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15 Easy to set up High Chair Activities for Babies

In an ideal world your sitting, crawling or just walking baby or toddler can move around freely, exploring the house with you in tow!

In reality there are times that you really need your baby to be contained.

Contained AND Entertained!!

I found that babies high chair is the perfect spot to spend a few minutes – because I can move it to where I am, and baby can safely play at my height!

Often I get asked what is the best high chair? In my opinion, I am 400% convinced that the correct answer is: THE ONE THAT IS EASIEST TO CLEAN.

Two high chairs spring to mind! The Stokke Tripp Trapp and the good old Ikea Antilop!!

My Perfect High Chair Moments;
  • While I am cooking dinner/starting dinner
  • When I am sitting at the table – working……. or making a Halloween costume…
  • Creating a little calm play or play that requires a little concentration and focus
  • When siblings are trying to paint or craft and “me too” wants to stick their fingers in everything! Keeping them in the high chair next to you, with their own activity to do – is inclusive – yet you are able to give a little time to their older sister! (or brother)
  • Restaurant outings also need some ‘in chair’ entertainment and some of these activities below will pack nicely into your bag!

We have a tray table for our chair – which means that we can take it into the garden in summer and sit outside too!

In winter we are inside and for bigger activities, I remove the high chair table and pushed the chair up against the dining table! This actually creates more space as tray tables are often very small!

** Safety first.

Please always make sure that your child is secured into their high chair.

Little parts are a choking hazard. You know your baby best. Please be careful.

Here are some wonderful high chair activities for you!

  • My First Painting

Great painting idea with an edible, taste safe, easy to make paint recipe for babies!

  • Magic Sand for Babies

Homemade Kinetic sand that is completely taste safe. We played with this on the floor, at the table, in our high chair, outdoors in summer! Fantastic stuff!!

  • Muffin Tin Magic // Laughing Kids Learn

These make the perfect little holders for things that will keep little one busy!

  • Alphabet Sensory Bag // Fun Learning for Kids

An alphabet sensory bag is a hands-on way to learn the alphabet while engaging the senses. It is incredibly simple to make and can be played with for a long time and utilized in lots of ways.

  • Posting Lids – Postman Pat

Awesome activity that will keep an older baby occupied for a long time, babies can’t seem to get enough of posting! This will easily fit onto the table in front of you!

  • Make a mini Water Table // Rookie Moms

If you don’t have a high chair with a big-lipped tray table you could always put a shallow tray on a table in front of the chair!

  • Mess-Free Painting // At Home with Ashley

This is not only a fantastic idea that will entertain while you start dinner but together you can make a special masterpiece!

  • Shaving Cream Driving // Simply Four

This is a great activity for your older baby – who is NOT inclined to put things into their mouth!

  • Here are a few sensory bag ideas // Growing A Jeweled Rose

These ideas would fit perfectly onto any high chair tray table!

  • Sensory Play with JellO

This is the perfect activity when your baby is welcome to eat as much jelly as they can handle – so most likely for a slightly older baby – and not just before dinner!

  • Water Tray Play // Learn With Play At Home

Another great water idea – all high chair based!

  • Easter Egg Sound Shakers // Living Montessori Now

These little instruments would be the perfect size to add to a small basket on the table – perfect dinner cooking soundtrack!

  • Travel Sized Treasure Basket // The Imagination Tree

Perfect entertainment to set up and keep for any time you need a quick solution!

  • Best Play Dough in the World!

If your baby is not inclined to shove play dough into their mouth this is something that can be brought out the fridge on the spot and baby can ‘cook’ with you! It’s completely taste safe – be it a bit salty!

  • Watermelon and a Spoon

Again this activity asks that baby is eating – so slightly older. We did this with a spoon and that makes great practice for any 10 month old! Fingers work great too!!

  • Ice Cube Sensory Bag // Can Do Kiddo

This is a great alternative for a squishy bag – an interesting cold texture without the choking hazard!

High chair | The Sims Wiki

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A high chair is an object that allows toddlers to be fed more easily. High chairs are not required to properly raise a toddler, but allows for them to be given more than baby bottles. Toddlers cannot enter or leave a high chair on their own, and must be helped by an older Sim.


  • 1 The Sims 2
    • 1.1 The Kinder Koddler
    • 1.2 High Society High Chair
  • 2 The Sims Castaway Stories
    • 2.1 A Little Civility High Chair
  • 3 The Sims 3
    • 3. 1 Yummer's High Chair
    • 3.2 Sky High Chair by Wiggin Youth Architecture
    • 3.3 Playground High Chair
    • 3.4 Little Grasshopper High Chair
  • 4 The Sims 4
    • 4.1 Kindermade Classic High Chair
    • 4.2 Mega High Chair
    • 4.3 Fine Toddler Eatery

The Sims 2[]

Toddlers placed in a high chair can be fed baby food from any refrigerator, in addition to their usual baby bottles. Children cannot interact with toddlers in a high chair, so only teens and older can feed toddlers and carry them in and out of the chair. Once a toddler is finished eating, an older Sim must remove the dish before more food can be served. Toddlers will generally sit patiently in a high chair until they are released; if their motives are low, however, they may throw tantrums.

The high chair will get dirty over time and must be cleaned, though Sims will not do this autonomously[confirmation needed]. Toddlers placed in a high chair cannot be fed from existing baby bottles[confirmation needed], but can be fed smart milk.

The Kinder Koddler[]

Kids need to eat, but why they have to make such a mess of the whole process is still a bit of a mystery. They certainly can't use a regular chair during family meals at the dining table. That's why the makers of such family favorites as the Kinder Kontainer, and the Sanitation Station, now bring you the Kinder Koddler high chair toddler feeder. "Kindly keep your kinder kin in a chair called Kinder Koddler."

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

High Society High Chair[]

Perfect for the infant with lofty ambitions, this regal chair will elevate your precious little ones to see high above the proletariat masses as they dine in rustic yet luxurious style.

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

The Sims Castaway Stories[]

The high chair in The Sims Castaway Stories functions similar to high chairs in The Sims 2. It is available in the fun section of the barter mode.

A Little Civility High Chair[]

Utensils are not a part of traditional tribal dining, but they're quickly gaining popularity at the dinner parties of the upper classes. One of your adorable little cubs could grow up to be the chief someday. Be sure that they learn proper table manners.

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

The Sims 3[]

Food processors can be used to make toddler food from any leftover food available. Toddlers can only be fed this while they are seated in a high chair. They will get the same moodlets that older Sims get from eating the food, which means badly prepared food will give then negative moodlets.

Yummer's High Chair[]

Little tyke ready to take on their first mouthful of gooey mushed up... goo? Whether the food's orange, greenish or a tad too brown, our comfy high chair will make your little one's meal time just a tad more palatable.

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

Sky High Chair by Wiggin Youth Architecture[]

Your child deserves to sit and eat in total security. The planet deserves totally nontoxic eco-friendly construction. As always, Wiggin is here to please both parents and their little ones!

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

Playground High Chair[]

Now your little diner can eat with the family with this durable and fun high chair. The tray is great for your child's first finger foods and the seat is easy to clean.

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

Little Grasshopper High Chair[]

Create a nursery for the ages! Dress your little one in brand new outfits and decorate your nursery with furniture made for the discerning baby. The included Gift of Speech Baby Monitor will allow your baby to communicate his wants and needs, and, if those needs happen to be a bath or a diaper change, the Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station has got you covered! Get ready to take your nursery to the next level with the Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes set!

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

The Sims 4[]

There are three high chairs available in The Sims 4.

Kindermade Classic High Chair[]

A high chair made for any home. This essential piece of toddler furniture has been made in a number of colors to match whatever collection of Kindermade items that you may already have.

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

Mega High Chair[]

MegaMission Furniture Warehouse knows you've been searching for that toddler highchair to match your perfectly antiqued furniture set. These chairs are made of easily cleaned wood and a strip of colored leather, so that no matter how messy your toddler eats it will come off.

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

Fine Toddler Eatery[]

A higher quality chair made for those particularly hard to please home decorators. No, you don't have to compromise with your style choices simply because you have a toddler in your house.

Notes: Can only be used by Toddlers

Highchair Babyruler CH999 - foldable highchair for feeding and playing with a removable table.


5.00 (4 reviews)

Foldable baby chair for feeding and playing. Suitable for children from birth (from 0). Removable table and table top. Stylish modern design, 4 color options.

We give our customers the opportunity to try the stroller before deciding to buy it.
So far only in Moscow.

Request a test drive

Select equipment CH999

Designation Price Buy
Babyruler CH999_blue
Code: 11311
16 200 in stock
Babyruler CH999_rose
Code: 11313
16 200 few in stock
Highchair Babyruler CH999_orange
Code: 11312
16 200 in stock
Highchair Babyruler CH999_violet
Code: 11314
16 200 in stock

Babyruler CH999

Suitable for children from birth (from 0)
Very comfortable and incredibly beautiful

Babyruler CH999 available in four colors

blue, purple, orange and pink.

Why is the Babyruler CH999 chaise lounge so special?

Seven levels of seat height adjustment Four backrest positions from sitting to lying
Suitable for children from birth (from 0) Three position footrest Very strong aluminum profile frame

Removable tray table, easy and convenient to clean

The tray has a recess, a place for a bottle, a mug.
The tray is securely latched onto the table.
The surface of the table itself is flat with sides. The table is adjustable in two positions: closer and further away from the child

Limiter (removable)

The table is equipped with a limiter (crossbar) passing between the legs of the child
It can be removed if necessary. Ensures the safety of the baby - does not allow him to slip down

Baby safety

Five-point safety harness keeps baby safe

Two soft pads keep baby comfortable

Inserts are easy to remove and wash
A large insert is fixed on the buttons to the frame of the chair


The Babyruler CH999 chaise lounge chair is compact and does not take up much space when folded.
When the highchair is folded, wheels protrude from the free support, making it easy to move.

Protection against accidental folding

To fold the chair, simultaneously press the folding lock on the left support post and, while holding the right leg of the chair, pull the lock located on the right leg of the chair and pull the legs up.

Babyruler CH999 high chair video review

Characteristics High chair Babyruler CH999

232 20

Warranty period 12
Folding mechanism Book
Age of the child 0-36

Product Reviews: Highchair Babyruler CH999

Review taken from the Children's World website - (Date November 26, 2021)

The chair is a bomb!
My first purchase, which I am 200% satisfied with! I chose the chair for a very long time, the choice fell on this model, primarily because of the appearance, it seemed to me very elegant, I fell in love at first sight, ordered and did not lose. The chair is unrealistically beautiful, live brighter, the plastic is very thick, the metal is solid, the design itself is strong, reliable. It unfolds and adjusts very easily, like clockwork. I especially want to note the ergonomic seat, the child is very comfortable. The fabric of the covers is pleasant, easy to clean, and due to the shape of the seat, it’s not so easy to get dirty)). In general, take it, you will not regret it, I am very satisfied with the purchase!

Appearance, quality

They are not here!

Rating: 12345

Kutyavina Olga Moscow December 15, 2021

Not only mom and dad, but also the child is delighted)))

Rating: 12345

Anna St. Petersburg December 10, 2020

Advantages: Beautiful design, lightweight, takes up little space when folded. There is a tab for newborns, you can use it as a deck chair while the child is not sitting.

Disadvantages: In the process of operation, some disadvantages were also found: 1. When folded, the rear leg is not fixed in any way. Therefore, when you start moving the chair, it constantly unfolds. I had to stick an additional Velcro fastener that connects the legs so that I don’t have to hold the back each time. 2. The wheels on the rear legs work only when folded, when unfolded on them - a rubberized pad. Therefore, it is inconvenient to move the high chair if it is unfolded. 3. There is no blocking of the wheels, they are also fixed. 4. The fabric of the seat and inlay is pleasant to the touch, but absorbs absolutely everything, you can’t just wipe it after feeding with a damp cloth. You have to cover it with a diaper so that you do not have to wash it after every few feedings.

Comment: We bought a chair based on two criteria: the kitchen is small, and we needed to somehow arrange two children's high chairs on it. 2) so that it can be used from birth as a deck chair. There are also several positions of the back, which allows you to use it for the first feeding, when the baby is not yet sitting. The chair meets these criteria. But when we just bought a high chair and laid it out like a deck chair, doubts arose about its stability - and it’s still a little uncomfortable when the child lies in a deck chair, since the back leg is located along the floor, and it turns out that the chair is supported only on the front, and under the chair and, accordingly, the child is empty. But it seems that the chair is quite stable and so far there have been no precedents. Now the children are small and just lie down, I hope when they grow up and show great activity, the reliability of the chair will also not let you down.

Rating: 12345

Ludmila Moscow September 2, 2020

Last autumn, we were expecting a double addition to the family, so the question of choosing the best highchairs for feeding was twice as acute as usual. The following characteristics were fundamentally important to me: unfolding to a horizontal position (so that babies can lie in them practically from birth), the ability to use up to three years, ease of folding / unfolding, ease of washing covers, light weight and preferably an affordable price. I thought for a long time about buying wooden chairs from a well-known brand, but they came out too heavy and too expensive. And then I accidentally “caught” the Babyruller chair and almost immediately it was decided to buy it. For more than five months of operation, I can say that there is not a single thing that would annoy me in these chairs. They:

- light

- conveniently recline to the required level (fold out almost to a horizontal position, if there is any doubt whether it is possible to put newborns in them, just put a small blanket on them - the chairs will become absolutely flat)

- easy to clean (we have already managed to introduce complementary foods and wash the soft parts of the stool from zucchini and broccoli)

- easy to move

- as a bonus - a very pleasant color.

I can say that the chairs are very similar to Inglesina Zuma (our first child had one), only, unlike Inglesina, they unfold completely and are much easier. If you attach some entertaining arcs to them (and any are attached to the chair handles), this is, in general, an invaluable find that allows you to keep the kids next to you without harming their health or development in any way. Highly recommend!

Score: 12345

Elena Moscow February 27, 2019



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How to choose a high chair? The best high chairs

14 December 2020

The task of parents with a baby is to choose the right high chair for feeding. Rating the best offers on the market will greatly facilitate this process. Experts will tell you what criteria an indispensable assistant should meet - a feeding chair and which one is better to choose.

The best high chairs. Selection Criteria

In addition to design and cost, consider the following factors listed below. All of them are equally important and should be taken into account when buying.

  1. How to use
    It is necessary to decide where and how the chair will be used. With frequent travel and moving (for example, to a country house from a city apartment), it is better to choose the most compact highchair. It is also appropriate in a room with a small area. Very comfortable modern chairs-transformers with a set of adjustments.
    The most durable of all and the most durable are natural wood products. But they are quite bulky and have a lot of weight and are not suitable for frequent family moves.
  2. Safety
    The most important feature, as safety for the child is paramount. How to choose a chair for feeding? Be sure to pay attention to the presence of comfortable and durable straps, a stopper to block the chair from sliding on the floor, the width of the legs that increase stability, as well as the absence of sharp corners and poorly finished surfaces with burrs.
    The best chair for feeding should be made only from environmentally friendly harmless materials! This is evidenced by a quality certificate issued for a specific model.
  3. Functionality
    Very important parameters - product weight/weight, dimensions, adjustment possibilities (height and angle of inclination), quick and easy folding, presence of wheels (if it is important for the consumer).
    First, you should determine the permanent location of the chair in the apartment, as well as the place of its storage. It is also necessary to take into account the method of application - how often it will be transported to another room or moved to another room.

  4. Material
    Natural wood is the best material. However, wooden pieces of furniture are heavy and quite bulky. If the chair will often have to be transported, you should take care of buying more compact and light models with the ability to quickly fold / partially disassemble.
  5. Worktop included
    Older children who already know how to eat on their own or are learning how to feed themselves will do just fine with the convenient removable worktop. Cutlery, cups and plates are easily placed on it. The dishes should not slide too easily on the surface of the table. The general requirements for this element are bumpers to prevent liquid food from spilling onto the floor and the ability to quickly remove the countertop, wash and wipe.
    There are models with additional equipment of the table in the form of funny toys, figurines, etc. Whether it is worth buying such a product is up to the parents to decide.
  6. Child's age and weight
    If parents are interested in the product's long service life and do not plan to replace it frequently, it is worth choosing a solid and solid wooden model. How to choose the right highchair for feeding your baby? Very convenient transformer products with a set of adjustments made from natural materials are now offered.

By the way, you may be interested in our article on scoliosis

Types of children's chairs. Which highchair is better to choose

For a competent choice, it is better to analyze all the available information in advance: the opinion of experts, orthopedists and pediatricians, popular videos. It is worth getting acquainted with the real reviews of parents, study the rating of feeding chairs, consider the pros and cons of various designs and their functionality.

Classic design high chair

A well-known wooden structure with a simple design without additional functionality and decorative embellishments.


  • simple design;
  • safe natural material - wood;
  • hypoallergenic coating;
  • hard back;
  • ease of care;
  • stability;
  • long service life.


  • soft earbuds must be purchased separately;
  • Height not adjustable;
  • no adjustable backrest;
  • the cost does not correspond to the functionality and characteristics.

Highchair - which one to choose ? The one that I and my parents had. Many people decide this way and choose bulky and uncomfortable designs out of habit, since their grandmothers and mothers also used them. But with all the advantages of classic products, they are considered obsolete due to the lack of an important quality - the ability to adjust the height of the child.

Folding high chair

Manufacturers offer models from different materials - wood or plastic.


  • the ability to quickly fold the structure;
  • height adjustment;
  • ease of use in a small apartment;
  • easy care.


  • rather high price;
  • inconvenience in case of moving/transportation (models are not mobile).

When folded, it fits easily into a cupboard or pantry. Therefore, folding high models are included in the rating of high chairs.


Designed like a car seat. The main features are stylish design, compactness and light weight.


  • comfortable seat;
  • seat belts;
  • chair fastener;
  • mobility.


  • a bulky heavy chair with a hard seat must be used to ensure safety.

Due to mobility, they are in rather high demand.


Attached to the table with special fasteners. The baby is constantly on weight.


  • light weight;
  • reasonable price.


  • the most dangerous option for a child.

The hanging structure may only be hung from a large and stable table! The best highchairs for feeding, in addition to complete safety, should have a whole list of characteristics and wide functionality. Therefore, with all the advantages of mounted models and boosters (not too high a price and low weight), doctors do not recommend such models, especially for active babies or children with a lot of weight.


Which highchair is best? This product "grows" with the baby. It can be used for a specific purpose - for sitting during feeding and playing, as the child grows, changing the settings provided by the manufacturer.

The rating of children's highchairs from 0 showed : each individual model has its own list of advantages and disadvantages. Please note that for toddlers who cannot sit, you should select a chair with great care. Therefore, be guided by the following parameters:

  1. multifunctionality and multitasking.
  2. The strength and reliability of the materials used in the product.
  3. Safety factor (by structure and operation).
  4. Soft, comfortable upholstery.
  5. Easy care product, easy to clean.
  6. Quick and easy adjustment.

All of the above properties are of paramount importance! A high chair from birth (the rating below displays the pros and cons of each product) should be chosen primarily from the segment offered by reputable manufacturers.


The presence of limiters, a removable countertop

A whole list of height, weight and age of the child


disadvantages did not find

CAM (Italy)

Comfort for the child

Ergonomic design

Removable parts available


High price

Jetem (Germany)


Simple design


Ecologically clean materials of manufacture


overestimated cost

PEG-PerEgo SIESTA (Italy) 9000 9000 Chorony

Quality materials

Stable construction

Backrest can be folded almost horizontally

Transportable design (can be folded quickly)

High quality seat covers that can be removed for washing

Table top pad (can be quickly removed and washed)


High price

Poor maneuverability due to front wheels not turning

Rear wheels strongly moved back

Inability to use in a small room

The rating of highchairs for feeding from 6 months was compiled taking into account the fact that a grown-up baby needs a high chair with the ability to quickly change its shape and basic parameters. This is provided by carefully thought-out settings.

Feeding chair. Rating of the best

When choosing, pay attention to the presence of the following additional characteristics:

  1. Upholstery. The soft material is easy to clean from stains and dirt. This is a big plus for the purchase.
  2. Adjustments. The model is simply adjustable, thought out with the expectation of a hassle-free and quick selection of the best and optimally comfortable position for the baby. One of the important guidelines for the right choice is products with a countertop.
  3. Food tray. An additional element is a removable tray to the tabletop. Its absence significantly reduces the functionality of the product.
  4. Armrests. The presence of adjustable armrests is an important condition for optimally close placement of the chair to the common kitchen table.
  5. Seat belts . Coming in a set to the product, they securely hold the fidget. This is one of the most important conditions for answering the question - a feeding chair - which one is better to choose? The answer is safe.
  6. Comfortable footrest. A big plus if it can be adjusted and provide the child with a natural tool for the formation of a healthy posture.

What else you should pay attention to when choosing a high chair, you can read here

High chair. How to choose from the most popular products on the market?

When compiling the list, attention was paid to such parameters as the shape of the product, the use of specific materials, stability, design highlights, etc.

The best chairs for feeding from 6 months

Chicco Polly Easy (Italy)


Non-maneuverable due to the fact that the wheels do not spin well

Jetem Gracia (transformer, Germany)

Bright beautiful design

The presence of a replaceable adjustable countertop

Non-toxic plastic


No wheels

Happy Baby Oliver (Transformer, UK) 9000 9000

Very light and portable


No height adjustment

Attention! All products from the list are designed for a short period of operation and are not suitable for older children, as they do not have a wide range of adjustments.

How to choose a high chair? Benefits of buying from the company "Kuzya"

The kid needs, first of all, to learn how to sit correctly. That is, we are talking about a time period from five to six months to several years. At the same time, manufacturers offer multifunctional models with the expectation of longer operation.

Note . Popular classic chairs for babies are sold in the lowest price segment. This is their main, but perhaps the only advantage. The disadvantage of such models from any manufacturer is constructive poverty, the absence of soft parts and the ability to adjust the shape and technical parameters of the product, as well as the use of low quality materials. In this regard, the classic range is significantly inferior to the "growing" chairs.

The conclusion of the experts is unequivocal:

review of high chairs showed that you should choose products from the Drug Kuzya factory, which “grow” with children.

Not only health and convenience for young children is important, but auxiliary functionality that makes life easier for parents. It is this model that is a faithful assistant during meals, rest and exciting games.

Rating of children's high chairs. The undoubted advantages of "growing" chairs Kuzya can be called:

  • Presence of adjustments and various functions;
  • Structural stability and safety;
  • Chair level to match table height;
  • Material safety;
  • Providing optimal vision for the child;
  • Long service life.

If we compare high chairs, the “growing” models of the Drug Kuzya furniture factory confidently top the top of high chairs. Products meet all the requirements that are imposed on children's furniture by specialists in various fields, as well as parents of babies. They are durable, safe, functional, comfortable, can be used from a very early age and provide a healthy posture.

Learn more