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The idea of fresh homemade baby food sounds like a good idea, but it also sounds like a lot of work. But with some planning and the right appliance, making baby food is more than doable than you might think.

Here are some of the best juicers and makers for making the freshest and most nutritious baby food.

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Omega NC800HDS

Warranty: 15 Years

  • Longer lasting juices
  • Healthy and delicious juices
  • Quiet but powerful motor

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Warranty: 15 Years

  • Compact
  • Healthy juicing
  • Delicious juices
  • Easy to use
  • Nutrition system

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$229. 95

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Warranty: 1 Year

  • Automatically Steams & Blends In 1 Easy Step
  • Complete 12 Piece System
  • Blends Food To Precision
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • Steam Tank is Easy to Clean

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Homia Dansa Baby Food Maker

Warranty: 3 Years

  • Easy to use intuitive touch control panel
  • Safety first stirring cup is made of tritan plastic
  • Easy to clean stirring cup is dishwasher safe
  • Stylish this cute baby food processor

Best Price:

$109. 11

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The Top 4 Juicers for Baby Food

Omega NC800HDS

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Things We Liked

  • Great 15- year warranty
  • Multitasker
  • Durability

Things We Disliked

  • Big and Heavy
  • Pricey
  • Does not cook food

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The Omega NC800HDS is a classic in the masticating juicer industry. It is also the biggest size and has the biggest price tag of the machines featured here.

The Omega NC800 is known for cold-press juicing but it is also a pro at making baby food, nut milk, pasta, and even frozen fruit desserts.

For baby food, you will have to cook your food in a steamer or other method until well done then run cooked fruit and veggies through the machine. The juicer might be limited to all plant-based baby food.

This is truly a multitasker and is a great addition to a kitchen with a focus on healthy eating


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Things We Liked

  • Slim size
  • Multitasker
  • Good value

Things We Disliked

  • More time needed
  • Lots of parts to clean
  • Does not cook

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The Omega CN80S is much like the NC800. It is a bit slimmer, not as heavy, and doesn’t have quite as big of a price tag. It does however performs all of the same functions.

Probably the biggest difference is that it will take more time to make your baby food. Why more time?

You will have to cut up your pieces smaller and add them slower. While time might be the last thing that you have more of it is really only a couple of minutes.

This machine is just a bit smaller pretty much all around than its other Omega counter-part. This is the juicer for someone that likes the functions of a masticating juicer but needs a smaller size.


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Things We Liked

  • One step cook and blend
  • Glass container
  • Good price

Things We Disliked

  • Hard to clean
  • Texture not super smooth
  • Durability issues

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The Brezza baby food maker is not actually a juicer but a baby food maker that cooks and purees. Probably the most important feature is the ability to cook and blend in one step.

One step, how is that possible? Just add the raw foods, set the timer, hit go and soon you will have finished baby food.

The Brezza comes with an excellent manual that also is a well-written feeding guide. This machine has a glass bowl this means that no plastic touches the baby’s food.

This is a great pick for someone that wants to make baby food with a push of a button or might particularly like a glass bowl.  

Homia Dansa Baby Food Maker

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Things We Liked

  • Cooks three foods at a time
  • Multifunctional
  • Cooks and blends

Things We Disliked

  • Food stains steamer basket
  • Hard to reassemble after cooking to blend
  • Customer service hard to contact

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The Homia Dansa Baby Food Maker cooks and blends but does not do it in one step like the Brezza. After cooking food, the steaming basket comes out, the blade goes in, and then add the cooked food back in.

It has three different steaming bowls that will allow you to cook quite a bit more food at once than similar products.

Even though it can’t make baby food in one step, The Homia Dans can do several more things than the Brezza. First off there are two blades so you can make chunkier food as your little one grows.

It can also heat bottles, defrost frozen food, and sanitize parts. The Dansa has a setting labeled juice but truthfully this is just a high-speed blending feature.

This can be used to make whole blended juices and smoothies. This is the baby food maker for someone that might want to cook multiple things at once and wants to use other features the Dansa has to offer.  

Buyers Guide To Baby Food Juicers And Makers

Advantages of Homemade Baby Food Over Store Bought

Giving your baby the most nutritious food is one of the most important starts you can give them.

When you make your own baby food you can choose exactly what your baby eats and control the quality every step of the way.

Fresh food is always more nutritious and you can be confident you know what your baby is eating.

How To Use Your Juicer To Make Baby Purees

Juicers like the Omegas and most other masticating juicers make baby food purees with ingredients that have already been cooked.

Usually, steam is used to cook baby food but using a juicer like this allows for other cooking methods, like baking that can be used as well.

Baby Food Makers VS Juicers

Some baby food makers cook and blend foods like the Breeza and the Dansa reviewed here. There are also baby food makers that just blend.

Baby food makers, in general, are limited to making baby food and sometimes similar functions, like warming a bottle but they are usually better designed for the task overall.

Juicers will make extra smooth baby food purees but the food must be cooked before putting it in.  

What’s The Best Feature To Have?

The best feature to look for might depend on what your needs are. For some, being able to add raw cubed food, walk away, and return later to finished baby food will definitely be the best feature.

But for some maybe the largest quantity might be the feature to shop for, or maybe even how the clean-up is.  The best thing to do is to consider what might be best for you and your baby. 


All of these featured baby food makers can all make top-notch baby food and each has different features that might be right for your kitchen.

For making the easiest finished baby food at the most affordable price, the Brezza Baby Food maker is the top pick.

If you are looking to make an investment in the overall potential of your kitchen no matter how grown-up your baby gets either of the Omega juicers will continue to make nutritious foods for many years.

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Nicholas Charles

Nicholas Charles is an experienced writer and researcher who focuses on inspiring others to lead a healthier lifestyle. He runs the Sprint Kitchen Youtube Channel which creates in-depth hands-on reviews of kitchen products and services.

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Sana EUJ-707 is not just a juicer. You have many more possibilities how to use it. That’s why we’re coming with a brand new video, in which you can see 8 ways of its non – juicing application. For those, who don’t want to watch it we’ve prepared a short overview.

Check out the non-juicing applications of Sana Juicer EUJ 707

Baby food

Just change your juicing screen for blank one and then add boiled meat and vegetables into your juicer. After about a minute you have the meal ready – it has similar consistency to mashed potatoes. If you want to get finer consistency, use the nozzle for processing ice cream and nut butters.

Try combination of boiled potatoes, carrots, celery root and chicken or turkey meat.

Baby food from Sana EUJ-707

Snack for babies

During the transition of your baby from liquid to solid food you can use your Sana EUJ 707 very often. The reason why is the fact that you can prepare small fruit snacks full of vitamins and minerals. The best think is that your juicer is so quiet you can prepare the snack even if your baby sleeps next to you.

Try snacks made of kiwis, strawberries, bananas, apples and piers.

Peanut butter

Homemade fresh peanut butter without any additional sugar and e - preservatives is very tasty and healthy. All you need are roasted peanuts and peanut oil. In case you don’t want to use oil then you should let the mixture go through the juicer approximately four times.

Mix peanuts (you can also use walnuts or cashews) in a bowl with oil and leave the rest on your device. If the final mixture is too solid, add a little bit more oil or let it go through the juicer one more time. In the end flavor it with a small spoon of honey to get the fine taste.

Oil pressing

If you want to prepare peanut or other nut butter you can also prepare your own oil. It’s possible thanks to our new Sana Oil Extractor, which easily processes flax, sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Homemade fresh oil is very healthy due to a huge amount of vitamins and antioxidants - but be careful – it gets bad very fast. So keep in mind that you should use it right away to preserve all the beneficial effects.
And one more handy advice – don ‘t use it for cooking, just for cold processing or as a food flavoring.


As accessories to your Sana Juicer EUJ-707 you get 3 nozzles, which help you to prepare spaghetti, flat egg noodles and angle hair pasta in a while.
Mix 200g of flour, 2 eggs and a little of salt and prepare a dough. Then make small cylinders of dough to have them processed in your device. That’s it!

Almond milk

This is a very popular vegan delicacy, which is getting more and more popular. The preparation takes about 5 minutes, but it’s very easy. Water unpeeled almonds for about 8 hours. Then process them in your juicer and you get a little bit of juice and quite plenty of pulp.

In the next stage mix the pulp with water to get the mixture similar to oatmeal - for 200g of almonds use glass and a half of water. Process this mixture in your device one more time and almond milk is ready.

We use normal juicing screen to process almond milk – that’s different in comparison with preparing other food.

Coffee grinding

Fresh coffee has delicious taste and smells nice as well. One of another non-juicing applications of Sana EUJ 707 is the possibility to '''grind your own coffee'''. It’s not that smooth as from professional grinder but still very good.

The most important thing when grinding coffee is slow feeding – add approximately 1 spoon of grains and wait till it’s processed.



You can also prepare tasty summer refreshment in less than a minute with your Sana Juicer EUJ 707. Just take out some fruits from your freezer and process them – again be careful about slow feeding and your delicious sorbet is ready. To make the final taste even finer you can add a little bit of honey.



Horizontal auger juicer Sana EUJ-707:

Multifunctional and very pleasant to use

First, let's say a few words about the heroine of the article. The model of this device is produced for the American company Omega in South Korea by Hurom. In Korea itself, the device is sold under the name Hurom GF-RBF04, in the USA - as Omega NC800. The geography of sales, therefore, is quite extensive: in South Korea, in the USA, in Europe. By the way, the device is supplied to Europe by the Czech distributor Sana Products, which developed and patented the case design. The company specializes in the production of products for a healthy diet: juicers, oil presses, bread machines, grain mills. The main goal of Sana products is stated as healing - the production of products that will allow the user to become healthy.

Sana EUJ-707 is a type of horizontal screw juicer. Juice extraction is carried out at low speed, which allows you to most effectively squeeze out the juice, which will retain the maximum amount of vitamins and other useful substances. This type of device has a higher functionality in comparison with vertical ones. So, in this device you can not only squeeze juice, but also grind foods, even hard ones like coffee beans and fibrous ones like greens, prepare homogenized mashed potatoes, sorbet, nut paste and some other dishes. Thus, the device from highly specialized turns into a truly multifunctional one.

The device belongs to the high price segment. Similar juicers, also running at low speeds, have already been tested by experts, leaving the testers with the most favorable impressions. Well, now we will check whether the Sana by Omega EUJ-707 is as good and multifunctional as the manufacturer claims, and whether it is worth the money spent on it.


  1. Features
  2. Contents
  3. At a glance
  4. 10 years, on plastic parts 2 years The declared capacity 200 W Frequency of rotation 63-75 rpm Production (K IXBT kg/min. ) 604 g / 00:04:21 Management Mechanical Overheating is Protection from incorrect assembly is Building material Build0036 glass / stainless steel Feed opening width 4.5×4 cm Juice container 1 pc. 1 liter Nozzles included Fine mesh, Coarse mesh, grinder attachment Additional accessories included Cake container, container strainer, pusher, 3 spouts pasta type, cleaning brush; it is possible to purchase separately a nozzle for squeezing oil Assembled size (W×H×D) 19×32×42 cm Package size (W×H×D) 43×26.5×33 cm Cord length 1.5 m Weight without packaging 5.9 kg Weight 8.9 kg T -08555650 9003 offers L-10855650-10


    The juicer came to us in an extremely concisely designed cardboard box, on which were indicated: the name of the manufacturer, country of manufacture, brand and model of the device. Also on the box are the requirements for proper storage in a warehouse.

    The uncomplicated appearance was explained very simply. When we opened the package, another box was found inside, similar to what we are used to seeing. Therefore, the device is delivered in a protective cardboard casing. Well, not bad. The packaging is a nice glossy box, made in a simple style and equipped with a carrying handle. Information about the device, its characteristics and features is placed on a white and black background. Also on the front side is a photo of a juicer. On the side you can see photos of both the disassembled juicer and all its accessories. On the second side there are options for dishes prepared with the device. All textual information is presented in English.

    Juicer parts packed in bubble wrap. The parts of the device are protected from impacts by cardboard tabs. Everything fits pretty tight. Not to say that assembling the device in a box is quite elementary, but it does not cause any particular difficulties.

    Opening the box, inside we found:

    • engine housing;
    • wringer basket;
    • auger;
    • two juicing screens: with coarse and fine holes;
    • grinding attachment;
    • front cover;
    • juice container;
    • pulp container;
    • strainer for container;
    • spouts: two for spaghetti, one for noodles;
    • pusher;
    • cleaning brush;
    • instruction manual.

    Lots of parts. Eyes run up and thoughts arise about the possible difficulties with assembling all this into a single structure.

    At first glance

    However, there were no problems. Having studied the assembly diagram given in the instructions, we quickly figured out what, where and in what order is inserted.

    We were pleased with the visual inspection of the Sana EUJ-707 juicer. Pleasant appearance, streamlined, completely cosmic forms of the engine housing, excellent quality of individual parts of the device. All parts are carefully cast, no chips, notches and roughness were found. It is not difficult to assemble the device into a single structure, all parts are tightly and securely fixed and joined together.

    An auger is inserted inside the squeezing basket, on which, in turn, a sieve for juicing or a crushing attachment is put on. Then fix the structure by turning the front cover counterclockwise until a characteristic click is heard. Installing the assembled squeezing basket on the electric drive is carried out using a special lock on the motor housing. Nothing needs to be twisted for a long time, the grooves of different parts fit perfectly together.

    The chopping assembly is distinguished by the fact that in the squeezing basket, instead of the squeezing mesh, a conical chopping nozzle without holes is installed on the auger. Next, attach the spout for the desired function (for spaghetti, noodles or chopping). Accordingly, the disassembly of the device is carried out exactly in the reverse order. The processes do not cause any difficulties.

    The motor housing has an unusual streamlined shape. Absolutely flat and smooth surface, no visible cracks, no joints, no backlash and unnecessary details. Extremely laconic form and design.

    The case has more than just a shiny surface. The surface is treated to such reflective properties, as if the juicer was about to be launched into space and protected from harmful radiation. As a result, all readers of this article can get acquainted with our photographer.

    The loading basket is connected to the motor block with a bayonet type twist lock.

    At the bottom of the case you can see ventilation holes for even cooling of the engine and four rubberized feet for good grip on the table surface.

    Juice container made of glass. On the sides there are risks indicating the volume of liquid. The pulp collection container is in perfect harmony with the overall look of the juicer. Made from stainless steel.

    The plunger is equipped with a silicone seal around the circumference. In general, the execution of all parts and accessories of the juicer is high. The surfaces are smooth, perfectly finished, it is impossible to notice any seams and casting residues. At first glance, the parts look not only high quality, but also quite expensive.

    Note that the juicer is supplied in three colors. So the buyer can choose the shade that best fits into the design of his kitchen.


    The instruction manual is an A5 brochure printed on plain paper with a heavier glossy cover. Moreover, the kit for the juicer included two brochures with the same content: one in Russian, the other in English.

    The content of the 36-page brochure is standard: safety requirements, technical description of the device, equipment, diagrams and instructions for assembling for juicing and other functions, work order. There is also a "Tips and Tips" section containing recommendations for squeezing juice from different types of raw materials and tips on some aspects of using the device. One page of the document is devoted to the consideration of possible malfunctions and methods for their elimination.

    Almost half of the brochure is devoted to information on the product obtained during the operation of the device. The description of juices from various raw materials and their properties is given. And there are more than exotic drinks: dandelion juice, for example. The last 10 pages of the text are devoted to recipes. Here you can find recipes for various drinks, cocktails, tonic juices and more. Additional functions of the juicer are not forgotten either: attention is paid to the recipe for noodles, there is an example of making ice cream and even recommendations for using oilcake.

    The manual is quite informative and contains a lot of interesting information about using the main and additional features of the juicer.


    Controlled by a single push button "On / Off / Rev". The upper position starts the rotation of the auger, the middle position - neutral, turns off the device, pressing the switch down turns on the reverse function.

    It is important to use the pusher during juicing. It is believed that this is a disadvantage of horizontal auger juicers. However, the process of pushing fruit or vegetables into the mouth is so simple and uncomplicated that we cannot seriously believe that the need to use a pusher for this will cause anyone serious difficulties.


    Preparation for use

    Before first use, it is traditionally recommended to wash all parts of the appliance in contact with food with hot water and detergent, wipe the motor housing with a damp cloth. Then you need to assemble the juicer in accordance with the diagram.


    The manufacturer highlights several ways to use the device:

    • Extraction of juice from soft and hard fruits, including citrus fruits.
    • Extraction of juice from vegetables, including celery, root vegetables, cabbage and other fibrous products.
    • Extraction of juice from greens. Moreover, together with standard herbs, the instructions indicate the ability to extract juice from germinated wheat germ, aloe leaves and even pine needles. Although we can’t even imagine what juice from fresh pine needles might be needed for.
    • Grinding and chopping onions, garlic, red peppers, ginger and many other foods. The same function can be used to prepare baby food and nut butter.
    • Making spaghetti. The nozzles included in the kit allow you to make three types of pasta.
    • Grinding. As an example, the instructions give the grinding of coffee beans. The degree of the resulting grinding is large.

    Three different meshes and four spouts are included with the appliance for all the above functions.

    Note that in the Sana EUJ-707 horizontal auger juicer you can make puree, sorbet, fruit ice cream, nut milk. And with an additional nozzle Sana Oil Extractor, you can get cold-pressed oil.

    The instrument is easy to use. It assembles easily and logically, nothing leaks or splashes anywhere, the control is elementary. By the way, when using the reverse function, the main thing is not to switch from forward to reverse immediately. It is necessary to turn off the device so that the rotation of the auger stops, and only then turn on the reverse. The same scheme works in the opposite case.

    The raw materials to be processed also need to be prepared: washed, peeled, removed large bones, cut into pieces suitable for the size of the neck. When placing pieces of fruit or vegetables in the neck, they must be slightly pushed by the pusher under the auger coil. There is no need to make a serious effort.


    It is best to clean all parts of the juicer as soon as the processing is finished. It is recommended to wash the juicer in the sink with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not wash parts or accessories of the device in a dishwasher. Despite this ban, we considered it possible to use the dishwasher to clean the glass container for collecting juice and the metal one for collecting cake. We did not notice any visible changes in the appearance of these accessories.

    Mesh openings can be cleaned effortlessly with the included brush. In general, caring for even the smallest parts of the juicer turned out to be quite simple. The design and materials of which the auger, nets, squeezing basket and other parts are made turned out to be very easy to maintain. Minor difficulties arose only when washing the squeezing basket, because the funnel is not removable, which makes the design somewhat cumbersome. However, a simple sponge and brush solves the problem of washing particularly distant places.

    For fun, we measured the time it takes to assemble and clean the device. But we note that this value is rather arbitrary and depends on many factors: starting with the raw material that was pressed, to the personal qualities of the person making the juice. It took us about 30 seconds to assemble, about three to four minutes to disassemble and wash (after squeezing juice from apples).


    Objective tests

    Energy consumption was measured with a wattmeter while the juicer was running. The manufacturer indicates 200 watts as the rated power. During practical tests, this figure was not exceeded. The minimum value of the indicator was 97 W, maximum - 178 W. On average, the device worked at a power of 100-120 watts.

    The Sana EUJ-707 juice extractor has a continuous operation time of 30 minutes. After this time, you need to take a break from work for 10 minutes. This will prevent the motor from overheating and tripping the thermal fuse, which can stop the appliance from working for up to 1 hour.

    Note the very quiet operation of the device. The noise level is really low. The device hums softly, only occasionally creaking. In the next room, you can’t even hear that some process is going on in the kitchen.

    Practice Tests

    In testing the Sana EUJ-707 Horizontal Auger Juicer, we followed the standard Juicer Test Method, which involves processing four types of raw materials: Granny Smith apples, red grapefruits, carrots, cabbage. The weight of these cleaned and prepared products is 1 kilogram.

    The amount of juice obtained was measured using household kitchen scales. Volume - with the help of marks on the juice container included in the kit. By the way, we note that this was our mistake, because the actual volume of liquid differs from the volume indicator indicated on the container.

    Granny Smith apple juice

    Apples have been washed and cut into 6-8 pieces. We cut out the core, the skin was not removed. A sieve was placed on the juice container. The juicer worked quietly, slowly, the juice flowed non-stop. The resulting cake was completely dry, consisting of skins, grains and other waste.

    After watching a later video of the manufacturer with examples of squeezing juice from various fruits, vegetables and berries, we saw that the sieve was not used anywhere. However, since the accessory is placed, it means that we must check how the spinning process goes with it.

    In the process of squeezing, a large amount of not even foam accumulated on the sieve, but rather puree-like apple pulp, which did not drain into the container, but remained on the sieve. Therefore, at the fifth minute of squeezing the juice, we stopped the device and removed the excess pulp into a glass. To understand how much juice could be in a container without a sieve cover, when measuring the juice yield, we separately weighed the pure juice and the resulting puree.

    • Processing time: 7 minutes 34 seconds
    • Weight of juice without pulp: 540 g; with pulp (removed from the sieve): 785 g
    • Volume of juice (without pulp): 500 ml
    And this is where the juicer showed itself in all its glory. Quietly, unhurriedly, the auger rotated, juice flowed in a plentiful stream, absolutely dry cake, consisting of films and seeds, came out of the front nozzle.

    There is practically no foam, even the sieve is not clogged. The resulting juice is clear, without fibers and visible pulp. To be honest, we have never received grapefruit juice of such high quality.

    • Processing time: 1 minute 53 seconds
    • Lucky weight: 780 g
    • SLOCIA: 7004 9029 SOKS IT CARKOVA 9029 COCIOSS IN Then cut into pieces, as recommended by the instructions, from 2.5 to 4 cm.

      The consistency of the juice is homogeneous, without pulp and individual fibers of the vegetable. There is no foam on the juice, there is a small amount on the sieve. There was a lot of cake, it is completely dry to the touch, the structure is crumbly.

      • Processing time: 3 minutes 29 seconds
      • Lucky weight: 357 g
      • Social capacity: 300 ml
      9000 dryness of the original product.

      White cabbage juice

      A kilo of cabbage cut into pieces that fit freely in the neck.

      Juice received clean, almost transparent, homogeneous. The cake is dry, no moisture was released even with significant pressure.

      • Processing time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
      • Lucky weight: 493 g
      • Social capacity: 420 ml

      . performance for juicer Sana EUJ-707.

      Result: 00:04:21 / 604 g

      The first experience with the juicer pleased us. Quiet operation without vibrations, odors and motor howls. I had to tinker only when squeezing apples due to foam and pulp accumulated on the sieve for the container. But the quality of grapefruit juice was beyond praise. 30 minutes of continuous operation is enough to perform all everyday tasks even at low speeds, which are a kind of "trick" of this line of devices. The use of the pusher did not cause any difficulties. Small pieces of food themselves went under the ribs of the auger, large pieces should be slightly pressed.

      Pomegranate juice

      Pomegranates have been peeled. Then we placed the grains in small portions (about a tablespoon each) into the neck. The juice turned out to be very rich, with a small amount of foam, not thick, but it cannot be called liquid either.

      By numbers. From exactly one kilogram of pomegranates, we got 456 g of grains, from which 320 g of juice was squeezed out. There are no complaints or comments about the work of the juicer.

      Result: excellent .

      Very tasty drink. Sweet and full of intense flavor. No bitterness and foreign odors - only concentrated taste of pomegranate.

      Vegetable fritters

      After mandatory tests, we received a large amount of carrot cake. Cupcake, cakes, cookies - all this is understandable, but I wanted something more substantial. Therefore, it was decided to chop the potatoes and make carrot-potato pancakes. Pure amateur performance and no cooking.

      The juicer did a good job of chopping raw potatoes and onions. Nothing got stuck, the outgoing mass was finely ground and homogeneous. The size of grinding potatoes for potato pancakes is a topic for a separate discussion, so we will not dwell on this issue. Now we are interested in the capabilities of the Sana EUJ-707 juicer. We can say that the device copes with chopping hard raw vegetables successfully, so that boiled products for preparing baby food can be easily ground into a homogeneous mass with pieces of equally small size.

      Eggs, salt, spices, garlic and flour have been added to the mass. Then the pancakes were fried in vegetable oil. Served with sour cream.

      Peanut Butter

      To test the grinding function that is optional on the Sana EUJ-707 juicer, it was decided to make peanut butter.

      For this we took 500 g of blanched peanuts and roasted them in the microwave to the desired degree. After the nuts had cooled, we began the grinding process. After the first time, the peanut butter came out inflexible, crumbling at the break. Salt was added and the peanut butter process continued.

      After the second and third grinding, the mass became more elastic. After the last, fourth pass through the juicer, we got a fragrant, soft and dense paste with a pronounced smell of roasted peanuts. Not to say that the mass was completely homogenized, but the structure is homogeneous, it does not crunch on the teeth, all the nuts are ground, there are no separate pieces in the mass. Well, let's not talk about the difference in price between industrial and homemade peanut butter and the absence of extraneous additives and preservatives (except salt). Quite a decent and inexpensive product for all fans.

      Those interested can see the process of making peanut butter on video. Be warned, the video is meditative and you may start to feel sleepy.

      Result: excellent .

      10 minutes to prep, a few minutes to clean and wash the juicer, and you have a tasty, nutritious meal. Fresh and fragrant. You can add syrups, chocolate, dried fruits, make sandwiches. You can just eat with a spoon from a jar.

      Almonds - 250 g, sugar - 200 g, water - 30-40 ml.

      After a successful test with peanut butter, we decided to continue experimenting with nuts. The idea to make marzipan came to our mind after receiving almond flour. To do this, the almonds were passed through a juicer with a crushing attachment and a crushing spout. The nut mass came out crumbling, when stirred, it really looked like almond flour.

      Homogeneous structure, finely granular.

      We tried running the nuts through the juicer two more times to get a more elastic consistency, but the nuts were apparently not fat enough to give us what we wanted. We could have added some almond butter to make it a paste, but we were more interested in doing something new.

      For this, a thick syrup was made from sugar and a small amount of water. After a few minutes of boiling and reducing the syrup to a soft ball stage, 2 drops of bitter almond flavor and almond flour were added to the boiling syrup. Then the mass was thoroughly mixed.

      After the marzipan mass had cooled down, we rolled up a few balls for testing, the rest was wrapped in cling film.

      Result: excellent .

      Very good for the first experience. Preventing a possible discussion of the peculiarities of the preparation of nuts, we will clarify that the nuts are not shelled, because initially we did not plan to make marzipan.

      Homemade noodles
      Egg - 2 pcs., water - 60 ml, salt - 1/2 tsp., flour - to the required density of the dough.

      Kneaded a tough dough. Let it ripen for about 20 minutes.

      The instructions advise making pasta to the desired length by cutting it with scissors during the manufacturing process. We were very afraid that individual strips of noodles would stick together. It seemed to us that this was the main problem that can arise when using spaghetti molding nozzles. But a test is a test. Therefore, we sprinkled a baking sheet with flour, armed ourselves with scissors and turned on the device, placing small pieces of dough in the neck of the juicer.

      And noodles with noodles went. The instructions give an example of forming noodles in the form of nests. This is the easiest way, and it has the right to life. In the case of this option, there are no difficulties with the operation of the juicer. We wanted to make straight-shaped noodles and spaghetti, and use a thin nozzle to get regular vermicelli.

      Everything worked out. The process of making straight noodles is, of course, more laborious: immediately after cutting off the required length, you need to separate each of the strips that tend to stick together. This requires a certain skill and nothing more. The device works slowly, the noodles are squeezed out at a low speed, which can also be regulated by the amount of dough placed in the body. Note that at the end of the noodle manufacturing process, a very small amount of dough remains in the juicer body (a lump in the photo below). It is only enough to fry a small cake.

      We did not succeed with short noodles. It is very difficult to simultaneously cut, lay the dough, push it with a pusher and cut off the required length. So with the help of a nozzle with a small hole diameter, it is worth making nests.

      Result: good .

      With just a little practice, you can make homemade noodles with the Sana EUJ-707 juicer by yourself. Very good spaghetti on a nozzle with a large hole diameter.

      Banana ice cream
      Bananas - 300 g, lemon juice, vanilla sugar - 1/2 tsp, cream - 150 ml, honey or maple syrup - to taste.

      Recipe taken from the juicer manual. Bananas should be cut into wide slices and frozen. Cream / milk, lemon juice, vanilla sugar and syrup mix and also freeze. After that, pass through the chopper attachment twice, alternately placing the banana pieces and the frozen milk part, cut into pieces that freely pass into the neck.

      We cut the bananas into quarters and put them in the freezer. After that, they started preparing the liquid part of the future ice cream. The idea of ​​adding lemon juice to cream or milk seemed dubious to us, so we mixed 20% cream with only vanilla and a couple of teaspoons of maple syrup.

      After a couple of hours, both bananas and ice cream were fairly frozen. They crushed the ice with a knife and began to put these products into the juicer one by one. Despite the rigid structure, both bananas and ice calmly kneaded into a homogeneous mass.

      Already after the first pass through the grinder, the mass really began to look like light ice cream. There were no pieces of ice, which we were so afraid of, in the ice cream. After the second run, the mass became even more elastic and smooth. Leaving the nozzle of the nozzle, it laid down in a beautiful spiral on the bottom of the container. It could be eaten immediately, it could be placed in the freezer to serve when the need arises for ice cream.

      Result: excellent .

      No ice crystals, no banana fragments. Absolutely homogenized structure, a little viscous due to bananas, but in general it really looks like light ice cream. Such ice cream can be made with any fruits and berries. However, we would not add citrus fruits to milk or cream. You can freeze the lemon juice separately and add it while grinding if you need citrus aroma and taste.


      Summing up, let's say that the Sana EUJ-707 horizontal auger juicer left us with the most favorable impressions. This model is distinguished by its beautiful appearance, convenient and logical assembly, ease of maintenance and operation. The use of the most modern materials, durable and environmentally friendly, is unlikely to leave indifferent a person who not only prefers everything modern and innovative, but also takes care of his health. A number of additional functions that are not typical of juicers and do not even come to mind when thinking about this type of kitchen device make the device multifunctional. Baby food, fruit and berry purees for marshmallows, nut pastes, ice cream and sorbets, three types of pasta, grinding grains and fibrous greens - the Sana EUJ-707 juicer successfully copes with all this.

      The continuous operation time is limited to 30 minutes, which seems to be sufficient. Processing half a ton of apple harvest on this device is not very rational due to its slow pace, but this juicer is perfect for high-quality juice extraction from a kilogram or two of oranges for breakfast. In this case, not a single sleeping member of the family will suffer, because we have repeatedly written above about the very quiet operation of the Sana EUJ-707 juicer. I would like to note one more plus: due to the low number of revolutions per minute, the juice is squeezed out quite efficiently, and moreover, fullness of taste is ensured.

      During operation, no splashing was noticed, the resulting juice practically does not foam, has a uniform consistency without product fragments. The size of the neck is standard: not small, but not large. We note the high-quality performance and well-thought-out design of containers for juice and cake.

      • Low noise
      • Beautiful appearance
      • Efficient juicing of fruits and vegetables of different densities
      • Excellent workmanship of parts and accessories

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        While the juicer is perfect for making healthy fruit and vegetable drinks, you might be surprised at how versatile many of the latest designs can be. The Juicer Sana EUJ-707 made by Omega can work not only with common fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapes, peppers and spinach, but also with attachments for grinding coffee and spaghetti..

        Omega Juice also works with baby food and provides huge variety and flexibility depending on what you can press, juice and process. Read our full Sana EUJ-707 juicer review from Omega to see why it is one of the best juicers in its category..

        Pricing and Availability

        While not the most expensive juicer gadget you can buy, Omega's Sana EUJ-707 juicer isn't a budget option either. You'll find it for £369 / $483 / AUS$705 online at UK Juicers and Amazon . We think it's a reasonable price for a juicer that can do a range of tasks as well as direct juicing.

        (Image credit: Emily Peck / Ditching)


        Omega's Sana EUJ-707 Juicer is unique in design and comes in 11 metallic and pop colors to match your kitchen scheme, including chrome (as pictured), a bold red Ferrari and a pretty pretty bronze.

        Unlike many of its upright competitors, the Sana is horizontal and measures up to 42cm long, which is worth considering if you're limited in workspace. Given the attractive design of the Sana EUJ-707, this might be a device you'll want to show off, though.

        You will need to spend some time deciphering what is happening where, as the instrument has quite a few internal parts that need to be assembled before use. It also has many applications for tasks like making thicker juices, grinding coffee, and making spaghetti or baby food.

        Unlike many plastic containers, the Sana comes with a glass jug and a stainless steel pulp jug that sit side by side to collect the juice and pulp from the juicer in tandem. We thought the glass container by itself worked pretty well, trapping the pulp on top of the sieve. The sieve is also there to catch any unwanted foam or pith from the juice.

        (Image credit: Emily Peck/Ditching)


        Because the loading chute is quite narrow, we needed to make sure our ingredients were cut appropriately before inserting (a whole apple won't fit in the chute).

        The machine has a reverse button that will help dislodge any ingredients that are struggling in the drum and this worked well to pull out large chunks of apple that got stuck. There is also a pusher that smoothly pushes leafy foods such as parsley and cabbage.

        On the other hand, the work switch - which also works for the reverse function - is located on the rear of the machine. So, unless you turn the machine vertically along the work surface, it can be a bit difficult to achieve.

        Although the design got a bit squeaky when juicing celery and broccoli, the motor was relatively quiet, reaching only 81 dB in testing.

        Learn more