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Baby Food Puree in Glass Jars



Puree Type

  1. Jar 39items
  2. Tub
  3. Pouch
  4. Natural 17items
  5. Organic 12items
  6. 1st Foods 13items
  7. 2nd Foods 22items
  8. 3rd Foods 8items


  1. Pregnancy
  2. Newborn
  3. Supported Sitter 12items
  4. Sitter 22items
  5. Crawler 8items
  6. Toddler
  7. Preschooler


  1. Apple 13items
  2. Apricot
  3. Avocado
  4. Banana 8items
  5. Beef 2items
  6. Blueberry 3items
  7. Carrot 8items
  8. Cereal
  9. Chicken 1item
  10. Corn 1item
  11. Green Bean 1item
  12. Ham 1item
  13. Kale 2items
  14. Mango 2items
  15. Oatmeal
  16. Pea 3items
  17. Peach 2items
  18. Pear 6items
  19. Pineapple 1item
  20. Pumpkin
  21. Raspberry 1item
  22. Rice 2items
  23. Spinach 2items
  24. Squash 2items
  25. Strawberry 3items
  26. Sweet Potato 4items
  27. Turkey 2items
  28. Zucchini 2items


  1. Colic
  2. Crying
  3. Fussiness
  4. Gas
  5. Mild Spit-Up
  6. Uncomfortable Poops
  7. Teething
  8. Vitamin D
  9. On the Go 2items
  10. Iron
  11. Starting Solids 2items
  12. Expanding Textures 5items
  13. Probiotics
  14. DHA
  15. Prebiotics/2’-FL HMO


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What the baby looks like now from the Gerber baby food package




November 29, 2017 09:21

Tags: Gerber Appearance Age Children History Food People0003

Some faces are familiar to us from childhood (or just familiar) through their image on food packages, such as the boy with Kinder Chocolate or the baby with Gerber baby food. Looking at them for many years, we forget that they are real people and now they look completely different. However, if about two decades have passed since the photograph of the boy was placed on Kinder chocolate, then the child from the Gerber logo this year is already 91 years old!

nine0018 We were all children once and/or fed them baby food

A source:

Baby food can be anything from banana puree to meat. Most importantly, it should be nutritious and safe.

Chances are you've seen Gerber baby food before, and if so, you know the picture of this baby

A source:

This cute face has graced Gerber baby food jars since 1928. Artist Dorothy Hope Smith submitted this sketch to a Gerber competition when the firm was looking for a new face for their advertising campaign.

Dorothy Hope Smith said that if her drawing won, she would finish it, but Gerber liked the sketch so much that they decided to use it as they got their hands on it. nine0003

Although Gerber only looked for a baby face for one ad campaign, this sketch quickly became the face of their brand

A source:

For years, the identity of the baby from the Gerber baby food jar has remained a mystery, but that hasn't stopped some people from coming up with their own guesses.

Some thought it was little Elizabeth Taylor, others thought it was actress Jane Seymour. nine0003

The company still uses images of this child on the packaging of its products

A source:

But despite the fact that the child on the package has not changed much, the real woman who posed for the original sketch has grown up a long time ago.

She celebrated her 91st birthday last week!

nine0006 A source:

Her name is Ann Turner Cook and you should see what she looks like now. There she is! Adult Baby Gerber!

A source:

Ann Turner Cooke is a mystery story writer and retired English teacher.

When she was 5 months old, Dorothy's neighbor sketched her for a Gerber competition. The rest you already know. nine0003

Gerber revealed the identity of their famous baby in 1978

A source:

Then Anna was 52 years old and she was officially declared the face of Gerber.

Thus, the face of the company was not some celebrity, but the most ordinary woman.

Anna's father was also quite famous

nine0006 A source:

Her father was a famous comic book artist named Leslie Turner, who created a series of comics called "Captain Easy" that ran for over 50 years.

Many users can still notice the resemblance to her childhood sketch.

Whatever it was, she took her place in history and it's amazing.

nine0006 A source:

A source:

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Tags: Gerber Appearance Age Children Stories Food People

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Baby vegetable puree: edible or inedible?

/ All materials

GOST not Decree

The tasting of vegetable puree was conducted by specialists who have devoted many years to the development of baby food. Their opinion can be trusted. But we want to warn you: it is impossible to guarantee that the child will like the same puree as the experts (rather, you should rely on your own taste). Much more important is compliance with safety requirements. And most of the samples we tested meet the standards. Most, but not all. nine0003

Let's deal with quality

Andrey Mosov, head of the expert department of NP Roskontrol, doctor:

“Such characteristics as sweetness, bitterness or “unexpressed taste” are subjective. Parents most often pay attention to the water content of the product. The presence of water in the composition of vegetable puree is not bad for the first feeding. You just need to understand that water is a cheaper raw material than a pumpkin.”

Irina Konokhova, leading expert of NP Roskontrol, doctor:

“Indeed, in most of the tested vegetable purees, the mass fraction of chlorides (i.e. salt) is 0. 2%, and in the Babushkino Lukoshko, Heinz and Semper purees it is 0.3%. Perhaps this is due to the higher natural content of sodium chloride in the feedstock, although it cannot be ruled out that salt was added. However, this intake of salt with complementary foods is acceptable, given the physiological need for sodium in children. The permissible mass fraction of chlorides in children's vegetable puree is 0.6%, and this figure is not exceeded in the tested samples. nine0134

How about sterility?

Let's start with the main thing: all samples meet the requirements of industrial sterility. Pesticides were not found in any of the samples, and all samples meet the standards in terms of nitrate content.

In addition, the puree was checked for the content of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural . It was not found in any of the samples.

All preservatives and sweeteners are prohibited in baby food. We checked the puree for the presence of sorbate, benzoate, sulfur dioxide (these are preservatives) and determined the mass concentration of sweeteners. Parents can be calm: no preservatives or sweeteners were found in the samples. nine0003

One in the jar, another on the label

Andrey Mosov, head of the expert department of NP Roskontrol, doctor:

in pumpkin puree should be 3.6% (in boiled pumpkin - 4.6%).

Summing up and drawing conclusions

Roskontrol experts noted that the manufacturer of puree Semper misleads the consumer about the presence of sugar in the composition. A mark "Bebivita" does not correspond to the actual product name - it is indicated in small print on the back of the label ("Complementary food product - mashed pumpkin and potatoes").

On puree “Spelyonok” , the inscription “enriched with vitamin C” is illegally placed: the actual mass fraction of ascorbic acid in this sample is four times less than indicated in the label. Plus, on all samples, except for Bebivita puree, information about the nutritional value in terms of carbohydrate content is distorted.

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