What is good baby shower food

37 Crowd-Pleasing Baby Shower Food Ideas

Planning a baby shower is lots of fun, especially when it comes to brainstorming food ideas. Whether you’re looking for food ideas that match your chosen baby shower theme or you’re just looking for quick, easy, and flavorful options that everyone will love, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our 37 baby shower food ideas, including savories, sweets, and thirst-quenching drinks.

9 Tips and Ideas for Planning a Baby Shower Menu

When planning a baby shower, you can be as creative as you like with the food ideas, but it’s also important to consider some practical aspects.

As the host, you’ll have a lot to take care of, including decorating the venue, so it’s good to plan food that is quick to make and easy to serve and eat.

Here are some tips to help you think about the types of food to choose, how to serve it, and more:

Savory Baby Shower Food Ideas

Whether you plan on having only finger foods or an entire menu at the baby shower, here are some ideas for the savory food:

Baby Shower Dessert Table Food Ideas

Besides having a baby shower cake as a centerpiece, you may want to have a dessert table with an assortment of other sweet offerings. Here are some ideas for crowd-pleasing sweets and desserts:


Beyond serving the usual wine spritzer or sparkling wine at the baby shower, consider some alcohol-free drinks, like mocktails, punch, and homemade sodas:

The Bottom Line

You’ll no doubt have lots of fun planning and serving the food for the mom-to-be’s baby shower.

If you’ve decided to prepare most of the food, round up some of the mom-to-be’s friends and family to help. Make it easier on yourself by using some store-bought elements, too. You could also make some of what’s on offer but ask each guest to bring a small plate to share.

Set up food and dessert tables so that guests can serve themselves buffet style, and stick to foods that aren’t too messy to eat while standing up and mingling.

If you have a set theme, you can tie the food into the theme by using colored frosting, or by piping lettering onto foods like “Oh, Baby!” Cookie cutters are your friend! Cut everything from brownies to sandwiches into shapes that match the theme. You can also connect the food and drinks to the theme based on the colors you choose for the straws, napkins, and cupcake liners.

Having a chocolate fondue fountain or a soda bar can create an interactive element that guests will love.

Have fun with it! Your options are endless, and you might find you really get into it once you get started. And, always remember, no matter what food and drinks you serve, your guests — especially the guest of honor — will really appreciate your efforts and thoughtfulness.

While you’re here, check out our baby shower checklist to double-check that you’ve covered everything for the upcoming event.

25 Perfect Baby Shower Food Ideas on a Budget – Instacart

Throwing a fun, memorable party to celebrate the new arrival in your life doesn’t have to break the bank. You can decorate a party or backyard and prepare a tasty menu affordably without compromising on quality—it just takes planning. If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, these baby shower food ideas on a budget will get the ball rolling.

How to throw a baby shower on a budget

Before we get into baby shower food ideas, these are our cost-cutting tips for throwing a wonderful baby shower on a budget.

1. Don’t host at mealtimes

If you host a baby shower at mealtimes, you’ll have to serve full meals, which can be expensive. Instead, throw your baby shower between meals, so you can serve only appetizers and sweet snacks. 2 p.m. is a popular time for these events.

2. Keep a pared-down guest list

On average, guests eat around 5 pieces of food at baby showers. The more people you invite, the costlier the event will be.

3. Ask guests to bring food or drinks

If you still want a full party but can’t afford to feed everyone, ask your guests to bring over food or drinks. It will be a baby-shower-meets-potluck type of event, which can be a lot of fun.

4. Choose local, seasonal ingredients

The cheapest food for a baby shower is the one that’s local and in season. Research what fresh produce is cheapest, then come up with recipes using those ingredients.

Following a themed menu can help you pinch pennies. For example, if you’re using chicken for 1 appetizer, make sure to include it in another snack. This way, you don’t have to buy as many ingredients and end up saving money.

6. Ditch the fully stocked bar

Choose just 1 or 2 drinks to serve—preferably non-alcoholic for baby showers. No need to keep a handful of spirits and mixers on hand.

7. Make your own decorations

DIY the décor using things you already have at home. Visiting a thrift store can also help you throw a stylish baby shower for cheap.

Affordable appetizers for a baby shower

Plate up these tasty, budget-friendly appetizers for your guests.

1. Ham and cheese sliders

Ham and cheese sliders are simple, easy to make, and affordable.

2. Pulled pork buns

Pulled pork sliders are also a popular snack for baby showers. Don’t skip out on the barbecue sauce.

3. Turkey cheddar hot pinwheels

With pre-made pizza dough, deli turkey slices, and cheddar cheese, you can make this comforting finger food.

4. Tomato and broccoli mini quiches

Quiches are sophisticated but surprisingly cheap to make. For this version, use ripe sliced tomatoes and broccoli florets for the filling.

5. Hummus and roasted veg toast

Spread homemade or storebought hummus on toasted bread and top with an assortment of roasted veggies.

6. Build-your-own chili

If you’re looking for a more filling snack, chili is the way to go. Let your guests add their own toppings.

7. Potato skins with bacon

Hollowed-out baked potatoes, bacon, and sour cream make the perfect appetizer. It’s easy to eat and packed with flavor.

8. Summer pasta salad

For something lighter, serve individual portions of pasta salad. Toss fusilli and whatever veggies are in season in olive oil and a pinch of salt.

9. Deep-fried pickles

Pickles are a popular satisfying snack among many moms-to-be. Set out a plate of deep-fried pickles with ranch dressing on the side.


Babies in a blanket

Give pigs in a blanket a twist. Wrap the dough around the sausage so it looks like a swaddled baby and add chocolate sprinkles for the eyes.

11. Grape jelly wieners

Toss smokies in a grape jelly and ketchup mixture, then serve on toothpicks.

12. Barbecue meatballs

Another hearty appetizer, meatballs doused in barbecue sauce are a crowd-pleaser.

13. Tater tot casserole

Tater tot casserole is pretty inexpensive to make. Use a blend of affordable cheeses to take this comfort food to the next level.

14. Chicken salad sandwiches

Spread chicken salad on soft white sandwich bread and serve with an olive and a toothpick on top.

15. Pesto chicken tea sandwiches

Grilled chicken and basil pesto is another great combination. Cut the sandwiches into quarters so they’re easier to eat.

16. Hamburger meat empanadas

Pie crust and hamburger meat can be turned into delicious empanadas. Salsa makes for a great dipping sauce.

17. Cheese pizza bites

Make finger food pizza bites using a cupcake tin, pizza dough, pizza sauce, and shredded cheese.

Cheap desserts and treats for baby showers

What’s a party without something sweet? These cheap recipes for a baby shower will satisfy your sweet tooth without going over budget.

1. Gendered rice crispy treats

Rice crispy treats are cheap to make. They only call for margarine, marshmallows, and puffed rice. Add red or blue food dye for a gendered twist.

2. Carrot cupcakes

Not into gender-themed desserts? You will probably love carrot cupcakes. Making your own is cheaper than getting it from the store—and surprisingly easy!

3. Fruit on a skewer

Pierce a skewer through pieces of fruit for a healthy snack. Grapes, banana, strawberry, apple—whatever is in season.

4. Caramel apples

In the fall, when apples are abundant, caramel apple slices hit the spot. 

5. Waffle bites

Waffle mix is inexpensive, so why not make waffle bites? Cut a waffle into fourths and top with fruits, caramel, or chocolate.

6. Decorated sugar cookies

Take sugar cookies to the next level by decorating them. All you’ll need is icing, food dye, and a piping bag.

7. Ice cream sundaes

Sundaes are perfect for summer baby showers. Choose 1 ice cream flavor and let your guests pick their toppings—pretzels, caramel drizzle, and chocolate chips are just some of the options.

8. S’mores bar

Set up a s’mores bar for a DIY dessert. You’ll need graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Don’t forget skewers and a few candles.

Save time and money with a little help from a friend

You probably have a clearer picture of what you’ll serve at your budget-friendly baby shower, right? Now comes the fun part: creating invites, making a playlist, and decorating the space. What’s not so fun is doing the grocery runs—but, fortunately, you can leave that to Instacart. Order everything you need with just a few clicks and focus on the party. You may also want to check out current deals from our retailers.

Grab it now on Instacart:


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where and how to get what they give in dairy cuisine in Moscow and the regions

Yulia Shubina

refused dairy cuisine

Author profile

In Russia, expectant mothers and families with children can receive free products.

Each subject has its own rules. I received kits at a dairy kitchen in Moscow - I'll tell you who usually gets help and how to get it in different regions.

What is a dairy kitchen?

The forerunners of the dairy kitchen were centers called "A Drop of Milk" where they gave out food for premature babies. They appeared in the Russian Empire in 1901 year.

Dairy kitchen - Big Medical Encyclopedia

There are more such organizations in the USSR. Dairy kitchens helped save the lives of many children during the Second World War: then they began to offer additional food, including to full-term babies. They continued to do so after the war.

Today there is no concept of "dairy cuisine" in Russian legislation. But there is a guarantee: according to the doctor, children under three years old, pregnant and lactating women must be provided with food. What to give and to what extent - the leadership of each region decides independently.

Art. 52 of the Law "On the Basics of Protecting the Health of Citizens in the Russian Federation"

How to get free food in Moscow

Only people with a Moscow residence permit can use dairy cuisine in Moscow. Here are the people who will be given food:

  1. pregnant and lactating women;
  2. formula-fed or formula-fed children under 6 months;
  3. children from 6 months to 3 years;
  4. children under 7 from large families;
  5. children under 15 with chronic diseases: glomerulonephritis, hemoblastosis, malignant neoplasms;
  6. disabled children under 18 years of age.

Regulation on the provision of free food for certain categories of children and women who are residents of the city of Moscow

But you can’t just go to the dairy kitchen for food: first you need to get a prescription from a doctor. For this, pregnant women need to contact the antenatal clinic, in all other cases, the prescription will be issued at the children's clinic where the child is assigned.

To confirm the right to receive products, the antenatal clinic or polyclinic will ask you to submit documents. They will need to be brought only once, after which all the necessary information will already be in the system. Here's what you need:

  1. Pregnant woman's passport or child's birth certificate together with the passport of either parent.
  2. Compulsory health insurance policy for a pregnant woman or child.
  3. Certificate of registration of a child in Moscow (form 8), pregnant women will need to show the registration page in their passport instead.
  4. If the child is under guardianship, you will additionally need a document confirming the establishment of guardianship.
  5. If the child is older than 3 years, you will need to confirm his benefits: a certificate of a large family, a certificate from a medical and social examination, or a medical certificate confirming the presence of a chronic disease will do.

They will also ask you to fill out an application for receiving products: a ready-made form will be provided at the clinic, you only need to sign it.


Benefits for families with many children in Moscow until the 10th day of the month. It was tiresome.

Now everything has changed: a doctor issues a benefit once through the EMIAS system and information about it is automatically transferred to the dairy kitchen until it expires. For example, this happens when a pregnant woman gives birth to a child or he reaches the age of three. Now you can go to the dairy kitchen right away, without wasting time getting a prescription from a doctor and without worrying about what date is on the calendar.

Where to go with a prescription

Each clinic has its own dairy kitchen - food packages will need to be received there. Sometimes several points are assigned to one clinic - then parents are offered to choose. You can find out what milk distribution points are in your area using the map on the Gormedtekhnika portal.

Those who come to buy food for the first time are assigned a number by the dairy kitchen staff. It must be remembered and called every time to get a set. Nothing critical will happen if the parents forget the number and instead ask to find a set by the child's last name, but it is more convenient for the kitchen staff to work with him.

Dairy kitchens usually distribute visitors by day of the week. In some kitchens, employees ask parents when it is more convenient for them to come for kits, while in others they appoint themselves: for example, they give out kits for pregnant women on Mondays, and for children under six months on Wednesdays. This rule is also not strict: if you miss the right day, you can safely come for a set on another.


How much does a baby cost in the first year? We did not encounter this: even at the end of the month, my husband easily received a full set of products for 30 days.

Dairy kitchens in the capital are open from 06:30 to 15:00 from Monday to Saturday. From 12:30 to 13:00 - lunch break.

To receive food, you will need to show your passport or other identification document - the husband usually shows the rights. According to the rules, dairy kitchens give out food packages only to parents, and if you need someone else to receive them, you need to issue a power of attorney. In reality, you can agree with the employees: sometimes my brother got the dairy kitchen and no one asked for additional papers - I think the point is that we have the same last name with him.

Before you go to the dairy kitchen, think about how you will collect food. We had to take a taxi, and other parents came with hiking backpacks: a set for a child of 6-12 months for 30 days weighs about 10 kg.

What foods are given in Moscow? Mothers are given juice and milk, and babies are given supplementary or complementary foods, depending on their age. These can be mixtures, canned purees, instant cereals and similar juices and milk, as for mothers.

Regulation on the provision of free food for certain categories of children and women who are residents of the city of MoscowPDF, 653 KB

To whom they give What is How much per month
Formula-fed infants 0-3 months Powdered and liquid milk formulas 5.5 kg
Formula-fed babies 4 months old Powdered and liquid milk mixtures, fruit juice, fruit puree 7.9 kg
Formula-fed babies 5 months old Dry and liquid milk mixtures, fruit juice, vegetable puree, dry porridge, fruit puree 9. 8 kg
Children 6 months on any type of feeding Dry and liquid mixtures, fruit juice, dry porridge, vegetable puree, fruit puree 7.3 kg
Children 7-8 months Dry and liquid mixtures, children's cottage cheese, fruit juice, dry porridge, vegetable puree, fruit puree, meat puree with vegetables, meat puree 9.9 kg
Children 9-12 months Dry and liquid mixtures, children's cottage cheese, kefir, fruit juice, dry porridge, vegetable puree, fruit puree, meat puree with vegetables, meat puree 12.3 kg
Children 1-2 years old Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, fruit puree, fruit juice 9.8 kg
Children 2-3 years old Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, fruit puree, fruit juice 8.4 kg
Pregnant Fruit juice, milk 12.9L
Nursing Milk, fruit juice 16. 2 L
Children from large families, disabled children Milk 18 l

children 0-3 months on artificial feeding


Dry and liquid milk mixtures


5.5 kg

children 4 months old 4 months on artificial feeding 9000 9000


Sukhaya dry and liquid milk formulas, fruit juice, fruit puree

Volume per month

7.9 kg

Children 5 months on artificial feeding

, fruit puree 9Ol000 7.3 kg

Children 7-8 months


Dry and liquid mixtures, baby cottage cheese, fruit juice, dry porridge, vegetable puree, fruit puree, meat puree with vegetables, meat puree

90 903

volume for a month

12.3 kg

children 1-2 years old

What are

Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, fruit puree, fruit juice



children 2-3 years


Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, fruit puree, fruit juice


8. 4 kg



Fruit juice, milk


12.9 l



Milk, fruit juice

volume for a month

16.2 l

children from large families, children with disabilities






Free food for 11 months baby for 30 days

My experience of getting food in a dairy kitchen

I started getting free food when I was pregnant. I was observed at the antenatal clinic by registration, so I was given a prescription for the nearest dairy kitchen. But due to the fact that I live in a different area, getting groceries was inconvenient. They found a way out quickly: my younger brother began to call for boxes. The products remained with him: I didn’t really need them.

When our daughter was born, we assigned her to a polyclinic in our place of residence. They began to receive recipes for a dairy kitchen near the house. As a nursing mother, I was given juice and milk. I did not plan to take these products, but my brother liked them. Therefore, we used the recipe.


How to introduce complementary foods to children

Later, I learned that in the first six months we were also given a dairy kitchen for our daughter: she was mixed-fed. But for some reason, the pediatrician did not report this. True, this fact did not upset me much: I fed my daughter with Nutrilon Comfort, they are not given out in sets. And we would not change the mixture just to get it for free: for a baby, this is fraught with digestive problems.

What purees, juices and mixtures did they give us? I read the advice of pediatricians on Instagram and decided, at least at first, to follow the composition of baby food. I didn’t want fanaticism in food, but mashed potatoes without unnecessary components were important to me. Therefore, in the first month of complementary foods, I carefully chose jars of mashed potatoes, which we bought with our own money.

From 6 months we began to receive dairy products. I was pleasantly surprised: there was nothing superfluous in the compositions. Therefore, for six months we actively used the food that was given to us. Monthly managed to save 1000-2000 R.

up to 2000 R

we saved on baby food

The variety of canned purees in the dairy kitchen pleased me. First, they gave the classic trio of vegetables that are recommended to start complementary foods with: broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini from Agushi. True, I didn’t really like the Agusha zucchini: it was too liquid and it was inconvenient to feed a child with it. Later, carrots and pumpkins of the same brand were added - with excellent composition and consistency.

Meat puree was also varied: the sets included poultry, beef, and veal. From 9months, jars of “chicken and vegetables” and “beef and vegetables” began to be issued. My daughter still eats this, despite the fact that she mostly prefers a common table. By the way, for some reason, there were no fish in the set from the dairy kitchen, although the pediatrician's memo said that fish should be introduced from 10-11 months.

Meat puree from the dairy kitchen had a good composition. True, the smell was not very appetizing, but my daughter ate with pleasure

Fruit puree was also given out by Agusha. The compositions were good, the tastes were different: we came across an apple, a pear, a peach. When my daughter got older, they began to give puree from several fruits and berries, for example, "apple, cherry, blueberry."

In addition, the set contained a mixture of two types: dry and liquid. We refused the liquid mixture: my daughter ate another, and in the kitchen they gave the same Agusha. The liquid mixture was packed in a separate box, so the husband immediately said: “We don’t take this.” We gave Nestogen dry mix to friends.


Corn flakes and "children's menu": what not to feed a child

My daughter fell in love with Agusha cottage cheese: she liked trying to eat from plastic packaging on her own.

What I didn't like about the dairy kitchen

First of all, the composition of some of the products that were given out on a monthly basis was contrary to the recommendations for complementary foods.

National program for optimizing the feeding of children in the first year of life in the Russian Federation - methodological recommendations of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, p. The documents indicated that the products were issued in accordance with the age marking of the manufacturer, but in our case this did not always coincide with reality.

For example, milk porridges were not recommended until 9 months of age. In fact, we began to receive instant cereals with powdered milk from 7 months. Even the pediatrician did not advise giving fruit juice until a year old. And we began to receive it from 6 months - as a result, adults drank the juice from us.

Feeding and nutrition of infants and young children - guidelines for the WHO European RegionPDF, 1. 28 MB0003

Secondly, cereals included fructose and milk powder. Rospotrebnadzor does not recommend introducing sugar up to a year. And WHO recommends to refrain from cow's milk in favor of breast milk, as cow's milk is too rich in protein and sodium.

We started getting milk porridge "Agusha" from 8 months. Unlike other products, its composition was not perfect

Thirdly, did not contain mashed potatoes with chunks in the packages. This was a little depressing: it is recommended to start introducing pieces from 9-10 months.

But in the end, I understand that mashing food with a fork is much easier than making a full-fledged puree on your own. In addition, I know that in other regions the level of support for the authorities is significantly lower compared to Moscow. So I was grateful for what I have.

Why did we end up giving up free products

This happened simultaneously for two reasons. The first - by the year my daughter switched to a common table. The second - a set of products for children from the age of one did not suit her.

For example, I try to give cow's milk and juices as treats, the rest of the time she drinks water. My daughter prefers grained cottage cheese and ordinary cereals to dry cereals and children's creamy cottage cheese: she likes to eat them with her hands or with a spoon. I never add sugar to buckwheat or rice - purchased cereals cannot boast of this.

The only thing that could really be useful to us from the set for children from one year old is Agusha kefir, it has a good composition. But they give a lot of it, and the shelf life is short. On the one hand, this is good: it means that there are no preservatives in kefir, with which ultra-pasteurized milk is stored for months. But on the other hand, we had to drink kefir with the whole family until it got spoiled.


I feed my family with farm products and save money

In addition, it was simply unprofitable to force my husband to go to the dairy kitchen for one yogurt.

How are things going with free meals in the regions

Each region independently determines what products, to whom and in what quantities to provide. In some regions, payments are assigned instead of products.

You can usually find out if there is a dairy kitchen in the region and who is entitled to it, usually at the children's clinic or social security departments. I will tell you about how things are in several large regions.

Moscow region. Dairy cuisine has been canceled in the Moscow Region. You can get money instead. The amount of the monthly cash payment in 2022:

  1. Pregnant women - 400 R.
  2. Nursing mothers - 1000 R.
  3. Children from 0 to 1 years old on artificial or mixed feeding - 1000 to 9003 years old Children from
  4. years old on artificial or mixed feeding - 600 R.

Decree of the Government of the Moscow Region dated November 26, 2019No. 868/41

If a woman has several children, she will receive payments for pregnant and lactating women in a single amount. If there are several children and they are formula fed, then a monthly cash payment is provided for each child.

Appointment of a monthly cash payment for food - the portal of public services of the Moscow region

St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg there is neither a dairy kitchen nor compensation. But there is a "children's" card - it receives regional payments and benefits: for example, a one-time compensation payment for the birth of a child or a monthly allowance for a child up to one and a half years. You can only spend money on baby products in certain stores, including baby food.

Rules for using a "children's" card - St. Petersburg public services portal

You can order a card together with a one-time payment at the birth of a child. This is done online on the public services website or through the MFC. The card will be ready within three months, the service is free. You will need a passport to get it.

Nizhny Novgorod. Dairy products are distributed only to low-income families until the child is 2 years old. In order to receive food for children under one year old, the average per capita income of a family should not exceed two living wages, and if the child is from one to two years old, the average per capita income must be less than one living wage.

Regulations on the procedure for providing adequate nutrition for children under the age of 3 through special nutrition points (dairy kitchens) according to the opinion of doctors in the city district of Nizhny Novgorod

What products are distributed in Nizhny Novgorod

is issued
What is How much per month
Children under 5 months Dry mix 3.5 kg
Children 6-7 months Dry milk porridge, dry mix, cottage cheese. By prescription, kefir 4.13 kg + 12 liters of kefir
Children 8-12 months, depending on doctor's prescription Dry milk porridge, dry mix, cottage cheese 6 kg + 12 l kefir
Children 1-2 years old Dry milk porridge, cottage cheese 2 kg + 13. 2 l kefir
Children 2-3 years old Dry milk porridge, cottage cheese 1.9 kg + 13.2 l kefir

Children up to 5 months


Dry mixture


3.5 kg

children 6–7 months

LUCK MARE MARRY, dry mixture, cottage cheese, cottage cheese . Kefir is dispensed by doctor's prescription

Volume per month

4.13 kg + 12 liters of kefir

Children 8-12 months old, depending on the doctor's prescription


Dry milk, dry mixture, cottage cheese

volume per month

6 kg+ 12 l kefira

children 1-2 years old


dry milk porridge, cottage cheese

volume for month

2 kg+ 13.2 l kefira

children 2-3 years old


Dry milk porridge, cottage cheese


1. 9 kg+ 13.2 l kefira

9020 Kaluga region. Children of the first year of life on artificial and mixed feeding receive free meals. For children from 2 to 3 years old, the poor are paid compensation - up to 500 R.

Explanations on the provision of adequate nutrition for children of the first year of life who are artificially and mixed-fed - the official portal of the authorities of the Kaluga region you can apply if the income per family member does not exceed the regional subsistence minimum by more than 1,000 rubles.

What products are distributed in the Kaluga region

To whom they give What is To what extent
Children under 6 months Dry mix It is not known exactly, at the rate of 900 R per month per child
Children 6-12 months Dry mix, dry porridge It is not known exactly, at the rate of 900 R per month per child

Children under 6 months


Dry mixture

volume for a month

It is not known exactly, at the rate of 900 r per month per child

children 6-12 months

What are

Dry mix, dry porridge


, at the rate of 900 R per month per child

In Bashkiria. Products are provided to orphans, as well as children, lactating and pregnant women from low-income families. You can get a dairy kitchen if the family income per person does not exceed 10,015 R.

Dairy cuisine of the Republic of Bashkiria

Provision of specialized food for pregnant women and nursing mothers - Republican Center for Social Support of the Population

What products are distributed in Bashkiria

What is How much per month
Pregnant Dry formula for pregnant women 2 kg
Lactating Dry formula for nursing 1 kg
Children under 6 months Powdered formula or specialty formula for medical indications 0.75 kg
Children 6-8 months Dry or specialized mix for medical indications, dry porridge, cottage cheese 2 kg
Children 8-12 months Dry or specialized mixture for medical indications, dry porridge, milk, kefir, cottage cheese 2 kg + 6. 5 l milk and kefir
Children 1-2 years old Dry porridge, cottage cheese, milk, kefir 2 kg + 16.4 l milk and kefir
Children 2-3 years old Curd, milk, kefir 1.1 kg + 16.6 liters of milk and kefir



Pregnancy powder

Monthly volume

2 kg



Dry mixture for feeders

volume for a month

1 kg

children up to 6 months


Dry mix or specialized mixture for medical reasons


0.75 kg

Children 6-8 months


Dry or specialized formula for medical indications, dry porridge, cottage cheese

Monthly volume

2 kg

Children 8-12 months


Dry or specialized mixture for medical reasons, Sukhaya, milk, kefir porridge, cottage cheese


2 kg+ 6. 5 l of milk and kefir

1-2 years old

What is

Sukhaya, cottage cheese, milk, kefir

volume for a month

2 kg+ 16.4 l milk and kefir

children 2-3 years old

cottage , milk, kefir

Monthly volume

1.1 kg + 16.6 liters of milk and kefir


  1. Provision of food for pregnant and lactating women on the conclusion of a doctor, as well as children under 3 years old - a state guarantee. But the specific conditions of the program depend on the region.
  2. Moscow provides food packages: pregnant and lactating women - juices and milk, infants under six months on artificial or mixed feeding - milk formulas, and older children - cereals, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, kefir and juices.
  3. To get food, you need to go to the antenatal clinic or children's clinic for a prescription. To do this, you will need to bring documents: a child's birth certificate, a parent's passport, confirmation of Moscow registration and a compulsory medical insurance policy.
  4. After 3 years, children from large families can receive baby food - up to 7 years, children with some chronic

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We are not this body

Perhaps each of us is this body?

Let's do a little practical experience. Take a photo of yourself, say, ten years ago. You will see that the body is no longer what it used to be. Scientists have proven that all body cells are completely renewed every five years, so your current body does not have any of the cells that were in this photo. The body you see in the photo no longer exists. And you continue to exist. Even in this life, we travel from the body of a child to the body of an adult, and then to the body of an old man. We continue to exist even after the death of our earthly shell. That means we are not this body.

In yoga philosophy we find a very precise definition:

“Just as the soul passes from a child’s body to a youthful one and then to an old one, so after death it passes into another body…”
Bhagavad Gita, 2.13

Just as the soul passes from a child's body into a youthful one and then into an old one, so after death it passes into another body ...

We are not the mind

Then, perhaps, we are our mind? But this is also a mistake, because each of us from time to time makes an effort to control and manage our mind. Mind is our subtle material body. The gross material body of flesh and blood covers the soul like an outer garment, and the mind covers the soul like underwear.

We are the eternal soul

If we are not the gross physical body and the mind, what are we? We are soul, and our essence is spirit, not matter. The soul is immortal and exists forever. The body is only a vehicle. When it fails, the soul leaves the gross material body and continues its existence.

Getting a new body

What happens after the soul leaves the body?

If the soul realizes the Supreme Soul, then it goes back to the Spiritual Dimension, its real home. There, where there are no material bodies, birth and death, there is no suffering.

But if the soul does not fully realize the Supreme Personality, it retains material desires to enjoy this world, attachments, as well as karmic reactions, it receives a new material shell. That is, he takes off his old clothes and puts on new ones.

Connection between old and new bodies

How does the soul move into a new body? This process happens gradually. The subtle material body, our mind, connects the present life with the next. When the soul leaves the gross material body of flesh and blood, the subtle material body remains. The desire and attachments that we develop throughout life remain in our mind. On their basis, the next gross material body is formed.

This is how this process is described in yoga philosophy:

“Before the caterpillar crawls from one leaf to another, it clings to the leaf it is crawling on. Likewise, a living being, before leaving the current body, must receive a new one, which is determined by its activities in this life. The reason for this lies in the material desires that are in the mind of the living entity.
Srimad-Bhagavatam, 4.29.76-77

Before a caterpillar crawls from one leaf to another, it clings to the leaf it is crawling on. Likewise, a living being, before leaving the current body, must receive a new one, which is determined by its activities in this life. The reason for this lies in the material desires that are in the mind of the living being.0003

Why do we reincarnate?

The reason is simple - the desire to receive pleasure. This requires a material body with its sense organs. And as long as we want it, we will get new shells, one after another.

Why do we get a certain type of body?

The soul can move into the body of a person, animal and even a plant. We get the next body according to our desires and our mentality. The mind is like the nucleus around which our next gross material body is formed. The subtle body is a pattern or form, the gross body takes its form in accordance with the pattern.

For example, there are 4 basic needs: food, sleep, sex and self-defence. It is they who direct life in the animal world. And a person has another important need - the need for self-awareness. But if a person does not engage in self-consciousness, satisfies only the needs of the animal level, then he reincarnates into the body of an animal.

The soul receives the next body depending on the state of consciousness at the time of death. That is, our thoughts at this critical moment lead us to a new body. After all, in such a situation we will think about the most expensive.

Yes, someone who is overly attached to surfing can be born in the body of a dolphin or a shark. One who constantly thinks about hang-gliding can be born in the body of a bird. That is, nature gives the soul a body in which to better satisfy its desires. Don't worry - your hobby won't necessarily lead you into the body of an animal - it all depends on how much pleasure a person experiences from a certain activity, and how important this activity is in life.

Karma and the formation of the subtle body

There is another important factor of reincarnation — karma. Karma means action, and every action has a consequence. This is how karmic reactions are formed, according to which in the future body we will enjoy or suffer. There is such a circle: the level of our consciousness is manifested in actions, and actions form our consciousness.

We can engage in activities that will lead us to the perfect realization of the Supreme Person, bring us back to the Spiritual dimension. Or, on the contrary, it will develop the consciousness of an animal, and we will get a corresponding body.

Contemplation and reincarnation

What a person sees during his life influences his consciousness and his future births. When the mind contemplates objects of sense pleasure, it becomes overwhelmed with material desires. From these desires, a subtle material body is formed, and from it a gross physical body.

Therefore it is very difficult to get out of the wheel of birth and death. A mind overflowing with desires pushes us to seek sense gratification. And it gives rise to new desires and reinforces old ones. This can go on indefinitely.

What is the value of the human form of life?

Only the human form gives the soul a chance to achieve perfection, because we have the possibility of self-consciousness and meaningful spiritual search. We can become interested in the Absolute Truth and realize our relationship with It. Therefore, we need to strive to achieve spiritual perfection so as not to lose this wonderful chance.

And it's very easy to lose him. And this happens to most people. Take a look around - our civilization is literally obsessed with food, sleep, sex and defense, and this is a direct path to animal life. Nature gives us what we want. Why do we need a human body if we do not want self-consciousness and spiritual development?

Is reincarnation desirable?

We may think that living in this material world is not so bad. Here you can enjoy life after life. But this is an illusion, because after pleasure comes suffering associated with a temporary material body. Wherever we are born, in the material world, in the heavenly or hellish planets, everywhere we will feel the pain of birth, disease, old age and death. Whatever type of body we get, we will suffer in it.

And this is natural, because we are spirit souls, and our real home is the Spiritual World.

This world was created so that spiritual beings could fulfill their desire to be the center and enjoy separately from the Creator. But the Creator left us the opportunity to return to Him, giving this world the temporality of existence and suffering.

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