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Safely Storing Baby Food is so important, regardless if you are making your own or using store-bought. Learn how to safely store, refrigerate, freeze and reheat your baby’s food in this handy guide.

Why Care is Needed When Storing Baby Food.

Babies digestive and immune systems are immature and they do not have the same immunity as older children and adults. For this reason, it is imperative that you pay close attention to food safety and hygiene when preparing and storing baby food.

Foodborne illnesses are quite common, estimated to affect 4. 1 million Australians each year (1). The symptoms are unpleasant and for some groups with low immunity, such as children under 5, they can be quite serious. (1)

However, good food safety and hygiene practices will help prevent this from happening.

Storing Store-Bought Baby Food

The majority of store-bought baby food is shelf-stable until opening. If you buy from the ambient section you can store the baby food, at room temperature, until the expiration date. Do not use after this date.

When opening, it is important to check that the product is properly sealed and the packaging is not damaged. In pouches make sure the plastic cap seal is not broken and if opening jars listen for a popping sound, which means it has been sealed properly and is safe to eat. If this is not the case then do not use.

Once open, the baby food is no longer shelf-stable and will need to be refrigerated for storing. Replace the lid and store in the refrigerator for 1 – 2 days. (products with meats and poultry up to one day and fruit/vegetables two days). Any food leftover after this time should be thrown away.

If you wish to store leftovers then do not feed your baby straight out of the jar or allow them to suck from the pouch. Instead, transfer a small amount of the baby food to a separate bowl/container (or squeeze from the pouch onto spoon).

“Double Dipping” from the spoon-to mouth- to container can introduce bacteria from your baby’s saliva which can grow and may cause food poisoning. Throw away any leftover food from a bowl/container you have been using to feed your baby.

Storing Homemade Baby Food

As a baby only eats tiny amounts, especially in the early stages of their feeding journey, it saves time to make up larger quantities of baby food and store for future meals.

Cooling Food

After cooking it is important to cool the food as quickly as possible. Simply putting your hot food in the fridge may not be enough to cool it down quickly enough. Instead try one of the following

  1. Place it in an airtight container and hold it under a cold running tap. Stir it from time to time so it cools consistently all the way through
  2. Dividing into smaller portions
  3. Transfer to a larger or pre-chilled container and spreading the food out.

Never allow the food to sit out too long, it should be chilled and refrigerated within 1-2 hours, depending on the room temperature.


Leftover baby food can be refrigerated and used within 1- 2 days. (products with meats /poultry/ rice up to one day and fruit/vegetables two days)

If there is any food left in your baby’s bowl after a meal, throw it away. Food that has been in contact with saliva contains bacteria that will multiply if left.


You should never re-freeze baby food that has already been frozen and for that reason, it is best to divide the cooled food into smaller containers for freezing. A flexible ice-cube tray works great for this

  1. Fill each ice-cube section almost to the top with the baby food.
  2. Cover (with a lid or some wrap) and freeze until frozen.
  3. Clearly label and date a freezer bag/container.
  4. Once the ice cubes are fully frozen, quickly pop them all out and place into the labelled bag/container
  5. Return to the freezer.

Properly frozen, the food can be stored in the freezer for two months.

Thawing and Re-heating Baby Food

  • The best way to defrost purees it to refrigerate overnight and use within 24 hours. Never defrost on the countertop.
  • You can also reheat from frozen.
  • Reheat baby food until piping hot to kill off bacteria. Allow to cool and always test the temperature of the food before giving your baby.
  • You can reheat on the stovetop or microwave. Make sure to continually stir the food to ensure it is properly heated and to get rid of hot spots.
  • Only re-heat once. Leftover baby food, that has been reheated should be discarded.

Summary of Important Safety Tips

  • Always check expiry dates on packaged baby food and make sure packaging is not damaged/tampered.
  • Never feed a baby straight from a jar/pouch. Instead, transfer a small amount to a separate container.
  • If there is any food left in your baby’s bowl after a meal, throw it away.
  • Cool freshly cooked baby food as quickly as possible.
  • Freeze purees, as soon as there are cool, in small portions.
  • Never re-freeze meals that have already been frozen.
  • Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours.
  • When reheating food, make sure it is piping hot throughout and let it cool before giving your baby.
  • Do not re-heat food more than once.


  1. NSW Government Food Authority, Food Poisoning, Viewed 10th October 2020, <>

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Storing Baby Food | Happy Baby Organics

AndieM. Ed., RD, LDN, CLC, RYT-200

Read time: 6 minutes

  • How to store homemade baby food and store-bought pureed foods

  • How to thaw and re-heat pureed baby food

  • How to help prevent bacterial contamination of baby foods

Whether you buy baby food at the market or make it from scratch, it’s important to know how to store, prepare, and reheat your baby’s food correctly and safely. Store-bought baby food usually comes in a glass jar, plastic container, or pouch and usually does not require refrigeration or freezing before opening. These foods are manufactured to be shelf-stable, like any other pantry item (think beans, soups, or condiments). They can typically stay fresh on the shelf for 1 to 2 years, but always check expiration dates carefully.1

Baby food storage guidelines: 2
  • Pureed store-bought baby vegetables and fruits can stay in the refrigerator for up to 48 to 72 hours and in the freezer for 6 to 8 months.

  • Pureed store-bought meat, poultry, or fish can be refrigerated for 24 hours after cooking and frozen for 1 to 2 months.

  • Homemade baby foods will keep for 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator and for 1 to 2 months in the freezer.

Be sure to refrigerate freshly cooked baby food within 2 hours as bacteria will start to grow at room temperature after those 2 hours are up. Note that your refrigerator should be kept at, or below, 40 degrees F. Any warmer and illness-causing bacteria can thrive and quickly multiply.3

Want some tips on feeding your little one or on making baby food? The Happy Baby Experts are infant feeding specialists and here to help (for free!) with questions about starting solids and picky eating, as well as formula and breastfeeding. Chat now!

Can I feed baby directly from the jar or pouch?

If you feed your little one directly from the jar or pouch, all leftovers must be thrown out after the meal. Saliva from baby’s mouth gets back into the jar or pouch via the spoon, this introduces bacteria that can quickly multiply and contaminate the food. If you know baby won’t finish it all, spoon a serving in a separate bowl and feed from that. Then you can refrigerate the jar or pouch of remaining food for an upcoming meal!4

For more information, read: How Can I Make my own Pureed Baby Food?

How to warm refrigerated or shelf-stable foods and thaw frozen foods:
  • Microwave: Warm up store-bought food directly in its glass jar or transfer the food – including previously frozen purees – into a separate glass bowl (never heat up pureed food in a plastic container or pouch). Reduce the microwave to 50% power (or use the defrost feature) and then warm the puree in 15 second increments. 4 Check and stir the food thoroughly each time to ensure even heating and to eliminate any heat pockets that may burn your baby’s mouth.

  • Stovetop: Warm your baby’s store-bought food or thaw frozen baby food on the stovetop by placing the food in a small saucepan and warming on low heat until the puree is the same consistency and no longer frozen. To preserve the nutrients, heat only as much as is necessary.

  • Submersion Method: Thaw frozen baby food by placing the pureed cubes in a plastic bag and then inside a bowl filled with hot or warm water. This method allows for even warming but does take a little longer – figure about 10-20 minutes for the food to thaw fully. 5 Many parents also use the submersion method to thaw frozen breastmilk.

  • Refrigerator: Thaw frozen baby food simply by transferring it to the refrigerator. 5 This process will take 4-12 hours so plan ahead (transferring the food the night before it’s needed to allow thawing overnight is a good rule of thumb). Homemade frozen baby food that’s been thawed can safely stay in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. Be sure to keep thawed baby food in a sealed container to avoid contamination.

  • DO NOT let baby food thaw for long periods of time on the counter at room temperature. This will allow bacteria to grow. 5

How to freeze baby food

Freeze purees in ice cube trays or on a cookie sheet

  • Sanitize or thoroughly clean standard ice cube trays before spooning the puree directly into each cubed section. You could also cover a cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper and spoon small ‘mounds’ of puree onto the sheet to freeze.

  • Cover the tray with plastic wrap and place into the freezer.

  • Once the cubes or ‘mounds’ are solidly frozen, pop them out and store them in plastic freezer bags.

  • Label the bags with the type of baby food as well as the date. This allows you to use it before it expires. (Remember: store-bought fruits and veggies can be frozen for 6 to 8 months, while meats, poultry, and all home-made baby food can be frozen for 1 to 2 months).

  • When your baby is ready to eat, grab an individual portion of the cubes you want to use and thaw!

Ice cube trays are not only convenient, they are also incredibly helpful in portioning out homemade baby food. The cubes are roughly 1 ounce each, so you can easily measure the amount of food your baby is eating and thaw small portions at a time to reduce waste.

Do not freeze food in glass containers

Glass baby food jars (or any glass container) are not meant to be frozen. Frozen glass can burst or cause tiny fractures in the glass leaving behind microscopic shards that you may never see.Freeze baby food in safe “ok to freeze” plastic containers instead.

Consider a deep freezer if you want to store purees long-term

For best results, frozen foods should remain at a constant sub-zero temperature. A deep freezer is better equipped to handle this temperature control as opposed to your regular freezer, which may fluctuate with you opening and closing the door often.

Throw away leftover food that’s already been reheated

You cannot reheat (or re-freeze) baby food more than once, so once you’ve thawed a frozen puree, toss any leftovers. This rule also applies to breastmilk. So if you’re using breastmilk to thin out your homemade baby food purees, add the milk while it’s fresh!

Read more: Safe Storage of Pumped Breastmilk

You can also use formula too thin a puree. Do not freeze formula in its original can or bottle, but once mixed into a puree it’s ok to freeze. Freezing formula causes a separation of the fats from the liquid, which may negatively impact the texture and quality.6

Let’s Chat!

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Adm1n – Page 3 – Center for Children and Diet Nutrition Posted by Categories school menu8 Comments on January 22, 2020 Posted by Categories school menu1 Comment on January 23, 2020 Posted Headings school menu

Family World is a useful exhibition for parents and kids.

Family World. Motherhood and Childhood” - a specialized exhibition-forum began its work on November 28 in Ufa at VDNKh EXPO.
The event is well known to the residents of the republic for its social orientation.

In addition to goods and services for families with children and expecting babies, the exhibition site will traditionally provide free consultations from doctors of various specialties, knowledge on social protection issues and much more.

The project organizers are the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus and the Bashkir Exhibition Company.

Children are our future and ensuring their healthy growth and development should be a top priority for all communities.
UIA CDDP plays an important role in supporting the health of children.

Healthy food is one of the main aspects of a growing organism.
Today we participated with great pleasure at the exhibition “The World of the Family. Motherhood and Childhood”, where children and their parents were able to taste and purchase products prepared by the chefs of UIA CDDP.

#Proper_nutrition of our children is the key to a successful future for the whole country!

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Dear teachers!!! Happy Teacher's Day to all of you!!! Your work cannot be assessed by any measure, you give your knowledge, soul, heart, love to our children!!!
From the whole team, from all our families, we wish you health, well-being, joy, all the best and kindest!!!
With great respect and gratitude, the staff of the UIA Center for Baby and Diet Nutrition.

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From 08/01/2019, the organization of meals for pupils of preschool institutions in the city of Ufa will be carried out by the Municipal Autonomous Institution "Center for Children and Diet Nutrition".
Due to numerous requests from parents on the issue of payment for meals, we inform you the following:

  • Contracts will be delivered to all institutions, which indicate all our details and the payment procedure.
  • During the month of August, which is a transitional period, all pupils will be provided with food, regardless of the availability of food payment for August.
  • You can adapt to the changes, choose your payment method and deposit funds until the end of August.

Head office: Ufa, st. Batyrskaya 39/2 building 2.
+7 (347) 255-44-48

For questions related to the menu in kindergarten, please call
+7 (347) 255-61-02.

For balance issues, parents' personal accounts
Hotline +7 (347) 298-70-55

Parent's personal account (in the personal account section)

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Our Center is actively involved in the elections! Buffets for voters are organized in all schools, tasty and inexpensive pastries will delight our residents!!!

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One of the features of this school is the presence of specialized classes. Physicians and financiers with in-depth knowledge in chemistry, economics, biology and other areas will come out of the walls of the institution.

And the most pleasant surprise for the first-graders was unusual gifts - they received a smart watch that will not allow them to be late for classes.

The bright and beautiful canteen of the school for 400 seats gave even more joyful impressions to children and parents.

As promised, a tasting of a school lunch was organized by a single operator of school meals - UIA "Center for Children and Diet Nutrition".

A unified menu for the diet of students and pupils was also presented.

So brightly, colorfully, joyfully we see children off on a good path to knowledge and new discoveries!

We wish great success and good health to students, parents and teachers!

Posted by Categories Uncategorized3 Comments on POLY-LINGUAL SMART multidisciplinary school in the Bright microdistrict!

Dear schoolchildren, parents, dear teachers and colleagues of educational institutions!
With great pleasure we congratulate everyone on the Day of Knowledge, from September 1!
Behind the long summer holidays, during which we all managed to have a good rest.
And now, with renewed vigor, we are ready to start studying and working
Today we wish schoolchildren to easily and enthusiastically master new subjects, gain new knowledge and do not forget to eat right so that they have more strength and inspiration.
We wish teachers to treat their work with soul and inspiration, because only you can ignite a craving for learning in students, only you can develop in them the ability to think, analyze, feel, empathize, which is so important in the modern world.
We hope that the coming school year will be interesting, eventful, full of new victories and achievements - and we invite all of us to make it that way together!
And let's not forget:
#Proper_nutrition of our children is the key to a successful future for the whole country!

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In this matter, the capital has accumulated vast experience, which is already spreading to the entire republic.
On August 13, Ulfat Mustafin, Head of the Administration of the City of Ufa, visited branch No. 3 of the Center for Children and Diet Nutrition in the Kalininsky District of the city.

This institution was established in November 2010 in order to preserve the three existing dairy kitchens, which includes the Dairy Kitchen structural unit, which provides young children with children's dairy products.

In April of this year, construction and installation, electrical installation, electrical work was completed in the department. Also, modern equipment was purchased, automated packaging technology was established, logistics for product delivery was developed and the work of milk distribution points was organized.

Children from six months to one and a half years old from low-income families in Ufa are provided with dairy products for baby food.

During the visit, Ulfat Mustafin got acquainted with the work of the staff and visited the production workshops where fermentation, packaging, cooling and other processes take place.
Baby food produced in dairy kitchens are special products, the degree of safety of which is 2 times higher than that produced in industry, and the uniqueness of dairy kitchens lies in the fact that such production is characterized by the complexity of the technological process, increased requirements for raw materials, strict sanitary and hygienic rules.

Note that on the territory of the Kalininsky district of the city, dairy products are sold at milk distribution points to low-income families with children located in the branches of the Children's Polyclinic No. 4 in Ufa at the following addresses: st. Ordzhonikidze, 15 and st. Olympic, d. 2.

Currently "Dairy kitchen", located on the street. Ferina, d.12 is operating normally.
About 30 tons of such milk are processed here per month. And in the range of 15 types of products.
The main thing is that parents and children like it.
Let our kids grow up vigorous, healthy and energetic!

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In Eurasian autocracies, the state is intended to enrich the tsarik usurpped and a small pile of his relatives who control natural resources and dispose of them often mediocre. In Japan, the Americans, at the very least, planted the Western model, where power is replaceable, and the state serves for the well-being of its citizens.



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