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Puree Type


  1. Pregnancy
  2. Newborn
  3. Supported Sitter 25items
  4. Sitter 94items
  5. Crawler 9items
  6. Toddler 23items
  7. Preschooler



  1. Colic
  2. Crying
  3. Fussiness
  4. Gas
  5. Mild Spit-Up
  6. Uncomfortable Poops
  7. Teething
  8. Vitamin D
  9. On the Go 43items
  10. Iron 1item
  11. Starting Solids 15items
  12. Expanding Textures 10items
  13. Probiotics 1item
  14. DHA
  15. Prebiotics/2’-FL HMO


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Puree Type


  1. Pregnancy
  2. Newborn
  3. Supported Sitter 6items
  4. Sitter 26items
  5. Crawler 8items
  6. Toddler 18items
  7. Preschooler 1item


  1. Apple 21items
  2. Apricot
  3. Avocado 3items
  4. Banana 19items
  5. Beef
  6. Blueberry 6items
  7. Carrot 16items
  8. Cereal 3items
  9. Chicken
  10. Corn 3items
  11. Green Bean
  12. Ham
  13. Kale 3items
  14. Mango 10items
  15. Oatmeal 12items
  16. Pea 2items
  17. Peach 4items
  18. Pear 4items
  19. Pineapple 1item
  20. Pumpkin 1item
  21. Raspberry 7items
  22. Rice 1item
  23. Spinach 5items
  24. Squash 3items
  25. Strawberry 10items
  26. Sweet Potato 2items
  27. Turkey
  28. Zucchini 1item


  1. Colic
  2. Crying
  3. Fussiness
  4. Gas
  5. Mild Spit-Up
  6. Uncomfortable Poops
  7. Teething 2items
  8. Vitamin D
  9. On the Go 26items
  10. Iron 2items
  11. Starting Solids
  12. Expanding Textures 3items
  13. Probiotics
  14. DHA
  15. Prebiotics/2’-FL HMO


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Project of Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation "Healthy nutrition"

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Healthy food (2324)

Useful products (934)

Seasonal meals (159)

Star Opinion (66)

Expert advice (692)

Healthy habits (420)

Lose weight without harm to health (48)

Diets (39)

Health (165)

Simple-Useful-Affordable (98)

Children's nutrition (352)

Nutrition 60+ (70)

Nutrition and sports (13)

Useful tips (78)

Food formula (107)

Russian superfoods (15)

Master classes (173)

Healthy Gastro Tourism (90)

Drinks (97)

Rospotrebnadzor recommends (257)

Pregnancy (20)

Star Dish (5)

Chef's Dish (148)

Video (175)

Nutrition video tutorials (18)

Vitamins (79)

Hot (306)

Desserts (173)

Food for immunity (66)

Snacks (231)

Cereals (58)

Overweight (25)

Expert opinion (22)

Young mother (6)

Dairy products (35)

Cartoons (24)

Meat (116)

Vegetables (310)

Festive dishes (64)

RPP (52)

Fish (111)

Salads (192)

Seasonal dishes (49)

Family Meals (48)

Sweets (41)

Tips for parents (59)

Sauces (57)

Soups (183)

Nutrition lessons (107)

Fast food (19)

Fruit (93)

School meals (71)


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05. 12.2022

Healthy nutrition Rospotrebnadzor recommends

Simple, useful, affordable: proper nutrition for the health and well-being of Russians

On December 6 at 12:00 an online conference will be held, organized by the Rospotrebnadzor Healthy Nutrition project and the Komsomolskaya Pravda media group.


Healthy foodHealthy foodChildren's nutrition canteens, where expert information on healthy eating for schoolchildren will be available.


Healthy nutritionHealthy habits

All-Russian hotline for the quality and safety of children's goods for the New Year launched

Parents will be able to receive a consultation from 5 to 16 December 2022.


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Healthy eating Children's nutrition Rospotrebnadzor recommends

Rospotrebnadzor recommends: sweet New Year's gifts

The New Year is coming soon and many people want to please their children with sweet New Year's gifts.

Festive dishes

What products for the New Year's table can be bought in advance

There is still a month before the New Year, but you can already plan a festive feast. We tell you how to save time and effort, save money and prepare for the holiday without too much haste.

Expert advice Useful tips

How not to get confused with the dates on the packaging: tips for the consumer

What to look for in order not to buy expired or substandard goods in the store.


All recipes

Healthy eating Healthy foods food formula Cereals

Formula Food special recipe: apricot porridge with urbech

30 • 110 kcal/100 g

Breakfast for healthy digestion.


Aronia smoothie

10 min. • 119 kcal/100 g

Unfortunately, chokeberry is not such a frequent guest on our table, which is very unfair. After all, this is one of the most useful berries. Light vitamin smoothie with chokeberry is a great solution for those who are on a diet and trying to lose weight. It also boosts the immune system and removes harmful salts and toxins from the body.

Healthy eating Desserts

Sea buckthorn curd

30 • 290 kcal/100 g

I was very interested in Victoria Popin's recipe for boiled cheesecake with sea buckthorn curd. Confused only sea buckthorn Kurd. I...

Healthy eating Healthy foods Beverages

Homemade cranberry juice

30 • 60 kcal/100 g

Homemade cranberry juice is a truly healing drink. Real natural medicine! Cranberries are rich in a whole complex...

Food Formula Master classes Dish from the chef Video Desserts

Formula Food signature recipe: bread pie with cranberry sauce

• 260 kcal/100 g

This unusual hearty dish is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Homemade chickpea hummus

900 • 468 kcal/100 g

Original, spicy, healthy snack, delicious! Chickpea hummus is a fragrant, spicy sauce made with s...


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Healthy eating The opinion of the stars Children's nutrition Video

About baby food and prohibitions

Healthy eating Children's nutrition

Selection of New Year's gifts with sweets

Healthy eating

How to make New Year's Eve meals healthier

Useful products Expert advice

Mandarin and orange battle - who is healthier


Popova Anna Yurievna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor), Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation

Tutelyan Viktor Alexandrovich

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician RAS, supervisor
Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology

Alexander Tarasenko

Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Belarus

Dmitry Borisovich Nikityuk

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director
FGBUN "Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology"

Melnichenko Galina Afanasyevna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director of the FGBU "Endocrinological Research Center" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Adamyan Leyla Vladimirovna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chief Obstetrician-Gynecologist
of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Operative Gynecology of the National Medical Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after Academician V. I. Kulakov

Pogosova Nana Vachikovna


8 Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, President of the National Society for Preventive Cardiology, Deputy General Director of the National Medical Research Center for Cardiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia

Starodubova Antonina Vladimirovna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Director for Research
and medical work Federal State Budgetary Institution "Federal Research Center of Nutrition
and Biotechnology”, Chief Freelance Specialist-Dietitian of Moscow

Namazova-Baranova Leila Seymurovna

President of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, Chief Freelance Pediatric Specialist in Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Kosyakova Nelly Ivanovna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Public member of the Pushchino Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, allergist-immunologist

Olga Borisovna Bezlepkina

Director of the Institute of Pediatric Endocrinology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, doctor of the highest qualification category

Andreeva Elena Nikolaevna

Director of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine, professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, doctor of the highest qualification category.

Troshina Ekaterina Anatolyevna

Director of the Institute of Clinical Endocrinology, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Doctor of the Highest Qualification Category


Elena Malysheva

TV host, therapist, cardiologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, public figure

Andrey Malakhov

TV journalist, producer

Nikolai Valuev

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development, ex-world boxing champion

Anna Ardova

Theater and cinema actress, Honored Artist of Russia


Singer, actress, TV presenter, fashion model and designer

Tatyana Ustinova


Alena Khmelnitskaya

Russian Actris and movie

Andrey Prodeus

Pediatrician-immunologist, MD, professor, co-host of Elena Malysheva in the program “Live healthy!”

Tatyana Totmianina

Skimatist, Olympic champion in pair skating

Margarita Mitrofanova

Radio and TV presenter

Anastasia Chernobrovina

The host of the channel "Russia- 1", journalist

Gazman 9000

Theater and film actress, singer and TV presenter

Sergey Agapkin

TV presenter, rehabilitation doctor, Ph. D., specialist in traditional health systems

Cecile Pleasure

Actress and TV presenter

Irina Slutskaya

Russian figure skater, Olympic medalist, two-time world champion

Alexei Yagudin

Figure skater, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, Olympic champion, four-time champion

Maria Butyrskaya

The first Russian world champion in women's figure skating, multiple champion of Europe and Russia

Mikhail Politseymako

Theater and film actor, singer, TV presenter

Yana Rudkovskaya

TV presenter, musical producer

Evgeny Plushenko

skater, two -time Olympic champion, two -time silver medalist 902, seven -time champion of the world


Russian gymnast, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, thirteen-time world champion, nine-time European champion

Svetlana Zeynalova

Russian radio and TV presenter

Evgeny Aldonin

Football player, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, winner of the UEFA Cup-2005

Irina Bezrukova

Theater, film and voice actress, TV presenter, public figure Alexei Vorobyov

9024 director and musician

Klim Shipenko

Film director, screenwriter, producer

Larisa Verbitskaya

Honored Artist of Russia, announcer, TV presenter

Uliana Donskova

Rhythmic gymnast, Olympic champion in 2012, multiple world and European champion, Honored Master of Sports of Russia

Alla Dukhova

Choreographer, founder and artistic director of the international ballet "Todes"

Radio host Anetta,
, Head of the New Horizon Psychology Center

Anton Komolov

Radio and TV presenter

Yulia Savicheva


Davide Corso

Chef Bosco Cafe

Denis Konev

Chef Bolognetta Restaurant

Artem Martirosov



Andrey Palesika

Chef at ErwinRekaMoreOkean

Maxim Tarusin

Chef at Voskhod restaurant

Giuseppe Davi

Chef at Butler 9 restaurant0003

Nikolai Redizov

Football player, defender of FC Spartak (Moscow)

Evgeny Kungurov

Opera and pop singer, TV presenter

Nikita Nagorny

902 multiple Olympic champion in synchronized swimming

Daria Davydova

Opera singer, leading soloist of the VGTRK "Kultura"

Alexander Tsypkin

Writer, publicist, screenwriter

Sergey Belogolovtsev

TV presenter of the popular rating show "Game in Cinema" on the Mir TV channel, showman and actor

Alisa Grebenshchikova

Theater and film actress

Alexander Semchev


Honored Artist of Russia

Tatyana Sudets

TV presenter and TV announcer

Dmitry Ushakov

Olympic silver medalist, member of the national trampolining team, world champion and multiple winner of European championships

Vasily Emelianenko

Chef-cook, TV presenter and food producer

Julia Kostyushkina

World Acrobatika Champion, TV presenter

Vitaliy Istomin

-restaurant, TV presenter

Tutta Larsen

Oscar Kuchera

TV presenter, actor

Anna Peskova

Actress, producer

Daria Poverennova

Russian theater and film actress

Yanina Melekhova

Theater and film actress, theater teacher

Oleg Roy

Russian writer, screenwriter

Irina Rossius

Anchorman of the Rossiya-1 TV channel, journalist

former football player of the Russian national football team 90.

Dmitry Sennikov

Football player, two-time champion of Russia, commentator and football expert on Match TV and Match! Premier»

Olga Sozina

TV presenter, European champion in fencing, master of sports

Evgeniy Mikhailov

Master of sports of international class, European champion in motocross.

Anastasia Illarionova

Handball player of the Russian national team and the CSKA club, junior world champion

Georgy Cherdantsev

TV presenter, sports commentator

Strategic partner

FGBUN "Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology"

Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science "Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety"

Media partners

Komsomolskaya Pravda

"Time to eat right" - a special project on healthy eating on the website of the largest federal newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

Russia-1. Food Formula

Food Formula - a great gastronomic journey through Russia on the largest federal TV channel Russia-1

Russia-1. About the most important thing

"About the most important thing" - a popular TV show about health and healthy nutrition with Doctor Myasnikov on the largest federal TV channel Russia-1

Domashniy Ochag magazine

Monthly magazine with a circulation of 280 thousand copies for women, dedicated to health, family, beauty, career, relationships.

RIA Novosti

"Choose with Rospotrebnadzor" - a special project on the quality of goods on the Russian market

1 Channel. Live healthy

“Live healthy!” - Russian TV show aired on Channel One. Main presenter and head of the program - Elena Malysheva


The Russian music channel, in cooperation with Rospotrebnadzor, has prepared a series of broadcasts about proper nutrition.


Special issues on proper nutrition on the portal of Argumenty i Fakty, the largest federal newspaper

NTV. Nashpotrebnadzor

The consumer project “OurPotrebNadzor” is journalistic investigations on topics that concern every viewer

Russia-1. good morning

A series of stories about healthy eating on Russia-1 TV channel in the Good Morning program

NTV. Live food

"Live food with Sergey Malozyomov" - a scientific and culinary project of a well-known journalist with a medical education

Internet portal Gastronom.ru

One of the largest culinary sites in Russia with the most interesting information about food and recipes tested in editorial kitchens.

Vesti.ru. Time to eat right

"Time to eat right" - a special project on the portal Vesti. ru - a series of cartoons for children and adults about healthy eating


Magazine for women Lady Mail.ru - news about stars, fashion trends, articles about beauty and health.

TNT. “Find in 90 seconds”

Short infotainment stories that simply and clearly show the functionality of portals created with the support of ANO National Priorities.

Love Radio

A series of columns designed to inspire young people to eat right and balanced, to instill the habit of taking care of their health and consciously approach the choice of products for the daily diet. And most importantly, to form and support the trend that being healthy is fashionable!


In the morning air of the radio station started the heading - "Healthy Upgrade". In it, the hosts will follow the principles of proper nutrition and tell radio listeners about them daily.

Russkoe radio

On the air of "Russian radio" listen to the section "Not three fat men" in the morning show "Russian peppers". From the rubric you will learn the rules of healthy eating.

Friday. Cook Like a Chef

The culinary show will acquaint viewers with the principles of a balanced diet and share the brightest and most unusual recipes from the healthy-food.rf portal.

Children's radio

"Tasty stories" - a program about healthy eating for children and adults on the first Russian radio station aimed at children


Show of incredible transformations. The main task of the show is not only external transformation, but also internal transformation, behind which is the painstaking work of specialists.

Project partners

The Union of Pediatricians of Russia

The Union of Pediatricians of Russia is one of the oldest professional associations of physicians in the country.

National Research Center for Endocrinology of the Ministry of Health of Russia

The Center accumulates the latest achievements of domestic and foreign specialists in the field of fundamental and clinical endocrinology, conducts an expert analysis of scientific achievements and coordinates the work of regional specialized centers..

National Medical Research Center for Cardiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia

One of the leading and oldest specialized medical institutions in Russia, whose activities are aimed at diagnosing, treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases..

Center for hygienic education of the population

Federal budgetary health care institution "Center for hygienic education of the population" of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare is a non-profit organization established in order to ensure sanitary and epidemiological surveillance by methods and means of hygienic education of the population. .

Novosibirsk Research Institute of Hygiene of Rospotrebnadzor

Novosibirsk Research Institute of Hygiene of Rospotrebnadzor studies the factors of upbringing and education, nutrition, lifestyle and their impact on children's health with the aim of hygienic regulation and methodological support of health-saving programs in educational organizations..

Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnazdora

Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnazdora is the leading research institution in Russia on biosafety, epidemiology and infectious diseases, the main developer of innovative molecular biological diagnostic methods in Russia..

Center for Molecular Diagnostics

Center for Molecular Diagnostics (CMD) is one of the leading networks of medical clinics in Russia, operating on the basis of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor. .

Natural Health Center "NaturaMed"

Natural Health Center "NaturaMed" offers unique programs for complex cleansing of the body at the cellular level. All programs are developed together with highly qualified specialists in the field of clinical lymphology and are aimed at cleansing from toxins; weight correction; strengthening the immune system; treatment of chronic fatigue; increase in energy potential and rejuvenation of the body..

VDC "Orlyonok"

Federal state budgetary educational institution, the largest in modern Russia among the federal institutions of recreation and recreation for children, which annually receives about 20 thousand boys and girls aged 11 to 16 years.

Central Children's Store

Central Children's Store on Lubyanka (part of Hals-Development Group of Companies) is the largest specialized children's shopping complex in Russia. More than 140 stores, services and formats of family leisure in the concept of "educational entertainment" are presented in the Central House of Children's House on Lubyanka..

Moscow Ice Cream Factory JSC BRPI

Leading Russian manufacturer of natural ice cream. Produces ice cream, ice cream in a waffle cup and popsicle under the brand "Moscow ice cream" - a unique new generation product that combines historical traditions and innovative technologies of modern production..

Salads Belaya Dacha

Belaya Dacha is the #1 brand in the lettuce category.

Lettuce leaves cut, thoroughly washed, dried and packed..

X5 Group

X5 Group is a leading Russian food retail company, operating stores of several retail chains: Pyaterochka neighborhood stores, Perekrestok supermarkets and Karusel hypermarkets. X5 is a leader in e-commerce, developing the digital businesses Perekrestok Vprok, 5Post, express delivery services, and the Okolo aggregator.

Cherkizovo Group

Russia's largest producer of meat products. The company is one of the five leaders in the markets of chicken meat, pork and meat products. The Group's brands include Cherkizovo, Petelinka, Kurinoe Tsarstvo, Pava-Pava..

National Union of Meat Processors

Union of meat processors, which defends the interests of the industry in state authorities and forms a positive image of meat products in the eyes of consumers. Unites more than 80 enterprises of the meat processing industry from different regions of the country..

There are more than 30 regional measures to support the families of mobilized people in Bashkiria HIA, as well as sons and daughters under the age of 23 who study at schools, universities or colleges.

Several support measures are provided for the children of the special operation participants. Firstly, they are enrolled in a kindergarten without a queue and are exempted from paying for their stay, as well as from paying for attending additional classes, circles, sections. Secondly, they are entitled to free children's meals until the age of three. Schoolchildren of the fifth - eleventh grades, college students are provided with free hot meals. Thirdly, schoolchildren during the school year have the right to free travel on public transport. Fourthly, students of universities and colleges enjoy a preferential right to settle in a hostel. Fifthly, children are provided with free vouchers to children's camps and sanatoriums.

Currently, the most requested measures are exemption from fees in kindergartens and getting free meals in schools. Thus, over 2.5 thousand children of mobilized and fighters of volunteer units are exempted from payment for staying in a preschool institution. More than 2,000 schoolchildren and more than 500 full-time college students receive free hot meals.

More than 300 people receive free products from Dairy Kitchen. For example, in November 2022, 308 children, nine nursing mothers and 22 pregnant women benefited from this support measure.

Social services are provided to elderly residents and people with disabilities - parents of the mobilized, adoptive parents, stepfathers and stepmothers, grandfathers and grandmothers of disabled age.

Those in need of inpatient care are given referrals to boarding schools.

According to the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Belarus, since the beginning of mobilization, 145 people have applied to the social protection authorities for help at home, including 128 elderly people.

The wives of NWO participants applied for financial assistance. The social protection authorities received 1,170 applications, of which a positive decision was made on almost 700.

Financial assistance provides for the payment of child benefits, rent compensation for large families, state social assistance under a social contract, benefits for women registered with a medical institution at an early stage of pregnancy, as well as payment from maternity capital in connection with the birth of the first or second child.

Counseling and psychological assistance is provided on the basis of the branches of the Family Center of the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Belarus. Such services have been established in every municipality.

According to the ministry, more than 190 relatives of those mobilized applied to the Family Centers, and specialists from this social service visited more than 1,500 families of SVO participants.

Volunteers have joined in helping the families of the mobilized, including from the regional headquarters #We are together, they deliver food, clear snow from yards, bring hay and firewood.

Employment centers also provide assistance, they assist in the employment of family members of the mobilized. Thus, in November, 80 relatives of participants in the special operation turned to employment services, of which 19- employed. 59 people received advice on career guidance.

In addition, the families of the mobilized were provided with a number of benefits, including exemption from fees for garbage collection, compensation for part of the costs of gasification of a residential building, the opportunity to buy wood for heating housing without a queue at reduced prices, and from next year - exemption from transport tax.

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