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Table for Two

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Seat Insert Fabric: Choose a fabric...Geo - Tan & WhiteGEO - Turquoise & WhiteGEO - Black & WhiteSeersucker PinkSeersucker - BlueArrows-GreyGotcha-PinkGotcha-NavyZig Zag-GreySolid-Baby PinkSolid-Baby BlueSeersucker - Blue & PinkSolid-Pink & BlueGotcha-Navy & Pink

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**Due to the high demand, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. We promise that Table for Two is worth the wait as it is truly a lifesaver for parents of twins and will be used day in and day out from birth to toddler years!

Table For Two is an innovative and patented product designed to easily bottle feed two infants at the same time. The main base is constructed of 100% high density polyeurethane foam, which is extremely sturdy and comfortable. There is a safety harness provided to securely buckle your infants in. The cover is made of 100% water resistant polyester so it can easily be wiped clean.

For added comfort and style, Table For Two comes with a set of decorative padded seat inserts and headrests with fabric of your choice. Simply velcro the inserts in and out, so you can easily toss them in the washing machine if they get dirty.

Table for Two also features a bottle holder on each side so you will never spill your milk or mix up your babies' bottles again! Table for Two also includes a convenient carrying handle, located on the back of the product--this is great for moving it around the house or taking it on road trips.  And one of the most favored features is the armrests for the feeder to rest their arms on which alleviates the strain from your neck, back, and arms! So not only do your twins dine comfortably, so do you!  


Table for Two is truly a lifesaver for parents of twins and designed for the bottle-feeding (and spoon-feeding) stage which is birth to 12 months old.  We do offer a preemie/newborn insert that is listed under products that really helps to snuggle them in when they are preemies/newborns.
Table for Two makes the hardest part of twins (feeding times!) the easiest and most stress-free time of your day! You will get such great use out of it at every feeding (and lounging) time for the first year. However, you can definitely still use it past one year.  After the first year, Table for Two will become your toddlers' favorite double lounger! Great for watching cartoons, eating snacks, etc! 

Don't forget to check out our full line of accessories custom made for Table for Two!

Table for Two is a must-have product for all parents of twins!  

**Due to the high demand of our product, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. If you need your order immediately, rush option is available at checkout. Replacement parts and  accessories (ie; reflux pillows, travel bags, snack trays, and extra seat inserts ordered separately) will be shipped out immediately. We promise you that Table for Two is well worth the wait as it is truly a lifesaver for parents of twins! We truly appreciate your patience and look forward to helping make you and your twins lives a million times easier!

Rush option is available at checkout. All orders are shipped UPS Ground. Shipping is only available in the continental U.S. Please email customer service at [email protected] for international shipping rates. 



  • The patented foam design features a perfected angle for bottle feeding, while the safety harness holds the babies securely in place.
  • Accessories: Table for Two offers a complete line of stylish and trendy fabrics to compliment your nursery or home
  • Measurements: Table for Two measures approximately 38" long, 22" wide, and 12" high
  • Weight: Weighing 13 pounds, Table for Two was designed for safety and sturdiness
  • Materials: The main base is constructed of 100% high density polyeurethane foam, the cover is made from 100% water resistant polyester, and the inserts are made from 100% cotton

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The Best Twin Feeding Table for Every Stage

Every new mom will tell you there are simply not enough hours in the day. For twin moms, days can fill up even more quickly as you have twice as many bottles to wash, twice as many diapers to change, and twice as many loads of laundry to do.

One thing that can make raising twins easier is keeping them on the same schedule. But how do you feed twins at the same time? You only have so many hands, after all!

Tandem nursing is one option, but if you’re bottle-feeding your twins, or if they’ve already progressed to solids, then taking advantage of feeding items designed for twins is essential. These days, there are so many products that can help make feeding twins more manageable. One essential product is a twin feeding table.

Do I Need A Twin Feeding Table?

Yes, you do! A feeding table is a twin must-have. It’s a feeding accessory that helps you to feed two babies at once, which will simplify your life immensely as your twins grow up. For bottle-feeding infants, a twin feeding table can help prop up your twins securely so you can give them both a bottle at once.

For older twins, a feeding table can decrease the amount of clutter in your home by giving your twins a space they can both use to enjoy meals. Because be honest—having two of everything can create quite a bit of mess!

If you’re thinking about buying a twin feeding table, we’ve handpicked the best feeding tables for every stage—whether you are bottle feeding, starting solids, or feeding toddlers. Check out our top picks!

It takes an extreme amount of time just to feed one newborn. Who knew those three hours between feeds would fly by so fast?! But when it comes to twins, feeding can easily take up your whole day unless you manage to find a way to feed both twins at once.

Some parents choose to tandem nurse, but that’s not an option for everyone. If you’re bottle-feeding your twins, then the Table for Two is a must-have twin baby item.

The Table for Two allows you to bottle feed both twins at once, a feat that would otherwise be impossible. It props up both babies for you, which means all you have to do is simply hold the bottle up to their mouth to feed them. Each baby is propped at an incline ideal for preventing choking or spit-up.

The Table for Two comes with secure lap belts, so you can ensure your babies will not slip or roll out of their seats while they’re feeding. The padding comes in tons of fun designs and is made of water-resistant polyester, so you can easily wipe it clean.

Oh, and it also has cup holders and armrests to make your life even easier! Need we say more?

Every twin parent has their own take on high chairs. While technically you could get away with having one high chair that you share between your twins, this just makes the feeding process take even longer. And if you have hungry babies (and who doesn’t?!), you also run the risk that one twin will cry when it sees the other twin eating.  

That’s why, even though it’s inconvenient, high chairs are one item that you really do need two of. If you’re going to have two high chairs sitting around, you probably want them to be lightweight, small, and easy to move around. 

That’s why we love the Graco Slim Snacker High Chair. It’s fairly lightweight, coming in at about 17 pounds, and it’s pretty inexpensive compared to its competitors. Its frame and tray wipe clean, and it comes in two gender-neutral colors. It also has a handy mesh basket on the bottom, perfect for storing bibs and paper towels.

Best of all? It folds up for easy storage! And you can fold it with one hand! No more staring at two high chairs around your table for years. This high chair is so slim, you can easily fold it up (x2!) and slip it into a closet or under a crib, making it ideal for parents of twins.

There comes a point in every parents’ life where you get kind of tired of your house looking so… kid-friendly. It’s not that you want to go back to your pre-baby life (well maybe sometimes, but not really!) but you want your home to look like people over the age of 5 live there, too! Twin baby stuff can really add up!

That’s why we love this Humble Crew feeding table for twin toddlers. It doesn’t scream “kids,” but it’s the perfect size for littles aged 5–10. With two matching chairs, your twins can eat, color, and play at this table for years.



It’s lightweight (only 26 pounds!), comes in off-white and gray (boy/girl twins, this ones for you!), and is easy to clean.

Twin Baby Registry Must-Haves for Feeding

Some parenting blogs will try and convince you to buy dozens of different products for feeding twins. We suggest you keep things simple. Start with a few essentials, and if you find you need more support, then there are lots of products out there designed to help you on your feeding journey.

Obviously, we think twin feeding tables are essential for all twin parents. But what else do you really need? We’d recommend stocking up on some quality baby bottles, a few adorable bibs (they can pull double duty as burp cloths, too!), and some tiny baby utensils, like this fork and spoon set.

Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle

We love Comotomo baby bottles because they’re designed to mimic the breastfeeding experience. Not only is this more comfortable for your bottle-feeding babies, but if you’re feeding your twins with a combination of breast and bottle feeding, then these bottles can help prevent nipple confusion.

Comotomo bottles are also easy to clean, and they don’t have a ton of parts like some baby bottles. The baby bottle bundle package comes with an assortment of bottle sizes and nipple flow speeds.

Cute Feeding Bibs from TwinStuff

Baby bibs, but make them cute. We love these TwinStuff bibs because they can bring a smile to your face, and, let’s be honest, sometimes you need a little help finding a reason to smile when you’re navigating twin parenthood!

With several funny phrases to choose from, these bibs make mealtime a little less stressful and a little more playful.

Tiny Utensils for Tiny Hands

Is there anything more precious (besides your babies) than this spoon and fork set from Grabease? We’ll wait.

We love these utensils because they’re the perfect size for little mouths, and their rounded handles make picking them up a breeze, even for littles. They come in 11 different colors, so each of your babies can have their own unique set (or two!). 

Make Your Life Easier with These Twin Baby Essentials

When you have twins, you can expect your heart to be full. But your hands don’t have to be. 

Parents today have access to dozens of products designed specifically for twins to make everything from feeding to napping to—finally!—getting out to buy groceries again more manageable.

Our top twin feeding tables can support you from infancy through toddlerhood and beyond. Start with your favorite twin-themed bibs, a few snack cups or bottles, and the perfect twin feeding table for your twin stage, and you’ll be ready to face any feeding challenge your twins might throw at you.


highchairs for twins - 25 recommendations on

Dear moms! I will sell a huge set for a newborn (for the first year of life)

  1. CAR SEAT MAXI COSI CABRIOFIX in excellent condition: up to 13kg, fixed with a regular belt and on the base, sun visor, bright red, insert for a newborn (new costs 10. 000₽)

  2. PEGPEREGO PRIMA PAPPA DUPLO FEEDING CHAIR: in excellent condition. Includes case, straps, removable tray for the table. (new peg perego costs 10.000₽)

  3. BABYTON ROCKING CHAIR LOUNGE foldable in good condition: three positions of the backrest, fixings for support, seat belts, removable mattress insert, removable bar with toys, sun hood, carrying straps; device with lullabies and white noise, backlight and vibration. Suitable for a trip to visit / to nature / to carry a child around the apartment or at home. A device with backlight and music can be played with handles and buttons. (New one costs ~4000₽)

  4. nine0007

    SLEEP POSITIONER (new 1600₽)

  5. TINY LOVE DEVELOPMENT MAT with arches, rattles, a mirror, an inflatable pillow under the tummy for learning to hold the head (new big tiny love mat costs ~6800₽)


  7. MOBILE FOR BED (new ~2000₽)

  8. Rattle with suction cup for table (new 1800₽)

  9. nine0007

    NEST COCOON for a newborn (new costs ~2000₽)

  10. CHANGING MATTRESS MOTHERCARE with replaceable Velcro towels (new 1700₽)

  11. PACKAGE OF CLOTHES FOR A GIRL (bodysuits, panties, socks, bonnets) in different condition from Mothercare, babygo, my pea, etc. (a new set of 3 bodysuits costs 1000₽)

  12. PACKAGE OF OUTER CLOTHING AND SHOES (insulated overalls, hats) (one new overall costs 2000₽)


  14. SMALL rattles, toys, tiny love; teethers, pacifiers, thermobags for bottles


  16. BABY SEAT (when he can sit)

  17. SLING

I WILL GIVE AWAY CLOTHES FOR PREGNANCY: H&M pants and jeans with elastic band size s/m, gray maternity down jacket I Love Mum size M; sweatshirts H&M gray and blue size S, beautiful and comfortable; denim dress; denim shorts-overalls; belt for pregnant and postpartum 2pcs of different sizes for different periods. Clothes for the 2nd-3rd trimester of pregnancy, a down jacket for the 3rd trimester when the tummy is large. nine0005

Total, a huge set for a child for 25.000₽ and this is with a car seat, a high chair, a deck chair and a bunch of clothes and toys!

Only the first 8 items in the store cost ~40. 000₽, and there are several bodysuits for each month, panties, nipples, thermal bags and toys for the same amount.

Save 2-3 times!

Highchairs CAM | Transformer chair for children

An indispensable assistant in the family where a newborn has appeared - a high chair for feeding, playing and sleeping by CAM. Due to its versatility, reliability, compactness, ease of movement and many other advantages, such a chair will be necessary for your child from birth until the time when the baby learns independence. The Italian company Cam, which has been producing products for children thought out in every respect for more than 45 years with love and knowledge, offers a large selection of high chairs, both in terms of characteristics and design:

  • A range of high chairs that can be adjusted to your child's height;
  • New - portable highchair that can be easily installed on any chair.

Are you looking for a comfortable, reliable, high-quality chair for feeding and playing your baby? The CAM chair is indispensable!

Buying a stylish and comfortable highchair CAM, you get a faithful assistant not only for yourself and your baby, but, thanks to the quality and durability of the products of the famous Italian brand, it will also serve his younger brothers and sisters. nine0005

Age category. You don't have to wait for your baby to start sitting. The backrest unfolds almost to a horizontal position. From the age of one month, the baby can be safely left in the highchair and go about their business. And 3-year-old kids willingly play and eat in their favorite beautiful chair.

Security. The main feature of the CAM company is the safety and reliability of goods. It is provided with a stable design of chairs, soft rounded edges of the frame, several sets of seat belts (including five-point ones), clamps on the front legs of the chair, which exclude the possibility of its arbitrary movement. nine0005

Compact. When folded, the chairs are convenient to store and transport, because they fold and unfold very easily, they take up very little space.

Hygiene. A definite plus is the fact that the seat cover can be removed and washed, quickly and easily.

Versatility. The ability to adjust the height of the chair to the height of your baby or to the height of your dining, kitchen, or any other table in one simple movement.

Learn more