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The best things you can buy at Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma is essentially paradise for food fanatics and cooking enthusiasts—the shelves of the cooking store are filled with all sorts of shiny appliances, nifty gadgets, and beautiful bakeware. I don’t know about you, but I could easily spend my whole paycheck in one visit.

In fact, there are so many great things at Williams Sonoma that you might not know where to start, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are a number of exclusive products and fan favorites that you’ll definitely want to purchase from the store—the following are items you’ll want to get your hands on ASAP.

1. An exclusive set of top-tier stainless steel pans

Credit: Williams Sonoma

This 10-piece set from All-Clad is exclusive to Williams Sonoma.

All-Clad pots and pans are widely regarded as some of the best money can buy, and if you love the sleek stainless steel appearance and superior heat distribution these pans offer, you may want to buy yourself this 10-piece set of All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel Cookware, which is exclusively sold at Williams Sonoma.

The pans are made using a 5-ply bonded construction with alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum for better heat conduction, and the set comes with 8- and 10-inch fry pans, 2- and 4-quart covered saucepans, a 4-quart covered sauté pan, and an 8-quart covered stockpot. The cookware is oven safe up to 600 degrees, and it can even go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Get the All-Clad d5 Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set from Williams Sonoma for $799.95

2. The best dish towels we’ve ever tested

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

The best (and most stylish) dish towels.

Hands down, Williams Sonoma is the best place to go for kitchen towels. In our tests to find the best dish towels, we found that two of Williams Sonoma dish towels earned the top spots. Their All-Purpose Pantry Towels wiped down the competition, and the Classic Striped Towels wound up being the runner-up. We loved how they both could handle drying many dishes at once while still looking gorgeous, but the all-purpose towels were a little easier to use. They both truly hold up to the Williams Sonoma brand name.

  • Get the Williams Sonoma All-Purpose Pantry Towels for $19.95
  • Get the Williams Sonoma Classic Striped Towels for $19.95

3. Special stamps for making thumbprint cookies

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Hands-down the easiest way to make beautiful thumbprint cookies.

Williams Sonoma has its own line of products (that you can only buy from them, obviously), and one top-rated piece from the collection is this set of three thumbprint cookie stamps. The spring-loaded cookie cutters are designed to be used with sugar or shortbread dough, and they create intricate cookie cutouts that include perfect divots that you can then fill with jam (or ganache, if you’re feeling rebellious). The set of three comes with heart, circle, and rectangle shapes, and reviewers say they’re easy to use and deliver fantastic results.

Get the Williams Sonoma Thumbprint Cookie Stamps from Williams Sonoma for $16. 95

4. A toaster oven that quite literally does it all

Credit: William Sonoma

It can bake pizza, air fry chicken wings, proof bread, and more.

It bakes. It broils. It even proves bread! The Breville Smart Oven Air is arguably the ultimate countertop appliance, as it takes the place of so many other gadgets. It includes a whopping 13 preset functions—toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, proof, air-fry, dehydrate, reheat, warm, and slow cook—allowing you to cook just about anything your heart desires.

The oven’s roomy interior is large enough to fit a 14-pound turkey or 13-by-9-inch pan, and the appliance comes with a variety of accessories (like a pizza pan and air fry basket) to help you explore all its settings. Seriously, it’s so versatile you might end up neglecting your full-size oven!

Get the Breville Smart Oven Air from Williams Sonoma for $399.95

5. An inexpensive gadget to make chopping garlic easier

Credit: William Sonoma

The newest GarlicZoom can fit up to three cloves at a time.

I’ve written about the Chef’n GarlicZoom before, and to date, it’s one of the best kitchen gadgets I’ve ever purchased. Well, it just so happens that Williams Sonoma carries the newest version of these garlic-chopping champ, and it’s larger and more efficient than the original version.

The GarlicZoom 3.0 can fit up to three cloves of garlic at a time, and it has two doors that let you scoop out your freshly minced garlic more easily. Trust me—it’s well worth the $13 to make meal prepping that much faster.

Get the Chef'n GarlicZoom 3.0 from Williams Sonoma for $12.95

6. The fanciest coffee maker you’ll ever own

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

This coffee maker is worth the splurge.

Making coffee is an art. You need the perfect beans, your favorite coffee mug, and the best coffee maker money can buy. The Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker is the best drip coffee maker we’ve ever tested and with good reason. Not only will it look absolutely gorgeous on your countertop, but it brews the smoothest pot of coffee and it does it pretty quickly. With all of it's fancy features, it's pretty pricey—but Williams Sonoma sells it for just as expensive as anywhere else.

Get the Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker for $299.95

7. Everyone’s favorite (affordable) cast iron skillet

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Lodge cast iron pans are well-made and affordable.

Lodge cast iron pans are widely known as an extremely high-quality budget-friendly choice, and we love that Williams Sonoma carries virtually every size of these useful skillets. The smallest option is a mere 6.5 inches, while the largest is 15.25 inches, and there are several sizes in between to suit every kitchen task. Get one or get several—they’re all so reasonably priced that you can buy a whole set without breaking the bank!

Get the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet from Williams Sonoma for $11. 95+

8. A pan for making adorable mini bundt cakes

Credit: Williams Sonoma

How sweet are these mini bundt cakes?

Here’s another exclusive William Sonoma item that’s a must-have in our book! This cute pan from Nordic Ware lets you make six miniature bundt cakes that look just like the brand’s iconic full-size bundt. The pan is made from cast aluminum with a premium nonstick finish for quick release of your precious treats, and the product gets near-perfect reviews from bakers who use it to make all types of tasty desserts.

Get the Nordic Ware Mini Bundt Cake Pan from Williams Sonoma for $39.95

9. Three essential pasta-making attachments for your KitchenAid

Credit: Williams Sonoma

It's never been easier to make perfect pasta at home.

If you own a KitchenAid mixer (which just happens to be the best stand mixer we’ve ever tested) and love pasta, you should definitely invest in this set of attachments. It includes a dough roller that will leave your pasta dough smooth and uniform in thickness, as well as two pasta cutters to make fettuccine and spaghetti. All three pieces attach to the mixer's power hub for effortless motorized operation, and I can personally attest to the quality of the roller attachment—it’s so much faster and easier than using a manual pasta roller.

Get the KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Set from Williams Sonoma for $199.95

10. A gorgeous Dutch oven

Credit: Staub

It's on every wedding registry for a reason.

A Dutch oven is quintessential to any kitchen because they can literally do it all. You can make a stew, saute veggies, or even bake a loaf of bread in there, which is probably why it’s always on nearly every wedding registry. After testing the best Dutch ovens, we found that Staub was superior to the well-known Le Creuset because it aced every test and is a better shape to fit on the stove. It’s at the same price you can get it on Amazon, but Williams Sonoma offers more color options, so it may be the better place to buy if you’re looking for more variety.

Get the Staub Cast Iron 5.5-Quart Round Cocotte for $250

11. A smart coffee mug that keeps your drink warm

Credit: Williams Sonoma

It may look like a regular coffee mug, but the Ember 2 keeps you drink warm all day.

If you regularly get distracted by chores or work tasks in the morning, only to realize your cup of coffee is then cold and undrinkable, the Ember Mug 2 may very well change your life. This innovative smart coffee cup can keep your drink at the perfect temperature for up to 90 minutes (or longer, if you keep it on its charging coaster), allowing you to select your preferred temperature through its app. Williams Sonoma carries the Ember Mug 2 in five different finishes, and you can read plenty of glowing reviews from coffee-lovers who can’t live without the handy gadget.

Get the Ember Mug 2 from Williams Sonoma for $129.95

12. A best-selling holiday treat that the store is known for

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Stock up on this holiday treat before it's gone!

Listen, if you’ve never tried the Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark, you’ve seriously been missing out. This delicious treat has always been a holiday staple for my family, and it’s definitely one of the brand’s more iconic offerings.

The chocolate bark is crafted from custom-blended Guittard chocolate and triple-distilled oil of peppermint, and it’s topped with crushed peppermint candies. While it is a special holiday item, you can often buy the store’s leftover stock for a few months at the beginning of the year for a discounted price, so act fast before it’s gone.

Get The Original Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark from Williams Sonoma for $11.99

13. A high-end pizza stone for perfectly cooked pie

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Behold, the secret to perfect pizza crusts!

If you’re hoping to take your homemade pizza to the next level, you’re going to need a pizza stone, and there’s no better option than this one from Emile Henry, a well-known French cookware brand. The stone is available in 14- and 16-inch sizes, and it’s made from durable Burgundian clay with the brand’s special black Flame glaze, which is chip resistant and safe to cut on. The design helps to produce crispy, well-baked crusts like you’d get from a pizza oven, and it can also be used for baking bread or grilling.

Get the Emile Henry Pizza Stone for $49.95

14. Handy waffle tongs from William Sonoma’s own line

Credit: Williams Sonoma

These waffle tongs are a game-changer for brunch-lovers.

As a waffle lover, I know full well the struggle of trying to pry a freshly baked Belgian waffle out of my waffle maker using just a fork—it typically takes several tries, and I often end up ripping the beautiful crust. Enter: the Williams Sonoma Waffle Tongs. These handy little grippers are designed to quickly and easily lift hot waffles out of your waffle maker without damaging the crust, and their silicone construction won’t scratch the nonstick interior of your appliance. Genius!

Get the Williams Sonoma Ultimate Silicone Waffle Tongs from William Sonoma for $14.95

15. Our favorite ice cream machine

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

You'll have delicious homemade ice cream in just 20 minutes.

If you love ice cream, you should definitely invest in an ice cream maker, and the best ice cream maker we’ve ever tested is available from Williams Sonoma. This top-rated appliance from Cuisinart makes it unbelievably easy to churn your very own frosty treats—all you have to do is pour ingredients into the pre-frozen bowl, and the machine takes care of the rest. It can make up to 1.5 quarts of ice cream in just 20 minutes, and you’ll have so much fun experimenting with different flavors and recipes.

Get the Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Sorbet Maker from Williams Sonoma for $69.95

16. Measuring spoons that actually fit into spice jars

Credit: Williams Sonoma

These measuring spoons fit into narrow spice bottles.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: A recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of spice, so you grab your measuring spoon and try to stick it in the jar. Except it doesn’t fit. So you switch to the teaspoon, figuring you can just use three of those—but that one doesn’t fit either! Somehow I manage to do this every time I cook, which is why I love the concept of these Spice Jar Measuring Spoons!

They’re specially designed to fit inside spice jars and other narrow containers, allowing you to easily measure ingredients without pouring. Plus, they’re made from durable 18/8 stainless steel, are dishwasher-safe, and nest for compact storage.

Get the Williams Sonoma Spice Jar Measuring Spoons from Williams Sonoma for $19.95

17. A cult-favorite pour-over coffee maker

Credit: Reviewed / Lindsay D. Mattison

This iconic coffee maker yields a truly delicious cup of joe.

Some people prefer pour-over coffee, both for the taste and convenience, and if you’re in that camp of coffee-drinkers, you may want to invest in a Chemex Coffee Maker. These elegant vessels are easily recognizable thanks to their hourglass-shaped design and wooden collar, and in our testing, we found they make the best cup of coffee compared to other pour-over models. Plus, William Sonoma carries the product in 3-, 6-, 8-, and 10-cup sizes, allowing you to select the option that best matches your coffee consumption.

Get the Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker from William Sonoma for $35.50

18. A spacious electric wok for all your stir fries

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Cook stir fry, soup, and more in this electric wok.

Stir-fry enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the convenience of the Breville Hot Wok Pro, an electric appliance that can be used right on your countertop. It features an 8-quart pan with two handles and a lid, and its precision controls include multiple settings that reach temperatures up to 425 degrees. The lid includes an adjustable steam vent, and the heating elements run up the sides of the wok for more even cooking. It’s ideal for a stir fry, soup, or even steaming vegetables.

Get the Breville Hot Wok Pro from William Sonoma for $149.95

19. An exclusive cake kit from a famous NYC bakery

Credit: Williams Sonoma

This might be the prettiest cake we've ever seen.

Flour Shop in NYC is known for its vibrant rainbow-colored treats, and even if you live far from the Big Apple, you can still enjoy these colorful confections thanks to the shop’s Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit, which is sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma. It comes with all the ingredients you need to make a 6-tier rainbow cake with an explosion of candy in the middle, and the cake kit would be a fun weekend activity or a thoughtful surprise for someone’s birthday.

Get the Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit from William Sonoma for $59.95

20. A stylish appliance to make carbonated water

Credit: Williams Sonoma

How pretty is this sparkling water maker?

Seltzer lovers, this one's for you. The Aarke Premium Carbonator is the ultimate sparkling water maker. Not only does it make amazing carbonated beverages in seconds, but it also has an incredibly sleek design that’s sure to earn compliments when displayed on your counter. When testing the Aarke Carbonator, we particularly loved that it doesn’t need to be plugged in, and it automatically releases pressure in the bottle—a step you have to do separately with other sparkling water machines.

Get the Aarke Premium Carbonator from William Sonoma for $219.95

21. Our favorite pro-style blender

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

This blender packs a serious punch.

Crush ice like a champ with the Breville Super Q Blender, which we found to be the best high-end blender during our firsthand testing. The blender houses a 1,800-watt high-torque motor that reaches speeds of up to 186 mph, and it has pre-programmed settings for smoothies, soup, frozen desserts, and more. Plus, despite its power, this blender is surprisingly quiet, making it a top choice for your kitchen.

Get the Breville Super Q Blender from William Sonoma for $499.95

22. A can opener you need for a safer kitchen

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

A smoother can edge is less dangerous

Can openers frequently leave sharp, jagged edges that frankly can be quite dangerous. But this can opener from OXO glides across the top of cans and leaves a smooth edge, which is why it’s the best safety can opener we’ve ever tested. If you’re tired of accidentally cutting your fingers after opening a can of soup, it may be time for an upgrade.

Get the OXO Smooth Edge Can Opener for $22.95

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

What's Gaby Cooking Master List

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By Gaby

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The most recent What’s Gaby Cooking Master List! What is a master list you ask? It’s my go-to page here on WGC where I can answer / link every single question I get on a regular basis – from insta, from the blog, from meeting you guys in person, from our secret FB group, from emails… you name it! I’ve been keeping track, writing them down and now everything lives in one place! Read on…

The WGC Master List ONLY includes products that I use on pretty much a daily basis. Things that live on my kitchen counters at all times or things I find myself grabbing on the daily. Things that I travel with every single time I get on a plane because they make my life better. Things that really stand out. NOTHING is sponsored, just 1000% products that I know are epic and you need in your life! I’ll be adding to this every time something new comes up so if something is missing, just shout it out in the comments below!

Large Kitchen Appliances – see this post! 
Small Kitchen Appliances 
  • Vitamix A3500 – It is fantastic and the work horse of my kitchen | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel
  • Food Processor – This is the one I recommend most! | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, & Target
  • Pizza Oven of my dreams – gets up to 750 degrees F and sits right on your counter! | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, & Bloomingdales
  • Slow Cooker | Available at Williams Sonoma & Nordstrom
  • Cordless Immersion Blender Great for blending soups or sauces | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Instant Pot – When I break it out this is the one I love the most! | Available at Williams Sonoma
  • Rice Cooker – It’s the very best | Available at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, & Walmart
  • Stand Mixer – I’ve had multiple over the years and currently have a matte black one that was a special edition and I’m not so sure they make it anymore! But here’s the link to the same model – pick your favorite color! | Available at Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, & Best Buy
  • Hand Mixer – If you don’t want the stand mixer this is the hand mixer I use! | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Crate and Barrel
  • Air Fryer | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Panini Press – My favorite way to make a quick grilled cheese or panini! | Available at Williams Sonoma
Pots and Pans and Knives 
  • Finex – That sexy cast iron pan with the cool handle you see on all my videos / live broadcasts! | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – The big heavy duty black one in my IG Lives. | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • 5 Piece Pots and Pans – You can add extra pots and pans if needed but these are the ones I use the most! | Available at Williams Sonoma & Crate & Barrel
  • Non Stick Pans – We only have 1 non-stick skillet and I only use it for eggs and this one is my favorite. | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, & Bloomingdales
  • Le Creuset Dutch Oven – For soups and stews and bolognese etc! I use the 6 3/4 quart one the most often! | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel
  • Global 2-piece Knife Set – My go-to kitchen set! If you’re just starting your knife collection, these are the 2 that you will take you where you need to go. | Available at Williams Sonoma
  • Global Veggie Knife – The BEST! I actually use this more than my chefs knife. | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Target
  • Global Knife Set – And if you want the whole knife set here you go! That’s the best bang for your buck. | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Knife Sharpener – This is a MUST HAVE! Makes sharpening your knives at home so quick and easy | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Roasting Pan – A necessity for Thanksgiving! | Available at Amazon, Crate & Barrel, & Williams Sonoma
Coffee Gear
  • Espresso Machine – That Thomas uses on average 3 times a day!! | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, & Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper – This ceramic dripper heats up quickly which is important for the flavor of the coffee | Available at Amazon & Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Clear Pour Over Coffee Pot – The ultimate glass coffee pot for pour overs | Available at Amazon
  • Pour Over Set – And if you want the whole pour over set here you go! | Available at Williams Sonoma
  • Drip Coffee Scale – This is a great coffee scale that doesn’t break the bank. It gives you weight and time which are the two basics for a great cup of coffee. | Available at Crate & Barrel
  • Silver Gooseneck Kettle – A good gooseneck kettle is key to an amazing pour over | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Coffee Bean Grinder – A good coffee bean grinder is one of the most important parts of making a great cup of coffee. This grinder is our all time fav and has withstood the test of time. It also doesn’t break the bank and has a ton of useful options so you can make anything from an espresso to a french press coffee. | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, & Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Pour Over Filters – This filter goes with the dripper listed above. Make sure to always wet your filter before you add your dry coffee beans to the dripper. It removes the paper flavor. | Available at Amazon
  • Misto Box (Thomas’ Custom Coffee Subscription) – The ultimate curated coffee subscription with the best roasters delivered right to your door every 3 weeks. When you sign up they ask you a variety of questions surrounding what flavors you like, how much you want to spend on a bag, and how often you want to receive new coffee from different roasters around the country. Simply put it’s amazing for someone who loves discovering new coffee roasters!
  • Breville Tea Kettle – My latest investment and OMG it’s changed my tea game for real! Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Handheld Milk Frother – Makes the frothiest matcha lattes in no time | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Tamp Mat – Sits on our counter by the coffee station. If you already own an espresso machine this is something you probably didn’t know you needed. It protects your counters and gives you a good surface to tamp your coffee. | Available on Amazon
Odds and Ends in the Kitchen
  • Spice Jars – Organizing my spice drawer was one of the best decisions
  • Spice Jar Labels – Pre-printed rectangular labels
  • Garlic Press – For when you can’t be bothered to chop garlic | Available at Amazon & Walmart
  • Fish Bone Tweezers – Makes removing pin bones in a fish fillet so easy | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Salad Spinner – I always use this on IG live! Makes washing greens so much easier! | Available at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Williams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel
  • Tongs – Honestly you need at least 2-3 pairs! Available at Amazon, Crate & Barrel, Target, & Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Wooden Pepper Mill – It’s AH-MAZING | Available at Amazon
  • Salt Cellar – It’s never not on my counter! | Available at Williams Sonoma
  • Gold Baking Pans – The best non-stick around | Available at Williams Sonoma
  • Pizza Cutter – Big ass / heavy duty / best ever | Available at Amazon
  • Pizza Scissors – It’s the only way to cut pizza in my book | Available at Amazon
  • Pizza Stone – A must for making Pizzas at home in your oven | Available at Williams Sonoma
  • Pizza Peel – For getting pizza in/out of the oven or bbq | Available at Amazon
  • Knife Holder – Finally found one that fits ALL my knives! | Available at Williams Sonoma
  • Wooden Cutting Board – I have the one that is 24″ x 18″ x 1 1/2″ thick in Walnut and the oil I use to treat it every other week. | Available at Amazon & Williams Sonoma
  • Knife Sharpener – This is a MUST HAVE! Makes sharpening your knives at home so quick and easy | Available at Williams Sonoma & Amazon
  • Kitchen Scale – For bread baking or for cookie making | Available at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, & Target
  • Glass Prep Bowls | Available at Amazon & Crate & Barrel
  • Wooden Spoons – I use these for IG Live | Available at Williams Sonoma
  • Citrus Press – Easiest way to make margaritas! This works for lemons and limes | Available at Amazon
  • Long Stirring Spoon – We use this for cocktails | Available at Amazon
  • Cocktail Mixing Glass – As seen on the home tour and margarita video | Available at Amazon
  • Meat Thermometer – Super important so you’re not second guessing if your meat, poultry or fish is fully cooked | Available at Amazon, Target, Walmart, & Home Depot
  • Wine Opener – Thomas has been obsessed with this thing. It’s the best when you want a glass of wine and don’t want to open the whole bottle! | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond, & Macys
  • 9×9 Square Baking Pan – For all my slutty brownies, cookie bars, cheesecake bars etc. | Available at Amazon
  • Glass Straws – Perfect for my drinking my iced matchas | Available at Amazon
  • Plastic Cutting Board – I use this for meat / fish / chicken. | Available at Amazon & Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Glass Storage Containers – Say goodbye to all of your other Tupperware these are magical. No matter the size of the container it’s the same size lid so you can always find one without a problem. | Available at Amazon
  • Mesh Strainer – For everything from straining canned beans to sifting flour | Available at Williams & Sonoma
  • Small Box Grater – Similar to the one I have but latest version (mine is 10 years old and discontinued) | Available at Crate & Barrel & Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Microplane – For grating garlic, parmesan, ginger, citrus zest etc | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel
  • Spider Strainer – For straining pasta | Available at Amazon
  • Cookie Scoop – Makes the perfect cookies every time | Available at Amazon
  • Can Opener – It’s simple, not complicated, not fancy and works like a champ | Available at Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, & Target
  • Measuring Spoons – Again nothing fancy but my favs | Available at Williams & Sonoma
Grilling Tools
  • Pit Mitt – Like an oven mitt but for the BBQ | Available at Amazon & Williams & Sonoma
  • BBQ Tools – Including spatula, baster etc. | Available at Amazon, Crate & Barrel, & Williams & Sonoma
  • Heavy Duty Skewers – For grilling all the shish kebobs or toasting marshmallows | Available at Williams & Sonoma
  • BBQ Fork Thermometer – Super important to making sure your meat is fully cooked and not overdone | Available at Amazon
  • BBQ Pizza Stone – Has handles so you can easily move it | Available at Amazon
  • Pizza Peel – For easy removal | Available at Amazon
  • Dinner Bowls and Plates – Love these | Available at Crate & Barrel
  • Big Giant Ceramic Serving Bowl – This is the one I always use on IG live | Available at Crate & Barrel
Food Products
  • Maldon Sea Salt – Best salt | Available at Amazon
  • Gaby’s Go To – My favorite seasoning for EVERYTHING
  • This is Everything – A better version of the everything bagel spice which wins awards always!
  • All Things Meat – The only rub you need for ribs, burgers, pork, chicken, etc!
  • Taco, Fajita, Senorita – Basically a one stop shop for any sort of Mexican seasoning you might need. Use it on tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, veggies, you name it. If you want a taco flavor… this is it!
  • All Things Seafood – An all purpose seafood blend that works on everything. Fish, shrimp, scallops, lobster, you name it!
  • Tastes Like Pizza – This will transform basically anything into a pizza flavored masterpiece!
  • All Things Egg – The best seasoning for every kind of egg under the sun
  • Gimme Chimi – Your fav chimmichuri seasoning in the world!
  • Lemon Pepper Parmesan Seasoning – One of my favorites! Just a sprinkle adds delicious depth to everything.
  • Ciao Bella Italian Seasoning – Seriously the most incredible Italian seasoning!
  • Cha Cha Chicken – This will be your new go to seasoning for roasting or grilling chicken!
  • WGC Salsa Set – The best salsas in the world!!
  • Garlic Goodness Oil – OMG!! The best olive oil infusion known to man. This Garlic Goodness situation can be drizzled on pasta, used to roast veggies, made into a salad dressing, used for dipping bread, literally the possibilities are endless!
  • Tastes Like Pizza Oil – Elevate everything in your life with this dipping sauce or olive oil to taste like pizza!
  • Mega Mediterranean Oil – Tied for the best olive oil infusion – this one will make you feel like you live in the Mediterranean (on an island in the sunshine!) It’s another all purpose / multi use oil so use it for anything that need some oil and flavor!!
  • Lemon Pepper Parmesan Oil – The most delicious olive oil infused with lemon, Parmesan cheese, garlic, black pepper and oregano. This will be a game changer drizzled on pasta, pizza, or in a marinade.
  • Gaby’s Go To Oil – An all purpose olive oil infused with garlic, oregano, basil, and thyme, and finished with balsamic vinegar. This would be a great base for any salad dressing.
  • What’s Gaby Cooking Mini Seasoning Set – Some of our fav seasonings in 1 set! Perfect for any hostess gift!
  • What’s Gaby Cooking Mini Infused Olive Oil Set – A set of some of my favorite infused oils in mini versions! Another great hostess gift!
  • Matcha – My favorite Matcha for smoothies and green tea | Available at Amazon

Home Goods

  • Boll & Branch Organic Cotton Bedding – For our Main Bed – specifically the Signature Hemmed Sheet Set and the Linen Sheet Set. It’s my most favorite bedding to date! We have it on our bed , and the guest room bed. They get softer and softer with every wash, rave reviews all around.
  • Boll & Branch Plush Bath Sheets – Recently added Boll & Branch organic bath sheets in Dune to our newly renovated bathroom. They match the paint on the walls perfectly, and are insanely plush! If you’ve never done a bath sheet and only done a towel… get ready to have your world rocked. It’s essentially a robe- they are HUGE! You can get 20% off your Boll & Branch order with code GABY20 (no purchase min!) through the end of October! see site for details
  • Rug – From a small rug dealer here in LA called Lawrence of La Brea
  • Bedside Tables, Mirror and Dresser – Are all from an incredible LA retailer called Croft House
  • Bedside Light Fixture – Allied Maker Lighting 
  • Oversized Chair and Ottoman – Sixpenny in Sweet Potato
  • Cooling Mattress Pad – We were between the 8Sleep and Ooler but ultimately settled on the 8Sleep. Here’s why Thomas chose it: Both cool your bed down to 55 degrees or heat it up to 115 degrees, but where the 8Sleep sets itself apart is in the tracking features built into the mattress and Sleep Pod (mattress pad). 8Sleep has the ability to track your heart rate, which can inform how well you’re sleeping through the night. It knows when you are awake, in light sleep, and in deep sleep. It also has the ability to monitor your HRV (heart rate variability), which is a key indicator of how much your body has recovered from the day’s activities. It also tracks how much you toss and turn throughout the night. Many wearables such as the Apple Watch, the Oura Ring, and the Whoop band all track these metrics based on your heart rate. The challenge with these wearables is that you have to wear them while you sleep, which can feel bulky. It took me a good 3 months to get used to sleeping with a whoop band or Apple Watch. Quality sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to peak performance and living a healthy life. I workout 5-6 days a week, so recovery is essential. Being a data person, I was drawn to the tracking features that 8Sleep provides. Being able to have a better understanding of when I sleep well and what factors contribute to that quality sleep was a no brainier for me. Lastly, 8Sleep has a single tower that regulates temperature for both sides of the bed, whereas Ooller requires a tower for each user.
Beauty Products // General 
  • Under Eye Masks – These are the ones I use most frequently because they are less aggressive
  • Sheet Masks – For those long haul flights!
  • Hand Masks – For those long haul flights!
  • Lip Sleeping Mask – Keeps those lips super soft!
  • M-61 PowerGlow Peel – Exfoliating peel
  • Brightening and Tightening Mask
  • Cajun Shrimp or Red-Vival-City – Both my Signature Red Nail Colors
Beauty Products // Morning + Evening Routine
  • Osea Advanced Protection Cream – Face moisturizer
  • Osea Ocean Cleansing Mudd – 2x a week exfoliating
  • Osea Essential Hydrating Oil – Slather this all over my body!
  • Yon-Ka Make Up Remover and Cleanser – Step 1 in my morning and evening routine
  • Yon-Ka Toner – Step 2 after cleaning my face
  • Yon-Ka Serum and Moisturizing Cream – Step 3+4 after the toner
  • Yon-Ka Eye Cream – Step 5 before I apply any makeup
  • Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum – Part of my nightly routine!

Beauty Products // Make up

  • Everyday Sunscreen – Step one every morning
  • Saie Tinted Moisturizer – I wear level 3. 5
  • Saie Glowy Super Gel – I wear this every day, it’s just glowy!
  • Saie Mascara  – The best mascara in the game
  • Bronzer – Best bronzer on the market with the buffer brush
  • Dragon Girl – My go-to red lipstick
  • Makeup Brushes – Throw out all your old brushes, there’s a new brush in town!! and you can try code: GABY30 for 30% off
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  • Sonos Arc (SoundBar) – The latest and greatest when it comes to soundbars. We are setting this beauty up with our main TV. The new Sonos Arc delivers dolby atmos (theater quality) sound. One of the best parts about this soundbar is that it is actually not ugly. We are pairing this soundbar with the Sonos sonance in ceiling speakers (2 for the rear) and our Sonos sub woofer that we have had for the last couple of years. The rear speakers are powered by the Sonos amp. Now when I watch the Lakers or Dodgers, I will really feel like I am at the game. You know Gaby is stoked about this. If you are looking to upgrade past your television speakers, this would be where I would begin. I would start with the soundbar. Then I would add the Sonos Sub. The last elements I would add would be two rear speakers and an amp to complete the full surround sound. (link on amazon if you prefer)
  • Sonos Amp – Our Sonos amps are used to power all our in ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers. Each amp can power up to 4 different speakers and creates its own “zone”. We have an amp powering our 2 rear speakers in the TV room, the kitchen/bar zone, the pool zone, and the patio zone. (amazon link)
  • Sonos Sub – The sub we have had for several years now. It was originally paired with the Sonos playbar and now we are planning to pair it with the Sonos arc to get that full Dolby Atmos sound for Gaby when she watched Game of Thrones and or Emily in Pairs. (linked on amazon too if you prefer)
  • In-Ceiling Speakers – The in ceiling speakers are a collaboration Sonos does with Sonance (a different speaker company that makes architectural speakers). The cool thing about these speakers is that they are the only ones on the market that can be tuned using Sonos true play. We have these speakers in the bar/kitchen area and the TV room. (linked on amazon)
  • Sonos Five – The Sonos five is the big speaker on the block for Sonos. Its a desktop speaker that has killer sound. We will be having this speaker sit in our bar area so gaby can listen to taylor swift in hi fidelity while having an aperol spritz. Also, the new Sonos five looks awesome, so its not like you have an ugly looking speaker sitting out in your room. It’s a win win. (amazon link)
  • Sonos One – The Sonos one, formerly know as the play one is what we are going to be using in our dining room. We are pairing two of these play ones to create ambient vibes. We have had the play ones for several years now, as this was our very first Sonos purcahse like 6 years ago. I think the coolest thing about Sonos is the ability to build up a system over time. Eventually we will be adding in ceiling speakers to the dining room, however to save some money we decided we will use the speakers we have for this area. (amazon link)
  • Sonos Move – The Sonos move is basically my wing man. I take with me where ever I go. Its the first Sonos product that is bluetooth enabled so it lets you enjoy great sounding music on the move. If I were just starting to build out my Sonos system today, this would be the speaker I start with. (amazon link)
  • External Charger – Never leave home without it!! It can charge your phone at least 5 times before you need to recharge it
  • Noise Canceling Headphones – My go-to choice for headphones for all plane rides.
Lululemon Pieces
  • Fav Style of Lululemon Leggings Part 1 – Better for high intensity workouts and they really keep things tight!
  • Fav Style of Lululemon Leggings Part 2 – Better for yoga / lounging. SUPER STRETCHY
  • Y-back tank top – Best tank top
  • Boyfriend style T-shirt – I always wear this and tie it up in a knot at my waist
Clothes and such 
  • Black Leather Backpack – That I am always wearing
  • Light Brown Leather Backpack – That Thomas wears in our travel videos
  • ABLE Jean Jacket – That distressed denim jacket I wear all the time! (I wear a small for size reference)
  • Maya Brenner Necklace – the little G+T necklace I wear daily!
  • Parachute Robe – Literally the most comfy thing in the world!
  • My Fav Slippers – Best indoor house shoes!
  • Nike Sweatshirt – I wear this on repeat!
  • The Great Lightweight Robe – One of my favs
Baby Stuff (some of the things we have bought with a billion hours of research and/or got from our registry!) 
  • Poppy’s Nursery info is all right here
  • Baby Food Maker – The best thing I’ve ever bought in my life
  • Glass Baby Food Containers – These are a staple in our house
  • Dock a Tot – For lounging around the house
  • Breast Feeding Pillow – Literally comes with me from room to room so I appreciate the chic prints
  • Sound Machine – Never knew how obsessed I’d be! I’m going to have to get another once Poppy moves into her own room
  • Baby Monitor and Wall Mount – Loving this one and it’s the same one all our friends with babies have been using the last year or so.
  • Car Seat + Base – Couldn’t be easier to set up
  • Stroller – Literally feels like a dream! Obsessed with the big wheels
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  • Lovevery Play Gym – This stage based learning company has my heart! I love the play gym and we also do the monthly deliveries of toys that they customize depending on the babies age
  • Diapers – Thomas (who has legit offered to change every diaper since we got home from the hospital) swears by Pampers Pure
  • Baby Brezza Sterilizer – For sterilizing all the pacifiers and such after I inevitably drop them on the floor
  • Baby Swing – Poppy is OBSESSED with this! I put her in it while I work out so she gets to keep moving too!

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The Hershey Company

This article is about the chocolate manufacturer. For the ice cream company also known as Hershey's, see Hershey Creamery Company. For other uses, see Hershey's.

Coordinates: 40°17′46″N 76°37′59″W / 40.2960329°N 76.6329445°W / 40.2960329; -76.6329445

Hershey's , commonly known as Hershey's , is an American multinational company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world. It also produces baked goods such as cookies, cakes, milkshakes, drinks and more, produced all over the world. [6] Headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is also home to Hersheypark and Hershey's Chocolate World. It was founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894 as the Hershey Chocolate Company, a subsidiary of his Lancaster Caramel Company. The Hershey Trust Company owns a minority stake but retains most of the voting rights in the company. [7]

Hershey's chocolate is available in the US and over 60 countries. [8] [9] [10] They have three large distribution centers, with state of the art technology and personnel management systems. [11] In addition, Hershey is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation. It is also connected to Hersheypark Stadium and Giant Center.


  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Early years
    • 1.2 Hershi, Pension
    • 1.3 Hershi kisses
    • 1.4 cups for peanut oil Reese
    • 1.5 Trade Unions
    • 9
    • 1.6 M & M's
    • 1.7 Kit Kat and Rolo
    • 1.8 Kadbury
    • 1.9 Other sales and acquisitions in the twentieth century
    • 1.10 21st century
  • 2 Milton Hershi (MHS)
  • 3 factories
  • 3 factories
  • 4 Product reviews
  • 5 Philanthropy
  • 6 Criticism
    • 6.1 Buying cocoa
  • 7 See also
  • 8 References
  • 9003 9 Additional sources0028

    At Hershey's Chocolate World store in Times Square, New York (2008)

    Hershey's Syrup, circa 1950s

    Hershey store located at Falls Avenue entertainment complex in Niagara Falls, Canada

    Early years

    After an apprenticeship as a pastry chef in 1873, Milton S. Hershey founded a pastry shop in Philadelphia. This confectionery was open for only six years, after which Hershey was apprenticed to another confectioner in Denver, where he learned how to make caramel. [12] After another failed business attempt in New York, Hershey returned to Pennsylvania, where he founded the Lancaster Caramel Company in 1886. The use of fresh milk in caramel proved successful, [13] and in 1900, seeing chocolate machines for the first time in 1893. World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago Hershey sold his caramel company for $1,000,000. [13] (equal to $30,732,000 today), and began to concentrate on making chocolate, stating to people who asked him questions, "Caramel is just a fad, but chocolate is a thing forever."

    In 1896, Hershey built a milk processing plant to create and improve his milk chocolate recipe. In 1899, he developed the Hershey process, which is less sensitive to milk quality than traditional methods. In 1900, he began manufacturing Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar, also known as Hershey's Bars or Hershey Bars.

    Advertisement for Hershey's Cocoa, 1918.

    Hershey, PA

    In 1903, Hershey began building a chocolate factory in his hometown of Derry Church, PA, which later became known as Hershey, PA. [13] The city was an inexpensive place to live for workers and their families; however, the factory itself was built without windows to keep employees from being distracted. To boost employee morale, Hershey organized leisure activities and created what would later become Hersheypark for the townspeople to enjoy. The milk chocolate bars produced at this plant were popular and the company grew rapidly.

    Hershey's Kisses

    In 1907, he introduced a new candy, bit-sized, flat-bottomed, conical chocolate pieces, which he called the Hershey's Kiss. First, they were hand-packed individually in aluminum foil squares. Introduction of machine packaging in 1921 has simplified the process by adding a small paper tape to the top of the package to indicate it is a genuine Hershey product. [13] Today, 70 million candies are produced daily. [14] Other products introduced included Mr. Goodbar (1925) containing peanuts in milk chocolate, Hershey's Syrup (1926), semi-sweet chocolate chips (1928) and a Krackel bar containing crispy rice (1938).

    Reese Peanut Butter Cups

    Harry Burnett Reese invented Reese Peanut Butter Cups after founding H.B. Reese Candy Company at 1923 year. [15] Reese died May 16, 1956 in West Palm Beach, Florida, leaving the company to his six sons. [16] On July 2, 1963, the Reese Candy Company merged with the Hershey Chocolate Corporation in a tax-free stock-for-stock merger. In 2020, after a 57-year share split, [17] The original 666,316 Hershey shares of common stock received by the Reese family were 16 million Hershey shares worth $2.5 billion, paying an annual cash dividend of 51. 4 million dollars. [18] [19] In 1969, just 6 years after the merger of Reese and Hershey, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups became the top selling Hershey Company. [20] As of September 20, 2012, Reese's is the top-selling candy brand in the United States with $2.603 billion in sales and the fourth-best-selling candy brand in the world with $2.679 billion in sales - $76 million in total (2 .8%) of its sales outside the United States market. [21]


    Labor unrest came to Hershey in the late 1930s as the union-backed Congress of Industrial Organizations attempted to organize factory workers. An unsuccessful sit-in in 1937 ended in violence as loyal workers and local dairy farmers beat up many of the strikers as they tried to leave the factory. By 1940, the American Federation of Labor affiliate had successfully organized Hershey's workers under John Shearer, who became the first president of Local Chapter 464 of the International Union of Bakers, Confectioners, Tobacco and Millers. Local 464 still represents Hershey employees.


    Shortly before World War II, Bruce Murry, son of longtime Hershey President William F. Murry, made a deal with Forrest Mars to create a sugar-coated hard chocolate to be called M&M's (for Mars and Murry) . Murry had a 20% stake in confections that used Hershey chocolate during the rationing era of World War II. In 1948, Mars bought out Murry's share and became one of Hershey's main competitors. [22]

    Kit Kat and Rolo

    In 1969, Hershey obtained a license from Rowntree to manufacture and sell Kit Kat and Rolo in the United States. After competitor Hershey, Nestlé acquired ROWNTREE in 1988, it was still required to abide by the licensing agreement, and so Hershey continues to manufacture and market the brands in the US. The license will be revoked and transferred to Nestlé if Hershey is sold. [23] Thus, this became a stumbling block in Hershey's failed attempt to attract a serious buyer in 2002, knowing that Kit-Kat and Rolo would be taken over by Nestlé. Even Nestlé rejected Hershey's asking price, believing that the economic benefit of such a deal was not working. [24]


    In 1988, Hershey's acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute many Cadbury-branded products in the US (except gum and mints, which are part of Mondelēz International). In 2015, they sued a British importer to stop importing British Cadbury chocolate, angering consumers. [25] [26] A merger between Mondelēz and Hershey's was considered but was abandoned in 2016 after Hershey's turned down a $23 billion offer to sell cash and stock. [27]

    Other sales and acquisitions in the 20th century

    In 1977, Hershey acquired Y&S Candies, founded in 1845, and became the manufacturer of Twizzlers liquorice candy.

    In 1986, Hershey's began a brief foray into cough drops when it acquired Luden's brand of cough drops. By 2001, however, the brand was sold to Pharmacia (now part of Pfizer), [28] and Luden's eventually became the product of Prestige Brands. [29] Hershey left the Luden 5th Avenue bar.

    In 1996, Hershey acquired the US-based Leaf Candy Company from Huhtamäki.

    In 1999, the Hershey Pasta Group was sold to several shareholders to form the New World Pasta Company (now part of Ebro Foods).

    21st Century

    On July 25, 2002, it became known that the Hershey Trust Company was seeking to sell its controlling interest in Hershey Foods Corporation. Hershey's share price soared 25% with over 19 sold that day.million shares. Over the next 55 days, extensive press coverage, as well as pressure from Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher, the Hershey community, and Dauphin County Orphan's Court Senior Judge Warren G. Morgan, led to the sale being abandoned. The seven Hershey trustees who voted to sell Hershey Foods on September 17, 2002 for US$12.5 billion of the company. The William Wrigley Jr. Company (now part of Mars Incorporated) were removed by Attorney General Fisher and Judge Morgan. [30] Ten of the 17 trustees were forced to resign and four new members were appointed who lived locally. Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Leroy S. Zimmerman became the new chairman of the reconstituted Milton Hershey School Board of Trustees. Mr. Zimmerman has publicly stated that the Milton Hershey School Trust has always maintained its stake in the Hershey Company.

    In December 2004, Hershey acquired Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp. from the Shansby Group. [31]

    In 2005 Jon Sebastiani founded Krave Jerky after he trained for a marathon and was looking for a healthy source of energy. [32] Consumer Growth Alliance, a private equity group, invested in Krave Jerky in 2012. [33] Hershey's acquired the company in 2015 for $240 million. [34] Later in 2020, Hershey will sell Krave Jerky to Sonoma Brands, a food industry incubator founded by John Sebastiani in 2016. [35]

    In July 2005, Hershey acquired Berkeley, California-based Scharffen Berger boutique chocolate. [36] In November 2005, Hershey acquired Joseph Schmidt Candy, a San Francisco chocolatier, and in November 2006, Hershey acquired Dagoba Organic Chocolate, a boutique chocolate manufacturer located in Ashland, Oregon.

    In June 2006, Philadelphia City Councilman Juan Ramos called on Hershey's to stop selling "Ice Breakers Pacs", a mint variety, due to the similarity of its packaging to that used for illegal street drugs. [37]

    In September 2006, ABC News reported that several Hershey chocolate products were being modified to replace cocoa butter with vegetable oil as an emulsifier. According to the company, this change was made to reduce the cost of production of products instead of raising prices or reducing sizes. Some consumers complained that the taste was different, but the company said that in company-sponsored blind taste tests, about half of consumers preferred the newer versions. Because the new versions no longer met the FDA's official definition of "milk chocolate," the changed products were rebranded from "milk chocolate" and "made with chocolate" to "chocolate candy" and "chocolate candy." [38]

    In December 2011, Hershey reached an agreement to acquire Brookside Foods Ltd. , a privately held confectionery company based in Abbotsford, British Columbia. [39]

    In January 2015, Hershey announced the acquisition of Krave Jerky, the company's first move outside the confectionery market in more than a decade. [40]

    In April 2015, the Hershey Chocolate Factory on East Chocolate Avenue in Hershey, Pennsylvania was demolished to make way for a mixed-use development. [41]

    In 2016, Hershey acquired barkTHINS, a New York-based chocolate snack company that expected to generate $65 million to $75 million in revenue this year, for $290 million. [42] [34]

    Attempt to sell Hershey in August 2016 Mondelez International was sunk due to Hershey Trust objections. [23]

    In 2017, Hershey acquired Amplify Snack Brands, Austin, Texas, maker of SkinnyPop in a cash deal worth approximately $1.6 billion. [43]

    In September 2018, Hershey announced the purchase of Pirate Brands from B&G Foods for $420 million in cash. [44] [45] [46]

    In August 2019, Hershey announced the acquisition of protein bar maker One Brands LLC for $397 million. [47]

    In October 2019, Hershey's announced a partnership with Yuengling to produce a limited edition joint beer called Yuengling Hershey's Chocolate Porter, becoming Hershey's first licensed beer partnership. [48]

    Milton Hershey School (MHS)

    Main article: Milton Hershey School

    Having no children of his own, Milton S. Hershey founded the Hershey Industrial School in 1909 for orphan white boys. [49] In 1918, three years after his wife's death, Milton Hershey donated about $90 million to the boarding school, as well as 40% of the common stock of the Hershey Company. [50] The original purpose of the school was to train young people in trades, but they eventually focused on college preparation. [50] The Hershey Trust Company has a voting power in the school and has been a trustee since the school was founded. [51]

    Many of his designs are reminiscent of Hershey chocolates, such as the Hershey Kisses street lights. [52] Milton Hershey was involved in school activities until his death in 1945. Hershey Industrial School was renamed Milton Hershey School in 1951. [53]


    First factory outside of Hershey opened June 15 1963 in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, and the third opened May 22, 1965 in Oakdale, California. [54] In February and April 2007, Hershey's announced that Smiths Falls [55] [56] and Oakdale [57] [58] plants will close in 2008, and will be partly replaced by a new manufacturing in Monterrey, Mexico. The Oakdale factory closed on 1 February 2008. [59] The Hershey Chocolate Factory in San Roque, Brazil was opened in August 2002. Hershey's Asian operations are primarily sourced from its Mandideep, India plant. [2]

    Hershey also has plants in Stuarts Draft, Virginia; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Hazleton, Pennsylvania; Memphis, Tennessee; Robinson, Illinois and Guadalajara, Mexico.

    Visitors to Hershey can experience Hershey's Chocolate World visitor center and its simulated tour. Public tours were once held at factories in Pennsylvania and California, which ended in Pennsylvania in 1973 as soon as Hershey's Chocolate World opened. [60] and later in California after the September 11, 2001 attacks for security reasons. [58]

    On September 18, 2012, Hershey opened a new and expanded West Hershey plant. The construction of the plant was completed with a budget of $300 million. [61]

    On March 9, 2018, Hershey began expanding its Kit-Kat manufacturing facility in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania. The expansion project has a budget of $60 million and is expected to create 111 additional jobs at the facility. [62]

    Product reviews

    • In July 1998, several 100g (3.5oz) milk chocolate bars sold for fundraising events were recalled because they may have contained traces of almonds not listed in the ingredients. [63]
    • In November 2006, the Smiths Falls manufacturing plant in Ontario temporarily shut down and several products were voluntarily recalled following concerns about Salmonella contamination possibly found in salt lecithin within their production line. It was believed that most of the products involved in the recall never made it to retail. [64] [65]


    Hershey has contributed greatly to education. One of their most notable contributions was the Elizabethtown College Honors Program. [66] The program was founded in 1999 and is funded in part by donations.

    In 2015, Hershey announced his commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to Build a Sustainable Supply Chain to Support Basic Nutrition for Children in Ghana. [67]

    Hershey's long-term focus on children and families has led to long-term partnerships with organizations such as the Children's Miracle Network, Ronald McDonald House, and United Way (UW). In 2016, the company donated over $486,200 to these organizations. [68]


    This section may lend excessive weight to certain ideas, incidents or controversies . Please help create a more balanced presentation. Discuss and resolve before deleting this post. (November 2017)

    Buying cocoa

    Hershey has been criticized for the lack of programs to ensure sustainable and ethical cocoa shopping, lagging behind competitors in fair trade measures. [69]

    "Raise the bar, Hershey!" The campaign was launched in September 2010 by Global Exchange, Green America, the Oasis Trust, and the International Forum for Workers' Rights. The goal of the "Raise the Bar" campaign was to get Hershey to commit to "immediately take action to eliminate forced and child labor [...] from Hershey's cocoa supply"; “by 2012, purchase 100% fair trade certified cocoa beans for at least one of the five top-selling chocolate bars [. ..] making at least one additional bar from the top five sellers certified 100% Fair Trade every two years"; and that "the majority of Hershey's cocoa in all products will be Fair Trade certified by 2022." The pressure was especially directed at Whole Foods Market, which announced on October 3, 2012 that it would stop carrying Hershey's Scharffen Berger line. [70] The campaign said: “The Whole Foods decision comes after more than 40 organic food retailers and cooperatives publicly raised concerns about shipping Scharffen Berger and Dagoba products as a result of the giant chocolate maker’s failure to address child labor in its supply chain. [70] On the same day, Hershey's announced that it would "source 100% certified cocoa for its global chocolate product lines by 2020 and accelerate its programs to eliminate child labor in West African cocoa regions." [71]

    In 2019, Hershey announced that they cannot guarantee that their chocolate products are free of child slave labor as they can only trace about 50% of their purchases back to the farm level. In , Washington Post noted that the 2001 commitment to eradicate such practices within 4 years was not met by the 2005 or revised 2008 and 2010 deadlines, and that the result is unlikely to be achieved and in 2020. . 9 Voriski, Peter; Siegel, Rachel (June 5, 2019). "Baby Cocoa Workers". Washington Post . Retrieved September 3, 2019.

  • Additional sources

    • Brenner, Joel Glenn (2000). Chocolate Emperors: Inside the Secret World of Hershey & Mars . Broadway Books. ISBN 0-7679-0457-5 .

    Our history | GERSHI

    • History | Hershey's Hotel Hershey's 9 Chocolate & Candy Official Site0034
    • Hershey corporate website
    • The Hershey Company business data:
      • Google Finance
      • Yahoo! Finance
      • SEC

    You may have to sit differently to get rid of back pain / Sudo Null IT News

    When I sit, my back hurts.

    This has been going on for the past 10 years. And it doesn't matter where I am - at work, in a restaurant, even at home on the couch. My lower back is screaming, "Stop sitting!"

    To relieve back pain, I bought myself a knee chair for work. Then a standing table. Then I returned to a regular chair, because it became painful for me to stand.

    I went to doctors, orthopedic surgeons and pain specialists. I mastered Pilates, increased my flexibility and muscle strength. At some point, my press became so strong that my husband began to call it a “plank”.

    These funds helped a little - at first. But the pain never went away. So a few years ago, I decided to take it for granted that sitting hurts me, and it always will.

    And then in November, I went to Jen Scherer's studio in Palo Alto, California. She is part of a growing movement on the West Coast of the United States that teaches people how to move, sit and stand the way they have done in the past - and the way people do in some other parts of the world. For the past 8 years Scherer has been helping people relieve their back pain.

    I interviewed Scherer about bending. But she saw that I was in pain. And I shared my story with her.

    Her answer left me speechless: “When you sit, you are in a state that helps you achieve heavenly pleasure in your joints and back,” she said. “It’s not the process of sitting that causes you pain, but the way you sit. Would you like me to show you how to sit properly?”

    Do hunters and gatherers sit smaller than us?

    Recently, there has been more and more talk about how much Americans sit. There is a feeling that we are sitting more than any other cultures in the world - or even any cultures that have ever existed. For the first time in human history, we sit for fairly long periods of time, daily.

    Anthropologist David Reichlen of the University of Arizona thinks otherwise. “No, according to our data, this is not the case,” says Reichlen.

    Reuchlen studies modern hunter-gatherers, the Hadza people of Tanzania. They feed mainly on food from the wild - tubers, honey and fried porcupines. And, without a doubt, they are very active in obtaining food.

    They climb trees and cut them down to get honey. They dig the ground in search of tubers and crack nuts. “They have a lot of upper body work,” Rachel says. “And they spend a lot of time on their feet—and they walk pretty fast.”

    On average, adults in the Hadza people spend 75 minutes a day exercising, Rachel says. That's far more than most Americans. Many of us don't put in the measly 2.5 hours a week recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. transl.]. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Hadza's cardiovascular health is better than that of most Americans.

    But do the Hadza really sit less than we do? A few years ago, Reichlen and colleagues decided to find out. They gave heart rate monitors to about 50 Hadza adults for eight weeks and measured how often they sat during the day. The results shocked Reichlen.

    “The Hadza get about as much rest as we Americans do,” he says. “About 10 hours a day.” In comparison, Americans sit on average for about 13 hours a day, as reported in a 2016 study. But here's what's interesting: the Hadza don't have the back problems that Americans do, even with age.

    “We didn't find that,” says Reichlen. - Not to say that we have a lot of research on pain syndromes in the muscles and joints of the Hadza people, but these people demonstrate high activity throughout their lives. There is a certain decrease in activity with age, but it does not compare with what is seen in the United States.

    The question is not how long we sit, but how exactly

    Perhaps Scherer is right. Perhaps the problem with back pain has nothing to do with how long Americans sit, but with how they sit. "Yeah, I think that's a big part of the whole question," says Reichlen.

    Orthopedic surgeon Nomi Khan agrees. “Most of us don't sit properly, and we definitely put more strain on our spine,” says Khan, who performs spinal surgeries at the Sutters Health Medical Foundation in Palo Alto. Khan says that if we change the way we sit, it will help us reduce back problems. “We have to sit less and we have to sit better,” he says.

    Over the past hundred years, many Americans have lost the art of sitting, he says. Most people in the US, even children, sit in one way that puts a lot of strain on their backs. You may not be aware that you are doing it too. But in other people it is very easy to notice. It is done like this: look at the seated person from the side, in profile, so that you can see the shape of his spine.

    There is a good chance that his back curves in the shape of the letter C, or some kind of it. Or imagine a cashew nut sitting in a chair. There are two characteristic signs of this - the shoulders of a person hang over the chest, and the butt bulges forward. This posture hurts the back, Khan says.

    “Most people tend to round their backs when they sit,” Khan says. “Their spine is in the wrong position, and they usually have more back problems.” Back problems accumulate because when you sit in the shape of the letter C, or cashew nut, you can damage the small shock absorbers in your spine, the intervertebral discs.

    “You can think of a disc like a donut with jam,” Khan says. “When you sit in a C shape, the front of the donut is squeezed harder than the back.” What happens if you press on one half of the donut? The jam will squeeze out.

    This is how your intervertebral discs are arranged. Sitting in a C position will lead to disc degeneration over time. Or one side of the disc may begin to bulge. "The disc can then press on the nerves, or rupture," says biomechanic William Marras, director of the Institute for Spine Research at Ohio University.

    “If your drives are damaged, you're in big trouble,” says Marras. “Therefore, in biomechanics, we do everything to protect the discs.

    Straighten "C"

    In his studio, Scherer takes out a photograph of a gray-haired man sitting at a loom. He is at least 60 years old. “The photo was taken in the Indian state of Rajasthan,” Scherer says. - A person sits at a loom for many hours every day, just like we sit at a computer. And yet his spine is straight.”

    Straightened is putting it mildly. His spine resembles an exclamation mark. His shoulders are laid back. His muscles appear relaxed and supple.

    I have observed similar sitting postures in many other rural areas around the world, such as in eastern Libya during the Ebola outbreak, and in the Yucatan countryside.

    You don't have to look far back in history to find a similar posture in the US. Photographs and drawings from the early 20th century show many Americans sitting with their backs straight and their shoulders back, in a similar manner to a man at a loom. Today, this posture can be seen in infants and young children.

    What happened?

    Scherer says one of the problems is that our culture focuses on trying to fix the upper body. “Sit up straight,” teachers and parents say, “and most people immediately begin to puff out their chests.

    But that's not the right thing to do, Scherer says. “Most people lift their chest when they hear the word 'spine' because they want to get into the 'correct posture',” she adds. “But when I see it, I want to say, “No! This leads to back pain. Lifting your chest only makes your back pain worse.”

    Instead of focusing on the chest or shoulders, Scherer says, focus on the lower torso, below the waist, the pelvis. In other words, on the ass.

    “The most important thing to change to reduce back pain is the position of the pelvis,” she says. - Imagine a pyramid of children's cubes. If the base of the pyramid is unreliable, its top has no chance."

    Pull out the tail to wag it

    Sitting in Scherer's studio, I look at my profile in the mirror. And immediately I see the shape of a cashew nut. Looks ugly. My shoulders hang over my chest and my pelvis is tucked under my spine.

    To imagine how to move your pelvis properly, Scherer suggests imagining that you have a tail. If we were built like dogs, the tail would be at the base of the spine. “Sitting in C, you are sitting on your tail,” Scherer says. “It looks like a frightened dog with its tail between its legs.” To straighten Pose C, Scherer says, you need to "position your pelvis so that you can wag your tail." In other words, you need to pull the tail out from under you. To do this, Scherer says, we need to bend properly when we sit down.

    “Bending? I ask. “Do I bend over when I sit down?”

    “Yes! Scherer exclaims. “Every time we sit down, we bend somewhere.” And how you bend determines how you sit. If you bend at the waist, as many Americans do, then you will most likely sit in C, or cashew pose. If you bend at the hips [at the hip joint], then you are more likely to sit correctly, not on the tail. “Many people find it difficult to understand how to bend at the hips,” Scherer says. "It's not intuitive." But she has her own focus on helping people learn how to do it.

    “Stand up and put your feet 30 cm apart,” she says. Now place your palms on your pubic bone - imagine a fig leaf covering Adam from the Bible. “When you bend over, that fig leaf—your pubic bone—has to go between your legs,” she says. “It creates an angle between the pelvis and the legs.” This action essentially pushes the butt back behind the spine. “Now come on, sit down,” Scherer says. Now my butt - or imaginary tail - is behind the spine.

    The next step is to relax the back and chest muscles. “Stop puffing out your chest,” Scherer says. Then the rest of the vertebrae can line up—I instead of C.

    The most amazing thing, Scherer says, is that when the tail sticks out, some of the tense leg muscles begin to relax or stretch. “If you take out your pelvis while sitting, your quads (quadriceps) can relax and your hamstrings can stretch,” Scherer says.

    I definitely felt my quads relaxing. The muscles were like butter in a warm frying pan - they softened and seemed to melt. Oh yes, it was a wonderful feeling. “Wow!” I exclaimed, feeling a chill running through my body.

    If you can't feel your hamstrings stretch and your quads can't relax, you're probably doing it wrong, Scherer says. "Then you're probably using your lower back muscles to push your butt out," she says. - This can lead to increased pain. You don't have to do that."

    How am I sitting now?

    After leaving the Scherer studio, I realized that I had been sitting with my tail between my legs - my pelvis - for decades. And it wasn't easy to get rid of it. I had to return to Scherer's studio several times and work hard every day to learn how to pull the pelvis out from under me while sitting at the table.

    But little by little the muscles around the thighs began to relax, and the pain slowly disappeared. Having mastered the new sitting position, I decided to visit Khan and get his opinion.

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