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12 Vegetable Only Baby Food Purees (Stages 1&2)

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by Michele Olivier on January 24, 2019 (updated Oct 20, 2019)

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5 stars (11 ratings)

These 12 Vegetable Only Baby Food Purees are a great way to introduce baby to the delicious flavors of vegetables from the very first bite! Recipes for both stage 1 and 2 purees – 6 months and up.

12 Vegetable Only Baby Food Purees

These homemade vegetable ONLY baby food purees are going to rock your little one’s world!

Don’t let vegetable only purees scare you (or your baby) off, these purees are beyond delicious and so easy to eat.

When just starting to feed baby, you can serve these vegetable only purees by themselves or along with your favorite baby cereal (this and this one are my favorite homemade baby cereal recipes).

These 12 Vegetable Only Purees for Baby are:
  • Creamy
  • Delicious
  • Cooked in a way to enhance the veggies natural flavor
  • Have added spices and herbs to compliment the vegetables flavor
  • Nutrient dense
  • Taste-tested and approved by my own kiddos

These purees are easy to make, freeze and defrost! But if you need more information on these topics then check this post – The Ultimate Guide on How to Make and Serve Homemade Baby Food.

Broccoli Baby Food

4.80 stars (68 ratings)

This Broccoli Baby Food with olive oil recipe is a great way to introduce healthy green vegetables into your baby's diet. A delicious puree full of essential vitamins and healthy fats for growing baby

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Roasted Root Veggies + Thyme Baby Food

5 stars (5 ratings)

This golden yellow puree is filled with roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and beets and sprinkled with a little olive oil and thyme for a delicious and healthy baby puree meal!

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Red Pepper Baby Puree

4. 88 stars (33 ratings)

This Red Pepper Baby Puree recipe is a smooth, creamy and naturally sweet puree that is loaded with vitamin A, B6 and C. Great for 4+ months and older (or stage 1 puree).

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Green Bean + Coconut Oil Organic Baby Food Puree

4.30 stars (41 ratings)

This Green Bean + Coconut Oil Baby Food recipe is a great healthy first food for baby! A yummy puree that is filled with healthy fats that are essential for growing baby.

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Pea Baby Puree (Stage One)

4.91 stars (80 ratings)

A delicious way to introduce peas to baby. Mild peas paired with a fresh hint of mint – a mouth-watering combo!

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Carrot, Corn & Pumpkin Baby Food Puree

5 stars (9 ratings)

This comforting fall flavored Carrot, Corn & Pumpkin will surly be a winner with baby’s expanding tastebuds. And since it is filled with nutrients that help boost baby’s eye, nerve, bone and brain development, it will be a winner with mom as well.

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Butternut Squash Baby Food

5 stars (30 ratings)

This homemade Roasted Butternut Squash Baby Food Puree not only contains calcium, folate, vitamins A and C and fiber but it is also a deliciously smooth way to introduce butternut squash to your baby!

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The Best Sweet Potato Baby Food

5 stars (53 ratings)

This Homemade Sweet Potato with Curry Baby Food Puree is a fun and exotic first puree for baby! Great for 4+ months and is completely freezer-friendly!

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5 stars (2 ratings)

This Asparagus + Mint baby food puree is a thick and creamy combination with a light and playful taste that leaves you wanting more more more!

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5 stars (1 rating)

Acorn Squash + Ginger baby food puree is simple to make and easy to eat! Baby will love the squash's mild flavor mixed with ginger for a little zip to waken up their taste buds.

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Carrot + Ginger Baby Food Puree

5 stars (8 ratings)

This Carrot + Ginger Baby Food recipe is a great first puree for baby! Smooth and mild tasting but with a fun zip from the ginger. Ginger is also great for calming an upset tummy.

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Best vegetarian recipe ideas for babies

Weaning babies can get all the energy and most of the nutrients they need on a vegetarian – or mainly vegetarian – diet, as long they're eating a well-balanced variety of foods, including eggs and cheese.

As your baby starts to eat more solid food and progresses on to 3 meals a day, though, it's worth knowing that because a vegetarian diet can be high in fibre, you child could feel 'full' before they have taken in enough calories and nutrients. The NHS advice is to offer plenty of high-calorie foods, such as hummus or full-fat yoghurt and to include lower-fibre carbs, such as white bread and rice, alongside wholemeal bread and wholegrain rice.

Here's our pick of the best vegetarian recipes for babies...

1. Butternut squash and carroty mash with thyme

A velvety combo of carrot, potato and squash, with a delicate touch of thyme. Works equally well with pumpkin or swede, instead of squash. Suitable from 6 months.

2. Courgette, pea and kale puree

Three gorgeous greens, blended to a smooth and tasty veggie puree. Suitable from 6 months.

3. Sweet potato and basil puree

Fresh basil leaves add a slightly peppery edge to this sweet and simple puree. Suitable from 6 months.

4. Tom Daley's boiled egg and avocado soldiers

A quick, nutritious finger-food meal. If you can stop yourself nibbling it first... Suitable from 6 months.

5. Sweetcorn and sweet potato pasta sauce

A lovely, cheesy 3-veg (there's cauliflower in there, too) sauce that's super-tasty with penne or farfalle pasta. Suitable from 6 months.

6. Cheesy broccoli and cauliflower puree

A properly gooey veg-and-cheese combo. Makes enough for 6 portions. Suitable from 7 months.

6. Aubergine and red pepper curry

A mild chuck-in-the-pan-and-simmer, baby-friendly vegetable curry. Suitable from 7 months.

8. Risotto with butternut squash

A gently textured baby dish, with tomatoes and cheese adding flavour to the squash and rice. Suitable from 8 months.

8. Cheesy sweetcorn fritters

Just the right size for small hands, these tasty fritters are great for encouraging self-feeding. Suitable from 8 months.

9. Chickpea and red pepper couscous

Couscous made with (low-salt) vegetable stock has a lovely subtle flavour that combines very tastily with chickpeas. Suitable from 8 months.

11. Baked sweet potato chunks

Finger-food par excellence, with a delicious dusting of paprika and herbs. Suitable from 8 months.

12. Vegetarian lentil cottage pie

A protein-packed, cheesy-potato-topped winner. Makes enough for 6 portions (or some grown-ups tucking in, too). Suitable from 8 months.

12. Meat-free spaghetti bolognese

Made with soya mince, mushrooms, carrots, onion, peppers, tomatoes, herbs – and a sprinkling of cheese. Suitable from 8 months.

13. Roasted vegetable kebabs

Chunks of fresh veg, marinated in lemon, pepper and oil and then oven-roasted: yum! Delicious cold the next day, too. Suitable from 9 months.

14. Mild vegetable korma

Five different veggies, gently spiced with curry paste, ginger, coconut and garlic. Suitable from 9 months.

15. Mini jacket potatoes with ratatouille

A super-nutritious multi-veg sauce that goes brilliantly with baked spuds– or even piled on toast slices. Suitable from 9 months.

15. Potato, carrot and courgette rosti

Lovely, grab-able grated-vegetable cakes. Suitable from 9 months.

16. Macaroni cheese with broccoli and cauliflower

A classic dish, with extra veggie heft. Makes enough for 8 portions. Suitable from 9 months.

17. Winter vegetable casserole

A tasty 5-veg stew, with a cheesy breadcrumb topping. Suitable from 9 months.

18. Baby dhal with pitta

Coriander, turmeric and cinnamon add a classic dahl flavour to sweet potato and red lentils. Suitable from 10 months.


Rigatoni with five-veg sauce

A Mediterranean green, yellow and red veg fest, topped off with a pinch of organo. Suitable from 10 months.

20. Tortilla (Spanish omelette)

This one's delicious hot or cold – and slices well into baby-finger-size strips for self-feeding. Suitable from 10 months.

21. Aubergine and tomato bake

A tasty 2-veg bake, with layers of melted mozzarella and a sprinkling of Cheddar on top. Suitable from 10 months.

22. Wholesome bean casserole

Kidney beans cooked with carrots, tomatoes, celery, onion and parsley. Lovely with a dollop of yoghurt or grated cheese on top. Suitable from 10 months.

23. Vegetarian nuggets

Broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, carrots and sweetcorn, packed into pick-up-able crispy-coated chunks. Suitable from 11 months.

24. Spinach and parmesan pasta

A little creme fraiche and lemon makes this simple iron-packed pasta dish taste creamy and special. Suitable from 11 months.

25. Vegetable lasagne with green lentils

A lovely lentilly version of the Italian classic, with mustard and cayenne pepper perking up the cheese sauce. Suitable from 11 months.

26. Vegetarian sausages

Onion and carrots rolled in a cheesy breadcrumb coating. Makes 8 large sausages, so you freeze some for another day. Suitable from 11 months.

27. Pepper, broccoli and cheese pasta bake

A super-easy, oven-baked dish, with mushrooms and tomatoes and a melted cheese topping. Suitable from 11 months.

28. Quesadilla fingers

Grilled peppers, cheese and sweetcorn, with a touch of chilli, deliciously squished between folded tortilla. Suitable from 11 months.

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    cabbage-cartel cutlets

    rice with zucchini and eggplant in a multicooker

    rice with zucchini and eggplant in a multicooker

    stewed cabbage in the sleeve


    Baby zucchini and pumpkin puree

    Baby zucchini and pumpkin puree

    Pumpkin and curd soufflé

    Pumpkin and curd soufflé

    Country-style pumpkin in a slow cooker

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    Pumpkin with apples in pots

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    Children's vegetable dishes

    Cooking for children: seven delicious vegetable dishes

    Vegetables should be included in the child's diet every day. But what if he strikes and stubbornly rejects these products? We offer to cook vegetable dishes for children, which even the most picky will not refuse.

    Golden zucchini

    Zucchini is one of the most popular vegetables, especially in baby food. It is great for making purees and soups. However, sometimes you can cook something more interesting, such as a casserole. Grate 2 zucchini and squeeze out the liquid. Mix them with grated carrots, 3 eggs and 150 g of sour cream. Gradually introduce 7-8 tbsp. l. flour, stirring the base with a whisk. You can lightly beat it with a mixer - so the casserole will turn out more airy. Pour the dough into a greased form and put in an oven preheated to 200 ° C for 45-50 minutes. This children's zucchini dish can be given to babies from 2 years old. For older children, grated cheese can be added to the dough.

    Cabbage instead of meat

    White cabbage also deserves a place in the children's diet. And so that the kids make friends with her faster, make vegetable cutlets. Scald with boiling water 500 g of cabbage leaves and pass through a meat grinder. We spread the minced cabbage in a pan with 10 g of butter and 3 tbsp. l. milk. We pour out 3 tbsp. l. semolina and simmer the mixture for 10 minutes. When the semolina swells, remove the pan from the heat. We combine the cabbage base with 1 egg and 2 tbsp. l. flour, beat into a homogeneous mass and form cutlets. Roll each in flour and bake for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C. With sour cream, this baby cabbage dish will disappear in half the time.

    Vitamin Pizza

    Children's cauliflower dishes are often not very popular with babies. But not vegetable pizza. Grind 400 g of raw cabbage in a blender and put it in the oven for 5 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C. Then cool it, drive in 1 egg, 2 tbsp. l. olive oil, 100 g grated cheese and a pinch of salt. From the resulting dough, roll out 2-3 cakes with a thickness of 5-7 mm and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C. Lightly coat them with tomato paste and lay out any vegetables and toppings that your children like best. Put the pizzas back in the oven for 5-7 minutes. Kids love pizza, and this variation will surely intrigue them.

    Variegated pudding

    Vegetable broccoli pudding is another interesting cabbage variation. We disassemble 100 g of cabbage into inflorescences. Grate the same amount of carrots and potatoes. Cut into cubes 1 yellow bell pepper, 150 g of ham. Pour boiling water over 30 g of oatmeal for 15 minutes. We combine them with broccoli, chopped vegetables and ham and lightly add. Lubricate the baking dish with oil, sprinkle with ground breadcrumbs and lay out the vegetable base. First, bake the pudding in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 °C. Then fill it with a mixture of 50 ml of milk, chicken eggs and 1 tsp. vegetable oil and return to the oven for 10 minutes. By the way, cabbage pudding can be put in a lunchbox for children, sending it to school.

    Surprise Potato

    Many children's potato dishes are loved by little ones. So that they do not become boring, sometimes you can surprise them with something unusual. For example, potato roll. Boil 400 g of peeled potatoes and 2 hard boiled eggs. Fry the chopped onion until translucent. Puree the potatoes with a blender, add 2 tsp. butter and a pinch of salt. We make a filling from eggs: finely chop and mix with bright vegetables, such as red pepper, green onions, cabbage, also finely chopped. We spread the puree on baking paper with a layer 4-5 mm thick, tamp the egg-onion filling on top and roll up the roll. We transfer it to a greased baking sheet, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and put it in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C. Even the pickiest little gourmets will appreciate this dish.

    Sunny soup

    When you want to diversify your child's menu, think about children's pumpkin dishes. Delicate pumpkin cream soup is exactly what the body needs in the fall. Cut into cubes 250 g of pumpkin pulp and 100 g of carrots. Pour the vegetables into boiling water and cook for 20-25 minutes until they soften.

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