himself, who made millions of people in different parts of the Earth sound like music, his name - the name of the creator and the title of his work: Andersen, "The Little Mermaid" . .. A brief summary of this exciting, childishly touching story about how a little mermaid in love changes her silver voice for a pair of slender legs, and then dies, turning into sea foam, without the reciprocal love of the prince, cannot leave the reader indifferent.


For many, many generations of people on Earth, this is one of those fairy tales that shape the world of childhood.

At the same time, for any Dane, this work written by Mr. Andersen - "The Little Mermaid" - is a high heritage of culture. Since 1913, ships entering the Copenhagen harbor have been greeted by a bronze sculpture of a little mermaid - one of the symbols of the country: a touching, tender, loving sea nymph.

Hans Christian Andersen, in the image of a little mermaid, convincingly shows his readers that true love always relies on a willingness to sacrifice for a loved one, that true purity of soul is a willingness to positively perceive the happiness of this person even if he is not with you.

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