Baby shower food display ideas

6 Baby Shower Food Ideas to Crave & Save

Whether this is your first time hosting a baby shower or you’re a seasoned pro throwing your loved one a sprinkle, you know that all great celebrations require special attention to detail. Creative baby shower food ideas are the perfect way to add in those details.

Consider including some of our favorite top catering trends of 2022, like curated cocktails (or mocktails), breakfast for dinner, or mini bites. Your guests and parents-to-be will appreciate such thoughtful and creative fare. PartySlate has gathered 6 baby shower food ideas we know you will love — and your caterer will love creating.

1. Serve Bite Size Snacks

Tiny bites are one of our favorite catering trends and one of our favorite ways to celebrate your tiny one to come. One-bite snacks allow guests to keep mingling and celebrating while they eat, not missing a single baby shower game or activity.

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Charcuterie Is Always A Good Idea

From grazing boards to personal mini boards, charcuterie is always a crowd pleaser. More than just meats and cheeses, talk to your caterer about the fun extras you can add to your charcuterie boards like fruit, nuts, bread, and more.

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Keep Your Baby Shower Food On Theme

If you have chosen a fun theme for your baby shower, why not also keep your food on theme? Take some time to explore creative baby shower themes, and see how to incorporate your food into the aesthetic of your celebration.

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A Buffet-Style Luncheon Gives Guests Options

If you prefer to make your baby shower a luncheon, serving the fare buffet-style is a great way to give guests options, accommodate allergies, and allow for a flexible party schedule.

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Sweets & Treats Are a Must

Get creative and have fun with your dessert table. Everyone loves a colorful cake, petit four, delicate macarons, or cookie in creative shapes. Let your sweet tooth take over and order all of the sweets that your bakery has to offer.

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Pour Drinks That Both Parents & Guests Can Enjoy

Another one of our favorite catering trends is creative cocktails and mocktails. From engraved ice cubes to custom printed drink toppers, your drinks can become the star of the show.

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People Also Ask…

What food do you serve at a baby shower brunch?

As a host, you have many catering options for a baby shower. When serving brunch, you can to opt to set up a buffet, sit-down meal, or have small bites set out to snack on throughout. Foods like chicken and waffles, mini pancakes, and yogurt parfaits are always a big hit at brunch. Don’t forget the classic brunch staple: a mimosa bar. Customize your mimosa bar with sliced fruits and juices to offer a chic nonalcoholic option. You can find more brunch ideas (as well as the caterers to pull them off) on PartySlate.

What vendors do I need to plan a baby shower?

Finding an event planner for your baby shower is your first step. From there, finalizing your venue should be your top priority. Whether you choose a private residence or an event venue, your design and décor team will help you realize your vision. Finding your caterer is also key, especially when you have so many fun baby shower food ideas that you want to incorporate into the celebration. Don’t forget to secure photographers and videographers to capture this special day.

start planning your baby shower now

25 Delicious Baby Shower Food Ideas

There are loads of baby shower food ideas to choose from, whether you’re catering for a select few or a hoard of well-wishers!

Like any good party, food plays a major role in a baby shower.

Even if you’ve already got your baby shower theme locked in, deciding on food ideas for baby shower might be quite a straightforward task — but nailing the presentation and decoration is still exciting!

If you’re struggling to know where to start with the whole “event-planning-thing”, choosing the food can be a great place to kick things off.

So don’t panic quite yet, just keep reading for our tastiest (and most inspired) baby shower food ideas!

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  • Easy baby shower food
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Cute baby shower food ideas

If you’re keen for the food to be the star of the show, you can choose a baby shower theme that centers around the catering.

Choosing a creative way to display your baby shower menu, like arranging your food in front of a fun backdrop of balloons, banners, and garlands will make your photos really special.

Some of our favorite cute baby shower food ideas are:

1. Teddy bear’s picnic

A song you will probably be hearing a lot of in the coming months/years, why not choose a teddy bear’s picnic theme for your baby shower food?

Use cute wicker picnic hampers with sandwiches, salads, and pastries to enjoy, and choose some pretty picnic rugs, cushions, and balloons for your decor.

2. Very Hungry Caterpillar

The classic kid’s book could inspire a colorful and fun baby shower menu!

If you don’t already know, the caterpillar enjoys himself snacking on fruits, ice-cream cones, cherry pie, cupcakes, pickles, and cheese — amongst other things!

You could also use caterpillar-shaped cake toppers, copy pages of the book for invites, and have a book gift list, too.

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3. Winnie the Pooh baby shower food ideas

Winnie the Pooh is always high on the most popular themes for baby showers for our mamas-to-be on Peanut.

So what sort of baby shower food can you serve at your Winnie the Pooh-themed baby shower?

Think honey for Pooh, carrots for Rabbit, pink lemonade for Piglet, full-sized and mini-sized cupcakes for Kanga and Roo, breaded mushrooms for Eeyore, tiger bread for Tigger, and owl-shaped macarons for Owl.

4. Elephant baby shower food ideas

Elephants are another of the more popular baby shower themes, according to our mamas-to-be on Peanut.

But what about elephant-themed baby shower food ideas?

Well, you could think gray, and serve things like mushroom pâté and earl grey tea, but there aren’t that many appetizing gray-colored foods out there.

So how about getting a cute elephant-shaped cookie-cutter and using that to shape sandwiches, cakes, mini pizzas, and anything else that takes your fancy?

Or you could go one step further and go on the hunt for full-on safari baby shower food ideas ‒ how about a snake baguette (complete with forked bell pepper tongue), or cake pops decorated as different safari animals?


Baby-themed baby shower food

Why not have a baby theme for your baby shower food?

The sky’s the limit ‒ you could serve mini versions of normal party food, like sliders, cupcakes, and these fun-size candy bars.

You can even serve snacks like popcorn, chips, or sweets in small jars like baby food, have sippy cups for drinks, and dispense salad dressings from baby bottles!

Our favorite baby-themed baby shower food is a watermelon baby carriage ‒ carve a watermelon so it looks like there’s a bouncing baby in a carriage, and scoop out some melon balls and other berries to cover baby.

Your baby shower is a time to embrace the joy that babies bring, so have fun with it, mama!

Easy baby shower food

If you’re short on time when planning your baby shower food, here are some quick and easy baby shower food ideas:

6. Baby-Q

A fun play on words, a Baby-Q (BBQ) themed baby shower menu is sure to go down well if you’re hosting your event in the warmer months.

Think mini ‒ like baby ‒ and serve items like sliders, baby corn, and baby potato salad.

If you’re planning for budget baby shower food, why not make it a BYO food occasion?

7. Chilli

It’s pretty easy to make for a big gathering, and if you’re throwing an informal, family gathering-style of baby shower, it’s the perfect baby shower food.

All you need is a big pot, enough bowls for your guests (or paper bowls), cutlery, and the ingredients.

Then sit everyone down and tuck into some deliciously easy baby shower food!

8. Pizza

Whether you get some delivered, get some store-bought, or make your own, pizza is a super-easy baby shower food idea.

Our tip: get different toppings so everyone can find their perfect pizza ‒ maybe just one ham and pineapple!

Create a display of bases and toppings and let your guests get creative, making their own.

You could even have a decorating competition to make your pizzas into cute (edible) baby faces for some hilarious photos to look back on!


Get dippy

If you want people to have lots of options for their baby shower food, think dips.

Stock up on crudités (chopped carrots, celery, cucumber, bell peppers) and sweet things to dip (strawberries, marshmallows, graham crackers, brioche), then get some dips for them, like hummus, sour cream and chive, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, guacamole, salsa, baba ganoush, and ranch dressing.

Cheap baby shower food ideas

If you’re looking for baby shower food ideas on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

10. Potluck

This is quite possibly our favorite baby shower food idea ‒ it takes so much of the pressure away from the baby shower host and makes the whole party planning process so much easier.

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A potluck is where each baby shower guest or group brings their own baby shower food to share with everyone else.

Just ask everyone to provide a little note describing what their dish is, along with any allergens so other guests can be aware.

Then tuck in!

11. Cheese and crackers

This baby shower food idea works best for baby showers held outside of mealtimes ‒ not during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Outside of mealtimes, you won’t have to serve much food (if any), so a selection of crackers and tasty cheeses is a great baby shower food idea.

12. Baked potato bar

Ah, the humble potato. So versatile, so timeless. So tasty.

And our not-so-well-kept secret for baby shower food ideas on a budget!

Put loads of potatoes in the oven for your guests (around 1-2 per guest should be plenty), then prep a few different toppings, like shredded cheese, beans, sour cream, tuna-mayo, scallions, fried onions… whatever you can think of!

13. Tex-Mex

You’ll soon be a pro at swaddling your baby like a burrito, so why not give your guests a headstart to helping you, with a DIY taco and burrito table?!

Lay out your tortillas, shells, and favorite fillings (don’t forget the guac!) and let your guests tuck in!

Finger foods for baby shower

Whether you’re planning baby shower food for 50 guests, or 15, having a baby shower menu that your guests can pick from themselves will make your life easier!

Finger foods for a baby shower will always go down well, and are suitable whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl.

After all, you probably don’t want to spend your whole day cutting portions or serving up food, so easy finger foods for a baby shower, that your guests can tuck into themselves are great options.

We’re talking appetizers, grazing tables, DIY snacks, cupcakes, and dessert bars. Yum.

So let’s dive headfirst into baby shower finger food ideas.

14. Grazing tables

A modern classic ‒ what party is complete without a grazing table?!

Not only tasty, but platters of cheeses, crackers, meats, baby shower fruit cups, nuts, veggies, and dips also look great too, making them perfect for a baby shower lunch buffet menu.

Just make sure there are plenty of pregnancy-safe food options included so you can indulge too.

Plus, you can get whatever grazing bits you want ‒ ideal for budget finger food baby shower food.

15. Baby shower appetizers

Baby shower appetizers like bruschetta, mini quiches or pastries, seafood skewers, and salad cups are simple and easy for your guests to help themselves to.

Your appetizers could be themed to match your favorite cuisine or any funny pregnancy cravings too.

Why not set up a finger food baby shower food table full of appetizers based on your pregnancy cravings?

16. Baby shower food ideas for a girl

How about girls’ baby shower food ideas?

Well… the simple idea for girls’ baby shower snacks is to think pink!

Some girl baby shower food ideas could be: pink lemonade, raspberry macarons, cotton candy, smoked salmon, ham sandwiches, pink wafers, or beetroot hummus.

17. Baby shower food ideas for a boy

Now for finger food baby shower food ideas for a boy.

Go blue for boys’ baby shower treats, like blueberries, blue Gatorade, and blue velvet cake.

Naturally blue-colored foods are a little harder to come by than pink foods, so you may have to break out the blue food dye for baby shower food ideas for a boy!

18. Halloween baby shower food ideas

Expecting a little one near the spooky season and looking for fall baby shower food ideas?

Naturally, Halloween baby shower food ideas are all about pumpkins, apples, and other autumnal foods.

Some fall baby shower food ideas could be pumpkin pie, candy corn, pumpkin hummus, mini apple pies, and deviled eggs (get it?).

Baby shower brunch ideas

How about if you’re having a baby shower earlier in the day

You might want to think about planning a brunch baby shower menu.

Here are our favorite baby shower brunch food ideas for a truly elegant baby shower:

19. Waffle bar

Everyone loves waffles ‒ they’re a sure-fire baby shower food hit!

If you’re hosting a baby shower at your house, pre-made a batch of waffle mix, then set up a safe place for a waffle iron, so people can make their own fresh waffles.

Then add some waffle toppings for your baby shower brunch guests to add ‒ berries, fresh cream, chocolate shavings, bananas, yogurt, and maple syrup make delicious additions.

20. No-secco bottomless brunch

Okay, to the mama-to-be can’t drink anything boozy, but how about some non-alcoholic “no-secco” for a baby shower brunch idea?

Pick a classic bottomless brunch menu, like omelets, waffles, French toast, eggs Benedict, quiche, or shakshuka, then make sure everyone’s glasses are topped up!


Afternoon tea

If you’d like your baby shower to be a sophisticated affair, afternoon tea can work well for small or larger groups.

Dainty finger sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and scones, and all different kinds of tea are beautifully simple, delicate baby shower food ideas.

Use vintage cake stands, teapots, and cups for a boho vibe.

Baby shower desserts

If pregnancy has given you a sweet tooth, or if you need baby shower food ideas for girls, your baby shower menu could be focussed on desserts.

You know, “sugar and spice, and all things nice”!

Easy to tie in with your color scheme or theme, these baby shower food ideas get the seal of approval from us.

Why not go one step further and just have a baby shower dessert table, full of all your favorite baby shower foodie sweet treats?

22. Cake pops or macaroons

So versatile, so yummy, cake pops and macaroons can simply be colored or flavored to match your baby shower food theme.

Or you can transform them into whatever you want ‒ teeny-tiny baby bumps, bumblebees, baby faces, teddy bears, flowers, planets… the list goes on.

23. Showstopper centerpiece

A large tiered cake will make for a stunning centerpiece for your baby shower food display.

A naked cake, decorated with fruit or flowers is great if you’ve chosen a nature or boho theme, or a fully-decorated tiered cake is a great chance to show off what your baby shower is all about!

24. Cupcakes for everyone

Create a focal point with lots of individual cupcakes decorated to match your baby shower food theme, with dinosaurs, animals, stars, rainbows, flowers — the options are endless!

If your baby shower is also a gender reveal party, you could hide colored buttercream in the center of the cakes as a sweet way to celebrate your new baby boy or girl!

25. Ice cream

A bellissimo idea if you’re hosting a summer baby shower, having an array of ice cream flavors, cones, sprinkles, and sauces will satisfy every ice cream lover!

An ice cream truck might add a retro vibe to your celebration and be a fun talking point, too.

More on baby shower food ideas

Now you have some more baby shower food ideas, you might have a few other burning questions about baby shower food.

So let’s get stuck into your baby shower food questions.

Do you have to serve food at a baby shower?

No, you don’t have to serve food at a baby shower

But if you’re expecting to have your guests for a few hours, it can be a good idea to arrange for some food to be served, or available for them to order themselves.

Whether you’re after baby shower food ideas on a budget or you’re low on time, we’ve got lots of different ideas for baby shower food for you to choose from.

What kind of food do you serve at a baby shower?

It’s totally up to you!

You can go for as much or as little baby shower food as you want, fitting into your tastes, your theme, and your budget.

What should I serve at a 2pm baby shower?

At around 2pm, your baby shower guests will likely be expecting some lunch to be served at your baby shower.

You could go with afternoon tea, a finger food baby shower buffet, or even a potluck for 2pm baby shower food.

Do you have a cake at a baby shower?

It’s not fundamental to have a baby shower cake, but it is a bit of an expectation from your guests.

The great news is that we have loads of baby shower cake ideas for you to choose from.

Should you have alcohol at a baby shower?

You don’t have to at all ‒ while some guests might want a tipple, the mama-to-be won’t be drinking.

Some baby showers don’t serve any alcohol out of respect for the mama-to-be, but others can be a bit boozier.

What drinks should I serve at a baby shower?

It’s traditional to serve non-alcoholic drinks at a baby shower, s the mama-to-be doesn’t feel left out, but you can make them virgin versions of her favorite cocktail.

Not sure what mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks to serve? How about:

  • Faux-jito (mojito)
  • Virgin colada (piña colala)
  • Cos-no-politan (cosmopolitan)
  • No-groni (negroni)
  • No-secco (prosecco)
  • Cuddles on the beach (sex on the beach)
Can you serve just desserts at a baby shower?

Of course you can! In fact, a baby shower dessert table is one of our favorite baby shower food ideas.

Top tips for baby shower food

Getting the right amount of baby shower food and knowing what to serve can be tricky, so here are our top tips for organizing your baby shower food.

How much food do you serve at a baby shower?

It’s easy to go overboard with baby shower snacks and appetizers, but try to keep it within budget.

Wondering how many appetizers should you have at a baby shower?

A general rule of thumb is 2 different appetizers for every 4 guests.

What types of food do you serve at a baby shower?

Offer different options of baby shower food for different tastes and different dietary requirements, but don’t feel you have to cater for every whim.

Check with your guests if they have any specific or unusual allergies in advance, and plan around them.

If someone’s gluten intolerant, make sure they have something to enjoy, but remember that you don’t have to make all your baby shower food gluten-free.

List the ingredients

If any of your baby shower foods have common allergens (like gluten, nuts, shellfish) or aren’t suitable for some dietary lifestyles (like vegan, vegetarian, halal), adding little placecards to say what’s in them can save you from memorizing all the ingredients for the inevitable questions.

Make as much as you can in advance

You’ll probably have a lot to organize on the day of the baby shower, so do what you can to make the baby shower food as prepared as possible.

Your freezer might just be your best friend!

Baby shower finger food is generally best

A finger-food buffet-style baby shower menu is the most popular among our mamas-to-be on Peanut, mainly due to the ease of clean-up.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about cutlery and having enough space for people to sit.

What should I serve at a 2pm baby shower?

At around 2pm, your baby shower guests will likely be expecting some lunch to be served at your baby shower.

You could go with afternoon tea, a finger food baby shower buffet, or even a potluck for 2pm baby shower food.

What food do you serve at a baby shower brunch?

Any baby shower brunch food you like!

Here are a few options of baby shower foods to serve at brunch:

  • Waffles
  • Omelets
  • French toast
  • Quiche
  • Shakshuka
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Afternoon tea
  • Bagels
  • Pastries
  • Avocado toast
  • English muffins
  • Charcuterie board

What kind of food do you serve at baby shower?

That’s up to you, your budget, your guestlist, and your mama-to-be!

Take your pick of our top baby shower food ideas and share your favorites with the other mamas-to-be of Peanut!

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Cheap Baby Shower Food Ideas

A baby shower host needs to know a lot: the location of the party, a comprehensive list of invitations, colorful decorations, fun games, keepsakes, and enough food for everyone. Phew! Let these menu ideas give your hosting duties a much-needed boost in the food department. When you're serving food that can be quickly prepared and served to a crowd - like appetizer skewers and tomato pie - then you can be sure everyone will be happy without breaking the budget. Save "wow!" moments for non-skippable desserts, and the mom-to-be and her holiday crew will be more than impressed.

Curried Eggs

If you have a guest list that includes everyone from a grandmother-to-be to an expectant godparent, you need a dish that will delight the entire gang. Eggs with spiced curry is a spicy dish on a classic platter. Not only will guests recognize it in a split second, but they'll also appreciate the enticing recipe change.

Italian Antipasti Skewers

Pasta salad is great, but a large bowl can look like ho hum. Take it up a notch by making Italian kebab instead. Pasta, salami, cheese and vegetables on bamboo skewers for a light meal.

Fresh and light pork dumplings

Do you want to see only empty plates and happy party people? Then serve pork dumplings. All you need is pork belly, green onions and wonton wrappers - you probably have all the other ingredients at home.

Homemade Zucchini and Frittata Cabbage

When zucchini is in season, you can always find a place for it in your budget. Make homemade zucchini and kale frittatas for your guests before the shindig starts, and you have a healthy, easy option for a baby shower brunch.

Rolls with apple and jicama salad with peanut sauce

Don't know what to whip up for an evening party? This recipe for Jicama Walnut Salad Apple Rolls is perfect: guests can have one or two as an appetizer, or you can serve a bouquet for lunch.

Fresh Mint and Beetroot Salad with Lemon Meyer Sauce

When you need a healthy choice for your mom's loved ones, salad is a quick and easy option. Put this fresh mint and beetroot salad on your buffet table and the delicious ingredients won't hurt your bottom line.

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Charred Corn with Chicken and Cheese Salad

Every Baby Shower Needs a Topic fiesta, you can serve this charred corn with chicken and cheese salad. This dish makes a hearty, flavorful meal alongside bowls of chips and salsa.

Watermelon Boat

Do you really want to impress your mom-to-be? Carve out a watermelon boat, fill it with fresh fruit, and make it the centerpiece of the buffet. Not only does it look great (and goes well with whatever other items you plan to serve), it also makes you look good .

Thai Coconut Spicy Water

If you want an alcohol-free pitcher, do more than just throw cucumbers into the water. Instead, make a batch of spicy Thai chili-infused coconut water for a special, refreshing treat that no one will see.

Five Ingredient Spicy Tomato Pie

Give a sweet pie a savory twist with this Five Ingredient Spicy Tomato Pie. Assemble the finished pie crust along with fresh ingredients and you have a winning snack that is sure to disappear in an instant. Bonus: You can do this ahead of time.

Black forest cake

Cupcakes are already 2015. Update the typical baby shower dessert by making a stunning Black Forest cake with just enough volume to turn heads. Everyone will be asking for seconds - and a recipe.

Create your own bar Tostada

What could be easier than having your guests cook their own food? Create your own toast bar for your main course so that each guest can tailor their plate to their taste. In addition, this action plan will give you a few extra minutes of free time to devote to another aspect of the party.

Nutella Crepe

You can be sure that everyone feels like a winner, even if only a few guests won prizes during party games. Make your own Nutella crepe cake and serve as the event draws to a close, making sure everything ends on a sweet note.

10 birthday buffet ideas for the office | Blog

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Ideas • 2018-04-10 • Nina Gais

The tendency to celebrate one's own birthday at work with a caterer's invitation is already turning into a real tradition. The birthday boy eschews the obligation to cook and gets the opportunity to treat colleagues to delicious, freshly prepared restaurant meals without sacrificing their favorite entertainment program.

We have selected ready-made sets in accordance with the temperament of your team. Read, try and enjoy your favorite pastime!

True hedonists

Your company likes to gather at a richly laid table. You and your colleagues love to taste expertly prepared dishes, preferring socializing to active entertainment. Of course, your team is not averse to dancing or playing charades, but a feast for them is a fundamental part of the holiday.

When choosing a treat for such a company, focus on dishes in which protein and fiber dominate over calories. This approach will allow you to set a hearty and beautiful festive table that does not burden the stomach. A meal can be enjoyed for as long as you like without fear of overeating.

For a small group, a set of bruschettas is suitable: with salmon, prosciutto, roast beef and baked vegetables, served with sliced ​​​​fresh vegetables.

Bruschetta-set for 6-8 persons from "Kitchen Factory" — 4 100 ₽

And if you want a truly royal meal, choose, for example, the Gourmet set: canapes of chicken pate, beef tenderloin and roasted peppers, canapes with shrimp on focaccia with cuttlefish ink, parmesan creme brulee canapes with porcini mushrooms and cheese chips, cannoli with ham and pistachio mousse, mini black profiterole with scallop and chukka salad, warm starter of beef baked with herbs in pita, and a set of mini desserts.

Buffet set "Gourmet" for 10 persons from "Azbuka Vkusa" — 16 250 ₽

Karaoke fans

A team that lives and works in perfect harmony. The team, whose members sang perfectly in the literal and figurative sense. For karaoke lovers, no holiday is complete without music and songs, and your birthday will be no exception.

To sound in perfect harmony, treat your colleagues to the treats that are part of the diet of professional singers. Juicy fruits and vegetables will have a miraculous effect on the vocal talents of the audience and will allow the voices to sound in full force.

If you are about 10 people in a team, try the Mini buffet set. Here you have assorted skewers (melon with Parma ham, mango with shrimp, pear with walnut, salmon with cucumber and avocado, Feta cheese with bell pepper), and fruit platter, and other tapas.

Mini buffet set for 10-15 persons from Cote Catering — 7 100 ₽

For a crowded team, the Assorted Rolls set will suit, which includes chicken, eggplant and squash rolls, as well as rolls with Riga sprats.

Set “Assorted rolls” for 15 persons from Fresh Day — 5 250 ₽

Clever and clever girls

Your company loves intellectual games. Perhaps you are masters of complex board games or fans of room quests. The IQ of your employees is about the level of Everest and the contest of wits is more interesting for you than the demonstration of muscles. One does not exclude the other, of course, but priorities are given to mental abilities.

When planning a meal for a group of smart people, keep in mind foods that increase brain activity, concentration, and the ability to think quickly. Research scientists have shown that the ideal food for smart and smart people will be dishes with oily fish, eggs, grains, avocados, chocolate and nuts.

Therefore, for a small company of intellectuals, we recommend ordering the Sytny buffet set. It includes canapés with roast beef and quail egg, mini bruschettas with salmon, cream cheese and marinated ginger, Atlantic herring rolls, bruschettas with mushroom mousse, and cheese skewers with chocolate and grapes for dessert.

“Sytny” buffet set for 5-10 persons from Ministerstvo Catering — 5 160 ₽

If there are more than 15 “bright heads” in the team, choose the “Sea Breeze” set. You will enjoy mini burgers with salmon, brusettes with Pacific bluefin tuna and small fish dressed with Catalan sauce, as well as Chuca salad with Japanese eel.

“Sea Breeze” set for 15 persons from Villaggio Fest — 6 400 ₽

Outdoor enthusiasts

Your team cannot live without outdoor games, dancing until you drop, competitions for speed, strength and endurance. We are sure that you have already planned active entertainment for your birthday. Regardless of whether you are going to celebrate a name day in the office, on a sports ground or at a country picnic, the easiest way is to order food delivery at Cateri.

Thanks to a busy program, your team will work up a serious appetite. So, you can forget about the calorie content of treats and try to choose those that will increase your strength.

In terms of food, energy sources are lean meats with vegetables and rice or sweet potatoes, honey, bananas, apples, oranges, yogurt, and hummus.

For a small company, you can choose the buffet set "Optimal". You will be served canape with dried tomato and Camembert cheese, tongue rolls on a cracker, prosciutto on grissini, Vegetarian salad in a tartlet, beef tartare, rolls with scrambled eggs and spinach, pies with apples, strawberries, cranberries, as well as fruit and a mini honey cake for dessert.

Optimal buffet set for 5-10 persons from eCatering — 6 400 ₽

If your team consists of 10 people or more, we suggest covering the glade with the Casablanca set. Keep your energy up with spicy turkey kebabs with hummus and vegetables, chicken and beef patties, homemade cheese with salted lemons and figs, traditional hummus with boiled egg and dried paprika chickpeas, pumpkin caviar with date honey, taktuk salad and freshly baked drink.

Casablanca buffet set for 10-15 persons from the Tazhin restaurant — 8 200 ₽

Artistic natures

Your team prefers to hold corporate parties for the creation of art. You participate in art parties, paint pictures, paint with sand, put on art numbers on your own. You are an artistic team.

We offer finely organized natures to set the table so that creativity will play out in full force. Creative thinking can soar high if you eat sushi! Seaweeds have a huge amount of tyrosine, which can give your creativity a second wind. Other sources of inspiration are avocados and wild berries.

If the soul of the company gravitates toward Japanese cuisine, order the Classic set. It has the most hit rolls: classic with salmon and tuna, Philadelphia and Canadian, California with eel and shrimp, as well as avocado maki.

"Classic" set for 5-10 persons from "Wabi Sabi" — 4 900 ₽

If the team is set to a vegetarian mood, choose the "Spring" set. Cheeses (Tilsiter, Maasdam, Dor Blue, Feta) with nuts, dried fruits, grapes and honey will be delivered to your table; pears, kiwi, oranges, pineapples, raspberries and blueberries; tarts with chocolate and orange; dessert in honor of the ballerina "Pavlova" with blackberry sauce and fresh blueberries.

Set "Spring" for 5-10 persons from Progress Project — 5 000 ₽

It may turn out that the tastes of your company differ from the recommended buffet sets. And that's okay! We do not pretend to be the ultimate truth and compiled our selection, guided by the recommendations of nutrition scientists.

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